The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 1, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1959
Page 4
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THE BRA2OSPORT EDITORIAL PAGE BOOTEE AND THE BEAST •rdzotport and B razor ia County. '.•ir dckyard Is A Paradise • : PAUL- HARVEY .tourists, travelers, vacationer* »•' or those who haven't tht time or tht money for a lonp orljf this .-year -- follow me, A recent Saturday I Jiscover- ec some of the most maujilfi- c«m scenery, and you don't ne- did.'a'.jtt plane to gel there. Last year 1 at • this time we traveled 12 countries in 1C weeks, including spc- •• •• nlar Switzer land and the and, Scout '.s • wi set any , M tlit sight. •yes tliat inor Because -V tomary 'awakening time, 1 was jp -anii out ahead of the rest of tli* family. For years we tiad sought such a tranquil place for aholi- Aiy." 1 kn«v ir"* ••:e liad journeyed mud: . •• ! an necessary, com .;; distance would pri'\ ' '•••>; uivlKintinent, the tlierut.i u< er^se the fati- gut'of the. wurk week. AnJ I'm embarrassed to admit that I'liave flown over and driv'e'i: by :iot far from this beautiful retreat many times, bin liad jouicliow never figured I'd find sur.h an exotic atr-iosplr-n- so '.iiti': Riviera . :, nowhere did e as beautiful '..tat greeted my iiin. lit. is my cus- close to home. 1 brewed kit .'offec- over the lire wlu'le the family was still asleep ... Then I hiked a slwrt distance to where I could survey the misty mornina view. Hit grass was so lush it was lawi-like . . . stretching away to a border of almost impcne- truJe evergreens. Towering elm trees stood absolutely'mo- tionless against the sterile morning sky. The first sunshine drewmois- ture from the foliage, and as the dew turned to mist the sun's slanted rays wove a tapestry of gold and silver and draped this from theoverhaiiRingtrees. Overhead ar. airplane snarled into sight, ravaging the maiden morning. But then it was gone. And there was now no sound but birdsong. Cardinal and martin, robin and a sassy jay. Never were my senses so keenly tuned to the ••' ' 's and sounds and smr" Across' tin grass a ter. curved towar ding place, ticed acrob •.lorning: irenched ny wake .istant hi- rel prac- the slim limbs overhead. "See America First,"theslo- gan used to say before distance became synonymous with adventure. Yet here, less than * day's travel from home, was sur ch tranquil splendor as to beggar belief. A liuge bush I can't identify was spilling over with whitish blossoms and drenching tht heavy morning airwithsuchhe- ady fragrance 1 caught myself breathing both detvly — and faster. I had often teen the awakening Jay... But never watched her shed her black lace of night with such utter abandon ... There to stand naked, but for the sheerest negligee of a glistening cobweb spun by seductive spiders while I slept. Whatever else 1 do with this year's vacation, to this place 1 must return. Here in thesilent dawn-time toforetast Paradise. Here in the few square yards of calm to which all senses unashamedly submit. , . Here in River Forest, HI., beyond the kitchen door which looks out upon my own back -•arii. THE LIGHT ^ SIDE Has 90 Special Weeks SHALL Vlt NEXT? TUESDAY ON TV illASSKI. * ki'iM'.-rv L i:n\vvi;r. Kl 111 1 -TV t'.HAN N fi». KlltVT TV 11 CHANMKT, 44 KTRK-TV I» 4:1X1 0 '• """'•>' l'"tt" IB I'' ••"'•> S.lnn\ 'I'',' .ii'lni Ir-lrmil. .l>ty .. WiMwiiT: i, r1-:nmi<'i su-'n: . ini-i 1 ilii'i niy.«li-i-!niisly ffl \!ni'iii i nr It:imls":ini1 4t:in O *• " * I ' >l :> 1 1 n >• <• — "l.lli-l.* l.*'i;«.," Jln« l-'rtlk- CMlM-rii. iVlilliini Urlnlil; n ftnirltii' InlfflU ii mUllnti i1<»lliirs RM (B Kilirik's I'nriy ' M30 O) \>«-s. S|«ids |5) \v..,U- \V....ili«.-.;k<!r "»:!» O lluitlli-y;)- O "I'nfi'S »f r'Miiili-xipr Q) l'.r>li ''i'i-linin. \<>w» (1:00 O Ni-ns, S|«irl« O MiMoi'y \Viili H«-rh H:iki- ''V'ni' 'l'v;iili> Kr.nv lior" O) l.ifo »( Ullny (B News, \\Valhpr "•':!(( O ><•««. M'l-nlhrf (B .l"lm 1'Jily, N>\v«t ••SO 8 SinrtliwrM rniwier-- A »h*?M*rtrr N iirr(f**ct( »f nuinlrr: n'|ifnl; COI.OK O IVsimi Witi-ksliup 10 Mai'Koiv/.ic'* Uaiilrm (B Sini.irronl • "Th.« Vultures." a roiift mnrllal follows an Indian altai'k: 1:00 FRANK ELEAZliR United Press International WASHINGTON -TlieHouseJu- diciary Committee lias decided that 90 .weeks art i-iumgh foran averarfe.year an J i s furthriglitly refusing to aJu' ;i • nore. The >uiimiitlee alsv .••• rouiuedai least 31 niuiuh; uu 1959 calendar and says we'll llavetoti- gltieii our beltf and try to get by with'the same number next year. ••As/for days, whoever said there ire never enough of these just liadu'i counted. Neither has the Judiciary Committee. Itwo- ••jld take too lonft. But thecom- - nu'tiee adamantly refused to add to : the number. This means we won't be able Ju.celeDraiegrafldmoiher'sday, »s proposed in a bill by Rep. Iris much U-Ga. Children's day, sponsored by several lawmakers, also seems to be out. Rep. George Meader R-Mlch. figured we ought to observe family days, but now I guess we can't. ThecomwKteedidn'lap- prove any of these bills. We can continue to rejoice, ol course, on mother's, father's, mother-in-law, old maid's, am; old lady days. According to Cliases' calendar of specia! days, weeks and months, all ol these already are scheduled. Rep. Jolui E. Fogarty U-R.I. thought we mTghi'Jpendthecur- rem 3ii-day period, from Aug. IS to Sept. IS, sneesinganJpon- dering ragweed. Thecominittee ruled however wt'dbebetteroff trying to think about pleasamer matters. It tabled Fogarty's bill w 8ii'?t9ffi£l*L *4f!9!Jon towlial is already eaHetaUergy month. According to Chases' calendar, we stand committed to memorialize assorted events in the history of Argentina, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Citlle, and so my new york •' •- ,i-> - -'.T^f" ' BY MEL HEIMER lutieni . • Li!'- w |»Vii»a«t 1OHK— Thia wo a litm utter two o'clock il of a hut iiuiiiiier allemoon ua Broadwity iui'1 the m:ui turning out of the little health-nut zx'-siaurajit on Seventh &vennif \va* very dapper. vBiy trim, wry cheerful and very Red Buttons. " Vuu ?" I asked, a little startled. "On the yogurt. bUckmraii-inolaues kick? 1 thought you grew up on iiaitrami sandwiches and celery tonic in ihr Stage delicatessen?" -: HeJ grinned. "Cora* on," he mid, "there's some kind of strike going un in there. Let's make it tu a Chinese reatauranl and I'll biiy you break- luL I'll {nit mustard and soy sauce and all that jiii on my egg too yong and go tu the devil in general." i said sure, 1 alwaya ate breakfast in Chinese restaurants- doesn't everyone?- and we turned into Billy Gwon's in Fifty-Second i a.'jniib street. • Buttons produced a. plastic bag full of multicolored pills. I shook my head. "The poor man's Robert Cummings," I murmured, since it is well known that dimming* is the health nut lu end all health nuU. Buttons looked stem. "Smile,", ha said, "when yuu [million gur founder." . Actually. Rfd decided abuut a year ago that he had a little pot, was feeling slothful and just generally was coming apart. He and Mm. Buttons had theiiuelves overhauled by a sawbones and given all kinds of teals, and nuw they have little brown and yellow pills ta stimulate UiHr hydrochloric acid and what-not. 'I'm a flat and •inewy U7." Red said with a grin, "and never felt better." I picked up a red pill. "What's this for?" I askeii. Keel looked nenduh. "With that," he said, raising it dangerously high, "1 could blow Billy Gwon's off the face of the earth." • • • • IT WAS FJ.KASANT gassing with Buttons in the Oriental chophouse. this hot day. He has three pictures under his belt-- In his litest. The Uiy Circua, he ends up winning Kathryn Grant, which •lino may Consider worthwhile -and there is an eue, av comfortableness atuut him irmt he didn't have in his frantic couple of years M tt» _"hn. ho. HO:" boy on television. He doesn't mind talking abuul television. 'To begin with," he said nnnly. "I had a Trende* of 27 and was ninth in the national ratings when I did go off. So don't ask me why. A combination of many tilings Ajiy way. after that t had a rough couple of years. Nuw I'm a successful actor uf sorts and life is pleasant again. Vou win a few and lose a few, I guess." In the television era. Red was famous for hiring and Bring writers like -i:ra*y. "I didn't really nre them," he «aid. "Actually I'd hire a guy for two or four weeks and it didn't work out and that wa» inaX, Ktmeinber my ad in Variety T' This was a lovely full-page Oiing which showed Ked with abuut 60 of the people connected with hw sjitiw anil the <:a|iiiun read. "Merry Christma* from m* and a fe> of- my writ era." . •'••? v .... THKKK IM NO 1)01 BT that our boy, on<w the pride of the Cat•Kill >> ..-iivuil. i. uking hi» dramatic career with seriousness lie t»kt» v.fl<-e, singing and 'Irania le-isoiis whenever he'.' in town a«J he is .quirk to acknowledge th» t Sayoiwro. for which he w.m an Ac4d.«=uiy : Award. wa» "a miracle, a marvelous turning point for n*.' ' ' - "AJUioiigt I'm like must comedians, 1 think," he philosophized "1V«!»* *»'4ur who ff,tt out an,l it funny. Listen, .lad. there isn't «*XH«Iiig rougher in ahyw hiuuness than going out and tryiag to (risk, people laugh and I ngure if you can do Uiai. vou've got the MnwO-dnnia bit at ieiut halfway made." He smiled "In the end tftwugh. I'm ju»t « performer whu goes «•»«« the work i». Have •Bt«U taleut. yvill '.ravel. That's m*." ) len Butt,..*. sUU peaceful, atiu happy, but with his arm rawed will, tor red pm 4K iun. I KUeM BiUy Gwon's sUil it standing but 1 m iiui,«n-e. You Hnjw thuw comics, A.U nuts. And some of them htatth nuU Lu boot. forth up te and incluJmn Venezuela. Generally a day's jubilation is considered enough in. each case. So Rep. Steven B, Derouniau R-N.Y. figured we ought to Je- vote a week, anyway, to extolling the United States. Butjudi-' ,-iary turned down his bill. Ac- .•ordiiift to Cliases', we can use he period hehadinmind.start- jig each Oct. 19, to signalize latioual fish and seafood week instead. " /; < , • ••" The judiciary folks letitbe known privately they liave nothing but the highest regard for the ; borough of Osceola Mills, Pa..' But Osceola's iiii.Jlers. will have ,-. (a whoop'it up'at'their cental- .*' riial j>arty-iis«,jup8tJMrithout a' single official kind word from Congress. Rep. James E. Van Zandt R- Pa., their congressman, didhis best With House concurrent resolution 341. Had itnotbeeiiir- ..reypciblY. tabled, theresiSlution "-would haveThankeiTOsceola's Mills for "splendid service" to the nation for thepast 100 years. The committee also has tabled. bills that would have enable us to exult together eachyeardur- ing national aircraft dispatchers week, oil industry centennial day, national farm-city » week, and president's day. ft laid to rest also a measure-under which wecouldhavemade: merry all year. Underthispro- posal. we would have been ex-' pected to devote 1960 to appro-, priate ceremonies and activities in honor of the late Pony Express. . The committee let it be known . that none of the bills it did not formally set aside are going to get much of a day in court. I bet we can get by. Take next month. Thirty days hath September, as everybody knows. But the way Chases'cal- endar counts it. September is good for 8 months, 5 weeks, and any number of days. September's events include both a sweater week and a day devoted to the Cherokee strip. All 3U days we are expected to eat better breakfasts, and to take care of our feet. Starting Sept. 26, for- a week anyway, right-thinking men will wear ties. As for the tail end of August, 1 bet some folks clean missed out on celebration. Yesterday, Aug. 30. was the birthday of Huey P. Long. EDITORIAL Group to Find Out Soon What Jobs They Can Dp by this time tomorrow evening. theBrazosport Chamber of Commerce willhavea fairly good idea of how much the organization is going to accomplish next year. Tomorrow a group of the Chamber's busiest members will devote the day to explaining theCli- ainber's work to business owners and operators who are not now moubers of the Clumber. They Wilt be invited to join the Chamber, and add their ..djies;and leivjersltijMbituits to the job of building up .the area's economy. -If the drive is successful, the Chamber will be able to expand the highly successfulprojects which resulted this year in the location of two industrial plants in Brazosport. Otherwise, the Chamber may be faced with the frustration of seeing the business potential of the a.r.e& constantly expand, but of lacking the funds and die manpower to pursue the potential to a reality. Out of the total business community' of Brazos- port, most are members of the Chamber, and contribute financial support. A smaller number also take-tlie time to furnish th? leadership that is equ- IT'S THE LAW Vou can tell a lit about people by the way they regard time. Vo they put stock mostly in the past—their re- ••ordj the present—their direct joy in work or play; or the future—their plans. Why not use all three dimensions of time-? Past experience to smile, the present for zest, and the future to realize dreams. , . Lawyers report a sharp shift in the way people regard time and the law; Of old they thought of law in tenns of past facts like failures to meet legal duties, misdeeds, etc.--facts useful chiefly in lawsuits. You still have to think of the record, since you may have m 40 to trial some time. So keep good records of your affairs. But more and more people now also think of the lav in the future tense—in ternu of built-in safeguards for plans which they want to go through without leva! hitches. Our heavy income, and death taxes have made people plan ahead legally, rather than wait for the ax to fall. Any time you buy or sell a home or a business ally necessary. Yet the work these funds and this manpower accomplishes is of as much benefit to those who an- 1101 members as it is to members. The added personnel that comes with new or expanded employment does mu distinguish between Chamber members and non-members. So these are getting a free ride on the toork and money of other businesses. Such a group is in the minority, else the Chamber could not have operated successfully as it did during the past year. But this group does curtail the Chamber program, reducing its benefit to those who contributed a fair portion" of, the costs.'.' Those who are approached tomorrow should be •mindful of the fact that what you are being asked' : to do is join apoolof rjj*OPOWe.r, aadmoney.that is tiirte^^rj^t^jiMiii'qt'jiy-rtaigifian^iifesVJ of thexanrntirtttyr':"'"' s " " . We urge all non-members of the area to give attention and consideration to the message being brought tu them t<~ ,.,.-..' Needs Plan or make an investment you have choices of how you may do it—some wise, some not, in view of your circumstances. Should you insist on an abstract or accept or offer insteadatitleinsurancepolicy? (Your lawyer has a definite part to play in either event.) ' Should you do business as a sole proprietor, a. partnership, or corporation? Do your contracts set out ways of meeting unexpected events' 1 How best may you serveyourestate(and also carry out your wishes)--by a will or a trust, or by direct gifts? . . While all of these things point forward, thepast in the form of court records can serve you by showing where trouble may come from. As more and more people know the symptoms of legal trouble—where to look for legal hitches in plans before big (roublestarts, there will be fewer law suits and better human relations. . And where does trouble sometimes start? Most often where you lack a clear grasp of your relationship, your rightsand duties, and your own and the other fellow's resources—in transactions i:i volving large personal or financial stakes. Slrvp Canyon—A froak i.l 4<l.nv! (K*I ' rsuHfh 11 ilflrinmn for lh» Alt Fnrre: ropfnt O Hcril.tRo Kirs! nf four visit* vvilh Tinny Merrill Wrlxlon. Pillion I n' ami nu- Oiftr. lD Midway Pntrtil (irockflt, Ji>»r Mdlo. Mnr .Karri Whlllne: COI.OIt 0 PaRfant 01 ToTrll 111* Truth (B Wyalt Karp -Tim Mrir- . r'lal roralln four Iwilllrs when lie bids fanwoll I" T>MlKe City I:IM B Journn v to I'nilT- standing III—NVwx r*»«rl hn Prpstilfiit Klt«rnlimv«»r'H -' talk with KrllWl I'rlnir Minister Hitrnld Mncnllllan Q Mathematics . ffl Advnnliim Showasp ... "forced Landing.'' Sc^lt .Rrady, Kirlinril Kiilin.'in, Margin Mahnnny: l\vo pi- lot-parlniTK - wr ..furrml rloun in a small nil~im\n ffl Riflenian - Mi:Cah)'!< life ifl pn'l.Hnuni' wlion Im aqrnfs t" irslify in a nun'- der raso: repeat ,, 4 . .^ * :SO d It n b (J n m m I n ts « — SrhnltKy onl*ra 11 ''\Vhnt I Think nf My Bos*" rim,' (•• Int; rein's! "ffl Sl«lll(dit -Playhotljw — ••:'*•'• "Hide nnrl Sppk." RvMWlt 1 - -JJ|itani>. Rii:|iard Krrlman: a rlelwfiVp |n>r*tlKat»* t nir!'* licnth IB » «m»H l-*-n: ri-l'i'st (B V.iW><l i.'ily A in*ntav iy ilisljil'liecl entlorf* *Hv lieni h»ilei-i.» h» lii » mar- S:(«i O llin'hl N'l< MI—" MnBil* MnlniH'." -<»Hf l.i'ttAnn: • nlKlili'liili «lnscr ili>flM ttnniJHtcr*: rP|»'»l (D AtM,\ \VIIII:iiii« • f'nn>> l»iU-iv.n!'/» !hr Mill* Hwllv' .>!•». Stun Ki-i'lu-'i'e. K«» Harry . ffl A Iron I'fPW'nts ''Th» ImriKf i>t Ivnlh," D ni.v«- lerlnin iiriae* »'lkp» «li«p» .in a wall follnwlnu a innti's ri'marriat* afl»f lii» wife « i|»alh: ropr»l »::«> O V. *• >l r '«r«liHl Q) Mike Hummer IA:nn O '•*"» llnnt.-.l'iir.t nlmiil im imilerw »ler klitii«|i|ilnf Q) New-ii. Weather , ffl Nlirtil Kiilllon N«v» Hi!'* ffl -I nek I'aar '• Ar!en» l'V:i:i,.|n. U'nlly I'nx. (•'.lua l.nni'he«ier, P>MV .t>ihn«on 10:Sn O News. tt>iilhcr IB Mirt'»iline "1'he \\nf- ler llii.'e. l.lnyil Krlrl««4. N.-inry ''tales, n ''.'ennftfl • iffd'cr flees when [he N'flirf emittf l^ecinR !(• <'nlia|K« 10:10 ft MiiM Tliealr» — "Th» . I'.ihh. Ceilrie Itiinlwl. ke, llenrr Trnveri: the .Inhii Sli-liilM'i'lt «(tnry iilMMil re- sUtnnre In n mitull 'Norwegian lown aualnKt th» Nar.l» 11:1111 QI f.ate Show — "Kp>i* lleailquai-lers." n»»r<» Hi'»rit. Marsaret l.lnd.iays a pl»yl>«y Is ninrHereil Q) Janet I)»an \*.:\* fa NmiKhly Mnrlrlto WK.ll.NRSnAV .MOKXIXH Tlnip. l.'lmnnpl. .I'r'ierain • K:.'m Q lii'iirgn ltni>«n»r, KI'TJ '5B ';•". l.'p Tim* ' . 7:'K| B 'i'niliiy—.linn Trnmp»> ' pr ritnrllp ShKVPm. a tnni o(. Ihn nintnr V««KA| (• n, I y l> «i with ('»[>' Q|"Animatni Cluck _ -.::»< Q KimfHT U'«im IB Mornine Milinn X« X:00 Q| AIorninK N^^'s Q) Snundtrack xilS CD CapiT CD It's a Grpjit Uft'.•'.' B,:M<I fJVCr«i!nir* Him* '" ^ ^: ( ld:(in |_ ^ ffl,I I/ive Lucy 10:3n Q ('nnpf.ntra.tlAa •_• ffl Topi rjollar II :IX1 B Tin Tafl Dougk QI txive of I,if» Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- ^ tabor Party Loses Edge QUOTES. RICHMOND, Va. - Negro rock V roll singer Charles "Chuck" berry, revealing that he considered fleeing last week after he had hidden from an angry crowd ui Meridian, Miss,, that accused him of trying to date a white girl: "The border from Mississippi ID Alabama was about 20 miles away and I was thinking about trying to run all iheway. Those v-ais were real warm." • • « • CHAMPAIGN, Ul. • Robert Kennedy, .hief 'counsel for the Jeiiate Rackets 'Jtauuitiee, u- ucking the House • passed Lin- Jrum-fJriffiii labor reform bill is "weak in regard to racketeering and tuiirtsterism;" "The problem is :iut that former Teamster President Dave BCCK and current Teamster President James H. tloffa were allowed to .•i<iituiu« iii posunuis of authority but tlial ao le&isla '.ion prevailing such tilings in the future has been enacted." Py WILLIAM/. FOX United Press International LABC« LEADERS IN MOSCOW: Three of Britain's Labor Party leaders are in Moscow for Ulks with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in what a number of observers see as an answer to Prime Minister Harold KlacmilUan's "peace mission" last February. The trip is thought to be labor's own effort to make some political hay ia the forthcoming general elections. But the. train of events set off byKlacmilUn has brought President Eisenhower to Europe and will bring Khrushchev to the United Stales in September both notable and advances in the work) stanch for peace. And observers feel that (be labor delegation comprised of opposition leader Hugh GaicskeU. fiery Aneurin Sevan and Sir Dennis Heeley - will have to go far 10 beat the advantage racked up by Macmillian in that Moscow visit. GERMAN Ttki-Cf-WAS: High sources in Jakarta i*y thai the East Germans have been stepping & their efforts to gain full diplomatic recoffiitlon from Indonesia. But the West Germans, using the threat of economic pressures, have been holding it off dais far. The sources say the West German government u Bom has tamed the Indonesian government flatly chat it would bring to tfear pocket-book pressures. . • ,-. -i~- -. : CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: The continuing rash of deaths from banditry in Columbia has caused sane soul-searching on the oan of the people about uxpotitioo of the death penalty. Like a good: many Latins, Colombians have little use for capital punishment. But the continuing toll of killings by outlaws ha; brought considerable thought to the idea of adopting the death, penalty for banditry and piitbge. There is no death penalty in Colombia now. FORMOSA STRAIT OUJETr Diplomatic quarters in Nationalist China Jo no: expect the Red Chinese to stir up any major trou ble in the Formosa Strait this year. TRFBRAZOSPORT FACTS EKTAItlftHEO lilt ')TS SHOTS. .styiish-sl'Hii reiU'.irv.ttU:'. who rocwilly »ril4 '•*• nut his fancy Iwitc for a million or so ilollr.i'.'. t'fi«s omily whiithcr hrfs sober nr not. C'lf-i/r^c JI;*SP' ono"! macio him break down .completely hy sighing, "!*n'l it toiieh whr.l Vhey did to President McKinley?" Toots also rrircl at "Guys and Dolls' 1 and ''The Seven Vcar Itch," but turned thumbs down on "I'aust" at the Mot. "Ton darn much sinRinR," he explained. This year's "Pawl Strett /\ V ^ ^—< TOdTS Joiirna!." an irreverent p.irTly of tlm 1tnnnc!;tl dii|tri' i ','ft Vuhlr. feature* th«,«<! two alvcrtiitnicnls: One: a rask<;t con;pany iirew. "Tiy our han'Jy (lip tup box"; T«o: a bankinc hoi;«" admitr. "Wo liUp thn hifhtr thlnj* In Mt: Tntemit:onal B'i«ini-<« Marhinrs, Supi-iinr Oil o( C»lifirnl«, Jan« MaiufieM in a penthouse ..." Hollywood patt«r: ,. Kirst star: Ar*n't you Just mail for June brMen? Scc<ia'l xtar: 1'U ">' 1 ant. I've been fiva of them. DA FLY ACROSS l.Bij; 8. Explode 11. Our world «. White linen vestment leecl.) 13. Guide 14. Atlantic sharks J5. Covert 17. Skill 18. A food Uavinjr 19. Weaken 21.Th«(Fr.) 22. Farm machinery 25. Not "video" ZS.Stayi CROSSWORD DOWN l.Pluttrot Paris 2. Estimator 3. Upright 4. Biblical name 5. Entrant* 6. Sack T. Hindu goddess S.MlsiHiy. worth, actrtis t. Bright red 10. Bed canopies 3 6. A sailor (slanc) 20. Pawn broken' ball, wicks 22. Sesame 23. Droop 24. Greeting 25. Member of dlplo. matle 26. Republic (So. Am.) 27. Perform 30. Moths 33. Benefit 3*. Alabama city i=1::lllU Un 'M HBOHHUM Aaiww 39.Beseech 37. A red powder Und.) SB. Odd * Scot I, 41. Greek letter 42. Little girl r.LEVX HEATH Qeorft Blii(nm *<v«rlilln« Mtr.xt Robert* Dantbr EAur Uorrli rr»m>n t. S. iT««l H.ndrll Sill MeM'Jrr* »«ml£« Bl(l«r Iportl E:lllnr OUIct Minttrr f-it>lithf4 dtUr tnd iimtH licepl SUutd«» \>v trv>' "'' tn. Int.. «I e, P»r» A«e.. rrtcnrt. r»«i» I. pifeori, ptftuni. ciwiuit4 idv/nuini «' jMtt I ».m. te U noon »»iuti!«ri. cii-ui) fu» iHi: to »l«ce. esoul a wncl clauiDtd Wvtriuirn WarM indi Bcm u'cru* kr Oatud Prcu lBlin»iiontl Uemfefr of Ttxtt PftlJf Petit Allocution. Texu Pitt AitKUUon. Rtpreitated nitlontlly by Ttix S(.*o«of. *ssr$Fs*z?~ r - °- •• ** ••"""• T "" ; 31. Tuesday labor.) 32. Woman's dowry 'Rom. law) 33. Viper 34. Turkish commander Br carrier. 0»U» u4 sundsi. II.W nr nio.ln. Uoli "'•)'. 11U Mr ffwoft. u*4 ratu HMD "qu«n, m ™,\. rjbjctlotlM r»Uj b Uruci. Coil"* M ; uc*a« <lM» atKtr Marc* il. IW. «( 'Ji« ttttftn. Tmi rait Offlu. unutr tbi Act •( cmtireii ol Mwco I, U7«. implement 0. Gepmetric solids 13. Silk veil iced.) M. Island country iW.1.1 15. donna 46. Wild cats (Mtx.) . i7. Diantr eourte i IT <&\ TT jo 7T 7f TT

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