The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 2, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1959
Page 1
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«i Tide Schedule Th cloudy tcdj gday with widejj- • BP Man Hurt ' In Accident At Anglefon ,! \ . Angleton about 3'36 Dm, Tuesday. at to , Anfi eton u "<*"' ambulance and was lat?, to John Se % Galveston, ' '*'" Patrolm,,, J. D ' \f* W -• >» v»uiiriv \vrtt out ••' 'I'-H following the acrldnnt and details were riot available. • -i wa . Police r ot, t, moderate to occasional- '-«h «outh»rly triad*, »£fr ne thunderphoweri. Low fe£ »'Sht 7S, high Thw<!.y ,»». ' , **»L&&» '!.(&,*' i•* <?, r .^afo. "-'. ,-wtl V »«, »M ^/^•y^ .£# SrffciWfiS.,' ;4\^. '\.V- -v'. &x On? suto ported by Clute O C. J/Fwvm- mn-nlnR. If occurred'af Main and 'target! about 4'4i nm Tuesday. About S15 damsep was dona to each car. h» said. Involved ITiu a . mo Mf "'C" r v rtlvpn bv Meioa Ann Hull, C1uti> Braroris Wai Fn " and t, Incidents, „ wom- man ~p r <> «rrn-««i . V?,' ;| ^fi School Facility Use Charge Pends ' te' ol . facillties7 Or ^"Id thly i have to pay at all? y ; .Brazosport school trustees ' fe ht "^ had «"« answer .Tuesday night when they re- I wewed a proposed new policy J kvi* Procedures and rates for ore .. aKPn the total cost to the school district would be In for aU use Dr. Nicholson remarked that W i£it ' s worth all of »**! , morning. A fish* In' the 600 Block of West First Street was -Investigated at t Tis-sday but no charges Freeport * T - P°lc* a* 8:48 pjn. Tuts- E that Ml« Sugfe , u e tln(|fted tha t her husband had nhot her sister: in Refugio. • Miss Weathorlv wa . :At 2:15 a.m. Wednesday a car was Mb T«eh»rs of ih. „.„ coiambla-BtaiflrU c™ <M , .. Freeport Minus Several Strays Frc.por] is mlnui . zium- tor of stray dogs, cits, and on. skunk. • Fr.«port Poundmaittr D. J. Houston i.[p'fktd up around I'.l dog* during. lh« month of Autruil, h» said. H. ycksdJiio. "*••<•»£ 1» cad • »*mai» jr. wno spok. f teacher* w.nt lo m<llc * Sup, - ,.. C . ih. d«r h • e *efen those Who would use the building f h "l, oth ? r facilities free, and Ojose who;wouW pay to use 1 election SAYS HE Wfltf AS CANDIDATE * the Council — ... «. . ^.u,. vvuaunect Der sons have until 5 pm. WednS to ' ,u' « dates at the city hall. ; The same hours .and condi Uons as those of the April gen "us for such an amount I .< same hours .and condi think it might be worth that T as those ° f fhe April gen am ° u(nt a» a public service and. f h ? Clty felons will apply to amau «of good relations with special election, with the the public." f T n rece 'vlng the most vote! iim Qh • Gray agreed with I!! ,^i a P poin l ed by the council um. bhe pointed out thntnt,J to "U the unexolred tprm a o for use of the F?eeD O rt Junior High Auditorium VT. T "" ' T-» «»*i.n me receiving the most votes """•'-'"' ' - the council —*-—-J term, ..ii'~u"-V"" dis( )"alified himself about a year ago for the council position when he sold - ^^^n't I were to Pointed out for ""o* "ho "w the facilities - f" a . cost b «S ,. would meet the cost the school dictriet for the ' Angleton C of C Officials Named J - C. Brocsman ftas ., - -™.^, t *wtutici ior tnc I/•**•»* I fti • ou s6C3i«a me co oaTwSn^'wsu 6 ^ gbts>and '*'"^iais Named wohether ward w 0*3* l^"^ S behind (his/n^J-, 8 ^™ 30 "as b e e n! was present aMh, Met uSJ ^.^ 5ch001 ^1 tor? rf tt A b , 0ard ot direc - Councilman M. for ^ should not be used '? r ? the ^gleton Chamber *»& he had talked lor any purpose nOi»r « w „ "i OI Commerce. Brnolrm,„ „„•?, r,t= '^,i.~ »i._.._;:r^ f^^ii.""""••""" «"a Manei to a rrseonrt man. The J'ree' r *2 d t nl ""W'not be' r,^. and,the car WM impound- .^SSSassg^^-.--, 'ingnine 'ffw .u * l " ua " e ala not the people would allow ) be Impeached When asked tqr comment on ' .oration Changes Suggested port's Board of Eauall- mane *« .«.^j .1.- "j... ' • ' work with »„„ sweeping changes ration year. in methods --••-.» **vm the u ,-,;' < S Jd he hoped the •;.-<•- w«tt do us the courtesy of malting an officia 1 - • the Board's request' If W does so, Mayor nua e •jthe reply would be re-"-.-*,to the Board for con sideralion. He pointed out -tha this Ulac nnf . JI_— -t -r . * Chief between again for any purpose" ^rthTni 0 ' C ?"»»«^"TtaSiw^S school functions, oracUviti* of HSft '* e " n ^** ™rm $ otte schools. iLf^Ji 1 !^.^ who rS to he „ later. Ward'^ualTfied ^imse'lf for he position at the recent regular council meeting by presenting his deed for propertv in the city limits. , pro P el y When Mayor L. V. Conover suggested the council act on whether Ward was to be ap- ,ioinled by the council, Ward been, was Present at the meeting rfi,™ I Pnnnpilm^ » g Johnson to some peo- now, Jienyon said. taxed People should city could not erven Mayor. Conover said the oca Pie had understood theyWotid lHir=V» u :~vu», ur acuvities d 'i^^!. ttou ««hools. I tr"j "• "* ""* schools 1^ Ti— ""»uuux jr^ who reA A'A.& *,*• ^ £^^^«& i 5^^'a^« ace.last Wednesdav hof«,».^ who would »<» iu.. ^_.", «e presidency of[a bank B enpS kman ^^.". ; P r «Uent and ns3KTs°&s who 'would ,Ke the JacihtiS i X^^^^ the^S o some peo- ole who thought it was a good Idea to fill it by election. Councilman J. C. Brown said election sounded all right to him Councilman Omer Fletcher was out of town on bn-Wss so did. not attend the meeting. Attorney Tom Kenyon 11 „* ons, and the judge swung on the mayor and a commissioner who tried to restrain him.' Monday «gb> the Board of -ommissloners' was handed ,. saJd harassment ;of bis due inequalities. ™.?"j'j " lc " loa5 The second suggestion was Yh. t ^ '°n Prepa- th8t the city should wangrfOT the tax rolls next appraisals of most ofthfreal property l n town, "for the pur- """ of establishing realistic values.' Their final report was presented, by 2ity Secretary Bill Pennington this week to the Board of Commissioners, who wouia D took no action on the recom-lyear, as a staff nroiMt'Vhr a*ar«£.*TS4ssy«S5 u,« said t 1131 the map would be prepared during the year, an = ,i~n , _. * :" c .. I-We f^fthat this should • JJ?!£ *L1 •?« ^ is .'" CUt fl e feel that this should be tne starting point ol an appraisal program." • -——.......„...» uuir afiiCCU IO them attention next year. There were two major cliang IS rw»nmm anrlr-il U.. *U A T^ - with ~ eod .values cus- ... *>vo.ucuui follow an old e custom of square foot valuations which are somewhat out of date. We feel that this phase of. valuation. should be investigated and a hew basis estab- —• i» a grave crisis foi enforcement in Freepbrt,' the mayor said. v * j--™.™ uu , mreg problems •howing up In this year's work: 1. Commercial property val -—,....«;u,, K5 to demand that the city discipline or fire Chief of Police Barney Priest. At one meeUn& he had threatened to Shont"tHn nh{«« w uc oasis with the intent o equalizing the values of this in vestment property with th property in active use; The Board of' Equalization noted that the Brazoipor .HfCHARD W. BURR and ALAN B. MacDONALO of FP, both on the list of distinguished students for the spring semester at Texas A&M .College. They were registered for IS ori more hours and established a' grade point ratio of 3,25 or : belter and had no grade be low that of "C" . "-. CHARLES-A. PIGGS and w«e, GEANA, and son, CHUCKIE, visiting with jheir parents, W. M. PERRY and MR. (cSiRf?5i Aa? ? i y R BIGQS ' <-HARLEb is a student at Midwestern University at Wichita Falls end GEANA Is working UVO4U yj, f\t*flH\{] BILSTON, England (UPfl lh eir services ii ~Th. ItMtn Lidi.f tourino! ap P rais als. Also, , •occ.r l«»m. B.n.iica, iost, 10 " ered ia aid'in the -—.. ... m , a.n.tica* lost , clcu vu lua '" tne program Jr.; ™? u »«* | on during . t h • I ? fter their dismissal, by provid. h«« of a gim. h.r.. UtiUn!" 1 * ' nfo «n«lion or in any other l««ch»r A. W. Norgijlo toi,d way ' • •to. strike "up a conv.rsation ._ At the Board pf Commission. ,.u "n»«"«ton with .om. of th. lastl.. ,nd dl.cov.r»d noi on. of Ih.m At the Board pf Commissioners meeting jaondsy, membm agreed the , memm agreed they would wait until ' — - —"oi KG tiau shoot'the chief. his n, proposed that the BoaW the coastal he was .-- -rr- 30 Austin. after the Board 'signation. jt was ih« DM«_J , i °° «w date. Board members agreed that Priest's l$^™ «•«• had received th?^, iieatment from the court, »nd Wat the situation would liki-lv contmue. They voted unani:. mously to ask the judge tole- As to what would be done if wth with the request, or to reply the letter asking him to do so, Mayor RusseU bad no comment. He said the Board would " — > "• *»svmc U1B( when they came to it situat FP Charter Commission Planning Special Session • The Freeoort rh»>-it. P /-— . The, Freeport Chai-ter Commission has scheduled a spec! session next week to hear sug [estions and answer questions fronj the audience. It \vpt be hela m the counci chamber- at the city hall, be ween, the hours of 7 p.m. an • -II-f t .T — .--•-»».» w* I ^.1(1, fjl] ?™-» on Thursday, Sept. 10 AU meettogs of the Charte Commission arp nnen t n 4U .. MR. ard MRS. O. W, KIEKE, on today's anniversary list ARD * n Salesmen next year,',at the time~fw preparation of the tax roUs sSrSSs =Wis « . «"*yy m ^tings devot^ ~ T^ ^ v.*iat ic Commission are open to th public, aays Dwight Wetherell Commission chairman. But in : tprSTi«r«Jfc»f nrttU *!._ i_ Fiesta Tickets Go On Sale 'Sftles of HA E^scuelila I^Acfn <j ; ; '•' •' • > •' ^^» ™ * ^^^»w •^gh todsy ' . * w in ^ | ^ reeport first N^Monfti Bank. **J * School 'District «i^h*°Jl?j/.* ;lle Brazosport Savings' and °* **.4est programs yet ofl .' f ing for top sales position^ °* *" " M ""°'~ .., trying hard to get some growth on that upper School trustees,"noting a visit by LOUISE McMULLEN," that and . ^E. and C. A. CHRISTIAN —wer . . . the largest .audience to •how up at a meeting this «um- s posons. Brazosport is divided falo four areas for contest purposes - ~ Lake , _, "~~> v A, Fleming, Velasco Elementwy, and gt, Mary>« as one area; and West Freeport Rlf»mMnt»»w r *-j P.^L. . v *~** silver —*«~ a"™ 1 "*^* uuut£icu of the area theatre The sixth grade students wjU i comnellni. <«. «^i ii.~ '. managers. be compIUnS te S^Z^S ourtoprizelneacToftaefolS an est Frw Elementary- and Stenh« Austin Elemsatary. Prize, will *< areas. 'Dr. Kenneth. 0/ mittee for this year'« Fiesta rwosporters h.lp .graders work " •*» sixth UckcU i state that one Jiest programs yet off. er * d - i .|ff be ' n * Prepared. Only t is needed for admis- „ r ie Saturday afternoon sports, stow at 2:30 at Hopps* field;'the 8 p.m. variety show at Hopper Field; and the street dance to be held in the high ^^ar^gjot immediately to discussions w it the audience -This i, the firs ° these meetings Weatherell said he hopes th meeting will oe attended b He estimated that at tUrt third - •—«» « uuru oi ule- W£ through its work of drafting new city charter. The cSSs n is working on all phases a «'We group, rather than wP a ™I? comm itte«i. . When the group -wa« firs formed after the election^ ".^ April 1. it was that the work could, be within a rear. This %Suld Uow the chat(er to b. voted pon at the election en. pext The Commission b not go to try to aim at a dea,dline . after tta show, sow, AduH admission to all threa X and student *' 50 is: nM, e * ^ts, including gradt* ona tbjtou»b le work. It tberately, taking i is needed. Police Report .A woman u > had been d«ni. ed a permit to tie her livestock in city property m North Freeport c»Ued police « 10;S8 aan. Tuesday to protest about a horse grazing there. The pound- master w|» . - sion of £? VlCe »»*«««. " fill Mad-' * The charter calls for an elect — - jr * M¥»iii« me tnaner ne made the motion, spcnnded bv ' Wednesday .morn- would file as cand- ,iatissippi-Uoyd entry In Mystery Man Contest |f the annexation ordin- '*•**« while he was prist will b, Th. uuni •Hi X* Escu.liia i» ' Voted for » "> « a * ease, The courts would say the mo- ions would have carried any OifS COJVC? was a t.nior in Senior Wsh Schqpl Mr,. ' itH *? bou areatobTd* bOU * e **' !• n " ™ te - «•» , ROMANTIC! 22?B!fe c £ ^ d.l.rmn««J •dv wUMd j,, , P«P»r th.t !„ weal »••!« widow Sffi

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