Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 7, 1946 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 10
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-. ..' *"!• v -*«"' "f^^- _ tiliw «M«et at flte irost o«fce at J&TSflr. ^fttfl ffi sftvAftcfe. $3.08 6 Vfe Single copy 6 c%n«. fc&Kt} ma'oV ncfM a'Tohg on' Tuesday when t*ne s'fefffl Court, which'holds the last word in the interpre- r*£± rfj-sy O f 6y|i |£ nc j^ funded c) OW n two deciS'iohs olf . High jWfisfS, frt, 6 6-2 decision, sdld they could not save i6le Gen. YAWd'shito frbrn the gallows for his dcquies- in the atrocities comfrutted by his troops ds they in- aftd occupied the Phili'p'pfnl's. The federal wds tonvict- Manila by the American military commission, the first Such dction had ever been taken by a court from one a§'ainst fhe mifr'tary officer o'f anofher. aVe YamCrShita's word himself that he was given a fair ''mi ytorla 1 should hote what h6s happened here. "e *t&tift 6n the same day nullified the postoffice debdrt- S attempt to bar "Esquire" magazine from use of the id class mailing privileges on the grounds that the pic- which that magazine carries were not "6rt." e Second we consider as 6 successful dfterfipt to preserve dfd-won freedom of the press. It wds 6 case of deciding or not the head of a depdVtrrient of the.U. S. govern') through one individual, could : prbnounce the abntent of -lodical good or bad according'td his •p'ersonal conception iat is good or bad—arid 'therefore \Mhat fs gbbti 'fdr the 1e of the ndtion to redd and see. I'f'the cotlrt h6d decided •or of t'he pdSfrnas'ter general, Mr. Walkdr Wdtild htive the t tb, bdr drher publications from the rriall—and thereby ft their freedom iere can be no more commendable statement Cdffiing from plic s*erVant than thdt made by JuMce Douglas in an- Cmg^the cdurt's decision when he stiid: *o y/vthdrbw the second closs rate from this -publication because of its contents seemed to 6ne official not good he public wodtd sanction withdrawal,of : the Second closs tomonow from another periodical whose social or eco- c views seemed harmful to another official. "o uphold the order of revocation (the postmaster gener- Ed.) \vbil)ld, therefore, grant the postmaster ge'n'erdl a p'f derteorship Such a power is so abhorrent to our tra- s thb't d'purpbse fo grant it should not be easily inferred," jid at another point in the decision. . ese are heartening statements to us—-hof ohly because lgrtc'ds^fa member of the press, but dlsb teecaus'e w& df'e in Arrjenca The issue was clear-cut—-ft was bbhd- ; >r freedom The cotirr chose fr*eVcibrrY. 'my oid Mend ferfiM on^ of fe'gfgl'um'fi 'heroes, who ly ^ymBollaes the yftfl* Kftil ftrM _—.«-- v jfe itfirefii M tfee SfitaftAn'8 OhineSe roe *M SB* .,»*«_ t :ouft of &eSt&. t>t oMrse; lie 1 <i«O$ v sfc&iS, fm ih (^afcfeftja^dlMi^wbodwtth lapbiMM$k of fcetiierit is |ulte ft ttlcwMHmfffw ft JfWO %6l jftftde vith iSrne ISidcnes up 'in Alaska By well get to ttMft re* marlkabie feat in n minute. , Having achieved the ultimate—his **x«tj»rfnts St Grauman's—Joe M^- reer. JteTu* «Mi fcdWSft 'C. Sfr- of N. Y. 'C., bSfoffc. Yank iround By 'R. C. HOfLES Sljf-Ti-u/h, far. President |$lent T^'man, is % quoted as the purr'ent labbi disputes aggie for power between '' a"«d labor, fhat is a Etth, Mi. Piesident. President, evide*ntly believes -iinessjs.uke ^r pi gambl- < one . eement to e the best advanffege Tie try, und,ei tiee enteipuse, B\ftie, t th^n someone else erf own the sa^ne^seivice loi. |L, in tree ente^pjiise fi Ihey _ in absolute complUtiOn fthis is Mbt what the lUb'or gpsj cr ( t^e Piesids n t t,sein to to \vant the gioup DSL pgome to get moie for ieir'work tha'n 'ofhdi people for |h.e same pioduction i|nldns are tiymg to get P^y, They ai+t stiugghng . The employer is only freedom foi the , for the light to erican statements like Hial of only .idd lo Hie tlif> fiovntl i No \\ on- st)il>e& and sti/Kes \!ien iii/Ke PIC-M- bfo aie supSo£*djlQ ill p IJN ipTo; tjj.Uih,,fUjGli as, tlie made. . ( the £uU|Xlcnl t,\}fc thing that Benjcinm T. ipiesidept of U S Steel, "|s to sertd^ wb«<3 that he the proposal for i.ej.yr'ig $ stritye, ,'i\(i V ceilfaiily ;«ihis pwn ,$tKd,pm What ^fWfW' 01 any know about the Lies of seivicet,? Uncier all7fl& WPlfle to e'sv tujc and it>al vaiiirs « K 4civkes What docs Mi^ul v wi)fil Hip steel ,y a con _ cd pgoist, ,>ho ewlt; tjh , much to Hung and thus os the steel cor- i, hks no business ijjsb values VVhen jt becpmes admin later or ad» exchange doing UjUer and tp do, *£K Nation's Prfest r •.•'•TXC, CE'OIL 'WKOWN (Tin? Fort Wayne News Senliri'iil) Not, j,png utter The .. armies l-ratVs'xVepr'tlcRvn the peninsula and invested tlie 1 ferti'eSs of Siv'.jjappre, .Cecil .Brown, an \nlci l ica'n' 'rfewhpa'pernian. 'wr'Vt'e some stories pDout the British retreat. Amon'g'.'ot'h'er. tHIn'gs, he said' t'hat f)ie British 'always; ^planne'd 'ttiVe'ach 'Say to \Vhat'point they''woulfl're- tVeat the'next. 'Tlie \vithdr'n\val "'ijis plotted coolly, and only nom- liirl resistance; \y{»s offered. Clown's e>fbbi t ^!ori of t'lie dis- 'i'/aceful British spectacle a-nd of fhe ultimate capture of the big tr^e at SfiYj;ni5bre !( cabled down on 'lias h?'.ur sbine''pv'ielty vile imprecations. ( '_ ... ....... The stories' r he"tt>id', some said, out of 'B¥Itis»i the li'dd were manufactured whole cloth. Tfie fbiight KtliVJiibrhly iy, . aij'd anyhow, what 'right did ,Ce(il Brov.'n'lVave to fell the truth, iT ,it was the t' . . Well, it ''(urns ' out tl'iat Cecil Brown war, telling the whole .truth, because the Japanese General Yamkshita. 'in ; a 'boastful tvftrne |ofj riiind, lids '(old hb\y lie, wllh Hot moie than 50,000 men, push-jd 0 'BritK'h, soldiers '.down the ' ' - RAV TUCKliK E. Ty dings, (he brllliaht blit -'easygoing senator froili thb -race-track town ol Havre dc'dratte, -^xte'ly' bothers to make o. foririal atth extended speech, in the upper 'jhtttntoe"r. 'flu't when he does takb tha 'tlm's aiid make the effort, he usually 'hits the target truly and bravely. • During the current filibuster against establishment of the fair employment practice commission,, the man from ^aryland scored rihoth'er bull's-eye wnen he accused both major parties ana their highest Icaci- ^prs'dj* ''hypods'lsy'' in pressing this faeaikite. for passage at this critical iiioment ih domestic and world af: fairs. Without -passing any judgnicnt on Lhe'n)er!te'of',th.e proposal to set up tig&l against, any kind ' , 'of discrimination in the hiring, pro-' And firing of workers, t oHgin"and history of this ''agency hat. it was. created and fpi* selfish, bailot-box And that chSrge In against the republicans as 'well ' the dehiocratB. 'ADJUNCT— tt is not 'generally •reunited, 'but ''the FEPC 'was estati- lis^.d a s, a wir emergency unit, .arid it ' r «r''a"s expected that it would disappear like th'e office pf civilian, Defense, the foreign ficohomic jidm^h-r 'iBtratlpn a'nd the Owf when tile ori-i '' . .. ,„ In :th'e Congressional director listing the "myriad icderal bureaus and their dutifc, P'EPO appears undpr the general heading of "emergency waj 1 agencies.".', It 'was 'first - : put .within the old officfj of war inandgement; but subsequently transferred to the war manpower commission. Thu 'idea beh|nd the -presidential order creating r.h'us-.tinit'.was to make possible t'he fullest utilisation, of industrial personnel in manufactur- 'weapons' products, The and other essential director makes clear that'it was !meant to. be only. vm' :| adjunc.t to the war effort,' for •fiei'e is i'ts descriptibh bf FEiPC's function: '.'•'-' '..... "The puVpose-'of the'jiiew tee' is 'to' pronibtje the-flille'ist 'lidii of "all' available n•la l npo^yer ;ttn u to eUrninn'te discriminatory erhploy- ' " vitally' important Singapore base. "The British guns . <5ouUl . ji^ye been,, brought into play," saiflj riiq Jap O<Jricr'al,,"bitt for ~'s6mo' Veas'pri Ihey wore not. I expected them 10 wipe u.s mil, but tlicy hev'cr IhslWy' will be furious 'to' kiVdW \\liv the British, p-Unuinue'rttig ''thb Japs iwo-to-one, put 'lip. only 'tjok'oh iiosist.inco on Mqlaya, and .abttn-' t'onfid t.lie base .wiil.clj, ]mcI ( '!U',i<|5e.r( Hclfl, \vpuld lia.Vc 1)'i?cn''()f ^priceless vq|ue.,lo the -^'pste 1 I'ji' li & l l)lfs.' • , Wg- arc slill! iip'i 'j'^dy^ to il cowardice to ,'tJTQ'j ayer.^e, 'Bj'l Toinmy, but 'Giyat'7Bi l itsm's''-. formp.nce in Vjie.'fteicl 'dvjiijing ^jis w^i has been little 'short disgrace- /Ul '- •,:,„,-„., '' The fault lies largely in the Bril- i'jji leadershp. file British, military coste is still sleepe(J..iln tlje ojfl- stliool-tie tradition, Uhfl' »J^' a'r'o pi()inoted for^vylio f hey' ? are,J!£atlier tliap' what ability they-'posses's. ,In tho rose of Mnla,*'?i au(1 Sili.go- poi <, llio British )i[jtl^ iixc'elionl. ' loa'-'ons ftij; tliiivking..'''!}^^!;,, ovbnj lliOtifrh tliyy list' Switaporc, it \youlcl be won back — not by the Bulls'li, but by Americans. ; " ^loiji Singapore pn untiK, I ho \Va|i'3 end ia the East, the British slood bv, leavine; the bl^ndv vqt'lj to American soldiers and sailbrs an'fl wB>'Wes. Tnw moVed 'Back rttp Singapore after the Japs sur- SQ,- erritoi'y saved a take the without much resistance lot of British IJVes. jffy., ,. f ~ f -. American livgs 1 ftat performance Cost, no one will eVer Rriow. SAFE! D, N. O.—(/P)—" Griffin, a Negio farmer not recently—4?ut also 11 her to hide in a ijjjiig She put it he has Been 'm'dnt practices. VOTES .'- vwiao ,--rm.uunsfi .ujo , ek'edutive order eStablisi1ifi3-,?;EPC, ^s 'the .pe'ndUig',ljing, jt .^ rjer- '.liiiihdnt 'bij^y,'. p'rp.hiibts','.ais:riniinaT- Uon becaifee of '"creed, race', nationality or origin,',' the organization's i,nEfn tiTiri':'primary task is^tP «ife 7 a-ed people w'ho seek work i^hers the majority of'em- ployes firo, whites , .. , ....,., oHi-cinls and'advocates Ulis, but ( (h e fadt is v ;Mt ( :,the. ybj; •^tijbi'lty qf disputes bhkrghY befdre t,yih board Jor its regional offices in- Vp'lye throes. Csses affectivic tnerei- ']$$ ofbttter fai-es , are 'negligible, as a sui'Vey pf the' r ;dofeket reVfea}s, ; ..' \ "Triiis the 'present cPntrbVers^ boils down to ail attempt by democrats tb hold this important bloc pi votes, and a maneuver by the rcpuUica-'hs -who sutJ&ort it in the race 'bf Sblithcm legislators' resistance tp,bring the colored population-bam to the pbWical iJarV 'of Abraham Lln:oln. . PRIZ|;—The odtcbme bf ttt presidential election, as well as the cplored Vote, 'If 'it ;lihfe l)j> 6n Bhe KVde'or'tne other in tairly•'suostaiir- tial numbers, could determine the fate of the White Htylse tSttnd in suites, hUvitfg a hunHfed sixty-seven .ele'CWiral jOVe's^pr 'only riiiiety-hi'ne 'less t»an the Vjctsorjpus total of two hundred'and "sixty?six Those commonwealths are New York, New, Jersey, Pennsylvania Ohio, Illlnpis and Michigan. Ih vlev of the' n<5rtl\w-.u-d ernigratlon^of Ne groes during the war year!s of 1941 1S45, it niay be that they lmye, t .as .suihed a balancerbf-pp\ver pCsitioh in offier areas—New "Englari'd,, fo instance Ariyway, their support n Die polls is a rich puze FLAME- The republican inember of the congressional committee in vestigatmg the Pdail Hartfoi 1 disas tei have ahead; begun to'frame ,^'zzling minoiity report that put the blame on the highe$£ 3>id military' officials at Jwasmpg ton, including Piesioent Roosevel formed-Chief of Staff George ">C Marshall, oe-rt'rary Oordeil cabinet members' fetinvson and The G O P-eis Will charge, ma Wabhing't&n ".hdwed ' either ii aiice 01 ncgllgpnee in not foiwai authentic information of the Japa nese menade fo the Officers reSpon sible foi aleitirig bin HaSVali^n out post against ->xternal 'attack—Ad mnal Husband E £immel and Lieutan,t GsneiMl Walfei 0-, Short Although it h^s not been determinec definitely, thfey inay sdkg'^t tlia the'wltrmolding of data'a^d the de Jay in turning a IdSt-mmute tip wa deliberate. ' ; POST-MCRTF'M—The majoi IBS 'Bbn&ibility will be''lai4 at the doo of tne v White Hdu&e, the state and a^'Jlny-riavy departments, • althougl tlVe Hawaiian .convmande^s will no go scot-free. ; faity stiat^gtets. however, doub •\vheUieV the G. O.T i;a'n gain much Apolitical capital .Jrom, the revela tiPns di the forthcoming advers report T'he 'jommittee's mail intii cates that the general public ha lost any real interest in the post moi'tern l?ven mdi'e cu-ama. from nilllbyix dlplPm&tic'c " '" ] life Tlie day upon which Easter shoul the the ;' was decided in the ycaV 32 x',_'_ ^..<—,, in iv._ •^hriscia: J the Courjcil of ihuMhe's at'Njcea. a'etne statred hilft *(»;:«> edi- in a SBries of hilarious photo ayouts. lie is a little fellow with a flat pse, puppy flpg eyes, thi* t black -iima a'fefft'fllfeal alia a deal df perSdHjality. ftKSTED AT 14 , , , , , JMfmer N. Y. ill^Ht club m. c., prizefighter, dfld f terti.M4dtirlcet , McTurk enlistud-in 1942. He had a tough time fitting 'ih. too, because of his age, 44. 'Btlt lie made it with a cOfpofars rating. He v/fts Ft. -'BelVbir,. .. h"»iffe hb -piiiked tip a fdputtitibn as being a very funny fellow. Then a fellow, from Yank Magazine picked Him tb-pose for a, series Pf -funny picture strips. Theh he %as'sent'lUp tt> "Alaska and'bn IbhgWirtter'evett- ing's he looked at "those pictufe stJ'ips and decided that when he got M of We aJniy.he wbuld h'ead;fbr 'Hbllywboa and'fcash ih on .the idea. "I ihitjht eve.h get c my fodtprrnts 1 In ceii^ht 'In 'araum'an's Chinese Theater," he told a couple of buddies. , ..;• ,, -. .-' ,„•. "A 'hundred budKS-;y'6u never ,db.' Idid '6he. '''I'll add $100 to : tha,V' cT.« Lrii -itiy..' jXj iUt_>i -a. ' v$ lrd'ctthfe ih with E'ay after his discharge Joe head- eld' W- 'ttbilpwotta—arid mn. -tfe ml*edi'up W> demerit -Una 'maa'e ',itM *!i£h j****** fc*!***^" i*Ts*- rT T »v : i.»-* *TJ i cha-lh^ndVpa^c%:alKftd^tJ ,a"d scrawled his name a guy with a truck and a block and tackle and at 5:32;pnfe evening /we drove up to ih'e : fSont 6f the theateT and stai;ted'';tb,uffl6ad/' ., . ''-. \ A startled usMer rUshe'd up, yell- ^^"^s'tftl^, 4ip; orae'r," ittfabl.ed Joe. "For fcTOrk's 1 Vie\¥'"p')ct'uVe." fSgard Marechal' with deepest f6f at the end of Wdfld war 1 M rescued TUB itm m sets -from ^hatj. te ^\it it Mtflly, was a most Iffltft I KfM tlftte — 88 Ol] tfrst ..__ j^ack arid did Oft aVrivlftg in the capital Was tb . H<5h; htfadtjliMeite Kftd com ,ny,» companies A, |^ } 0, of iack In'the JaSt cSnflict Maretfha'l' titaes fltf&d , to cites the dferhian liftfes i'rfto fraticfe ff-tffc ocfcupletl t^iglUm Ih 'tttfcsfdns fdi 1 His fedV^ffttftfent, in itfhich Me wfls '& Cabinet minister. In the present war Marebhal has had a sbh SeWng as a riiajbi' in Che -British fttiyal Alr'.Pdifee. An* fither lies'ih ; a "CssSbHslpyaHWh. gfraVe $hefe tHe 'Germans tiuWefl Him aft- eV 'they had klile'H 'him by statva- tibh ahd other -inHUrria'n 'treatmerit. Mil, the Marshals aYe'ri't viii'dltr- ' f a'rtmety t^ctofy from 1* Havre, 3jS«Sth. field artillery Battalion of d»th division! 3^5th ordnance c<5fti-» p»ny{ SSllth ordnance heavy auto 'tttde-fiompahy, - "cWyfromi^Aavre.!, H,and,fi-'of S52hd inf try i'eg'ilftlnib; S4l2nd ordhance tiie- clium tfutd'mbtivfe maintenance cbm- S2l|th -ordnanbe base auto- at •molfve hialnlenance battall6n, eous persohttei ,oh victory from . ,,6 fifst tiffie-I'sttW when the armistice of World "War! I 'Was just .beginning to bfe caMed' motored ritish ' . ill : de(ail. I ha Bfii&fels with £wo jeXdre thfe 'pcri6d fd'r the evaciia-l iih'ttf that cit^ had arrived., To reach ,the capital we hM ; mb- tpred oVer rtlllbs ialorig roads with cheering . Belgittris "who" 'fiefijied <Jii^ car with flowers. We ifenetraV «d : Brus6bls with r m"ueh Uneasiness, f^V-many Germans .were abbtiV/'ttlib' ii't : 'wasn't until we -reached the sWare that we -really encountered; danger. ...... , • ,. ,,;., .. ., t .... . *A huge crowd of Belgians closed in' a"bout our car; -tyi thttt We p'iiflldn't mVve. 'At, tri'at -Juncture a cdrisidte'f- nuinber of .Prussian officers s^kg^erina 'toward tte: d't-r t.i'acted by tlVe''thr6rig'and 'ftie car. knew, we Were. in for -it. unless e 'Wholly unexpected help turned 'up. 'A little man pppoed:ut> ffom ' "and. aslfed : "Can I be of ' deposited It next to r a *palm tree.j Joe slipped "the chain arpund the palm tree, ^nipped t"ne padlppk and! then headed fo* the 1 Wide open spaces. , ., Theife v/as cop\tematipn ftt GTOI- man's Chinese, TfieMe/|hat r h1gJit Notliino; lik"e,;tpat tiad 'ever li&ppef> ed befbre. '.Th^'jCT^rypnTB ^started chuc^cltrtg ahd 'ffoe 'iwas 1 ' gVee'tied as a Very funny fellpV When he returned tlie next night to see how his footprints were doing. ... ... ,. . . hastily explaified our ;-pVe'di- t,. arid said' pur need was for 'ulace to hide — and quick. He — pulled a man out of the crd\Vd and shoypd him onto our running- with a whispered older. well, we wound up in Mafechal's ofyn 'palatial home, 'where he hid its 'uflfci} next day, when We 'ma"de dur 'getaway That same night he at?Ved-as my guide on an expedition ititb ' tjie heart pf Brussels, when agriin disaster nearly overcome -us —but that's another story. Sd The By I see the edifor of 'a prominent vegetal lan magazine" says we should stop beefing abdltl'theat' strikes and shortages and tfe&%e yegetarians. We a*e all diggin^OUr graves -with T-taone steals, dccdrdlrig tp'him Well, maybe, bjf?t, ~ r " E ~ even he must aSTi mit they make fle;-'! licious shoye*:' And can "yd i m a-g i n e what George w o u W have \fs say ii n! came home ,'" duiney . expecti: a thidk ! juii rutabaga roast in 1 front of him? Or 'Without the security of return 'of jcSintal, no capital will be invested in Ttoieien venture's, and without the 'assurance of benefits to the owning ••btmtrv, no inve'stme'nts will be per; 'netted. Alah M Bateman, piofessbr geoloky, Vale TTni- Tuikish republic has'no otih- esit 1 !) than to'cultiv&te Hrid'hiaih- t'dtin friendship with neighboring na- tipns and' believes in th& principles bf'the San Francisco Conference and thP idea of light and justicp -premier 'Shukru Saracoglu bf Turkey. _^ Victory ft-pni Caupuj/ta §telhen-fteld from Oran, William Byrd frbm Bir'kenhead, T. E. Mtitch- ell from Casablanca, fcfreeley Victory : frbfn Calcutta, Ffpstburg Victory frbm Mples. At ^orfolk— MisceiiahepUs on 'Frederick ifeem- lng'tp"n, -Attiiip, Albion Victbry. . 3f[iscellartebus 6h Bland from mar, W. : O- Haah frobH, Manila, Kbtace A* Bdlss frdjh l^earl Harbor Klaskahlhe from Pearl fiarbbr. Higel, 'frpfa 'ivta'hila, ftpbert -fef, Smith frphi : i^earl."iiarbor,-'Winpbsky from XPkosfika, pen. H. W. Butner from Nafeoyk. ,t Seattl tiscellanjsous oh Cape Clear frorr Okinawa, two LCI's-and two'BCS's At Stfh'W'•"' "Subrtml-ine frbiii Los Angeles-^ - * " ' 'oh Btfnilei 1 ..JcOft irlal . vfelfwmt&cY Wm WpS rdll Vaftitlei atiWng tK« IB ' 6t the VfiHitleS'in „._ fife bflfe fef ihg feafiafel .he stofik Show, tf the WHiiief with the Earl Carroll Shdwjlfef 66^ ira'it will be tncftii&ted to $60 I "tf mote than one ^aung Is hoceptahle, J Will givfe . .... contract d^ well," ClftHjH fiSffl.- •ttie oftty QUallCida'ttttrteji the cbntestntits mUSt be 18 age and rtsldefits of to sing Or datiee or .._ other tfelehts are gdod td but ihey are not reb.tiined fol- ing, the content, . , The first .-^iieeii of t^ie contest tP Select the ittfiSt beftti' Birl in TeHto was held last ^ tlie Stock Show and 24S girls entries. Ninety-eight ol thbse tered reppfted for the ' """"" ing up 6n the Entries Should be WftlJeS to 1 the direetors, ;3Nt S^odk Show, P. O. Box 150, Fort, Worth. tforth CfcroimU and V have -iBgisTatlbh, sgatoist;. fihd' riage of •"''' Owing to the rapid ' bf 'the armed f or :es ( . industry will not be ablb lib'.absorb the jie*W eft- tries in the civilian labor force quickly enough tp prevent ffting un- cmploymeht. . , —Report by Secretary Of Commerce Weriry A. Wallace. , - .- •-;;' -~: i nj .1 , i". • — .; —. , i, i , .1,1 in,» 1. paijj from Mail}, -Qendva n Maul, facility -from Pe&rl Harbor. P.VEI, HORIZONTAL ^S, 'Army leader . 12 Ih- attendance queens /the — ^... „ 'Corps. 'Area >VBRTlfcAIi lowUp df th'fee mmmmmm 1,8 Closer 18 SHpi't sleep 19 Midday '21 Wi-itCen dociiment S'ftealh Tffeav body ' Yitirio , . allowance , (AJPta Cab.) SS.ThiTs 33 Cluster 'pf 22 African iiid 24-t)}mfhUtive bf'42: Elizabeth , 43 Chaldean city 25 Boiling term 44 Fall {o fitt 2B"Gree1c letter 45 Satiatfe . 27 E^Vid-parcel " " "" SSExist 3"0 Crimson 49 Hen pWdUct nurse Cab.) 31 Letter of 51 Hifh caAl 10 Nevada cltv Greefe SSVafliigH 11 PeV!6d tif time alphabet ingredient * 12 GdPkingVeSSel 32 1 Ever (contr.) 55 Symbol fir spb-rahgia dn I?ForeTgn age^t 39 Policeman ferns 34 Mountain crest 3j5TSombn roads 36 Military detecting device 37'Alyays 38 Out^of (prefix) 17'MeasCu'e 20 Uhassumed (Mang) irfdium com- «nan,dant of aft aid opce.a meat eat- a meat eater. f s>, .wheh 1 * f t gfyortagU rftr/Jturn on ^•j4^xl flatter my' nun, I' don't get any way,. but. , know theie's mv husband's with. Service, tnc. \._u > . _IH i . ea a / di7es.s, it's a comfort to ' still ^ono .aifin ? lia^e + „ ,'s permission to flir^ Hdson's Column Jest hjs $700 he fiaft f j[j place of an such a unable to ftnd' ' By PETER EPSON • NBA Washingtwv Correspondent :A> — Bed'- M v, t , ,. ither's three 'hours, pf'non-stbp: testimony before •the seijate labor committee' cleared' 'up a 1 1 ! pVi of misconceptions about the General .Motors ,§tnke which this ycuns rrn^ed 'A'uto workers' offidi'al is dirlctmk It c^ais up. thS d^glee tp .which, the corporation has refused to bar- g£in co^ec.ively, Jt clears, up tfye much,ct}»wed : \ip 4 "wanting,to aoPH, at the books " lv4ip^V s U P th e basic Jdeas tyis husky'|}ant pfa union is ^hooting at . . ' . ^As "seiiator Fulbrighi observed, "In" brief, G J4'"a?jer six weeKs' cl^Uberation refused to consider the union's 30 per 1 cant->wagfe. JH9 r ease demand, eve,p, when told that if the «,,,..-.«Q*»«, rt/itilx'* Mrtf XotfriTH t.A nnv 'withoijt ' " ' W( nwj.nfTT ^f, rt~f W ~, ,s was i\PJi* P f FIKST OFFERED NOTHING G, M. qpijriter'propos&j'i hatvellje firs>t, nothing: then, a?;45 tp'''«4 woik w^ek;Utten, iO'deUts aWm ly n 1/2 ppn,ts^^ h |1 > 1 'r r> in3ieas'6n er the strike was called When it became appaient pego- 'tiafiphs Weie tj,$ a. stel<->mjiite t """ 'union suggested' cpncfliatni"' H %e '^ V dejilWBt*W .. the tnapagement refused to th'eiii 'to negotiat'iphs, *The * %eek they were admitted 'servers, tp sit in a corner j nothmg , Th^'fiW^l effcii't/'at ity came 5p J1 a' v unjpn"-pr6'p$fsal |oi <,,—— inan arbitiation, one selected j|y the i dowri/'if ^as Tjec"a*we, >f ttiKt''wfl(tild mean prosperity fpr a few, unemployment for pthers. T^afis not -the answer." ; HE SEES INCREASED ' aVUv 1 ij'Jce uromid jvl(h Ten * . _ , cajfle, in shortly, 'afKr 5 '^ife pf the house. t TK'4y Vock-gardenp, ahd.'w^re'e i Bur'se*y suite'. They i"-^ ^o7hs,>ojj;- -*" " •jtlJ 1 _«_tLli_^ J^_ vh«}er SvM toe "is^v-M _lksy^M mMmw *«%»r by I'bsofe? 6»ew (Jajrs, the , the cpmoany l now?" asHed "Qh, no!" to meet with tl}e company, . - i Qwey, "We tp participtoj cput; country h! duction billion-do & B-29 has, tp Treasury ment that to be raised Pf repeal pj tjie . §& tatf * ™.. ... .,....-,.,.,-,, frMI*VC**7( -w ^Sln»gement gQ bfteH to wprk.|{ the fee .wa§ L taking unf^r-advantage., afrai,d, ha4' The an 'inseparable -trio |or When Betsy was small'and ,af<ier them, Travers " " ' her ( \v)th a'gppd-ns mqnt because she was Fletph's sigte'r, arid "Fletch'liked Betsy %'J;- girig alOng. But along «bout "when, Betsy'wasae.'it-w' ~ tolerated her With it Was (Traverse she (ag-.along. her to'W 'jiftcl. pl'ay c ( ar, He had and ( chqcjjed,' Mished ihfedical Sehi •limn binMtnM JtT- •'..

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