The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 10, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1962
Page 3
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BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TIXAS, MIDAY, AU»UST 10. 1762 THE BRAZOSPORT PACT! Beginning Coach Trains All Stars Coaching n winning minor lea- PIP drls' softhnll tram was a rewarding experience for a Lake Jarkson couple, now lo the art of The team in made up O f member* of lhe eiaht league teams. For Ann, who had no ballplay- Inn background, the summer has £'V^t!e P h'T^Jmi^e" nT^M:** was a ihnllinB surprise, each day. She also serve, as After the Tigers won Iheir en-irelary of the I*kc Jackson I'n 1(1.0'1IV1<. i.,.U^,l.,l_ _1 (._ . r. i. . .. . «"« 1 lir schedule, plnying seven oilier I^ke .Taokson teams of (he Ic-awie twice during the season, the Tigers also won both games during a field dav at .Softball Association. Throughout the season, she and Frank kept hoping the Tigers would continue their winning streak, but tried to stay ready Editorial—Adv.—BE 3.3511—Closslfled—BE 3.2*11 PAGE 3 ON SALE SATURDAY 9:30 A.M. STORE HOURS SATURDAY 9:30 am. to 6 p.m. MB. AM) MM. TATE AND TIIKIB "T I « K II," Ceramic Gift Frnn^Tcam HUH Bnl, Hull H.Xhor Than Flowcru lhe Tigers, and theiV nine, played on the Pep Ww' P.e's Bu<:keye s this summe,^ ' Another memento of the Tigers'' season Ireasured by the Ta.e ^s a j Inlornational Uniform Material! Sunday School L«sson» whoever.excited over it; the downfall 1-3; 2: 1-7; 3:4-Sj 10-11; 11:1(1-10; jL- (!k<! J.T-kwn Minor League Alii RKSl'ONSiniUTV to Ihe people, and we judze nre ... ., „ , ^ "'"• "".* nl - •""i", inii incf! 10 Stfl WcblvSchmidt Field In Lake Jack-j for any surprise setback. mil?""* '°™ n ' COT<! - ^"-er^VnTherwer 3 "'' 3 " 1 '' ^"'sv.,!!^ Z"r iS P[' pspnl ' ?ri Ann <hp unique expression 01 me am frank Tate with a ceramic Tigers' thanks. The ceramic piece picte, _ an open hook embossed Is now one cf their most nrired on the upper left with a eold hall P " Zed and hat, and inscribed with each Tiger's name in gold. The 10-12 yoai-oid girls had the trophy mndo by Leah Renson of: The ladies Auxiliary of Grace! uiKe Jackson who siihsfiluled Ihe, Uitheran Church In Freeport ] ball playing equ i pmcnt for lhe! will sponsor a hake .sale on Satur- usual floral decoration on the !ri;) y. beginning at 9 a m at the ceramic piece. Freeport National Bank The Tates went all out for ball „„. L ... _.,. Bible School "" n * hi P Baptist Church -n °^ H >' 10lpllu * "*•* , n , *""" *" ly '° r ™ M *"' Ihe tournament the Tales iphens has announced. DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE | | they • i- --I i ••• •'• " v. junt^v iJi i.:- . Ter-nnl „,„,, lU i . , ' -- • • •> '*". h.wl U, |sidents by how well they carry!,. / aS lhe P*" 1 " 6 Rt «"iw! second place team, the Angels will strike any]that responsibility. :""•>' ml « ht ha ve revolted against have been working to get the Ali as important] But more than individuals ra n: government and sided wilh the iSI;1 ™ >'e;idy for Ihe Clute game wiv what'ih"™ ™ ,'„'" " Rcnprnl i ho responsible. A whole group o[iP">P>»'<: but they didn't, psycho-i~ ' '-•- ' j Persons can be responsible in the ;l"Ki™lly maybe they couldn't.! s<1 "™ lrr) P h - v winner PRICES When n ,e. v i • sihener ,mv« oe,k in I fng tonev w, SS? in, son like that An w " y ' lo "' P MMC ** /or thc •»"» »™k, * '" Sch001 wilh person ; Who was Israel? It was the! Tonight will be Ihe first play of I worn, like a' kin K s : hllt kinss, like executives < lllp team of four match. The; a problem to llhnn anfl "inn 1 , ask advice from \ 'earns of four lakes place on the' pltirvii rpspon* ''"•J'y vounpoiors. oic yes-men'**P''ofxi r ridny of O3ch month WllO shntllH ^nmr>trm/»c hann Un»« _•-- .,, . __ _^^____ GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET «* W. t >r«,. rt do what he is expected to do. f Again there is colle<-tive resnon- ""-'"en, these Here surely to The difference between an ir-j-'inilily as when Jacob, in the On- ''lame. responsible person and nn absent-1 esls story, holds all his sons re- : False prophets short-sichted no] mimlori one is not that one rc-!spon<.iblt for the welfare of Joseph icy makers a citizenry too la/ do Cn ami rS tr.e 1Wll l he '" *" pp ?** , to l Wo rnn ^ " lat « Community is think for themselves - ,hev thev tath will fnmoi° ne ilt; !" >s l» ns ' bl e for its own health - all responsible. But only" man is bility. GC Duplicate r 'ub Announces Series Winners The Gulf Coast Duplicate Club had 26 players i-ompeting for the Dow series trophy. Winners playinR north and while the irresponsible one doesn't 4^re, even it he forgets n dozen times. SINGLE, I'MJIIAL, COU.ECTIVK To be responsible means that someone is expecting you to do a job or to be a particular kind of person. It means also that you are expected to give an account! of yourself to some one. You are responsible for the job and to the subject was -- --. He was not first, to be sure. The prophets Rcnerally had laid more emphasis on collective than on individual .responsibility; but they did not forget Ihe individual. When Nathan woke David's conscience by saying "Thou art the that was individual res|xm- bweeny Baptist Parsonage Open Hoi^e S°t Sundav An open house and dedication of Ihe First Baptist Church parsonage in Sweeny is sel for Sun- djy from 2:.'W to 5 p.m. *fhe Rev. and Mrs. Charles Chance and their young daugh. ters moved Into the new parson- »ce just prior to Sunday's Win anniversary of the FiVsl Baptist Church. However, the move into the home was not mm'. •.plete to the extent that the open house party could he held j n n >n- Junction with the church's celebration. ^' nii'nibcis of lhe plans oom- niittcc, and the building and fin- the kinc a fearsome vi.«it, that was individual responsibility. But when the prophets warned, threatened or comforted, they spoke most often lo Ihe nation as a whole. That is collective respon- jsibility. K/ekiel was made to under - •staiv.1 clearly his own personal responsibility, and how responsibili- ,l.v can bo rightly shifted from one i pel-son to finolher. (See csp. chap. 2 and :{.) It was his concern to warn the people; whether they |paid attention or not was not his I worry. It was his duly to tell the : truth, theirs to believe it. ! If the people refused !a/tcr Kzekiel hail given the ;(!od'8. message, that was the sin. no! his. On Ihe other ban iif he failed to warn them of coi iing ilanger, their blood would b on the propliet's head. j llmv does this apply Inlay to •si'hml teacher? a minister," a 'editor, a writer? BI.AME r n , WnOd ' fin:t p] "' v l '' ;)nd Rrlh VVilk ™""? lhir " "'"" WPnt Mn ° r<? awi Mrs " u- . \ v " a £S ™* and ""' Carlene Hanna and .Jim N'cw- j","' ^^n'^^-^"^"^^ ' (Mar> i,^l rk ''!' ilml Mni ' Viola Pr ™- r^nw 'll "'^ , «, , ^ T 1CS J s p a - ved on the '™?* '" l ";' h " di ' yS °' Paih r 'L , " "' °' six Ki '" lrs ' •""* Z*"*, 10 ' ™' h in " '° tM( ' n " ine SAT. Night ADULTS ALL YOU CAN EAT PICKWIC 500 PAIR MEN'S AUTOMATIC WASH N' WEAR SLACKS FINE QUALITY DACRON BLENDS IN SMART SOLIDS OR PATTERNS! CRISP WANTED AUTUMN SHADES! ALL AUTOMATIC WASH N 1 WEARS! liaiospert So>io|i Cfitir frttport,Tti«> ^ •''* K V' S mr "" lnl1 ""«™"er. hut to fi * t'-siiSjrr.xr^ai -' 11 '"' 1VsilU!l<< P""™ is ™P»n»iM' lo * 'oy^/KT'smlu; 1 ' "• k ' """L ''''""• " hiSlnHl '" 1 "™' '•' se> and r. K SinlUl. ll^-k cnoug| , 8() , ha( wc d(m . ( ^ r EDO IRS ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS *.«00 ITU—7,000 IIU—»,«0 ITU—10.000 ITU 12,000 ITU—13,100 ITU—14,500 ITU U.500 ITU—20.000 ITU—24.000 ITU—21 000 ITU I PRICES . lfcw • START AT IftY I* run ESTIMATE IANK RATI FINANCIN9 I * SALES « SIRVICI I* Mil 1 riAII SIRVICI (Standard S Taar Warranty On WI AfPRICIATI VOU« IUSINISS PRESCOTT T.V. & APPL If you're looking for a good car buy, delay seeing your Plymouth-Valiant Dealer Get the pick of the pack by shopping now for a new '62 Plymouth or Valiant at tertiruTsav- ings! During our big clean-up time sale, every '62 car in stock is being priced low to make room lor the '63 models. Trade-in allowances are high, down payments low. Don't wait! Save on a new '62 Plymouth or Valiant while selection of models and colors is best! boot - maker - burnished with subtle shading! The newest treat for smooth leathers ... the smartest way to wear brown . . . the mellowest accent for Fall '62 fashion costumes! PHONE 24-1 CIRCU WAY 1-6334 UKf JACKSON It's '62 clean-up time now, so why WAIT ROSS MOTOR CO., INC. FASHION TWIN Girls are taking fashion honors in grown-up prints . . . geometries, florals, stripes! Newer than new in deep, dark colorings . . . red, blue, green, brown, gold! P»n- ney's choice machine wash, need little or no ironing! SKIMMER SPECTATOR $ Sixes 7 to 5 fl*t-out, pealc.foa pumplat to skedaddle in ... 4 fo 10 AA, 3 to 10 B, 5 to 9 C. 99 1624 BRAZOSPORT BLVD THIS CARD MAKES IT EASY TO •UY ALL YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL NEEDS CHARGE IT!

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