Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 20, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 20, 1961
Page 1
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2A-DEI RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Tueseiox, Jon* 20, 1961 1ACSWARD GLANC9 Miss Jeaneite Madison Wed to Meraid L Binger ; Years 25 Auto Heiress Anne Ford Makes Bowjo Society/Against Fairyland Bac Miss Jeanolle Eileen Madison, i' daughter o f .Air. and Mrs. Harlcy; Madison, and Merald I,. rBinger. i son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred 'Binger' <rf 'Houston, .were married in a double nnjj ceremony '.June 13 in; the Kir.-: iiaptisl Church at .7:30^ }(i lhe evr/Hfti; !)i . Minor(1 pastor of the ctmrrh. tx-i-farmed the ceremony by can- of the bride. di>iri?>uttr<i *t* SEE*-.; •*****! 13, ed rice to the quests. Wednesday will, bt- at home in F travelling »fc*- n • -Jnju« hy "own tK. AND" I-iHi. ilERALD L 3INGEH mony m the First Mrs. Binder v/a-s: Mi; Shower Honors Mrs. R. J: Patterson Marie-Antonieta i.,n. r \-ew J M*ri«";i- : ' ^v^: ""!f^ ^::^;r»mT^r: Cardenas Honored in^n'^d at 2 "niLJ: ^iiSr ar.-: >;-•:•?: i:T.-. r ./, ^c -.,»-.t. -'^.-. •-. f . r .(,^ i . f . , n ,i A • I • r*l en ^ st rt S h s ,u- t -r \v'M-- '.P ^ \^nV' ^-y;'''U^ne AT Ll R6n bllO W6f ..ilv^lfi. .10 cii'ivfi-..- ar;'! -;.-. ; Liilia.s;i .Monday i-,^:n-:: ; r .Scii'Asibe'a her.;-.-. '-;i- . i'.i.-' tocrilh .S'lf-f-s, lU-fv-re her ^e^c:n^ ir- ?.;.»r=c.s' ASrf. Pail-r^:- "i- Li-r.-.--:;- i'rsdl^-y. TtTiniiSe Th-- f>rit.ii>! P--"-'Ai;re C^^'ht-m. Mary Aruorm-is '.*6r--:-.-r = M:-- Jesn McElroy of., a Yir.r-r. 5h.••--•-•---- M;j- rl^re- Liihtiitr .of '.woers thr- rrcr:r= . : ''»;'.; .M^'fdirjjr-.- Johnny . -. . : K--i_-v ur ;h. -Er- .V r ' ? 7 r ":" " :: '" •:T. i,:- I;^-JC£s. .VeL=on f. jnK , a:5:: i - 1 '' : V .''; r " : Far- OFFICE SUPPLIES Typev/rtifrf* • ArfcJ:nc Mst^'.nf-l SALES ond SEEViCS Hoilmcrt ..CorfJiu-* "Ar» S^-spE--: S _ . •. T - , _, | GOOD SAMAR:TA«S AT-WORK Del Kio typewriter Oo. i IIELE.VA. utr.- .? — .Sish 1 612 S. Moin . Die! F5 5-«'2 bird- NEW WATCHES ^e-Oiied. Swy Frssh «¥cs£?•,•?•& Frcm Del EJoT Facrcry Wct^rc^lcfrr TEXAS RELIABLE JE\VELERS .102 w. 'LOSOTA -\p-^-r:/- :hit h^ Po;: Oiiice -. rr/:.r:_ i r ir:d ^f>u!c! be J piiij ;V.r *r^-3'.~-rr.: of 21; irJtciion. ie?. Bsptisi C^urcn in H-ritna fcrpt thtr • orev ^as «'-i •Ar?r.-:- . c ir-i;^ The- bride, given in :;«'r falher. wore a \vi in' Chantilly. lace over white taf- ic-ta. Tin litled bodice featured a scaSifpfd neckline and the sleeves vt'Tc iorsy. enu'inj; in petal points; over i!cr hnnds. The full skirt of 1 isa'Jcr.'nj length was scalloped at ' li.e lioiiiline. A crown of seed ;-»t-irU hfkl hor tiered waist-' ;..-r:-;h •. cil and she carried a v i!::i- Gict-.k Bible that had he-. h>:-,~i-d :.i her great granfifalher, y.'.i-l; liri'jij.-;. U was topped with :> '.vhiit- orchid encircled with v ;;.!o rosebuds in a iiitst of net 1.^.3 sliowert-d with white satin rii-r.'V'rii JIL-U in lovers' knots •ier in.-ji'J of honor. Miss Doris %:;-,-.•.- -Aore- pink lace over taf- ;.. :,-, '.••:;!) wiiiie at-ceisories. She ,a:r:-': - ! a >inak' pink .rose. h*:. ! . :i v Paitje F'o.skeU. niece of :'.v • Tjiji;. was I!IL> flower girl. >-..-• '^:•;•-.- ftfi;ia silk organza and •-. ; ; rri--n ^ noie^ay <if pink carna- '. :r<.'d lii.'iger was his brother's ;t .- : -' • :na;i -and another brother. .••.-'•••.'-.' ;!ir:s:er. served with Ken•/•.-•-..: !'• .••.Iten as ushers. ;s;ir,r;. Mmiison. Jr. of Lufkin. : ..• ••:..>t•!* vi -ho hruie. sang \Vhith- '. r Tl'.-.:; -i!<:t?»i (Singer), I Love •;.... a';r«-it; i ant! A Wedding jTj.vs'r il>unlap.s. Me was accom- ".;-..-!:<_•(: ii the organ by his sister. :ir- Stanley FoskeH of Odessa. \Vb.K- carrjatiojis and stock in :.••••!•- b^^ki-ts isnd standards of ; . jf;j:r ; £ ".ItiK 1 tapers, formed the ; .-. J;-,r«L!n<! fur the exchange of i"j:r her daughter's wedding .Mr- . u .ia;iison wore beige lace .-:Ti -A hilt- accessories arid white r...<-!s'ui>: Mrs. Fred Binger. •:!<-<itvr of the bridegroom, wore .•.-r'.-hio" moire with while acces- • ••ra-- and white rosebuds. A rcci-jinon in the church parlor :f.-'<i lhe ceremony. Mr--. ' Hsriey Madison Jr. of Lji>.:n presided at the. bride's T-V-- '.able was laid in \vhite sa•;n darnasV; and centered with • >;:a^ij daisies. Silver holders al "-.•itiic: side- held white tapers. Mi.--s P/evi-rly Ann Clifford served ".!:'•? v.cddnia cake after the bridt: oiip'.f cut the first slice: Miss Jjjhnn 1 .- Russell poured the coffee £n.:i Slri. D. J. Sandifer. the Thvy v.c-re assisted in serving :?. Mi.-s Aithea .Tones. Mrs. Ar- -,;-vr Home. .Mrs. Fred Clifford ar..i /.ir:-. Edgar Ramnic. rlarJ iJeor^e Foskett. nephew CHURCH CALENDAR \VEDNESDAY The Men of ihe First Pres- byierian Church will hold the monthly supper at 6:45 p.m. in Fellov/ship of the chorch. THURSDAY The Choir of the First Pres- . byterian Church will hold re- hearsa! a{ 7:30 p.m. a VV },it t . u -|jite a weddmt; ijK-! ! .i'Jt-<i NSr. ar.': and Mrs. il. L. S-irwisiVc . •;. Johnny flussci* «>f H--'i<j.-*:?.i ami Mrs. linrioy Ma-::-'.-': Llufkin: Aifrffd B;n««;r -:; man Air Porce ?;a±e: Mr: Clifford. Miss BeverK Ac ford anti Mi>~ 5>!.?r.a .J^c.v- EVILYN -AUGUST j gold, thread,- pearls and tuj GKOSSE POINTE. Mich. (AP)|A larjje, pale turquoise ST$h ae— Auto heiress Anne Ford made ! cented the light-fitted b<xlftg>, low her debut in a flower-bedecked ; hark and full, stighlly bell-shaped fairyland— an 181h century rose- ! skirl. . Bronze la Wets giving a brief h j su>ry of \'a 1 Ve rd e Co u n l y. h a ve JM*n placed on a red granite .tnarijer in a highway park i three '.miles east of the cily on^lligh- "t>-.ay Mo.-3. The marker, lias i not ^•neji in place" for some tirne;lui( ^J! b3 5 1s _ ari ; ived , only ."^""y-l'y Monday night'w as 'the Lake; a pal<? ()IIlk , JO(!icP ami tan ? onne nhroi •inidict: ar/ii i/C'll- scented -/garden. A pavilion protected her 1^200 gut-sis from a sudden -summer downpour. . -The scene for ' the 18-year-old Charlotte's dress, which she brought over from Paris aftei finishing her studies at the Sor- b-jnne :md Ma.xinrs, blomle's "$280,000 coming-out par- • vas , as!l i on( , ( | (jf silk faille wi h - , ly Monday night was the Lake SjriHlar to markers in many conn- ! QI riiir f>«tqif> n( ii*»r trm-ni^ - , , i •* .... J .. i m. esiaie 01 ner partnis, . s j.- r) . ].-] O i V( . rs \vcre enihroiderco lifs along national .highways, ilicj lMr< and Mrs . Henry F(ir<i u< jn carter siamis in the parkway just ,,, is exc . hlsive De , ro i, suburh . 'i-ii.s! tii the untieipass. j ,, , , ., 1 Guests stepped from chamfered oji the fitted 1 sh«i'C(l ?kir(. rhiriy-t-ialit new cars and trucks Tff registered inun Val Ver'dc iUBiy ihrough June iiO in "'lux Lyfe S. All's office. Mrs. .Ford's nress v.-as of pale :,(•(• over layers ot"' white '.vith n inniehint; Tt^elt an>i Del Rioan to Sing At Nazarene Youth Camp in Waco" Carolina Sanortva'- <I^. ; _ i/:-"*-;- -• •: Mr. 'ami Mrs. .!:,-•:- S^r;, , a. /; Dt-i Rio. viii h-> i i_v?- .;,-.^.-.r a: She Youth H'.;rr:r!-~r -,.:i — r ••.< liie Najart-r;- 1 f'han::-. ::*; ~f-.:^'.- next week. She ; .p^.': li^i-:- :r> -•----• classical an=i ssi'rt-'.: v:v;~^. er /Vjrocia'E- rs -•: r -7-- S-ir. H'—''.!:i choir of :'':•: S;: Church. Sr;e -•• daily fr-rvir-t-? ; In aii«itw v ;! '< perience in Dv? ealist ;or iv.%i Coste Hiirh S^h Future H6rs-,c:m of .that arta. S!?C V. ih C; v ' " Ilerltert liar^'». zarene Ch-.irth m e m hers of h i .- ,- * neetin- n , tle office of Di ^ Yor Wall SOCIAL CALENDAR TUESDAY : The Order of tfo? Eastern 'Star • will. meet at S p.m.-. Jfl the Masonic KaS! fsr rites. - The Del Rio 'I limousines, flashy new convent- ' hies and sport.s cars and .even : . "reen some compacts through the ram ' to ,a red-lrimmt-d while carpet 'looped-hustle al the lending into the main hall of ihc Anm--and her paiems Ford mansion. movie ai-trv^s Merle Ohc-roh and From there on they were in a her hushnnd. ..<!. Bruno .J'aglai, fairyland. . But for a lime guests . Mrs.' Cary Cooper and daughier, and gold-jacketed waiters dodged ' M:.ria; rniirnlist Constantly Aj:t- «-a<r"e W f 'ox in the' Firsl^ Xa P :isl rain-filled buckets and pans ; Isilov, and designer Ijior Gassini. tomJ Bank Buildinij wilh lhe doc- ; wh 'l e lhe iatter haslil >' mopjw.J ' fHner gii-sls ushor6<r"lfiroM|jli -<,r chosen temporary chairman ! "P waler seeping Jhrough the .'.ur- 'the fiouor-ban^d mam hall m- B*\ H. Consit'r Jones' is the tern- 1»oise roof of the white trellis H'.ideil Lord Liimley <n rwirsrv i^cretarv. ;dance pavilion, handstand ''and London, heir of the Karl of Scar• "• • • • twin summer houses. A "iG-fooi brouuh and reported to he Char- .Vff Wallers brother of. Mrs. ,). fountain sent iss spray up to meet lotK- Ford's fnvorste -$-, -Middlebrook, died of heat piu- thc rain halfway. corl, and '.he inrliisinally .famous •-•Trillion at Brawley. California,! Inside the pavilion were Jo/eri? Du 1'ontr. Firi-stones. Lioyd 3v5ond3y. •\}rs. Middlehrook plans nf crimson-cushioned chairs and Smith* ^ Ilmi^'on and Virgil '.'.> ~n-.a\f Tuesday evening on the ^''1 tables, centered %vith bo'.vls S'^erriis ii'eKS bound train for California. °f pink carnations, red roses: pur- Street. ."•-•*'* • pie. grapes and apples. Each tahk- :'':-• Rose. BrackettvilJe ranuh- was lighted by tall eandlo.s in sil- —:ira. ha? sold his entire la nib ver sticks. Overhead hang gleam- r-.r!c.,p ivith around 1,000 ewe lambs irig crystal. chandeliers. cu: t>'j!. ai So u _.iiosiu to Uiay ; All the decorations v.-i-rv de- Krvhi"!.'?. Scplcmber delivery. i signed by Jacques Frank of Paris. ' " * ' ! who sbo designed an ieih c-c-n- ". "E. Mawm.. county supervi- iury r'rench chateau for ih-- ir<-,() -••r <. r u,-k erisdicat ion. reports con- (ielssit of Amu.-".* sssrtvr. c;i.Kins in Val Verde County in Charlotte, 2r>. -;t. :op shape. Following a month's Anne, an imaae of h<?r pn-!lv i":--f>t-f;ion ID May. only one herd hloiidc mother, wore a "own of T-ii found infected and in • that white organza '.vith a iu---jr .f:=r-d only one'head of cattle. Ma- weave. It'featured 3 hah»r n-ck r.<r B .supeirased the dipping 01 embroidered with 1hrt , u'i3 fiitt'e and 141 cattle were; if.-f-id for further t*sts. No fines r_. - —-—_--. v-*tre assessed and no . quarantine •-.'acOEVJon-: reported. Three large dahlias of unusual a-jji-.were .displayed i» the Cham- B^s-r <if Cxj.-nrnerce Tuesday. The CteTK'Ts. the largest of which mea- ^iin-d more than five and a half iririif-f across, were grown by Mr?. 2. Baine. 1217 South Main [•'i tk-r- of " UE.U) Till: CI,AS.>IFJKI> ADS « • ae ^s ! 38 HP at . F t r> PRINT ING Lane Bros. .. co . ! Otf'ic-t Pr-iniina , Job Press Priniing . A!! /Marking Devices Rutab^r Sfomp^i—One Doy SerVKe 5(;^?rbt-7in'i^ E nvfflppev £ Corrf* THE. Ogden-PR 5-2136 . £3 ES S : 231 31 M -1 i 2—Expedition 4—Newrs S-r*-«. They are magenta, fuschia j-^e-15 -J—Gomrnent KINS-TV Chann»{ 6 CBS —-1- 6:00 P. M. Toetday Night WOAi-TV Chann.l 4 N2C KONG-TV Channo! 2 ABC 7:30 p.m. -r; ihe tel. _Court St. Joan of Arc, Cafeo- Ifc DauQhters cf America. -a»Hi meet at 7:3D o.fn. in ?r=e Parish Ha!L TWJR5DAY The Wesley an S-jrxfay Class of the First Church will Jiofct s csfr^ie =r 9:30 a.m. in H^e hcrne t-i Mrs- MtkeV/agner on Boto^rr" L-amt. a deep, rich red. . C-. f: "-S » Eusttr Brite is back home after i -. srslksn trip to.N'ew York. H. •!_. left Tuesday for a feusjiK-ss trip io the Inclio ranch r.-r^r Ea£k- Pass and to San"An- Fr-ed Barren was a Dti-i i ; . ic -.jfrh>r Monday from his home in ADVANCE PLANSfN . ATLAX-TiC riT"f. >: trouble Pianri^-- \for next week? The Associaticr; •-.: and Curriculum L ! e'. departmen: of ",he caiion Assr.M:J£!i:.-r.. alre.i.v booked its cor ; v. : r:". r ; :- .- Atlanuc Ciiy. City oft;r is-.- =ay ;: farthest in 'advanr.i ^ cor; ever has bc-en Vi-'.-keo r.'rr;-. A. Mord to brides: when you are hs"i - ing guests, write .out your -nrai). ihen check to see which -of t?-^ supplies needed are on hand. ?Ccnv TOU are ready to make out 42>e raartet Jist for your party. 1 DR. ANDRES ;PORTALES i DR. J. H.VKIY '] OPTOMETRISTS I OfBc» Houft— Men. thr» ' M. Contact L«n> FP. 5-*353 — 108 -W«rt Gr.»nwc«d bmrertiHe Company c-s-^-er'.' served or c-sri?!i-;-'5 -" into s-.veelc-r.e-i v. h •fill cavities r: n^ra; the mixiuri' end sponge cake. WANTED SODO RADIATORS TO •»! CLEANED AND REPAIKEO BEL RIO RADIATOR SERVICE-' fiEAJ) THE W. •'^-V ••.. " < '^y^-~- /' • \ • .'"'- \ tf )v\V^V^ \ i. xViii^U^r^xi Smartest, Quietest., .and Lowest Prked by Far/ fcass^^^ NEVER COWFCSr UX:E THIS BErCRE! !r» tr- Rambler American C'frn- a real fun-in-the-^uci car. performance from the I If Hl'e.i- sir.e that beat ali cirs i;. ir.-. ?'..•; Oii Ifcor.omv Tria!i fi>r ri>; ;. -, A m«--i cor.-wr•;-:',:. with nnsk-free Single-Unit con- .>;'ij.;T!.Qn. Rambler American fov:i hundreiJs of dollars less than i.-iv. f crd, Cne\y or Plymouth cor. -irrnbJc. See the newest, •i-r:i.iittit convertible now! FRIENDLY MOTOR 600 Ave, f :d=rd cf Drrmpact Car Excellence L>ei Rid Texas Thru Thursday PS 5-3443 -,-••-'' . •—" Jn S CANTINFLAS i^ -"*" Admission — Adwfts 75c Children 25c r, PR 5-45-41" Thru Tuesday i.i THE SPECTACUUiH LOVZ ETOiTt' THAT THRILLED MILLIONS1 : GOMlW!TB INB if f^lK&iMJi M r£ ntiSraiar«EJttri isf FLAMINGO - Tues.-Wed. TONIGHT IS BUCK ?«GHT-A CARLOAD FOR $1.00 | "12 To -The.. Moon With Robert Montgomery Anna llsh " 6—Dcugias Edward* 6:25 4—Almanac Ne^sree! G:30 4—Laramie <C, 2—Bugs Bunnv 6—You Asset!" for It" 7:00 P. M. 6—Father Knows B<-:-t 2—RifSeinan 7:30 2—Wyau F«?rp 6—Dobie GillLs •3—Alfred Hitchcock Presents 8:00 P. M. 6—Tom Evreil 2—Stagecoach Vr" 4—-ThriHe.- 8:30 6—Red Skehon -I):DO P. M. -— fi —Garry Moore .4—,J. F K- Rvporl.-. "-«. JO:UO P. iVl. 2—Twelve SCsr Final C — NP*.vn!-«»i;l 10:15'- 4-— Wer-ther by Dawson 2— -v,'.~: ''j'prrnnn 0^ — We.'iifjf':'. 10:20 G— Bviin<- . 2— 20th Century Thf-atr 10-25 10.30 i(/:30 4— Tht- Pioneers C— Bolt: Jotirnev 1! : 00 P. .M.. G— By Lino 4— Jru'k Paar 4— Micitiisht Show (C). Denotes Color Program WATCH YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAMS - CALL TODAY FOR . CONVENIENT HOOK-UP Permanent or Rental • NEWS • DRAMA • SPORTS •\ • COMEDY • WESTERNS "*'*•] DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 312 PECAN PR 5-3568 WednejdTy Daytime — 7:00 A. M. 2—Animal K:«sc 1:00 P. M. 7:10 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:15 8:30 9:30 2 — G — Burns &: Allf-.n 2— Eariv News C — Little Rascals 8:00 A. M. 2— Troubir With Father 6 — Captain Kangaroo 2 — Our Miss Brooks q-nn A I\T _ ^^ •. *7» Wv* **• 1»*^ ^ 2— Early" Show "Hatise of RovhivChHd" G— I Love Lucy 4-^Say V/hen 4— Play Your Hunch 5— Video Village 1:30 4—The Jnn Murray Show 2—About Faces G—Fyee i.;-,f: F.ic.r? C -HoDsi: Parly 2—Man Fro:n Cochise ^—l^irctt.i Young Theatre- 2:00 P. St. — Price Is. Right 'O G-^Double-r Exposure 10:30 4— Concentration R— Surprise Package - ~ 11:00 A. M. 4 — Truth or Conseq. 6 — Love of Life 2 — Gale Storm 11:30 6 — Search for Tomorrow 2— Love That Bob M— It Could Be You 11:45 G— Guiding Light 11:55 4— News - : — 12:00 Noon 4— Movie "Deception Pt 2 2 — Camouflage C — Amos N Andy 12:30 o— A.* the Wnrlo Turns 2 — Number Please 2—Day In Court 4— Young Dr. Malone C—The Millionaire 2:30. 2—St-ven Keys G—-Tile Verdict Is Youra 4—-From These Roots 3:00 P. M. !— •}—Make Room For I>\ddv 2—Quer-n For a Day 6—Brighter Day 3:!5 6—Secret Storm 3:20 2—Who Do You Trust G--F.dge of Ni*ht •5- -Here's Hollywood 4:00 P. M. 2—American Bandstand 4—Family Movietime "Mask of Dimitrios G—Life of Riley 4:30 6— Popcye the Sailor 2—Best of HoDyu-ootl "A Hunting We Will Go" 5:00 P. M. • 4—Highway Patrol ;»:30 4—Mr. Ma goo' Cartoons 6—Yogi Bear • . 5:45 4—Huntley Brlnkley Report Network Prograrru Subject lo Change Without'Notice

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