Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 18, 1961 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 18, 1961
Page 6
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6S-OEI RIO (Texos) NEWS-HERAIO, Sunday, Juno 18, 1961 Blistering Heat Wave Continues to Grip West Board Revokes Doctor's License i i DIG SPRiXG, Tex. (AP)—The- Texas State Medical Hoard Thurs- '. clay revoked the license of Dr. : i Eileen MeAvoy to practice medi- '. i cine in Texas. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS temperatures. Summer's first hisMerms hr-rit Rail; helped cut thi: fin.- fianucr wave lingered on in fonio pans in New Mexico's nnliona! forf>ts of the West ^."aunkiy. The lire ••although a batch of s.mal) li-^iil- situation rcmair.eil n-rioii> in ning-cau.sed fires kept crev. < many areas. • busy. A Purest Sfrvu'i' pilot. Verde I'lN-de of San L<'awiro. Caii! . v;i^ ki!le<l Thiir-day wlv.'n ")m •lau'rUT plane eraslted in thr liil.i \a- tiona) Purest »s he was dropping a -fire-reiardini water niivtitrc ahead of the flanu-s r-icifi'' thcr* 1 . Diminishing; v.unis u;uo !'•' ; ! rr ficluers, a break in their !>::iiie H'-I.'iijiM a .','HH'-;ii.T<: iilrs/e in t !:-•.Tomo National l-'orv>: of Ars/nr.u. An e.\rep;io;j .%;,. [\if NY.rihfri California t-ii/>vt. Si-:< hivr/vs iv turned that d^tru' u> r^ar nor inal Friday asu-rrtni} ar,ci iiu cooiinf: tremi -^--o <h \pi-i-ted it move inisiit; h» S:;n'.!.;v the slate •>? W ;•-•'••!•-; lorecaM i:i-.j:i-;i:v.i rv-> rc'hi-t m i;;h? }'i!?'..< i mum of ii-i tK ;rv, - ; Walla i '-'.-.. Sp. )';:,(:;..• •.«•) SS. Seattle'* rc-o-;l:t;i- time hiuii for .tir'H; "i^ San 'Fr^nci-'.vv <:r ; ;•• Tr; dot.-!-..- T'v; • I-.-.-- fro5n Thjir-i'.^v ':• -r:::. But . v'aij::^:-.!.! .- : eontiniir<5 '••• - : - '•'.' r [vr-L--Kv! in ;" n ami 'lio timniii r- A 'shov.ers iiu-roiu^ed liopi !i"i'. \vhieh thre-'iten'eii > lo <!> -I'i'n lie unrler eornn-l A 4,TiK"-ac-re !).!n<"e ilia! :~'.v NEWS BRJEFS FROM MEXICO ECONOMIC CENSUS ermneni ;^ e^nc;..i;:i:_ ir; --t->:!^!ii ie censu- T]-,-- •_•-.-.:?•:••>.<*•- ;- ;- ( -hrair. fi?!.!re> .:tn M;'-\ir.i;: '."ihjsir;. ar-d tommert. 1 ". RETURNS FROM ASIA MEXH'O iJH'\ -. \l- .—<•:•- Mi- gur-l Mrirsri'.* Siinc 1 -^;; -.c-ho has been heading s -''evican gt^icivviil mission o;» --. tour <>f -\.-ia' i» ex- pecteci --10 rs-^.rr: iu-rc Sai.irtiay. SHRIMP PRICES TO DIP MEXK'O CITY >AP- — Shrimp prices are iikelv ;o <*; - iip ix'oa;:;? of heavier esiche.= : .h; ? .;.-:•;•. r. the National- Cbai-i'h-r of the Fishing Industry reptirtti' r.ert: I-a'i year the shrimp c='ch -tot a led 3Sfi,fv't tons. IR th-- i;r-i fr. •>_• rsirtnth> of this year. U;e t:.lvh ^^ed hy 2.K-0 tch-ii. EXCHANGE TECHNICIANS MEXIO ' OCIT-V AP: — Puerto Rico anri .\k-x:c--> v. ;}\ vj.r.ciuc't an ers m a.ur;t -;: : l ; :raJ ^ ,•:•:; fosnincr- cial cc>operatr c- HEAR YALE GLEE CLUB MEXICO f'iTY tAT .—\V.Tker> frorii tiie hucc O-Trra: Eic-cir.ic asscmhly r4ar:-_ !if;-:rd ai:jio>i I'M. hours of sjri^ini: Yale L : ni-, er^ry •• ASKS LOYALTY .MKXICO i"lT\ . \: Adolfo I^'>!;e? \t:ir. - i!'cans Friday it- »u • .by irc-c- c inp principle:-" T«> :: -^:L-\ »• in their country, love tiiCir cv-untr> and fisht Jr.r thejr vf/i!r.<r> He 5(v4;o to the «i--ir>i!sic- of the S'.'Vern- ' Parly of IU'-oiu;:'jr;ary in.-vii-j- , lions. i ASKS PROTEC75ON MEXICO CiTY A>'= — tuurisi Afan-.m K=-..c- de I^t-iin as;ked rx.'iicr pr<= : "-.-C;on !-' r • (i a y against a uritur •:•; ':-i : if-r Ciihans. her. READ THE CLASSlKItO ADS Picnics . . . backyard parties.., indoor gatherings ... all call for 1$ < : ,i ICE Perfectly sized fo? drinks end icing coders. Day and Kight Sizes Self-Service! 2Qc tiUji^"— r -^/j , j -^ o n d 35c A & S DRIVE-IN FOOD STORE 1306 E^'Gibbs ! i)r. McAvoy, 38, Dig Spring, : was found guilty of obtaining nar- thrri!.it:h brush. cr;,in fields and colics by false 'prescriptions' and wtN'.'dlgrui* hortiivast of Paso Rob-'• also of allowing unauthorized pcr- !t'< in eonir::! CahJornia . was con- sons to practice medicine.. ; t.-!j!:-.--'i Tfiiir.-<lay. | The board dropped allegations ('nv.s appoircd 10 be sotting that she had been inlemperalure lisi^ i;p:vr i.^ncl sl>-n on a 1.6<X)- ; in the use of nareoties and that ;n.n- fire in ihe San (iahriel Can- she prescribrd narcoties to known >or i:;--! !•; 1 .'•>•, An^ele.-", Fire . adtiii is. Siroi-.i;- «.;;! .-irsi;-u . laic Thursday in Diivid Scarborough, attonjt-y for ^.!;!T! <'::(•: > t ;i—>ii-nr- 01 (lie (roil- Dr. McAvoy. announced .he would '.)>( >•>:!!<- >•!:».•• oarhiT in the week appenl ihe decision. •t-V:rd after con- [) r . McAi-oy. o/i ihe advice of acres. her counsel, did not tiike the «. musty Sheriff t v >? isieantiine. ' She ~5^|rBlso under imiicf men* in >iiiiu : J reservists )! ^ih f)istriel Court here on hi trail?. ' eharges of ohtaininx nnrcotics by 1 , heal" vv'ave, a false- prescriptions. e !:•';.nu'd on ihe. • er. and agritul- A WHOLE HOG? ifi;rited i! caused aii'.- to Northern counter here adverse;- a suusa^c r,iu' livestock. in-K-bun specialty Lubbock Accident Takes Three Lives 1 POSTHUMOUS i • •CHATTAN'OO'OA ' tff—The "best is I) around Key Clubber" of the \ KemucUy-Tennessee District of I Key Clubs is a lad Who- didn't I x ' 'niiike the conventioji. The Kiwan- LUBBOCK. Tex. (AP)—Three )S -spoiisored ii'gh school service t persons were'killed and five in- organization voted the honor to i jured Thursday in a headon Fred Fly, 1G. of Sholbyvilie. Term., | of two autos near here. i^lio was killed in a traffic acv-f- I- Killed were Woodson Brec-dlove' Jont three days before tiie ill.;. King, «, Petersburg. Tex.: his trici. .spring cunveniion began. -wife, Mrs. Dorothy Kiny, 48- and .. • ' Mrs. Vina Ross Gould; W. Plainview, Tex. All were in the same ! car. I Injured were James H. Yowe'll, 130, Ira I'yle. 27 r Johnny Tyree, 20, Billy Ran Swniin, 'i'i, all of Plainvicw. ami Aaron Khner Robertson. Kress. They were taken lo a l.ubboi'k hospital. t-atl'.- DAILY \< ILO-» CROSSWORD 1 ! I ."'I. Parcel Ca: Japanese• .ni'iii'iurt 1 2.6, Domiind. us pavnsciil 37. Shor-i- biliod.. r.iil :;s. Give 40. JVopert-, •53: year. 1 ; 42. M:^s Davis •4-4. n\ixgod - n^ouritiiin ci' ^.j. At '.".:j:r;:*tte now.v W.\ fc'-'T DAILV Cia'PTO(il'()TK — Here's how to work it: A x Y i) r. B A A x i: is I. O N (i I" F. L I. O VV One letter siiiir-ly ;;t;ir^!s fur ,.roi}.-:r. 1:: l;.-:s S:jr:p'^ A in ;!?c'J for ihc tJ.rcc L'?. X !-ir I:.-.- '.'.'. ^ ti".-:. •.-:.,•.•• ^.;-^;<- :?• t-:-v.-', a;*os- trophic^, the Icnrth ::!!'! ftir:!;.-t'.:-i!: <;f i:;e ^^:^:s arc ail hints. Kach uiiy Uie code !ettor:i :ite ciffc-rcn. A C'rj'pto;;raiii Quo'.ation Q S G O J V L- C i: A i' C -J B B C C; Y X 5 Q Y C . If S X F DC K A Y Y A G i" B X C U U K N V x s c G — J s a G v v !-: ;:. -i"t-lrr(ni\V f"r\{i:i>c|inf*--: 'iT.V V,'ji AT Vf.iU WILL, THEKK'S LIKK LKAT^KR -ANONYMOUS. i-L ICfc!. K.::.4 jXa;:.;-:-j S;.n'J:^i::, In. 1 .) THE FUTURE OF ACROSS THE CENTER OF AM1STAD LAKE To efimirtafe the possibility of Highway 90 being re-rooted in later years it is imperative that ROUTE NO. 1 through the lake be built during the construction of the dam. IT CAN NEVER BE DONE ONCE THE DAM IS CONSTRUCTED. We earnestly urge everyone to attend the hearing that is to be held TUESDAY IN THE COURT HOUSE. ROUTE 1 W O O D JEWELERS REPUBLICAN SENATOR —' Democratic Vice-President Lyndon B. Jnhnyors, right, eonri: ululates John G. Tower . shortly after he was sworn in as Texas' first Republican Ki.i.filfA, vv :;! ' ~ A . h ' n !' h Senator since Reconstruction Days. Tower, who was elected to the Scnaio seal- vacated by Johnson when he became Vice-President, received a half-minute standing ovation from the jammed Senate galleries. KKAD THI: rLAssiKSF.n ADS • • . " (NEA Telephoto) 2 Sandwiches." EXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK of all kinds. • Guaranteed work done by Johnny DuPrec BEAU'S CONVENIENT PARKING LOT WE'RE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH Daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.- Sundays and Holidays 9'a.m. to 12^ Noon 5 p.m. lo 7 a.m. DEL RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BtDG. Phone PR 5-2415 W^l t-y.x-3 m $*:'•••••; Low Pric ^r%- r~> i j rga ii %*•** V^ixi^' pf^ IM fev°:FTr j~ S OTHER 7.50-14 Black Plus tax and tire off your car REGARDLESb of CONDITION Firestone's superior quality allows us to give you a 12 to 36-month guarantee against tire failure from blowouts, cuts, bruises or breaks caused by normal ROAD HAZARDS encountered in everyday driving . .. PLUS our Lifetime Guarantee. LY t-OW-F>RiCED! Champion 7.50--14 Black Plus tax and tire o?f youi REGARDLESS o! CONDITION ~"~ F"amous Firestone prccision-bladed tread d< -• Made with long-wearing Firestone Rubbc-r-X & S/F Safety-Fortified nylon cord body {Tj: Every new Firestone tire is GUARANTEED jgi fg 1. Against defects in workmanship and mate-rials for the life of '•,£>. iCi the original trc-ad. '•!•••' 9 ': 2. Against normal road hazards (except repairable punctures) ;M §§fi encotmterpd in everyday driving for the number of mouths'^ '$@it specified. Under (hi^e si3;jraritees repairs are made without f r charge, replacements ar<? prc-ralc.^ on irc-ad wear and based ;1^ on list prices current at lime of at' m GUARAMT MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE 22 Plus is« ind tire oil your car REGARDLESS of CONDITION Speedway-proved for turnpike safety • BUDGET TERMS ARRANGED © AUTOS 630 S. MAIN 5-3453

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