The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 6, 1960 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1960
Page 6
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Bliss -i, " lexlco > senorita Aurora ' Tapcte, and a court composed of "The 21-year-old soldier h a ICK- last 20 years, the level Sea has BETTIE ANNE FARMER THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS „„„„,„, can princesses. Bettie Anne Is busy flying eac weekend from classes at Texa Christian University in Ft. Worth to San Antonio for a busy socia program. The Ball will be held a the Municipal Auditorium. The Black and White Ball, which had its origin in Mexico City "ear'y a century ago, will observe PR 97m Onni*T«HnH«. t~ II. - . . ,, „ ..^..LUIJ. e, SUf wm ooserye ts 27th anniversary in the Alamo City this year. Mrs. Maria Magnon of San Antonio and Mexico'Oty exco'ty was the founder of the San An- has directed it from Mexico. covered by television Queens of Texas and a«m dor to Mexico will arrive with the group, also. Arm bouquets of roses will be 'he voting queen, and the' Texas Red Carpet rolled ' ' $220 To $280 Estimated As Needed For Retired Couple By NORMAN WALKER i. c,,m,t ^ .. " IFF Hires Two New Patrolmen ZZSZ2*™? ,'." »""."««•». • 'I tonio Ball, and each year. The Selene Club sponsors ball which was started to encourage friendly relations between the United States and Mexico and behveen Texas and Mexico in particular. Each ( cess is sponsored ganization, including uic i Club, San Antonio Woman's Club I is a E £>nl nl T ir state Pioneers - W U>tus Club, Women's Breakfast Club, and others. t Entertaining for the court also United States Marines On Friday, Mrs. E. B. Jobe of f^rnment estimated today 'itL^Lrl H i "*"* than Sub ' to 30 Per cent of total b,,T> f San Antonio will honor Bettie Anne takes & 20 *° ^SO monthly to sta-T livmg level generally pre- -with «««,» l!f g ° OSts at a forma! tea at the San Antm,;JP or t a retired counl P BO Li «Ulsumes some outaMo !„ -_.^l tn other goods and e nn o sp- tea at the San Antonio port a retired c °up>e «ged 65 orl 5 "" 168 r . an ntonio Country aub with a gold, yellow and white color scheme. Tlrtne t»A»_ i ____ . * ___ a m °*est but ™ I se 6 1SSUed to Ilvln 5 level. !™—* ___ i_ * COStS for "* «uplesL «» Labor Department old folks J 11 ^^ by the La- budget is more than mlntaum fand rtaient's statistics b- le » than luxur l ~ 1 -"i.tJ5'Jt t y . clothing, medical - AIlred ' . Texas Queen - He v ?*, ° f SMU ' m< * ** en ' &W Scho ° I at Texas - in 1 - Sndudlng m a n f L T - an mntaum and r ' c "e, °? untians - T° r ^Partaient's statistics bu- le » than luxury. For^xwnrte ite H ^ sonal . ,«»• household opera > *° n ol «* hte form- . rea " »»*« from $2,641 in Hous- { ™d cost calculations aTa ram M»' read ,5?' ««»*««, tobacco andFederaIJud g e Cl,/« ^ ta "^So fcr the bi "ation of l mv and modSateSoTt fe ^ contr)bufif ™ and ^ AIlred «* 0 "* 11 * S ^ andard on wWch K"" 8 plans ' " contempt 1v Start's?** A Sma " Was ***"*• ?' rfi Wvnersh! P. but assZesliost 9 ^ $ * a ? ear Is a PP described " » "«°t f derly ^P' 68 ^11 ^S public £ 11°' ° le tolal bud eet. led ' tat one a ^ transportation. , "* buS f "* loopholes ls «^t *e more t" 8 " «* ^ budget is Ascribed as reo iW ^T" ^ rctired couple of consumtio" Denting "a level of living "whTch" cd 1^^ to three -"*>m nounces that two men are to join (he Freeport Police Departmen soon. Fredrick Earl Cummins and James Carroll Moore are to be- Dec. P 12 m ' man dU " eS by Mondny ' Both men are Freeport residents who have no previous police department ovnerience. Chief Las" "1 begin this wee are ready, am a police schoo .™ s Dec. 12-16. fne school Is sponsored by the Rosenberg police with Federa Bureau of Investigation^ and partrnent of Public Safety fci, as Hectors, and of his life, graduating hen vith arty ort. f rom .„ the Navy his has been father, working owns both 'he Army he came to,h,rS several years ago. He was employed at Western XW^as-•*<- « Jfcts' Children May Now Qualify For School Aid ; Unldren of veterans t«hn M~I t... *,._ ... .. Mexican Cham Bettie Anne has been asked to higlf schooTLT",? ^ ~ the on rental costs were avail- PRESCRIPTION SffiVICE FREE /Ctoldren of veterans who died JiL 8 ?™ 06 duri «g certain "peace- nine periods, as well as children ° ,y^!J^s who died as the re- 'SSteflS?** °^ seaEe tacuned eed |IM ' ' - ' ot food-beverages ° Pa " to a the Armed Forces may y tor educational assist- ^^ions for this assistance has . . this new law, the Congress defined certain periods of — -^ enactment of a •——' law by the Congress. This announcement was made today by Maurice E. Cushion. V e tp£Z Maurice E. CushioiT, County Service OfficeTfor Brazoria County. ^Cushion pointed out that, for rans Administration has been permitted to render financial assistance to the children of deceased veterans who dJed ta service dur- m£ wartime, or later died as trm ' Result of disease or injuries caused ran peros of peacetime service as being "extra hazardous" and "under conditions simulating war". To be eligible for tins assistance, the child must generally be behveen the ages of 18 and 23 Cushion said. However, under certain conditions, a child who is less than 18 may be entitled to this assistance. Cushion inv'tes those who ^ — .... „„,_ lc;:t UIU5e wno ar g interested in obtaining more information in this regard to contact him at his office in Angleton Texas. Additional in format!™ may also be obtained from any office of the Veterans Affairs Com mission of Texas. Cub Scout Pack To Collect Toys _A committee meeting of officers Pack 333, sponsored by t h e Optimists Hear Talk On Safety BUI Midget, of the Toxas De- irrmnwf «* T^-.I-I*^. » . . partment of tonight ' at the held at 7 . school. Pack>s project for this ™, « ec r tis month is coUecttag food and toys *««*' month- to needv - -- ... t,..^, lu ueeu y lamuies at Christmas. On Dec. 20, instead of «l .,, ng ' tte tel ns collected will be distributed to families. Anyone wishing to donate food or toys may do so by calling any Cub, Scoutmaster Doug Turner Leonard Eppes, or a den mother, including Mrs. Lena Germany, Mrs. Alta Lippold, Mrs. Witaia Thomas, Mrs. Joy Kilgore, and Mrs. Flora Pylate. meeting started about 7 p m at Sweetpea's with dinner. Midget gave a brief talk on the origin of our traffic laws and then presented a film on "freeway driv- mg. Following the miacfinn n«^ _____ - — & me xuuji was a question and answer session. Midget pointed out that in Texas each Highway patrolman has about #0 miles of highway under his jurisdiction. Morris Carleton, president of the Brazosport Optimist Club made arrangements for this pro! eram through the Houston office of the Department of Public Safety. Hubcews, mots Are Stolen ri fFntr litiYmnHn nn.a *i *t_ .• the Iheft of two white front floor mats and two black back were A hound dog, hubcaps and floor mats were among thefts reported to Freeport police recently. 4 , Mar y. Harris of 402 East Fifth •"•i-j -'i2cau that someone took four month old hound dog from her car while the vehicle was Parked at a West Freeport super market Saturday, She said the dark brown houn wore a collar and had its first sho recently. Curtis Penney of 818 West Fifth reported the theft of two hubcaps at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. He told police that the 15 inch chrome wheel-cover type hubcaps were taken from his 1949 Mercury while it was parked ta front vlln^T S f tUrday ""a*- «« ?!•! . the missin S ite ms at $16. About 7 p.m. Saturday James McClure of 819 West IIth reported SAME DAY LOANS $ 30 up to $ 1000 On Just Your Name Apply by Noon and arrange to complete your loan before the end of the day f a .' ' '" ..... '»"•««• ui u adLU ruik parking lot. The total valu he to PHONE WRIT B COME IN .... 127 West Broad Street BEImont 3-3596 to Freeporl Insurance Agency" I Guardian Financial * nd On /\ny.. Drug Producl ;>nol Bo (J.-I MODERN PRACTICAL HERE ARE THE FACTS ELECTRIC HO ON HEATING It certainly is —especially when it's properly planned a^d installed in a suitably insulated home Electric Home Heating automatically provides af- - erature in ever room can be individually controlled automatkally Electric Home Heatbg is tops for silence, comfort Q. A. Q. A. rote for We rtrfe Home h thfro a Heating? ine annual Special Winter wnicn lasts for civ f.,u _^ j.i*"* 1 '^' ri^r.;^ jT x luu months, is designed to make Electric Home Heating lower in cost than <» rar . i*~t to 4 inch wall insulation and a 2 inch floor or perimeter insulation-or the equivalent. Good insulation for winter heafaqg „ >!» effective in cutting costs of summer air conditioning. What about operating coat? Light Company records of actual installations in this-area show the cost of electric heating to be far lower than you mipht thin!;- Av»-.r..-r-, .. •• costs shown below are'forhomeTS full insulation (6 inches in ceiling and ; inches fc walls), and are TOTALS for the complete winter heating cost Q. 4. does fflNMe Home Hotting wcrfc? There are several different types of electric heating equipment (all approved for FHA mortgage loans), each with its own special features. They ELECTRIC RADIANT CEILING -^f S "."""'"a wire » embedded in , he cei | |ng producg warmfh S °" rC ° ''* Visib ' 8 - A Frr °° St than ever before. From the first of November to the f nd , * April, the bottom step of the onlv g f; bU lV eSidentiaI rate drops to month a " ° Ur after Q. A. f dvanta e es °f room-by-room Q. A. f r , is outstanding in safety with these other advantages— cleanliness, dependability id [££ spicuous design. Electric H^me Heal mg also means lower buildm~g costs and less maintenance. Insulation? ----- '— • ••• VMVII | WWIf temperature in each. WALL PANELS ELECTRIC BASEBOARD A wall panel operates on the same principle as the ceiling installation, except that the electric heating elements are contained In a metal, glass or ceramic panel. Electric heating elements or* en. closed In a metal baseboard. This unit provides direct radiant heat plus convection heating, ELECTRIC FAN UNITS A. The design of your home may have some bearing on the selection, but it is mostly a matter of - n ' economi <*l op- Electric Home Heating, the home should be properly protected against heat loss. This meanT 4 to 6 inches of attic or ceiling insulation^ 3 tth yysem> get the advice of your electrical contractor or check with the Residential Department, Houston Lighting and Power We'll be glad to Idv^sf HEAT PUMP S£££2jO] These include converters and fan. forced heaters. In which room olr poising over electric elements in the unit is heated and returned to "»• room. Units are controlled by Individual thermostat* in each room. Window units "double-in-brass" os air conditioners in the summer and as efficient heating systems in the winter ... also offer room- by-room temperature control The automatic all-electric Heat Pump works as simply and reliably as your electric refrigerator. Complete central systems or* also available. BUeCTBIC

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