The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 7, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Wednesday, December 7, 1960
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Tide Schedule (Today: High 7:M p.m.^Np tyvr. Thursday!' ' High 8:S« p.m. Low 11:48 a.m, PORT 1 —— Trustees Keep Old NameZ Rename New School Units F5rn»rt«nnt»t e-/>li*v,i * > . ^^ ••• V4v ;":m "LT^ ^r- BB """-* AB9 "" n ' « «« COLimB/^ B1M20«M, SWEEN?, OLD OCEAN, ^Associated Weather Cost Wilh mt «™itt«it rain colder through Thursday, s.onally strong northerl ng northerly WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER~7,~196o" Brazosport school trustees and the administration drew warm applause from a small audience Tuesday night wilh a simple solution to the conflict over naming of schools. ' Seven schools with official I y, adopted names will keep (hose names permanently. Five schools with old but unofficial names will :: j keep those names until tnistees >' are petitioned by citizens to have It changed. All new schools will to the school naming conform policy. mcmary School becomes the official name of the new school that is due for completion in February on Plantation Drive in Lake Jackson. Dr. Richardson will in (he near luture select metal plaques to be installed in the re-narneri schools to Identify them for visitors. School that wilt retain their unofficial name* until citizens decide otherwise are the Clute Element- nry School, Chile Junior High •* h ool. Lake Jackson Elementary T -i._ ,_ . . j u)) | oli Junior Sne did the statue of Sam Houston which stands in Hermann Park in Houston. She is credited with in 1 . traducing (he teaching of art In Texas schools. ORAN MILO ROBERTS: Born in South Carolina, studied law at the University of Alabama, served in the Alabama legislature, and moved to San Augustine, Tex., in 841. He was elected governor in 1878 and re-elected in 1880. He vas instrumental in obtaining the establishment of the University of Texas, Sam Houston State Teachers College and Prairie View A&M College. During his i • '<-i<iwri, LflKO scheduled School, and , ,, -, <•-•• Tuesday School. , ,. . -- - night. Under it, new names were Schools with Drevim.clv „„ &M CollcRe - Dllrin « his o be selected for all schools that proved SftcTal name^ are Rr, P ' T "* K° vcrnor . ^ *<™ aided had names adopted for convon-! JZlnT H, ~ rJfe ^, ho Wntertton of the A&M College of Texas. The selection committee was made up of Paul Webber, chairman, Mrs. Madge Griffith. Robert Kcrr, G. B. fiasco, Mrs. Edna Ferguson and Mrs. Evelyn Wil- Udall Named Interior Secretary —~ — - _______ "• • „ ... — ^^ • • « m~mm mm Cecilia Blackstock Is Princioal At Velasco had names adopted 'toT^ ^ ZM™ Tl^S ™hMtt^4HJ?5 GOV. OHAN M. ROBERTS Advanced Higher Education Tllpse brief biographies of Uie move that would drop familiar, well-loved mime ,.„„ „, Ilvion, even thougli the name ha never been an official one. Dr. Lester Richardson, supcrln tendent of schools, recommends , Uie compromise: all the old bu unofficial names would remain i use "until such time that a m; jority of the patrons of the eorr munity involved voluntarily re quest a change of school name. If any of the old names art changed by petition of citizens the new names "shall be those o distinguished his to rical person ages," as called for in the policy Tills left three of the newer schools of the system open for name changes. Tnistees approved Hie names chosen by a faculty committee who had worked with PTA members In making the Selections. The Board action established these new names! i The Elisabet Ncy Elementary School is tho new name for, u* Mte Jackson Primary Sffioft, •> The Jane Long"EIerauiifa'ry Bchool is the official designation ' Bcii I 6 Free P° rt Elementary liams. Under the- policy approved the Board Tuesday, by JANE LQNG: Pioneer wife of Dr. James Long, who died attempting to free Texas from Mexican rule, was born in Charles County, Md. Aided only by a Negro servant girl, Mrs. Long held a crude outpost against warring Indians at Bolivar Point. She suffered through other great hardships during the winter of 1821—22. A child born to her in December 1821, was the first Anglo-Amcri- born in Texas. ELISABET NEY: Texas sculptress. Her old Fam ous —All new schools shall be named for a deceased distinguished historical personage. -Lay and student groups shall be encouraged to suggest names for new schools. -Any resident of tho school district shall he eligible to suggest names for new schools. —Consideration of the naming of a new school shall be Included on the school board agenda for three consecutive regular meetings of the board. At the third meeting, the fcoiuxl may vole to Assignment of Mrs. Cecilia lackstock as principal of the elasco Elementary School was ontirmed Tuesday night hy the razosport Board of Education. She will on Jan. 1 succeed vc years, who has been granted ; year's leave of absence. school classes for of them 18 port, and now teaches Snow, Drizzle Fog In Texas By Associated Press (moving in on extreme south and It's stopped snowing over most [ soulh . castu T e x a *• Temperatures r .u- _ . .. arc in the unoer fifl's nf «nm« grade class at the West Freeport """ J '— Long) Elemen- Mrs. Blackstock has taught pub- (re-named Jane tiry School. She has completed course work for a doctor of education degree at the University of Houston, and is now writing a dissertation. She received a master of education degree from the University of Houston, and a bachelor of arts degree from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. The Texas Education Agency of the Texas Panhandle, but freezing precipitation of some sort continues over 'oilier areas of West Texas. And across central, east and south Texas there are showers drizzle and fogj in thermometers at Dalhart Coastal points. las certified her eligibility for the . Now let's look at the overn i g ht temperature lows. . . Dalhart 17 degrees; Dumas 20 degrees — with two inches of snow making roads slick inside in -JANE LONG Pionaer "Wife, Fighter the northwest part of the Texas Panhandle — where an inch of ! snow is on (he ground. Dumas, I wilh a low of 20 degrees, has two: inrnrs of snow. I Lubbock 25; -Odessa and Midland 2S; Abilene 30; El Paso 31 San Angelo 33; Wichita Falls and BrowmvoOd 35; Dallas, Fort Worth and Waco 40; Laredo 43. ^^ •— . fionaer v Fact-Finders Divide Into Sub-Committees FjVfl E11r-l-r>s-.rv*m(J4^,._ . ^^f W v • "***- c «Kl'umieu oy • ifle Lfflce Jackson City Council bean 1 its work of analyzing the of snow; but farther to the south JAH»- |>»J I freezing drizzle and .rain have!UTTlC6 BIOS III created hazardous driving cr~ ' dilions. dary principal and superintendent. Her place of birth, p u b 1 ic schooling, and first teaching work was in Fnrmcrsville, La. She taught school in Louisiana, at one time also holding the position of principal, b c ' o r e joining t h e Brazosport faculty in J953. Three years ago, she was a member ot a committee that reorganized the methods of teaching English in the school system. Her husband is Harry Blackstock, a Dow employee, A son James A. Blackstock, is age 13. During his year's leave, Pop- liam will be a representative of the Macmillan Publishing Co. publisher, 'of textbooks, in the far south as Vernon, Abilene Fnrt ~ land Virginia Streets. And the Oran M. Roberts Ele- 6 Go Off Sulphur Payroll This Week At the present time, snow bi^hX ^flf/ "ST* 1 ^Vacta^ falling at Alpine in the Big Bendi ^ /or the baMC 10 plrte the"country. There also artT a few! £"_ ^Me'toT !* fU " UShing """-«--' The gradual shutdown of the Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company's Clemens Dome Plant near Brazoria will run behind closing of the company's Starts Dome Plant in Louisiana Harvey A. Wilson, vice presl- dent and general manager, said Tuesday that a well under develop- mcnt at Clemens Dome shows promise. It will slow down slightly the shutdown plans announced last w e e k. Results of the n e w well will be known within a week MR. and MRS. E. B. Vviii, cj riuw Busion, *,.»,, visiting the BEN TOWNES of Jones Creek ... BERNICE ELDER, missing, and being missed, from Tho Facts business office today after entering Dow Hospital on Tuesday ... DUNCAN McNITZKY of LJ, senior at Southwestern Uni-'i In discussing the public mect- CECILIA BLACKSTOCK Velasco Principal solidntion and »how it would affect Lake Jackson. This will be Jan. 10 at 7 p.hi. at the City The sub-committees named 1. Bonds—Mrs. AnneTreich-j that u would not be a ou^tfon 1 -'— -*"~ "" ""' me seven fcr. chapman; Mrs. Alta Mae and answer tyoe d^cu«inn K> ii ava »W 5 and %P«d °v«-several I'l^, 8 ^" Schupp, Maurice Casey. WM S^fo let *"' tin ^ A """P"*" w* hurt! 1 *" 8 * 1 ***" ing in >. Taxes-Hunter H e n r y, ^i tee" k'n^T t^e - "'*• or two, he said. Wilson said six Clemens men , - ••-" ^-iwiiL-iia 4IICI1 mil be dropped from the com- this week in thn pany payroll Tex.,!™-""?' mm. He said of versity, elected Kappa Sigma fraternity MR. and MRS. RALP EHRLICH, arriving la'e fo the 8:15 p.m. show time an missing the first act of the B Little Theatre pioductio "Claudia" at Tuesday's oper ing night ... JACK TAYLOR JR., Uled to celebrate a birthday o Thursday . . . , MRS, A. R. GLOVER, MRS . B. D. GLOVER, and MRS R C. WARNE, reporting the Killed three rattlesnakes on tb road to the city dump Tuesday The largest one had 13 rattlei And Around, The County: EVELYN DOOLAN of Bra wrla, home from tl-u hospital ?nd recuperating from two bro hen vertebrae . . , LEONA HOOT of Brazoria rushed by ambulance to Houston on Tuesday for spinal surgery . . , LINDA and BILL FOWLER moving into the FRANK (TRAVIS home they have bought In the Carlton Addition In Brazoria. - . sai Marks men with seniority will be transferred to Clemens and the Longpoint Plant in Fort Bend County, replacing employees with less seniority. The Starks Dome Plant wu started with Texas employees 1 years ago, Wilson said depletio M sulphur at Clemens and Starks D ° me PlaWs made °P era tions un th IP III Shopping Days 'Til CHRISTJNMS decision. . He said the Longpoint Plan operations were good for another 20 years. Notices of the shutdown were posted at demons Dome on Nov 30. By the first of the year the labor force ol Clemens and Starks Lome will be reduced by around 50 employees each, according to the gradual shutdown program. 1'olal employment at Clemens was at 123 prior to the shutdown order. Man Charged In Seafood Burglary A man has been charged with chairman; Mrs. Frances Lindveit, Fred Korenek. 3. Fire Protection and Insurance Rates — James Elbert, chairman; Bill Parkes, Bill Shaddock. 4. Interim Government — George McGovney, chairman; Bob Fredrickson, H. B. Jones 5. Legal — E. S. Sansom, chairman; Mrs. Julia May. The sfudy committee cochairman John Huebel also listed as technical advisors for these sub-committees Lake Jsckson bond apwt B-npc*' lUuwii atiu City Manager A. MacLean for bonds; Ma Lean, taxes; Fire Chief Pa Israel, fire protection; and Cit Attorney Frank Stevens, in terim government. In addition to the five as signed areas of study, Huebe and his co-clmirman, Counei man Ray Holmberg, also liste as possible other study areas Water; parks and recreation flood control; Civil Sen-ice ...». ,,^ tTO wl Lim> Somn n publ-c and possibly gain ideas I , or 7enUaI the rains ba.e for new r^ "on,o UK. consoli Don preset It present at Services ; Graveside services tor Rob-j ^ji^t ui irxi.ii ifxJtr, iias nao.;**^ Morris Minter. infant foni 15.27 inches in the 24 hours ending) °f Mr. and Mrs. Wffliarn Der-1 '- at 6 a.m. Trinidad has had 3.36 rold. Minter of,! ' ta &s( - < '- M a commiltee were antTLaredo on the Mexican bo* Brazos Harbor S/s Houston Due Dec. 8 NEW YORK (AP) - President- Elect Kennedy has named Representative Stewart Udall of Arizona Secretary of Interior. Kennedy said in a statement that Udall will bring vigor and imagination to the Cabinet post for the important task to preserving and developing America's vast and [abundant natural resources. The appointment had been anticipated. It was announced in 'New York, where Kennedy conferred this morning with UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarsk- jold. Neither Kennedy nor Ham- marskjold would comment after that meeting. Kennedy now has made three Cabinet appointment. The others are Governor Luther Hodges oj North Carolina as Commerce sec- Iretary and Governor Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut as Welfare Secretary. President-Elect Kennedy's official day began shortly after g in New York this morning, \yhen Hammarskjold arrived for breakfast. Kennedy's program also included the conference with Con- jgressman Udall immediately followed by a news conference at which Udall's appointment as Interior Secretary was announced. Udall, a 40-year-old Tucson lawyer, has a long-standing interest .in the problems of Indians, one of the matters handled by the Interior Department. Kennedy's schedule for the day also includes lunch with David Ormsby Gore, a British Representative at the UN who is a friend of Kennedy's. And Kennedy has announced he wants to do some Christmas shopping before ha heads back to Washington tonieht Final Battle For Votes Is » w.*». ->u.11^,1 Vi ^f * VVjfVl I, WtrCl scheduled for 4, Wcdnes- i day v a t Restwood Memorial • Sim Data Sets Today 5:22 pjn. Rises Thursday 7:04 ajn. Sets Thursday 5:22 pjn. meeting — the;der 2.05. Dating has liad 5.0S inches on Park.. top of around three inches the I The Kev. O. T. Van Meter previous 24 hours. ! pastor of Clute First Baptist': A few more 24-hour totals: "hi • •••.••• Freeport Fort Worth 1.71 inches; Ennisj Funeral Home ..... -n charge and Carrollton one inch. (of arrangements. 'Claudia' Proves LTMove Good One i.t, ana Carrollton one inch. | of arrangements. : The Canadian air, which upset j The infant was born Tues-i The smiles on lhe < aces of first, sister-in-law me weather cart in Texas, is now'day and lived five hours j'lighters at Tuesday's Brazosport | brink, of an «" a v ering Mortgage areas, subdivisions; the he burglary of Western Sea- ood Company in Freeport. Freeport police said Lennox Hood Holliday was arrested, bout 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night i Houston after officers is- ued a bulletin for the man He was returned by Froeporl olice and placed in City Jail uring the night. Chief N. H. Lassiter said the 1 blank checks and check pro- ector machine taken in the !onday night burglary were ccovvred along with about 300. An estimated $700 to $900 us taken from the Western eafood Company safe, accovd- g to the Tuesday invcstiga- | tiun. zoning an< . .... consolidatec area: a parallel study (such a the Baytown merger): and postal study. The five sub-committees wil be expected to give progress reports at the Jan. 10 public neeting. In the interim, Huebel said that E. S. Sansom, ippointed earlier as secretary or the fact finding group, vould make press releases so hat the public might know how he groups are functioning. Holmberg laid o u t Mime Ki'ound rules for the groups to follow in their studies, sayinj, that they must get both sid^s a "d be concerned with facts, MOD Youth Show Set For January Boh Alcott, county March of Dimes chairman, announces that tho eighth annual MOD Youth Show will be held in the latter part of January. Young people who wjsh to take |wrt in the talent show are en- com-ayed to polish up their numbers in preparation for the event. Anyone who wants to enter may contact Mrs. H. C. Collier at BE 1-3177, or Mrs. \\'«yne Holder at BE 3-1293. AUS'iiN I* — Texas —.„- crats and Republican attorneys spar today in the closing rounds of a long, hard battlo for the state's 24 electoral votes. Tha Democrats' lawyers asked the State Canvassing Board to turn down a GOP request for a state-wide recount of the November 8 balloting. The attorneys held that the request is insufficient, illegal and too late. Republican attorneys replied hat t h e Democrat lawyers didn't know what they were alking about. Unless Texas Republicans ake the recount demand into j federal court, the showdown apparently will be #1 10 a.nv on the j tomorrow before the 'State Can- f an affair, also did her] va -"'"S Board. . a-« ii «. -.-_ prove that the decision to go to|joyable entertainment. I ' Ied OOP attorneys some sort an arena productions was a wise) Mrs. Shannon and .\ussbaum o£ hea ring on Dsc. 8. The Board on £,' . . , . I P"t real impact into several oi| is made "P of Governor Price Tne tried and true humor o ' ' " ' ' ' [Rose Franken's play "Claudia, 1 was the local theatrical group's, 55th production and its choice, too was a wise one. One which brought more than polite laughter from the near capacity audience. The comedy-drama was well- ipaced, never losing the full attention of the audience seated around the tastefully decorated set used for all three acts of the show. Good casting by Isabella Kastl, Ultle Theatre president and director of this play, put the support- ling roles into capable hands, back- An " Shannon , r-. «..*« uu^iui.1 miy sevtrai 01 ">««v n^j ui uuvtrrnor .trice their scenes together and the) Daniel . Attorney General Will adaptation to their roles and the! Wilson and Secretary of State ,TPj»Ha ctnmnn •<» U ; ,. i. : _.. i S'nllia CtnnL-l A .. TII_ i-« _ . , ... arena staging which increased with each act gave promise that tenseness in other scenes might well be gape by the second performance. .' There are, still seats available 1 for the remaining performances of "Claudia" 'which, Ave ieel, is well worth your attention. And if you're not yet familiar with arena staging, you'li have still another i pleasant experience in store. ' Performances through Saturday Zollie Steakley. The Board did not promise the GOP a'full airing of the election contest. Last night one of the five lawyers selected to draft an answer for the Democrats to the GOP recount request — Ed Clark of Austin — said the official answer would be delivered today. Clark says the answer makes these points: First, the GOP allegations are be N e ean OT and Ed Nussbaum who played the j has begun. Sunday's shew will be- Kin at 7 p.m. Reservations may m the old i be made by calling BE 3-31-10 be country house of a young couple, i tween 1 and 7 p.m. leads. The play opened |The excellent dialogue made some opening night tension and jitters bearable — in fact, hardly notice|able. The second' act found the audi- jence and cast warming tg each other and the final act, with its [overtones of seriousness, was even better, The antics' of Mrs. Shannon as Claudia, an almost unbelievably | naive young wife painfully aware of her lack o.' Marilyn Monlp- qualities, were well-matched-i j SCOUTS PASS OUT Freeport Boy Scouts raada Iheir annual distribution oi 150 official Scout cafcndsrs in Braxospori businesses Saturday in in annual even!, Viowing.Jhe caiendsf,;: paial- ad cash year by Nr - n H •' w,i». tjie from l«it, Le» Ward. Scout Troop 343) , ««l<^d*r 343. John Mo , an i, e , W ; ani jj^ Ttuop 306. Brwosfiprt iai,oa fca* duuibmioo tor w the infinite understanding of fey lung suffering young hus 1 -"^ played by Nussbaum. Henrietta Gereii, as the mofl!£r to whom Claudl« was too firmly »i to ,A^ turned in a fine'.jjjjr- , .creating a beliewv&fe and sympathetic character. ijV Clow-He Kuehn and Al Olspu as servants, handled: their ac«epi 'roles capably as did \V. J. Rave wlio sounded more British with each scene. ....... Joy George overawed into hev rcle as the opera singer Madflme Parusi:h!(tt in such JR way us to make oiw wish she -ted a secwjd wone. iliuis Dougherty, as the — ROBERTA DANSBY Sx- Angleton Man Killed In Saouipa A 40-ycatH)ld former Angleton cafe operator, Eudell Whirmire, was shot to death in Sapulpa, Okja.,. Tuesday in a restaurant he operated. Whitmire had gone to Sajiulpa from Angleton about six months ago. Murder charges were filed against a 28-year-old oil field worker, Lawrence Aldrklge. He is the husband of 25-year-old Mrs. Lola Aldridge, a w a i t r ess in Whitmire's cafe. Whitmire lived in Angleton about eight years and operated the Taco House until he went to "Suifornia and Oklahoma. Funeral services will be Friday n S a p u Ipa. He is survived by throe c h i 1 dren, Michael, Diedre and Raudy, all at Angleton. uther had Second, the State Canvassing Board doas not have the power , to order such a recount. ' ;l And third, there is not time for such a recount. Clark told the Associated Press: "The Republicans just lost the election and now they just ought to smile and shut up." A few minutes later, the Republican attorney, Hardy Hollers, told the Associated Press that his aide probably will have something today. Hollers continued: "If they can hold an election in one day- why can't they have a recount in one day." He added: "And when it conies to a recount, if the Canvassing Board doesn't have the authority then, who does? It's up to the Board to answer that." More Snakes Freeport Poundmaster D. J. Houston reported at 2 p m Tuesday that '>e had killed two rattlesnakes in the edge of Pino Street. He used a .22 rifle, then disposed of the serpents. Houston s.n id one of the snakes had 11 rattlers and the

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