The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 10, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1892
Page 2
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THIS DAILY OHltONJCrJB^EOfcjtBRBJ^ J«0, 4^Jft^f§il : S||Sft " ' * •". ?' ; ' 1 «Ki'''-f '".t ssf* tilfi WHY rcdeirect St*ft *treet. io — jrnwuUt h f f^ttu hv H V% >#' J ! 3 ()0 i on . MOSfiS, Ma" Mich POPULISM IS PEACE Ndthing Revolutionary .on th< * Cai*d in Kansas, Mill look AfUr N« vc i-i«ii«»r(, • ,HV^OKU, J 1 )'!' 1 (1 ~ S ^ *' lin "k* cu I nmvcd m Jn -ar.Ot t o «J i > t M c "1 w h »d 1 0T1 *H}3rtl I n-ivtXl tHi Unco, nfljl C uW<* tl( w" 'H mmlt *' " ><>l tnent dui'm4 tlJff <to\ i" « ^'<- h hc * lul 1 '^ «inn of I he s< nator*. 11 ' SMH to < ui> ult unw>mnie«t J)tuUK.m tl^adu- it""!t tTie «en itomt wtu U ion HI \\ \ w*uu JV JUi. J n mil t.Kt \\ lion ^' *• M * •f ' 1 ' ' AT \\ u n •=)*> ,^0 .OBGAHIZE . THE BOUSE, ' ' , Bu t H af'dly Expect of "Jfetf" Hudspu—The Flfjlit f«t Court—A F>»lr tnwyer on «t»e It" can Slde-r-Womlpp; Democrats -A1 ' 'to Liltv 1 r-*^* r '^i* nto *' s I'rolmbl^- td • Joy's majority on the Jm-r'pf tire I'd., is 07.. U'Xeill clntms th.-it iiiStead.ot- T jin"'llotu^t majority .!*i-y • *vr<-s ,. by°oypr<5,OOV -vote!*. ~ f __._^_ '• DlitlitlifT'> V'.|>Kl«'iii!c sit J.Huii. ' LIMA, O,, Deo, Hi.-l'i'l'h'-l>eri.i l.a* mwViTlent in Uma «">d vid.uir> for thr Tlavo a large stol'-U of Mifk te.rtjv.» party C onTef™ce ; amLcent,ra^:ComnHU<.e «ltji|»r ! meetina; nhitli olo^eil jwrteulay dul not u ^^ w result in any atauling ttev ulopmeuts, as h ul j A been expected, " some of the ,?»era- ueen expecvcu, an.uuuj4" ""...- , •• , bore of the committee insist that phms were divulged Whereby they expect to organize , the house. How they expect to_d_q_ this they do not say. "Jell" JIudson, congce«* man-elect from the Third disttlct, mxid: "We do not really expect to orgnniye the house, although we insist' that we have the moral right to do it. THo PeopVs, par'y. fa a reform, 'party, /ind xve will n.6 do anything 1 revolutionary. am ] , n ^ ,, 11 ,; 1> ,, t ,, ^,,,/hi « n d u ,, HlU »ma in-. '^ui m . r uuu . 0 , , !lL •av l>catlM>f M>it»» i?urk«. ^ CnlcAi.,0-, t)t c- 10 -Mm tin Bnitas, one o£ t& murilu vis of Di Pntt 1$. H-nrj Cromn, died at 8 17 ollouk *'">* n'-ltl'm the has pitaloftljeJclkt no ny, with FELT GOODS. ' Ti 10 only house U» the f.lty carrying a-lull lux of I'M i_reo r . Snntlw celebrated suite* Lxtiv pan \\arrntftod. tfawVptW® £ ' &JK« J. W- of all <i"'iHtefl/ nuct thotleinnndspf our i» * ^"> mnttor what i« w.uittd. I1O vVJint^^**^** * -----John's llomnn CatltoUc .eluuch, him.all day. . ; . THAT.'DISCRE.DITED TELEGRAM. TT J j A full ,,,,. - -i \\\\ -^ , «It has been suggested that there are some Republican menders Who are so disgusted with the action of the state" board of canvassers OIL the. Stubbs-Kosenthal matter that they-are willing to work .With us in the organization of the house, but I hardly think that will be done. It is a difficult matter for.* member to act independently in face of strong party organization. There has been .some talk of going into the courts with our'contest before the legislature convenes, but sentiment in the party is strong against that course of action. 1 lie Republican party can't stand .up very Urns under the crookedness of the board of canvassers, and our people propose to do wliat is right, even if we are temporarily losers. FIGHT FOB A LEGISLATURE, The Vote of One Precinct In JHontmui V\ ill •Settle It. HELENA, Mont., Dec. lO.-Tfce great light for the control of the Montana legislature ? began before the supreme court yesterday. ^The suit was brought by A.'J. Leech, liop-r t» compel the returning board of Choteau coWy to issue to him a certi.fisate as representative from that county. The board, cbmw^oj of two" Republicans and one DemopFat,.J>ecame convinced .that a large number o* votes bad been purchased m Box Elder precinct and'threw m* the vote of the precinct. "ThiSf.»0ion gaye the • , ^.^ TT^_J.-:I*^« T^».Tiv*' l? jjy j\ luajorit-y ana pM-ct Hen, U; l>e,. ta-The Itock the western division-are They claim to have infjwrnftti**' 11 l ^' at P J - u:l> ; classes.of employes will-join theiti.- An e,f- fort'is being iiiailo to \\Ubdyuw from tin- Rock Island"' road the l'"> miU-s rjf l-"'^* 11 Taciflc road t.^xd. in i-ntvrini; lk-nvt:f. 'J bo subjoined tc!i.^rain frum 1'n- f V.-c-iirve • l I <l ^ili't't'l- committu<- wa^s icn-ivi-'i i>y ii.w v>. -u, A- <•• ficials iu this- wt-y.\',-t''''!-'y i11 "- ; '' I ." : ':-- : . "SwHchmen .My tlu-y ^iil ^Msk'.- V <<<]> 1> twenty-four h<> iuCbUa^o, Kaj^.'is l '••'• iK^iv.*'!' "'^1 (jni.'ili;!. ;'.!i ( l ;.'! icr'AsTn; i; ui :mrn:K • vrru-.-vtrVrtK i_.'--'.-?-T -^Xf • FAL'T - l"^.. fc -. .> .• i \'i r 'A; : 'i-: * >*i 'i 'H'I-.-I.« ••') MA- j DVVt'K'i \ : NN-F'-"'. ' i: Vt-i! ' (llotes 9,nd Mittens •'••'• \\"o varry ft Rno stock'of v Stapfe & Fancy Groceries . II : ghost Pr'.co Paid for Prodlico-va C, X principal cities Opera Houes VV.H.ROWLAND, Manager buvsdaiyy Pec. 15 ,,i>-',> S«»»ou—The . Oldest—The I',. It— Sli6 »I«'lchlei>» , .,. t . grand musts '• ».f su.u-1. ; '--', are U" v -~ conference \vitii ii.-nij>i-y. 1 ';: ; rlo^a^ 1 ' 1 ^ few hours. (. ''-'^ i i • • MINSTRELS Th if-il-. JUin-U« J wiHi li''i;^!'l- , CllV, Ui-r. JV-'i':.' "• |- ] -'-' ] '' \ change tu brf n<4ed iu I'M' !'.•• '^ l.-i-'U-.i <••'." _ erators'&trik'.- in \1^- \^i>-'.'-t "' IIHUWI^ City. .Sufar ;is CMU be 1. ..un-J nor.n t>f Sic inen wlioji-rt ili.'ir k^ 'I 1 !-iirsdio- MA* returned tij- work, and it i--* '- '.iiimi-d- weru, by Glhief Tekjjraplier Jtnki.iv t Uit i-igl-ttvn recruits joluc'liHa.ranks uf. tii.f strikvrs HI liansas City ye*lVivU; y, ''i'he odiciuU of u»e ig them ft"i' r :iU,-.iJ,pV nt;verthtk-_.a it is ft f/KS* r aat tiie.yjiril.ii n'f ' St. Joseph, '.i oji blocked ;;5^..A.- i. and tuixuiuBt of tlieiii all. i'at- ubyiln' duo of every city. .Entire .1 •; i ut, e : CJIJT. t(i\-iU hiifprisea wvil be found i:,..-. !.iuir-t \vuiulorluluud Art'iBtic E'nropeau ui l.ntit* \vhuvtiallei-geiliW vvgild. 31:?.;,:';.:;,;;^:';:-- ..VAJiHUBSOW MeBOMLD ,_\Vt!h-; their bcUutiful silver tn pie bars. « oiilj: ^tti/ftnoa who.cau turn, W.. •••• i^^i ! l-iiili^ '.','*• it'll county to ..-^ <tt seven,,TOtes A! TT K \ It became known after the canvass b»d been completed that the Democrats, had su- Otired^! majority of one in the legislature. Yesterday's fight was begun by the ltc-pul> llcans to knolls out that majority aud-spave ^^0,^ co;::.-.^:' <.*A uiiv.i <,n the Hoclj, the way for the return of a Kt-publu-au MJI^ .|irg juud i^ycui'. u j.u^ei^-r and a 'freight athr. A writ of ipaudamus was issued m • , - ^.•.J'lJ,^,... 'ir lirt : ( ,u arid 'froy, to move. Yi-ry £<w. ._,-,,..... Yi-.stynl.iy, ."-And X 1 ----,' .sly^b-and •iliud lim,'. • . Caused by in«-«'U»j'«-t.»»l OiHfriitoi's^ .-. Cri v; I.'. • 2-....-<-Yvsierd!»y n b43 ifUt? Vf fvj *•"*• w***- »-- — -.-., » r i • • ator A writ of ipaudamus was issued m the case by C3hief Justice Blake last week du/ing the co'u*t's vacation. train at a poin? Kan. Report i» th«t the -wrutk w >tU'iicy of n "cval-i. dperulo.r at the point vuiniuuM^pn n«.s» •=•••- M - ^•-••—^^ 1 f- - UO siBgle justice of the supreme court had the right to issue a writ of tuamiayjus, but • thai it must be issued by the court during ii*^ ...-•"•-I..M i,...,.,c. 'r>»,»-f.niMirifnit7ir>Ti , .,; lU j al . S] butitb n sued by the court auring ru«»«' » ' T i- • icri.,^ one a-ad terms; -The;constitution | wiiHis,^^Ma«, .* i^i^uwiyr.-. ^t-^ft S^ the power 'to^district .tbatilvt^'w -J.v v^'- « , under advise- judKea The case was Ihent, ' iliss EUa Knowies, tli'e^ brilliant "female lawyer, was oue.o^ the attorneys lor . .sot-acr3RuU8.frdnj.1iari.fp __••• " "" " ' .... -i, Q^E LUNG, ,._ _ ;KG, 3$e6srs.-M«5lv|Ue. and N«o- ? who am the. .-most sufprjainll an4. in America. __.-_.5 tft' Brand; ' Mew ftnd-Oriffi-nal Speeta,Uie.s» m "On &?i Stpt Paraie. v ;»*. HUii W 'oeutsv Reserved '--""" 1 ^ pis ....S..,4..,...W« P W . . Ss"^ <k»isu WBST. .9» , C. B hi. Lli.^-r Lw, of Chicago, \%J't*« KTirci«f-rtii-trwAtoent of •- iti'^jJwii*" .":;V/. Cxircs &»e^ •pxiee, 5<i€«sts,; . ftoiaj Tbfc etoue is the lai^alitf., beiug to vterc it' esoiteyseut eattols

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