The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 27, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1897
Page 1
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r> \; ^M^M^tf «^tt •WMM^, ^k ^| ' j^^ti^ ^§ Jfc 4ri The .-Dajly Chronicle, JlABSBlLt, MICHIGAN, f&IMY, */,- > ib A __ tt U M> for the Coming YjMJifcJrYitt Bir 4, f. S, Obbft, tt& Chdtc^cfZj 7 ~ the Keystone State. » ; J- .'*'•''" » "' • •etntttmttsnttti': POWDER Absolutely Pure. Celobri\fe<d—fw its great leavonlng strength nftd healthJulnese, Assures th&food against q.lura mid nit : ferrms^of eotnmoiv 'to iho. cheap ' . . BAKTNR PowhRR Go.,'New/York. tihir : ifa, Are fWlfmst- .the iKlridlan tedlvld- kvM a£ art ferftpr.the stream is unnlng rflJtf-W <lmv« th<? ftfll, ARC* aftd joverty Arc mahirtfr ftreot frfroads fee,-iWiks, SUSjwrtBSfttfs are ihfttter* arfe belftg flWrrettileTed, Th* ate 1» ft»e tffgbt tutftse! but the «t*. What do? . Stand* pbotilder^b? shoulder the Ia&t r .flte !»' qto&a, KeeruU the tltttfl 'cvtsffr ^ honorable dls*- Js recorded In the., «' bwit, am* fetfery siisfpejidfeij ft agWn tattff&rj-s etbow jtfJt&i, .picket flosi . _ •, oh'ofcr up tbfe weaRettSniiCtsfW tfre trieiughtl*?'» i L Si and , by ChK^ttrarld afc* ' fife SJuwshiiM' Stale* Ift thfe ti«to of ri generously. lU phlet of (MXttSon pn^rs in reference to South" Daknta, tho Hutdwg matter m which win ' .written" by au Vnibus>5a*ti<» South Drtlnita biuj—Mrs, Stella Hosraft Arnold—who has been lureaidcut of tho Sunrthtrto State for over 10 years. * copy «Hl be mm led to "S,hettddre*9of wjy iHtwMof- farim>r'« wife, if sent M otK-o to Uart-j Mfrecr, Mtehignn Facaetiger Agetti rfuentf". Milwaukee *' St. l»fl«l railwuyr"-Fott street, VV M Datroit, ' Mich. JH, A. Snydor has rait, in d One lot of fruit or all kirufa and started a wagon which will make trips over tht> city daily. Asbt- Avill wot be nblo toj?o over eV*ory «troct daily, ho will go oust and west one-tluy and north and douth the h«xt." Notliinfj hut iho hpsl tb« markeS affords will he handled and pHoi'B witl be in ket»iiijiM; »itti lht> times. You ran hftvu hi»n call rej?ujlarl) by lea\ ing or<lcre at 'the etore. fo, 'Aug. In setuHttg the fiatlon«l cnfcarnptiient for JS98 dr.* l^fibsylvattfya vki^tfty la winning- 'tlte coirtfhpwTei'-iii'frfriP* wf the Urftnd At thy wart*, tb^- / fp»rtui v es i>iL tb* $-, A. II. encamprftpiu ye&lordny. Both battles tvWp hard/'fouirrjt. T ' le waft Jirwi^ltatk-a irftmodtetejy rtfiot executive'stolon xvas ealiwl to The aeftction «t the next jtlnre o? ftigr was -first taken up, and the cities were gfvon a hearing. On th^ first ballot Cincinnati revived 026 vi»ttn, ana San Francisco 2H. , The vote had net .been atm>unc;ed_}¥ben ^Woodruff AVUh- drew Sail frapcsl^cw and asked that the sejpcttyn nf Cincinnati Iw- made unanimous. This was aarreinl tobyati-l v amatUui, Following I rife su'lt ctifen of Cincinnati Archlikhoii It eland was called t<} the Ktafje and. tnarfe a J-atvlotic 1 speech. He was followed by aerwral Lew Wallace, who maclfr a short address. Vacation Onys. • In the lak« rpjiiou 4 * of Wisconsin, North-. ern Michigan, MiiinenAtn, Iowa anil South Dakota, Along the hue«o( the Ctm'rtff<», Milwaukee & St. P.»ul Railway.-are hundred?, ofcharuiiue localities preeminently lilted for miuimor home?, iionri> all of which ate located ou or near Itikcn which hiivo not Inn* lislieduut. Thv»e resort* rangu in v«* rlety from the "full drcito for dinner'* to th* llanuel shirt conturae tt»r every Among the list/ are nmum lauiibar to o( our reader* «» the iK.-rfcotiou <xf northern sumer r^swtfl, Nearly all of the VViacourfin v j>oHitM of iin'oresf, are within a' Hhort dia- tftnca'frqat Chicago or Milwaukuei aniluoue <if them are n« far i^way (rum tho "busy marts of eivisitation 1 " trmt- they cannot be reached MI a fv« hours of frcquen); traiHs^ver the finent rcjadiathenorthwest— the Chicago, Mtlw'aukce A Sc.l»nul itailway. Bood a two cent »tnntp for a copy of "Vacation Dhys' 1 3Hinj{ u description of the prifloipat rortortn, a'nd u h«t of summer hotels ami boarding hounw, ivnii rate>* for. buardi to <3eo. H. H«(ilfor<I, Oetu'ral Agent. Chicago, III. • Attcn,Uitri. Jojjn Cuxzins bus received through H,. L. Day <t Hou a ear <if the "HoniiJes" brand of Gertuatt Furtlntid t'etucnt, and is propartHl to iiut di >wii the beHt walks .and yuara«tws >l tt> attunl with any otber uetuent i»» the qttirkel, '^ Fro«p«'rit y in 1'ro^ilsed, But if yo<» «MW»t tHi- h l BBti*e wtutat Ao'«r, (r owrn meal a «j^fiaJt>. ur mill f«ed ^o to C. A, qheaher'p tftfU. 1 J'lMr Sale tUwap t . J The H«rr>don hotel, two stores, ihaase toil tot with. Mtnu. a<r<l orehard. ^rtae ,Tbc report <if, the rommlttec on instruction followed thiss adtlross. Jt tiritl- <"lsed tlu- Itutiks dfl history read in -tho m'hnols in Glie pouth n^ inafeurute, and aujrSestpd, some tbanji^s. Noihinatlfins foj connnander-ln-cblef wor<> ihfji d dared in oidtr-ajid-Isaac 1 F- Mftek, 61 Sandusky, O., was nomlnattd. b> Delegate Brown, of Ohio. J. P, 15. (ToNn, Of Lebanon, was nominated ^J-' Deli-iya' Stswart. of ePnntylvanla; Georgt- Ii, Innia, of Boston, by PHoRate AVeth*»rl;i>e, of Mn < «3ar'hu''(- i tis, and John O. I-in^hap, of New Hampshire, l>y Pelegirte CORS- woll, of New>«hlrt«. Wt-therbee •later withdrew the name uf Inni* , The tlrst ballot rwuiud; M«.ok, 253; Lfneht 181; OtiMn, ?UC—no ohciii'. The y< if or th'o R'oond baHot wa« nPv-cr announced but a? ca."t it stood, flobln. 368; KtrrytNiily sllili'« f< ')j the re'fnjlt could be /innounce< by the ifllerpthe ten Mlp>ciurl \ot(« thn: had t>t?>n-cast fo»r %lat:k «;t'.re witbdmwi nnd ordertd <hnng-ul to Clchin, A\ho had resolved th*> (.thn twt'Hi of the twenty- tw'o vuU« hflonginff to thi? stat*-. This sav** fiohln 36H vote* and tr.tugh tr clfct, IllinolH and olhi-r state* bt-san ,t( order tholr votes rhanp d, but while thlt was In prnRre«« T4. 13, Uriiwn, of Ohio who ncniinatod J^ncK, cons»nt that thf adjutant 'geneta| IK Instructed to cast the votf uf the fn- campn»™t for Oobln. nuikiri? hiH clef tit^n uranimous. The- encampment the 1 adjournM -tmtil thljj ns*ji'(ilnR t N««- Chlt'f (<lvi>i)i it Ki't'iiptJoii. Piri«t N6. t2S, '•>£ Philadelphia, gav«, t rpct-ptlon a} the- 11<>til lost night. Thi'rei\v»i> a of I'«nnHylvanla vt-terans aiul niuch'.-vn- thusiaiin. Colonel ^tobln *r»>k^ briefly thankirisr tb^ iMfmb^rfc of hfrt old pus fox l^or aale hy W. '&» Barntja. of N*-w T*'rk. O. A, H., gaVi- a tion lufl night to <1o\mnor nJatk atth«-l ht*adr(uartf-rj> In th'e KUI'-ott' er, at wM<-h "t.ow nioj Swath Haven, Mlrti., r __ u . _ M, Trcad^ay, a member of the Chicago ttf Tfftd^, aa* an employ* at £t>fttt 11. Wrpnn & Co., bankers in tbe B&ok..-.. bttlltling, aft-lclentally ahttt htniseW {refe ^yestefdfey white prattlftn^ fth&ot- rng at a mtfr;k with a itevolver* way's twfly ' v?a* Sa&fiA ground.^ a riiite saflth of bnilft trt tbe Ticatt afid near, fte v?«a fowtt ^Hh a the evolver miKhf<><' it Ai% f«-fnfarfta£fc,at S o'clock nlj^kl at SU- FauVa were t-hapfel fty tfie Jte*. consisted United ^aieS was xf'fiiiSjE'tf adfrnbsJoA W hp <*irand j^rsny c-aiiip yesterday mortt- hs bad corwt-'at the. spwljil of tn? vetefans an4 everything, wa? In- j'ffadlrH?Si« (» ifpcelvp blni. Tb«- fncldettt 'proved i one ttf great rrfolo th* O;rand Arrtoy'lf^t^erfe *nd anicmgf trje th^locat contrnittee. To tlt« at'fit-fit It was a trifle ai-inoyfnfir, but tciv' minutes after the episode he i»v}.nier a JVsany Isnftb ftver 1 it-and u«fng f'e offlpial who refused by fAjra\f( that th«'man was perfectly right to obey ordei£, ho mattar who de- marded adr»Sttanee, The r/-asftn lor tbe was that theisentry hart been or- fo ndmit no rarriaK».l« the camp. Later itho prwldont visited <?avuffa Isl- jnd, tbe- stlte- of lh«> I'an-Anicilfjine-xpo?- Ition, and with a mallet on whfch his name wa<! itWrlbert <tr<>ve a stake In a* Brass plot In the vcnior of the Inland N. Y , Aug. 27.— 'The president and Mrs. McKinley and Rect'Ptary 'and Miss Alfff-r k-ft here yesterday aftPihoon for Cleveland on board Senator Hanna'3 yach't. THE DEED OF A DASTARD^'r IV-raoiiHjl.v llitttHl tlltn, Montevideo, AUR. 27.—The man who amipsiriated I'resklent Borda Is an officer in tbe' Uruguayan army named AVplinu Arrcdohrto The Ofasassirt iriveR ns hla only exeunt* for his flasta»-d deed that he ji«-r?f)iiall>''" hated Horda. i - ,' ^ashiiij-rton, Aug. i7- r -Ministor Stuart at Montevideo ha** rnbled tho jstat<> Av* purtmt'iit an olliclnl anhodfncetnont of the aHBae«ilnation o£ Pu*sident Bnrdn, of t(rUf?tiuy. Seoretary Sherman sent the foJjIowJner dispatch to Minister Rtunrt:^ "fixjari-sa tl}«> deep abhorrence 1 of , the piefirik'iit and people «f the Uniti'd Statfs at the 7ist;as8inat!on Of President Bnrda, find 'tht-tr ,.«yrrtpatby with bis countryman irt thoir affliction." Rt'tri-tary Sherman also sent the fol- lonlnR'' telogntin to tho president at Cleveland: "In view, of a.teleg'fani,.from our minister at Montevideo J, have today telegraphed, Mr. Ktuart*T& express the d«ep abhor renc'e of the > president and pfojili; of the United StntVs at the of President Horda, - and Jtfrs. Mooi-e,, Miss fimroa and Miss Sprlnsfleld, Jtlls.^ Tanner J-eviowed the Third reglmpnt ^ v lew Colonel Berinfett twjBie governor two flats with Jristorfea tft -lie. placed In 'Memprtftl halt, Tb«> tl*8tt were the Fourth cavatry, car-' ri£d 'dlri-lng the Mexican war, and find earthed by company 1, infantry, diirinfe the eKMI wan, , OjWlnKtfcirttoy Ww» Too foil. * Mow^aqua, Ills., Aug. 27. •— A grain elevator belonging to Hlght McCoy ^at foajton City, HJa, Collapsed yesterday. It contained '50,000 busheSs of corn* ( being filled far oe» yond it* "capacity^ Thurc la uioro catarrh m this section of the country than all other diaeaws put together, nnd until the last few years wa* »up- poaed^ta be incurable. For a grout tunny yearn doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and" by constantly falling to euro with local treatment, pronounced it incurable." Science- has proven catarrh .to be a constitnMonftl die- ease, and therefore requires coratHutioual treatment. HaU'a Catarrh cure, manufactured by F. J.' Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tho only constitutional euro on the market. It is taken internally in drffea from 10 drops to" n teaflpoonfol. It acts directly on bo bloc 4attd "mucouo suifacee of the- system. ln>y offer one hundred dollars for anycasp't. "il»toCU"e. Seadforoiroal » and teal inn' i>d*. Addr^K". I- 1 ,1 , CHENEY <fc C< >., I oledo. ( ). r, SSold hi Every Palfttfc 4 ' r i ' ' • v *• / « the way to &Av*tt\& I* to t<;lt the whole / 8tofy Irt plairt, simple langim-^, In as lew ^ Vvords ^is possible, *tii- «s«dim:t OA; a \rifte ShdOW a bullet. Vitfy H^ell$ *iferefsffttf«tory, - » "» . " W^wnfit you to read -, , J t" i'. TOE -t)BTR(»t -.ey^lHp NEW5 ^ It will cost «.a vety Mtt*. . . , The .Detroit gveit Jug News. ttt every town in f hatfif Not M): f Hnll** Kninily pills ^re the best. I*-' .0 Sew and Worthy F.nterpnsc. The institution known.astl»« Michigan Sartorial art school with the parent school at Jaxon, where allthe very_late8t lodes of drtsss tailoring are taught, lias rranged fo opeft.a brsilfh in each coun- y in the Btite. Mr. P, T\ Hunt, tho an- of schools is bore for the nirpose of opening a scluwl for (JitTKoun ounty. Mrs. Bolltf Saunder, an expert eacher, has the managetaent of the :ounty and will remain here to conduct he business. • Ijadie® are taught to cut real Four-C Remedy Is drying work wKerfevet ifitrottuced ata nearly miraculous is it ever falls to tn£ lot of any human agency to do (I will cs iem it a , ' lavdf lot any>n6,intereiste<i tt> write the persons whose names . appear/below oy anyone whose name toay appear , * / among these testirnonlals.) My aim Isto c6ni|nM the public of arsfeerity andof ttie true merns of this remi BENEFACTORS OF THE RACK. . UNBROKEN *E9T AT NIJ>Ht, Office of'•Kmei 1 isHBBTi*ni»,_ , Kingfisher. Oklft., 0e«. tit, '&. f t tide in resaril to th<* benefloftl eff«ctof Phelpd' "Four CBerowJy," so f»t as I am personally OOB- Mirned. A«(eek a-zdliut Thursday, I WM takeb wltb a severe attacfcof 1ft grippe-and la a short lime beoamt so boorse 1 ooqld not speak above in whisper. T Be night previous 1 bad -soughed 'nearly the entire night; Just before retiring I took i teas poonfulvuDd slept the entire night** sweetly u «vw I did iu my life, not couRh Irt gone*. I wag mttrely relieved bj)f ore taking etfe bottle. Pholp*' 3ouRb, Gold and Croup Cute should be in every lousehold >B the i»nd. t Bead you this trbqlly in»olloUed by fttiyon*, rot ydu aJe benefftotpt•fs.of tbe race in Riving it tbe antidote tor some of tbe irorit affliotion* to which Jt Is Mir. c . - My " £. J°M«iBrrT, Editor. their aj^mTsathy wttn hfs t-ouhtrymen In their anilftlon." ELMOTt RETURNS TO HIS MUTTON. Wakttst to Knnw'AVImt f« the OntuI «>f nraiiil|i)ii HfertlK, Aujliow. i Cla%'«?lanci, Aix?. 2? — l>r. Jordan's dc- darution that wml^* <an tie permanently branded caused I'rofewaor Elliott to a*y yL^V*ida>. ' CSranU'il, for the Hake of, argument, that bete, rUjht; "tht^n <;ui bun,o? What IH th** use of dot-rtt; this work wh«n_ a aKts w bmnded can be v\t;li, .hiiinl,l.t;,<l ,,liy Iht: flirt iria art ,O3 and make any garment; for apy o member i the family, ladies' and girjs" tlreasos, boys v and men's' garments, shirte, etc. ?en lessons constitute the cutting course Mid those deairing to take |hft »»wing course aro entitlt?d"to bring any sujt or Ireo? and make it under instructbna rtf ,be best lady "tailors. & call will con- ace all of the genuineness of the luerita if the institution. ' ' . Mothers and fathers send your daugb- ers; wives aavo your bttBbands from $10 ^ other matUr that ekejhed interest n the, efKU,e)tWe|iit K(b "tbe mlVlssr ronnha'nftttr-ln-t'hM'* adtliew, 'and the rer«;rt.3 «l thfc-etbW c itehtja," ot wW^ ii4*T- BriJWft much aiUtBJsfeR to ihJ* sH *if *h»> ><>»% until i(tti»,,t^4*ty lw»V- WM* ^^ Wit^lto-4ft«' -hiEi^ fpw i«*iitiv».lhfe l»teh .nirlJ^ have t»e,eu' U» mat wtom- WITCH KAZEL OIL «>» r _ , % ^p|ie&-or I v " ; ^ Fis»KF«si & Fistula^ •-'vO^'f __ v . -,yt Burns Sores, ail one- that h^K shot-hole's, \rutttt i>«" •wounxla In It—Wltr-i-, Indfafd, bt'causje it *air bo Hmowthly plut-ked Afff un- hairf'd^y a couM*ar»tivelylnttxpfriencefl f x-aysH" i»f disrount un flie t t or th^w ?b!>t and , U MU' fact that *uuh >:ii(, — srf> thoroughly, euped at th J*ftri* wwt <-oijf ««i{y sinjjte, vronx* to tt«ot b» do«i9 It t^f-s- wfe won* ^flivlsti^ Wf& was uiud*; fi«r.hftL.reti^»T>«t.t«ir iwt lw ^14-tfi.i- that inm women to the tor # x tn of finlnent Je ^tt«.W!*er «iv«B inuoh Uwo and be «e es app??tut*d ty me ' fever Sore Lips «i of »$c, Joe. HtxiiBi* «W4 I feel jsufis you wi^U iwov« ' their W»port a» tliMis. it i* certainly not tb« oi-Ju-ct ol tb» Grftod Army ti tte Kopuhlic to lt**p wpan tb* wounds o£ tbe war, but of this ft* we «et«r9»ia.fi4, tfeat owe «dc o| tbat |pws*t »l)rus«rte wa» yiftoj. OM& t)t«B "^jjer aide w*'i>uK~iaa we w«re iwt tbe n»d w* 4a»"t tnteod tfc*t sb*ai t* taught tbat wt- sepoit of thl* c<»»-, be IX>* Moin«s i tti^ktord 14; At St. J.uatpiJ li, Heuiw «; iii ftdar Rapid* i» ™- _ _ _ Ir . ,,^^ __ Jffa C „ _ ft i» nahi^'.i ^«Jic far suawpar coaiplaMi, in ail ' *" DT. Th*wa» Bsi-M*rJft' QJI hj» eura of A MIRACLE. Kan*** City. Kansas, Deo. 21, HM tan Friday, Dec, 19, my attending physician Mated «tole«t I was better by wording he oooia to oothine for «y relief. Tbat jtlebt f cora- nenoed taking Ptielp'g "FourO" remedy, stopped >1I otber' medicines, Tb« flrtt dose etopjxid my )ouRh; slept 'and rested well; a few more Uosea •eraoved all forenesg from iny. longs; thenocond lay I was up; tb« third 'day I was out on tbe :orob and to-day was up town purchasing holiday |00d», MlSS JlNNll lUSBKT, Washington Ave. and Summit St. One dose of Phulpo' Cough, OoM and Croup 2tfr«, gave ray child instant relief when attacked" with tho croup. W. £. Moona, of. Moore Bros,, Qrooow. Arkansas City, Kanisai. UNBROKEN AE9T AT NlflHT. ' . J. B. Uuuito, Manajp'r, > Office Comnietoiaf Printing Co., > WflSouthTlarkSt. \ « « «u , *, ^ Chicago, Nov. 24/M B. B. Phelps, Esq., City, ~~ DIABSJB;— I wish to benr'testiniony totht Rreat tflloacy «f your "Pour C" remedy \h throat and lima ailments. /As s rule I have bwti skeptical of the merits of proprietary medicines, but have to contest that a test of your "Four C" K convincing that at least one ready made rented] .In worthy of use. My -, children all Uke'H vritlt out the least objection, from- t>lilc»t to youneeM and it i» particularly noticeable that benefit i* almost Immediate. A single dose will check most coughs In their be£iimlng; ircrives an an broken rest at night, in my family "Font C" U simply Indispensable and I recommend il ui> ndalifledrjr, ' , Younr, ' , J . ACUTE LARYNGITIS. . Chicago, Sept. £5, '95 For years back eacb winter ( have suAettto with aouto Larynnltis. Last winter was so buj JLeould not le&vi my room for two weeks at speak abote a whisper. I tried every known cotiizit preparation from cough "drop* up and down witft no relief, then m Jcupcration t \va« ijjUuoed to to try MielpS "FourC." TheHrst d6se relieved my cough, Klviog m<f the flr«t night's rest fo; week* Half the bottle cured me. 1 have nnvct been without tbla wMidortul ri'lni»dy #inca. His as different from other like remedies ao moiaasei from vinegar or sugar from sand. MBS. JoMsi'ii K GRUBB. 6313 Madiaon Avo. _ . IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Ecltard, th« feailroiid CottBBpon. dent of the Neodavha Knn«fts Bcpister, baa tbis to say of "Four C." "Phelps ii having a wonderful sate. of bi» Cough and Cold lU-mt>dy. .Wo persookily know K 1 is just what It i« fepK'sent- ed toM. Too much can . t be said in It is a miracle. . NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE Pi JC. CONTRACT.—Druggists' are authorized in ACL CASES TO REFUND THE Put*- CMASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Couglu Cold and Croup Cure)xfaits to give satisfaction in Croup, Broncmtjs^sthrpa.LaGrippe,Coughs and C<tfds, no matter hovrtong standing or deeo/ seated, in fact! guarantee in all mannerol Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Curc-AU,but to give unbounded satisfactioffT Give it a trial on the above conditions." 1 take all chances. / B. R. PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL Proo, For sale by W. T. DRA STOVES! por y-?ar by lonrning to ckre for your itvitt wardrobe. Bolifcitore will calf each family in the city. Our ietiw law that any .one niay avail themselves of this opportunity. Mr. Hunt v\U r^iBaitt in tho city tt and woftld lijce to iaeet those who would like to act .18 manager IB Jwurs will U from 8::» to lOultta. ut. ami from p. in. ijHaginaiqg Tt^atiav ft. m,, 4««m~ $*J&AxJ*. 5° r ,^ Jtet Bbo Jfonta ^Ufc^kis 'lit JfflpOftabi :«ltrty. j, w|U gi^ #nva& .IfljJBoas to Shoaa who (I** pot care .to attend the regular Xt-W^btet*}.^.>*4p4>))>tAii|;, »•. Vo\inln»i$ '•rszaM?**^ ims** »rf -— Iiar^e Reduction In Pricea 011 Cooking Apparatus, ^azi-gee fl^OXK), |l3,OO s $15.00 and $16; Stoves $1. to $5. s WBltSBACH All *, V-^-i,. Reduced in Price taJS2.QO each. 'fhls j 25 cents etf$* lor <Jom« w^i "TT' 3 »-' / and cliitmaey. * Ja '<8ee« twice the %ttt of » 6ft —*rp*| use . VS } J Wetebach Lights Always Give Saiiafaction, „ both ** to ligUt awl coneamption of ^p. Newly 300 sold in War*t»)l •'V M *

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