Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on May 29, 1947 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Page 2
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HGU^fe , *«with .,» MAJOft YOU'LL SE sti A/lfvTCnt?' i Ae r •' JX-I a- ,r w^i iNi f—|NC=- - -^ &7 SA^LONS, AMD UP- Y ^e&rEROAY.-THE FOR <-( MISSUS DRAlMEB ra-/" 1 -* /V. OOfWOTb jemvv / ;A6bFA~- MUST VtUS6'< / BE A COUPLE OF BflQiSCH tSAS ? J ^/rrrSVsALUOMS r »aii»-^-»^fe—_* t •(( JKS LEFT/ / ROLLER IN A y^K >t>U PHOTO \f 8EIWG FINISH.' JL TOWED tS-^*-jfc~r L •(( jM£j EiB-jJl DOESN'T :,' GO TOO FAST i_60TlT KPDN 1340,on Your Dial THURSDAY ,..- —..„ Harrison—MBS. f>:16— Vlt-gll- Mott SoncK 6:30—Camain Midnight—MBS. f.:4C—Tom Mix—MBS. GiOO—Pulton Lewis, Jr., XPW.M. 6:lf>—Five Minute Myslprie.s. 0:29—Vinulereook News. 8:2i">—Snorts and News. 6.30—-Cotirtt of Monte Cristo-MBS (iOO—To Be Announced. 7ilB—Heal Life Storip.s—.\1B.S. 7:30—Treasure Hour of Sons—Mils 8:00—The Family Theatre—MRS. S:ftO—1 Was a Convict—MJ3S. 3:00—Ivevlne Thiir.«dav Xite Jam. 8i80— Dunce Orchestra— MBS. • Hi 65— NPWH— MBS. IfliOO — Dance Orchestra, 10:30— Dance Orchestra— MBS 1 0 :5C— NIW.I-- MRS. 11:00 — Record Show. ItiflO— ftoeord Show 12:00— SlRn Off. .. ..;. ..... FRIDAY 6! 29— SiRii On. G:3g — News. G:85 — Oerte Ilorton Soncr.s. 0:50— 1340 Kanoh. 7:00— Etfltor'H Diary— M U.S. .7:ir,— The Open BiUln. 7:45— Breakfast Ilhytlims. '•7:fifi— News. 'S:00— Arthur tJanthe— MBS. ;8:1B— Pnlth In Our Time— .MBS. ,8:30— Sny It With Musk'— AIBS. !9:00 — Pnmp.a }';>rty \Anc. ; -8jl5—Te.ll Your NfllKhlior— MBS. .;i):30— Ffftnrt's Heslre— MBS. fO:.00— Fashion Lottfr. W:05— Musicni Intnrludo.. 10:10— Ills Majesty tlm Baby. 10:1S— (.'offee Time. . . IfliSO— -Cammta Salute — MBS. 1J':00— Cerdlo Foster— MBS. I}:15— Smile Time— MBS. 11:30— J. L. Swindle News. 1I:4C — Checkerboard .Innilmree — MBS. 12:00— Jluslc Ala Carte. 13! IS— 'tonal News. 18:30— Dlnnerbell Jamboree. )2i4!i — People Know KverythiilBr. 1:00— Queen for a Day— MBS. j:30— Muslim for l-'riduv. IMS— Jackie II ill Show. 2:(lO--Kr. c liine Johnson — MBS. 2:15— Thu -Johnson Kaniil.v-'-MBS. '2:30— Two-Ton DaliL-f— MBS. DR. PAUL OWENS OPTOMETRIST Eyds Examined and Glasses Fitted PFFICE HOURS 9 to 12 -r- 2 to 5 ";!' 315E. Kingsmiil PH. 1855 •5—lilt tin Conen-t. ":flO—All HeiiUPMt Show. 4:00—All flptiUPM Show. 4: :•!."—Advpruitttre I'aivuln—MBS. N'PAV YORK—(/Pi—AH it wns an, nunlly exennt Cor the war years, the j Indlanatioli.^ .Motor Speedway races nre to sret tlie mnili aRsiKiiineut In Memorial P;iv hrnadrnstiim l''rlda.y. .MJIS is setting aside fmir periods 10 tell nhoiit it. The sc-hedule e;ills for 1 the stnrt rit !»:!"i.n. in., with inlcrniediali' nirk- IIMS al H.'lfi and I p. in. e.ii'li K> minutes. The finish is sei for arnnnrt 2, in en tr, minutes or lonuer. Tonifiht On Networks SW~r< Henry Aldridi: 7 l,nrille Hall in Mnsie Hall- S Ahott and tV.s!- telln; R:Hn IMdie Cantor; !i;"0 Sun-y of Musi... CBS— K Suspense lirnimi "A Tlilnc of nf!aiitv;" 7 Dk'U ilayines Show: 7:HO Prime 1'hotr-iR- "Out of I'ast;" R;.W A I'M; ("'(UH'ert. <'.ladys Swurthnut and others; ;i;3n l.'aiitas.v In Melody. Friday On Networks Nrii 1 —T:l."> a. in. .lack Kilty Sonu: 12:1"> iltvi-k Kilty Siinsr; 1 p. m. Women in White' 4:IR Rliansody of Itockies; fi Paul LaValle Alelody; "1:30 Alan Yoiin/r (Vjinedv: 7 IVople Are Pnnny: Waltz Time; s Mystery T'tli>!ltnr. iT(S —0:3(1 a. in, Irene Beiipley: 1 n. in. Sons- Donmiot; 3 l-fon.«c Party: \\'arnow Koundoff- f. l-'anny lirlc'e Season Flnnle; B:3fl Thin .Man Season Kiriale: 7 Oinny Slmnii-- Show: 7:T.n Mnore and nurante; S It Pays to lie Icnornni: S'"ii My Krienil Irnia. AMC--S a. in. Itreakfast (."'Itih: 1 :.W l>. in. Bride and rironm: .'! l'«p. I!. M Nixon nf Calif., on l/alior 1,ctrisliitii-in: (l:. n ,n V/one Ranger: 7 Val Man; ~ :W This Is F-'P.I: S Mreak the Hanlc K'.'lfl Th,. Slic-rirt': fl Studio Sports in- sleail of liout. Saturday On Networks XRC— t" noon Xatloiial Farm and Home- 1 Orchestras of .Nation Finale; H:15 17iith Anniversary Salem ''o'- i,.K,': r, Foreign Policy "l''ood Cri!;iH in Unropp; 7-30 Can ^'ou TOP I his. CP.S .'l:?,0 ;i. m. Adyi'iititrcji's Cltili; t"-:!n p.' in. Country .loiirnal- -:" 1 ! rtelmont Park Horse llaee; ii \aiiKhn 'Monroe Sliow; S;.1ft S\vc,-ii.-v and ' ''VlJi''—s a. ui. \Vaki- I'll and Smile; I 'p. ni. Our To.wu. Salt [<ake City; I Snlurdav Conrert: , I Deal in Crime; !) II. \V. Storey on T.almi fjee-islatlon. *:-l*?"*" ;.• * ,-., ;. 00 FAT? Get SLIMMER vitamin candy way Hivi Vn>°t« slender, graceful figure.'No Merctiing. No laxatives. e. . . With Uie simple A YDS Candy Keduciiig Plan n't cut out any meals, ttarchw.poUUoes.meatsorbuttc-r, y$a tiuply cut them down. It's «*i«r.wben .you enjoy <lc4icious (*ittolh fortmed) AYDS candy Absolutely harmleta. ti dlnlcal twtl conducted by mtdl- alttoct«it, mote than too POTMM •M S4't* IV Itw. mvmrmm* In • £ VMS* Vith AVPS~it»,.dD Sody RMuctng Man. utie (2.15. Ttiplt ilMlS.SO. You get rwulU xu; uie .. tpt iM.. ra vrrj' fint>U>i or money buck. C*ll or phono WILSON DRUG Phone 600 Gracie Reports By GRACIE ALLEN Well, here we go back to the dark ages. A professor of the Harvard Medical School says people shouldn't sleep with their bedroom windows open be- jause the night tiir causes colds. I thought that aid theory was exploded years ago before every- ;hiiig else started sxploding. I'm pretty sure the professor's idea '.vill be scoffed at Gracie by all the redblooded he-men who make a nightly ceremony of standing in front of an open window and beating on their chests. My sister Bessie decided to make a test of the matter. So she slept an hour in a bedroom With closed windows and then slept the next hour in a bedroom with open windows, alternating all night long, reports that she didn't catch a cold in either room, but in the hallway between the two she caught a beauty. fcelena rubinstein mi Ik-tone the cake make-up that won't dry your skin! For glamour—nothing heats a real c«ke make-up, lint you wuut cmo that won't 0ry your skin. That,is why Helena Rubinstein developed irtiuc-TONf —the cuke pwke-up that will actually, guard jp fjeshness of your skjn. Becauso Rubinstein, pioneer in ce, Blends it with mild, protein! -in four faltering" fji ftechel, Suntau, TENDER CWIf ! PROOflCF flHD f; SAVORY , TENDER STEAKS CHOPS AND ROASTS IN Alt FURR'S, MARKETI SEND THE :, KIDDIES YOUUV PLEASED TENDER CRISP ARRIVES EVERY . DAY, YOU'LL FIND SAVORY TENDER STEAKS CHOPS AND ROASTS W ALL FURR'S MARKETS SERVING THIS, AREA FOR OVER PAY TOP PRICES FOR v QUALITY EG63 - SHOP YOUR NEAREST FURR FOOD STORE FOOD STORES, m He! §i^<^^P <<fa ^^^-^k i/A ,f t '**** " -.AWfttf w^- , /it Armour's Star Pure LARD carton 11:. ••-•,:-;.! .": :.;. Santa Clara Medium P.RUNES, Ib. Box Post's GRAPE-NUT FLAKES, 8 8-oz. Boxes Premium Mother's OATS, 3 Ib. Box Purasnow FLOUR, 2 Sib. Bag C.H.B. SWEET PICKLES 2-1 oz. Jar 25 C 25 C 37 C $|79 59 C CHAMPION MIXED CASE OF 24 NO. 2 CANS $ 129 Lh SUN PAK Satin Tip MATCHES, 6-Box Carton Apricols ST^? M ..... C. H. B. CATSUP, 14 oz. Bottle Clorox BLEACH, Gallon I MONTMOKENCY Case of 24 No. 2 Cans Economy TUNA Pack Can IfiUMUMCAM Case of 24 Itnernes NO 2 cans S 5,49 $ 7.59 LE VALLEV Elastic STARCH, 10c Seller, 2 for (Peaches No!V/ 2 c 4 an S SUN PAK Admiration TEA, 1/4 Ib. Pkg. T9 Prune Plums .Sr,tJ«~ Joys VINEGAR, quart GOLD IGreen Beans No!"2°ca 2 n S Archer House VIENNA SAUSAGE, 3 Tins ILIBBY-S Delightful STRAWBERRY $"831 PRESERVES. 3 16-oz. Jars S ' KITCHEN KLENZER fiC 2 Cans ................................ ^ Case of 24 No. 2 Cans i«j. it. j>. Carrots 2.23 Winter Valley GREEN and POTATOES, 3 No. 2 Cans IF YOU WANT FLAKIER PIC CAUW |C. H. B. Caase of 24 $ No. 2 Cans JNATION PRIDE VACUUM PACK WHOLE KERNEL , Case of .24 $O 1|!J No. 2 Cans ,O«I V [CENTRAL EXTRA STANDARD CREAM STYLE Case of 24 $0 CO No. 2 Cans O«9 3T C. H. B. •-..^^•. '^ !»., -^WF SHORTENING ^ LB, CTN. CASEOi= .12 46-oz. cons S5TAFF O 1 LIFE Mustard CART'S ,.1 No. 2I/a Cans 8 VEGETABLE JUICES OR TURNIP GREENS Case of 24 No. 2 Cans Kraul Casc of 24 «« Case of ,12 46 oz. Cans FANCY ROLLING WEST |Ua«i Case of 24 Caa No. 2 Cans : I'INK onOVE.., Sweet Potatoes VSTKLE . . . . .. >pacfhe!ti ,» Case of 24 5 oz. Cans ^1^ Case of 24 No. 2 Cans LE VALLEY Tontaioes No. se 2y 2 ct ns OLD FASHIONED HO/UlNY Case of 24 No. 2 cans PINTO CASE OF 24 f NO. 300 CANS Arnholz COFFEE OLD FASHIONED r>".t > FURNITUhi: i OLISH Quart BEST YEP DRESSING Ifl Bright and Early e 31b. t-.'ftf' '!K»^'-'t'- : A'-; i.-W'i' -reifif » ^- LEMONS 360 Sunkisl-, dozen . . . TOMATOES Texas Pinks, Ib CUCUMBERS Long, Green Slicers, Ib, RADISHES Round Red, 3 bunches CARROTS Bulk, Fresh DMg, 3 Its. Fresh ,. fr 'V. v«i Lb, C Fresh' Lb ( (AMS Lb, CHOICE CUTS FRESH TENDER CRISP rhODUct ARRIVED EVERY DAY YOU!!. FIND SAVORY TENDER STEAKS CHOPS " AND ROASTS FURR'S MARKETS SENG THE KIDDIES YOU'LL PLEASED SERVING THIS AREA FOR OVER PAY TOP PRICES FOR QUALITY Efifo QUALITY PRICE SERVICE FREW TENDEn CRISP PRODUCE ARRIVES EVERY DAY YOU'LL FIHO SAVORY TEHDER STEAKS CHOPS AND ROASTii IN ALL F FURR'S MARKETS SERVlliT THIS AREA FO/l eoinM '^2 ' 'WiW. agt* »- ,,.i'/i.ilr:^,ki,' !;^fls

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