The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 1, 1959 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1959
Page 7
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port tod Bftnorfc County,Tmu, Tuei., 8*t>t«ntw 1,195* THS BEAZ08P011T f ACTV BLONDI1 BABBLING BPOOK SANITARIUM-OUST BECAUSE OP ^Sa WCT-HEAOEO^' FIANCEE ff LIL' ABNEB FUST Wffl, POUTICWN'MY FOOL HEAD OFF OONTVBOIT PUMAS SICK AN'TIMD Of AU.7HAT BABY-KIMIHT LANDS, NOR SNUFFY SMIT5 THAT'S OOP.. THIS ROPE WASN'T HANSIS& HERE THIS' •MORMINS ' ITS SORT OF INTfBeOlNO, I BOT 3» BeTTER NOT ' FOOL. WITH rr HOW DO VpO EXPECT TO UAJ»i«PrHiN&s IP YOU'RE NOT CUfUOOCff BEETLE BAILEY TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED Whafever Th. TrovM.... Army Fills Need Of Unemployed, Friendltss Are you unemployed? Hungry? Friendless? Alone in a strange city? Hurt or disabled? Lost and In need of splritualcomfort? If so, you would be aided by the Salvation Army, according to the committees conduct- Ing Brazoria County's .United Fund In Its first year of operation. The Salvation Army is one of the organization* deriving fund* from the United Fund drive. '•'•' Wherever a person 1« or what his trouble may be, the Salvation Army steps In to help, seeks him out, finds him, and then helps him to find himself, giving whatever physical or spiritual aid and comfort is needed. .The Salvation. Army is best known for the disaster canteens that appear suddenly wherever there is a tornado, explosion, flre, flood or other disaster. But equally important, In the eye* of Salvation Army workers, are the day-by-day services that serve quietly,to administer to ,.u , Dee °y> Believe pain and misery, and bring man into a sense of his proper relationship to God and his fellow man." In the larger cities of Texas, the Salvation Army has 37 corps units, each in command of a uniformed, commissioned officer. In most cities there is a husband and wife team who direct the program. In smaller communities, the work Is carried out by volunteer local citizens. One of the Army's broadest programs is social rehabilitation. For men, tare are the Men i Social Service Centers, which provide counseling and work therapy. The Women'* Social Snrvlce Department provide* such well known activities M flic Homes and Hospitals for Unwed Mothers, tf which there ate two In Texas. A* In <rth'*r operations of the Army, th« purpose Is to restore the girl to a useful and proper place in society. The Brazoria County United Fund has drawn up this partial list of the services of the Salvation Army: General Aid: Clothing, shoes, rainwear, aid to victims of fire, flood, storm or other dlf. aster, bedding and furniture, meals, lodging and other relief for transient!, hearing aid* aid for the blind. Medical and surgical: Car* for unwed mothers, tonsillectomies, appendectomies emergency care In hospitals, ambulance service, wheel chairs, crutches. . '••'.•. Optical and dental: Examinations, prescriptions, treatments, glasses, dentures. Health: Campships lor worthy boys or sdrls aid in dietary deficiency, campshipa for overworked mothers, sports equipment, life preserving facilities, artificial limbs. Education: Playground equipment, schoo lunches* milk for needy children, scholarships and other student aid. Aid to families: Food, clothing, rent, fuel medicines, furniture, family counseling, anything that will strengthen family tie*. Aid to children: Shoes, clothing, lunches for school, glasses, dental care,, scholarships, aids for employment, summer camps Mayor L. V. CoMvar r«f ort*« n the wattraM s*war bonds vUeh were to BrtvMto fadU- «s to the moat tafait rHtden- al anntxaUM of the ettjr at the recent refute Cluta'Coub- il meeting. Wh«o Wilson Waggoner tak- ed when water aa* stwer lint* would be laid !•' the new; ,at*i, Mayor Cdneyir. tald that' th* oted but unsold «M,0M'fn ondi w*r* not.salable flew^. Their short term •recallable em» make them unpopular with Investors who want a onger period of interest ,wh*n urchulng bonds. Wttrtf Ward toW. Waggoner hat there had b**n f 40,000 In ity funds for the faefflttti when the.area was anlintd When the city sewer eutf In* eeUapMd, enaUaf aawafa AND THE BANDS PLAYED ON. Summu band clastts hav* betn underway «»ch roorninj. ia Wist Columbia under th* direction of A. L. Kubena wh*. is shown h*r* conducting th* junior nigh school group in lh*ir practice. ClaiMs for this group as w*U as th* sixth grid* b*ginn»s and th* senior band began two w«*ks ago and coniinuo up to th* start of school today. Surf Drive In To Re-Open Sept. 3 The Surt Drive In Theatre on Highway.288 will re-open Thursday under the management of Al-Ra Theatres, IDC. The theatre, originally built and operated by Bill Arthur, will be operated by the San Antonlb firm which Is owned by two veteran theatremen, Charlie Albert and BUI Rau. The company has several other theatrevin San Antonio, Cor- MilUon-Dollar Got* NEW YORK JCPIi— Tfce Jack . I fic'hfat Jersey City, Jf. Jl'.'en July 3, 1921, not only drew boxing's first million-dollar tat* (11,789.!38). but it was the first wsrW title fight to be radio broadcast. WEU—CEOU Fomsor H-M../ WHV Naryj ^,- 1 GROCERIES LUfi HOME../ NOW SHOWING "THE BIO CIRCUS" BHONDA FLEMING VICTOR MATURE GRANDMA BE THE HOUSE OF HITS ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Today Thro Thurs,, Sept S HIM ~~H£ MMDfP IT WEB TO COKTES, AH ORGANIZATION MM. WHO, -CARLO**, KIN* Of «*W, EMPKC* OF SECMANY/ IT WAS TAKEN FINE WHERE IT'S I lUlNdf BEEN fOK 400 COMINa-FRI.. Sept. 4 "SOUTH PACIFIC" pus Christ! and the Valley. Sam Kellog of Corpus Christi has been named temporary! manager of the local theatre! and will: operate it until aS permanent manager is selected.! The new operators, will fol-l low the past procedure of starting the shows at dark. The snack bar will also be in operation then. __ , CffOWH. CVEK SIX n*r Mew MAX a= HWOK&SQ naufs'Of we SACKEP QUETZAL BIBQ M9 MOCTKUMA'S SYMBOL - ..... THfgfjM/stl.. WANTING TO 6gT INS&.ID WITH TH£ FRONT Office, SENT n Off TO—- Hissing Boys Two Freeport ' youn g s t * r a were the object ot several hours of searching Friday afternoon. The boys, five and six years of age, were finally found playing near the Old River. Mrs. V. L. Schmidt of 402 West Second notified Fre*port police shortly after noon Friday that her son, Don, and a playmate, John Prichard, had not been seen since about 10:30 a.m. Police searched unsuccessfully for th* boys who were finally located in the OH River area, according to call from Schmidt at 4:08 p.m. BABY KHRUSH HOPE MILLS. H.C. (rjPIV- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sti**t trying to d*cid* on a nun* for ih*ii I6ih child, finally chos* on* lluy/d s**n in th* n*wspap*rs. Th*y nam*d th* babr Niklta Ktuusca** Strut. you go*.. T$0 Mayor (HvM tadRfpert ls|otal problems, t)M . «f to to us.* ft, * »«*«*. 11 Itut, whieh WM tm»tf rtpltM, h« itioV '^ Majfor Cmuvec teM TlMllk" th* jr*W*m weuM B« inn* ut somehow. BRIDAL CENTER NOWllN JBWBL1T AnaouaeM th« Opwiaf .•"'".''.'•'•'.'.., *'• ' " i Of UljrfftM for th« prMttM of •..'•'. i •; •/ • ..' - OEVEKAL DEHTISTllT iUITE L&lu Jaekfton ProffewiciuJ luildinf Lak« Jacluon, Tcxu Offiw Phoiw CY 14IM Resident Phone CY7-«« : Offic* Houri: 8:30 A.M. — 8 P.M. Community Calendar TDI1DAT, T:JO pjn/— V«U*:o -Uuaaie Lodge, Velasco " , 7:30 pjn. - Velaseo Uoa» ..Club, Whltten's. T:J<H>.m.-V«Uico B ',* FW Club,. Velasea^Communlty HOUS* ;:>-•:-'• ' -~-- 7:3b pjn.— BrazMport Boat Club, . . ChsimDer " el Co»- meree Bldt. ' 7:10 p.m.— American Uglam Post 1M. Letlea Hill, Uk» Jackson , ' . VTED^SDAl, KM. t 12:1$ p.m.— Freepert lEivanis, Do* Potel 7:30 pjn.— Anilttom Chapter, D* UaUy's. KasenU Tern- pie- ; ; • • 1:00 p.m.- rot, sjorfSLl* Road'- •. '•'• .'•-.. THTBBD4T, fEPTEMBEIt I 7:30 pjn.— KnifhU of Ceium- - bus. Council rtaUvrr**pert 7:30 p.m.— K of P Lodf* Ne. t7t.\K:qf P Ball, fteeyort 1:00 p.m.-Freeport Kebekalu Ladge Mo. M7, 19OT " •:00 pja.-Jo»«* Creek Com. mu«Jty B«UM . SErnuun *;-- 1J:1S jjn ' OptraUnt lag. VM*1 ary, Port Caft l.U tjn.-Wcaw'» Aux. UM4.TJnlW.HaU-. ,^ -. TUESDAY, 7:»« PJB.— y*lase» Lodge, VeUsco 7:30 .pjn.- Vtlaaea U*ai Cluo. Whittw's t:» p.m.-V«l»«o» B * PW Cluo. Vetaaea C4m«iuiilty* House i. . . r," 7.30 p.m.— Bttiatpott, . BoeJ Club, ChamlNr ,of CortX mere* Bldg. ' •• -J "£ 7 ;bO p.m.- American Legiaa Pest 30«, Uflon Hall, Jtcluon >- . , ...... ., .. ,... WEDNEIOAK. ••«, • 12:15 pjii.-Fr*eport Dow. Hotel - . 1:40 pjn.— Angleton Dt Malays, ttasttmie •- PI*.- :••• • •.•,:1:00 p.f».- POK, 1:00 t>.n^.TT-AlcohaUe Annpay- *•*'"'< ^ KrMport -Call Pmport BE 1-4411, «rt*nti»n l-VOl for UtUlf : . • Pr*s*»t«4 a* a public «rvlc« w. ' THE BOW CHEMICAL COMPANY • ..-..• Texas bivi«Vn ''. " •"- QOEDO GALA OPENING! THURSDAY NITE SEPTEMBER 3rd UNDER NEW MANA&EMENT ' YOUR FRIENDLY For Distinctive Printing ^^•^s»^^^ Commercial Printing Office Fprms Register Forms THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS

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