The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 26, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1897
Page 3
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THE DAILY CHRONICLE: AtJOUST; *& 4891 OYSTERS^ J. S. COX, Sr. WASH1NCTON ( Sire**, the ISot'rt rJcpI^r's adtviOrlisOtocnt eteewhoTe in Miss Lfh'i 'iveri, of OUVttl, is the of Mrs, W*E. Simons. < Of mursp President ( JMK.tn1fcy" * is to blunts tor the ahott apple crop! Mrs. Fred Ward and Mrs. H. J. Coin* ,toan tvro attending the rloTHhd eenten* Born to Mr. ami Mrs. Will Wood Alice. Sterling), of Augusta ±n son, August 23th'. - * ' MTH. Varfiofls, Miss fcdna-Parsons, and and Maude Suule drove toCold- todny. Ijfdfeer, noted for its . advises the bintotrtllic <t;om* mission to come home, . Pay tun cents and ^ot yo«r*upper at the Methodist churek tonight. Remember tho" price, ten cents, ,, • Clot your snppor at the'-Meihod^Rt church this evening. It will bo served froni live to seven o'clock. And now pewhnisle eay that tho fannwrs will need Tin advance^ the price of kheat to stqp leakage caused by the now tariff bill. /' Prof\JV. W. Campbell, of the Lick ', wilt ~hea*Hht»-*xpedHt<«i to India to ob&erve> thu total eclipse of the BUH which takses^laco Jan. 22. Do notforpe/HiattheRev.'C.R.Brown of the A. M. E. ch>n;h, of Battle Crook, bftginp a fieries of rneotin,f»R at tho fair grounds/this evening at7:.'50 o'clock. / Tb&'DetroSt woman who tho other/d'ay was/fined five dollars for cabling her sister-in-law a liar, is probably fag herself that «he got IhUJiVrtHh of her money. ' - <§ Q. Soabroo^tf will optm tho opera season at the, Detroit opera Monday (wningt "I'apa Gou- Gou" will hftvp- its llrfcit production on Jftonoyfill be at) excursion to Tolwlo over th'6 D. T. \~ 3.1. railroad Saturday. Au|j4st il8th. Pure for the found trip inc'ludintf n ticket to the Oiiio «bite fair, '^l.'ffi. Train lesuch at 7-20 u, m. The biejele dealeri nf C)ii«'a^o whu in order tojfet riil i>f tliinjear's stoolpifrit obliged almost tp Kive their wHyHTifnvay, are credulous on the nul^etof prosperity, ao farastheS ai o jirtficerned, at letiMt. 'Chore'an* feAy^r£>opJe in°Michi(f.«i, and ji» ono ioMtirhhsill, Imiuii awaku tu^hfa ~wormn(i~^Tw«i^wbu i-TftT be' thw i»*j^t gwiwnor of Ohjo. \Vt» eRruestly hopfe that this item will not' bp connfuod &a ftry Henry How aays- ho antici* i «««o oppcteitiou to th<s re-election. ef ^nafcor Borrows,- bot r , h«i> dow not thiak N^ ^,ill be serious. In. regard ti> Harry Sihltkjg attiu:H, he eajaii ie really not"worth payirtgutjy attentioa to. W.-W*-J-V«Btmtt in a tectmt ad- ncgtsA, thai*! tfi of the feud ol the world by teadintf cHesf» live«, for pefltt-- and 1 teap,it& would'^i>ine with thje wWcb wouJdjanvwoc th« earth. TJto Mpth^sst Uwiles wili aot «oirv» a iefjt Mf, CbarJes Thnnder fit Fw»donia is on list. The n^w bicycle path no* extends beyond Wfflh Oonley's fnrm. Coldwale* bak&ra have rat8fd theprieo of bread to eight cents $&£ Jofef. A base, bail toti w tttffifffttTof Mm nonth. , had pi^ikedi berries. ' ' , f wre at* atlvJaetl fctf sf*6 to H tfieir firo inanranfe Tpotteic* eewr gmin ftthBSt,fteb». A tttinjter of petyrt^fj-omr tW^clty will aitfead tho band tournament at JAc'k&ori ieott tud^drtyi, " *" ' X , V '" Stofttor StirrowB' aetfoa in regard to tho lumber tariff bi«l«| fair totioodoo jfctia future polifi«jal prospects. i ' Miss Wianifrdd Thoni|J8oB who has been visftlng' Marshal! 1 friftads has! WrnPd to her home in Jtackdon. A patrief Schooner boantl Itt th^ <«itf direction from the Klondike dcreit tl^pugh town thin afternoon. Miss Alberta Minor, of |*ort Karon, who has been spending her vacAtioip with her au.nt Miss Libbi^ Hayes returned to Iwt home today. • • And now* there JB aYi increase in the •iw of Inmbor. It would be interesting know if the wages of those who pfcn dttco it ar.6 also in tho ascendant. «« ' The address*^ of Mrs. Btchards and Prof* 0Sckio at thp M. E. church last •vcning arb v<»ry highly spoken of. They were listened tobya^lar^e fludience. Notwi^hBtandinu the advance in wheat, .he prj&> of bread iri this city will remain the same for the reakm that our bakers always clung to biyh prices. Mr. and Mrs. H. L.Sheldrick and Miss EHida Thunder who have been the guests of Mrs. James Thunder in FJPCK donia returned to their home in Detroit Marshal Butler give* notice^that riding on the. sidewalks must ceaX'- We trust ;hat if the* ordinance i» to bo enforced ;hat no distinction will be made and all irjolatora wrll be tp-jited alike. The meanest;, ^nan in the county Hve« near Homer, ' II" refused to allow a bi- cle pat,h to be built adjauent to his 'arm. Some people have a faculty of ing off their own nose» to sj»oil eumebody else's face. The Farmers' picnic ot Manitou Beach Devils Lake) xiccurs on Thursday next. The.Detroit, Toledo. & Milwaukoe, railroad will sp-ll excursion ticket to thosp le-siring to KO- The train lea\ e« at 7:20 returning at &:l>2. Fare for the round ,rip 05"cents. ^ Homer Index: "An Alabama poet ins Written over a thousand poc'ms. and las never published any of them.. TbalT nun certainly deserves a nuniuiuejHTfrom a "f?r«teful people." Oh, dojpti,'ive him we t<x> much creditr FnjbKmy ht-'sft-us tin ibU" to find a. puljMsfier. , ' Wr>- tORMdr^ttio^followinfc, which lip frcurrthe A Ibioif Mirror, a» im ^^ullcalled-for "insinuation.." Truth to sell wo"ure. m.irpris(}d tha.t the Mirror vi)iild indulge in "petty flings" -at, tlie ditors of th« Marahhll piipore, who trie :he acknowledged rwpreuentativoa of all the virtues: "Everybody engages i» cake walks at Gull 'lake, umdtj up in burnt :p»k;and that witht>r Muaea or'Gregg carry otf Ufio m wt of the honors,"" latUo Crci'k Moon. Mrfi.-Mabel A,. Rice waa married .last ming at 8:1 ) at Her residence, two oiles West of the, city, to Mr. Mark Fron- of JCalamazoo, forwerty of 'Newtpiorr pleuBant parlors w^ro mat}** stiU 'attractive* by .brigfit fiowera and "of via&e. The wiki by. company was not large, being com- poeed pf the relative* of thp bride and f room, aittoog ytfypm wt ° several fr«m Kalauitooo, GwoaBo and iiattle Oreek. The i&toasaox. wwe pt?rforraed% Ityv. W ir S. Pt^^jr, piie|ior pf; th*> Pjeebyt^iiMi aiBsjstM by Rev. Jamas Armstrong, lather of tbtf bride, and twustor of Try™" mfi**'?"j'n ' 'i ii '":- L ^ Liii ' i -r"^-'?v™'.~"^ i ".a^r i "' 1 ;"-!•»«.,-.-?-» Cash wheat oloawlntMS <wtifi ip t>e* tnvit today, n loss of *;, i"fn1, In-Ihe Jocsl mnrket 02 wnt6 were paid. All right mituiNi citifcpns will coincide with the following Hpntiwctits which WP clip frotn the^Belfoi^; Free rrpss: Jti doafhig wlttt'ttofl 1 protjil&tn of mnfcing the mc&Urt t)tuLpt«5flenfe_laii,sinw)8 o polfticfs ehoulid no%»1)t> considered iis a factor. The masses arc i«>t Interested with ttnr itf fts the appointed medium of pro$They nf P riot ftgilf ing upon what tf.'nny, Witt proflt »«8t largely from' th'»-ijJ)pK>vcd feonditioiwr. I'atriot- tfthc command of tho etifiife Bv^ty efojrtsh&wICbp hort'i to main tain bhfe sfil vantages thht ftro m J^ncrlfttly in fevtdoncc nnd to perpetuate them by tho. wleeet watmiftjpienfc of otir affair*. N<rfttteSm^t MiOBlt! !?£ fljildft to *o K^n^ffl ifot^ to tfo ptu- of .party jnt*r^etg 6r " $ a ini&<jfor' roea of 61%*lHt tvside thfiilf ^Wtcferib Aiid of Tlrt> <iootl Templars; clos;^ «^ th^ir years work in two dayfe, instead «f four ae is their fustbm, to meet next tiniest Srand Rapida Thoy expressed thp most satisfaction at their te^eptiott with 1 * thft Wilson chorus, speeches by onr 'yrtung jicoplc,' itt fftct, everything from Monday until departure, today. COM. There is more catarrh in this potion o^ the country than all other diseases piif. together, and until the last f«w yearn vm wp- posed to be incurablo. Fora groat many yoars dootofn pronounced it a local disease, prescribed locnl rwnedics, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable. Scieufee bus ptoveit jcratnrt^ to be A constitutions! die- onfie, and therefore requires const itutionaj treatment, Tfall's Cata?rh cufo, flQauufB<v tured'by F. J. Ohedvy A Co., Toledo, Ohio, 19 the only constitutional cure on the market. It is takeu internally in dofen f rotu 10 a toaepoonful. It act« directly ou he blood and'nfuioouh surfttces of tho «y^- teuij They olfcr. ono hundred dollars for any cnse it fail.H to cui-c. Sendfofoiruu IB and tfatinioniftl?. Address, P;. 3. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by druajfists, 753. Hill's Family, pilln are the beat. Wlioelnicn Take Warning. Riding on the sidewalks in the eity /in strictly forbidden, and hereafter tht v ordinance re-lating thereto will bo^nforced- The penalty for violation is a line no <?x- ueeding $25. By order of the mayor. R, Bui'DKit, Marshal. t 'No need to^ scratch your life nwa>.' !H OmtmCut brings mmtant relief m all e«»caof ttonini;I'tlei»,Piu VVorjn-<Kc/oiiia. ijitfjs, Hives or oU>e^-»fchiueh3 uf tlm skin, ,-Ciet it from youj-d«iikr. ' . ~**lFor three wtrfrs I nurtured from Salt [iheuni. It'covered in}' hands ty sueli «u ihlit J could Dot wawh them. Two uf Burdock Blood Outer's cured me,' 1 Cib^ie Yoiiuy, 1'opt'B Mills, Str I>nA>rouuo County, N. Y. Lock wood, at the Hurd tuitl is prepared to exchange [tour for wheat. He tin* Yorkvillo loitGng « i(*ur, one of the best brands made. D. T. & M: R. R. Fornacrly- - • N % , Jackson & fflatei, Tlmv fvSiiu -Teafc* KAS*. •Jo, il, BdMle Creok luitoiliinoilnuou 7.30 A. m. N«. T, Bxpnua ...... i,., ..... .,. .U5:M|Km, i^o. i So. m, », All tt'ttlu* d&U;«4C«ipt HauJay UlriMt e^nneijtiojm are w*at) at Toteda aufl luclunati with »li roml» di»orgtug. O, H. the ICWncys BQ ; often fall. j baa prqvi4led a c(,'rt*ii 1T';? bodr; New Fall Goods. __ , __ _,__ Trlmmiitg Silks to Match, Wash Qoocls, -r?r; '^x v j i'. t. ^&1 r <t, -• -tv. J . nd BLANKETS >Nt, OUTING GLOTKS ^ » iipon us before the Stock is S. V. R. LEPPER, ' ' . \ GRACE 1 AND BEAUTY are linked in the handsoni^ and perfect 'litting clothhiK'oiade at this establishment.. 'Tht>- superior cut, elegant ant atyJish materiiil and artistic iU»S»b make them diatingitu- in th« «xtr*»me, W« iw now'making up suita and overcoats froii uai fall and winter goods at jjfflatly re- dncod prices. . ' J. J. BE SHANE. TAILOB L Cluss have acicui-ed the agency to the trade. *£!ie special order started l?y clothing manufacturers success because of the necessity pi correct measurement. Unscrupulous mm gpt i»to It mwl to do business Jyy giving Dig inducemente usiness,ao between thfe manufacturer's proflfc and a big preftt ttd«0p9$M«i^9* man thgouatomergete poor value. Why Iffbt Educate -ATJ- School of Shorthand and Typewrtiugi OATTI-K CttKUH, BIKMI. WUwo' liuiiilrwli* of young >w»n ami naj,UHn tiivii Huciirwl ft imnful tiinr • profltAbli* <*iluciU.ioh. V)im »l tli>; Inutl mjaj^ipivt t'li-jin'w- rollff;Bs |'n ilia country. Cull on <Jr write far imrtlculiirs wnl . • Citablished |882, Incorporated 1896. GEORGE INCERSOLL, GENERAL twd exteeD eara pf»ct)<* In Probate Oo^rtu, WILLS Deeds, and many .ov Te'mpiar lor their bwrues, .and th«i , hAfl- aa BUppljt >jf |}fovibWlM |»Hii!ghLin today. The- law which relates i<> the killing of <HmH wim changed by the last Iwgisla- tare, a ad tke dpfjA sttagun is now from Oct, 1 tt» IV;. 1, both A. sneciaj f«at«r& iA tbo iH be Dried ui UwMsircoii wutwi 'as4 c , to this ofty froiu ha, Nebraska, about tyr& tioti . theiu. ; T&OfO ^ bas improved it, and u^ado it one ol the san t«at bonioa itr that yicjnity this Korupar*t»v£jy brief tiww jib* won thflx usteeui, and friendship with whom she aw* b<jcom.i actjua t»d. The biri48fir«o»ft ty »a enter pri tiia.n of war sinter city \ - jn fijfM>tton of iiluirltig ieH HatumHy fcyria life find »ys*«ro; icing etc. . ^ Jourual: A nu»ttbW of fire iu»ur«flc« cutupaai^s or^ani^e^ i|nd0r the mutual tow ar« isauiug polusieg i 4i»p«*ifled with «a»»re of *tl }» «k few- days jtnd ^h«; JUood becKnjFS tainted wiU* s »ric »cid, whifh. bmg« oa nwuy fortas. The bacfc ie ilia first to stow tii» Lite ' . , . W»shingUm,xand vi fact thiit the hvw iwakw allf :r liable tu aa thwft is* fiat auffieitiit ttiuuey ya the br etw*- ury |o , after tfhMi tbt?y will retoruaud their home hwe. \ " - - —^ — - — - ' \ and Ht*e kidiwys nfceit* proai|it ftmtuV '^iduey Fills wiJV right the uf ti«?1ri«lufcys (jaicwy, relive tb« b».ck VI piius <Mt4 adi<i8, »0'1 cure a.U, uou,b1t!S[.fif . &-&d the fol aes« Ha»« of , e Sirett, «4 lus btisinesa is that of Cat»pi>tJi atoppiuK Uii« practjuo at It i*i belie vtsdttittt this ititosurtcd iy fyr dtsceiving tbu A* ~~ ' bwry unu«» iwuwjeiaic TBJ iei.« wi \fwee >-ea tri^i JMoebtf P*> Worth lUc, aoid for &•, ed F?o Patria. A eool, towttjt, aoioke. tieo. Moaba 4 OA.. Qiattufactur- ers, Pftteoit/ ttoid'by W. A. able houses will do this. If you wiab to get a good fit in this line ftt a little 04vance on rea4y made clothing prices see our lines; w8c«. t»tb« .,„ ,-- .., wfoich rus«lMMl s^Lwjf» said to to* 4 «OPI«MS« °f th« W»4- r. tiuring thesu ytaTs 1 biivi-. tuktu uiio leewes dafty efaoie* freestoae honestly packed^ of cr»mi?itt« i»ww vf yio stowsoJ) It is oktureV 6p(»ci&e for swipiaereoMipi ia all it Coxdette. better, hut niantlis ago J J *flMW^f •*WJ^sp^fl|wi ™^J^d?ip^SiF ^^ *^WvW ^^IpP ^Wr ^W9? ^f ffF^p fl|Wflp^**^p^wl^^pp w^^^ Jp jf_ wBHjp we guarantee aatiafactiou or no sale, 0>1 ru»Ui»> Hoi HUiw (be petttloa M"wU> f^* «<wr un ate in Ihfi t IM) tMW* W^tl .WW tenttMtoBtlf Itl' to i>o you want .a gpdd CaU oo Gaorge AJey; I Everybody wuwtees W. 4. uot greater tb&u ta^y 1 - descrv»al... I gtil UetU-'r right aloii^, aad I acu free f^ii^uu) troubk ,uow rfusl'tii'tter tUft» I Uayt dv»u« fo* tlw-ce y<jaia pa^t, If Dona's Kidney I?iU* we»s weU' waowe all over th*y o (Hi^iiaiaeaae sjaouat ol goo4 v bjr fttt 4eate»—'price, SQ ce fey |r4#t4at.Mitt>om q,j V., sole *ge«yi for Uwt U. S. . \, T ''.? ''« * I -^ : i ' iuifaw Of ^ivUaj ^

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