Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 7, 1946 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 5
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Mew Findings Ar Made Concerning Bang's Disease * AtfSTlN, (Special)—Pointing to the cbnWskfti among farmers as to whethei- fidtilt cattle should be vaccinated against Bang's disease »(brucefelioi8), the American Foundation for Animal Health today issued a series of findings summarizing latest research on this prob- •lerii. , i it is hot advisable to have adult Vital Message To Men Who Feel Old Wtty not regain the vim and vitality you once enjoyed? If life apparently has lost its zc' ftgnin youth. II sHrlml fears have slowed down your vim, vitality and youthful plonpures, herd i* » 8impl« method that may change your tehote outlnnk t>n life. J.nnt ask your tltnUlfiiitfof CASKhLA»timul«tmgl«btets. Take ai direclpd on lahpl. Don t fof i old l worn out at 40. fiO or more. Take these iteu regularly until you feel thnt you r» rfljTHined the pleasure ot living you one* enjoyM. Why b« discourngedV Why tint try CA.SK1.LA tablets and regain the verr« and test of a much younger man? Jhere IB nothing harmful in thesn tablets. Th«y contain Celery seed, Thiamin Chloride, fa«Hion Flower, Iron. Ask your doctor or druggist about this formula. cattle vaccinated, s^ys the report, if the breeding herd ts "elMn" and 'negative" to the Bangs disease blood test, or if the herd is supplying raw milk to city users, or if the farmer expects to sell breeding stock to'buyers in other states. The report favors adult vaccination, however, where signs indicate an outbreak of brucellosis is starting in a good herd ot cattle. It also recommends vaccination of heifers and bull calves 4 to 8 -nonths old. "No fanner can hope to control •n; overcome brucellosis by vaccination alone." the Foundation points cut. "Veterinary authorities have found that the ideal program for the dairy farmer is •; combination of cnlfbiood vaccination coupler! v/ith periodic blood-testing of adult breeding cows. For the beef ranch- ker, .interested in coif crop production only, vaccination of cattle.of all nRes is often a satisfactory solution." The birt.ii rale in the United States lias decreased durinf? the ;:ast, IPO years from 55 per thousand population to less Uinn 20. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? IJim't. b« (•mlmiTMswi hy ]<««<? f»l=i: tfcth slii'iiinc, ilniiipinjr <,|. wnlil.linK v.-|ii'n y<iu cut. full; ov ImiKh. .Insl Rpvinklf n little FASTKIiT.If <m yi.'ir tilnlcs. This plcnsnut- luiv.dcr Kivfs n rrm:u-k»l.ln 9rv. (> of mhh'tl rninfdt-t nnH nrcin-ify hy hn!i T ::iK: plntep mort 1 firmly. No K\imm>. KI "--y, pnsly t»:i(n <,i- f,,.|;n(!. It nlknliiif IUHII- nciill. OI. KASTF.KTH-.'it iiny <IniE SatiiaFefill He-Instate Full Pullman Service AMARILLO, Feb 7—The re-es- t-abl'shrMPnt of df.ily Flir^pin^ car t/ivirc br.'Uvcen I,ubbr>d: and Dallas. t: ferny; from, .no'h terminals Fcb- uiarv 15. \v;i:> anrioiiured today by H. C. Vi:i(v<uit. trnffio manager of the Smta Pa railv.av. TVrbxalioi" of GljT grnr-rn] order No. 53. which prohibited use of -I.vt Dili" ;:orvk:r,' for pl'on distances rU'iing \var-timj. permits thr? railway th'.> opportunity <>f P."-'ai!'. pro- j viriint; .-> wrvicc v, i'hch is much iJB The service will incinac n uvtlve ,:cction standard .''K'OjK'r with 01:0 cliTi'.vir-.; room, '.raving I.nbbock daily "in Train No. 05 af. 9:45 p. m. for r.-v. f -!?t-.v'!ter. thc!ni:'j over the T&P to Fort, Worth, arnvint; there, at "7:25 :i. m. and Dp, I la." nt 9:0') n. m. The "—' : Miiu.l .-If e'jer will leave Dallas dnilv over the T&P »i. 9:40 p. vn. :'.nd will leavr r-'ort, Worth at 11:20 " in. '•ni'-binr Lublr'ck on .Sri'' 1 PR train No. iH at 0:20 a. in. each » point tint nnroe gtv.-n Rrrrap? minim '' Irtdccisive [ R«rtUi d Oil ________ 42 .'SO- li'ond. ArtvnnPM nmonjt stecli mostly had bp?n frns-'fl near the rlose. Cont'inrnlal Sti?ol rnrn nhnri'Iy "n n 2»..!. for 1 stock eplitup |ii-»tm!<nl liu'. volumn V--HO »mnll. T|-ansf>'ra wt-i'13 ffstimntorl .it l.TOO.OIrl r.hure<" iihuiit th»- BMHIC na Tiio.P<I:'.y. Hifrhfr mu'M of the Ec«Rion wn-c (loorl- n.' Mini'3, C,Mn-nil Klec'.iir, Snu- f ln-i-n Piirifio. . v.rr- Vulinff.Jtn'.vii. IJ. S. t'nhl,"!, .1 I. f'siur. ("nlirpilliir. \V'--t<M-n Ijnicn "A," Int' tn:ili€-nnl Nlci«"l. IJniriii r.'irliiil-. (i. S. <;yi""im. N. \'. Onti-.'il nml l!;-i:.i- nii.l-" ft 1)1. io. HomU '.V' re Hl\-:idv. NKW YOKK STOCKS l;y The A.i njfiatrd 1'i-us Slfrl _________ On -B It _. . ..... 110 40 S/ Oil Sor Voc Oil C n! 0:1 N.J . fiC 111? 2-1 39 Vs 1. ' tT Sun Oi! 30 Vt lP-"i 17 n-i",. IT 1 '-. 2*i' 21 ' li'ch'woietiN ljS.00-1fl.Srt. CHICAGO PRODfCE CHICAGO. Ff:h. 6—(/P)—<USDAl— Potfitoffp: ^'^trh'l.Iy \v.:-rskor. Mnho Kunsot •Bnvhsmv. U S.' No. 1. $2.75.?,.10; Colo!-•..'... Roil McCIiin-s II. S. No. 1, $2.8')- ...r>". : Nc-hi.T:V:i Hlics Tvinrr.nli=i U. S. No. i. J"J.7".-- ! 1( i: Wyon'.ir.r .lilif: Trinmr'h? I.'. K. N". 1. S''..^"'. i"!..viii;i fi'l-'H. sur.'Kfl IJl.-'-'Tii:'mpti •. II. S. N". !. JJ'ii'-27,",. KAXS/.S CITT LIVESTOCK K ',»..•>.s cri'v i'. i.. '• . : '' ' "siiAi Am Alrlinr.i AMN T.V.-T Air. \V,I,,|MI A ruir^riila f'"l l ATSK Aviitli->n <"(/:i II-'Jl StLTl liniiiilT Air M.,ti, .. IT 7-t:, Hi IDS .11 31 S'.i r>i 7 ^ 1,= JO.<-?| 1(8 M't . :«! lix-'i 17 -S" 7 . 311 HI :>7 .*7 : i Market Briefs 1 t 17 ._- l.'i I .1 ;i:ivv 10 1 ,-KHM Cily Sou - ii I LticMii'il A in: - IK : Mr> Knn Tex .. . . 1H Mont W.-ird . . ..2« i N'all Cjyi'sum . H ! Ni. Am Avin . -..H2 ir,'-i 7«'!i 7. 1 !':, HM"i •!-i : 'i nu'.. 1'l-!i IS' 1 ', 1 l-i •f<\l'. i:in^ •^:i' s ; -'','i H r,:i' _. r>n" s :::i 7 s c,l I L . :'.';' - P7 ' ;\n •I P..'. If,';; 7S 2 1 *!/! 15% 1'H:-. 4s"-, r,(i'.. ]!!(,• . 1.. i I 12 :w' .'. i:',n'.. us us \V, - KW OlMJOANS FIJTI KES MR!.!-' ' V "S. [••'.!,. i; ,)'. ' :i'iv:iric--d hfi-c tmlay •.!! fl'i. . o'ji|..r« Jitnl IIM'.I*: !;>rn- r .-.- |-""'l cr-mlr- „„! .-,,.,! ,' Thursday, February 7, 1946 PAMPA NtWS May July S-P Dec 1.80 1 i C!o«r i Whri>!. rAvn nr.i! bitvlfV alan wfrre tm« i.j rhnrj'Kl nl rci!infr» of $l.SOVi, S1.1SV4 :r,-i $1.22'... n-ilp utirhnnEert to t cent >i,A'>. Mny" l-.-onl rcillTHT. l.snx fHICAfif) ORATN GO, Fr.h. (! -ilf;--yi:,y >-yn rlnjctl -it 52.H7 a hfishpl. .,Tf Dip full :. irtnls for the ftr^rmrl ry.nK. i ;Hv» fluy. fiiK.-r rli.Mver- i"" r'.m:iin«fl nl-.''. rcilinps. FORT WORTH GRAIN 1'OIiT \> : OI»TTI. Frh. 6 (#>)— Whcut f,. l hniH ?!.?:- v ,-<!'i. ()•• . 2 yillnw rnilo pT 100 nn ,| I ''-.I .-alw- !• i,-i:.n llr-. .;, . ,.,. /i. r., ;,;„! ,-,.,,ll f< r.jr.V i -• ,i . i ,••;,-,. : .i mmtly <•• i!i;ir .,.. 'iil ,"':-'.:••• ! 7'l II). Jit'ii up ( !!H'S(,() WHEAT CO. I-', i.. r, •/'<' .NK'.V f)'!J.KA$K COTTON Ni-'.W OI'.I,K:\Mf!'. I'i'li. C ./I 1 , Sf»' '•• .,.., ,.|r....fl >• 'ly. •>:, <•<•!,'< '.'. I.:! I" llij'll' S:i!'( I .?">". I-'"'- P'i«lil!i >'.•>» : i i tni.lillint: :'•'.-'''• Hn-' :;''>'• <.'.r.c!; slu'-l. 'Jt'i.i'iiit. V«»IT \voirni MVI^TOCK J-ORT \VOHTH. F-h. i; '/!' lUKIlA' f':-t':\r I.rilld, rutvrK "ilMI ; rnnst H'l:'-J':; Mio'l- 'jvi'ly T'c'tiv 1 : firm- in--liii'i! ami ^«".'l ' 15-% 7X'v 28'i in-;; WAM, STRKKT NWV YOKK. Fi-li. li M')-SI-.n:k tnnr- nl yc;"irlim r -! .'l.'i.'in-lfi.iKI : rrmmiin yo.n-lincs :;- 50-1 l.r.n : I ift'F cnws to S12.r,(); common i m rows $S.r,0-l 1 .-'(I: riitfc'rs <-MIIIHTS Sri.n(l-7.-|'i ; RIHIS; -f hulls ?H.(i(l-li:. tul r-ln.ico f!-l cwlvc.i ^r.iuKv.i :m' Ifc-rs fiflii Ills, | f I l.i:: Dr. M. C. Overton and Dr. J. W. Howze Announce they have resumed the practice of medicine and surgery. I Office 303 I Combs-Worley Bldg. j | Nite 680 Day Phone 1030 COMPACT mans tVfti WMMCO DELICIOUS CREAMED OSFRY6D Lady's Choice Ib. Jar Victor Waffle FLOUR 3-lb. bag 1Q1/2-OZ glass Peanut In Chili Gravv 's, 300 size can 2-lb. box No. 2 can NBC CRACKERS 29c ALICE No. 21/2 can ONINY 14c AT APPLE SAUCE CAKES 49 Fldvorful 2-layer cake delicjpus- l,«rgo Golden Brown ANGEL FOOD CAKES 49 C Potato Bread FANCY WHITE FIGS, Ib. Pkg. IMPORTED DATES, Ib.... FANCY DRIED PEACHES/ Ib. 34c 35c BEETS,Mo.2Can ...... 13c SWEET PICKIN' PE&S, Mo. 2 Can I5c LADY BETTY—15 oz. Jar MMCEMEAT ......... 26c IDEAL Nugget diced PEACHES in heavy syrup. No. 2Vz OT C Can .'..; ^6 * VAN CAMP'S BEANS in tomato sauce. 12 oz. QC Can " BARTLETT PEARS Clear Brook No. 2'/2 *J +iC Can %W PALMOLIVE 3 BARS LIFEBUOY SOAP ROAST Choice Arm or ., Chuck lb ' Fresh Ground Ib. lOc it's titan! flQIi JiMll GENUINE METAL CHOR5 GIRLS, 2 for 15c EXCHANGE No. Z can ORANGE JUICE 19e SCOTT CO, ISte-oz. jar. SPAGHETTI ... 15c MEMORY No. 2Ka can FRUIT COCKTAIL 35c OYSTERS Extra large pt. GERBEB'S BABY FOODS Boneless Loin Ib. 3 cans OFtS ^*pv-|-..^fc*-v Fresh Dressed lb. B EEF -=^^^^P ^^^^T ^ff. Fresh Sliced 14 Ib. 1.97 REGULARLY 2.29! CHii^'S SCUFF-RESISTANT OXFORD We've reduced these shoes from our regular stock especially for this great event! If you have an active boy or girl who's hard ori shoes we want you to try these sturdy brown oxfonds. The tips are made of a specially processed leather that won't scuff! Durable leather soles! You'd better hurry if you want to get them at thii (ow price! W/de range of sizes: 8/2 to 3. WOMEN'S SWEATERS Famous Carol Brents . . . sizes 34-40. lOO'/i* wool. lOO'.i warm, and such pretty colors! GIRLS' COTTON DRESSES They're $2.59 quality! Darling styles in printed cotton, finished to look like rayon. Sizes 7-14. HANDBAGS REDUCED! Unusually lovely styles' Simulated patent in gleaming black. Rich simulated leathers! "KWIK START" 45 heavy-duty plates, BATTERY 100 ampere-hour out- out! 18-month guarantee! Gives long service. TUMBLERS SALE-PRICED! f Crys'al-t I car gluii, wild (luted side;;, square botton. 9-oz. capacity. Same more at Wards! FLOOR WAX REDUCED! Self-polishing! No rubbing . . . dries in 20 min. Contains Carnauba . . . hardest wax known. OIL . . . I (n Your Conlo/ng 10* Medicine Cabinet Reduced! Sale priced for "Thrift Days"! 100% Pure Paraffin Base! Free- flowing ... long-lasting. Use-"Motor Guard" . . . odd trouble-free miles to Hie life; of your car. Stock t up NOW. . . and save! Plus tax. Sale! Wards "Supreme" Spark Plugs >22 Price is cot on Wards sturdy Ueei cabinet. Covered in white enamel. Has clear glass mirrorl Flashlight Cells Sale-Priced! ........ ____ ^_ Duality Flashlight Cells at a sale price! Regular size . . . shortproo* top. Save at Wards! 35! Motor sluggish? Hard to start? Install "Supreme" plugs in your car... get new PEP, gas miljagel Bowl Cover Set Reduced) Lustrous VInylite, smooth ax jiJk and just as supplel Elqsife .iKMlcU o4iwst ... fit bowls 4 taT.y in, '•t'w^r r sijf i "n ! '•*-' ,4* Oiltgi «?T l If'

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