The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 27, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1897
Page 3
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>OY8TER8< WASHINGTON MARK0 W w MBBWiB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* i^ ^^^^^ j the 1 the indication pointHo a droxith. Everybody wears ft bfcycfr bnttrw, Mrs. Charles T, Dickey a;ora to Chira- Una itteitiriJaete?op. -Cash wheat^opWvd at SH'^rent* in Mr,, and Mrs. Ooree Smith arrived hotar from Buffalo thh afternoon. That Rpeeial poHfcman In BnrtYilo who asserted his authority to that extent that •he prwontetf Prcsidehf, MuKinlev from visiting Camp ,lmvctt,,had hif* with .him. Ho probably thought. he would never have a better opportunity of get tir># himself talkwl about, in the to a-p Gov, PiftRiw has been New Fall Goods 'htroniiW «»«? Mrs, Sitfiih HftU » '»* f *« 11 tak(t - Tttf&sh BatH SeptbcmM-, 7tH, JBk'jelp race* one week front todayv Vi<i Wirtiii te honrt" from Thft Battttet Snnday aehool had a p'w ic at Lyon lake today, T, h<s teachers trf 8t. Mary's , point three delegates n( large tothona Tirtnal trf igafinn eofifrma to bn hnlft hi Rev, 8. W.,Eftnkia arrived'' this afU»r- nototi aadla ft.&ttestM H. 14. Wtnsor'e. N<-t many people in Michigan .iff- interested itl the Bttbjeefc of W*i$ttiri»lu and' the gotreraor would ho «I«d to hoar from any person wlio (nay desire to be? -*>'**.'+- -~H Choice Patter ..iiTiUfr inri'virr" appcmited adrlegato to tJi$ A horse behmyjitig fej ITftrry Htioh, Hv- ifig ott the Owon BEtJlftnard fartn north of Sidney Pifirfoll, an employe ifl this cditotial regarding pofital eavingfi banks. otip Or two othftjcs, \Vhei£T»e#? nfc t#no *) Tfimming Silks to Match, -.** - ^- - j n j ' . . * i + Dress Qood^, m fan .Colors, W. K. Holt, of the a sly do#.' Etidorttly hfe is at, " 1?hfi weather for lower Michigan tonight and Sfttwrday; pliRhty eoolpj to- . Mary ««yl«?i3 visiting friends in ty 'it ypaffi at?o. tnat- Key. Merf ftfothodist church tin? night. afternoon the farm t of Mra. v W«i. Allen, near Duels lake. Mrjf. Louis Cookand today from a visit with friends in .Tuck .who has Iwen returned home last that Mii-> M. Tioui&e work, on a Minneapolis paper, iMjss Fern Wilson, at the- M, K, paisonnfc* turned to her home in Fin Betitley was s-econd m tht road rat-cat Bellesue Wednesday/ The prize wfla n handrfoKiierinK with ti^er eje setting. Mr. and Mrs. S., L. Kief, of €oldwaler, were guests at fl. A. Bullard's the first the w-eek, returning home Wednesday The 'Chicago KeCord .suggests that Gon. We^ler be presented with .a foldin'g ' 4 4 1 The colored oatiipineetinjg at tnc Kionnds was well attended Jrw»t exening. Services are held in U»e dining hall. The supper tfiven b> tin- M. F. ladies liist evening was .well patronised. Mr, L. l-% Page purchased ten dollars' worAh of It .is said that a f#w of olir rtM*n refused to eotifcr^bufft txj th<4 DOW hi-, cycle path, giving Sis? ttioir reason that " Battle Creek and Marshall .wore connected hmn> A of out .people "would it a point to do their shopping,, in- the former citj. Any Mftrhballito that will transfer th^ir trade from their town K Battle' "Creek should tr A*; • * ostracised for two never and ' Chicitgp Kec-ord: Persons who wanted to go to the Kloudil'e for the purpose of paying a high price fur beam* e;m soon have that pleanure at their \er> doors. . Eugene V. Deb*makes a threat howl about the. suppression i >f free, speech in, flim country, but wo have yet to learn thnt lu« speech has e\er been suppressed. Preaching thin evening at *!<'A) at the fair ground-* b> Ke\.C.K. Bnnvn.uf Battle Creek. Theitu : An easy v\a> to get to hell, K\ cry body welcome. Good singing. KiitiieH am beirtK received from fuyt men for the circuit racea, Sept. '•'. K<u li nit» willproably'ti.ue to be run in two trial heaU and a tinal which will make three hot tkiinheu for cveij evi-ut. ' NijtvUWiHtandiiitf that it IH < oix'edeil fiat bu-ychJiK ban a terulenej the livery bupiiiubt-. the livery eity have ef>ritiH)ut<'«l hl>etallj to\v, t'l* 1 expense <">f the nu\v bii^ci'- I'utlt, Ht, Marj'n school id n.uhii wli re i s.on Motiday, AUK- ;! «Xt methods are u't- I attention t;i.i n tt> the theuij . of wuaie. For iu-rtlier partii'U tint Hi-hunt t ir sisters' m>i. dence, - • . \ '«> The sraiwESI^Fnr (iotul" jestenbiy eletHed tlit' following ti. C. T.'N. Buixbek, Mum'uluna; (\- C. •\V. II. AndroW, Oiaml Js'upidh; (I. V. T., Clark-A. jKoat, Gmu\l Kaptd-. U.S., M, K-/OurJtis, Hit? Rapid**: G, S, ^1> T< Mrs, 'M. K, VVhitncy, Gwid UivpnK (J, TV, I*. 4. Cunnuil, Mu-Jkegon. ThV\ next aL-ftaiuiv will be heJd in Grand U,tpidk\« Willhuu Offtnts wht> is implicittftl with a nuryber Of others at Battle Creek on of. beiiiK eoi>i'*'rne*l in recent Traiu No. l">K('inff west this wot n inn had a double, header with twelve, conches ;>acked with G. A. K. pyo'ple return-. tickets were sold at the Michigan Ce^ral station for the K. O. T.' M. excursion to Uent«m Harbor and St. Joseph yeBterday, Miss Stotvn will engage in the rnlUmery busi- nepsanifwilloecupj the BtonKt^ently vaca^oil by E. L. Murphy. \ . D. Bickfojd, who wa« very sick, n she roturinni from the west, is rt- porU>fi no hotter and it is feared that her illnvaa will terminate fatally. It ia announced that thu electric rail- hotwetn Battle Cretk and (Hull Lik l?o Thn - peoples of that placw miss they opportunity of ea^HiiR tions upon Marshall and her eitizrnB; and-*wt> owe it to otirmerrhanta that- we give them our ptitronnife. I'j w> r we not only encourage them but lielp ourwhep. /, Albion Tran&cript 20th The condition of Prof, Huny Miner*, Who Ina-pwl from the whTteliiTITTRTo TBK race, ie now critical. Since hie injury he hap been cared for at Mr- Benwou'b artdit o w;m thought that he was slowl> letVnerins, but later on a shght'fever was noticeable and he yrcw rapidly weak. Yesterday a controltatio,!} \V«P held and it was decided thatran operation was ueccisar>. Thh^ was jw>vft)rnied by DIM. Buriem>», Hatford and Palmer, who found ft rupture of the [bladder. He is now Vt:ry low and it is thought that his rwoverv i 5 * irapos«ible« He may jiossibly linger along several •R, !>ut his death lna> be looked foi auv raomt-nt. U is said hin rit'ht Hosiery. w liijw built at once. Ur-i\ipHi y hiBthe'coutnict for ftoinjj the gr;uhu«. Battle Crwk .loiijiial: Uen. Blond who was arrested at Al.vmlwll on suspicion of beiny; apatty-jto the mbbery of sitch'elB from the Williams house, \\as released last e\on'uifc 1>> Ihe otlicera. Albion Transcript: One da> last \vr-< k R -,>d .V Jtalard thicslu-i'l 15,«M> binlx It < f wheat i>n the is Bert lden and 1'us home in Utah. lajih>t stoves bluckud .iiicl up, furniture packing etc, Leave and I 1 '. «. at \V. B. Br^ley A \Vheehneii Take: Waruiii Hidujgon th«» sidewalks in the strii tly foroutdeii, and heieafti>r Ihe dinaiK^relatnm then-tow ill be»ntoreed The pi unity fur uolatiun w a (hjie no BLANKETS AND OUTING CLOTHS. Look in upon us before the S. V. R. LEPPER. \_ fa"m in ? uiifl.n mortmiKto nixht the,\ ',*' Many of the vveht bonnd thruu^h , , ,, Vlt trains on the Miehi«au Central luue- I,,.,., ami i.» { ( . f ,n»id«ahl> late f.,r a couple of ,« ihm deparlmeut ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ,,, (l , kn( i,. about Buffalo on aceount of the (K A, K. •neaiuptnent. •.John Milton, of thfc. t(jt\. tiah re- fl a U'tUTfr"n> H.^- 1'Valkk. nt-t-re- GRACE AND BEAUTY are-linked in the handswmie sufd/per^'t JUtin(j.olothin«*W!ide at ment. The superior cut, decant and 1, material and nrtipttc ftnwJt ina^o them dlstinjfiie in the ettr'em.-. We are now luakniff up &uiK artd overeout-i Irom fall and wJntor K'«>d': i't Ki«itly,ie- ' is eaud to 1>» the t>on wealthy CmciwrraU banker, \»ho (jtaphed i»*)Jms with which to onaagw au to defvnii t»« wu. Thr has bem* adjtmruod HHtil b» the state linard of |i«ilth ary of the state fair asaocmtton, .mi tin privilege of exhibiting his Blu*^ , I'he comruuuii$»tiou uontaii'ib the names >f milny stock riiibt-rs in different ot tfeft atate. * Duxter dispatch t<» the Detruit Journal' Thft Inarriage of JWisa Kdilh Watte tud K,»y R, Randall, of'. •ed at high noo,ij today at the rjencw. G-UeatB % ure prebtut from 0 raiu iiapida, Ana Arboi, Vpaila/iti, " show b,ntnchjlJigaud, 1 u the pas$ wtjefe;. Cm fejiorted <*t> If'l pl^w limn? at-^1, tueasl^w at 27, »Ul>h ,- of ^as»kl*huih W •» s»r the Kidneys HO often i*, TWliy Wot Educate ^ •" AT- Xatuie has provided ft certain .f work for every ofsWof -the iMily; overtax them^n'l jMwa-ie event u ally fpllows. Thwre i» not <>ne P«r tbn of our organism tfmi is ho overwork! it us tlte kidnej*»; o» them i* placed the im iviruiftt tutictl«m of tiltoruiir the WIXH! of t^ic ii»puiitK'» whw h natui.ijh form in tlu rvaular action of ^ifdnid ritjf^tfi'n. The i i »i . -.'.^.-^ ,>,,... --J>l^l,^^li^^ l.ttritliui 111 ft &i' t \U . ei.tge of 'the oyaifiu, t.1^ up tuu w awl »he)»l<Hhl UevomesJufntul with A base will lulW place t»^ ' la,k*"S)mg< :!N »." at' the fair club and the Lyon will miaaon ol will to a h«t ome." An "ad- will be cliargtd in urd*sr .,. wwuv ffjrtiib. TW» b wk is tiiv flr»t t</ »how tl|l»> stoppage From tlitJMt cwnfet *tu' W,Jl^i-iut^ JftotC I It l*h*iHid IMl* UCfcUeu tin} kiiii>6yi3 rect*i\ v p^vmpt Htt4JUfei*Jii ,n'«t Ki'Uiey I'ilK \yill rifehi 1l»- r artloi t tljtj ttWniph 'luit^lyi Tk!$*-vt tue bark "i •MHgUiul w !>*•*, and "care ail tujubl* ? o .Ubipys and ul iddet Jlt-itl tb« fcillo 3^r Wm i-j a. w.'Il knuwu tuld is ioKui, and thu* in- <iue breath by that the Kflvct of the Dintflej -Unff U(« to &ure"a tji» will * the tail»ufce of tr«tite and iu J. J. DE SHANE, MEKOHANT TAIJ..OB. i.ui»|i ; 'ljutiiiivi!« '.if •vinint'*nteii itr\it W'Miion 1> |i»> i uroil n tiwful HI I! (iiulilfthl" 1 ^(Inonliuii <ii it III- !»'-l i'i|ni|)|j"U i>u>iue«» mllcijMi. In l!.i" otmtry, .Cal'ini ot «jii» for iiiir(.iciil:iri a-ui Established 1882. '' Incorporated 1896, bave secured the agency for several First Class tailors to the trade, TJ*e f s#eci*U order 4e- pa.rtment1fea^>t^rted by Nothing inanufftoturers for t^e olotbtog merchants, 3But few make it a the bfiGesaityot correct meas- / nve JHU-I 1 haw suffvod from ai uni lU^whukt riMiltul froa tha apanlng o> wid iay 6fH»toi^ fti«iUl'.- J Pr^idisat iiwit ol the ,- wbere st* - t-iiurciioaha\ir i^jitte tfre syiJod la^t m«t, t 'lU-B, Ptu iu* lie* it. frdiu >uur itottuwww ''•Ken t-hf«e it'ttt' 1 eiutti'rud ftoxu. Salt Bh»"uiu. It covered wj bauxfc to *w;h an I4b>ie Fope* Milts, St. Uwi!e»ee iit«jl<i ran ia full af ^4d. Tfcis te saying that if U%8 .kr t ral »u miu ife aui rr «rlfii-w .1 Jr> -W F mfin tne 0ttiitQine> guts poor value. Did and rett- Unscrupulous men got into it/ to 4o business by giving ^ indu^ments make it a speqtal busi»ei%»o befew«e?|66 man* aevtsu, ! PtttxUKl % lUliUIt A, Xnftii, Jmi^t> EH 't» 4^ ~~ •"" " 'teat" <, . . . acv PiW* *««} welt |ttOwa'aJf oyer they ' ' made eiot&ing for tbe 0. Si you wa«t » good LONiOTSI iOl^S ami rVEDlUK UBNaTft ti, )^>Ul*.« IA»Ji, ftugwutr. AMJ , x Sch rl of Shorthand and Typtwrtiiipi, GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERAL -yours tiiprrirtftoa '*» aaittt.of iProb»t,e wiH tdyB special attfeniUMi ID »- . Purtiei bqvuig bl)4rae8s io p»<i(i»u? courts otuj unaft ia <«u»ult fyiU ' Deeds, and Other Lef ai Carefully^ Pra.wn. Will 8*t*t4» A^tii.,1 for t ul tif j,« --- HV- » !iut< of Uif« ami" lueur

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