The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 9, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1962
Page 11
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BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, THURS., AUGUST 9, 19A2 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Editorial—A«N.—BE 3-3511—Ckn«!««d~BE 3-241. PAGE 11 FUN 1 MINIATURE GOLF Man. TJr« Sot. »«.«.- JO p m.-Sundov 2 p.m. fa 10 p. m . .... "7; !. • W "'" 1< 'V J5c a qam«, 2nd qomo fre« I P.M.—10 P.M. Weefcdayi SOe o qamc, 2nd fttmo fro» Sundays SOe a <)em», 2nd qem» free. On U Loop Rood near Bra«a>parr Vlllaa* Shopping Center In Rorni> communities." twr. Dor. ver physicians r.«ution. The. solvents in Ihe. glues could Glue Sniff Harmful Sniffing nirplanc glue or plastic eomonlK Is potentially very harnvjbe harmful to the liver, kidneys, fill to arlnie.srr-nlR. yet this prac.-Ibrain and hono marrow, nllhough lice seems to he becoming n hit|(here Is no documented evidence iof n crn/e, nnd is "a severe threat iyet of any serious physical harm, r HAVE A 6000 MIND Jllj-hi TO OPFER MY SERVICES \ TOYOUI? COMPETITOR-- I WHAT WOULD *. s — ' YOU THINK • OF THAT ? BLONDE DONT SET PANICKY, MR.OTHBRS--I WASN'T 6E9IOUS ABOUT LFAVINS VOU DESTITUTE EX-DICK GETS &1OO.OOO REWARD!! 8100000 FOROME NKiHTSWORK.'!- (-/r TAKfSMg. A MONTH TO GE TW HANDS ON THAT MUCH.?-) NOW, OTHER GIRLS , WILL BE AFTER HIM. AND I-SOS. 1 :''-CAN'T COMPETE. WITH ANY OTHER GIRL. r . r HIS ROTTEN OLD FATHER (t/OWLIWfJG IHWWGKOUG) LIL' ABNER IM A HURBtf COOKIE.-dLJST SET ME A GLASS OF MV SPECIAL MIXTURE DOES BLENPED MASMEP POTATOES, CHEESEBURGER, CASHEW NUTS AND BROWN 62AVV SOUNP LIKE A DIET TO YOU?/ BETTLE BAILEY OH, DEAR!! IVE BEEN WAMDERIN6 THROUGH THESE WOODS FOR HOURS- J.K.ELLUM-VOU ARE HOPELESSLY LOST SNUFFVilvoNOERs TH' FLflTLANDER WHAT BOUGHT VORE JUG OF CORN SQUEEZIN'S WIF A DA08URN JNCftSHABLE CHECK!! CIVILIZATION, SNUFFY SMITH IF VOU DON'T WANT IT, MAY I HAVE IT, GRANDMA ? IP YOU SNAG ANOTWEIS.SAVE IT FORME,WIU.YA.PL6AS6? ...T'GETUSOUTO' GRANDMA'S HOUSE BEFORE 6)16 EXPLOPEP LIKE THAT/ WELL, WHEN SHE PUT ON EAR MUFFS, I KNEW TH' KIDS WERE TOO NOISY... ...THEN, WHEN HER FACE GOT RBP AN' SHE REACHED FOR HER SHOOM... I KNEW IT WAS TIME - T'SKEPADDLH.' GRANDMA -MO KITTITO HSLP POtVH TWO ; CJT Of- I'LL BET THAT S PI6 PO . YSS, at DiL>f H£ tVOGKeo Js ' STOP IT THE a^es/^g s ^ Negro County Agents Meet With Leaders KBCBA HELPED KEEP SCOUTS COOL Member* of arm Boy Scont Trnopfl pause for a cool drink lerved by the Keep Brarorln County Beautiful Antoclatlon during the clean-up of Ut- ter and debrl* by volunteer worker! at Surfslde Beach on Monday. FREEPORT COUNCIL Teen Recreation Asked By Parks Board Leader The Freeport City Council, at M Cc4!ege v.-hich v.-as attended byily collectable and scheduled pre- Ja meeting Monday night, heard a two regulars and six volunteers sentation of a "Capital Improve- ip*"!^ 5 Board f° °hei| Tlnan ° 'rom Freeport. City Manager ments Report" for Aug. 9 at 7 itlonal facilities, replied lo^he Blackwcll, who visited the school, i p . m . ICor,st Guard on dockinc facilities **>* hn was impressed with the, | for Ihe cutter Diono and made a "*<**• n^mus training a n d of the thoroughness of the school. The word "hurricane, or nur The annual meeting of the county program building committee was held in the Negro "oiinty agents office at. the Ang- eton old jail building, recently vith Anthony Davis, chairman, In charge. Nineteen members were in at- endance. Minutes of Uie semiannual meeting of the county program building committee held In 'ebruary 1962 were read and adopted. Specific s u b j e ct matter area committees of the county Program Building Committee made heir annual report to the County 3 rogram building committee. S u b j ect matter commit I e e chairmen are 1 i v estock produc- ion, John Mirant; clothing, Mrs. -£ola Williams; foods and nu- TiHon; Mrs. Corine Franklin; horticulture, C. T. Williams. Subject matter areas worked on by the county program building committee were farm and home development, 4-H club work, field crops, community development and farm machinery. Members of the county program building committee are Anthony Davis, chairman; Mrs. Corine Franklin, vice chairman; Mrs. Sarah Mirant, secretary. Other members include Mrs. Sarah Davis, Mrs. Murray Williams, C. T. Williams, T. R. Williams, Mrs. Elbe Addison, Mrs. Leola Williams, Garfield Coleman, Mrs. F. E. Henderson, L. C. Hall, and Mrs. Florence Sims. Program building is an organized process by which representative county leaders, working with courty Extension agents anj other agency and resource peo- i pie, identify county problems and iplan and carry out an educational I program designed to facilitate tha | solution of these problems. i The county program building j committee serves as a channel for 'bringing these problems of tfw I people to the attention of the i agencies concerned and for taking i needed information to the people. PIP 10U QUIT i JUST UECAltet MEAL TICKET !6 PACK? ^ OOTTA ^ AH- AT WORK? THE WAY. PESTS/ i change in the authorization 'signatures on city checks. G. I.,. Thomas, chairman for the i Krreport Parks Board, brought two requests before the council.' He said that he felt some city 1 action would be needed to keep the flowers and shrubs rsn the Park Avenue esplanade in good condition and that the city shr.'tild make some arrangement for ,providing wholesome entertain- i ment for teen-agers in Freeport. "We need recreational facili ties badly." Thomas said, "Our ; teen-agers have no place to go but | the beer joints. We need to pro• vide some sort of wholesome activity for our young people." 1 Thomas said that he believed ; this to be a problem of long-stand-! ling, and one "that could no long-j er be avoided." "It's going toj .take a lot of money to get what; we need." he continued. "We cannot expect to get it for free." The council pointed out to him that the Parks Board had been set up to save the council plan-: ning lime, by having specific ra-j commendations presented t o 'them. It was suggested to Thomas that he draw up a specific I planned outline to take care of ; these problems and estimate the j cost of the projects for the coun- i cil's consideration. ' Thomas said that he anticipated difficulty in getting cooperation from Parks Board members j • on outlining projects, bu! said i ] that he would be glad to do the j ; planning himself and present it to: the council at a laier date. | Mayor C. M. Helpinstill read toi the council a reply from Coast j ! Guard offices in New Orleans to IKreeport's plans for docking facilities for the cutter Dione. The letter called the rental fee being asked by the City of Freeport "unrealistic" and asked for a fee that would be similar to the one being paid now fur facilities which the Coast Guard felt were "comparable." The Mayor and council mem- ; bcrs pointed out that ihe facili-j ties the Coast Guard had request-j ed from the cily were not "com; parable" to the ones presently be- 'ing used by Ihe cutter, since they would provide almost three timej the square footage of docking space and B 10 fivit wide ramp j strong enough for cars to drive i across. i (."nuncilmen concluded that in i order lo provide a space at the | rent the CoaM Guard is currently paying would require a reduction of costs on Hie requested facility iby one-third. • ' Oily manager Bill Blackwell j I WHS asked to write a reply to the |Oust Guard's New Orleans office ^stating thai the cily would IK- i willing to construct a dock for the : price the IVast Gu.ird offered, it tin- Coast Guard would be willing to reduce Us ni|uiivmenls so that the eivi would not IK- prohibitive. An ordinance was passed by Ihe c n u n c i 1 authorising "W. I). Blackwell and his successors in office" In act us assistant city socn-lary-city treasurer and sign city checks along with the sicjia- une of Ihe ma>or or the mayor i pro-loin in oixler lo pay aulhoriz- ity dcbls. The council also heard a report of the Firemen's School at A and In other action, the council au- acan," means "big wind In the thorized disposition of pcrsonaManguage of the Carib Indians of. are not legal-'the West Indies. ANNOUNCING . . . JAMES BAKER, Butcher Formerly of Sid's Cash Grocery Will Be At GIROUARD'S Each Day From 5 P.M. 'Til 7 P.M. AND ALL DAY SATURDAY GIROUARD'S 626 W. 2nd SUPER MARKET Freeport SURF Adult Entertainment Starts Wed., And Thurs. • XMMn.ftMllrRCSa.lMICMnX'U *"""*«« August TV CLEARANCE of 1962 models ZENITH—PHILCO And RCA VICTOR The set shown below Is an example of the savings you eon receive during this sale PHILCO TABLE MODEL 23" TV ttORUO Latr Day WALT DISNEY'S "MOON PILOT" PHILCO * Advanctd 1962 Coal Cho«l» * 74'~, Lonqer TV Llfo * Air-Flo Power Trani(orm«r * Out Front Sound MANY OTHER SETS ALSO ON SALII Welcom* To EDDY'S SHOES T* UU Jackson ivir TELEVISION l«l CIRCLE WAY LAKE JACKSON CENTER CY 7-H1I Morris Grocery "WHERE THE WISE FAMILY ALWAYS SHOPS & SAVES" FRESH DRESSED KtSn UKCiSCU ^^ ^^ FRYERS •• 29 LITE FLUFF 11 Cons lie pturr 11 *»on» ^^ BISCUITS $ 1°° BIT-O'-SEA 3 Cans BIT-O -StA * v-on» ^_. ^^ Tuna Fish 69' "WHEN IT COMES TO U.S. HEAVY CHOICE BEEF WE ARE SECOND TO NONE" Ib. FRESH CALF LIVER 39 FRESH. KRISPY CABBAGE 5 PINTO BEANS 2 LI. 19 IRISKET STEW 3 ibs 1 00 SLICED BOLOGNA Ib. 29 RATH WEINERS 12 OZ. PK6. 39 WHOLESOMI POTATOES 10 LB5. 39 QUAKER'S BEST FLOUR sic"' MORRIS GROCERY & MKT. 232 South D or 4th St. Juit Acrou The Irldq* Velosco Ownert—BOTTELO IROS.—BE 3-9198 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK—4 a.m. till 9 p.m.

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