Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 19, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1961
Page 4
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1 «' . 8-DEL RIO (Texas) NWES-HERALD, Monday, June 19, 1961 Mexico Returns Two In Tower Bombings SAN . DIEtSO. Calif. (AIM—In-' Enwnada police said lh<\v vceni ; armimrmion. GLANCING BACK 25 YEARS AGO Three Die Second BMEWS Site Opens July 1 June IS, 1?3< j accessories. Her corsage was of After a year's construction J gardenias and lilies, of the val- ] work, traffic was once more 1 ley. Her sister. Miss Alice Over- : resumed over the Losoya Street ; street and Mrs. Jim Lindsey liridge on Highway S5 Monday ' " morning. This was once ihe most used bridge to San Felipe ."and lo San Antonio but after : the flood which demolished it a year ago, iraffic was routed were- her attendants. The groom was- attended by Jim Lindsey ; and Itooert Cauthorn Jr. I As B47 Explodes \ CLEAR, Alaska (AP.) — Uncle r from the Soviet Union, the Air ! Sam will focus his second big Bal- i 1'oree ssid Sunday. | lislic Missile Early Warning Sys- ; f '^\T.\VS silo wcnl into ! lorn eye at the Soviet Linen from . • ~, , ,-, ;this remote point, in interior operation at Tiiiile. Greenland. \ Alaska J'lly 1. last .fall. A third station is under The Clear BMEWS station is ' fcnsiriu-lion at Fylingihiles Moor. ,, he cepond warning site built by • Yorkshire. England. It is schod- Hie f»r s t reported sale of j LINCOLN. Neb. (AP)—\ B47 Uhe United States" as a. dc-fcns,.- ,.IH to he operational by tnc end a year ago, irantc was routed lambs in Use Uvalcie sx-fion i tjl ^°"«^- 1XUO - <-M-)—.-\ B-S, ; un- vnucu r>> js>, i, »i-n-n=.. . ..» over other bridges. Since then. : .. Ia5 mac j c Friday bv Pat Rose j stralo -> cl bomber, setting out on j a gainst a surprise missile attat-K J'f flw* iui\< > Ii*j-il-.iii's.i- t^n— * n 1- n .. • . - ^ * o^-| (jj *f^*"i ?j I r*S\n M/l-*»^\l\i»» 4»<-ni«>nr* fir.r-.L~* f ~~ ™" _™~ _..,„_-«—,——. ,—, vestigators say an ex-builder and aboard the 42-fool ketch, the Mon•A yonng mining enaineer have soon, at fi p.m. Saturday on a the new highway has taken cart admitted the JSrv},<-<x>-bomb:ng of tip thai Jieavi!> armed persons bomb." and two two-way radios. three Utah-Nevada eommunica- were living aboard lions facilKies throe weeks aso-^ •• Directive K;nilir, Mrniie/. said A! Ilic En<il " r ' a « ia poi:ce ,:t.inon Also, he said, there were a of all San Antonio traffic, of TNT. "a great S5SC apiece, ranching between Clinc and i* •°." 1 rounj-robm tra.mng fl.ght. , 'Brackcuvillo. when he sold I f x P. loded ™d.burned Sunday night i 4,C*0 mixed lambs, topping out i *' lllng t * rcc icrcw " lc "- A fourth.! 1.000 head of ewe lambs at *5 i a PP aJrenll - v not seriously hurt, sur- ; "',.-•. 1 vivon ', Brous slno(} on clock w*t*i ar« Mrs. Brmii- face v- She ™ :uly '" r < lolivc ' r >' »° veterans here .Monday. -According to jr.Sii [Kilir.o she had . {alien .dov, n a iiiglu of stairi. Alfredo Trvuiiiu .\Jier. ifnsuH- !Uicr;y Curiiiu rjH-.iu ihe week [ end with h=s parents, Mr. and ant ,o the Niexican.fc.irrn! dis-' around "j^O orTsomc '" vVterVns ^ '''' *' BurdUl ' ' BuCky iS Val \'crde County, averaging ic veter g more. lo 'American ItcpubhiTiti Army." rifle in !>is hand. ;i pisto! in 'hi.-- I'titrcc of KrvM-n.-iiia. Mexico, a ' belt and lui. iiand ercnart^s fn port city 7ct milrs soiiih of here, a table beside him. The four ;xi- arrvstf-ii bearded Hcrnard Je- licemcn disarmed him. rome Brou.v. SI. and handsome They arrcMvd llrouj. and his Inn aiturney. said P.rou.s told him u jih others drawin Male Chri> '.kTi-^-ri. 2.1. U.S. oiti- 'life, then the other two mi:n !I to *l *- >v ''' ' r - bKr.v up the Ma zrns. Ssturcia} • uidir :ilx>arri when tbo\ appeared 2- : t hours la- t'on*. ir - 5 ' th«t hf had spent *•$,>><#. Broii*' >a,-i; laden' with arms— ur. Jensen t-arryim; a lias with "" 'ni arsenal, machine sun.-, riiu-s a. r .-:i ammu- i\vo liantl tiropadcs in it. firfiu.- told .*it:»-r he had s-'-n' niM't>n. Mendc-z said the vac-hl'.* iir<i.-i!- '>'J-'> > ' V - 1 fetter-; iron: -, Mt-xi Sunday mt'Sii >.U'\icin auttu'tri- ai inchidi.-d uv<; 'jO-t-aliiuM' ms- Iteh brciu-iu !*>?•• twci nien 10 . the chisic- mm.s, three carbinc.s, liir--o Ixirdor a; Tiji'-'!'(.« ^nd !<arnc-d rifle?, a ^hotsrun ami l,. r >iX> pjunds tli«-r:i o'. s-r !-> *JH- VKl. .Acems of 21'nnHiinfliT ?nd ;;0-c:«l!iii.-r tivtk ih.-ni ir>'i.- : r«.' a ^an Dicsjo VS. n each a fid <-c' i-.rraiiin!ts«:i:i fur can tn'.vn-s in I'.S ih^j-ilf. ineludini: Pre-ridem Ker-rvcdy, 1C lea nor Iinosf-vfit and newspaper cdi.tors ami juihiishers. isrsini; sy«;paihv sets of Haby fiomis Uonds \vere_ a head vviih a cut of 15 per | Vlvor1 -•-'•• ' . . ten . , sl -^ -^ | 'j-) ]c ,| oa ,j wcro identified as j ...» [Capt. Albert Marinich, son of Mr, 1 ^, as. C. Nells. 2,-Hi sets of i 5! , t . l:v Ci>-diu -pi-nl ihe week '< antl Mrs " Lllt i w 'ck Marinich. • bonds should be. delivered in (1 ,, (i ,,f th hsi ns ;!,„',, Mr ,_ d 'Urnontowu, Pa.; CAPT. Allan H. ;S is i.Matson, son of Mr. and Mrs. stationed, fc.r the summer at i H * roI ' J •'• Matron. Portland. Ore..! Camp Willis with other -\ and ' anfl CapL Rus - SL '" "oJst, son of? M. Cadeu '" ' j Margaret Hoist. Hod Wins?. Minn.: ^ . i The survivor is Ll. Thomas T. ; - __ , \1/—^ flji t* . ; FAMILY ACCIDENT ''• vt i . , ! The plane belonged to the 42ttb Squadron under ihe 307th '.Miss Dorothy I'm ill bee a rise tl'ii' bride of Elberl Xation Saturday eveiiins in the liapiisi aijr.' with Rev. L. 15. c,il- iNTEHLAKEN. N.V. '.?. _ Tiieu- bert per for mi tia ttie ceremony. The crjuple was attended by .Mr " dore Tunic was charged with k-si, ins the scene of an accident! ; Bomb Wing at the base. |||1~||JUJ||V »luUMVI*llt_U U» -III f, I- ,, ., ' and Mrs. Floyd Brockwcll.'Mrs. ^'L hi5 sa ^»^ !lc \ sufcswiped ; THOMAS A. TAYLOR and EMPLOYEES Endorse ROUTE Nation came lo Del Rio st-xera! Kcjniblit an rnontlis a .go from Arizona. anoiher vehicie. The driver of the ' other car was his wife. Km^i*"^' s^v.-ir^i Robert J. Brewer Funeral Services lh' tVi;- ;! !:d brought hc-rr-,.. 1J . | f J M,,, 4, a Held Here Saturday oiifK't'r ant; :r:o;;e!. artii . * San • n'ie^o l',r~> ;- rin.l .h-rs-.- taken befnre STi-ity \i (l rshal >«i^n I.'.S. t-oii-niissiv'in. 1 !' !-, who has lor: foniscr Hfiht-rt Cera id H'.ir-oh, Reno. Nfv.. iTaiabisnc dff-ff-r. -*• a Las! . rites for Robert. .lo.-cph jirewcr. 4"t-ycar-(»!d railroaii etr. : p!o\c. . wen- bi'ifi .Satiird;!'. 1 v.nh Both su;.i ;?i'>y^ kr«-v..^ nothir.s of R c -quic;n Hijh Mass in "Sai-rcd lilt: -'ninji-.t-z- ,,;rs. L'.ro:fs it.-'d Hear; Cathottc Church ~ui !' A.m. neusnu-n she thm;h; !ho vxpio- Burial was made in Sacred Hear' sives o-ii Hv ysL-h: --'.ore \t> be rcmi-tfry under "the dir»-ciis>n rif used in hu-uru ^nk,-:i ireasurc- ihe Doran ruru-ral Home. The off Pi'n:. r>--n^ll >s,d fu- \s&< a Mussry was rocitcd Friday. niith? guest f.>r. ikin-u:v;:;a Urc-vf.T thcii I'riday inorniria ir, Mexican it!T!•:•:•»•:;'•;•> -aid Brons his hc>nu-. !»•; Ivie Hrivr. and 'Jpfi-ver. sii-atits^-i bi-.-.uin£ up He had ivsuli-d in De! I5i;> sir;..-tin? lv\o r>iicrfwa\£- j.-.ucr? and a 1!*)3. Hf was born .in DubiiiiMf, relay ssstion tsrij Siinrfay Iowa, a >on of Mr. and Mr-*. •Mjy 'i c ,_ The .-tTv/ericari Tek-phcnt- Oscar S. Urtw-cr'. Ho .m'arrsi'j & Teh>criph (.'o. •-•j'ama'cd the Miss Naomi JSchuttc May S. 19v*. damacr j* st.«.-.x;i 5S-;*X•*."*. in Dubuqtu- and ihr fai'jily n;o-. >-d P.roti = to5d a U.S. rjcurihari he if Bel • Kio- three years .later. mastprmJndca tro fabsnas-?. Jon- Brewer WHS employed by she sen told Mexican jx>Hce he blew railroad in Sep!'-mbcr, ifHfi. an.J uo the three ifis:sl!3tion> and v.-as xva s a brakcman prior to his ill-'. paid : by Bn>u5 to .'do it. He said ness. Brous v.a^ 'in Er.scrtada at ihe f{l -' was a veteran of World War tim-" 1 - • ^- • Tuo and a member of the i"»ei Hia- yaehli'iL: suit w Hi; his c,~p. copyrich' >'<>r. he San \'o!untnT F'ire Department Diego Union TJSOU-O the fwo as Survivors include his wicov. ; savtn n ifo. «afw>ia"f v:a« in be- ' W(1 children. Robert Elmer and half "of the ••ArKcritan'Rcpu'oiican Barbara Ola Brewer, a!! of Dei Armv " Rio: his parents. Mr and Mrs. A Mexican told him the army was intended to fi2bt what Broii> !crriie<i official lorntpi.'Ti sn the American systrrr. ino>nii:nc the Fill and hie hu.<:)no>i». T!ie I/nionX- trjtervic-w was written by ftfbvr; L. Curry, editor ard p;:ii(!.-i:t-r of the Ftedomio Uoac-h. <"^.iii\. S"ii!h ii3> Daisy rsin^ in *.a»c Brnu' Owen S. Brewer of Dubuqiie. Iowa; two sisters. Mrs, Jack Whitney •of Mill Valley, ralifornia. ar.ri Mrs. irv. in Wasncr of Duhuque-. three brothers, Owen S, Brc-\\or Jr. of .Hacidt-rifit-lrl. New Jers«-> . \Viiiiani F. Rre«'er' of Mill Valley, California; and Thomas Brewer of Dtibuque. Iowa. Pa!! bearers were William ftins, John. A. Graf. Herman Wood. Walter Casey. Fred I'rulerwsx.d. fcH¥i-na<::,. , A _\j t ._v a ir. I.ce Hov Wood and Curry said Krui.:-- rcpri-st-ntrd W illiam Powell. bim^.lf a< bead <,', the American AH fricmis (lf 1(u . f ai!n!> - an . SRfi sa:a it will i-nn.sidcrt'd Imnorary pall bearers. not violent jnea • V,\- p!ann'".i PARKING PROMOTION Use BUFFALO. N.Y. <V — The city U'lvernrnenl jumped on the sal spoclac»!;jr effort lr, brins notice promotion bandwadm when a m-w to the f»rKan>/.at>o:i." IJrous iaifi. municipal parkins; ramp was open Bn.'i-; !..!d Curry ihst "bate for c-d. Two thousand hc-liuin fille.'i -Ibc privat'-!-, pwnec utility com- balloons were released. (>;icli car- pnnifj" WHS jim- rea=on- f"r ihc ryms a !a~ s (> od for l«t> iicurs <.f Another was In pro- free parkins: witiiin CO days. (bice a "^cfer:*" to brins nationwide rccf^nit'.: n <>{ hi:- 2n>up. P.rf'11^ d"<crilvd n a> "like the John i!irch Society. b'.il more active." Rro-j-; said JK-'S tion-ConHiiiinist bin s!ipr>-->r?>. n-'TfonalizsS:<'>n of public (iiiiiiie*. JFIc cSai!no<i his proup i- --iiirstr 'n-' i'-'epnone corn- party for S4 7 miliion. •.V--T- kf-v hrjks in nati'irr-* ;<!'• com- miinicali^fi*. Tuey itaridlc'i I'-'le- I>bnnt ar»f« i.*.-l*-zrxr-b c:rt-:.sit> for public use ar,« circuit.:- Lf*i;ilcd in :hf .tjt-jf-rl. unniapni'd They ,'irt: pan of ATvV> svsu-rn "of rcUyint- ri^. n»l> by Lne of riitit The b'.8<t: miiilary cir-:'i;;> beca;)j" eqi-'ip meat asti'iriiaJicsiiy• i--.\ •'<. -h-icj rnes- SJi^es !'> arw-!b«-:r system. FBI ;,-.--n;s =n L&5 V-..-c^s. Nev.. Sunday, fiifd ri cf-'fispjaini i.nar"- inu Br'.u-. -Jeaser READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS in Ha- un- per-oni. ui-h conspiracy >f :>> I and May '23 ««.i e«'»mmit sa'Wfts'^v b> blow ing- up an<i ik^!ro"-:riL' ti?i- microwave station at Wenttov-er. .\e-. . The oi!"-rs hr-'j-.m .up were- a! Kr.oi!-.. Utih an-i Cc-Jar Xoiin- tain. Utah, Dr. C. L Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W, Losoya PR 5-3762 TROUBLES? The expc'-l T.V. Technician savc-s you money in the Ion:: run. He can lengthen the life of your set. He has the proper training, the- ri^lil. equip- mem and tlic latest kno-,v- liOVv'. Yuu risk serious ciamacie tc- your T.V. \vhcn you lot an "amateur" tinker with il. One mi.spiar.'f.-ci luV-c- could ruin your. set. For expert repairs, get the expert repairman! For expert repairs, call one of the expert re.painnen listed below. • Sam's Radio & T.V. Center • San Felipe Radio & T.V. Ser. • Queen City T.V. Service • Berkley T.V. Service • City Radio & T.V. Clinic • Del Rio Electric Co. • Home Appliance Co. RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE . TITLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIG NATIONAL BANK BUILDING V Phone PR 5-2003 Mrs. Estelle Overst ree: an=! K\iTeit Town.-icnd -wore mar- iiiiiii.-v.-n.'in.T', rieil at hmh noon Sunday in the v.;jvy Juiir, Baptist- parsonage with Rev. :t il'oopy (.:. j<f,y Ansel! of- -San Antomrj )U:.j denim performing Ihe ceremony, 'nit- u -i.-ii.s on bride wore ;i (i;irk red and white spurts satin ensemble with nhite WANTED 1000 RADIATORS TO BE CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RIO RADIATOR SERVICE 110 W. Ogaen Dial PR S-4-nS Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 A»e. f - PR 5-2044 • Pir Bor-B-Q Doily • Chaic* M*o(s • Top Quality Gia. & Ptoducg • Prompt fret Delivery The FABRIC SHOP "BeHer Fabrics Make Better Clothes" See America's SOUTHWEST First Trips in the Southwest are rewarding: adventures, because no other section of America offers so.niany unique attraction.^. There are plenty of places just a few hours away.—places of historic or scenic interest, places to fish, swim, ride, or take memorable pictures. And on your trip you'll find, at the Chevron sign, the expert car care and quality products that mean carefree, trouble-free motoring-. So why not take a motor trip next weekend— -along (he Chevron Trail. ISJ t5 : i'ACO \ NUMBERS SHOW LOCATIONS- OP PICTURED ATTRACTIONS IN NORTH ~r.'f ::>- .^^(-^ -. /•- -— i i Q PO.S.SU.M KIXCDOM LAKH and State Park, hetw-ct-n Graham an<i Mineral ' l >Y<:!ls, Texas, where lhausands enjoy weekend or vacatiun fan in the huge rosorvoir area and alonj? the Bra EOS River. During- frontier days, skirmishes with Indiana \vc;-« frequent here. Nc-arbj' is Ca amp \Volters, where present day warriers receive tiaining as hclicopltr pilots. '--! •; - w '• J.v.i/- • 1 .' V- Tf \ >-.*<.' .'• '\L\ VT& , FORT GRIFFIN T STATE PARK, on Hitrhway 2SH near Albany, Texas, where one of the last great Lonsrhorn herds grazes near the ruins of old Ft. tiriffin. Park facilities include excellent campsites and picnic grounds. LAKE TEXOMA,-reached from Gainesville, Sherman, or Denisr>n, is one of the Southwest's largest lakes. Here backwaters of the Red River provide countless thrills for fishermen, water sportsmen and campers. MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS, popular as both n health and pleasure resort area. Texas' famous Hfixsijjon House, built in IS97. is located here. Nearby lakes a;-e fine for fishing, swimming and other water sports. IT'S FUN TO GO PLACES WITH CHEVRON CHEVRON DEALERS | STANDARD STATIONS STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF TEXAS

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