The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 7, 1892 · Page 7
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 7

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1892
Page 7
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I* , , i y ^ f"" . t % ^ ' Continued from "their BttlJpprt. Th View ' " W .M«WIS.V ,.;i eaMgaABaaaaywe.f f^vi'^GTlco iffliill tJ0 ftCcoutoti (is ^Rittlst^WjW^ry^uy otllGl* COXltlfi'ic'V* T]ftltt ifTtlW* pyO&f*tlt BXCjttJ'ti.JOu. tk?nfif«Jhr cattle nrrUitiK at ft»*feWiStl^mJ 1 whV h o«r 0-nrti veterinarians participate, co »: ftriw ft we rrvfty jrtstty expect that tno r<*- tiuite'nient thut our cattle shall be fllauKhto W» at the dorks will bo revoked, as tno f^nitary mnt-nal CHftruea of unfairness aim *'*""*,./"v • -^""•watsassss??? i » ta " ie! " to IfVmr uxttle the roducs ave o. alive to the interior, - << \' », Wf ' Crtll ' ' l ito««jw .-«« our I 4 wur - w of MARSHALL IMPROVED & r «« upon tbW Hutject is emphasize? by tliatrfoct tfetthfe tPftdGiiCV of legislation in tome state* it 'lwtittt trM thfe tPfidOilcV ol legislation in »<>mo °""v ""•" lUtt^ Drunkeness, fair elections and equal appoi tiptituohts 'f\]: Ju»f J. M-i*!^**•**,*'•' y iwtt ^hJ t h l " I iu«d 1 -7n^ t »';.WA tbo (Bauaay patent, contains no Atropta) , Sure and safe curt! tor ,> • man V V»_;it«Htfinnnniovo the deed, nn(t snau !,««(. n^r«tl UDOn . tllO SUOJOPt It 1IIW OU.O lU :1 by the claimants to release 'finch a Jiit AimrUan snits of . fttm r jn.'i^i nn * OfWlWL** 11. «.,.--i vftritMwi protfHi ts of Ihdian 1 •>•-—-nfood Thr> Mfjb OTK nrodlnv « cliea,P Inead A fair du • . - T *»»„!.. O( J al f,l goi^ > bavo been rtes» if not less such, but wore, ..w..« , the functions of weace officer and of Smrti* The frequmit lynchW ot w^^ «1e attiused of ermio la w ithout tlw excmo which has sonietlmeh t^ti urged by-Mobs foi a failure^to pursue theain'Ointed me{ hod*Tfor the pnnishnwSof crime, tliat the accused liatg> an undtie inftutnce over courts and .lurius S, acts are » reproart to_ the JV™^f ld t^ meuMvou dcslre further to call tlw atttmtfimotcftn- ^'tb the fact tfaat recent iisjrt-omi-nt.oon- oxr . -d UrL'c ft..d impTrtnnt wi itly U •opmied Ij.r this crea nvt Tin' ^jff!?wTO.M;A"&^^ and bhickosawslsi preripoly that refORni^ca oy j whtt-h this Claim would "onuinnhe rCHorvations without some new expression ot,the legiia- rtaln|n)5 to fenilonii. - . of the commissioner-of pcnslijns E^i^r^hi^rrs ft 1 _.„„— .WUd ftl JJ, ! pro s; of th(»e«sretftry.for*n -it y, I think, t>i» «a«r without pondit>4 period has so inuch l'«t f° ur years for tllo riculturo, «, • QuiiranUne HesKlatlans. This subjact ciWurtraptlneresrulations, inspec- ti/1 w lit suddenl to tny •. a wnf suHtoin tho offlWrsof law a and .in j>roteeti»tf mote j "•.-•• * The oce , discharge of this duty la . No l«s«m needs to bo cen pc upon our people, as fe no worthy end.or cauw can ho pro' Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, and Tobacco Habit, For treatment f ,ajid explanation, of the Gold, Cure conBulfDr; L. E. Gallup at *>» .' office 4 thfl Gook block. Patients treated pri vately if so desired. ; ' ^. f. tlie wwk :.ot, the executive cpmna is mtUmitted to • -e««gr«" ^f^ th«Vput?lic in the ««op». tliat there WJJJUe found In it adueBonso of rew-wnaJViMty and i an earn to maintain the national honor happiiieas amt •^-^^ISJS^rSo^/nKwT is no r thtf hauonnTinflwenpef power., ana should not obsorvc^tho Borne have characterized tno " carry the great <" • -•- -'•*•»*•» i ' "tliu "Yotcanaiways the best Cigars at • • ' - • • Geene's ease, tary Tlio progress science . -has of niedicaf and saut- bocn BUch, however, SS^SSiS ._ .i •-,, ., ,4,. rtli* TTlllVll ", ihe maximum expenditure wions w 11 bo reach, d June at, l«il, and e at the hi«h point $1HS,OW(,IKW 'per annum. adhere dinrevums nnu viio 'ijviirfi^^j " •" , '"* , * Air L^od ,}r i und,ay^eluyed. 8 ^--^ and by further limitations- The WorUl's-KaJr- Avork^consjrucwon and u fij'i . hyuor of the i'nittsc) fe>t^tos. The pltftrlct of Columbia, wuy : - d'-nbt «urv ilSB 1 S^i&S^'ofeUb^le: \^°^^r^^^^^' ' Executive Mansion, Dec. 0, Wf~- MOUTQ.R MURQER t CASE. Testimony of One of Thone AVho Helped ... . -7 Shoot the »ran. . AlMWA, Mich,, Dec.' 7,-Stephen Keiger one of tinmen who was originally implicated in the Molitor murder, was put on the witness stand Monday. His statements agreed minutely with those of Repke, who turned states evidence, with .the exception of implicating Repke m much mdre than Repke admitted. Reiger says that.he was .^^'^JJJV^|B Bhotunim he-.assist^/.m shooting MOU tor Ferdinand .Bpuder was then called.. He" admitted having been one of the conspirator, and asserted that all the otfiers implicated we««uilty. He, too, says he helped shoot Molitor under poimlty_oT death. 'Gotleib Mende was the next Witness Ho went over minutely every detail in regard to the time he was .approached by defendant Grossman, .and told about the conspiracy and urged and how h* was forced by Grossman to meet the con- SSorsat night and commit the crime. BUSINESS ClNIVER' en to the DETROIT BIYV »«'" School of Short-h»»d, mnd tecuie *n.niu«t»icj Ut»lofli.8 that will open to »™.o«*? r1 V" Ule * f !?/ l ,1 to »ueco«i and fortune. University BJillding, Detiolt, The best Perfumes al- '"' ' *^ _^ * ^^^ . ways in stock at G-. H* Greene's Drug store. Ladies are invited to call and test th« has • Be Called Sinning? Mich., Bee.•'•-£—The people, of Sleight's Station, several miles fr^nx here, Sunday witnessed the- spectacle of twenty ahleibodied and devont qhurch SS&i sawing, 8plittmg,and PUin|^o cords of hickory wootl, Ihe Lutheran church people have peeri supporting Henry Kessler, one iof their members, wt some one sent him a couple of wood, and Sunday morning the male hers, instead «f amending church,and split the-wood, The job. took two hours. aM the workers.were feui el by others of the churei, who sang hymns and uttered prayers during the.per- formauce, -.- t : : —_ , ' .' French Praft Horbe Meu. CHICAGO, Dee. 7.-TUe National French Draft Horse association, of Amw«» met m annual session at' the Sherman house yes- *'^^ _ _ __ - < ffi ... „•,,.»n d\t*f*T£*4\* ^KSS 5 ^^^^?^ luwiuu.— . . T.,,4. ™^y&"e4m.tB 1 c*t ) ,f>tiin«t. U t rostnc- fa followingjofflpere were elected:/ * Form, and comu best fenturea of ' Tha on JACKSON FAVORITE 0.0,0, WAIST bear a rigorous gur ButTQ FlTTISO, beautl- . Warranted. ra«tBtok. en- ulne niurked CCX3. •, 7.UUU l« ^TT-^c*. oronet Corset Co., ol Ibest .'.-, Jtiaads at reasonable Truces fttecl Brug Store flfftfflfiM ' A fulls Route.' 2Q, p.rp. p ro. 4 56 WS5 !_ ' -,-% , ,,n done at C. A., qheslx^s mill m*AA&* ^ts&WMr sn%Sv*£g& pounds in 1 J^VuSSTco-"«'"»«•« ^ow tbatduri»b' ?&]•' AU 'kmds otfreeb. me^t : eut to-;order officurs J of R -BijUer's. dit - . r % fpfijoa y ^ j ^^^ j wj^J*^ 1 t^UMl^ltikton..*? oi»gaa,w thtsw Brww- 1 * 11 " wu ^i iTTS afflrSe-a Boii-'i Mftny wa80Jww»*M" «"^»*^"^ r^-j— *%&i%*^^ i^the^mce, b,*ve m ^»st^L r ^^J«.to TM ^ flpwwn|J? .^a, it.byCbanxb.r JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. M *" toBI ' -J-sSt:

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