The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 10, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1892
Page 1
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VOL XIV-NO100 MARSHALL, MICH., SATURDAY DECEMBER 10,1892. PRICE TWO GENTS POWDER Absolutely Pure. ,.:'-'• '. -' .-• * . " v A c?eam-of tartar baking pow<J.ei Highestof all in leavening strehetf Latest.!/. S\Govtirhmeni' Food Ro- '' . RAKING POWDER CO 10G Wall Street, ttv'Yv ' CQKEEB-IN SECRET. Chiefs of'the Telegraphists and the Trainmen. HELP WASTED FOE THE'STBIKEBS, a& grand master of the switchmen 1 , holds no such ppsition and thai therefore the telegram is erroneous. He cannot account for r lts implication, atid cannoj^imagitie Its origin^' It is curious nevertheless* that the tetegratn. contains certairi information whien subsequently proved to be correct, as for example the meeting between Wil- kin_s.on .and.tyamsey. . . ... • . . Negotiations the Object of. Which Is to Make t1>e Trouble on^ thfe^ tiock Isliand .General If St. Jtohn Continue* Obdurate ^Cold Wator T?iwown orf tlie Scheme by an Official, pf the SwHcliincn^Botli Parties Continue to Claim the Advantage so Far-t-Tho gjtrlke Notes. -• . CHICAGO,- Deo. 10.—In connection with, the Rpck Island strike the niost imp&rtant development Of yesterday was the conference held at the Sherman .houseljetween Chief Ramsey, of the Order of Telegraphers; Chief Wilkinson, of the Trainmen, and 'jCliief eiafkrof-the- Order-of- Railway Con-, ?duotoi4(. The conference \yas. secret, and that some serious .step was. consulerea is evidenced l>y th,e.- r persl8tent r.ef tlsriJ- of .the gentlemen who were preserit;.to reveaVany.* thihg'as;-'-to-'its nature or conclusion,; '..Chief Ramsejrleft the palmer House at 8"o'clock .*V_ : ' 'i* V. . t'j '_"_!'_ ^.i' — ^'.Vi.^ i-~ Ol*n«_ $500 ... will pay lua Llvo'r Complaint, Dyspepsia, digeition, Constipation or C —not cure with wesi'» Ve« SWITCHMEN WILL NQt HELP. An Qmccr of the Union Compliment* St. John—Conflicting Claims. ••-.A prominent officer Of the Switchmen'^s In- % dustrial Aid association said yesterday: "There is no chance of our men on the Hock •Island going ont'to help the telegraphers. The officials t of the Rock Jsland have always treated us well, and General Manager St. John is one of the best und easiest railroad officials toapproach .Jin. the .iOuntry.. He will always listen to & grievance,, and if possible set Jtaright." * _,, Uulletlnn of the Strikers. ,' Two bulletins were issued by .the-strikers lost i»ighk The first was as. follows, and was addressed "To' all- dispatchers and operators?" "Bo not' be discouraged If the crtrnpanyamis 0 wires out of your ''otBfati-or- $uta''&s'^ty-totr-j0ur;$\&^/T_^.fa.Qnlj^ tempOj-ary. VStand'firm: J and we' •yyrill win All- reports received are most' favor Happy and content is a home with " The Rochester; a larnp ^i%U>l i'ght W the Corning. Catalog*ues,write RochesteVl-arnp Co,, New York, r»y Your 'taien 1 tfill be at the store of E. E, Sina-, niotts on Monday, Friday and Saturday of each week during December for "the purpose ef receiving state; county and school taxes, :" . E. 8. LEWIS, CHy Treasurer. We carry a. full line of Pinaree & Smith's, A. C..McGraw & Co.'s and Kennard & Son's tine (TBACE BROS We will pay IUa above reward for any ease o • ' ~ • • ~ 'a. Sink Headache, I n Costlwnesg we can 'egetable Liver Pills when tho directions are strictly cfirapllcrl with. Thty are purely Vegetable and uover fatl-to give aatufaotlon. 'SaRiit coated, Large boxes containing 30 pills,. 25 cents'. Beware 6) counterfeits and Imitations. The grnuine manufactured by THB JOHN C. WEST COMPANY, Cuicago, •III. For sale by A. O. Hyde, Marshall, Mich. A Guaranteed Oure for Piles of what kind or degree—External, Internal, blind or Bleeding, Itchiqg, Chronic. Recent or U»redit>ary. This remedy ha» post lively never been known to fall. a 1.00 » box, 6 boxes (or 85.00; qaut by mail pro- don receipt of price. A written Guurautou poaitlreiy given fco each purchaser of 6 boxen, when purchased at one time, to reload the $3.00 paid if not eured. Uuarumea iBitued \>y h 'A. Q. Ayde, M8.Mh»U,lUlch. Cull tor eample. "Health is Wealth. Di. E, C. ' AND BRAIN TKKAT- . aguaranteed speeiilo tor Hysteria, Dizziness, Convulsions, Pita, Nervous Neuralgia, Headche.'Nervoua Prostration caused by the uuu alcohol $r tobaoco, WaJrefulnees, Mental Depression, Softening of the. Brata resulting in ( in- i«aity and leading to Mijjeryi decay, and death, PrematureOld Age, BarxaneaB, Loss of power ia either sex, Involuntary Losses- and Spermator- rhoea canard by over-exertion of the brain, Belt abuso over indulgence. Bach box contains one month's treatment: - 81.00 a box. or Biz boxes tot $5-00, seat by mall prepaid on receipt of price WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES TTpcura any bag*. Wlth-'eacn order uec^i^edHtjr n§ for iRix bjOXBBj aocounttjd with. $5.00, we wil aitecf Uyde w-ent immediately to thoSher: man House, where he was «iet by Wilkinson pud Clark and a representative of the Brotherhood of pocomotivo Engineers. The consultation,-which took place in the club roomi, lasted till close upon 5 f o'clock.'* _ Considered a General Strike. At its conclusion Ramsey, when questioned as to its object and possible' results, absolutely declined to discuss the subject. One of the officials, however, acknowledged that it was called together for the purpose of considering whether,••-.or not a strike of die switchmen* flremen, engineers and con- ductcfs wjis advisable. "You may §tate," •he said, "that while we have - not reached any decision to go into effect at once, the representatives of the ord«,rs mentioned were favorably inclined to the idea, ai^d that if the Rock Island company should succeed in replacing our men by n6u-uuion hands to any large extent a strike among the members of the various railroad o*r- ganiztitioas on the line is inevitable.". . - How Jt JUay He UrtiiiB'*' About. Additional importance is given to the conlpronc-e referred to by the fact that tly.- committee received a telegram from \Vif!-- ita, Kan., stating that seven i-ondiuToi-.s had been-unisorenionioiiisjy dismissed from tha.service. ' The.Slippatck did not stato the details as to the cause of the' dismissal, but, the committee presumes that the action of the^compauy was due to tl^e refusal on the port of, the .conductors to take orders from the ne'Whauda employed: \Those in the be&t position to judge of affairs declare that if the strike of th^ u'legraphers continues it will be but a 'question of time fill a strike among the other j-utlroad men follows. The eugiiicevh, conductors, nreimeu, etc.,' find ample reason foi" a stfi^s in the decliirratiou that it will not be safe to run their' trains ou '-dispatches received f^am thp "irfconipeteut" operatort, whom they allege the company bos engaged. Fuels Still nt JLoiigurJivuLl.'i. The pos&16iHtj' of the other railroad em- ployes yvalking out is.practically the oply change in the condition of affairs .so far. While the company btntes emphatically that .bvii fw-of th^jr men ha'v$^juit their able.", The second was /issued Cat ' a late , and it is asltollOws: "We are; in better Bhape tonight than at any tlme>since strike began. Freight traffic demoralized. Men in train service will; refuse to work with. se.abs if majority of you remain loyal." ' X.ate> Statement from St. John. General Manager .St^ohn vvo-s not in the- least Worried over the state of affairs last night. He said: "The trouble is as good as •over, jnnd it really was liot worth bothering • about. The only strike seems to bs over at the 1'almer House. 1 flui ''afraid some Of the dispatches given out to the papers were mamifattured there. I • have received A dispatch from Assistant General Manager Allen that the men on the Iowa division west of Brooklyn quit work at 8:30 yester- • Bravely Done by a Girl. TACOM.t, Wash., Dec. 10.— Near Q rant's I'&ss, t^r., Wednesday a gfrl jn company with another girl and an p escort discovered that wrecker* had removed the outside of the Southern Pacific railway line at that point, the place being on a- curve and over .a high trestle. She procured a lantern and swung it vigorously across the track, stopping the passenger train "from terrible -uid total destruction. Probably the lift| j» r-very passenger on the train was saved, lumbering, men, women and children, 25Q. For Sale. ' A two burner JJuoglwr gasoline stove . but little used, will be sold lit a bargain. ; '"* ' H» M. MEKRILL... Wo, the undcraigucui, do 'agree to .close our mdi'kets JSundaya from Dec, 1st,' 18flia'4o'May: 1st, 1^5)3. ; Also t;10s« at eight o'clock; during -'the wcbfc; -ejccept. Saturday's. • ••••'" ..... ' ''' ' ij. Cbx^Jii, •• HfcUTKORI*. v GEO. COLONS, JR. MarshaU, Novl 30th.. 1802.' .. KIRK'S Will Insist on "United Dec. JO/—The Democrats •find the purchaser qor written jjuarantae 'lo£d the menej;,ijt the tr^atm'ent does not acure. Quarftnteea issued only by A. " keys, Ciuef Ramsey and his coUeagues assert with equal^cOflfldeucu that practically eyeiy man has^gpjie out, and thejse st^te- ments feeem to be supported by the telegrams they" are receTowgHfi'om. are inclined, it is now said, to let the'ques- tion of the admission of New Me$co and Arizona go ever to the next conRress, not making any fight to pass the bills for their adpussion by the senate this winter. ' Ttye- senate bilji requires the English language to be taught in the public schools, and Joseph, the delegate, says the people would refuse statehood on that condition. Tht senate will undoubtedly insist thereon thYsa,uie. - ' 'I'be Liar Is Loose In Sllsslfibtupl. 'XJjss., Dec, 10.—There is foundation for the report qf ajp»ob going to Woodstock after Geore Mdney, The county is perfectly quiet-and there ia np disposition,oa the part of any one to <5(o him harm. The killing is generally tegarded as jus^flable homicide- and flams' friends show no disposition to «ven " " Money. Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, . ' Cures '"'*'. • • '\i Chapped Hands, Wounds* Buzne, Etp. Removes and Prevents AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use. •&___'' - '_ •|7U>K SALE—A safe, good a»new, by^ points on, .the com pauy J s roiuL If the telegrams «a» be relied o» the Koek 1 Island is Buffleriiigwut-li- moire incouvenitene'e than Generai. Manager S(j. .John i%, incibied to. ' < admit?.- '£^or fciaipuJe, a. telegram w^s ieived frorD^Q'r,py,'y.Kan , 'yesterday of having evidtJJfit&lifien sent by one of.., ' ''' 1 Will Gg to tbe Supreme Court. TQPEKA, Kan., Pec,' 10.-TJnite4 States D^triet Vtioniej ' Afly rfeceive^ yesterda'y , an order from Attorney General, J&tiller into take an appeal rat once to the United States supreme court in *he TrahVMiijbOuri asaociaUoB case. The appeal /is to be takeji jon the ground that ' fl mm ITTIE IYER PILLS. _ Drowslnflas. Diatres* aTter While tnairmort wbjsn ie 4 tW Tte^fpwli J Hw to prevent ponibiiuations t ai4 apt apply to jjBlroads. , ' 4ndge Bluer , eeijd tbem loili tp_'«ihpqspthe A. few operators may; left their, don't' I«el t^ejr ime;- except wayt, a.uthowzs54 no man ur It is<sall6d the Fy^wwid ajad ob qperatore or jgeney to engage o -•' disease so •ftujo a »ae«»agt> vyas CSiicaga committee gwitcamen. would strike within hours in ChJiciigo, ' Kansas City, St. Omaha aud all the prlucJpal cltaea cuniesa tUe di®euJty waf settled, Cfaief Ramsey denies th*t anyjiu,ca gram was sent to ,any official atiPehver. - 8uff«re):8'fionj File* ahoijld jw<>5? tH%t the Pyramid Pile, €u»e .wll promptly °,and effectually remove ^cerV trace of them. Any mutton. ~'z t'.

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