Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 16, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1961
Page 3
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AA-DEL RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 16, 1961 Terry Parlays New Pitch, Tobacco Chew for Victory DOUG IN DOUGH NOW - By Alan Maver .^^^^^^^^Mk L .^ A * . .A CLEVKLAND lAPi _ lir.lph Terry packed a .chaw of tobacco in his ir.outh picked up a new pitch and burled tin- Xc\v York Yankees imo undisputed possession of firs! place in tlie American League f«r the fir.-! mm- Ibis season. "1 «lartei: vliev. in^ ihe last time I j.jiclu-d." * a jd tj !t . n'and- sonii? 25-year-old rigiit-handt r after limiting Cleveland lo seven hits in New Yorks 3-2 victory in 11 innings Thursday ni^ht. "U 'soems !o relax me onE there." ; The m-sv pilch \vas acqisirni under the miehtge of Johnny Sain. the- Yanks' pitching coach. "Sain ha* worked with mo on my curve ball." said Tcrr>. "I £iie>s jou'ii Thoroughbred Race Heads Ruidoso Car DOWXS t'S;-,ii —Sat- urda\ 's loaiitri-ij HiMoi.'h r:ict-. the Bnc!:3r<'«r< Lo'.izi:.'.' P'.trse. r> .six panel turrit for i!irt-r-> osr-ouis and upward, n^s artravteo seven of the better spr;r,f.<-rr b; ine rnt-fi- inc with .) i.. Xorns.' I'kvi foot- eri .Tudiilo tirauins- ;o;> v,eisht of 125 pounds. ak>n: w::h SlrvKnancl and Bradford s Dun fVre. Conditions of the rsi-c call for bo;h to tarry i-r.iiai weiy'hir. white Riser .Maid, from Use ?tabi«? i.f R. E. Kickey of Kobrnson \V\nniin:; has drsvvji an impi.-s: t-f i;7. Mr. Esky iL. \\VJc'H. Chino, California), Coneierct- :. L. E. 1'itter- son. Lor,^ Bench. Cali'^rara have both drav. ;= 114. lir- O:s • .1 Hud;. Krize, Fairbanks. Alaskk'' i< to vali it a iasler "curve. 1 use it instead of the slider." Manager Rn!ph Honk, who is happv to be in first place—even though it is only by .005 over second place Cleveland and Detroit— ws> ravine about Terry (5-0). "I'se sc-en Terry piu-b well be- f-^rc." said ihe Yankee skipper. "Iritt this was <me of tiie very best ever for him." The- Yanks won the rubber con- u->'. oi the ihree-jjame showdown set with Clc-velaml on .Mickey Mamie's 39ih hntner and two un- iod runs. Now they move into ft>r another money series sne loniuht. t-arryiiiL' H hot ik o; vicjorii'-. in 11 of their ocas & exwrz Jay Keeps Things Rosy In Reds Pennant Race curry !'!:*. while liclst «c>ci'.s in nt-M e-o/ner -fro:n tho stahlo of D. X. Wrislil. Dernins New .MI-.VK-C" .ludiik). sired b> rw-a-t> trr-i:i»'nric>ii> t-sr!> ;<x-r. and ;!-.e ability lo mrn back Minu- of :n- hc-tter allowance and iiantiii-an horses at this distance. VVhik- hss wins ha\e been rather scattered, he has ahvays iM^jpaiiised a- .yainsi the top horsrs a; every iuf-elini; and could find this even; to ins jiking.. Don. Peri-, the pro- ;!!!=•'company a !i:tk- more io h?s liKifig ami.must loom as a ?ir-;*n4 con tender. River Ms id. \\ho ha.> laileo to tint! IUT '-v .nnini; v. ;:v>. coiild take a part oi jrus one. Major League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League !;,->!inc i based on 523 -or more irbais- — 1'ici-sail. Cleveland. .3'-v-;r Cash, Deiroil. .:>(>!. ^iin-i-^.Nijmtle. Nt-sv York. 52; Ci>'a\ jit*. Pctroii.' •!$. n s :r;- baitc-d in—Cash. Detroit, M- .\Larss New York. 50. Hir> — Piersall. Cleveland, Si; K'-jbek. New York. 78. Do.L^.Jcs—Pouc-r. Cleveland. 19; R^niano Cleveland. 17. '. Tr:rk-j — Wood. Detroit, fi: PicrsaiL Cioveland and Keough. l^m"% '£K%%.*HS-* Sout 1st T Co! Becomes Time Winner OMAKA -"PMi — Southern California. with .*:rn '«'uher> winnins his TJ:h srifr.i- -c.l i!-e season, cap lured the N'CAA Colh-fe Baseball World S-erieS' champiocshio Thurs Dodc ^*Make Like Elevator LOS ANCELfcTS i.APi — Now the Los Angeles: Dodgers know how an ek-vaxor operator feels after a hard day in liie shaft. They've Iret'fi ^oinc up anci down in ihc- National L-cauue .standing:- n;"s! of Lbr i!5:>n!h arui they're just aixiut ready to claim the record !<~-r ni'^i stops made on two conset ulr. t- davs. Tl;e Dodct-rs occupied ihrec- different p.-is!iir.:is Wednesday and then puHrd the same inck Thursday. <:elt:r;C c.{f at the top ft:«>r after h<--aiii;z Chieaso Thiir»day. nJsht or, & ihrc-r-riin'jr by Tommy T>s^ is ir : the 12Th .mninc. The r>/>ds;crs storied tin day <n first" "plarr bn; 'i'^p-ii at- secon'.! when Kars Fraaci-co 'J,-:V-au-.; Mi!- ivaiiKj't :n an si'sorm/cm same and dropped ro ;i:ir<: i"ai<»r wh'.-n Cincinnati beat Piu ; 'i'.:r2h. t'.'.n Dsvis hon-er. his nth this day night on a I o decision, over Oklahoma State. H .'.va? the thtrri tirsie S<r:i:bcr.n Cr.liii.-.rnia won the : ship. The Trojans are the first !•> achieve such a di^uni-uor:. Thov were !-0 in the tourney. Withers had a real bai!! e M. sstb'Uio Littleton Fowler, tm- Ok- ia!;o;)ia State sophonjore ni'.chtnc acv who had IS "-3 scoreiess in. nings to his credit before ihe Tro 'HCS got to him fur the one hia r»n. !t w-as knocked in by 27-yt.j-r- old .Art Krsepkc. a inttin; star ' lJ;rous>ho!i for Southern California. roM'ler went home ~M'.\- i;ic troph\- as the outst'anrjins player of the tourney. The Cowho\ soph- omoro won ix-.o eanscs;. one <r. relief and one on a one-hitter. Hon-e rur-; — Maris. N'ow York, 22- Cssh. Detroii and Mantle, Now Y"r);. 1V> i-io-er: i-.sjes — Howser. Kansas City. iS; Aparicto. Chicago. !I5. Piie>iU!£ j.t>asfd on 3 or more £iefi*:on* > — Grant, Cleveland, 7-i). l.'Xv: Cleveland, fi-0, 1 r .V'V Sir:J:r-?ii'.?— Pascvial. Minnesota, 76: ;'._••;. Ck-veiand. 7'!. A Nickeii's Wort/i By NAAMAN (NICK) NICKEIL yesr, p;;:. t a ha!: I'^ Red<= and The D'.<i all ni'sh- runs wore !K)'li Rain Postpones Little League Rain forced postponement of two Major Liltie League games scheduled last niqbt for Overstreet Park. If the field is playable tomorrow afternoon the games will be played off. . The first game will start al 4 p.m. in order to finish before dark, according to M. L. Ruben, league commissioner. If it is not passible to play them tomorrow., the games will be played at a date to be announced later. The first game is between the Elks and Rotary. The second game pits Laughlin and the Lions. nal League];^ -based on I25 or more .at bais s— Hoak. Piitshurgh, .318; Mf«-in L\>f .Angeles. .3-17. Run- — ?•!.<><. San F'rancisco. 36; Br.'!ii;r:. Milwaukee. 43. K-.-a.-.- baited in— Cepeda. San FranciM v. ',?.. F'reese. Cincinna- i; 4;: HKS — Pinson. Cincinnati. 7-1: V. iM>. Lr.> Angeles and Clcmente,- Oo-.ibk-s 1 * — Coivinan. Cincinnati. it': 7.\;nmcr. (,'hieaao. Pinson, Cirt-ianat: and Ma vs. San Fran- tijto. 1-i. Triples— \ : irdon. Pittsburgh, fi: \Vi!is. Los An soles and Clemcntc. and Sti;:irt. Pinsluirgh. 5. H'.':nr n;ns — Mathews. MHwau- k-- 1 a;;'i f'epe'ia, San Franciseo, i ~ -S!«/'t n bjiso — 1'in.son. Cincinnati, Ii; Aaron. Milwaukee and Mays. San Francisco. S. Pili-lunu •; based on 3 or more decj^ion- > — MillfT. San l"r;uici.sco. '<•''. I »^': Duff.alo. San Francisco. 3-<". ! ••'-'• Mnkr-o : :!s — Koufax. Los Anse- les. 53: Drx^iftle. Los Angeles, 82. NCAA Pbyoi Lee Jiallanfant. former National League umpire, is scoutsp.™ for H'jusUin. a new team in the NV, Major League Stars 3y THE ASSOCIATECJ PRESS Piiehir.c — Ralph Terry. Yan- kr-os. niiouod seven nils, walked jus: one ant! struck out eii, r lH for. :-:-2 11-inriini; victory o\er Indians Uist pu; Yanks in first place. H;i:in_f — Tommy Davis. Dodsj- er;. J-'tpt Los Anseles in first p!r=<v %vjfi-i" thrive-run. t\\o-out honi- i-r that best Cubs. 6-3 in l^th in- NCAA Colleoe World Series By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Championship C!a>sifii:-d Ads Results Del Rio has been awarded the South Texas Babe Ruth Tournament for this year. Marvin Ratliif has "been. appointed chairman for the toumairsen~.. Among other things that Del Rio is expetced to furnish is a large quota ; of fans. However, we wonder if this isn't asking too much. Based on observations over the past three seasons it is pretty difficult to get people cut to see baseball. ; games. The only thing that" has drawn anvtliin-i like ia crowd was the San Felipe games in the bi-distnct anci ; regional playoffs. . . There is a certain core oi fans who attend nearlv ; all of the Little League and Babe Ruth League games. i and follow the reams out of town when they get into tournament play. We know these will be on "hand, but : it's the other folks who don't go to many ball games : that will be needed to make the tournament a success. The^ tournament dates are July 27. 28 and 29. Mark : these on your calendar now and start making plans to ; attend the games. There will be & team from New Braunfels. three from San Antonio and the Del Rio team'com- peting for the South Texas Championship. ; Unless the fans show a little interest in the tournament it is going to be difficult to get another tournament here. Del Rio .is _going to have "to furnish umpires, baseballs and other things which cost money. The onlv way this money can be gotten is through the fans who :. come to-the games. We'll be reminding you of the tournament all along. Liftle League Meeting Set LiUie League representatives from District 21 will meet in Kennedy next week to work out details on tournament play for this district. The meeting will be-he-id Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ' • All-Star teams will start practicing on Juiy G and the first area playoff games will be held July 2n. Teams in the Del Rio area are Uvalde, Hondo. Dcvine. Pcar.sall, ! Potect and Plcasanton. The area playoffs must be fin.' ished by July 22. The district playoff will be held the following week. ; The regional tournament will be played in Corpus. ; Christ! this year and the state tournament in San An: tonio. Texas is the only state in the Southern Area which .: declares a state champion. AH others are bi-state and tri; state. It appears all the Little League tournaments will be played within 300 miles of De_l Rio this year. Local fans shoud be abie to follow the voungstcrs" as far as they advance without having to travel long distances, Bob Morrow Becoming <v BASEBALL STANDINGS BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS : AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet OB ; .\cw York ____ :i7 2! .638 — Cleveland _____ 38 22 .633 — Detroit __- ..... 38 22 .633 — i'aitimore _____ 30 30 .500 8 Washington _____ 3<J 30 .500 8 noswii _• ..... . 23 30 ,JS3 9 Kaiisns City _ ?;» 31 .416 11 Chicago _______ 26 33 .44! I'.'i Minnf-sola. _____ 23 36 .390 IS Today's Resulfs Cfsi'.-a^o ::, Ln.s Angeles 2 f;<»!vn lij. Detroit . I New Y,,rk ;;. Cleveland 2, 11 iimitijis, ni^lit. Washington .1. Halhinure 2, night MiiiMcMJt;i. Kansas City 3. night Today's Games ilaliiinore i 'Kstruiifk l-!j at i. U-'.ciiirui I'Siiynian I -ft!. nit:!u. ,\ew York (Stafford -5-2) at Dein-'il MU-gan t">-2,<. 'night. :-.iinne?wa i.McDeviu 1-2) at ChicaHn i Larson 2-0 i. night. Washington i Sturdivant 2-i) at IJoMoii (Sfinvali 5-0.). ni'4ht. Loi Atigeies (McBride 5-4 > at Ktsnsas i 1 City Kraasse o-i»). ni^ht. Safuday's Schedule Waslnnizion &l Boston BaUiiiscTe at Cleveland New York at Detroit, niyiii. -M'.fin«' i »ota ui Chicago Los .vnsele^ at Kansas City. Sunday's Schedule Washington at Boston. 2 nsln.iiore ai Cleveland. 2 Nov. York at Detroit Minncaoia at Chicago. 2 Los Arigt-ies at Kansas City t - » NATIONAL LEAGUE VV L Pcf G8 Lw.s A nee lus . . 36 2-! .600 — (. ;nt ianau ____ 34 23 .59t> i; Sn;; Franc i:-eo ; 34 23 .596 -IT- PiltsDurch ____ .28 25 .528 4-^ St. Loins _ ...... vj 9.3 .472 ? ! > _____ 2! 2<) .453 S : ^ risk-a^.i : _____ 21 34 .352 12-.; I'hiiadel'pnia .. JS 3i .34t> 14 Todays' Resulls i-an Francisco 6. ".Milwaukee 3 St Louij 6, Philadelphia 3. iii.aht Cincinnati 3. I'itiabubrgh i. tjivifu Los Anyeit-a B. Chicagy 3, 12 Innmsis. ni^hL. Today's Games. Milvvsukee (Htihl 3-4 s or (Burclt 4-. r )i si Los Anselca (Koufa.x 0-2 i night Chicagf.i ( fcllls-.vurlh 2-4. i or (Curtis) ai San Francisco ( Loes 4-3). nigiiL bl. Lotus Kiibson 3-3) at Philadelphia < Uu/Zhardt 2-6 i. ni^ht. Safuday's Schedule •r'iru-inrsaii at Philadelphia .St. Lou is a; Pitisbiirgh Milwaukee a; Los Angeles. ni^ht. • • .Chiciiyr) a; .Sari Francisco, ni^lu. Sunday's Schedule Citit-innali a! Philadelphia. 2 St. Louis at Pittsburgh, -2 •Milwaukee at IMS Anzelcs : Chicago at San Francisco « * • . • TEXAS LEAGUE Thursday's Resuifs Victoria 3. Austin 2 I! innings Amariil'j ^t Ardmore. postponed. rain Tuisy a! Snn Antonio, postponed, r;ti;i W L Pc» GB AiriariHo _____ ; J ,5 27 .503 — .San AritoiHo ____ ;;, r , 30 .533 i'.-.. Austin ........ 33 :;:; ' .500 4 Tiilsa . ....... '.. 3! ;i2 .19 2 •!'- By ED WILKS 1 Associated Press Sports Writer Joey Jay, overdue as a winner and figured expendable by the Milwaukee Braves, is keeping things rosy for the Cincinnati Reds in that leap-frog race for the National League lead with his | eighth straight victory. ! Joey ended the Reds' losing jskid at two games with a breezy, (8-1 victory for the Pittsburgh [ Pirates Thursday night, | That gave Jay, 25, a right j hander, a victory over every club ! hut San Francisco, the only du!> 1 he hasn't started against", and ; kept the Reds in a second place i deadlock with the Giants, a IKS'I ;game hehind the Los A:ii!fl<.*j> • Dodgers. ; The Dodgers began tlic (jay ors Jop. fell lit second when San '•Francisco whipped Milwaukee" tf-3 in an afternoon garni 1 and slipped to third when the Reds won IUH they then leop-frogeeii back on top by beating the Chicago Cub-- f.!-3 in 12 innings on a thr.-v-r;i^ homer by Tommy I)avis. St. Louis defeated Phila<k'!p;sk= 6-". In llie Aniericriti Lcaniie. (!!••• ,Vew York ^'ankoes first [ilai-f by .dO. points with a 3-2, .11-innirig victory at ClevA-imi. That dropped Hie .Indians inu- a second place iie with the Di-iroii Tigers, w-ho were whipped KM by Boston. Washington tteUr.-iit-d Haltimore 52, .Minnesota h<-al Kansas City 43 and the <.'h!i- n^i White Sox to<ik a 32 ck-ci>ion over the Los. 's Angfis. ALCOHOLISM IS CATCHING BUFFALO. NY -^—Alcoholism is not hereiJit.-iry hut it is com- munit-aiile. says r'r. Marvin A. Block, ch.'iirrnai; ni UK: American- Mi-dual A.-sfit-i;iti'i[j'.« committee on jiicohiihsiT!. He ^ald - r .U per tent of fiii ,alcnh<.>Uc> lur. t- ha<i alcoholic parrrnf-;. ••.-ilciiiuili:.i-s !'r*riJi!i.(.-s the kind oj ii'jision iii .:i Sioiiii- iiial is apt f« (irr.r the < !>:'';r'-n In alcohol- isnt la!;T in lik " Sic s;iid. Ard;r:orc _______ 27 38 .415 Friday's Games Ainarillo at Ardmore 2 Tulsa at San Antonio 2 Austin at S'irtoria learn fo fly... while you travel it's the modern air i-«ur r:rr.e .•:;..: rr.-r.nfv i.r> ,t>-t-.! e c.i-}' l^irn :c, £j t.-1-.ii- i:j-,.! :n p ID »no! from b^ji.i«» irro:n:n;cnu. fca rojtc.^or,!: ,.-,: ou; qjjl^-d ms:ruc;or» Will Crifci >oa (•;-,;; i; ;;^ fonirols of the ci5> ro-ny P.J--C,- Tr;-P^,-r' In ihii corr,:oriibie, 4 f: lire, •p-itb coorrtiriiieJ cc.irrnt'i ths: rr.t'kt iSyins u si-npic »j i «r, rou'i'l be ff»cy in <o!v in UM i:er.e ir;io you'd thinit pos*ib:e. f»i»n* for eur iptrlal "Uam WhIU r»«» Tr«y»l" bnxhurt, ci vitll ih> airier* .•nrf )•( ui |U. you lomitltlm rf*4«l!i. DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE DCl *IO AIRPORTS-PR 5-3811 Bucs Swap Gimoii Television Performer For Johnny Logan f +mS " PITTSBURGH <AP> — Tnt- Piltshurgh Pirates 'swapped v.:l- fit-lder (iino C'jrno'i for shortstop JoJ.nny 'Logan of tin,- Milwaukee Ilraves Thisrstiay nisht ;ri cli:?:a>: ut- 3i-;.par-oki Cimoii had a Evrragc in 21 games. Logan, batted .105 for the Braves in ii<> day ni front-office a ty. !n other cstcfu-r Ho !>;;>:. f»iio. liona! Litag cli'ins t'.'C Pi.vatc-s solo Oldis lo ilieir C»!UK:club in tiit- Jn:?rrr>a- iie. purchaic-d catcher Don Leppert from C.ohimbus and asked waivers on infk-kier Gene B;iKer to jiiake room for fjuifieid- '-r Wall Moryn. bought from the St. I^mis Cardinals. - Lt'p'Hf-rt. j-i>t named to the fn- terru-.::onal League's All-Star ity;:: v.a- the loop's top hitter v.jth & .^3! average in 38 games. He- i- 27 years old. The Pirates obtained Moryn for an undisclosed sum of cash and a minor league player lo be named lau-r. He had a ,125 average with the Cards in 32 times at bat this OASIS FAIRWAYS STARTINd JUNE 18>h Golf Giinic for Boys & Girls 6 to 18 See MORRIS TAYLOR or. Col! PR 5-8284 for . .-..• Details — ALSO Private lesson Now Being Offered HWY 90 EAST DONT YOU WANT TO LEARN? i FORT WORTH <AP) — Cohhy ; Morrow. Texas' greatest c-oniri- ; but ion to the Olympics, vcill be- j come a television actor in behalf ' of Americanism. The Fprini champion of the 1&53 Olympics will depict a history and civics teacher and hish schooi track coach in a 30-minute dramatic prosram scheduled for a 2C-week series. It will be titled "The D'euicated American.'' The- Fort Worlh Junior Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the nationwide television series and is taking a pilot film to the Junior Chasnber of Commerce convention at Atlanta next week lo obtain additional sponsors. "Through this medium we plan to outline problems that confront (cache-rs in their daily activities,"' said Jack Moulton, the local Jay- cec vice president. "Our aim is to promote Americanism and help people realize that school teachers arc on a professional level." : A minimum of 100 TV ' markets is necessary. .Moulum said it v.ns [ hoped to have the program on ihe air by .\ov. i. ; ! The .Valional Education Asso' ciation has endorsed ihe prosram. ; which is being produced by r'idel- ity Film Production of Dallas. Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS • Los An^'elei — 'Danny V;<kic-7. i 1?6. fx>s Angeles, stopped Tony Hcrrera. 125. Los. Angeles. S. Eddie Garcia. 135. Denver, knocked out Dinamita Rojas. 133, Tijuana. ; Mexico. 2. i Rain Disrupts Texas League By. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rain played havoc with the .Texas League schedule Thursday night and the result was that only one .somewhat minor change iook place. In rlu- only game that could bo run off Marvin Williams clouted a homer in the eleventh inning with two out to eive Victoria a 3-2 decision over Austin. The victory pushed Victoria into a lie for foi'rth place with Tulsa. Tulsa at San Antonio and Amarillo at Ardmore were postponed because of rain, thus there was no change in the standings of the first two teams—Amarillo and Snn Antonio. OFFICE SUPPLIES Typswrticrt • Adding Machine* SALES and SERVICE Hallmark Card* • Art Del Rio Typewriter Go. 613 S. Main Dial PI 5-4*12 MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION*? V/E CAN TRANSFER YOUR CREDIT FILE ESTABLISHED CREDIT WHEN YOU GET THERE! . • PLEASE COME IN ... CREDIT BUREAU OF DEL RIO In The Dodson Bldg., Across From Doran Funeral Home Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 AVI. f — pp 5.2CM4 « Pit 5or-:;-O Osil/ * CflD^C* Mcnti * Tr/p O'jn!<Jy G'O. & Producfl WITH mm • \Vhy? i.!ecause \ ;ii;an; . .lilvf'.s vi>;i a- •.•'•nibimi- j lion of extra-value [Vaiun-.s you cari'i buy on any other compact at \ViianL\s iov.- a^kinjr price! Features ?h;:t not only nusko A'aiiaiit ouUUuv.ling perforrrir-!- in th-. 1 cfim|-ai:t car chus.s— but also protect: your invc-stnient ID return a high per cent of it..s original price at rc-^iie time! Come see! Compare! Come save this u •<•*.•!:. You know where .. J your I'lynit.uth-VaiianL dt-aler'i! _ lli JUST LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCES • (THESE. ARE JUST A FEW) ' STANDARD HORSEPOWER • VALIANT j 10.1 CORVA1R FALCON 80 85 • RAMBLER I on AMERICAN; ^ u BATTERY- SAVING : YES 1 NO -] NO j. NO 1 TRUNK CAPACITY CU. FT. 24.9 12.6 23.7 23.8 Looks and drives like In-ice tl<r. [nice! Valiant! TOP QUALITY BUYS IN USED CARS, TOO- AT YOUR PLYMOUTH-VALIANT DEALER'S! McBEE MOTOR CO. 1400 AVE F PR 5-3614

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