The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 4, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1893
Page 1
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^ ,- 4 ***** • VOL, X1-V-JJ0 292 MARSHALL, MICH., TODAY, ATOM I 1 4. 1893 » - - ..'.*'. ' . f * / ,_ ._:.j-.' -_ ... _. Evidence in the Packer -Trial Points That Way, Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all 4n -leavening, strength Latest U. $' Government Food Report* . ^_ -ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO ". 106 Wall Street, N.T." UMPREYS MDEEH HtmDBED MEN LAID 0*P, The Happluesa of Jacob Schwarta «md Sirs. Sarah Slgel Sweet, but Shortlived.. Mm. August lloncngnrt Taken In by • S100 Confederate 1)111. ... tlQHTlvl66sjfN MONEY , CHUMII ,the Bllclilgan-Peiilnsniar, Car Com- rpnny/to Ij»y,O*r l.OOO Men. - DEt^QW^, Aug. 4.— 'The depression in the carbuilding business, which constitutes BO itupof taut a part of Detroit's industries, is not due to any surplus of cats for handling the freight traffic of the country. A number of big roads find themselves short on care, but are unable, owing to the depression in the money market, to raise. the necessary funds to add to their supply. In order to keep the 'Michigan-Peninsular plants running individual members of the company . have lent their Hrlng Your Carpet*? The carpet cleaning works on Ex change street will be open on and after Mpndftfr. March 87th; r s " Go to Boutctiton's for wall paper. New stock and new styles. ••••'••>• credit to different roads, Creating the *<»*»v., opportunity to such roads to place orders for car* which would otherwise have to be deferred to a season more convenient frpu? the financial standpoint. Further orders might? possibly be obtained on a similar basis, but the Individual members have exhausted their resources in this direction. Pot Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Bogs, AND POtn/TB*. BOOFnBeBopkonTroati nud Chart Sent Free. als CUM* cFe-vcr»,CQiiBc«tlon»,Inflaminatlon A.A.}Spinal DI«:uToffitl8, 9111k Fever. B.B.—Strnlns, I,amene»«, Ilhenmali»tti. S .C.-»Diatemper, Nnsnl Olscharjtcs. .D.—Bota or Grubs, Worms. K.K.~CoughN, Heaves, Pneumonia,, F.F.—Colic or Urlpes, .Bellyache. G.G.—MUcarrlnge, ilemorrhnncH. H.H.—UrJnary and Kidney WlHeascs. fyl.—Eruptive I>l»«ai»e8, Itlnngc, j.K.~l»isea9es of DleoBtlan, rarnl>'si»» 'Single Bottle (over 60 dosesX - - .60 Stable Once* with Specifics, Manual, _ * Veterinary Cure Oil and Medlcaton $7.00 Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, -' - l.QO S*U brDmgKbUi or >»t prepaid nnywhcr* a«d la *nr •• receipt of price. ., m A us wiiium su, sewtort. IHTTMPHREYS 1 HOMEOPATHIC ISPECIFIC . u ««, w ,.-.., Tho only «UCCL----- -Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.. &nd Prostration.. fn.m over*work or other consQ& ID UM 30 jean. Tho only successful romcdj-fot I bj DruggtiU, or MPl pu>t|»l.ton receipt ul iirico. BCMFHBIIS' BED. CO., 111 * 111 William SU, Sew 1 CARTERS SWk Headache and relievo al! aw troubles Incfr tent ti» a bilious state of tUa *ystoni »ttoh M DtezinaM, N«m«aa, DrowsiaesB. Distrflsa a.tetr eating. P»in ta tljo Sida. &c. ' While their moafe naxkable succeaa i w» been Bhawa in cubing , Headache. yet Carter's Idttlo IAv« ?1UB «* equally valuttUo iaConatipatipii. curing and pw- thigaiui(;yteKComplaint.wtiUatJioy alflO orr |lye?an4rtgidatiB the Bowels. Even if tiiey olu? cutei ' ' — H Acb*th»y would ho ciiaoel pricelcBBto those who- •utibr from thisUiitr'jiJ'itv" cojajilaintj buttortc woman in the case of the young attorney who was arrested Wednesday afternoon, charged with using the mails for fraudulent purposes. All the evidence that was introduced upon the hearing yesterday before Commissioiier Graves pointed to this woman—the .woman who -used to call "at room J5 in the 'Vyalker block every day to get the nlail that was/left there for the 'Stanley : Prize 'Medicine company.. . When Mr. Parker was asked after .the examination and after he had been held in $2,000 bonds tathe grand jury, who this woman was he simply made this discreet reply: "I don't know anything about her.' The strange woman was seen for the last time Wednesday afternoon. She called at the-offlce in the Walker block, according to custom. She is said to be handsome and stylish, with jet black hair—a woTHan about 28 years old. It is supposed- that ah'e took the letters from the office on ttas side and carried them across the river, whence the little sample bottles of medicine were shipped. It is not known where the headquarters of the company are in Windsor. The letterhead on which the firm does ita business does not state. It simply says the office of the cojnpany is at 808 Brush street. The name of this woman is said to be Annie Murphy. The very small office boy, at 15 Walker block says they called her Ada. Annie Murphy is a person who is known. The postoffice department has this record of her: To Postmaster: DEAR SIR—Hereafter please deliver fill registered mail to Annie V. Murphy (our secretary), as we have authorized ner to sign for and ivwive mail; and this shall be an authority (or HO doing. Yours truly; J. AI.EX HARRIS. J. Alexander Harris is the man who is said to be responsible for the Stanley Prize Medicine company, SHORT, BUT SWEET. The HaiipJuess of Jacob Schwarta and Mrs. Saruh Sigel. DETROIT, Aug. 4.—The brief dream -qf happiness of Jacob Schwartz aud Mrs. Sarah Sigel, who have been living in, Detroit as jiiaii and wife since last April, was rudely dispelled Thursday, when Detectives Downey and Connelly stepped into Goldberg Brothers' store, 225 to 229 Woodward avenue, and placed Schwartz under arrest. The warrant was sworn out by-Mrs. Gussie Schwartz. Herman Sigel w a prosperous tailor at 885 Broouie street, New York city, while. Jacob Schwartz was a cloak man*if aetmrer at 58 Ludlow street. The re- lations'between the two families were ol»th.e most friendly nature, and there were frequent visits back and forth. Sigel'a suspicions were finally aroused over the actions of M$ wife and Schwartz, and he djiscpMered that the pair, on the quiet, <were more loving than tfie law allowed. . Surreptitious carriage ridea and clandestine meetings wefe arranged, which excited the jealousy of Sigel and caused hiin-to lay. a trap fojr t$e guilty pair,. His vigilance failed, however, jtap one day ia April the couple eloped) Schwartz drawing i$}2,000 from the bank%nd paving his heartbroken wife withOQ cents. It ia also alleged that he owed hia employes a total sum of $300, "" New .York papers at the time anju» . that the p$r, had* fed to Europe, but it, jB jj*§jj$ijty r Since June 1, no less th'an 1,500 men have been given vacations at the two plants,; > The' Peninsular]'plant;iis situated a little the^ore. adyantapeously of the two, having otderis/for cars which; will last^^ until;abbutSe'pt,.!.,.[ At this plant nearly 1,200 men are now employed. 'At the Michigan plant '200 of the men discharged a . few days -ago have been taken back to work on a small order, but this will, give them employment for only a few days/ Including t^e, the men who now have work" at-Vthia iMichigan platot number about (JOO/'P^rh^ps 300 may be continued on : repair, work until Sept; 1. After that date it is expected that both works will have-to b6 : shut <lown for a month or six weeks, perhaps- longer. Violated FostolBciB Regulation*. DETROIT, Aug. 4.—Postoffice Inspectoi Larmour, who two weeks ago arrested Letter Carrier Cowan for stealing letters, and Wednesday apprehended Law yer Robert Parker on a charge oi Robert Schelly is prvpart d to do kinds of tin worn, she v i p| csitfe £. L Murphy's.. . n you want the .best refrigerator on earth for the least money KD to Boslej's. Buy the genuine Philadelphia lawn mower rtBosley's. Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and ef. f ectually remove every trace of them. Auy ruggigt w'll get it for you. $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Ner vouHness - end SleepleBsnees the* Vegetable Cure will not cure. , '/.••. : Vegetable, .(jure, ^ill, break, up Colds and and Coughs, CaGrippe niid its- Aftereffects Trem ulous Weakness of the ^ervee, Erj-aip. elas and COpftipation; 12 oz. ii.OO. •- •- •••' • ;.'-'"•'<••>' '" PR. Lawn mowerH paired at Bosley'H. fclmrpeneil and re y6nr tin waripi meuded at Sc tin shop.- •••""' Get your wall pap«r and paiuts a Geo Bough lonT-new stoie. ' Chuffs on babifcb, w>r« oippleb nod in flamnmlion of the breast instantly relieved with Luvcndar Ointment of !UJ Brupfe -atatjejl,' Adv;erJafl|Ug circulars ^md *niedieinksi whirffinfi doctor has been sending through the mails, samples of which are in the possession of the inspector, form the basis for the complaint. At the tlostoffice it was said the doctor has "been receiving a good many letters daily. A CONFEDERATE BILL. Mrf. August Roaengnrt Changes Some .Money For William Bergmann, DETROIT, Aug. 4. — Mrs. August Rosengart owns a small bakery at 478 Hastings street, William Bergmann had a candy stqre near the corner of l&wseU and Rowena streeta and owed, .her 150. When he came to the bakery one evening about 10 days ago and asked her if she could change a $100 bill she thought she paw a chance of getting the money he owed her, so she told him she would give him all the change she had, which ^ ,«._« 4 *i*_ *ij»_ 1. 1 — ^1_«, •« n.^4> Ju«t assure as hot weather comes ther will be inoie or lf.xa bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, «nd especially fani- ilies, ought to have some reliaole tnediciue ' at hand for iostant use in case it is needed. A 25. or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea-Remedy ia just what you ought to have aud alt that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It ia the beat, the most reliable aud most successful treatment know n and ispleosant to take. For sale at Greene' drug store. ' The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery fgr the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has it, Good summer wood at f 1 75 per cord at C. T. Grant's. A new remedy has created a'sensation among physicians by ita wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. Ij is cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the. disease aq quickly, safely and . surely. Any druggist will get it tor you. Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at li. Sheley'd. If you want a tirst class Junsh call oi> the new resturaut, first door west or the Tontine. B4 ,rg»i« s»j. »i «»ut» was $30, and settle with him the next d&v * This was agreeable to Bergmann and he exchanged his $100 bill, for smaller bills. ' Bergmann did not come aroun.d to claim the other $50, but Mrs. Rosengart didn't think much of his absence until last Monday night, when she took a square look at the $100 bill for the first time. It was a Confederate .states Tuesday night she reported her ease 75c waists for 50o; $1 .waists «f<»r 75c; to the police. Detective Palmer of the $1.50 waists for $1. Gratiot avenue, precinct, accompanied her to the police cdnrt yesterday, but Justice Wnelan told her he could POT find any state l»w under, which she could prosecute Bergmann and he referred Jier to the United Statej district attorney's .ofllcQ. She f toed nq. ; bettex there. Assistant District^ .Attorney Einney tpld her the United States laws do not class Cpnfedefate bills, with counterfeit money tod that there was. no Her from the government, WILL GQ TO NfW Y0RK Henry C. J.S. Co. New potatoes tut Children Cry for Ditcher's Castorla. WoriaV i'vlijuublun Kxpeoltltm. The Michig&n Central will s^li tickets from M^rsbaJJ to CMcaj^o and return at rate of s«?eft.dp%rs and thirty wn^ for the round trip,, limited toKov. 5yi. Children under 33 years of age,',half fare, . Ticketa apt gaod on j."4. |» t or 8Q See the t iaughter in pU8(k>iBj

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