The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 1, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1893
Page 1
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, ',<* \ 1 . , XIV -NO 289 M4RSB4LL, MICH,, TUESDAY, AUGrtJSl' 1; 1893 PRICE TW 0 CENT>. .Baiting', m. Ht O& V JPbmler Logan Chipmatr Suffering From Pneumonia. MAETIN LUTHER'S OLD BIBLE, Pure A cream'of tartar baking powdtr Hiphestof all in leavctiinpf strengtb Latest U. S> Government Food Report. .—. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall Street, N. Y HUMPHREYS' _ mERIMARYSPECinCS Tor BorEes, Cattle, Gh90p,Do£S,Eogs, AND P001TSY. HOOPane Book on Treatment of Anlmala • UJrw * and Chart Sent Krec. CUIUM j FeTerB,qanBCBi»on«,Tn«lamHiatloii A. A. i Spinal MenTnBiti«, Mi B.B,~8tralns, >•'•>•**••»»*••»'*'»» *'«»«""r* *r-~——— J>.~BotB or Grubs, Worm* B.£,—ConBhs, Heaves, Pneumonia* F.F.—Colfc or Gripes.' Bellyache. O.G.—Miscarriage, Hcmorrhiiiies. S .H.~Urlnary aW Kidney »«««»*cfc I—Eruptive Diseases, nlnase.- a ,K.-l»lsea»e» of JDidestlon, Paralysis. Single Bottle (over 60 doses), - - «6* Stable Case, with Spoeifloi, Manual,..,-. _ Vetralnw Cure Oil and Medlcator. 87.00 Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, - - l.QW Sold fey Ammlilti or »« prn>iU<l ujrwfcm wd In Mr •tuttlr 0» receipt of price. UUmPUBKTS'BKB. CO., Ill A lliWIinutSU, HOMEOPATHIC f» ft ISPECIFIC No.fcO H«sir!iffiPs over-work —. — -- il~piV »lfi.~or«f riVU and Urge vial powder, Bold by DniceUU, or •«« iimt|i«.ld ou receipt ol price. HUMP nuKis- *KD. co.. 111 * 11» *"""» 8t - ~ Alexander Ashley Confesses to the Murder of nu Child—An Important Suit • Brought toy a Manufacturer Against the Harrow Trust. DETROIT, Aug. 1.—Congressman J: Logan Chipman iaill at Harper hospital with what is known as passive pneumonia of the right lung. Although able to bo about he is a very sick man. Several weeks ago he suffered from an attack of pleurisy, complicated with malarial trouble. JHe got better and went to the Flats to recuperate. His improvement was rapid, but, relying on 1 his sturdy physique, lie was notas cautious a% he Bhoutd.have been. Ho took another cold and has been rather poorly ever since. About a week ago the IbVrer part othis right lung became congested, and since that time he has had difficulty in breathing when lying down. He had intended to start for Washington Sunday night, and would have done so but for the entreaties of Mrs. Chipman and his friends. It was decided Sunday that the best course for his treatment would be to remove Inm to Harper hospital. He consented to the arrangement and was driven to the hospital Sunday evening, where be passed a comfortable night, but about D o'clock Monday morning his breathing became very difficult, and he suffered considerable pain. „, . , ••, He sent for the members of his family. When they arrived at the hospital they feund he had fallen asleep, and went away without disturbing him. The family and friends are greatly alar -ied over the judge's condition, and the progress of his ailment is watched with grave fears. ^ SUIT. museum. —••-- — - KILLED HIS CHILD. Alexander Ashley Admits the Crime for Which 111* Brother Wa* Charged. CADILLAC* Aug. 1.—Joseph Ashley ia not guilty of killing his infant nephew, Us first reported. It was first asserted lhat he quarreled with the child'fc father and mother, and in a drunken fury threw it against ft post. But Sheriff Dunham thought, something was wrong, for the mother told many conflicting stories. So he visited the scene of the murder, about three milea from this city. As a result of the Investigation the sheriff has arrested Alexander Ashley and wife, the.child's father and mother, and they are in jail. Both confess that the father killed the child • in the manner ascribed to the ancle. They both claim tihey were in- lane. The mother is a weakminded woman. She is a young girl, while the father is 60 years old. Bring 'S'our Carpets. The carpet cleaning , works on Exchange street will be open on and after Monday, March 27th. Go to Boufijhton's New stock and new . for wall taper- Robirt Schelly kinds of tin wc.rk. Murphy's. iepnvaml to < tin p i \} t Jin E lurphy's. CARTERS ITTLE ~ «iiaH BM**V *•» ••""•. -*.* — •"-—* »-"•—^ Drowsiness, Distress ft**— j6ide,4o. White their moat a s'vtcceaa tas been ahown tn coring 3e»a«ch«. yet Garter's Little Liver Pffla Btipation. curing <&& p •Utola*o'-ni.ny |iag to do .. u siU-.tthey will « '.a. But iitar aUsick i>^«* P • ttiAU Wide-awake -workers «verjrwiiere .QTQ&BAPBB ^ a^ atast b,<X>k <"» e WJ*»i costing IMPORTANT A Harrow Manufacturer of Holland Sue» Tor S5O.OOO Damage*. GRAND RAPIDS, Aug. l.-P. H. Williams of . Holland, manufacturer of spring tooth harrows, has filed suit in the United States court against D. C. and H C. Reed et al. of Kalamaaoo to recover §50,000 damages for interference with the business of the plaintiff. One defendants are members of the National Harrow company" and as such brought action against Williams for infringement of patent. The suit is one. in a series of like suits brought against anti-trust harrow manufacturers in all parts of the country. The anti-trust men .claim that a conspiracy has been organized in violation of the Sherman law of July, 1890, to ruin their business and have appealed to the provisions of that law for protection. Williams is the first one to strike back at the trust, and his suit id only a starter for scoreiof others which will be instituted wherever the trustnas intimidated, by suit or otherwise, the independent manufacturers of harrows. The suits will be brought under Section' 7 of the Sherman anti-trust act, which provides that persons iniur.ed in business by any other person by anything forbidden in the anti-trust law I may recover three-fold damages. The suit will attract widespread interest among f armers and agricultural implement dealers, all of whom will be immediately affected by the final decision. - A RARE RELIC. Martin Lutlier'n Old Bible the Property, of '">'• % Port Huron. Man. POBT HUBON, Aug. 1.-Albert Both of this city possesses a rare old book. It ~ ipiled.- Bible translated the German language , iji "the- University ojE Wit^nburg, to MSB. Mr. Both is * descendant on his motaer s pioe, jcroja Luther, aad the old book ' v ' in. 4tt, fti»'family since -1690. *^«* w were only .wee copies of the work ccanplteji by tgK&er a»41 1 - - • " *' ' *" a ~*—'ears. Shlpmentg of Lumber. SAQINAW. Aug. l.-J-The. following were the Bhlpments >of forest products from the port of Saginaw for the month pf July: 1 Lumber—Tonawanila, 4,065,900 feet; -Cleveland, 040,000; Toledo, 1,460,000: Buffalo. 560,000; total. 0,0,55," • 000. Lath—Tonawanda, 200,000; Cleveland, 500,000; Toledo, 800,000; There was also 2,000 barrels of »alt; shipped to Cleveland. The following were the ihipmenta from the'port of Bay City: Lumber—Buffalo, 8,720,000 feet; Cleveland, 8,640,000; Tonawanda, 3.045,000: Toledo.. 2,63i..OOO; Chicago, 1,825,000; Erie, 850,000; Detroit, 650,000; Sandusky, $00,000; Ashtabula, 250,000; Sault Ste. Marie, 10,000; total, 16,422-,m Shingles -:Cleveland, "00,000. Lath—To Toledo, 850,000. Salt—To f olado, 4,974 barrels. Philip MuiliKan'M Death. BATTLE CREEK, Aug. 1.—Philip Mulligan, a molder in the employ of Nichols & Shepard company of this city, was 8ivu . at the Marshall street crossing by a Michigan Central fast train and instantly killed. Deceased was born in • Ireland, was 40 years old and leaves a widow and three children. He had resided in this city 13 years and was a member of -the Independent Order or Odd Fellows. it you want the bent .relrigeratoi on earth fof the least money BO to Bosk'j's. Buy the genuine Philadelphia lawn n»o*or rt Bosley's. Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure Fill promptly and effectually remove every trace of then). Aii/ ruggist w" 11 get it for you\ i $100.for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Net Vousriess nnd Sleeplessness \tha* Vegetable Cure will not cure. Vegetable Cure wjll'break up Colo*, imd and Coughfl,.LaGrippe and its aijer t-flectB. TreinulQUfl Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas nnd Constipation. -12 bz. $1.00. . . DR. SEtARPSTEEN. Lawn mowers paired at sharpened and re your tin warn mended at Schelly's tin shop. ' • Get your wall pap«r and paints a Geo Unughtou's new store. meet- Will Make Plateglans LAKE CITY, Aug. 1.— At a ing the citizens decided to vote $j,uw bonds as a bonus for the projected glass factory. Smith Brothers of Hamilton, Ont., have tested the sand here and found it first-class in every respect They will build a $45,000 ( |actory, which is to be completed by tlte latter part of December. <toal and lime have been obtained at w> low- rates that Smith Brothers expect to be able to compete with the Ohio glass manufacturers who use natural gas. Xfhey claim that Lake City sand wfll makfe the finest kind of plateglass. Poor Salaries- Paid. LANSING, Aug. 1.—Ths meager salaries paid the professors at the agricultural college has led to many resignations and more are coming. Professor L. P. Breckenridge, who haa had charge .of the mechanical department for ttye past two years will go to the Illinois agricultural college at Champaign at a salary of $3,500, and his assistant, Pro- lessor W. H. Vandervoort is considering the offer of an assistant prpfeasor- |hip of the same institution at a salary of $1,500. Cbafrs ou babies, sore nipples an<! in fiauimation of the breast instnntly relieved with Luvf inlar Otiuuient. Jt)t<t assure as hot weather comes thei • will be more or le.<s bowel complaint in this vicinity. Ever,y person, and especially families, ought to have some reliable medicine at band for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhpea Remedy is just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It is the best, the most re- lable and most successful treatment known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene' drirg-rtore. The Pyramid Pile Cure ia a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure of Pi}ee iu every form. Every druggist has it. Good summer wood at f 1.75 PIT cord at C. T. Grant'?. A new remedy has created $ sensation-, roong physicians by its wonderful effects n speedily curing every form of Piles, t is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. ( It ia heap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely and urely. • Any druggist will get it for you. :t.yn />enled. 'LANSING, Aug. 1.—The United States district court at Marquette has'denied the injunction asked for by the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie railway company to restrain the Michi' gan state board of health from enforc ing its quarantine regulations at Saul! Ste Marie. There was a. nice question involved aa to the r#speetive rights o: the federal and state governments in the premises and the result ia a cow- plete "Victory for the state board. A Blind Officer'* Luck. • ' JACKSON, Aug. 1.—Police. Officer Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired at R. Sheley'd. If you want a lirst c(4t«s4ira-&t>-ett4i~«A~> the n.ew resturaut, first door west ox ,he Tontine. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagrippe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma, heart nervousness, .eleeplessneda, djspepaia, sick headache,, paralysis, erysi(.»:ias or scaly skin, constipation or piles cal^oix Dr. Sbarpsteen t^r his vegetable cq'r^> " 75c waists for 50c; ••*! ' . . waists for, 7& |1.50 waists fpr fl. J.g. •* potatoes at Children Cry for Ditcher'? Castftrla. awt had died leaving f „ , j I . .*«M»<»*«^- **«<»«j flfj""»sr ' T! "T'Ttyst a«r 8ta ° d : Michigtm railrwas ia May last w«^ ^*^4S8^V t 4^"ji^i»J>«*« py^lvima »i ~ ** ^"^rJvt^ A,\_ .. i.. «i .«<«.<%•» »I*l» A o«»«»**TWr*a

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