The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 27, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1897
Page 2
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E^Tr •% «^ < ' ' "' ~" " ' ** • * f - •" fl!K DAILY -CHKONI0LB, ~i - — - * - 1 - , I ,1 I ,. M. ..... ...... at the Mnrrihitll, Micfi., fot trftncpntttitton thtmftjrh th* Jhatltt » R 54r.liOR.tiaB, flgcttvltf jaAatjSlft . M. MOSES, 6fflC6 »$ A GOOft In tfh#ni fttftitw* MwwtOGfr *«rtt*>»- Wf. • A'Vigf, 27.->*Wh€ar fias ad- "fraftcfefl ftbotffc SO cents ft toiiSSe! slfle£ I left home," Said frank P, MaeteJuian, of the Topeka State Journal, Mar.t.annatt left Toppfe less, than" Rftrt -is'irftu^tftg *Uh Wj? f. awi daughter itrnrii* 'a brief J".' f. J> TEh{> Jilanitwji .from .. careful raUttmta&i' continued of t1*£t frt«> art- att^nt* ift tl^eso few ilaya nn»nns inctj? money to -the lipnsas on tRat sir.^i^ pfoduct, Tlif> pep nrte fa )4nwu^lly JtarjSr^, mu'h- in f «c in «4m« instances more than forty lnwh'i'ls tfr thp acre *?thfs wheat itoji Irt yflrtnUJ* wilt Ri1t only <>nahlfi the 1 Kansiits former to 'kingdom to eK'vatt- hW ^nm?.' but w)lt givf* hjtit enouKlt t« nti n than* iniy lor his land. pfyi now" Tvalizo inorr> from ^ tluin (hf pimind ^wfluKl have 1 sold for a j>'ear npo, This Is true' IB hutliliedg ot, Ip^tanwtt, Tlu» thrifty KfiHf 4 -! 1 * farmer ia attain In 0 £i"ii clrcwm B tanff«> H« l^im olng toward that 'condition, fur Van a»t» hft* to f«*h» for rattles Miehteftrt Mining A high grade, etfttfe' ftfehriie*! school'. work. EVpcttvfeftyst™\. Suft niw emirseft. titve* dfe^rws of S, B., K, M, nnd 1?h, t>. f jftV>orftto¥5<'* > shops, mill, .> fc-effrectttipjieti, For entotogii** «d M M. E, Wtnfeporfil, f% !>., ftttteto* Miehigan. No shading. '&o flwauMoa. Yfctt caw trtirt "A. ll be at th« otjioo of tle buemess ho«f« unt opurponp ot ArV now "bity tiosley wt{! take piipils in ctitt^ue during tlifesttwirflr>r months. , First class job work at low juriecs at this office.' • "•» " ' -I I .ln.PI I ..... like waahttig fiftotlwr^ Mrs. Mr 8. to <lo at the Walhridge, (51 of at 1(H0 N» Madison will fitid something to Benefit as well as them. al A limited amount ol Iiv6rt>il ncaf Ek'Ptrie Light plant. ynrd. C. Chairman ftp- , Wich. Arc n«w atttactio^ thix ' }jlH«W mining arfe fu finds of itiiggctts in thg fo fte California to^p^ttepcettws, By next 'spring tbe> jfold {ever wiH.havt isfe>ffSiorr of fl •'jWaftds of pt-oljTe, trtid five wosterta r<wdfi «5tl have' fill they c«n do to frat»?j»f>ft the fortune hunters. Pleasant, Safe, * 7 Reliable wim f\ l^§ Hps~ * "52^ Your PRINTING at Chronicle office. *L . , ,,,,, . ^,_._ J . J _^^_^._.^^^.^.^.. its cfmfi«j*<ttos Ji»As, offer the best f?j('HiiieSfpr;reiehifi^ life i. «<W|)eesB pacr F»s«. 'Agt. r Detn«t, t ' Merper; Mich. • VTouJd you-' teft<»h your rtal»J|>iter a trade that wil^.proteot her during Iffpt 1 Call at tho sbhool tecitt<pd in the Watson Pt rf*et w<>flt, • - -.-- ... Bemenibe* "The RoyaV' .agency /o'r Jler trad« a anil the ert>i>s this |iitxk<' him tml<>t»?ncli'nt " .AVi'pnii Is the Ti'iinii ( li!ii>i|ilnt). K. I,, Aup. 27.— In th<' match tor thi naiinnal yestrrdav Wrenn. th6 Amu if an ihani- piun, tlcfiattHl l-'ivcs by thi^f sets to two. "i » ' Hasn't <'iinnilil <»«t Ytirk, Aiijr 27.— Onld to the amount of tlim.tiOO was •\MjtHtlrawn from th.' snih-tJeasury jestenlay lor ship- moat !•/> Can ida. " • ABQ'RtVIATED TELEGRAMS; Mrs. Hugh \VaUlai o.dattffhter of Chief Fulii't'. is rcpol tod nut of gr silk firm of Xu- tn (>Htal)ti«h a limnl-h An Knwlish ajtidlcate, it In sfild, haa bwn fprmtd to complKv thi- canal; * Stfhli & ('<»., rich, hu\f* <U'< if factory In this J«lhi,- M.imut'Irui! \\tt,-* slvcn four months in j.iSl f«i .« llliiR 1(<](ft)r \\ulnnit a ll< fpse .it llhtriolHiKlct, Wis t*!li ii tax Jau "T !Vnns-yl\< has liiH'ii (let ulivl unounstftuttntiat hy j\ohost)li, of iho t'nit&tl States court. Th<> lieuyins paity of t- from \Vost~ Supd iv>j'> \Vls.. auppoBOj to have lifi-n <Uxnvin:d, hri-j •returned hot'no ,-afc TlK ilAll> ni"KTo Jynohliiff tixfi |>l{kce y»"-ti'idi>> Jn.Tt'xas.. H* h.ul attacked jtn aK.'d \voman and svus mu^l>ed at Bell- Talk about style, talk about it! But have yon'iaefcn the stylish wedding invitations, partjbcards, individuahcards we are putting out? They're, ^ure style Don't you (jeed it trifle of printing in the above lines just -5bout now. Wo havtf tho newest and latest script type. It IP fdivayB £ratif>itig to receive testt muniate for 'Chamberlain's Colic y Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy, and when tho endorsement is f^drn jh physician it is u especially BO. "There is no satisfactory or effective reniedy thtvn CJiaiubcrlftin'« Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy," voiles Eir. R. B. liobey, physician and pharmacist, of Olney, Mo.: and'be ho has used the rtraedy in his own fatt»il> and ,-wjld it in hie drufc Ptore for aix years,' he COMPOUND f* J. * THfe GREAT FOR THE A fine shop' dressing for ta» ftsd blackS shoes. ' POT sale, by Mies K. E. Billing. Burgeps, • nnlJ IH a good opportunity to pneyure about farming lands in Smith Dakota, only one dajsride from (Jhk>ago. Boiintxful crop-? ot wheatj corn, barlfy atid ilftx reward the tilkr of the' soiK As a fltock and dairy country ,South Dakota leu^R ah the world. Firs. i>la.«8 fftrtn lahdfl wUri.iitarbS- markets can now be bought for from $10, $12, $15, and upward*, per «crc t i>i)d thie is the time to invert, For further- particulars writ* 1 to Oeoige Ijf, HcBllord-, General I'assetiKOr A Kent, C'hicAg4,:Milv[itu]cc6.<.bHt. Paul Rail, IH. e( % rtoinly know. sale nt Gri-cno'e Call at the home oC K. S. MeNaimss 2^ \ Stain strert and he will repair >our shoos at oftt-e.' All work loft at Watsoo'9 grocery «tore will rowsW'o nt- tcntiort (!)ni j piiKm-ngt-r \\a? l^llt Injuicd in a ttairi f/ililicmn <>n the Chv» (•aprii Ou'ttt \Vostiiii TAiUviiy at Alia \ iHti. la ' MUs 'Minion Toukcfr" sailed thf yiK'ht T.urna [»<»ui«' at Kftx lako. Wls.and won •it\or the ygiirrh-o, sttH«-d b>«. Miss \ Mitik Haiuia antl F. t' Kor, ;of Mitwutikeiv have -huught .the N'-wfiurt Irt.ti mine, thf most important In tlu- t>i>K«'ii)c rarmv dunf-d Hi thf iii-ills .Inniau are bHns n»T;h \vhn were Rtranded at . Dyea on thttr \vay to th»' Klohdyk" woman Itillid ti> thf rait at N» i w- An elegant liae of h<*lt*, latest styhm and lowest at Hulott & Son's. way, l)ld Colony Building, We invite all to call*>n us at the Wat- aoil building an<l "examine our method of Dress Tailoring. Wo will cut anj pattern for any lady who will take the paiws to ca\l and examine our method. Our prfino! will be OJH-D to, the public- Saturday and Monday, Aug. It and 10, where orders wiHlKirecehed cut free for nnj lad > who will to call and esaniim- our method. Liver knd " Kidneys, Kola Gompound f»«j Dyspepsia ;uid nil d rnugomonts o£ the Stomach. Kola Compound Onrps SiVk lleadfwho, Torpid Liver ami Biliousness. Kola Compound Curve Constipation. ' AtW!iyn "fresh and unw: ~Btrirtly hiph - at lowest prims: [irotnpt drlivoty. Givo us a will and ho convinced at 'the Perrinvillo atoro. ^ A, WOUTHY VU.MKK, Prop. ' Call at Barnes' for Diana's Chaw. I« your tiuiw worth r>()c a day? Then duHihUng hoartanhe'iM expensive. •'Blue Streak" will cure it for a quarter. \V",-s . thi; I'aul -road ha# lu'c-n ftl< nl'SV^t a* Mr-s John ,Kru-^v, aged 4H >'ii>i>, -M'\- dlntf near Nf-wiiurg. MU'htkt I %i '''^,. a Sitka Haloonkei-per, is .undfj H.ii--t ""whargcd with RivmK whisky t'i the iHflianX Kivt- uf the vl<- • tlrn» ar*» and an* dying. th> j stau» that the grtutly inibX'jucs-fnlcd and e-xagRx rated ' A. O Hurt(<>;, hf>ud and founder t>f th? w*H-krio\vn (hlna and orotkfery hbtj^e .of Bufley & C«i , Chicago, J» lying In ^ prei^rirtua condition at his residence in that -city* " ' " % "~ ~ -•*- top-tiutch prices of Notice, „ 1 am prepared to do lailfes' and «-hil- dreri'p f .shamporiift^ at thvir houifH. Leave, orderrf at Clurk'fi barber ehop, fw at 'Ki east Green street. ' . Miw.W. W.CLAUK, The IMrtce To buy Hour, ««tl jam, bolted tueal.coiu'w meal, grountl feed, bran or iiaddlings w at Cr \. Cheshor'H mill All kirufe of euston Kriuding done. , Lot& of cheap chicken feed. T*euty cwiit t«}in octua. IVANMvl' A T» •Vllt'lv llf. _ 11 in oU: ioi wctr DOtiep» iiot s. s. K. II OVstK of- tx rooms in dt-iffftKiti- ln'iittor, MI tu.i S'eji! 1»t h'i«i iKiiiiiitn. H liinoln- <it A' t,;,l w.h, t [iiin'ii Alain".nn ariti l>, atiti 'rt Tubawo .cure is a seienttfi* 4p(-veiilcJ for tho tobaeej) Imbit.' It is guarnnWd to euro in- ten da>8. Xo cure, A< O. Chairg aod table? to retot for partite , . . J. W. the y»jar a,t Chicago when tt/ri Atti.r rt eptenxlnr closed at as^, l,)u-tm- txsr at 93 7 ,» anfl Sfpt*mhcr c«rp at 30% s fojCv- tb«. six were' of ttf¥ V>f ChaiuWrhun a Colic, Cholera and Di- i»rrho«u reuii'dy alvvaya afford^ pruoipt relief. For siiloat Greened drug £1 ' remedy if ^Lrs. Wi atifteujj, the gums, allayfi all |>ain, x-uree wind culk: aj^4 IB the 'Tw«sn<^- T. R,£HEPHERP »0n& but" tlie ,t8> ESr j ipo pea4ijng thing neftt A»4 clean. J ^DIE^, 11 T-fci-Bi,, wit i.» ,t LJ ill to lilt » tlli sunn! iiprHiliuiiU) 'I'll' 1 svork la very ii^.'U";t'<* airl i )>1 >'i<«(U' jinj SI' u'H,.luv i'lnHi*ii 'let >j)ui'U 1 »»nt m tuoncv v »:»i(l I'MI'tlt!-iar* to -ill-i"«'n.itug Mia-i M, A. M'MlrlXs. l wi'I 1,'iUt tthJt't'- M» iMft V I'luuiuHt'i!, «)iU iir- Au^. .'1. In I'3'W> to runt ou u ni after , nBtjaire nr J« a Bfttiu and KM-VO Tonic and Blood Purii'w. Kola Cot»{)oundT8 tho peorof ul other Kola Compound 9 Cnvcs Backncho and .Kill ney Troublea. d« Kola Compound « . -, -f ° The KM You Have Bears tie Rrowtotes hd ^Mp NA^tC OTIC. Apcrfect Rcme'dy for Constipation, Sour Stonifleh.Dinirhoea, Worms .Convubions ,Fe vertsh- andLass,or SLEEP. TncSimie Signature of C&J. NEW f KB WRAPPER . "Ol 1 H?EEY BOTTLE. THE KIND YOU HAYE ALWAYS BOOGBf. Three Opinions. "The CHICAGO RECORD is A model newspaper in every sense -of the Har risking \Pa.) Calf. i W A* TKD— J.ftify »Hli jdfvirtw {lututiiu at boma. kt.quir« »t tliis uti of SfVOn year* 1 r Ob) ot ou l worit h' mu»lflr AUl vi«iuit]F. , f of « . TT'^a HAW 'Kisi'tawrunt tfoiis^fruo J* for pSrttoul*!* »i«juli | e of J^fcu th« old. W »»»!* to SHEPHERDS*. ', A .;. Jiu-li. yet Imrnik'Ht!. It . .. vitalixo.s thf braiii, in-rvos tnuKfh-s, IjfHi'tjii»l wtojiific'l'i hi brief rejiiV(*natiiig niw building up tho culm* sys l<»ui, (Winching iho bluot x mid imparting to tin- whol , "-body the freSbin'SH fXm vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is roiup<,>w<d of H£<» ^iviiu. tissue building, jtlcrbul and Vom'tn-blo JivtractfijL nud contains nothing injurious . tu thp moat deli(;Ht<' co»ati»- tutjou. Kola Compound IH intlorsed by in any neut Physicians tists. May erajtgem^nt i o| _, jtlie ei^jQvepo MJ- ^eivo TRY A BOXTtE , Of Dr. ka^V&ol* Coia : tt will u<»t 30 you and $Jt per bottle. • For th^ last 20 y^ars we luve kept Piso's Cure for Con 1 fp w$ * v»» J.»ii>v ***•'» *"* /T*"** •"" <_» sumptbn in stock, and wo«$ sooner . .-*..-' .,._. i t-_^.i. _,—^_ j^ jjj s *».^ Kpa Corapounct Jklay sel^.—RA obtained of at J»ts Block, -u Mill tor F°^imuip! ot Tt&l&toi, OR, LOU1$ 6 ? JOY wjeral pleaseti to with. ur tto-ur by i&$ 100 4b. f io ywir o? W Ww.; o| tai^e wiii he your job work dope at efo office, - " * Nice, large, ceived d»ilyat x grown potak«us re- AtJ.C. Deiud&Co'fl, Call fore you buy » », wad prices %> a,at«ti blodt. bo- faave all u. a CIGAR Wiili a U.S/ Flujj loi- u J.iibeJ, that dealer * T. deiuaad. A . ftxr uMi tlw onljr «n4$M&A> toiUhlv. U<iu|*. fee. l^isdJ Sfivefl, neitd!t|>»<4 Ur^V juiil «t«*r<»-*g^ A akaaetk wiu] Wa^r Itt X&S&Sffmlffis^nw Uft> •Ote-.B ***» •V^..u^li.^._ u LJ» f*W«o..,_J. ' ;,te-356 dcv »t., f Oi JU ' treftfeu^tJMt aw4 csre of oliron- ' H, i*ttd aliaettses o: the wervyu^ syfeteoi fewale. Coasulta- A lianted of calls tie "There is no paper pubtished^fn^America that so nearly iipnroachcs the tfuejQyrtial» istic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD~ From "Ncwspape-dom" (/Yew York). "/ have co/ii? to the firm concluslor, after a long tcst~and after a wide cor aarison with the jfhirnnfa of many cities #nd countries, Wat The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near hcing the- ideal daily journal as we arc far sone tim 'likely to find on these, mart-it shvrcs."--Prof. J. T. Uatfield it.\ The llvan^ion (lit.) Index. '* 5o/^/ % HWi'<? ?(Vf/^/'s N cwjwhorc aiyl subscriptions reccii'i'd ^ T ' '"•// /^'" m/s/jr^ Address THE CHJ- j i i f /^ j /^ /i j»> T */>» j r\ f i /' ?y, * /•,»,.•* ,»f LAliU liUt.s.ili, i< • Jis^ltl!>3il~M. west »iffb to sell all put i, I goods "a-t a« e before fcbat tb u ccfa, le »re«a to fo* Hu is «!«» j*#M»t fw the j»i»eu*, w tte ***** » tte wrM. M*. ha*s in for

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