The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 26, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1897
Page 2
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PVVW'J, ^ * >', Tf. • , • " •" \ . T 0AM 0Bftom6t&t' THE DAILY ft A itoit&J ftmount t»f eftf pet At tm for u#n*ptorl*tto'h fhrattgli the rtHOis *i A high gwtde, ftete 'teoft uctitsftl *ort # aonrsidli." . afesd Ptr» W. R* thfe ofeo KtWt ^t . M, M()SES,i Publisher. it <p t days. Inquire li.t ,. „ J , ,^ i~ \ r l r .. t ^ i he*. Call ftt the wfiool located hi bunding State Sifoet west . ' . B .' Attenti&H tadtesr t* Mndstue (Ward, the Ori&ital cote_£**' ffe« &reat tit her fooftis, Jtt! 'Madison St north of State street tof we ^forested in the tteafonejlf of the akito. Skin bkNB«8h.Bp: of all kkdgf retnoved. .yat;'. 1 ,h(Mi the, jp 5fdf Ifer ^njesty «igafe Box a eptfeinlty, ' • - ( A fhie^ehnb dressing for **n atid black rt mle by ( Mi«j JL B, ageht, Delia LwiW l»<rt thte tjfflce pt tjte , doting bt*ei»efegfeWWu»«l further , taxes whtcb ftire 1 »o* due, City Stiss^BosIey Will taM |)«pije itt enltttrc during I i^rst clas? jo& wofh afc ftwprioes ddne i". Margie, $tte would like f<* do at thfc Home of her mother, 61 Hftriover street. Time rtnii Harvest, Is tit good opportunity to enquire about fanning laml* m South Dakota. only trae da)* ride frbtn Chicago, Bountiful orotf* t>f *ltoftt, corn, baj-lej and Barreward the tiller of the soil. AB a stock and dairy country South liaS'cttft.Jeat'ft erti tho world, Kirs; claafr /ftrin lands with nearby market* onn now be bought for from $lOj $12, $15, arwl upward^, per acre, and thia is the time to invest. For further jtaytioulow write tv George H. Heafford, Oeueral FABsentssf 1 Chicago; Milwaukee;* St. Paulitail- Old (.'olony Buildmtj, But yj »5so J6r|t!sh. coajp fii'ft A'ndcyeldhe and mofe thaa itfaerto ljp«*oted "any T<«H- thte \ V We invite alt to will on jjrat tho Wat- sou building and exnpiine our iftethod of Dress Tailoring^ We will cut any putt&ra for an^^tady who will take the pains to cattnnd examine our ^method. ,Our Bdiool will bo open to the public Sajarrday ami! Monday, iA,ug, U and Ifi, •where orders will be received for patterns cut free for anj lady who will takn the pains to call and examine our-tnethod« The Klondike .(Join! Fields' Are now attract!ng the attention of_the whole wOrld, and the results of placer and quarts* mining are fully equal to the ." linds of naggette in the earlj, California dajs Hnd extraordinary inducements are being offered lo prospector^, practical twirierfMuul • investors. By pes»t spring the gold fever wilj have t tken possoHBion of thousands of jieople, uiid tho western roads will havo all tht*V can do to transptjrt the fortune hjmters. ' 'JKhi* Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 1'aui railway,' tuid ite connecting UneS, offer the kM'Ht facilitiea for reaching tho Alaska gold rtigionB. , , For further information, address Harry , Mercer, Michigan PJIBB. Agt., Detroit, " Mich. , , ~7~ ' • If the Iluby in Cutting Teeth IJp Bun> and use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. WinslowVSoothing $yrup for cliildr^n teething. It soothes the child, B0>f tens the f|uuiB, allaya uTl^pnin. cures \*lud colic and is tho b^st remedy fw diarrhoea. / -Twtinty-u'vo cents a u0t» ttt>. Ladice calling at 1(B N s Ma^liso<l will find Bompthirif^ bonrntasweli as Interest them. ^ , Talk about style, talk about it J Have you aiaen tho etylfeft weddtag tationa, party, cards/indtytdual Cards'wo are .putting atrt? They're pure style Don't yqu-wed a trjfle of printing in the abo^^lfntfe just about now. We hare $!» newest and latest script 4ypo.' It is always grntifjing to receive, testimonials few 1 Chambprlain'g Colic, Oholora nnd Diarrhoea remed'y, and when the endorsement Is frmn n physician it is especially so. '.'There is nlj stvtisfttctory or etfective remedy than Chatnberkun'B Colic, Chojera and Diarrhoea . remedy," writes Dr. E. B. Rolwy, ph>-sician and pharuiacisfc, of Olnoy, Mo.: and as he has used the remedy in his own family and sold it in his drug store for six years, lie: should certainly know. For sale at Greene's store. ' ° C»H at the home of* #. S. McNames 22 Wcbt State street and be will repair yonr suoeg at once. All work left'at Watson's grocery store will receive attention daily. . ' ' An elegant line of belts, latest stylos •ind lowcst'pricos, at Hulett & Son's. hy nearty t6e Wtectten of jwltoy totr< on lar^ef scaJo* thao prd«np% settle^ and paid fey Sr«»ldent ngont t «t I>. "Ctoniaghnm's Bnreaitj 84 fetate strefet. '' Tfief'lae* . To - bay ftour, grahAis, bolted meal, toeal, ground feed, bran or ihiddlinp is at O. A. Chosherls rail!. All kinds 1)f custon grinding done, bots of cheap chicken feed. Pleasant, Safe, , Reliable TO; L Afrrs Your JOB PRINTING at Chronicle office. COMPOUND Ptat*atria, a «moktt;-10o ^ for ?«. Beware of htoitatiooa. See that yo«r CIRW is stomped Pro Paiferla. Qeo* Moebs & Co., flmanfac.tttrere, De- tfoit. Sold byW. A. Barnes. THE GREAT M ftdscfc, Always fresh and new: strictly high grade stfc lowest prices; prompt delivery. Give us a call and bo convinced at the -EVrrJnville. store. • • —• A, WORTHS PALjnuj^Prop. ' " Notice. r " Call at Barnes' for Diana's Chaeo. IB yourtim^ worth 50c a day? Then that disabling. Wadaehe is expensive. •'Blue ytrettk* will cure it for a quarter, ^-\ ^ Notice. I n<n prepared to do ladies' and children *s ^htmipooiug at their hoiwea Leave o*der» at Ctark's barbel- shop, or .vt.'Hi oast Ckeen street, MK». W. W. CI.AKK. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of f h* nbovp rpHnlt<< In 3O dnyf Hiwt rftillv mid »mu lily <.}\ir< « when nil nthors toil »"oii!«nnfii will rewiln tbdir Io»t maut^«H«J ami old rt<n Vijl tccovfr tlirjr yottltijHl viKilt br nMns ItnV I V». It qutfkljMiHrt mireJy rortorcis N*rvotts ifffi I.te(! Vitality, IratKjUincy. Ntehtly J£mls«lon». ,0frt Power. Faillhu Memory. Wwtin«r J)i9fl»i,eB. uul 11 eff.icth dt Hfilf-ntmfcfl «*r^ ««Pyl «w» Indim^tion. ulik'Ji unfits rue tor stutlv. bwint'iw oir inarrla«(\ It uit onlv i'«rHi by ctarttoe at the Wat at disease, bttj Stvat nfrii> tonic and lildod'liiilldpr, l>rmg N barlt thf pink cli>\v to pale flioiih* tltf flnr Of yotith. It w%r«l» off (usnnitj isil Cottitnmnttnn." Inslet on havirijtJtKVIVO, no nbor. It can be c»rrl«rt tu Vest pocket. Dy mail SLOOpprrrat-ltaat., or alt Cor SG.OO, iVlth 8 poil- ,lvc written Bt-ininlt'o to cure or relund .Jit) iuoany. Circular treo. Address • ilOYAi MEWCfflil GO., 271 Watosi AT8..CBICA8Q, ItL for 84leat Marshall, Mich., by . _-. A. O. HYDE have kept Piso's Cure for Con- sooner Ifiyc a grocerym alon: wiJjbut «wgar ift liis store tfi^m we\co«I4 ft is A &ntt seBer. , Miefegan, September 2 t Opinions: * Stomach, Liver and At Watf»m'ft^ui( can got -ir>d tcy it. flour by tbie WO K»-, in your ; urt light Wt-iirttt of 9<J or !>H Ibs.; jatent; At is beat flour made Buy joar stationery at the Chronicle a Bee, . ' .................. * T" ' ' ' ' "' v ' C/et you* job work done at the Ofaroni " ^ Ki«e, brgi". home grown potatoes received daily at v Gilford's Tobacco cure is a scientific habit. It ia -ETC. Twenty cen'-- « «i«k lur e»Ch riot Ice not ox oepillng live liiiua NoV!in.i«e lows than twenty ocnta. W AS TED- A girl for Mrtx S.K.dllONlN'3. Ei on Ire of 1 B on went State. Kf N I — Thf !>« Fin t** o»«<r U'aw «oa.« i, iy « II nou Enquire t>M)rnce U'O». U ot'rtR of FIX room* in rtei«}riibte t(i"i«tJ*)c, t«- rvnt h«pt l*t For pirUoul»f».l)iqt|Jr*- a/ Mm, W L. bu< K. co tier itinmlnu HUiI Muioerr) streets. . L A WS!K r I a ak«" big wagec at home, and want all to Imv'tt tht< «anin ouixiriiioitj.. Tltu wotk 1^ very pieucuti'..*!!'! will oiifil* V»f' $1? wtkly , Thin irt a il>>c«>)>t.kiii. | wttut IH< IUOJIB)- ,md wui ttlailly scixl nurtte ilaf* to nil *»>><Uujf guaranteed to cur^iu ten days. No cure, uo pay- - A. O. Chairs and tunica to' rent for r J. W, LKBTKK. > t Chatuberlaiiii'a Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea remedy always affords prompt 4f ug Lawfuwe, Miid _ 'arnlj»ha , -21 . Vut teruti -. to nmt on atiU after , A, A. UUt,MEa, tTf TT" wMtf qWlfl of »BT«O y««ri( ilfcolre* p»«itl(in, ft* lionBUkot'V'iir. 'juine. Enquire at this ofliC«. Kola/Compblfrid /s' Cures Dyspepsia and all derangements o£ the Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Sick Headache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound Cures Constipation. Is a Brain and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier, Kola ' Compound is the peer of all other medicines. Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kidney Troubles. - * Kbi.a Compound ik natures remedy—potent yetXhafmless. It tones and vitalizes the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, in brief rejuvenating and building tip^, the entire system, enriching the blood and impXrtinjMo ~the whole body the freshness and vigor of yoath. \ ,, Kola Compound Is composed of life giyitfg, tissue building, HftrJUaLand °Vegetabh?i Extracts, and contains , notjtjng •--—•-— to the CHICAGO JRBCORD is nmodel newspdper in every sense of the word. "•— Harrisbttfg (Pa.) Call. ' "~ \ - • - , "There is ob^aper published in America that so nearly apnroaches the true journal* istic ideal as The^QHlCAtiO RECORD. "—_ From "iyewspaperdolm" (New York). i - "I have conic tor the firm^oncJusiort> after a, long test and after a wide cop'par/son with the journals of m'any cities an.d countries, tfiat The CHICAGO RBCORQ comes as near being the ideal daily journalists we are for some time likely to find on rhese mortal shores."- Prof, J. T. HatfieldJt The E-Wnston (l/L) Inile<\.. Sold l)ij newsdealers ^cn/whcre and subscriptions receiwd hi ( U post, uistrrs. Address THE CHICAGO nmnw. isi i-hiiikuft'&t. ' 9 oo DROPS Preparation tor Assimilating tteFoodaudHcguta- Ung the Stomach*aMMessiso|/. SEE THAT THE . /, \ SIGNATURE FAC-SIMILE delicate eoristi- e nor Mineral IS ©K THE K6m Compound' ANtKD-100 girts to warioalldltVnvusHn unrti'iwear. WRAPPER • ET^Y "Y • indpi-eed by many "eml- 4uwl,Scieu- Oilier Remedies Ha? Relieve HALK -K«»tftaraat for pwtlculw» «aa«ira of Keeps none but htty $ rocker, thjBS,. hayo ^{1 d prices io Suit the tim& at the, Nozarcth toflituction bt4h In the tu*ory a School fo^Yojing Term*, *4QO p»r Fur partieulara apply tij 01 K AJ,A>I PVXOO, toe's Kola Ooi» pound, It will aat di point yon. JMee 30 ce»t« per HUMPHREYS' DR, UOUI8 8. JOY '••' be pleased tp , one with - Utera moaials, etc., , wonderful rerneay way of job <;y pe. w tb« ta^ift to ge$ a QUletta ad. .and ear. FiliiHf «f iflasses a diploma oo Or. Lane Baa been engaged in t, active y»etic«of inedieine fox 35 veare. The last devoted cuneol chro». ic diaeaees, and di«ea»ed of U. S. CIGAR 4 Qdft^ft 'WA^^PSII—'F^f V|Mt M)i OuliMit bj tt^M^y QwtfA^ift. Cumuli ftfpTyfi^it^tifyft m ijhliMfe^i^ yB^DCft^ yy ^wfetffii.^ Pft^i^oM |g Ho, "^ M JSe. 8O •* • ¥ ' .Cold* and Grip. -Sold all w»r fbcwe wistiiiQgtio buy please an4 a^lyiee at A limited uumbjer iik towns «wi , will rweive promt atte^tiou. "

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