The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUIHRASP MISSOURI rn' r YOU XXXIII—NO, 232 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Dally New Courier Dlythevllle Dally News nr,<i.mi»rv«»ii , r, i i . Heiald Mississippi Vallej'. Lender BMlJlBVJIjLF-, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DKCKMBKR Ifi, lfl;V> SINGLE COPJRS FIVE CENTS CHIANG KAI-SHEK IS REPORTED EXECUTED FISHER SEES NEED FOR Plane With 7 Aboard Is Lost in Weit LOS ANGELES, Dec! : IB.' (UP) — A Western Air Express plane, car rjing four passengers and a crew v , i „ ~ rjng four passengers and a crew Idle LCOnomjSt U rQeb, of lnrcc is missing b-twien salt r- , 1> , n ' Lake City and Milford, Utah, the UrealCr I OWPIS tor Ke- air ramnnnv ronirl«H' trvrta,, Diva Weds Her 'Charm Prince' Greater Poweis for Reserve. Board NEW HAVEN, Conn., nee. 15. rt <\1P>— Prof Irving Fisher of Yal° • Unlvenily one of President, Rosse(( velts closest financial advisers dm- Ing the early days of the New Deal. ••aid today "tile stage is now set for,a boom and lunation" In (He United States and urged, greater power for the federal reserve board v to control it. Fisher told the United Press the low creating; (tit.', federal reserve board should be altered to permit, tile raising of reserve .requirements for banks to an unlimited extent. Hie Yale professor emeritus of political economy, Instrumental in creation of the U. S. stabilization fund three years ago. blamed Senator Carter Glass (Dem., Va.) 'for absence of this provision In the feu- cral reserve act. 'But," Fisher said, "as Senator Ghss ahiajs has avowedlj Canted to avoid Inflation he could not con- slstentli continue to opiwse the proposed power, < 'Wlih such added power granted * the federal reserve board could 'cer- alr company reported today. Inducted in the personnel of the iralti Gladys Will pretty air hos less, who recently crashed front page headlines when she wns unable to decide which of two men she should marry. Officials; said hb word had been received of the Dlane'since 2:27 a.m. They said it was possible a foiccd landing had been made In the rough, thinly populated section and that the pilot had .been .unable to locate-11 telephone' and report his whereabouts'. *" tainly control the situation com pletely. He said i the United stage . "Is also set for control 'of such tendencies. 'For .that reason I am nol alarmed as some people are, nor ha\e I been alarmed through the lost, three jears during which ihe words boom and inflation ha\e been so often used as direful forebod- > ' not fcr tn e possi- y of control by the federal re- ser\e~TJoard the president or" If Will Investigate Purchases by Agent, Wilson Claim Undei Scrutiny An inquiry Into the , procedure followed In purchasing Inaterlals and equipment for Djess Colony with a "view to determining vvheth- iflnt'on was possible in I er unnecessarily high prices were States but 'added the P 3 ' 11 ' is lo be made by the Reset- i— •—> .... •„... ., • , tlement Administration according To a Washington dispatch to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Another federal inquiry, 'accord Leaves Ship at Charlestoh and Takes Tiain for Washington , j CHARLES1ON. S C, Dco.liS (UP) — President Roosevelt "re- tuincd to Anieilcan soil today for the lii-st time in nearly a month, officially terminating a history- making cruise of 13000 miles (o treii public Impoitnnce South Ameilea In the Interest of I high liluiuml rule on the peace of this hemisphere and tliclconsllUitlonnllty at once. ASKS TB SPEEO mm w In Far Eastern Crisis Ner\l loi Immediate Decision Ciled in Appeal of lest Case WASHINGTON, Dec 15 (UP) — An attack on the liiMng piovls ions of Hie social security law. wns tiled with the supreme court to- »Hli a pliB Hint of public Impoitnnce the lawVi world. I """• ' ''lie appeal was brought in an Tanned n deep brown from houri Attempt to hurrj n final ruling bj iipdei the tioplc sun, the chief nc supieme couit '" " ' 1>K . case grc^ out of a Milt 'fought bj deoige P Davis a Icckholdei of the Boston nnd •lalne laltioad, against the inll- nnd ComniLs-slonei of in- executive came down the gang lilank of t|ie cruiser Indianapolis b to "the shrill whistle of the boatswain's n 21-gun ... .. .... ,the booming of dresj> unlfoini manned the rail as he took lib, leave and headed foi sawv pera ,r ne ."- , and "'"•• »*v^hSL»i,sr Carle A Jackson the or nee I ^t. ', , prince | The , la , n , D(t short , y a((el M -n sute omms.sonei of in•n>e officers and crew, In full „',"", R *"»i'c Ouy Hehcrlng to "nr. imlfn. , II ,. ?_ "^11^111 H!l\mmt r»ll/l nnllnnll charming" ings ~ ' Bu need bp congress Bieatlj farmed ' I .would be Finland Only Nation To Pay War Debt Installment WASHINGTON.. Dec. 15 ' (UP) — Finland .paid to the United states' today- $231,315,50,'"the only nation to .pay a. cent on the war rtebt installments due today. Accuses Missouri Pacific Pailroad of Falsification WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UPJ— Interstate Commerce Commissioner Joseph B Eastrhan today accused : the Missouri-Pacific railroad of- false statement 1 of it.s asset position'in testimony before the ;seimte railway investigating committee. Peace Delegates Split on Neutrality Proposal BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 15 (UP) —Delegates to the Inter-American conference split lods^y on neutrality measures, forcing postpone- mcnt of n plenary session tomorrow until ing to the Commercial Appeal will deal with claims filed rjy Lee Wilson k Co, of Wilson, for $36 000 In federal subsidy payments on the 1935 cotton crop ,, s The, D^ess inquiry, it was said. J as determined upon after the re- port'had reached'washmgtoii that Lee_ Wilson . & Co. had'acted as purchasing agent for Dyess Col- onj It will be for the purpose of ascertaining why it was necessarj for the colonj lo have a purchasing agent If It had one and v^hetli er tile prices paid bj the colony through such in agent were in e\cess of the open market price of the goods purchased F S Dudley v>ho succeeded 3one Murphy as administrator of Jvess Colony last February 23, revived his _first news of the pend- Jig .'.investigation; from ' the Cour- er News by telephone this moin- ng He said that he had no idei what basis there could be foi' such an inquiry, inasmuch as un- uer, his administration and, so 'ai as he knew, throughout the ustory of the colony all purchasing had been handled bj a member of the colony staff. Under '. his administration, he said Lee Wil>on i. Co had neither acted nb purchasing agent for the colony nor had sold the colony anything, with the possible exception of a little machine shop work. > J. H. Craln, manager 'of Lee Wilson & Co;, was quoted as denying that his company had acted as purchasing agent for (he Dyess project. W|th respect to the subsidy claims matter, to be investigated by Ctiily cobb AAA director for tne southern division, Mr. crain said that the questions Involved had to do solely with bookkeepin» procedure, which might have resulted in the tiling of a claim for an amount larger than was 'payable under department of agriculture regulations. At Washington | however,. It was said that the agrl- ' culture department contended that even though Lee Wilson &, co might decide to abandon or modify Its claims there would remain the question or settlement with ten- i ants of their share of the subsidy pa>menU Tlie department u uas I said plans to send a staff of m j vestlgalors to Wilson to check the entire 1935 operations In order to | ascertain the amounts due inrti vidunl tenants .^.^"^""..'.oiH^r lo 1 ,: New York City penthouse jacn- i „,,,,„,„, „„„ ,,,,,,„ „„ son, Insurance man and son of t "-" 1 "^ 1 "" ""»» ne the mayor of Baltimore fulfilled f, 1 . 61 ', Mll , t amt httrt " • *— r, ..... . |nis lapel , u i landed Tlie presldeh ! i Miss Ponselle's requirements, she said, for a husband who was "romantic and very sentimental" The wedding originally was planned for early in 1937. An hour landed the Killed ChiinvOut ofjeal-- ^ousy, Young Michigan Woman Writes MASON Mich, Dec 15 (UP) — Suicide notes found in her Ingham county jail cell shortly after 25-year old Hope Morgan hanged herself today explained that 'jealousy prompted her to kill her life-long chum, Kltzabelh Ann Glltner, a week ago The notes, wnltei^ ort torn magazine coders' in pencil were found shortly' aftei jail .attendant!, had cut down the body of the brown haired slajer from n shower pipe in the cell. 'Forgive me for what I did In a jealous mood,' one of than said 'May God forgive me," said another I really thought Bessie was going to have something I never ,-would vihnve.' i A week ago Hope, sitting acro^ a table In the -kitchen, had flrcd four bullel*[o* her '/rjend a prospective ^9rjde,« jj^nemellonally isjie ,told poXSie Uml p^ie£ had •had the de$t% to" kilt pomeo'.e dear. to me • eyer since last October. 11 Wliile alienists prepared .to ^submit the young woman :to . nn- olh$r., of their exhaustive tests to determine her sanity ' shq ripped apart the trousers of her pajamas, fashioned ft rope from the strips, and hanged . herself shortly before 3 A. M.,' today. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 15 (UP)—Cot ton closed steady. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. efore the president _ body of Gus Qen- neilch, his bodjguaid who died in Buenos Aires, was carried ashoie under escoit of seamen and uaced aboaid Ihe special train Brief funeral sen ices, will u>> held for Gennerlch at the White House tomorrow ' "• Since his departure November 18 the president visited Port of Spain Trinidad Rio de ( Janeiro Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Cape Frio, Brazil, Nevis island, in the Leeward group of the West Indies,- and i the Calcos Islands"'in (he Jcwei extremity of the.Ba- hamas the last three wera fishing stops of a few hours each Total mileage was well over 12000 The warships established a ecoul for the run from the United States lo Argentina, honors going to the little 1,850-t'on Phtlps which sped from New York to Buenos Airjs In 12 dajs five da>s less than^ the time rc- qulied b> the fastest passenger hlpj> to cover the route. restrain pa> incut and collection the tax provided In the un- 'innlojmenl pail of the not Uic fcdeml dlsl'ct couit bc- foie vviilth the cube v,as hcaid muded down n nmtl/decree hold "S Ihe unemployment feature' constitutional and refusing im in- unction against the tax An appeal was taken to the clr- |lt couit of appeals In Bostor «herc It is now pending in uigint' hiitncdintc consldein- lon of the case, counsel foi Davis, win aid. P McOlPtiiion of Boston', declared that employers v\lll be foctd ttlthlim few weeks with the question of nhetlici or not to bc- "" Pajlng $300000000 in tnxes Land Owners May,Pay Out Drainage Debt ,^I l "T H 5?^f"' E Mo ~T h e Appoitionment of' Com- s,*,mon School Fund Ex- C , 1 i — _ i a I "cedds Chicago Wheat open high low close 1260 1268,: 1250. 1255 1245 1247 1232 1232 1247 1247 1229 1232 1231 1235 1219 1222 1223 1225: 1207 1212 1187 1188 1171 H72 -•-i —«•" tiji. of common school funds amounting! to $154 per child of echool age announced at Little Roc* jestcrday, brings the total of state school mones received bj the Bljthevllle chool disliict since last June to $487 aifd provides basis for expectation that the total for 12 months will be '$6 per capita or more w D McClurkln superintendent of schools said today ....... Spots closed quiet at 1292, off 11 Spot Average Is 12.69 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the 10 designated spot markets today was more i tht . past When budgets for . the current school \ear were being preparec the state department of educatlor advised school districts of the stale that the> could expect a state ap portlonment of about $5 per cafllt Is the result chiefly of sales tax re- celpts m excess of advance estl- , 3 has annouh d !f ° lmt " 4f -2^ Picen been offered by holders of all d bond,, O f the district dtir nig the ensuing'Uo v,eek.s It wi, stated that nnj landown ei in the district can nou pin LI, C V 1 . 011 " 1 ,»«>««l against lit., land of lUrthcr pointed out ment during this designated «o weeks will save the Individual land- --• — •• «MU 111 owner about one-half of hae have Clilang Knl slick (above), mill laiy head of China's central government ftt Nnnklnf, reiwrted slain bj Mnislial Chang iisiicn-tlnng (left), who look him prlsonei In (in uprising at Slnnrf<f, In wciicin Ohlun, nftci chliitig rcpoitedlj had icfused Chnng s itcmiind foi n Jec- Inrotlon of wai ngalnal. Japan Chant Hsuch-llant Resumption 9! Activity al ' Pacific I^oi ts Expected SAN FRANCISCO Dec IB (UP) —A "gentlemen s agiecmcnt ' — ------ .,„ jTOjnn;,,^ 01 inage ta\cs in ti lc future H "cached aftei JO houib of contlmi- lUrthc ^'"- t\r\ntn* f,.,*^. i „,!.,, i, ..„>,,. n. „ oas confciencc lodav broke the back of the strike deadlock which tins gilppcd west const shipping to piy otherwise , is - 110thln =' he special offered discount Sh', ^° b0!lrcl l»'ntcd o™ 1 Should individuals not choose to take advantage of it, their mv- menU w,n continue to bo made s Hi the pnst, in annual installments Caraway Men Fall for Counterfeit Swindle NEW MADRlBT Mo - rr eel Myers and Fred Dope of Cnraway ,{* por f tl lo Police Monday (W i) t , ^,,1 , w| d V two nd- " -*-.— ll le 'or IB dajs RepiesentatKcs 5310| the> | d (hey gave the e monev la tv-o newlj made friends who promised to give them In ex anoft jisoo i tl countergeit bills nej' passed the sample counter- ft^m given, them bj the sv-ind- trouble ^ •. Thenithev tiimecj over 5300 and 'he leys to their automobile In which their acquaintances departed, ostensibly to get the promised -•" —• ~o«.-"»miy lo.gci me promised A total apportionment for the c ° unler ''' ! its. Myers and Dope tlr- yea r of $6 i»r capita would amount f d .° r * nll| nR foi them lo come to between $29000 "and 530000 for • alKl » ol l»ed police, the Blythevllle school district, more — Closing Stock Prices NEW YOKK Dec 15 (UP)— Prices rallied further in a m itely active session on the ik exchange tod »de an ln/»gula tutnrej of stcnmbhlp Rcpoitb Latest Attempt to Stoim, City Definitely Repulsed , MADRID, Dec (UP)-Oov- occiijiled iompanles r nnd unlicensed senfar- 'ng union men, tackling the ' fundamental issue? -which brought oaralysls lo a S75.000.000 Industry Octobei 29, icmovcd nearly all •wrleis to rcMimption of Pacific snipping in n day, and nlglit long •onfcrencc which lasted until curly this moriilng. Although there wns no official' announcement of psulLs it was learned that a gentlemen s aerce- menl" wns reached oti operation of union hlilnj halls-^majoi Is- !.ue In the dispute which lied up shipping from Alaska to Mexico— a wage Increase" of .between ' 15 and 20 peiv-.cciil^ai'jl, preferential Wring of Kcamcn. Tlie settlcmcnl it was understood, provided thnl the unions, while keeping contra! of- the halls, nould agree ••to furnish emplojeis slth sea'jien s nsked foi , -- einment troops launched a slmrp counter uttnck today, drlvlnj rebels from the town of Jiondllln del Monle seven miles west of Madrid, n war ollice communique announced \ ; l, !cglpni)f!rc,i 'lUiq, hud the town lemporaillj during the Insl 24 horns of linnd- to-liaiid v flgl)Upg along (h6 Po/uelo- Vnlticinbrlllo fiont a few mil"S northwest of Mnilrlc), were borii- bardcd by (^eminent aitlllny until theli jiosllioii wns ninde un- Iciinblc They fell bnck.'bcfdio : the :iu- fnnliy attack v,hlch followed By noon todiiy. the' rumble of urtll- Itiy along the whole fiont hat died out ' Thus failed nnoltici liltcmpl !•• capture the city of Madild, no\ In Us sixth ^cck of siege Wai office reports said the reoels were repulsut all along the llhe nsc Negro Tailor's Shop Visited by Burglars With several suspects bclnj, questioned, officers felt confident today that they would have the burglary of James White's tailor and cleaning shop Friday night solved by night. Eight 'suits, an overcoat and three, dre.sscs were stolen by thieves who forced entrance into the negro West Ash tailor's street. shop al Most of !l Thicc Auesled in Raid 01 Still Neai Aikansas Missoun Line Death Follows His 'Refusal to Declaic War on Japan, Tokyo Hears .^ TOKYO, Dec 10 (UP) -fi-iho Domcl (Japanese) news ngency ; icpoilcd today from Shanghai that GeiiGiallsstino Chiang Kai- shek Ims^ Wen executed by Ma] 1 - " slml Chang Hsueh-rlniifl, foimci- Mnnclnulnn (llcli\toi, because r 'of Chiang's lefusal lo declnrq ini- iiiedlalo wai on Japan <V- - f Tho Japanese agency said Ihe. '• 'joung genernl" biondcast the announcement of his execution ol Iho gcncinllsslmo'fiom Slnrt-fu, In the mountainous fastnesses of 'ihciibl piovlnce in China's- fur csl. > ^ . Itffu'cil to Declare War ^ Dome! icportcd from Shanghai hat Marshal Chang nLso nil- lounccd ho hail killed Chtnns'i 'Odiguaiil and uccompnnvlng qr- Iclals, Itieludliiif Chung TSO pine oiniei ohlneso ambassadoi to tapnn. • i Chang broadens!, Hint after ho Jiplmcrt Chiang Kai-shek ^on Siiluiday he urged the gene«Ufs- shno Ip declare wnT on Japan lie laltci liatly i-efused, he said, vhciclipon nts execution wns 01- leicd the agency lepoitcd Other Nanking officers icpoi'fec! oy Domci fiom 8h!>,ghal to have been cwssiittd al Slan-fu included Oen cliu Ohiuiig-lmo B o\- crnoi of Hopeli province, Gcnj Cheng, commander of \ha bandit suppiession forces hi Sheil- sI-Siiijunn-NlnghsIn frontlei /ones iml Ocns Chiang Fong-chen, Yang m chcng, mid Chen Chno- lUllg I , NnnkhiB dcclaied' mnrllnl law and placed n heavy ccnsoiship on "c^s the pomel dispatch ndded Auatralhii 1^ Missing ' Mnrshni ohniiK earlier, had, beau reported as assuring Mfnc ohlang Knl jliek nt NimklnB" tlint " he be peisotmlly responslblo foi llie sufets\of the gencralibslmo, whom he made pflsonei In' n be- nlldering icvolt nt Sinn fu last Saturday ' ' W Bntes Donald an Australlaii iiowspnpei innn \viio seived •"as Maislml Changs confidential ad- \l£ci In Mukdi>n t new to Sinn-fa 13 Nnnklne's medlatai In an pf- toit to save Ihe life >rif Chianst Kni-shek t -w- Douicl icportcd from Shanglint that Ihe Nanking 'leaders w-eTe mdeicd nov also nbout Ihr safety of Donald OAPK GIBARDBAU. ^fo.—Clelu W. Raymer, 10 years old, of he;i Holland^ Mo., wounded bya .shot gun .charge. during a raid • on liquor still Sunday near the ... knnsas slate line, was brought to a hospital here. Physicians said Ills condition -was not serious. W. N. Weaver; an Investigator for Hie Federal Alcohol Tax Unit, said Raymcr ran when he and Nathaniel Jenkins, another Investigator, .'approached the still.' Weaver started in . pursuit, he said. but tripped while running through brush and his • shotgun was-discharged Raymer- and two :: other men, James Lawrence • and Sahiu'cl L' Fife, were arrested and arraigned Stanley Carpenter , Pulaski County Agent LITTLE ROOK, Ark— Appoint-' ment of Stanley D< Carpenter. act- Ing district agent of the state agll- cultural extension service for north- cast Arkansas, ( ns county agent ot - Puloskl county was announced yes- lerttaj by officials of the Unlverslly of Arkansas College ot Agriculture .Mr Cirpcnlcr has spcclalbsd-fn cotton stnndardtrntlon work Uiu5e'r his lenderslilp as agenC of the southern district of Mississippi countj, 9s pei cent of the ir"!Ts~ cotton acreage was planted to recommended stnlns and varieties, extension offlcinh said < «•-<• Mr Carpenter, a native of Mississippi and a graduate of Mississippi Stale College entered extension work ui- Arkansas In 1917 13' county agent of Boono county In Dccembci, 1918 he became county agent for the southern district 'of Mississippi counts in 1934 given a leave of absence West Ash street. Most of the nle - wcre nrr «'«l and arraigned articles vicic at the shop for"' crl< ^fof 6 United Stales Com- clenning but sevral were ice-1 ml<Bloncr J K Cnnithere The slump ol a pipe Irp/il in /ifi teeth, And llic jnio.';c it encircled Iris.hcaJ !ikf a wreath; (Continued in Next Issue! | 1263. the Blythevllle open high low c \nsf. Tlia<lp reports. Deo 134 1-2 135 7-8 133 3-8 1333 4 May 129 1-2 131 1-8 128 5-8 129 1-2 Board Y ONLY Q MOPE 5 ! iOP^lNG DAYS TILLCHKISiMAS Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III,, -DC,, (UP)-Hogs: receipts 17500' Top 19.15 170-230 IDS -10.00-1010 140-160 'Ibs 7.25-10.00 Bulk sows 9.00-9.25 Cattle: receipts 6000 Steers 7.65-10.00 Slaughter steers 5.50-1209 , 5 Slaughter heifers 450-iioa Beef cows 400-505 Cutters and low cutters 275.375 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 15. (trp)_ Cotton eased off in late trading and closed 8 to 16 points lower under prctturc of belated liquidation in Decombcr contracts. Tendcrrs came' In small lots but In substantial volume Dec. Jan. M«r. Mas- July Oct open liigh low close 12S9 1260. 1247 1247 1242b 1230 1230 I227t . 1240 1242 1225 1228 1228 1229 ^1214 12! s . 1217 1220 1201 1204 1183 1187 1168 IJ72 Spols closed steady at 1272, O fl Married Couples Only Dance at Odd Club HOP EDA LE, Mass. (UP) -^Thls town has a club composed exclusively of married couples which h«S thrived 22 years. The "Me and My Wife Dancing Club" Was organized, in 1914. It was an outgrowth of Informal gatherings of neighborly married couples. For more than 21 years the'clitb has conducted its series of • nine dances each winter—cli- maxiiig each season with an elaborate dinner-dance called "The Blowout Party.' Sophistication seeped Into the ranks in recent years and ttie club Is known now as .I'The Winter Dancing Club"—but to Ihe original members the old name suffices. Beth, steel Chrj T sler Cities Service Coca Cola .. Pen..Am. Tank General Electric Oeneral Motors tnl. 'Harvester McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Wnrd New York Central Packard Phillips Pet. , Radio Corp .. „.„.„ Bt Ixiuls-San Francisco 21-2 nrucies vicic at tne shop for 'U? *•* I clenning but sevrat were iec- ™ ,1 on( ' hand articles ptnccd with the I " >r for snle by white ] P, 52 3-4 15 3-8 123 3-4 4 3-4 122 1-2 75 1-2 52 7-8 69 3-4 103 1-2 13 1-2 65'1-2 43 7-8 . 11 4ft 1-4 11 5-3 Simmons Bed Standard of N J Studebaker 'ftxas Corp v 45 1-2 67 14 1-4 50 1-8 Chicago Corn high low close •109 1-a 107 1-4 107 1-a Dr. 'V. R. Fox Assumes Insurance Co. Position MANILA, Ark,—Dr. V. R. Fox, practicing physician hero for 25 years, left Monday for IJttle Rock to assume his duties as medical.di- rector, for the National-Life Insurance Co. Dr. pox owns several hundred acres of land in this section and a cotton gin. It Is expectnl that his son, Richard, will have charge, of .his holdings here. Scout Hohor Court. Thcro ;w1M a meeting of the court of honor, Bljthcviho Boy Scouts, until January 24, It has been County Outlook Conference Tomorrow CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo^-An Agricultural :OUtlook Conference for Pcmlscot. countj farmers will be held at the'court house "liere Wednesday, Dec. 16, beginning 1 - at 10 30 am and continuing; until 230p*m ( >M 6 Amburgej conn ty extension, agent, has announced. Ralph Loomis, extension, economist., of. the Missouri College o! Agriculture, will be the prihcipal speaker, and Miss Nadonna ; Fltejerald. home management specialist ot the college, will discuss f ami business problems v of special farm honicmnkers, interests '(0 Royal Arch Masons There will b" a meeting of Ihe 34 Ji to b ie was coma ace o 'com d member 1 - of Ihe' state 'cotton allotment/ board *8nd .subsequently named icllng dfstrict ext^n- ngent r for noHhea^tArkinsas • y T C- ) " Arkansans Indicted, by Tennessee Jury MEMPHIS, Dec (UP)-Two Arkansans 'nerc Indicted by the fed- cial district grand jury here to- daj on charges of possessing un rcgisteied stilts In West? Tennessee « * r \ i They me James Edward Moore, Joiner, and Tom Morgan Cobum DeaiV Ark WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, warmer in west portion tonight Wednesday fair, warmer In south and east portions, i Memphis and MeIrtlty — Vostly cloudy tonight I and Wednesday. Somewhat warmer, lowest temperature tonight _34 to 38 Tne maximum temperature here jesterday w,as. 54,^ minimum 25, clear, according to Samla) p Ndr- rls, ofnclal weather observer. -i

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