Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 7, 1946 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 3
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Las Cresas Plans a two week series of parties, members of Las 'Cresas, high school sorority, will ini- ttete thfeir new pledges at a formal iHRJgir% Ifeefembny Saturday eireti- Iftg •«; the home S5f Miss PatMc Rutherford, 1331 Charles. flans for Ine tfttty were made* at the Wed- «esa«y «ivehhlg meeting of the club at fne home of Miss Mary Lou Ma- a pledges were voted on fit';! ifreeiing of the sorority Sunday dfrerh&bli in the home of Miss Mar$e JLswrenee. %1e filial rushing; party, a slumber jjfefiy, .wtis given Friday evening wnfih MiKs Jacqueline Newell en- t|rtal«ed members and their guests after the show. Guests preseilt Were: Blisses :pnfls 6tiill, Bertie McDowell, f-feKiy Mrj&oiiftid, ktfsamond Alien, . Bdlilfte P'fyor, Doris Smithee, Pat- tre 'Gruthfie and, Betty Jo Noel. ior <(Ms Vim . were made for an "Annie Armstrong" program, when the Junior girls aux'.lj^ry of the LeFors Baptist church met in the basement of the church last Monday for their regular Weekly meeting, under the direction of their sponsor, Mrs. Olailae Nichols. *1Phe' meeting was attended by the following members: 'Misses Geral- dirie Dunn, Betty Lu Pulliam, lino- gene McAninch, Willow Dsan McAninch, Coleen Winegert, Winzelle Heard, Melba Joyce 'Hill, Shirley Teeters, Jane Rose Boucher, Delena •Pile, Jeanette Clemmons. Elizabeth -Hioks, Betty Jo Henderson, Betty >'Jo Rollins. Thick Choking Flilegm Coughs due to Spend 45 ccnta toilny at nny ilruir «lnro ;for u holtlc of Iluckloy's CANADIOL Mixture. Take u tuiiBpoonful, lot It lit on your tongue a moment then Bwnllow /slowly. Feel it^ powerful effective action ^Hpriead thru thront, head and hronchinf 'tubes. Acts fust to east couuliinK spasms tmt 'looflcn up thick choking phlcjrm which 'B6ems -t« clog the tubes und make hrcath- ing 'difficult — h«lps many get bettei •'liieht's rett. v 'Try Buckley's Canadiol on our gunran 'vCee of satisfaction or money back. 45c — J^BcrMill druggists. Wilson Drag— Crctney Drug. (Adv. and 'IN THE NEWS * * ooedttfe Is f opic Members of Beta Sigma Phi were entertained at a pretty Darty Wednesday evening when Mrs. Wiley Reynolds and Mrs. C. W. Henry were co-hostesses for the sorority's meeting at the home of Mrs. Reynolds. A red and white color scheme was carried out in the decorations and refreshments, with bouquets of fed and white Carnations being used throughout the rooms. Each guest was presented a corsage of sweetpeas and white stock. Miss Millicent Schaub led a round table discussion on parliamentary - Rrapers clnBr, of Central Rnplist church me-ets for covered dish luncheon will) Mr«. Nut r.unsforrl, 200 W Alliorl nt 12:30 o'clock. Hopkins Ladies' HUile Study cluli meets nt Community linll. Thunulny Kvenlnn Aitxilinry of Presbyterian church meets with Mrs II. O'Keefe, 1109 ChftrlfR at R o'clock. Sunnntm Wesley class meets nt home of Mrs. II. 11. Cnrann. Kclicknh lodge meets in I. O. O. F. hull nt 7 :30 o'clock. FIMDAY Fnithful Workers clnns of First Bnp- list church meets for covered dish luncheon with Mrs. K. II. Eaton nt 1 o'clock. V. F. W. nuxilinry meets nt 8 o'clock in City cluh rooms. Rainbow for Girls meets in Masonic hall nt H o'clock. MONDAY Pythian Sislora public Installation nt 8 o'clock in '1'emplc hall, followed by covered dish dinner. Pnmpn Hook cluh public meeting in City club rooms at 7:30 o'clock. TUESDAY Hopkins Homo JJemonstration cluh meets with Mrs. Vern SIIVIIRC nt 'L o'clock. Civic Culture club meets with Mrs. II. If. Hoynlon, 035 S. Hubiirt ut 2:3(1 o'clock W. M. 8. of Chinch of the Jlicthrcn meets nt 2 o!clock. -.Jiastern Stnr Study club meets. Twentieth Century . club meets lit 2:4S o'clock fr. City club rooms. Twentieth'Century Forum meets nt 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. Frank M. Carter, !)0f Mary Ellen. B. &_'"• W. tnoelH in City club rooms nl |7:3D o'clock for monthly btiHiness riieet init. Kl Projri-esso meets at 2:30 o'clock. Uoyal Noiirhbors meet in Mcrtcn builil ing nl 8 o'clock. WEDNESDAY Holy Souls P.-T.A. meets JEFF D. BEARDEN Representing; THE FRANKLIN LIFI INSURANCE CO. Phone '47 Fampa, Texat Mwien H. D. Club Names Delegates Merteti Home Demonstration club selected MfS. f. B. Langston as its delegate to the district home demonstration clubs .meeting, whi:h is to be held in Chiltiress April 12. The election was held Tuesday afternoon 'when Mrs. D. A. Caldwell Entertained the club at her home. Group singing with Mrs. C. B. Haney accompanying at the' piano provided the recreation and it was decided that the club should purchase song books for these occasions. During the business session, roll call was answered by each member describing -"something I do to protect my family's health." Mrs. V. Smith, president, named Mrs. Sam Coberly, Mrs. E. Ethridge. Mrs. C. It. Cudney and Mrs. Langston as sponsors for the Teen Canteen, on jrocedurn anci each officer desirib- d the duties and responsibilities of ier office. The hostesses served cherry tarts v'.th whipped cream and coffee to he following members present: Mrs. fames Poole, Mrs. Johnson Smythe, "VTrs. Ray Bobbins, Mrs. D. R. Weston, Mrs. John Rankin, Mrs. E. O. troup, Mrs. E. E. Shelhamer. Mrs. C. V. Minniear, Mrs. Robert Carter, Mrs. John Plaster, Mrs. Cleo Whiteside, Mrs. Jam°s Massa, Miss Ruth StapJeton, Miss Leora Kiiiard, Miss Schnub, Miss Virginia Vaughan, Miss Dona Pursley, Miss Evelyn Morehead, Miss Katherine Ward, and Miss Lee Sullivan. The next meet-ing will be held February 18 at the home of Mrs. Ray Robbtns, 1129 Terrace, with Miss Evelyn Morehead as co-hostess. .». Heavy "Occupation Shoes" Harmed Feet Paris dispatches tell of tho latest "Occupation disease." Frenchwomen are trying to "salvage their feet' 1 after years of Improper! shoes. During the German occupation, of course, leather was not to be had, and it's still scarce. Substitute soles like wood and cork wreaked havoc with many tender feet. Improper fitting and no stockings helped the bunion boom. Chiropodists and foot specialists are doing a rushing business, witli a weekly pedicure -or general foot-overhauling first on many a Pnrislenne's list of beauty chores. French stylists have tried their best to lend chi3 to the heavy-footed shoes their materials allow. But most Frenchwomen are reported to be passing up these styles if they can get their hands on even old and worn leather shoes. One fashion- setter claims her most valued article of clothing is a pair of all- ^the Casual Type Personal Items About Mt February 18. Plans for the club's booth at the Hereford sale were completed. Mrs. H. Fish, exhibit chairman, showed a. r.or.t' made by Mr:-,. T. O. Groves. The program an Health was led by Mrs. Haney with Mrs. W. E. Coop describing the new medicines, including in her discussion such drugs as sulfa, insulin and penicillin, and the UFO of blood plasma and a new blood substitute. Mrs. Ethridge described new methods of treatment for injuries and illnesses. Mrs. P. H. Fish commented on various factors which effect health and Mrs. T. G. Groves gave home nursing hints. At the close of the program, Mrs. W. E. Coop, who is moving to Lub- bo3k, was presented with a basket of going-away gifts. Mrs. A. L. Morrison and daughter were guests. As casual as UgMi'iig a cigarette are these black suede classics in Which American manufacturers excel. Bracelets and tift^i 'worn river gloves this year add the finishing fashion touch. IN EL PASO S/Sgt. Carl M. Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wright, of Wheeler, Js at William Beaumont, general hospital, .El Paso, Texas, for treatment of .vounds received in France, Junu 11, 1344. The veteran entered the servi-c March, 1942. He .served foilr months in Europe as squad leader with the !0th infantry division. He wears the European theater ribbon with one jattle star, the Purple Heart and ,hn Combat infantry Bacise. The veteran was engaged in farming prior to entering me service. His wife, Hattic, lives in Painpa. Mr. dnd Mrs. Cecil Fltkgerald and children Of Hig? were visitors in Miami Sunday and attended services at the Methodist church. Miss Velva Grace McCuistion, student at West Texas State Teachers college, at Canyon, was a week en f l visitor nt the home of her parents. | Miss Pauline Hnssell, student of Texas !5tate Women's college at tJento.'i, was re rent visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. TJ. Russell. Mrs. ,1. M <irrington was a business visitor in McLean Saturday and also visited her daughter. Mrs. Clarence Haytcr. Mrs. Dal" Low and children were week .en'l visHors at SV.nmrock in thr- home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Montgomery. visiting in ttfe nome of Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Christopher. Rev. C. A. Holcomb. Jr., spent in ft W;(?t: in Amirnio ?nc) Canyon in thurcn work. Rc-v. E. Lee Stanford visited hi:: mother recently, who had been ill. .1. K. McKen^io was a business visitor in Patnpa 'SnUvrde.y. Mr. and Mrs. McKnight of Pampa ,vere Miami visitors Sunday. W. W. Davis visited Saturday and .Sunday with his son. Wesley Onvis Fjid family in Punipa. Mrs. Ed Row ot San Angelo is SORE THRO AT due to a cold... let a little time-tested VapoRub melt A M * f+ A£ *J» in your mouth ^^ V \0 9% ^T fine! W VAPORUB Balanced Diet Discourages Colds By AUCIA HART NF.A Staff Writer If vou're a push-over for Uir common cold— of an estimated eisht-day-a-year loss of woman- poVer—elite!: up on your diet. Your best defense against winter's filif- ik'S arc foods which Iniild up rf- sistnnce to ato&ttse&'lft tory tract, particulnrly ing vitamin A. Know where to stock up flSd vita min A? You'll find it ift fK tk even one a day Is ITotUJ ^ ngainftt a runny nose, fett tables of the green and rieties. such as spinadh, Itfeft, ^ ter sqtYash ond parsley. JH* There were 218,4*0 miles of nat 4 ! Ural CTIS pipelines and fifty trralnsl throtiahout the United Stefes in| 1945. USE Cold Preparations Liquid, Tablets, Salve, Caution — Use only as dh-ected. | Tli is To Tcike It's pimple. It's amazirijr, 1 quickly one may lose' pound.; bulky,' un«iffhlly fat ri^ht in A own* home. Make this vctiyie y< self. It's easy—no trouble i>\ and costs little. It contains not. 'liirmfiu. Just po to your <lruf: xnd nsk for four ounce?, of Barcenlrato (foi'inorly c:i!Vd ] Concentrate). Pour this into n bottle anil add pnoufrh frrap-jl juice to till the Vvtlle. Then two tablcr=.poon:-ful t-.vico a That's all th?re is to it. If the very flrst bottle <\r,< show ihp simple, pnsy w.'iv t" Home Recipe Fat bulky fat and help regain slemrler, more jrr.iceful curves; if reducible pounds ;mrl inches of excess fat don't just Mom to disappear almost like niacic from neck, chin, arms. Lust, abdomen, hips, calves and return the empty 'Dot- r your money back. 'Follow i'.x 1 easy v/ay endorsed by many v.-in iiuve <riwl .this plan and help Lrin-r back alluring curves and gracfful slcnclei-ncss. "Note ( how quir':ly bloat disappears-^licrw much better you feel. More alive. youthful apnraring and active. ; nnidcp, just - : He for vout SARDINES and MACKEREL fall Cans SOUPS Vegetable, Chicken,-Chicken Nodle and Others. HOMINY PLENTY FANCY PACK Siokley Whole CORN 18 White Swan Whole Fancy BEETS Scott Co. HOMINY Glas> Jars Pork & Beans 15 C No. 2 Jar . . BELL PEPPERS FANCY HIAD LETTUCE BUNCH CABBOTS FANCY FRESH TURNIPS Heinz Pickles Sour or dill. QC C Ya. Gal. Jar .... w J Hoi-Barbecue Kit Kai Klub Plans Private Dance Feb. 23 Miss Patsy Miller was hostess to the Kit Kat Klub .for their meeting Tuesday evening, when the sorority made-plans for a private dance to be presented February 23 in the Palm room of the city hall. Committees were appointed to make arangements for the dance. Thn president named Helen Kisei, Joan Applebay, Barbara Walters, Barbara Stevens, and Billie Anne Mosley on the decoration committee; Patsy Miller and Zeta Ann Kennedy on thu refreshment committee; and Marion Weriger, in charge of the music. • Attending the meeting were: Misses Beverly Baker, Arvella Patterson, Virginia McNaughton, Donna Nensteil, Marion Wenger, Libby Sturgeon, Gloria Jay, Joyce arid Jean Pratt, Barbara Walters. Barbara Morrison', . Barbara Stevens, Joan Applebay, Joan Sawyer, Billie Anne Mosley, Helen Kiser, .Harriet Kribbs, Patsy Miller and Beverly ; Candler. The nex.t meeting will be held in the home of Helen Kiser. leather shoes she bought back in. 1920! it • American women are,lots luckier in their choice of shoes with- style and comfort. Even during rationing Americans had enough leather soles to prevent deterioration of foot 'health. Now'that rationing is over, stylist feet are able to keep leather under them all the time. And in France, fashion artists are planning i'gain to create the leather boots and shoes they made so handsomely before the war. C oz. NEW FANCY FRESH fEAJIS FANCY CELEIT FINE Call liver Lb.29c lb.35c MEATS BEEF ROAST Chuck and Arm Lb.28c LUNCH ME Armour's Star LARD FRYERS OMltE JDICE J 'm '.^r 1 .46 W, FWHT COCKTAIL PLENfY OF DILLY'S AND ROtSUM CUP AND LAYER T(H" 'WW ^M!^' TPHP 1 flB^w^^PW^Wi ^^wpl^r As I leave Japan, I take with me the impression of an 'army under the brilliant leadership of General MacArthur capable of carrying out difficult duties of occupation —an army the Arrferican nation is proud of.—Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, during recent trip to the Far East. LOW! New Baby Layette 5202 COYEST COLLECTION WE'VE SEEN ! Classics! Dressmakers! We have'em alll'-Sfee the fashion-new wing sleeves, pencil slim silhouettes. Brilliant colors... lime, melon, American beauty, even black! Women's, Misses' sizes. A 'Wards Hcndbag — * . . ifc . , . Ah 'Accessory must! tuxuriouj genuine leathers in black, brown, and navy. Popular colors, tool Smartly trimmed. Plu§ 20% tax Side Drape Skirt for Dress Up It's flattering with a pretty blouse! Fine rayon flannel in green, black! 24-30. '-- By The #iree v sjn?ill •garments—dress, petticoat a^d 'dressing %qwn are delicately triinmea with a very fine qrophet edgin,g which is sewn, to the finished' garments, yse nainsook, lawri. 'bsftisie or a solk silk crepe for the set. To obtain, complete puftirjg pat' ^^TwTw PW ™^ CWf ANP Ask wbwit Wards Han Clastic Jewel Neckline Blouses Roynd necks, tucked fronts— aren't they your favorites? Fine rayon in crisp white! 32-38 SWEATERS IN YOUR PET COLORS Soft, short-sleeved sweaters to wear with Spring suits. Pure wool in paint box colors. 34-40.

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