Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 7, 1946 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 2
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f»,»"«Tyj«-, - '.,"•, ~y* a i i -R& = j- *»&ci* 9 Officials S. A WiWon Smd R. t>. Kennedy, "fet prloe specialists of Fort . h, eondafetea a tfftde meeting tfie cottnty effort rooni Wednes* Jffteffioon ftlth dealers of ap- I10U& furnishing and auto- services attending, shlg MPR 580, Kennedy 4tftt«M that new dealers must re. fttstef businesses with local price I b&ftrtl arid make application with the digest Office for authorization of j theif Ji>r3c6 chart. The importance: TO keeping proper records and prop- fcfly marking merchandise for the customer's information was also Stressed. I Wilson, services specialist, dis- I cuSsed time aiid prices of nutomo-1 tive repaifs, emphasizing the importance of the special service reguln- .ttOft setting time limits for 58 repair jobs. Base prices must be filed with Ult Ia6fti price board and kept di.^- plajted in the dealers place of busi- itess. .Advantages of the new increase allowed the dealer were also dis- fcussed. Operation number must be listed on each sales slip, as wrll as deSeriptioh of service given, hours charged for and rate per hour. Prices of parts and materials governed by MPR 453 were discussed. Approximately 50 dealers from four counties. Gray, Roberts, Hemphill and Wheeler, were represented. ROOM TO SPARE One of the public rooms in the Queen Mary, British liner, is so large that an ocean liner of 1940 Cbuld be placed in it, together with the entire fleet in which Colum- bUs first grossed the Atlantic. "ROLLING PIN" CAKES A poptilar delicacy in Czechoslovakia are "rolling pin" cakes, baked on special occasions. As the name indicates, they are made in the Shape of rolling pins. DISSOLVES GREASE Chases Dirt! DKOP5 po&&...<!) AMERICA'S WASH WORD 6 SIPTOL (PLAIN) yon Instant relief to a stuft- 4d-up head-cold and cough, throat Irritation and hoarseness due to a eold. Siptol loosens the phelgm in the Msal and bronchial tract, and makes breathing easier and checks excess waghing. SIPTOL TODAT Supplied in Two Forntt Plain—With Ephedrin* Mainly PampaandHer IMghbor Towns Attending the. annual membership meeting of the chamber of commerce tonight in Shamfdck wifl Be C. P. Pursley. P>. Carmichael, Jack fian- rift, Curtis Douglas and B. O. Wedgeworth. Let op help you'clean house, send drapes, blankets and curtains. Master Cleaners. 218 N. Cuyler.* L. P. Port of the U. S. employment service was in Amnrillo Tuesday and Wednesday, attending a meeting of USES managers. have new shipment of" parts and accessories, consisting of carriers, .lights, saddle bags, sirens, eic. Roy cfe Bob Bike Shop, 414 W. Brown- ins-* Mr. and Mrs. Sam Keel and son, and Mrs. Herbert Crump spent the weekend visiting relatives in Okla- homn Citv. For Veterans' Cab Co. Ph. ISIS.* fVlr». ,1. E. Puckctt is ill at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Lewis Ehelion. All eligible members are invited to attend joint uartv for V. F. W. niixiliary at Vet's hall. Russell'and Fr-t-tr-r at 8 p.m. tonight.* iVlrs. Jark P. Strotip was moved tc her horn? today from Pampa hos- nilnl. Mrs. Sfroup is recovering Oo'->i an operation performed last week. List your real estate with Tom M Cook for ouic-k sale. 900 N. Gray Phrnc J037J.* Ulr. Sanderson of the social se- runity board in Amarillo, who came to FjMiina Wednesday to take care of .social security matters here, was railed back to Amnri'ln last niph*^. by the illness of his five-weeks-old baby. :!07 W. Foster, The Home of the New Nu-Wav Cleaners. Olen E. Tin- cJJr. —. Rov K. Teas;ue. Phone 57.* Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. Brown, Jr.. sincl familv from Paso Roblis, Cnlii'.. spriTl Tuosctav rU. (ho home ,'jf Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Flahertv. For Sain: Two nrowar oleclrln hrnnr'ovR. one new, one slightly used. 1.1ft S. Starkweather.* Mr. and Mrs. George W. Reeling- have teen visiting in San Antonio for the oast three weeks. Hear Ihe Blue Rhythm Bovs all -lirinF band at Killarney Club on r ntm-day nisht, Feb. S." Lt. and Mrs. Fred Thompson will '•"turn to Pampa Saturday from Knnsas City. Lieutenant Thompson will be discharged from the navy March 2 and will be on terminal .leave prior tc that time. He has been in service two years. 34 Hour Service. City Cab. Ph. 441.* I.eonaM Brummctt, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Brummett, has been named on the Dean's honor roll for the first semester at Phillips uni- versitv. Enid, Okla. You'll like the excellent service on your clotheing when it comes homo from Just RHe Cleaners. Call •180.* Typewriter Repairing Remington Typewriters 1 & Adding Machines ' Sales and Service COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES Pampa Print Shop Printers and Office Suppliers 306 W. Foster Phone 1233 Griffith Services Tc Be Held Saturday Funeral services for Chester H. Griffith, 71, who died in Perkins, Oklahoma, yesterday, will be held in Concordia,. Kansas, Saturday Toni'mi 1 at 10 o'clock. Griffith, an employee of the La- Nora theatre, here, had gone to Perkins to attend the funeral of his wife's father. Besides his wife, he is survived bv a son, O. M. Griffith, Pampa, a I"ally Nnws emtrtoyee, and a daughter of Concordia. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? ITJimisarulH of couple ftro wwik, wftni-oul., ex- luiusii'd .sult-ly UcciUistt hody hiuks Iron, J-'or nww vim, vliatlty* t'*y O.slrcx Tmilr: TublciH. (Contain, 1 ) Iror. jn;j. t.mi, muy ntti-d tur {nip: nlso -suppllra t'lliinilii 111. ilitl Mrtd.irurotliioiory HIIIO runv unty y.tfj, K(tr .siilc 1 at all druir stores everywhere-— In PiuntKi. "I- Crelney DIMIR- H(on». Ta blv "ilrS-iffx i. *•** litf/ fftittli c* . for iJttf'rs of MOTHER'S OATS! Beautiful Tofcleware in Every Premium Package of tbU Most Delicious Oatmeal I * 5 < i Here's {he loveh kind of dishes you've always fta 1 ? - „,.;.,»„ ,4—^{j y OU g e t a piece in every Package of famous Mother's Oats! Oats is so Temptingly good, so good (or you! Oatmeal, you , |ead$ all) natural cereals in body- protein. It is rich in anti-fatigue for normal growth and energy. f Afford to ml|S this double bargain s Oats with Pretnium today! ? "SPP* 1S40 HA Ifmt 4 :09 — f nfie« by Rcqnest. 4:25— THmitet P»B*. 4:80— 3. fc. Swindle. * :.<I5— Jrtmn Prnnch. 6 vflO--H«*M Ko<?e— HftS. 5:16— BMe rtfiythtti— MftS. 6:80— C«i>te!ft SHdniBht— MftS. S:*5— To* m±— MflS. 6:00— Fulton Lewis~MB9. 6:15 — The Korn Kohblcrs — MBS. 6:3li-Arthttr . 7:nnl-Ono Nlcrht Stftnd— MBS. 7 :3(K-RosrtrdR _Gnllpry— MBS. R:00-^B(>nce MiAHc. 8 : 1 S— Re* I Stortei— M BS. R .'Sft^Trtnntire Hour of Sonits — MBS. fl:00— Yon Mnke The News— MBS. !):.10 — -Art Mooney's Orch. — MBS. 10:00— Alt the News— MBS. If! :1,V- Buddy Men-row's OVeh.--MfcS. 10 :Sfl- -Johnny Long's O\-ch.--MnS. 10:55 — Mntnnl Reports the News — MBS. 11 -.On— Goodnight. PARTY PRINT Thi* new story-book orint, nay with a galaxy of imaginative scenes of the old west, rfierleleo by Klsme Stephen, was designed exclusively by Junior Miss of California as a gift presentation for Mutual's "Queen For A Day." The spring forecast f>rint has the new shoulder yoke effect of contrasting print dramatizing the diamond-shaped slit neckline as well rs deep mm AY C, Ml -S'nwn Pat ml. 7:1)0 —Open Hilils. 7 I'll") -KotiK« by Ken licnnpti. 8 :00—Fimier Hunt. News.—MBS. 8:IB—Shady Vulley Folks -MUS. 8:20—Shady Valley Folks--MBS K :uu—£>imny Valley Folhn H:6C.--So You Wnnl A Fnrm? »:00—Once Over Unfitly—M US. 9:lf>—1'ainpii l j arty Lini- 9:80—Tic Tock Time—MBS. !l:38—Fun With Music—MBS. 10:00—Cecil Brown—MUS. 10:15—Elsn Maxwell.—MBS It::)«—Dance Music. 10:45—Letters From Lindahr—MBS. 11 :(IU—Lylf Van, News- MUS. 11:15—Songs by Morton Downey.—MBS. 11:30—.!. L. Swindle, New B 11 :<I5—Voice of the Army. 12:00—Song:.'! by Irmu Francis. 12:15—Luni :md Abner. ! 12:30—Hlith Ilirthday of Hoy Scouts of; America—M RS. 12:45—John J. Anthony—'MBS. 1:00—Cedric Foster—MBS. J :16 -Smile Time—MBS. 1:30—Queen for n U»y—MBS. 2:00—Griffin Reporting—MBS. '1: 15 —Palmer House Orch.—MBS. 2:30—Remember—MBS. 2:4"i—Piano Moods. 3:00—Erslcin Johnson—MBS. 8:15—The Johnson Family—MBS. 3:30—Mulunl'H Melody Hour—MBS. •1 :U" —Tunes Hy Itenucst. NKW YORK, Feb. 7— iff') -The three competing tc-leviniou broadcasters: NBC, CBS, and Oumont aru collaborating to produce a Liucoln'.s 'Birtluiay Memorial whicii will be the occasion for the first scheduled inter-city television broadcast from Washington to New York. The event will take place at mum on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Tonisht on Networks NBC—7 Hums and Allen; 7:80 Dinah Shun-: S Bint' Crosby; 8:30 Jack Haley .. . . CDS—7. Suspense; S :30 Hobby Lobby; fl Island Adventure; !l :3() Danny O'Neill-Evelyn Knteht . . . ABC—7 Lum ;ind Abner; 7:30 Town Meeting; S :30 JJetect and Collect . . . MBBS—7 One Nlfirht Stand Drama; 7:3(1 Rogue's dal- le ry : 8:30 Treasure Hour of Song. Tomorrow on Networks NHC—7:15 Du You Remember'.' ; 11 am. Words and Music; 1:2 Noon Marine Band; li Sup; er Club; 7 -.80 Duffy's Tavern . . . CBS-K:1B Arthur flodfn-y; 2:15 T'nis Is New York: 4 School of the Air; :J The Aldrich Family . . . ABC—K UrcakfitHt Club; 10 Tom Brenoman's Breakfast in Hollywood; 1:311 Bride and (Jroorn; S /Man YOIIHK- 11 Boxing Boub* . . . MBS «:15 Shady Valley; 11:15 Morton Downey; 12:15 Luncheon With Lopez; 3:30 Melody Hour; 7:30 Musical Quiz. Billy Rose Sells Life Story lor lolly wood Pic By _______ ^ "HOLLYWOOD, ^eb! -T.—Tm— Silly Rose has sold his life story to Paramount, but to him it's just another business deal. Asked who he wanted to play himself on the screen, the theatrical producer replied: "That's up t~ the casting department." He also displayed notable disinterest in the story, as long as it stinks fairly close to the facts of his life. But he admitted he would like to see the picture make money. In black suit, white- shirt and black tie. Rose appears rripre like a mortician than a producer — until he starts talking about Rose, that '/i. Me for one has no ambitions to work in Hollywood. "I wouldn't be on anybody's payroll," he said. "However, if I could make 'Carmen Jones' into a picture the way T want to make it, that would be the only picture for me." Oscar lievant isn't unhappy about working in the movies— r-he just ldok : s that way naturally. As a matter of fact, he remarked on the "Humoresr cjue" set, he enjoys it. In one respect he does prefer pic* tures to the concert stage. "You can rr ake a mistake when you work in the movies, but not on the stage,' he said. Intriguing twosome: Joan Crawford and Van Johnson at the club . Hollywood men hear the Duke of Wln.dso'r may become interested in movie production in Switzerland H, L. J, ZACHRY OPTOMETRIST A - * APPLES Fancy Winesaps, 2 lhs» CELERY Florida Goldenhearl, slalk Grapefruit Texas Seedless, 8 Ibs/ ORANGES California Sunkisi, 2 Ibs. 39 19 c C CARROTS Fresh Tender, 2 Bch. YAMS 31k Porio Rican Kiln Dried POTATOES No. 1 Reds, 10 Ib meshbag CABBAGE Solid Green Heads, 3 Ib. 10 360 Sunkisi c doz. BAKERY TREATS [PeaillltS Birdseye FROZEN FOODS PIES Assorted CAKES An9el 78c COOKIES Ice Box, doz. 30c Hoi Donuls 35c 30c ICE CREAM ; Wellington, Gateway Plains, pint 15c 20c Fresh Roasted 29° «> OmonSets White or Yellow Mustard Fresh Green r Igekh |Qc CANDY SAGEUS Six 5c pkgs. 14c ASPARAGUS Sun - Pak 39c CHILI Van Camp's gloss jar 31o BLACKEYEPEAS TOMATO SOUP Campbell's, 3 cans >c PI-DO Plcg. COOKIES Arts Assorted, pkg. MATCHES 9<ic Strikealite, 6 box carton "** CRISCO '3-lb. jar BLEACH lie "33 " ^..«..«. • • UTTER Swift's Brookfield, Ib. quart PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE SWEET PEA TALC 5-lb. can PEACHES Rosedale, No. 2Va can 28' FRUIT COCKTAIL iibby's, No. 21/2 can COFFEE MaxweHHous«, Ib HOMINY 97 Silver Valley, 3 No. 2 cans Bl I BABY FOOD GERBER'S Complete Assortment 3 Cans 20' PINTO BEANS No, 1 C.R.C. 2 (b. Sack 19' PRESERVES Pure Cherry 2 !b. Jar TREET Armour's 12 oz 33e PURR'S FRESH MEATS COTTAGE CHEESE , b 18c CHILI 1-lb. cello brick 29c ROAST AA Chuck, ib. 23c SAUSAGE Small Link, ib.43c ROUND STEAK STEW NEAT Boneless, Ib, 3UC HENS Heavy Type, SAUSAGE 1 Ib. cello 309 MINCE MEAT Ib, fb. Boneless riiitt, FISH Trou ' 55c Whiting Ib. 25c

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