The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 2, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1893
Page 1
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AKSBALL* MICH., W£DNESDAY> PRICE TWO CENT- Baking* Powder A Nbte issued by M. Deville Upon the Berhands. . ness. Delias obtained the consent Ot Comptroller .Eckels to go on with bis banki THE STTPPLEMENTABY GTJAEANTEE Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Hifjhestof all in leavening strength Latest U. $' Government 'Food Report- _ ROYAL BAKING POWDER GO 106 Wall Sireet, N. Y - This PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicirie; Nothing has ever been produced tt equal or co'mpare with it as a CURATIVK and HEALING APPLICATION. Ithasbeen used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives satisfaction. .Cures PILES or HEMORRHOIDS -External or Internal, Blind or Bleeding^Itching and Burning; Cracks or Fissur£s;TlshJa in Ano t Worms of the Rectum. The relief is imm*. diate— the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, ScaHs and Ukeration and Contraction from Burns. The relief is Instant Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Hea9. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS an* Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. Price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 2g Cents^ Bold bj DracgUU, or lent pott-paid on receipt of prtc*. ., xu* m wnn«i»si.,injwBHiK. Delay of Stain In Accepting France'* Ultimatum Justified tlie Government of th* Republic In Imposing Heavier Conditions Upon the Little Country. PAHIS, Aug. 1.—The supplementary guarantees demanded by France from Biam, which include the temporary eustody of the river and port of. Chanti- bun and that Siam shall not establish military stations in certain named places near the Cambodian frontier or within, a certain district of the Mekong river, Vero contained in a note Issoed by M. Develle Mondayand made 1 public Tuesday. The text of the nptd is as follows':"-..- ' ••'•;.-'•. '.-,;'- .-•.,"*',, ; v..-.--. ' • ,' PARIS, July 81.1803. . The delay of Slant in accepting the ultimatum presented by the French minister resident-ab Bangkok has Justified the government of the Republic iu. imposing heavier (conditions. Being desirous, however, to give further proof of the sentiments of moderation by which she has been constantly .actuated, France will content herself, as a> indispensible guarantee fot the practical execution of the clauses ol the ultimatum, -with-occupying the river and port of Chantibun until the complete evacuation of the posts established by the Siamese on the left bank of the Mekong river. . . Further, for the purpose of guaranteeing a continuance of the good relations happily re-established between France and Siam, and for preventing a conflict in the of the Lake Toulesap, Siam will ike to maintain no military forces THE PILE OINTMENT CARTERS %mkHeadftolioan<l relieve «!' tb»trp«M<w tacfc •tetrt *o a biliona state ofthe gyatoni •«ch «e aftc . n shown la cunqg region UllU6I*l<3JcL6 w •-«.——••—-— —••— —— f in Battambang tfhd Siemreuf and in tne locality situated within a radius of 2ZKilo- metres of the Mekong rive*, starting from the Cambodian frontier. Siam will only maintain the police force necessary to preserve order. Moreover, Siam, will not maintain warships or armed boats on the waters of the Great lake or the Mekong river. • ' FINANCIAL RELIEF. Over 88,OOO,OOO to lie Added to Net? York's Supply of Currency. NEW YORK, Aug. 2.—A new and unexpected element of relief has been injected into the financial situation. United States bonds have reached such a low figure that the national banks see their way clear to make a profit by issuing circulation against them. Arrangements have therefore been made by sp'ue of the more prominent banks to increase their circulation from the minimum limit at which it now stands to such an amount as will materially relieve the present tension. ' It is estimated that $8,000,000 or $10,000,000 will be 6,0 added to New York's supply of burrency within a very short Silver Dollars Coined. {/ • WASHINGTON, Aug. 2.—The. issue of •tandard silver dollars from the mints arid treasury offices during the week ended July 28 was $432,369; for the corresponding period of last year, $440,065. The shipment of fractional silver coin from the 1st to the 30th inst. amounted to $725,473. . . Citt In Wages. '-. LAFAYETTE, Iiid., Aug. 2.—The. O'Brien Wagon company, one of the largest in Indiana, has made a 10 per cent reduction in wages. The 200 em- E loyes accepted the cut in preference to. aving the concern shut down entirely. The company announces that the did rates will be restored as soon as practicable. Senator Turple 111. INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 2.—Senator David \Turpie is quite ill at his residence here.' His physicians speak guardedly regard- irig the outlook for his recovery. It is nokat all probable that-he will go to Washington[.next week. : Fourteen Killed and Many, Injured. ST. PETEHSBUfto, Aug. 2.-r-A dispatch, from Koev, Capital of the government Of that name, says that an explosion of benzole occurred in the magazine in the Dumski-Platz. Fourteen were killed aud many injured. . Lost by Fire. CHIC AGO, Aug. 2.—Fire in the Olson - flats, 801 to' 308 Cottage Grove avenui. damaged the flats to the extent of !jwi' 000. They were owned by Olson v Company, Tenants lost $10,000. A Receiver In Charge. PUEBLO, Colo., Aug. 2.—The Fuel City Railway company, owning. >• operating five separate lines of el < roads hi Pueblo and supurbs, has \> * into the hands of a receiver. ' • Carpet*.: &? •The carpet cleaning works on change street will be open 6n_B'nil' Monday. March 27th. ~." Go to Botighton'a for wall New stock and new Ex Robt Tt Schelly kinds of tin voi>, Murphy's. . is jr« v an tl to «U» !<)< i)) <•*!'* E. I/ ii t you wanrihe earth for the best rffrigeratoi mrnt-j up l un's. Buy the gmuiue PhUadeij hia h.wu mower rt Boslej'e. „ Sufferers from Piles should know.that th PyrainidPile Cure will promptly andef. fectnolly remove every trace of them. Ab/ ruggiat wMl get it for you. $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, JUT vousneso and Sleeplessness tha» Vegetable C«e will not cure. • . . Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and-' and Cough*, LaGripre end its after tffexts Tremulous Weakness of the Nervcg, Erysipelas and Com tipationl 12 oz. $1.00. . ' ""- JOB. SHARP8TEEN. hawu niowers paift'd at Jioslev's. sharpened and re uet your tin wart* mended atScheUy'b tin f hop. -paiuiH a Get your wall papnr Geu Unughtou's new store. Chafes on babkf-, t>ore nipple* and in flanimation of th« instnntly re with Lavcudm Oimnipnt. H«a»cb« ye* Caiter'a little Urer Pulf are MUkUr valuable in Constipation, curing and pi* «>iBplalut e a UT»«ndteguUtethebowelS. Bawd , m ^ The currency movement Tuesday was lighter than it has been for some time, being estimated at less than §750,000, Tlje isbue of loan certificates was increased -$1,475,000, raising the total to $29,450,000. The issue was for the purpose,of facilitating the gold imports. whooncetrf tix<;j» t.iu iic.l these little _ ••t.c> w^vy tiKktl'iey will not • A Large. Family. RALEIGH, Aug. 2.—The prolific character of the negro race has been the subject of .much comment and discussion. A case has come to light in this state that is one of the most remarkable on record. Meijes Williams,- A negro farmer, lives in the eastern section of this state. He is 55 years old, but doefe not appear to be over 50. Jle has been married twice, and by the two Wves has had Born to him 45 children. By* the first wife he had 23 children, SU of whom, were girls a»d three were boy's. By the second wife he had 22 children, 20 girls and. two boys. He also ljas about 60 grandchildren^ Tae -—nr,^-ii yj-gij au' * weeks H tractor mise, died JJis Elm or. e^ • ,|e % short Preparing For tli« Special Session. WASHINGTON, Aug. 1.- Representative Catchings, a leading member of the house committee on rules, called on Mr, Crisp Tuesday. It was assumed that he had been called in to advise concerning committee assignments and rules. Very few arrivals of representatives are noted and the fight for offices of the house is dormant. The warmest fight will be over the doorkeepership. Iceman Turner is confident of winning, claiming to have the endorsement of the New York delegation. Hart of Tennessee and Smith of Texas, however, have not given up and still express confidence of success. A Murderer Surrender*. BBAZIL, Ind., Ang 4 2.—Murderer Charles Cooprider srirrendered to Sheriff Ringo, and posse Tuesday morning, much to the surprise of the citizens. He and bis friends walked into town and Cooprider was locked up in the jail. Jt is the result of an agreement between the sheriff arid Cooprider's friends. It is believed that desperate efforts will be made to clear hkn at" the preliminary hearing. Mlllt to Shut Down. FALL RIVER, Mass., Aug. 2.—The directors of the Seannet mills have voted to shut down next Saturday until the cloth market improves. The Flint mill' will shut down Monday. The cUrectors of the Wempanog mills voted to shut down after next week and every alternate week until the market improves. The Anawah, Metacoma, Wee- talmoe and Fall River, manufacturera will shut down 'next week indefinitely. Just as sure as hot weather comes ther will bo more or le.<a bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaolo medicine at band for inataut use in case it is needed, A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in just what • you ought to have, and all that you would need, even for the most severe aud dangerous cases. It ia the best, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleasant to take, For sale at Greene' drug store. The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Piles iu every form. Every druggist has it. Good summer wood at $1.75 per cord at C. T. Grant's. A. new remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia cheap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely and' surely. Any druggist will get it for you. Gasoline stoves cleaned and at R. Sheley'6. repaired A Salute Fixed. MOSTBE4JL, Ang. 3.— The Italian warship Etna was visited uy large crowds Tuesday, The threat of Adspoiral Mag- nagbi to leave the port unless a salute,, was fired in return to her salute on en- terinathe port c*twed % sensation, but fOTtwnately any unpleasantness was prevented by the receipt of a telegram^ from the minister of tfte militia order- log *hat .* salute of , *1 guns be fired t Hetea^Swd. wtoch waa done. |toj|feceal; i gtQcon;- John Canip- If you want a first class lun^h call on the new resturaut, first door west ot the Tontine. If you are lingering from fevers, luug, lagnppe, catarrh,, confumplion, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, nervouaneaa, sleeplessneds, sick, headache, paralysis, ery8ii,eas'pr scalvskifl, -e^nstipation or call oti Dr. Sharpsteen fpr his vegetable cur«. Aug. , H * of L%di«a H'iM«U t Ji»» Week. waists for SOo-; $1 waists for ?r«Ci $J,,50 waists for $1; fv " . \ - J, 8. WHITS & i ^-1,-lir-Tj lu _ _ .„.'.„.- n New potatoes at CuoniDgham'g, Children (Cry for • ^?*%g!gywwp^ ,9-;:a l-,; c *-.7,: ^^J^%5j% s ^^; "^:%/ /;r <}f. JL §J 7 ^-S|J \ :; '' • ^ ^ : Jlf,^Jj^^/:^ ; _/ -, ;_•/-j*;- : : i v^J -f\_, ^^V.^S^'^S"

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