The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 8, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1892
Page 3
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Iftffi DAILY CHRONICLE, DECEMBER 8,I8i)2» ,.—, _, ^ ^ -i.« ^ '-• • - --• • - • i* - " • •• -i 1 - ''-" r "" ' —*—*^— *-*** ' MfcTtOftOLOGtCA'L < JLoeal Meteorological report taken by S, H, /frfcenfc today at Greene's drug store. *ura. 81 82 SO BAROHKTKR. - __ i "— 28480 ',88.670 28700 Highest, 40, lowest, 28. / By registering taermoiueter lor ttie BREVITIES. i ' " Mr* and Mr* Herbert Thompson spent jihe day with Dr. Stone in Albion yesterday, 3, Circuit court adjourned until Jaa. 23, instead of without datfe, as announced in the CHRONICLE. ' _ ; <j " John H. Sanders, Jr., of Chicago, w in the city,, called here on acsount of the illness of his"father. . ftt^rriage* licenses issued Dec. 8: William A. Collins, of Albion, andEffi'e M. Passmorei qf Concord. The annual meeting of Post for;the election of officers will be held nWt Monday evening. ,lt seems to be tho general opinion that W. SVSniith will be deputy sheriff for this city? under the new administra ' tion. ' Married, in Marshall, Dec. % 1893, by Rev. B. W. Rankin, Won.. A; Collins, of Albion, and Miss Effie M. Passniora,. of .Concord. '••_ . The owner of the lot on. State street east of fc>. E, Cronin's, offers to-put up a store to suit any responsible tenant, as will be seen by a notice elsewhere,, H.L. Williams, formerly with, James Court &,'Son, for the past two years with Dr, C. I. Shopp and the Case Gco/ Seuthwortlv went to Toledo today/ •.»•'' 5,1V. 'ri'Drakfc cdmmeneed to mo*e into i5'»ew,,6tore toftay. , There Will be a meeting of the Ladies 1 Library associaliola Saturday afternoon at four o'clock. ' , The Special day of the -Monday «club announced for next Tuesday has been indefinitely postponed. / Since four p^ldck thig^afternoon Greene's drust store has-been beseiged Witn peopie-reservlttg seats for the Russell Conwell lecture. Tbete is ilo great mystery about foretelling, the weather/ Everyone has noticed, for Instance, that there is a peri- odicy about thefweather; ;Any preacher has often remarked tho fact ttiat wheti one Sunday is rainy it is generally fol lowed by several ot.hers'JuBt as disagree; able. Abbut'cmce a week a storm starts from the mountains to the northwest of us and moves off to the east or southeast and jf you get a Starting point in the matter of time and locate one storm exactly, it is safe to say that within three days' limit you can locate storms fpr weeksi afljsair... The only thing is to get .a tleflnlttf starting point and: give yourself a- wide 4 margin and you can soon get up a reputation as a-weather prophet. Hornet Index: ''Yoting America" as-o sorted itself last Sunday night. Three lads from Marshall,' of perhaps fifteen summers, came to'this place 1 Sunday. In tho evening they attended church, services and at the Close of the «ame, in a gentlemanly way, offered their-company to three young ladies and, of course, it was, gladly accepted. The iictto the center store of the Sotrtfctoorth- 0 .:• • . •'•..': ..-- V ,71 Houston block December 5. W U8 Holiday adv. Keep An Eye Out FOR BARGAINS, m F.BSMYDER'S -Co. of Racinev .Wis., has returned to , , . latter proceeding aroused the "green I this-city .and resumed his oltl position with Court & Son/ V, The manager of the opera house in Battle Creek prohibits whistling, stamp- Jug of feet and eating peanuts in the house. Such a rule enforced- tere would be appreciated by the majority of those who attend entertainments. There Will be a social at the residence of Mrs. Fred Mason on Friday evonins,, Dee. 9, 1802. fried cakes nnd /coffee will be served from six to eight p. m. For the benefit df Christian church. All friends are most cordially invited. The farmers' worst enemy, so far as transpprtion is concerned. Is not the railroad but the wagon ro'ad. And what he most needs to dp is not to make war against the railroad companies, but to del about the business of cheapening traniportatton from the farm to tha railway.' , „ A billiard tournament wilf be held at the "billiard hall of the Marshall club N commencing .'next ^Monday ' evening.. - Only members df^he club will parlicj- ,pate. All membefs<who pl«/are're- quested to enter the, tournament- Handsome cues will be^given,to the .winners pi first and second prices; Entries close. Friday night at eight o'clopk. Jackspn Patriot: Albert J. Greenhalgh, of Jackson, has been granted „ a 4ivprce on his .crpas bill, from I^oUjBii . Greenhalgb, by Judge Buck at Kalama- 39Q, the case having been ^transferred " u Jackson county and the latter has c;astody of the children, but^the eyed moQster'Ma^he Homer youth and I the Marshall boys |ad no sooner completed ihe djelightf ill task of taking thd ladies home, than they jreere attacked by a number of boys, armed with sticks and bnek-bats, -These weapons were riot used but -the Marshall boys were thoroughly scared and retreated to the nearest residence and implored the protection of the occupant, who kindly accompanied them to the livery barn. The Homer youtb evidently does not want his territory invaded, even if he has hot the courage to derive any bene- lit from it himself. Nothing makes a more Suitable Holiday GiftHhan a jpiece of mroi- tiire..,." .,. .\ ..... .' . \ .. Call and see the handsome Par-, lor Suites, Bedroom^Suites, Chairs, Stands, etc., etc, Th^y are "out of sight" and very reasbnabbe, ; P. B. SNYDER. At the annual meeting of Lafayette Chapter the following officers were elected for the ejiauing year: H. P.-W. H. Porter. v^-E, J. Marshall. . Scribe-W. S. Smith. % Treasurer—Q. E. Gorliam. >'Secretary-^C f .^:A, ...Gardanier.,' C.'of N,—A- McRoberts, •'P."S.J.-Stuart MacJObbiri.- '.i H. A: C.—F. G, Seanum v •" G. M, 8 V.—S.F. Dpbbins. 'G. M.-2 V.—R. S. Rowley. .-.;, /, « G. M. 1 V.—Geo. A, Wilson. s ; "fc y" Sent.—John Adams. ,, Trustees—A. McRoberts, John,Wise man, E- J- Marshall. Finance Com.—F. G. Seeman, fi, J Marshall^ John WJ8*BJan. .- ,. Steward3«-rW. ;R- Simons, W. D Stone., ;""' • ."""'•' '"" "'"..;" Off Only ON And Fancy , former must contribute .f 100 por 'year Ipr each oi them until they arriye at the age of 14 years,, - . ' By^ ftdjourping court until Jan.v^jJ Judge' Hooker npeet County, .Clerk" Gregg's plans for a trip'eautb. He had 1 intended tp start ataouVthjJ first of next '*"mOtt|lC}Mi4 stojPi, a,t Philftdelphif, Jpr a ftple " ' " ««-i«j- . Ican^cta responsible 'tenant fpratermof years^I will" build a store 4 on my lot corner 'State and streets. " 4 Will build to. ^tenant. , Address ''••'-"• - OF WILLINF.RY GOODS r>n4. Men's Fcfrnwher, ' ' Battfe Creek. Mich. ' I WiU Sell «!* Cost for Cash all Trimmed Hats and Bonnets,.', All ITntrimmed :^obds, ; i, Fancy Feathers, i»urt IsJ session, -' Cjuy Brother'* . Thl» Montreal DaJ.^ Herald, r> H . 7rr--"i « Y •***• :-^ p _.,i^pat|uoei..___., ^,^'3-_'*^ : ^ r ^ixpBq&^» very !^ tv ;B*ta e -cifi^ »^*%.^ ^M'p*^?, 1 **^ >^-i mSrSi^PW» &&sff^Mif^%i ^V - : ^ p :. p ^fJr^*^^^EsiSS3^fSS= Heaara. Taw Mootee^l lajt ^w^t. T^ , .. i^^ejyfl^ b^n^Srj^iass j ? b v , N$n fact F<t» THe'MEX^THIRtY iftHNA, iilRSrg^f3y:WorkitoaBi •*•, $jjji- terypici.ior»»i^ • aruoto. i_ —** -^ -_,_-.,-,,.,, .^ , , , „. -^ ^ 3- , ,- ^MmeaarX-'"' T«*w«w". 'an*- ; : Misi?$»flldr4~ Shejis lately from &e wfrQlesaJfe $>^»1%?%ft&* W$bt9*~' & ' ^hapmaa »n4- "- •-•-'-•-- rfVtwn th»* 4ioii8fe. JWith. thfdr I h«»in^hftH «. lurowi nTnnriATina'ftan jHve vg$ Satisfaction 8^4 Qn ftfeOTt nOtiee. , *': *•* . ' * * .- / "^ ~ > , " * ' « , w -» . J f i , \ r 'et. jW 4 — -^-* -T— *-J-Jr-^ .,„; y -" r .<- :,' ,1 T: ;-?••-*.'• •'" ;^^ig Moon, will basre the ic ^ *o it can fftjely be said that the sheriff 1 * r. SeUer» te ao worker IB ttie place. , uader the tutorship of Mr, fee . The orcbast^a^ia a f^rpag feature I wiah those who owe me on tbe Evening New io call at W- 4. Bajnes mews stand aad aettift. ,"" we dd? aae up to STov. Jf^ , Ig^egt stools; ftiiei lowegt HYDE'SPrusr Store

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