The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 10, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1962
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5 COUNTY COACHES HASH OVER FOOTBALL SEASON WITH PRESS AT LUBBOCK-PAGE Per Single Copy To Subserlbt Coll IE 3-3511 Fr«eport VOL 50 NO. 139 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SIRVINS BRAZOSPORT, ANSLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORfA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY „«, DAMON Faeti Cla.ilfl.d: II 1-2611—All Ofn.r Offle«: II J.JStl 6 Per Smgle Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport Associated Press Member FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1962 Waves Return Teeth Lost By Beach Visitor An nrllrle lo*t by an Amtlnj lmirl«t In the wafer nt Siirfulde! Bench Tuesday evening w«»; fnnnd lylnt on the bcneh Thursday morning; "a< If It had been Freepert, Texas No Heat Wave Let~Up Seen In Forecasts Weekdays 5 Cents BRAZORfA SCHOOL CAFETERIA GOES UP Thl« nmv eafeterln going up nt the Brn/orlit Kltmentary School, IK alntccl for completion lie- fore tho flr»t full day of school on Sept. 4. The brick (ind concrete. structure I* loenfed between the. old school building nnd (lip new primary tmlldlng and contains 2,700 W|imro feet of floor apace. The nddltlnnnl lunchroom fnclllfli>* »lll cllmltmtc the nccr<*lty of mmic xlurfcnt* carry- Ing Ihelr lunch tray« 1,1 whool room* during the noon hour, according to (he. principal, Glenn Morris. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Texas' dcalh-rlealing lalp-snm- (her,- by «n nniramlly mcr heal wave continued undim- klnd wave," according to n Surf- ini.shcd Friday following another ride resident, day rf record-toppling tempera- .lake .lolm-mn, an Amlln night hires across the stale cluh owner, told a flnrhMe re«l- Only scattered rains in South dent that he hud been nvfmmlitff east Texas Life Thursday dented In ahoiil four feel of water THM- the slate's worsening heat wave day nlghtl when a wave caught The high temperalures took (he him off guard, filling hl« mouth life of John Kadish, 51 of (I12 nllh milt water. W. 18H, St.) Houston, as he was Jnhnmn «al-l that when he, delivering handbills in Beaumont •I'll out the «ilt wafer, hi*.Thursday afternoon. The tempcr- hrldge went with It. lip nald that' nf ure «as 105 degrees at (he he didn't really expect It to he ''me. His death was blamed on fimnd. hut left h)« name and ad- n(lat stroke. dre« ju,t in cow. A lightning Ixilf which accom- Aboiit 9:.K) Thursday morning, Ponied the shr/wers that hit the "Shorty" McCiillongh, who (ake«'Houston area set fire to a l.y),nf)0- phofograplui on th« beach, went ""Tel gasoline, tank at the Sinthe upot Jnhnnon de*crio<rl! r ' alr Refining Co.'s plant near' Sundqy IS Cents JFK, Leaders Meet On Tax Slash Today WASHINGTON f API-President in new Kennedy met with top economic 1 sales pi advisers to the White House today j ^decline, as indications mounted that he make an early decision against a quick tax cut. A pickup in steel production may prove the principal factor. Orders flowing to manufacturers of durable goods have de- DR. I,. 8. KICHAItn.SON Selected For Seminar Seminar Study Leave Granted To Richardson Economists had been s a gauge of following in, , ,, , T^ pd re « ssion talk in ^ wake of this kind usualK/turn down^ Available for the midmorning ot May's sharp stock market sell-jward in advance of recession, meeting were preliminary figures °"' this has been inlcrpreted as a par- on a number of important econom-: jn £ ear ™^n,,-" 0 ^ '' s " res ' «>™\ ticularly bearish development. would infiurace his de- ! lhe next todays. A further s ngnr m wnile" finat figures have nol cision for or against tax reduction '"crease to a new high was in.been calculated, some experts be- in 1962. The statistics revealed a P. ros P cct - Personal income has'lievc Ihe downtrend was reversed moderate July pickup in business nsen slpadll - v a " >™r hut Ihe:-at least temporarily-in Julv U Called to the White House ,„ ma *™ lud(i of monthly advances so, the cause probably was a step[discuss taxes and the economy £ Wen snar P !v reduced. up in defense contracting KENNEDY AT MID-TERM-4 World Policy Hits, Misses EDITOR'S NOTE - President Some obsenrrs nmsidrr this a John F. Kennedy is approaching j plus on Ihe administration's crcd the haif-wny point in his term injt-and-dehit ledger fnr foreign .->.' the Whita House. What's his score;fairs. For the moment, it niav lie in foreign affairs? In this fourth | But Kennedy, who says "Berlin article in n five-part scries, Asso-|is our big interest." do'es nol e\dated Press reporter Uelmanipect Khrushchev to remain quiet Morin note8_u> plusses and jnl-; Indefinitely about this problem 5 nuses—and the abundant "X" fee- By RKI.MAN MOKIN WASHINGTON (AP) - During No new forrrSuli»'7or solving In sight. So Berlin is an X-Mctor, an uncertain quantily, in the foi eign equation. the conference between President! What are the plusses and Kennedy and Nikita S. Khrush- minuses? Few developments in o -— .-,.... ...„...„.„ .„-.,-! IU»T.I i---~ o, v,,,. „ [jiniu nfvir nwu w <K if* MIRI Wl joiscuss laxes and the econom 1 - to search lor the ml«lng teeth! p ^*""»- I were Secretary of the Treasury ^™ important indicators lo be, Another major indicator due la- He mid he fnllm1 ,,,„ Magf There were no Injuries and the T It* I I i Douglas Dillon, Secretary of Labo'r rcleas(ld lhe m'*«e c< next week'ter next week will show private Ivlng on the «,nd "about to*'-™?*™ hl ™* ht on** control! I A Klf hflrfKAn ! ' Mhur J ' Goldberg, Secretary of a "| lndustria ' Production and new : housing starts in July. Officials block, Hwa y" from Ihe place, w ' thln ™ minutes. I U !tll.IIUI U3UII 'Commerce lather H Uodees orders r ^ived in July by man- : hope for a reversal of June ! s "here ,fohn«on had been »«1 m . '™*™K<- forecasts call for; 'budget Director David E Bell' ufa ^" rers of durable goods. i sharp decline. Although July was """«• i. rnon ' . alnve-aveniRe tempera-{ The Brazosport Independent; and the lhree memb ers of the The lndustrial production index, a strong month for construction l ture * '" "" " f "" """ r'; e " 1 —' "'---' *• '• —•.'•---!• a f.;<, onorni( . Advisers m ? asunng oulput ot factories, 1 activity, government experts say '° r MtrPmp northeast portion.- „] Superintendent of Schools Dr. >^ded by Walter Heller. '" mln( "' and utilities, is expected to,'thev Tom Campbell where readings are to be 2 to 4 [,. s . Richardson a study-leave to The upward tilt in the Julv sta- attcnd the Resident Seminar for. lisfics the already-slen- In Crash At Galveston ; degrees below normal for the •next five days. Elsewhere fore- '"V ~; "- " ."' •"'•""'" '.-'der chances of tax reduction pri.r jcaser, expect readings to re- ***** .Supcnntenrants to te held (0 the administration . s previoP ,"lv i main 2,06 degrees above nor- a "'" tnivm,ly of Ch.cngo Sept. nmmlm;td , ans , or aPcu( ^ inal, meaning high temperatures 24 lhro "- h - VA '- 16 - year. show a small increase y cannot ha/ard a guess yet to a new |on what the new figures will show. will nm in the upper 90s and The s-eminar under the direction A g Administration , mched ^ lhe A former newspaper employee of Freennrt and Anslr-ton was kill- , .„.,„ . .? . " c ' . . ,, , . , . , . scattered thundershowers are ev ed in Galvp« on e-irIv todav when „„ ,«j ., _, , ,, x , , "... peeled m the Panharv e his parked auto was struck by a 'Deeding auto driven by a Coast Guirdsman. The victim was 1 Thomas f'amp- be!<, 1."). a linotype operator for lh" Galveston News since February, He hnd previously bpf»n ^hop be willing to approve a tax cut this year. However, a final presidential rie- US Enters New Estes Charges DALLAS (AP.)— A federal grandlJanuaiy meeting. He said chev in Vienna last year, the Soviet premier suddenly grated out: foreign affairs fit completely into this clear-cut definition. Cuba, to l>e sure, was a disaster "If you want war over Berlin, you'll get war." j for the administration. i History does not record a more -n,. n 0 -i in w n , , blunt, bull-dozing threat thrown at' ^ ^^ WfUI W3S " * hni>kpr one head o£ state by another. : At home and abroad, people askc;! Khruslichav's design may hMvci wh - v tllc Western Allies were not been to shock Kennedy off-bal-' nrp P arrd f° r such a contingency.. ance. The President replied: I Some Americans criticize Kenne"It looks like a cold winter." : irl - v for " ot having onlered Ameri- The hvo men, having measured i can lanlis ln knock down the wall each other, went their separate >nt " le moment the Communists ways. .began erecting it. Whether Hie Kennedy held firm on Berlin. !° lncr Allied governments would Khrushchev set no new deadlines ™ ve supported such a move, is, for signing a treaty with Kast ^ «>urse, still another question. Germany. He told a delegation of' t Thp COIIRO is still snarled. The American newspaper editors last United States, with money and July 18 he still intends to sign " lllpr support, backs lhe United such a treaty, but he said: Nations effort to force Kalnn-^a "When shall we do it? 1 will not Province into the l^onoldville gov- set any tim« limit." |Cniment. Some Americans bitterly criticize Ihis policy. Only last week, the IT.N. secretary-general termed Ihe situation "particularly critical." The problem with Krnncc, a hold-over from 1!)."i9, remains unsolved. Th,. French are determined to develop Ihcir own nuclear weapons. The Kennedy administration refuses to provide technical assistance. Time alone will tell whether the policy WHS Ihe right on?. No formulas have Ixvn (mind fur an agreement to disarm or to [slop nuclear tests. When Kennedy decided tile United Stales resume nuclear lesting, u-ke o. n. KIM; Assumes .New fhillcs "%*§! of labor leaders Forecasts for Friday called for Crnler - has purposely been set to d'a7"cam'e" awa^^raying he a few isolated thundershowera cover an extended eight-week per- douWful Congress would near the coast and in extreme. i<xi Kast Texas mainlv during the University officials are convin- ng. Widely ced thai a great fund of knowledge ,-ision was deferred pending study Jury indicted Billie Sol Estes, thejlraascript was kept of what went pertinent to school cperation and 0[ , he fmnam - K sienpos , s for Pecos promoter, today on charges Ion at the meeting but that M' Saturday administration mane available by Ju! , ,_ { wi!fu!!y ,,;„;„„ Ia!se statements statement was reconstructed from when temperatures: in "-rent research will contribule to The July figures, to be an- «'ith the Commodity Credit Corp..memory last Mav 15 expected to turn wUcr schools for the future and nounced piecemeal during the Est« was indicted on three! Bagwell said Rutherford tele should be shared with administra- coming nvekf. will reveal amounts alleging the statements i phoned Undersecretary of A--ricul in South tors immediately. ^ thfr slueRish ocon omtc advance were filed Dec. 31, 1%0; June 30,! rare Charles S. Murphy about Jan ? was a 7 P University of Chic.ico will _L 0 ut an advance, nonetheless. Al- 1*>1: ""d Nov. 30. 1961. 3 protesting the department's rul- 114 degree, the-ap- nwke available to the seminar a though disappointing in terms of Also indicted was Robert that Estes and his associate' nrm for the Anclelo-i Time, and TV "\-'"''' U '^ ' thr "^'-' > "" >-'V*'2 l 'S?"f' um !j r . r of '•°n™llant»...lrpm optimistic January'forecasts, they .Clements of Amarillo, a civicihad iilegav obtained allotment' man for the Angleton Tirne, and »tatP Numr.rww other areas re.-bn.imsv. indnM^. 8ni) A , J,ioT,ThardIy can be expecfST to gener-'leader and co-founder of the once,! allowing them to plant "ncxtr- no.ipe opprai .r rorri ed temperatures of 1ST and » ho are makins unique and signifi- ate the kind of alarm which many famed Townsend Plan for old age 3.123 acres of cotton' under '-ov upward. cant contributions to !;no- ledge in believe would be necessary before pea=ions. Cements was indicted ernment supports. Ba^vell mote' (..onzales' reading at mid-fl/ter- education and related disciplines. Congress would vole a tax cut at on five counts of interstate trans-,Rutherford as requesting a recon noon marked (he .T5th consecutive' A limited number of school ad- its current session. portation of a fraudulent secur- sideration i — of lorWecree tempe.atures ministrators in the United States Checks with informed officials ''>'• ing that higher for the town where, and Omada have been invited to indicated the Julv statistics will them." that area are slightly i-ooler. Thursday at Goruules at for The Prazasport Facts. Dri\*cr of the other car was ( .Terrs' O. Thwealt, 21, stationed no with the Coast Guard in Galvestnn. da The accident occurred at about or i of the case and protest "we were crucifyin Tide Schedule Today No high tide Low 4:48 p.m. Saturday High 1:36 a.m. Low 5:37 p.m. ;lyin; in Ihe street. I Campbell wav pinned inside hi* 'c;ir. and two wreckers were used ; to extricate him. Campbell died ;at n:20 a.m. today on »he operating ! table nt John Sealy Hospital. Thwenlt had a biuken arm and other injuries, and is in the U. S. i Public Health Service Hospital in i (i.ilveston. He is expected to recover. Clute Ordinance Deals With Vehicle Parking An ordinance was passed by the to the remaining area Police dialed Thwealt wilh atl(e at - v C 01 " 1 " 1 Thursday night without those services. sjtjon |() a hurn .. u , ax cu| 'Klisi-nt homicide, and with driv- which prohibits parking of ve- Kenyon reported thai he checked ' ' ing on the wrong side of the road hides on City property or dedi- at a speed estimated a, BO m.p h. cated righl-ot'way for more than Botli cars were demolished bv .,, the impact ' wraecutive hwirs and hloi-k- Kuneral scni«-es are pending. lnR ° f in "-'^'- il " views by - Weathercast Clear >o partly cloudy and hot through Saturdiiy. Ixrtv tonight 78, high Saturday 100. Brazosnorf School Staff Changes Made Campbell is survived by his widow, ff Knnciscn. Culif.; a so:i. Thomas Campbell Jr., a Marine stationed ovcr^a*; mother, Mrv. Janie CampMI of Angleton: three sisters, Mrs. Glenn Heath of Kreeport. Mrs Rodnev 'oB m vi'v r Reed of N'ec<ilcs. Calif.; and Mrs. OKI)INAM Ed Ktilgliurn of Ruidoso, N. M. : and a brother, Bill Campbell of Needles, Calif. hides or other matter. The Council a!w> instructed its attorney to draw up an ordinance concerning residents tying onto city water service, and reviewed requirement for hooking onto the city sewer lines. • , ' ',,' ' ' . " ' .f* ?wrr SOI " V " ,} m , TJ " • S mK withm -Oil Joel t< an eximng sewer service line was requird to tie on. in the flow of new orders to man- cifying" Estcs. ufacturers of durable goods. John C. Bagwell, the depart- Eraploymcnt figures announced ment's general counsel, told Ihe :earlier re\-ealed a slight improve- Senate Inv'estigations subcommit- Iment in the job situation. tee Thursday that the complaint ; While the July results offer no of Rep. J. T. Ruiherford, D-Tex., 'basis for expecting a strong eco- was a factor in calling a meeting jnomic upsurge, neither do they of top department officials last jpoint to an immediate recession.;Jan. 6 which rescinded orders can. , Since Kennedy already Ls con-'celmc as illegal Pistes' profitable cerned about congressional oppo- dealings in oitton planting acre- it ages. seemed likely the inconclusive sta- Kstes, a Pc^os. Tex., promoter. "i, isked and his US- passing on to the department the ? torney's contention." USSR Rejects New Test Ban Proposal Bv US tistu-s would permit a decision to was a politically potent figure in defer action on taxes until 1963. West Texas until his arrest last The White House conference fol- spring on fraud charjies. lows Ihe windup Thursday of Bagwell read a statement Thurs- Union rejected today an \mer- closed hearings by the House day recitint; events he said had can proposal for zonal inspection • By I.OYAI, G0n.l) GENEVA (API - The STV : • WC Fills Council Seat Saturday King will assume the mon iivi-rn ' lulios "' assi - slanl ttisiness man- quest ion" Is'" SCr " 1 l ll «' 1 '"K John kalhk, reci ' ciincdy ness linden. who Coast Guard Aids Three Teen-agers Crast Guardsmen from Ihe Fiee- port Lifeboat Station resvued three Houston teen-agers who bad drifted out from Surfside Beach in BII inflatable raft Thursday: The Council, with all mem- bors present, uas unanimous in appi-oving Ihe ordinance dealing with vehicles and matter on Clute property and rights-of-way. The ordinance was drawn up by City Attorney Tom Kenyoii after Coun- c'il discussion earlier of vehicles permanently parked on city pn>- o( Wos( crfl|mhu . perty and public righto -way rath- . „ ..„„,,,„„ ^ er than on propertv 1 of (he own- j lines tunned in front of the while Twn rli-m™. in i • i ilhMise in protest " KPS '" 1hl> fl 'l'"'nl- On Ihe other hand, develop. Mratl " n "' ""' Bi'«/'vs|wrt Inde- nii-nis In Southeast Asia appear lo,P 01 " 1 ™ 1 S<-hool District will be warrant at least sonic cautious come infective Sept. 1. optimism. O n . An Hi;rcemeiit was li MR. and MRS. F. W. IlOl.TON ,.„ to mark an anniversary on Sun-'mem In Uos. day, the same day CIIAHIJVNA;whether it will hold. ' recently resigned to become luisi- McCOOL will eg I e brute H birth-; Before Ihis agreement, Kennedy "ess manager nt the sclux.U , nmu)rllil «- day - • • ionlcroit American forces, includ- IMrlim-cii Kim. u-ni i ' i Apparently the rubber raft Mil. and Mlt-S. IIAKIIY JUR-iing nearly :i.0on Marines In ''"" M "- Kl "»- "'" lx> ri-plm-i-d develop,xi a leak about a half GKNSfc'N << Clute, Just buck from land to forestall a CommuniM '" ""' lvl " r "' P-'rsonnH ami S eom-|mile off shore and Coast Guards- R three weeks visit in Yulan. Neb., guerrilla move, out of IJIMS The <l " ry l-<ll i> 1; <li»" by O. Dan Carter, ""'" Wl '"' railed hy nb»-r\-ers r<i where they helped his Hunt, MltS.:Marines wen- withdrawn as the wl l»-rinleii,lent of schools at Nava- 1 "* 1 '"""''h about 9 a.m. to investi- al)proad , al) jmei-sei-tion bv ib- 1 MAKY ICGGKItS, cclebrale her tension li-ssemil. s " 1 - 1 ''»'' "he [xist n years. Ci'i' 1 - ;,!,!,,. o w DmDe[ ... ' * prior >,-ars Cart .- r held Th.- l'(HM Guard 4(1 fool rescue The .„>,„,„.. , , r ,,^ in} ' . , 'I'alsliips in elementary and l«">H'h arrive,! on Ihe sce:,e alwul . lio , ,» s" « Txi le^^n K '"•I't'T schools in .M-ve,al 9:30 and touml « 8 iri. Kobin Black «,,', "*" *' 51 years. "» 'In 1 rait, and two bms, Carle Ivichelor's and mas-; Adenimn and John Warner in the ler's degrees from Baylor Uni- water holding ralo Ihe rail. ixmuiuifs xorxily and has done poM-grad-. Ttie group told Ihe Const Guanls- Since "the ordinance affwu c»ix u^c work „, A *M CollCKC. me,, that the raft had lost Mo^i k j ™ SZ^faTiio,,^ hinu has tH-en an cmployi-,' ut much air to support all three of Ihe Hru/iuipori schiml system for them. There lime. II look r> years In e.vlin' |l;l ma iv Ways and Means Committee on led taxes and the economy. Public sessions by the Senate-House Economic Committee are continuing.: Raymond J. Saulnier, who was, chairman of ".he Council of Kco- An election to select a ncw.nomic Advisers in the Eisenhower We-:t Columbia City Councilman administration, told Ihe economic 1 will be held Saturday at the Amer-committee the July business ad-; ican Legion Hall. vance means only Uiat the danger The new Council meml>or will of a downturn has been deferred. take over duties of former C(Hin- i Leon H. Keyserling, head of the cilman Harold Beal and will re- council in Ihe Truman administra- j main Beal up to and had marked Cubs Lose To Dallas- Play Aaain Todav tlie t to supeivise wovld disarmament. ; Soviet Deputy Foreign Miniver .Valerian A. Znrin described as un- lacceptahle an American formula whereby a country's territory should be split up into several ; zones for sampling checks hy international teams to make sure :• country is really disarming. ; Zorin, on Thursday rejected : i Western compromise proposal for i a nuclear test ban. He refused j then even to talk about interna- in office until April, 1963. lion, said all signs i»int toward! xi, e Freeport Cubs were sche-'tional inspections on Soviet soil, •signed from office due to the "fourth recession since 1953'"jduied to tike on a ™ h , s ; ou , „, „,,, rf , v , imi , s ,, e u ^ a k . k ,.,,. <alt lor low-j " ' team Wth birthday, 'iliey also vi.silcd tiiivi-niinrnl fnrn-s in Smith VI- with oilier relatives. . . clnam. using uenimns and new R1U,Y WOODItUKF and Jam- laclii-s xlampt-d "Made in Amcr lly, here from California vlsiling''''"•" sel/iil lhe iiulialivc his parents, the S. A. U'(X)I)-; 11 "' Communist Viet Cong. The Xll'KFS JR. . . 'picture appears much hr-ili-r than MR. nml Mils. J. v. 1_\M)|{V it di<l a year ago when Ihis cm- of IJ, Koinit to NVw Oilcans due '"'spuiidi-nl Inured the cmiiiiry. to the death of a I da live Ilim-. . ll11 ' issi »'. him ever, is likely iti The T. I). CA.SKVS and Mris! "'inain touch-anil gn (or a 'lon« In priuc I,,,,,, l''\as ccimmunllics. AJJC In 1 Imliis Some instances were died of vehicles parked so as to obstruct Ihe view (< motorists at city intersections, with some cases of! othem matter nlso obstructing in- 1 lerstvlion views. Hie ordinance slates that the view sjiall not ln> obstrufled for a! distance of 2*K) feet as motorists { not iiioiv than J3QO, with each calemlar day to constitute a I separate offense if the violation er'and middle income brackets. | at 10 am - Ull1a >' after dropping tin.- .Scheduled for announcement la-ja .lame to Dallas yesterday in the signed CHWK CASKY, bom.' ufl.-r a week's trip to Mexico Cily whcie. K "' ! ' l) " mialler and more In they were impressed with ||| C l"K llnbl e age and si/c or the city and Ihe beautiful flowers, 'lliey made the trip by Jet. . . And Around Th« foiiiily: The T. M. GUr In Washington, D. C, on vacation, . . aniiouncint; th the city, the Council picket! i<- no paddles L'J consecutive hours us a reasoii- alxuinl ilw> mft aivnrdiiiK to re-; H bl* length of time loi-a vehicle to admm.M»i. ports. mil ain at the same parking site. , . .... lhe three weiv taken Iwck lo Councilmon commented that ihl« '''>•»• <"»• H ra XOS ,Hirt IndciK-udcnlilhcir car on the beach by the res- should comm<M1 ' ed *»' ""» American diplomats worked mil "I'bool District s\ipi-niilcndcnl; cii^ team the formula for settliiiK lhe dis-. slall>l1 Illat ''after would s|n-nd Communist fire in Mn- .'live I'hansc.s, Dr. [.. .S. Kiclmrd- pule Ix-lwcen tin: Nelherlmxts and • l- "nsiderahl GUPTONS of \\C In(i " ncsi « "ver West New Guinea. ' ll contains guarantees lo insure tune in the location of ne« and icpUiccmenl leach-. ITS and wuulil expand his icnuil-i Sun Data ... . (Unlluued on I'.ge S) 'states as well as Texas. Sets dxlay 7.07 p. m. Hiscs Saturday ,'i.J7 am. Sets tftiturday 7; 06 p. m. •ause no hardship on rrsi- jdents who have overnight gwsts. I'lTV SKKVlChS : Kenyoii was inslmctetl to draw I up for Council consideration an ! 'ordiiiani 1 * concerning the use by residents of city water, since wa ler and sewer lines an being laid; Today's Western proposal can- iine<l in America's three-stage nicnt program was de- to meet some objections •andidate to tile for this of- ler today were preliminary' JulyjTcxas Senior Teenage Baseball against unlimited inspections of figures on retail sales. Brisk trade j Association Tournament in Waco. Soviet territory. The score in yesterday's game The Western formula was out- was S-L', with the Dallas team Alined by U.S. Ambassador Arthur and an Odessa team still unbeaten ;H. Dean before the tiSth plenary this morni:ig. The San Angelo session of tiie 17-narion disarma- team lost to Odessa last night. ,ment talks. James Bolton was the losing Dean suggested the big powers' Cuh pitcher in yesterday's game, territories lie divided into nine with Tommy Gramly the winning zones. In the first part of disarma- By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS ~ pitcher for Dallas. inent. international inspectors 1.0MK1.N - Fciiner Prt-sident Dwight D. Eisenhower had lunch' , Lra , di "S Freeport hitters were would be entitled to ,-nter the first i8ham Palace .-if,, Queen Kluahclh II l<H^a^• and then call-1 Marsha » Paul »°»ard and Terry /one. but would not be allowed to " w : Bo\ who each garnered two hits,.make any investifiation whatever Dallas team by driving in four armament progresses. Doan said, jruns with double and single hits, 'he inspectors would he allowed to Dallas jumped out in front in enter additional zones. Dean com- Uie first inning with five nins pared this to the sampling tech- scored, gelling one nm each in nique used for production checks lhe third, fifth and sixth innings., in industry. Kreepori's Cubs scored one nm Zorin repeated the Soviet ai-gu- each in the fourth and fifth ment that the Western plan was innings. merely a method to slip espion- Kreeport players got 10 hits wilh age agents into the Soviet Union, one error, while the Dallas team ^^^^^^»^^>^_ racked up nine hits and two er- at Huekir ed on his old friend. Sir Winston Churchill. l.l)M>U\ — Hrllulu'* M-cuiul iiiiilnlKliI ileititline fur Kl Al Airline tu bhlp Ur. Kolx>rl A. Subli-n In Ihe lulled Stales neared ImUy umt mi aviation MHirro n-iMirlcil a klruiiK |M>-«lbllily Ihe lujj^llve «py uould be abimrd Ihe Israeli ulrlliie's nlehl tliRhl for New York. MOFh'KTT FIELD. Calif. — Two monkeys am! four hamsters drilled across Canada, in a balloon unlay in the thiiti of a series of high altitude tests consideied a piekule to manned lunar flight. At SUN — Old »i;o recipients In Te\;is will i;el an liuTeuM' of at least »s a iiwoUt begimilmt Oct. 1. The minimum payment \ 1 ill |u up (nun $1.f to H-i a munlh. All •.'.'I.OOii u( Ihe slate's recipients ro , s will gft lhe increases. ALBANY, lia. — Dr. Marim Luther Knig Jr., in jail in Albany since July -S for pra>'ing with ni:ie oihei Negroes in (rout of the City H*li. faces trial today. His followers planned mass demonstrations for the day. The Cubs suffered their first tournament loss against a strong learn. Dallas reached the semifinals last year, losing to the \\aco team which emerged with Die stale championship. BULLETIN The Freeporl Tubs li»t lo the BaUtmil Kaclrs 76 alxillt 12:30 p.m. ItHta,).

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