Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on May 29, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Page 5
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. >a . Meters ^ ft**** 1 . ClMfWotet. JMflirfiiti tffca in stocfc. Ail iaotoH .to factors' specification*. pgf 6ofdge and Salvage C6. $08 W? KingSffiin, PHpnfe 1661 ~ See-Try-Buy , THE NEW . KAISER AND FRAZER Gdfvey Motor Co, 1941 PJetllne Chevrolet, rrullo and .1947 tfieet Hfrtstcr Chevrolet. 193G Fora 1-door. now motor, npw tires.; . 1941 FpS-d Coupe, rnflSo nnd hf-ntcr. 1939 Rfltck 4 -door Special. , 700 W. Foster Phona 55 USED CAR EXCHANGE 421 S. Cuyler Phone 315 Need n. Jcen? We hnve n (rood IIFOC! Temp. , '41 Chevrolet Plrlt-up. '41 G. M. C, Pick-up. '40 Chevrolet Coupe. '30 Chevrolet Tudor. Luto modfel 6-foot Combine. t .We snoclaUJic In meclmnlc work on all • tnakos-of cars. All work frunrnntepd. Lpng's Garage & Serv. Station 323 S. Cuyler Phone 175 ':• O. C, MBAD ' until Cnrs—Trrtllor Hoitsps 421 8. DlllPsplR, Mtnmj Hjw_tiy,__R__7aW Special On Good Usetd Cars ~ '41 Chevrolet Club Coupp. '•(I OldsJnobllf. Tudnf. '41 Chevrolet fi-passenccr Couno, radio nnrt liPttter. • PAMPA USED CAR LOT 117 R. KlnPTRmil! Phone 154f I. G. HUDSON USED CARS 309 N. Ballard 1940 Intnrnntlonnl'Truck U W. B.. (rood condition. Femusori 2-hottom plow for Fnrd , Tract or. 1942 Tutlor Clievrolet, fixcfllont t-.on- , dltloit. SPO at Cockrell's Uody Shop, 9.17 H, FOR SAIiE—1910 Dddca Club Couno, fi KoOd i tlrcR, rndlo and hnntrr. Clean, (rood fondlllon. 911 W. \VIIUn. Plioim'JOZS-W. 122—Trucki FOR HAZ,E—2: Kinnll trnclt boda, fix9. Small 2-wlipnl trnllor. P. Tkt. Pros- _nnjt. Phonff ZlCnAV or S34 K. Tlgnor. 1941 KOttD . PIcKUp.' % ton. \vith"l4"- foot pcrvica tVailer. liraUoK. Will soil tocetlior or separate. Skinner Oaraco? Call .1.17. FOR SALR-pn TllAHR—1941 C. M. C. Truck. -Obod condition. Two spoo.d axlo. raddle tanks. $7C>0. 1942 DodRO Station Wacon, cood condition, $7"iO. : Also 21-ft Romi-lrallpr, crood, $300. Would consider trailn for Into model ear. A. ff. Hcnnau. "> ml, pant of on .UlRhwnv (1C. 123—Troileri ;GOOD 2-whpp| trallpr, irood Urns and i tulips .-for sain nt lijj South Tlgnor. For; Sole; Hobbs Trailer, 27' foot Oval Front, 920 Dual .Tires, Vacuum Brakes, Good : Rubber, Good Condition, $1200.00- Contact W. S. /•Nearly, Jr., Staley Bldg. ..'; Wichita Falls, Texas. 128—Accessories WE have :fn stock now—Tires. Kener- ators. starters, V-8: water pumps, brako drums, transmission {rears and ; 100,000 other. Rood used parts for '• all cars. See us.-flrst and gave your .' self a lit of huntlnK. Pampa Garage and Salvage. 808 W. Klnirsralll 1. T»hon«i Ifltfil ; MAGNETO REPAIRING All >Vorlc, Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials ; go FOBAN, Owner •601 E. Harvester Phone 1152 Afioui * Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Moore, ji 209 E. Browning, announce th birth of a daughter on Wednesday May 28, in Worley Hospital. Tri ibflbv weighed 6 Ibs. and 10 ox. a birth and has been named Charlott Irenci Lfgten to the Cap Rock Playboy on Lc'vine's Jamboree, 9 to 9:5 p. m.'tonlte over KPDN. These boy will be at the Southern Club aft'e 9:30 p. m.*' Mrs. Arthur Ilcflin and children Jeft today for Lindsbors, Kans where they will attend the funera of-Mrs. Heflin's brother. Dance every Sat. nite to Vic Dia 7-piece brass band at the Souther Club. No charge on tables.*' Mi-, artel Mrs. John R. Wilde, 81 E. Jordan, ahounce the birth of . daughter, Vicki Lyrin, on Tuesday May 27, in Pamna Hospital, weigh ing 7 IbS. and 13 07,. Mrs. Wilde i the former Doris Barrett. 2 outboard motors for sale, als« 12-gatige pump shotgun. K. & R Service Station, 322 N. Cuyler.* Attending the recital Tuesda> evening in the First Baptist Churcl of Miss Elise Donaldson's piano pu plls were Mr. and Mrs. George M Waddell. Amarillo, grandparents o Pamela Price, who appeared in tin recital; and Mrs. Howard Leech concert manager of the Panhandli Concert Bureau in Amarillo, aunt.o Pamela. Mr. Waddeil is busihes manager of the Airiarilio Citi School System. One apartment size Holnoint electric ratifrc, now available at Moderi trie range, now available at Modern Appliance.* Others attending Miss Donaldson's recital from Amarillo wen Mrs. M. R. Janness and Mrs. Myron Dorman, grandmother and sister of Jacquelyn Merchant, who also apepared in th'j recital. Roy & Bob Bike Shon will repair your bike or sell you the parts for the .lob. 414 W. BrowniiiR.* Wilbur Wells, Guymon, Okla., was in Pampa yesterday. He is a foi'mci Pampan having been employed' in the Circulation Department of the Pampn News. Ho recently returned from Japan and received his discharge from tho Army Air Forces. You're bound to be' a success if your clothes are kept looking handsome and new. Let Master Cleaners help you keep them that way through hot summer months.* Among the 32." candidates for bachelors degrees from Texas state College for Women, Denton, is Miss Belli Bailey, Pampa. A health, physical education, and recreation ma~ j6r, Miss Bailey has applied for her bachelor of science degree. At TSCW she has been a member of the Profession Club for three years and manager of the WRA Basketball' Team. Clegs; instant ambulance. P. 2454.* Public Stenographer. Abott Building, Rm. 4, Ph. 630. F 1 , Crum." Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Boswcll and • THE STATE OF TEXAS Itamscy Knnlx, individually and n member of Uie firm of Allroil-Kimlx ConsU-noUon c u ,, u c'O-D/irtiii'i'slilii GITKKTIXC.S: -iM'Ui. luu aro cuiniimiiiluil to niuu'itr mid answer Ihn plaintiffs petition at or lioforn 10 o'clock A. M. of tho first .Monday after iho oxiilrniiou of 42 'Inys 1'rom Iho date of issuance, ot tills Citation, the same belli)* Monday tlio S.'tril tiny of Jiini'. A. I)., I!)I7 at SIPTOL 1 yM'ihwtant relfef t* a _; «d-up fwd-cold and eough,' throat , irritation, and hoarseness due to a •old. Siptol loosens the phelgro in th« ' nasal an4 bronchial tract, and iaake« - 'breathing easier and checks eveis* ^•nothing. P PTOL CRETNEY DRUQ CO. hffore or bpfuiv"Ut oviofli' A'. ..„.„ tlio IInnnrahli> nisi Hoi dnii-i of Cirnv County, at UK; Court, ilmisi' in Pampa, TVxfts. Sftld plnlntiff's until Ion was filed on tlio lit!] flay of, llilfi. T TIip file ttymnher of unit! .siill^liclne The naniR.s of tlin pnrilos In .snifl Bull . Pelmnr Potter ns Plnlnlirf, find The C.ity. of Pampa, a municipal Corporation and AIlred-Himix Const ruction Company, ti co-partnership composed nfW. C. Allrcd, J. R. Anderson and Ramsey Rnnix, as Defendant. The.'nature of said suit being- sub. slantially an follows, lo w|t: A suit for damages for personal injuries alleged to bo proximate result of noffllR-ence of, tho Defendant!) jointly and severally; If this Citation Is not Served within .10 days after the date of its issuance, it shall be returned unso.rved. Issued this tho 7th day of May, A. Oiven under my hand and seal or Kiild Court at offluo in 1'ampa, Texas, this thfMTtli day of May A. D., 11147. i(SEAL) • . DRR PATTIORSON, Cleric District Court, Gray County, Texas. By Louise Stuart, Deputy. " '" 28, 29. I CAN'T STEAL FLAVOR FROM THAT BOTTLE , t-.lure, we likesuolighMn^git'j a,lt>Qftlfd beverage. Gets right 1 Stegls ihe delicate flavor «! bottle is evep ppened ' smber, flayor-guard- e bottle that lf^ the fresh fr^U flsffpr/ driiighter, Betty Jenn, and Mrs. Die- mia Wood attended Wednesdav evening's session of the Northwest Texas Methodist Conference at the Polk Street Methodist, Church in Amarillo. Do you want lo raise some pedigreed Cocker puppies? I have some females I will lease to' responsible people. Phone 2399.* Mrs. .Toe Sheldon and Mrs. A. 15. Carruth left yesterday for Denton. They will be accompanied home by their daughters, Joelln Shelton Jerry Carruth, students at TSCW. Attend Pie Supper Sat., 8 p. m. I. O. O. P Hall. Public invited.' Mrs. II. Clyde Smith and Emma Gail are vnltinq; relatives in Amarillo this week while Reverend Smith attends the Methodist conference. For sale l)y individual — 3-picce walnut bedroom suite. See at Pam- pn Craftshop, 821 S. Cuyler.* Mr. and Mrs. II. .1. SoulhwlcU and daughters, .Tune and Martha Jean, wih leave tomorrow for Greenwood, Miss., where they will attend the wedding Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock of their son, Jack Drew Southwick, and Miss Margaret Lynn Guttter. The wedding will take place in the First Presbyterian Church of Greenwood. General Electric, Hoffman, Stew-: art Warner, Teletone, Howard and Erewster radios and radio phonograph combination at Modern Appliance." Clyde Smith, .Jr., is visiting his sister, Mrs. L. C. Neighbors, and family in Bryan. Route '66 Tax Culling l (Continued l''rojn PnKo 11 ductions are $1,000 a year or less. 30 to 20 percent on net incomes between $1,000 and approximately $1,400. 20 percent between $1,400 and $79,700. 15 percent from $79,700 to $3Q2,- 400'. 10.5 percent on all above $302,400. The 15 percent bracket was wrlt- ;en in by the Finance Committee in answer to complaints that the original $1,400 to $302,400 spread of :he 20 percent bracket, as voted by ,he House, was too wide. The "Grizzly Giant," a tree in Yosemile National Park, is 27.C feet in diameter , 209 feet tall and iiorc than 3,000 years, old. (Continued From Pa ere 1) through the town, but "another road as surveyed would be of a curcular trend, several blocks north of the present paved road." This proposal, he continues, "wculd require purchase of right of way the entire distance through the town at a considerable cost and create a hazard, by crossing the public road that comes into Alanreed from the north to U. S. 66. This north road is to be paved by virtue of a merger bond issue voted by property owners of Gray County in 1931. To meet financial cost of a new road, we are told a bond issue would be necessary. "Fellow citizens, investigate, think this over, why permit spending honest taxpayers' money for a needless purpose?" He concluded: "We pray of those in authority, our honorable Commissioners Court, your exercise of justice and fairness, be, to help, and not to jeopardize the intent of a citizenship who are taxpayers and co-builders for the better tilings of life, but not a waste of tlio people's money." Colonel (Continued From P.ICTP 1) stones liome in March, 1940, without challenge, his statement disclosed; but ho kept four in his pocket when he returned to Tokyo two months later. These, he said, were the four he had in his possession when customs agents searched him as he returned again to San Francisco Feb. 3, 1947. Bids Received on Highway 66 Repairs Among low bids received yesterday on 22 road projects, which totaled $2,170,891, were bids for the improvements to be made on U. S. Highway C6 in Gray County, it was announced by the Associated Press. Projects that were bid on were in Ellis, Hill, Morris, Titus, Harrison, Cass, Hartley, Deaf Smith, Oldham, Gray, Dallam, Potter, Moore, Grayson and Jefferson. Sequoia National Park has more than 40 peaks over 13,000 feet high, including the nation's tallest, Mt. Whitney, 14,495 feet. Gas Tax fOontlnuo<1 Prom Pnjro 1} cooperate with them by putting into cpiTatiOH a rural road program, by passing and signing House bill No. 44." HB 44 is the natural gas Catherine tax measure, designed to raise an estimated S29.0QO.OOO a year for con- stiuction of farm-to-markot vonclr-;. The controversial bill posted the House r>everal months ago nix) has since been dormant in the Senate. .Approval of the resolution came as Hou.'i" rax proponents staged what appeared to b." a last-ditch fight for a new natural resources tax me;iMir,\ Then- hop?* ot pushing another (UK bill through laded last v.cck \vh?n State Comptroller George Sheppard revised upward bv $32,000,000 his estimate of state rev(line and knocked the props from under :irranneni<; that the stale would need more money for its major functions. The resolution c'eelared that rural roads in Texas are in a "deplorable" condition and that rural areas are fast becoming depupulnt- e.d boeaus;' of | ): >d roads. "There in "real danger that in the future there /nay exist o shortage of food and clothing, and grcal suffering to humanity because there are not enough people left in the rural areas to produce the necessities of life," Chapman wrote. Coming Wheat Harvest Brings Workers Here Numerous wo: Kers hive imni'- tj-rated into thf> Pampa area, as a rr.sult of the fci'Micomint-: seasonal whnat liarvest. L. P. Port, mnnaspr of t.he local office of the Trxns Ur- pniploymrnt. Compensation Com- rni<sioi\ announced this morning. Port said tha" applications for work in thr wlirrii fields nre not ntithori/ecl to br> taken throuyh hi.s ojfice but must be mnde to thf enmity aKrlcullHIV auenl. Rjilpli Tllfim.T;. ri.'irw ft.r llii. 1 ; week M'c with tho ses'.rcil v ol pipi' fi;'lds contributing IIIIK li c ol movement in I hi : j lit id; hov,-pvcr. there aro still :i lev: openings foi 1 la borer.-; for build in<j; contntrtoi;;, automobile aiechtt'.i- ics and body men. p-ftteral nui chinists, and domestic help. News, Thursday, M.iy 29, 1947 ~ PA'G£ £ Weather (•''"niitinofil From Tarro 1) in West Texas, v/ith much colder wnnlher in the Do) Rio-Eagle Puss area tomorrow. Temperatures today range in the mid-;<0s in tho Panhandle, and in the 40s in north and central Texas. Warmest spot alst night was Brownsville, with 80 degrees. Warmest spot last night was was Laredo, with 99 degrees. Rain, hail and wind struck Fannin County last night, and heavy hail is reported to have caused heavy crop damage near Honey Grove. Several small barns were unroofed. Rainfall was general, although not heavy. Gainesville reported .75 inches and Corsicana .18. Gas stoves stored in attics were put into use in Dallas. The Lone Star Gas Company said the "breakfast load" today almost doubled yesterday morning's consumption" of gas. Orchestra Concert Tomorrow at 7 P, M. The first concert of -the season ! voili be presented by the summer or! rhr.stra, undrr the direction of Lewi is Chamberlain, tomorrow evenii;? ot the City Park. 7 o'clock. The or.' rhe.slra is compered of student" i li'om the Junior High School and ! Iiifc.ii School. • The concril,.is Uie first of n series of six to be f'iven throughout the : nimmei- by the orchestra, the lr:st ff-nc"i't iK'iii'.; Jiiiv 4. The Junu.i- dirijnbcr of Com- i'i'Mvi 1 is siKiii'/iriii!'.' the Miuinn.r I Anv : -Mide-iiis df.-irinp to Join lli<? f.'.'dic.stra Iiiiu- ljr(.|] Hskt-d to c(.;i- 1 1;ict Chamberlain duiinp orchestra rc-lip.-irsal.; in th? red brick school buildina betv.wn <i and 7 o'clock on i n'iioar:;a! (]:•>•;;. or tclrpncm' him at VAGRANCY HEARING Judge Clifford Braly in Corporation Court this morning set hearing? on a case of two men charged with vagrancy for Wednesday of nexl \vcck. No other cases were heard. In the symbolism of heraldry, argent—white or silver—is the color of faith and purity. TH M S ? ATE Ofr TEXAS . •. . o£ nr 'h "i ,'',' J{; ,' n ;r. u - Admlnlstmtrtx ol ,ji.. |. -I.-, t,. ,.i \\_ K Knniflt, De. .•...•is.-.l, i.Mvitm fii,.,i i,, ,„„. countv ' ..iirl In.- l-ii,:. Ar-cmml r.f thfi con. llllli.ll Of Mil- Kx\»\,. rtf !5f,if1 W S ;.-iiiM-it, iiiiiiili..i-<-.,i rti;- o,, ili4- Prohntn Ji.M-K-fi ol (frny Coinnv. locotlier with :HI jinnl f.ilioi) lo i, f . ois^h.-iixftl from .••.•ml .•iilniinlstratlnn. Big Four f f>.rii hiiir-d From Prif*-- 1} land of Crete lo iho north form n saddle across tin? thor oughfare of the Mediterranean. Then emperor Haillo Selassie ot EUiiopia wants neiHhborint 1 , Eritrea, or part of it. One of the strongest rind most, interesting claims comes from the .Senussi. natives of Libyan Cirena- ica, which adjoin?; Egypt avid within which lies Tobruk. Dunns the war Britain promised the Grand Senussi. the princely por.sonace who is leader of Die, that his country .should have independence, and would e.xpccr this pledge to be honored, with Britain or America perhaps holding a trusteeship until the are capable of handling their own affairs. Failure to carry out this promise might result in serious trouble, for the Senussi are a liberty loving people who arc quite willing to fight for their independence. ' • Read The News Classified Ads ! ('.•iL'TIOrS COt M II. ' I-OH ANnRI,E. r -; 3- - Tli«- City i (-••uiK'il dob:Hi-0 p^irtii.v ihis hne I:I.ID H;inil'--i. on Uie Chamber.:' v.all: "Tliis abo,'<- nil, to Diine r.wii •'-li be true, and il nmsi foljow as , i'ie nislit. (lie (.li.y (lifiu cnn.';t not then be false to aiiy man." ! Coune.imuiii J:j\;n C. llollaiul de- i. AXDED hy imhlirn tlon of tliis Writ not i> rs Ihtin ten days lifffivn tlic rftlurn day lieii-i-if in a Xowsnopfr urintntl in tin- (Viiinty of Gray, you dive <lnp. iifillri- to .-ill nprpons liUerr-ficil in rhe .A i -I'diini. for Final .Settlemoni nf snitl I.Vi:iii'. lo .innenr nnfl contf.';! the :anif if thny .«ee jjroper so to do. on AtoiiJn.y. Ui»^ flth dnv of June, IS-!", M 'hi' Court House of said County. in P.imim. TVx.n?, when pakt Account jiiui ^ni.lic.nlioii will beTictRd upon i.'. s.i i..l court. 'HV-II iindor my hand nml seal of >.'iiil I'om-T. .11 my nffipn In th» City of I'luiiiia. Tj'XJis, Oils 281 h dnv of May : ' CHAKWR ' 'Ir.rk CV.imtv (^oiirt Orny .\ i rue I-ODV. 1 certify. ' Until 1)01111^11. Iippuly Clerk. i -AdmirabJ,.. Tdrals n,-e sonwthing Rhorlf^hmv 'rfounty. ; .'.<• all ;H eri. r:-.- :\r •••-•• —-- -• --• •- -""•"•>• But Counrilmstn .loin; R observed: "It might .••crve to vnre hell out, (.•1 ;omi' cotuiciiiiien when they H.MI aroillKi in i..|i,-.i|. sv/ive] <-)iaii 1 :i.'" The eo'.iiu-il, ;if!ir li-f.niiii-j the test would lie from S.'JT,", l<7 S75f) tnljli.'d HIP matler. At. I lorn. DPDttly Rhorlff. • We fix flata. • 24-hour service, • We pick up flats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 424 8. Cayler Phone 37 Cadillac Ambulance Service Phone 400 Duenkel-CarmichacI SNIDEft'S CATS 14-oz. bottle DAISY Country **L CiC5 Urii'-'^AM y^Vy'^UilV^- LEMONS . **. • Sunkisi Dozen AVU POTATOES California White 5 Ibs CARROTS TREET Do±. ,C Fresh Tender 2 bunches . . , ARMOUR'S Con G DARJCRAFT IK 4 Smoll Cons Tomatoes CORN Pick 0' Morn DEL MONTE No. 2 can CORN SOYA Light i'nisl FLOUR KELLOGG'S 2 boxes Grade Juice Punch I CLEANSER MONTEREY Pint bottle OLD DUTCH Can bag KUNER'S TENDER GARDEN No. 2 can Del Mcmie VIENNA SAUSAGE Means A«lu RED SEAL PAPER WHITE HOUSE PLATES Dozen WAX PAPER Roil APPLE JEUY'fe,, ••RflffiSnjB&HDDHBSr ^^^^^••^•i^^^^^^^^^^^^WEa Bed, Sour, Pitted CHERRIES' to ffe' We'Deliifcr

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