The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1892
Page 2
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*'"' CHRONICLE. DECEMBER 9, -. - -rf» rf fc THE Just, Eeceived «me »*tif< d«it*Bd^ io,*m* * B«b«oriptWM, received at the office ot ttMi. ifc-iSittM«t.' ' ..; " TWIST Likely to BeJ daily iri Kansas^ •r. ALLEGED 'JHOJBCrr Of POHJHSTS Th« tower Hoas* of the legislature To » ' 8«U*d »nd * B»tcU of Republicans' Oust »d—A Scheme That /Will Bring on » . Bow, Sure—Canvass of Montana Votes—i Qsborn Berated Kecognlt«on^ > Probable—A "Divvy" In Ne- ( Vf*¥'!'* T I'M A JM 6 W JU1X16 Late Fall 892- Vi/iJfcf^e Reaving the v *we o/ ow/* Merchant Taifotiftg ftepprtwerit J > ' ' > Tt * that of any /M£ '"*/&£$ > toMa^Alt, We prefer* t#h this of if>a ^"3 man y ^-^ Me patronage m have received.. ;« « received a line of tap Suiti&g for •» . .-•':' ' . '"I- ' " ' ' f"'. •! - ' • •' ' ' 0 •ToPEKA, Kas., Dec. p.^-A conference of i leaders of the People's party wus held, here "' yesterday. Those present included the new state officers, the state, central committee, "candidates for senator and aspirantr for appointments under Governor Iiewelllng. • A plan was agreed upon to organize the .' loweir house of the legislature .by; revolu- ' ° Monary methods.' As it stands the Repub-, lioans have sixty-three members, or one majority. The scheme as-advocated by the leaders of the People's party is to ^>ave the new tecretary of state to allow no, one to enter representative hall but People's « -party members and to station gnrtrds and Officers, resorting to the state militia if necessary, to prevent the Republicans from gaining admittance on the day when tjhe legislature meets. : Oov.-Elect I*welllhg Denies. Lawyers have been cofasulted, and yesterday Judge ^ebb, a Populist, declared that ~ organise the house at all will tie* pleased to make them; upr&tractttal value and npt at fancy .prices. We will close out all our ; ,- r and "Winter Suits . Also our entire line of Ot?€?f*COHf$ , "ntvUf-. JST'<wmiww***9**i ^nd anything in our»Merchant Tailoring Department at^prices that will be a temptation to purchase. All we desire is & chance to show the goods—the prices will salt, . , T. Shairiahan, Tailor/ • r .. , ' ' — Qrdmanca No, 10 relrxtivo to'tbrowiu ashes in ,the atreut "wiH be strictly enforced. . C. H. SMITH, Marsbal. , A New Certain ^uro for Tile*. We dot intend to endonsje any oxcoi>t nrtt- clss of genuine merit;' \vo therefore, tuke pleasure in recouunendinB to sufferers from Piles in any form, a prompt ami permanent cure. The following letters spciilTfor selves:, ,Mrs. Mnry Mrs. Mnry C. Tyler, of Heppnor, Ore., writes, OHQ l>Kg. of Pyramid 'Pile Cure entirely cured me «>f Piles from wliiyli I have rey - ^ suffered for years, and 1 hapc never had the.j "YH ESE ARE o slightest return of them ainco. P?w^K7Vi;jf5- , f ,^j,j,^U ^ OR. HEHF.A'-ij;. ,f iffiM hazards. Qovernop«lect Lewelling denied that the conference considered such rijeans of •ecuring control of tne house, 1 and said that it was called without his knowledge, or authority. Leaiders declare they V ill .organize the house and elect a senator. New •tate officers wilt bet inaugurated Jan. 10, and the following day the legislature will meet, so that the entire fttate government will be in the hands of Populista, Itis'said the new state board will meet immediately after the Inaugural ceremonies and revoke SB^ el " tlontou ^^^ " trat>eof '*'»•«»•»'"• lc!in - ( Would Be Resented by Force. not thank you euou^h for rt. ! SHOBS THAT MERELY COVHRTHF- '. They will then, so it is said, issue certifl- The Pyramida'ile Turc m a new, CLTIHHI, i pEFT AKE N(JT j^ IT \vTiHH*. WE oatesUndefeated Populists, and thus con- pain iea8 curt for every form of iMea. It IH ( - KFEP \ STUCK Of SHOES ON teoi the organiwtion and then contest and gatfij fiu| . e and chlicpi For -Baie^y all druf- \ £'•* ' ^, VVI ', L lm , TITE t ECT ,\ N () gists., Any druggist - :ll — t ; '"*"' •"""'' f you ask him. e, H."A.TILLOTSON • i,u?.. Liver • Wolrv" - IS. •' i.oa'bi "CfiwIiSt*- tunburn tu.iil Is':, '-' '•- V.'4'fSi •'; S ^ :n l ' /,;.«;,:••• .Wm<^-\ - nal Ires'Jisi."-...'*. \>r ••lear wvii h< ni cjn. M: .-ii ,„ ....... „.».».. preininitions nri-i (>rfn-i!y nannle>». A«t all tlniBBist«,t>i.'imiU'0 nrrSO-U. Sen-.l for Circular VtOLA" SKIN-'SOA!" ••""•if As »' , , •;!>!. Jll i!iu/jl \-.. i.' ur - .i>. v - Pi-'lCO 25 CciltS. ' CO..TOLEOO.O sges . _ »_^. T , T ,,.TT^/-\T- Mr. E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., «*y»: j vfJ-f-JT KIND Or ; The ptg. of- Pyr-amid- Pile Cairo e il tu«iy-iM- ' senator. of State Higgins said yesterday thatrsjich revolutionary nroceedinga would bring to Topeka on the day -of- the openingoQf the AHMion 60,000 Bepubllcans, who .would re/r •ent it by force if necessary. He said^fe- publicans would, have wh£t' they had hon JUSTICE QF THE PEACE AND CONVEYANCER. Stt7woZto""th7late contest iftheyhaS"to| . All businesa-atteridea : tb fight forit, and ttiey would do that if it be- \ and carefully. .Has ajsafe to t oune necessary. . * •> U' ; oient docket and 'other valaablje papers :•' THE 8QUAJBBLEHN WYOMING, tt WO* Go to tbe 'JTON. 4 SHOES THAT'ARE OF TJIE BFST ?kJiV- AL,,ANp\VORKMA]S'Sini', IV V. GOQP SHOES, COMFOJiTABLK S, STYLISH SHOES, OE AN V KIND 'OP SHOES, COME TO ;- j ^ ChUdr^iiOryfbr Pitcher's Castorla. ObT—A stray and wtiite bluoliot stnlSyl,'.-,,^- 4 vrjiurt iu,-the citV t>eq. ti A rcwwd 4'fll tie ,-eu if Uiu Undur luayua th^tame lit Ilie €lirou u ofltee . ' V ' •&<-"' Pay up, / I waul^uonpy. „„._ Wy., Dec,9.-The state can- Iward, consisting of Secretary of ^Amos W. .Barber,' 1 'Auditor C, W. -Burdick, and Treasurer Otto Gramm, all lUpnblicana, yesterday canvassed the vote at the state'election. Jobu E. Osboni, signing himself governor," addressed a protebt to the board against it canvassing tfif vote , MOiashewere present, but the board re-1 W^en BatoK vas •«*, ™ ga^e be. fusedto repejvf the protest bfecauau of, Os-1 jfjjeB she was a GUU.J, sj^c .cried lot Castoria^ - ll»rn'»«lgn»tUjriB as "governor." * " l^Wien she became Miss, daeiOtuig to C*storii. »^wirSi *x$srsy *&*& - \^»^&*^™»~*»**- county wa» reached. Hew there were-two certificates—one from thp county cterk, a Republican and candidate fqr,j>ffij<5e, elect- tttt a majority of ^a Bepublicatt legisla; j, ' w« candidate^ and counting'. Hanna tfoistf lEhs othflp-. signed by'fhe other members of thje'canvassipg board, ele< " a matorityof Ikmocrataaiid throwing -^^IffeoJiM*. "SB*? aMes w«W reor&J no L OS:i v -A liiauK silk, umbrella, blftuk liatiille jjuld toi)-auii ciisrA?*^ on lop, Mrs. T. u .Siulthv f (Atler plcattu laay'e at tt»'» olflcs. dill Eagle Oper^ Houea W.H.ROWLAND, Manager y« Pec. IB j -t lUrtl. the GD1BRCTHISS MI8TREL& AHQ FELT GOODS. ft'^niy house in the .city .car'ryiug a line of Pringreo 4: Smiths ,celebru,ttu shoes. JSVpry f'ni full stook consists' ufull i]ualilios BO are able tu tut-tt the dciuauds.uf our No uinttur what is Gloves and Mittens: c,u r,\ a u tu it ucV w L auU fprenuiat of thuui all. by the Elite o* every city. Entire 'new nhou'. ; ' : surprises •Bill be •flsfi&pss Staple & IV.ce Paid for .Produce tb«ft'»eet«^^Fa , decided that it cuultf not properly 1°" f cteeSKS^-Sgff^^'-r'j'sl?^--; " S4, Ji^jjteBS,-.^,^...*,,^..^^"-'---*^*;^^-,? •,' ,2a."i4jC*lF»ei|:oT-.i-~'2^'" .....wi.'*a« ,:": ^esr aad^^i^^P 66 ^^ ^ Sft e«(4r ilrfSale m^^rntto. V*f UUH^wrt Tt 5 "•!«*«• Fuimj-" * » » i *;!i.T!r'i? it*. .1 »*i.e** »-»~ isrr* TITAlSt ( riBlP-A gwd'gl W-r MSk and 60 «enfegv . lejS»la*urei in thia state nearly certais, made no material difiCer^ - rj«yR S ALE— Aii.orKan, paly U4ed ot J* m s i«"fljst elaaa »/ «j>e laguiatuie. John GOOD . . street, ibe MM. sieels psoowty, X. Oaboro, Hs«a,, to elected governor by , . aw price »p j?ly$ofl. C\w|B 1 ngBwMj Agent, r—Very ,, a. easlfctove, i.Ktiuiij! of p. T. ' . , MOO wwijorlty over Edward Ivanson, JR*p. ' aO» JHKJ?t—HuBie, burs ovut,d r Vert' pluimnut lucaSa w north «>iae uf &tch*tiji« »

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