Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 16, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1961
Page 2
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-*.-? Ort KlO t. }eV».. 1 .n~ } O- Fidel Takes US Newsmen On Tour of invasion Area By LtVVIb GULlCK HAVANA iAi>> — rutes i'.is;n> -. \"- IK- -lOie.f.l'O ilH- C \i('.::-. ,,:/,., Mi-.n through the sitvnc'ii -':i his , ovok;ii<>n:>ry inweim'n; .-.;ul !i<!s- flik'.'j. <>!' I Ut 1 ll'ASliri-:-. i h.r I u.'i;\ii nmiii: nrtnis'ei ^a\e MS r'-viev. Oi the -sborfhe -April . i-!i< ;nv:.>ii'!i in urn^aiu !.i-hmn n\;!r>iin\. .-•t:tni;i.",i. a; -;:v h-i;h which he said was caused hy a fiCKi-pounu bomb from an invad- ii'U :iiipiHi'< Two beach-type collates had heavy A number of oilier Iniilfiinas in in • nrca slii! had bullet marks, C.isuu saiu many h'sildines - had been repaired. \Vorkrr.'.'is were on liie _ : ob. '(.'•astro save his analysis of the : campaign at I'j.pite. a roadside • village ihree miles iron* l.arvuj • Beach, Cuban officials >aiJ :h;s was the closes! Jo Havaiui reached by ground forces. TelHns; why he- \von. Castro, said that the sovernrnent " more- strength and antiaircraft force and (hey uhe invader-*' unu.•!vs Dei Rio News-Herald !u- ac: Gi March 3. I £79. BEN \VOODSON Publisher DAX BUS Editor Chas, T Pi::aI-:;.-:.'. R' T .*. M?r. Any pjronf-eus re:ie:'t;r>r: up.r-n the haracier. standine or rcp'.:;r.t:on f any person, firm or corpcranoc •Hi g3ad!r be rorre-t;:d Khc-n such ccurs in ihe'cc-UTrnns'of this r.e-.vs- .iL>:r and air brought io ihe 3;- •r.iion of the irurj-ieE-rrieni. errors, or any unintentional errors Ir.LU may occur other than to miike corrections alter bo in? brouslu 'to ti'ientian. Acivenisina accopieo on This busts o::iv. SUBSCRIPTION- RATES—3y earner in Del Rio, £1.25 a! month: by mail, 51.25 per month. ays Most People Oppose Sales Tax F-OKi.i-KC Tex. , AP» _ State AI-'J.-i'H) ;Me>--dent H. S. (Hankl r.r>-,k r .-ay-; ^» per cent :>i tiie !><-;.;-.K h-. h.:?. i!ii ; in bis anti- ••.jii•> !.;\ ^Mriu aroimd Texas arc !.r|-'j;<!S>'d - to sacli a levy. Hr-^.'. :\ si-i-se Tiui-s<hiy msht to iive Ton c.'>"Vexas Central Labor <%ii;rv. ;i H; another o!" his address •:u •;: of a r< j !:';! s.:!e< tax. H-- \'- amed Te\;i-; Teachers to r.".',,\vr .•! tl'.e iorces trvinsl to p.i-s -.1 general sales tax throutrh ih\ i t~-.;>i:! T i:r'.'. He replied to an a<:'. ! r-.-:-s i:\.uie roeenih- t>y Toin St>;:'\ h>: ad •.•( 'l:o Citizens for a Tht'ir p'ftn was b;,d " Castro's army alse issade sunse mistakes, he s:".ui. ris- t'ssiurei! some of Iiis f--* plus kii'cii— -al.i"t!t the sair.v nnnim-r <u deaths as . suiiered by the i;u;uk'vs —- \va- ihie to hs\'ins; 'co :v..T!i;. '. .-hich-s the\ cotslii I'-.' »';•.•• led ii> : ; ;i;iik- ir.ii aircraft. The m\.«U-!s Tr.ii-abered a re ported l.Vii di whieli abois; !.i!i ; o art- now c.ipli\e- \ (,.".>. f.seap.-ii. Castro <i;d inn >;H ,-i;> ilu 1 si'/e nf C'astro tvsed >-::h bir:Oi-:-i):;rs • Statements on I LONDON' (AP)—Premier Khru-, the supply lines to the .Mlied gar- Ishohcv's .now declaration on Ber-! risons in \ ilJH-^'"'' . . West Berlin. Ami he said onx*iV'» o . *»v; i> \n~i^i4ai«*iiuit w*i wt:*";**!?""'" 1 • •• •!*•.-»• . o »n**C lin \vas viewed in Western Europe'any atteinpi to clumsc c.cnnar. . today as-tough and menacing— ? present Orders' "would hut in (ho main a restatement of thermonuclear war. of disarmament until assured a control system that will porn no cheating. Khrushchev also repealed 1 demands—previously rejected the West at Cene%-a~fnr ;, ,v, President Kennedy's meeting wuh -Ski-lch . headlined: ••Berlin -, T)lou ,, h his. words-were old , the Soviet premier in > Vienna ear- Christmas, warns Mr. N- '' ^ ; format f or Khrushchev's ««•• lier -his month. ' : hoar* on." Its story saui Kf'' ; was ncw , o Hie Soviet Union ; 'left no douhi u hatIK. . ' UlSTtmir LAM^JAUK—Drosseu in thi? frontiui' £;;vrb ca yesti-ryear, )l;tvoU1 Uosncr, riuu, ;uul Kt) i^oHic-i jt L.tin.Til, K:tn., OMUJinsc .fuiiporis in iid Veil Lai.U'd. Tru; iort. will hr- di-{i!-.:a?.o<i as a .\;uioi,al ! h.'tijr;.:, i. ij'iiiiJi.isii. -m Juno U. .Huiit :n i:;uO, 1'ort L;ir»vil ...-; vhs Vn. -i. prv^^rv \t ^f ^l]o iniina:-:- hich aoUed .;};,' AViL Jria Ife Jayt; of 1 The premier's adamant stand ' ^u-hev 'left no fl '» in \\;. u ", ; important'public pronoucie, ilu .. at Vienna alnM.dy had been d,s- h;ts u . inu> ° ;!u ' hl ' nt "" "' ; l.orclofore have been made \ closed by the official ne,\vs agency 15 ^ :I °- fore gatherings ot high Tass ,lviiie II. Khrushchev in a. Kennedy himself, in his reptiri• ; ,, u ,, 1 t an( i parly officials. TV fireside chnt Thursday nt»h! to ih^ pcop'f "i liie Tnited hlutes , r)lo , >ro ,,,j er S p 0 ke over ?<,=. io the Soviet people spelled vnd on - J.isv «», declared that " liul " TV and radio from MOJO.IV,^ .. his position ajiain, "»»f ! si .-uir.ber talks were ^on^ the Ira) TV sla( j (>11 . T \- a|s< . ^ At Vienna, he propose*! an immediate peace conference on i^er many that would leave its bur- suhjeci of Ccnuaiu'' am! Merlin. ( j, c S pe Pt .h tt> East Clenuany" Khrtishrhev told The Soviet p--o- o ,j u>r s ov j ol \ y \ n<: nations. pi,- she Vienna me el ins "provided _ u i I't-.^d ouivirtunisv for a first per- '—- • •' • -HIMI IM,^ ders uni'hanced. mak? West Ht-r- lin a vloniilitari/eil c:i>' ar.d end Allied occupation rights in I'.eriin. If the Allies were oppi'^ed tn a pence parley. Kbrushclu-v said. •West Gernuuiv and Communist ;!: - S01 !1 ' u l]} '' ," < ^'"" """ Kasi flcrm,inv should be -hen ^ l«n T «rc,i !o iu>^!i..U- MTPUIV iv '-jivj 1,1 !»•• tr.'siii;. <io nut want On - Uii-l r-iid an exchange of a"(i "\k p as v. ortli s\!iii c- •'-•" "cce^ary. -.ri'ianirn! Khrushchev PRINTING Islc^ I HX. s.'aiv \\.is rx.-]>:'is'ted ;n have '.ir;-'. 1 '.; .lenehr-rs and si-!;oo! admin- i'-ir.riC'-rf- "•>'< '::!-.>• i'rte governor and It-^s.-laiLsr-; 1 .-ome direct advice >•'•! '•< here ihv frsotii'-y is c(<min^ frt-in" f'jr an S>1 ( '-' teacher pay "Let thi- ieai-hers of Texas be•••:',re < : :' "i!f ad\ u>.: L'ivi-n by Tom v^iily. Lt-j ihem look into his real v-i-'iixes'—he cities not care about UK- ie.ii.hvrs'" s;i!nry. His aim i> i" ;'T>>' a Dili's nix i>n tiie citi- -•i-ri-s ni Tt-\:i5 riiiii he wants the ieachf-t's ID help !>im." Brown 'The tf.acht'rs >hnu!d 2ei the ?>V.i salary increase. Hut. this and nlht-r liece^sary .state spi-mhn« s]M>t'.iu be fjnanceti by taxes that iv \c, nav." be said. near l.arpo- Hcach. '.'Sure :u- --.ii-.l i he hinise 1 .! c a!' ! -: >i;u <••• :he -.:rip. pled ;it;:tck ships b> :;ri:^ on i; from a lank. " : The Cuban lojde-.- to:«k t!ie newsmen i;; a fleer o: 'Uv-isiisirie.- r to a collectii't 1 far"i. The ;i;:a! ch;qver ^\ns a visit to tho na\al i:ospua' a! !h:\;:;;a : where Castro is • keepi'r; tiie invasion caii;i\i ; s. The r^r-or'-.Ts were allowed TO irs'.erview ihe '« i priFoners uho i\rn; ^o i-!>e t"n' ! ieii States last niiMS'h on Uie ir:uior> for prisorers n-T-co'i; 1 :':^"!- 1 . i of ovir (tine waijinc i-'^r hcv/ the nenoiiati-.vns work «-;•!." ^ -Sb.eep 2 }('•(>: ! !!s old L;--I^ .1, 1 and i.' pel's .'V.'v iiniily ro:v C;-t!ic- \i> >! -'i; v.'.ii'.i-s !7J>: !u!'-\ of ii;i .'.'tU"VL:ed f'T the a\U'tion: co^'s •e;idy is> :;:"> liiciiei': slaughter KANSAS CiTY hi no lis;;r:v,;i;;ieni to lh:s day." He re- leatct! :he perennial Soviet dc : ,ii-d details '.<> be 'Acrkfd iater. iti-ir- (n six inulilhs tu work out a treaty Cattle JIIM; . t|>;it bosh thV Soviet-blue- and The. ;=:;-.'s ""•. r.i--< t-r.m\$}\ of ;uiy one \v,-sl woiil<; .he bound io acce:H. "' !;i ^ ":!X:^HI (..-.r adocjiiate test of" <; 4 ,jn>; over this cr.mod in his. 1 " " i!K ' >: - report Io the Soviets. Khrur-'ielHw "' Sheep v-Ht; Choice to prime s'5 summed up his position this \\a\: °'_, :> n.n:,, sr-rinj: iambs about - W e ask everyone to understand »h,-_ \Wsu-rn allies :e-h at iT.Ta. u? ,. orroc , 1y . The conclusion of a ^".'.".! l _A V '. m . !i _!l' eS - l " ''..?"!—':' ._ . ^ peace treaty \vith (ierinany cannot be postponed any longer. A peaceful settlement in Furope HCfS must- be accomplished this year." Khrushchev then repeated his Smith has- assumed his o!<l threat to sisin a separate Quality Materials and - Workmanship at Reasoned Prices Office Supplies i SAX .\ \ i i >\!O .?• — Not enouLh v es'fH'ix i'1'es.-if! 1 ; s !'.i test \:ih;es.. Mes :>- ;v;:i.'!.ver of the Sears peace treaty \vith Kast Cerinany. ebuek Contpany office in -'Oe! 'aiviny -that recimo control . over NEW WATCHES Bewnre, Gummed- up Re-Oiied, Buy Ftesh Watches from Del Rio's Foe I of y Watchma TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. IOSOYA A balanced stock to the lerirtory at establish«l retail prices. The Herald Prlntim Company 118 W. Gr*«nwood Dial .Smith i oiri os u> De! Rio from So'_ T: .;i?i. He ^'a-i reared in Kat-le 2^'ti; 1\;>- ;.n>i .->\r«« ,'.vx'i!-kn<.iy. n if- ir.iM- am' b;:;! fan-s a? "" Siv.ith urt Ihe .i^ii tn ails prices. the Rn'ton Ciwinnett was one of Georgia's three signers of the Doelaratkm of Independence. His >ti_n3ti:re :s iw>\v worth considerably more to ain.ocraph collectors t!i:in is Gc-orct- V.'ashineton's. DR. OSCAR VAIDES DENTIST Offic* Ns. I In S»CT Main Stre«{ CIUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO Appointment Call PR 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN GRANDE ABSTRACT & C- ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE' INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 JUNE 01 h What oes ft Mean To De! Rio? LIKE CHICKEN? DEL RIG NEWS-HERALD'S to Eat Out in Dei Rio! ) «*J The Resfauran{-eurs of Del Rio Offer the Finest Food, Service, Dancing and Enter- Finest Food, Service, Dancing and Enter- p^ >fi[ ^j ^ ftj" 7 '' \L-^~. r iainmenl. Everyihina From Iraiian Food or ====^ l ^^l^^^ = ___ '"^ ^''^^^ •-, --."^ Cabriio TO Ham and Eggs; Premium Aged i^^i^^f^P?-— '^J/*"""'' V'"^3- : II Sieaks ard Pastries Prepared to Perfec- V^»^^\\-^^f^7-"irTX?' ^^ ^"' ? Friendly Service and. Fine Foods'Offered By Poptibr Royal Cafe at 205 Ave. F BAKED - ANYV.'AY YOU LIKE iT — EAT IT HERE With Her Roils end Honey cr Order H ic Go CASBEER'S CHICKEN HOUSE Los Vocas Road OUR STEAKS ARE BROILED FROM HAPPY STEERS Really Authentic Mexican Food C AD/C SIEAK jHl\ J HOUSE £nd of S. Main-PR 5-2103 . yo:>rs. Mr. IITH! sucn .'ii'i li>;>ki;ic fisrv.' jnpl- C:'.IH;!I of their i anil. ^-it.. \:\ Del Kin. i'lalhii^ore 1 Having a_Bal!! Thai's V/hat Folks Soy When They Moke Up a Party for Fun at Highland H;!h Bowling Lanes / .• 4 '.-4--' V Served Anytime! Come Out for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner SANDWICHES A SPECIALTY HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 1201 BEDEU ST. PR 5-2403 EATING OUT IS FUN! ;. Si-.ort orders of A TOUCH OF BITTERNESS jved. ATIKH. Si'KlXCS N.V. ,? — n..y;;rs complete ' collect taxes -- feden;!. state a-ui SUNDAY IS AN EXCELLENT DAY . I HEAR '"• THE FOOD AT GREEN'S IS TERRIFIC! YES, IT'S HOME- COOKED BY MRS. GREEN HERSELF GREEN'S CAFE Hwy 90 West-PR 5-4623 <ii. ;• . TO DINE AT THE ROSWELU So Is ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday! PLAN TO HAVE SUNDAY DINNER at the ROSWEIL ;• The Service 1s Excellent ' • The Fare Is Varied! '. • The Food Is Exquisite! / HOTEL ROSWELL GARFIELD al GRINER PR 5-2445 o''ir\ *Ti'.ciice - ot '"the •jvc-irs ' sers'ice.- Spaciuiis •.r-. A& aro provided. Olh- r.'.hi' -ui.unior.V otritie re- i . .'arr'"cc<5kfiH'runs! ; f/inside i re' arc both booths and ; .\ir>. Gallamore opened 5 Cafe l."> years nso and *.hcd tiwir business srow c!!\'. Mr. (i;i!lan\ore is • r*bo;it the ialure. "Del miss," he declares. He that A mist.nil Dam "wilt r:;°-;•>:> yv.«,ii'e t>> this ehiire are;i ;lr.m n;ui!iin-4 that has happened in Sf.iiUmesi Texas in many >'<'ic!inc/' }l:o < itoi:ev THE BEbT FOOD IS FOUND AT THE MANHATTAN CAFE featuring CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS Also . . . m Bar-B-Q • Mexican Food DROP IN ..." BRING THE FAMILY! 116 S, MAIN-PR 5-8179 DINE WITH US! We Serve a Complete fe^-.Jr*, Line of Foods • Mexican Pooch • Slrali • Sandwiches • Br^axfalt Anytime RANCH HOUSE CAFE PR 5-8100 — Ave. F or E. IJth K'S CAFE BREAKFAST — LUNCH DINNER - Charcoc! Steaks Bar-B-Q - - .Mexican Foods Pastries - • WE WILL DELIVER CATERING SERVICE 643 S. MAIN-PR 5-5535 JACALA DRIVE !NN RESTAURANT MEXICAN FOOD PLATE LUNCH or D1NN£« BEER SOFT "DRINKS CURB SERVICE or PRIVATE DINING ROO.V FOR PARTIES - BANOUE' Open 7 a.m. to 12 p.m 809 AVE. F — PR 5-811C Beer ALWAYS GO TOGETHER FOR THE FINEST Home Cooked Meals FOR BREAKFAST,. PLATE LUNCH or DINNER Corne to the ROYAL CAFE. We have curb service for your convenience. ROYAL CAFE 205 Ave. F — PR 5-3652 .. OUR SERVICE IS JUST LIKE OUR FOOD... . . . SUPERB! • DESERT HILLS RESTAURANT 1912 Ave. F - PR 5-35* Pierce's Cafe "A Good Place to Stop While You Shop" ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST HOME MADE PIES .,. . STEAKS,-CHOPS. ' : . FRIED CHICKEN - SERVED IN A BRIGHT, CLEAN ATMOSPHERE 751 S. MAIN - PR 5-8191

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