Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 23, 1963 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1963
Page 6
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Disbelievers Aro Valuable Page 7 (tftrdott Cilv TH««i«rniii ; Friday, August 23, 1963 By GEORGE W. CORNELL Afsoeltted Press Religion Writer Thanks be to God, the Christian >•.Molar said, for the blessings bo- stowed on the faith by those two atheists, Karl Mflrx and Sigmund Freud. It may sound slrairw for Hie , world's two most noted dlsb?liov-; crs to be cited as sources of value i to religion. | Yet among many theologians and philosophers, the thesis often is expressed. ; They maintain that Marx, founder of communism, ami Freud, founder o£ psychoanalysis, have contributed stimuli and insights to Judco-Christianity that were neglected. A long-standing church concept holds that God frequently may work through antireligious forces and individuals to correct, lead and strengthen the church. If wa* at th« Anglican World Congress in Toronto, Canada, this month that A British churchman, Canon Max Warren, stressed that divine -Miiilanco may come from outside (lie Christian fold—from dlber religions, science, and oven atheists. Christian concern for social righteousness "owes not a little, tender God, to the stimulus of Karl Marx," he said. fie said the church also owes thanks to God "for His grace at work in Sigmund Freud," in bringing the light of psychiatry to bear on the healing of men's spirits—their personalities. Roth Marx and Freud spurned religion as wishful thinking. Marx saw it as a kind of mass Iran- quilizer to obscure the exploitation of common people. Frucd considered it a kind of ob- sessional neurisis, brought in by desire for paradise beyond the difficulties and death of earthly existence. Nevertheless, the psychoanalytic procedures he developed are widely credited with deepening understanding of Christ's teachings, and aiding in their application. The POWER of FAITH By WOODI ISHMAEL ./rnesr M. Kampits, who refers to himself as the blind watch repairman, has a faith that has sustained him through many valleys of shadows. The night of Feb. 28, 1947, in his native Hungary, Communist troops entered his home looking for a friend of his. He tried to assure them that he knew nothing of the man's whereabouts. They started shooting—his wife was killed, his infant daughter was wounded. One of the bullets entered his left temple and came out through the right cheek, leaving him blind in the left eye and nearly blind in his right eye. He and his daughter escaped into Austria and then to the American Sector of Germany. The first winter they lived in an abandoned railroad cattle car. Through his faith in God and himself, his talent for mechanics (he was an engineer in Hungary) and through others' faith in him, he finally reached America. Here he makes his living maintaining hospital equipment, and repairs watches and clocks as a hobby. He asserts, "God gave me two hands, and with God's help I will use them. When God closes one door, he opens up another." •" — • AP Newsfeatures — , Theologian Paul Tillirh sa\s that Freud's approach of accept\ Ing, rather than condemning, the • I guilt-ridden was the very heart of i i Christ's gospel of forgiveness—the , ' acceptance of th« unacceptable. 1 ' I As for Marx, the Idea of ties between his inflrence ami Christianity is a matter of frequent analysis in academic circles. I In tJie current issue of Jubilee, a national Roman Catholic month- 1 ly, British Catholic philosopher R. ! C. Zaehner says that "Marxism is ' not old enough yet to realize that It has no essential quarrel with religion." Baptists to Hear Pulpit Candidate The Rev. Herman Uese, who has been interim pastor for the First Baptist Church, will preach at the 11 a.m. service Sunday as a candidate for full- timo pastor. Reverend and Mrs. Licse and daughter, Nancy, have resided al the church parsonage on Briar Hill since coming to Garden City. Members of the church arc urged to be present Sunday morning, as voting action on this candidate will be the following Wednesday niglil, Aug. 2S, during a business meeting. The public is invited to attend services at the Baptist Church. Calihon to Lead Presbyterian Service Attorney Ray H. Caliban Jr., will lead the regular morning worship service Sunday at the Presbyterian Church. He will be substituting for the pastor who is on vacation in Colorado. This Sunday's worship will be the last of the 9:30 a.m. family- type services adopted for the summer. Sept. 1 the congregation returns to the 11 a.m. worship with church school at 9:45 a.m. Tlie National Geographic Society chose Amelia Earhart as the first woman to receive its Special Gold Medal, for being the first woman to make a solo trans Atlantic a i r crossing President Herbert Hoover presented her the medal. Mrs. Vaughn Is Appointed Mrs. Helen Vaughn of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, has been appointed to represent I ho local parish on the Hoard of the Kpisocpal Church Women of the Missionary District of Western Kansas. She will attend the /V.wist 28th and 2flth District IXnys to be al PECUSA Conference C cute r, Lake Webster, Stockton. Oilier local parishioners who will attend at the Episcopal center are Dr. John Riggs, Mrs. Marge Etrick, and Mrs. Maxino Scott. all of whom are currently serving on other district boards. The "District Days" mcrlitiK will concern itself with aiding the TU. Rev. Arnold M. Lewis, Bishop of Western Kansas, In planning the activities of the Episcopal Church in Western Kansas for 1904. Appointment for Catholic Pastor The Rev. James H. Schrader, who has been an assistant at St. Mary's Catholic Church f o r more than three years, has been appointed to the Mission group of the Precious Blood priests, lie will work in the mission field with his headquarters at St. Mark's in Cincinnati, Ohio. Father Augustine Hnnchnk has been assigned to St. Mary's. The appointments will be effective on August 28. A farewell reception will be held for Father Schrader from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at St. Mary's Center. Everyone is invited. Second Baptist Plans Special Program Sunday The Rev. V. L. Bobbs, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, will sponsor a Ten Commandments program starting at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 14. Reverend Bnbbs is asking all churches to fellowship with them on that day. SNUFFY SMITH PAW--CAN I INVITE MY BROTHER 8UBOA TO COME SPEND / TWO WEEKS WIF US ? SHORE!! THAT'S A PLUMB GOOD IDEE, MAW HONEY POT !l I THOUGHT YE HATED BU88A WUSS'N WOLF PIZEN '.! 5HUX- I'LL EVEN GO DOWN TO TH' RAILROAD IDEPOT AN' MEET HIM WHEN HE COMES INI STEVE CANYON, AMP DCK OUT •••"EVf- , WITII..M1 v "IHINo >OU KNOW.... r-;i.f.--^p EVEN r~~~;'£•»•'i^ VVMUSlii A FHONr / _ji\. 5 i THE RYAT1. dUMIOR/ YOU'RE M /MESS/ (SMUG JUMIOR A PATH. BLONDIE Carlos Green to Be Guest Minister Carlos Green will be guest; minister and preach his first sermon at the Church of the Brethren Sunday at 11 a.m. He will use the theme "The Three Fold Emptiness." Green was elected to the ministry by the Church of the Brethren on April 3, 1963, and received his license on April 21. He is recognized as a licensed minister, a designation given to a person by the Church 'of the Brethren who has been called to the ministry by the church and is in the process of preparing himself for ordination. The ordi- nation will take place on completion or college and seminary and the accepting of a chnircli pastorate. Green will enter McPhcrson College as a pro-ministerial student this fall and upon f/radua- tion will attend Bethany Biblical Seminary in Chicago, III. As a licensed minister and pro-ministerial student Green, will be able to preach the gospel, be an i evangelist, serve as a pastor's j assistant or an intern minister. \ Roger Friescn will sing "First j Place", accompanied by Carolyn j Ens. The public is invited. HGRE'S THE V//XY '--r A HUSBAND SHOUUP KISS HIS WIFE GOODBYE IN THE MORNING . ^ —DAQWOOD, YOU MEAN EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS 1" 9 BEETLE BAILEY Directory of Garden City Churches . ST. MAEY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC Rev. Clement N. Gouowiux, C.PP.S.. Rev». Javld Dougherty. C.PP.S. and Jfimes Schrad'-r J.P.S.. assistants. Phone BR G-4QZ3. E09 St Folln. Sunday Mas»e»: 6. 7. 8. P:30. 10:45, 12:00. VVeekday Masses: 6:30. 7::X>. 1 a.m. Daily Rosary: 7:UO p. in . ; Sunday: V!:30 p.m. Holy Hour Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Confessions: Saturday, Eve? of Holy Day« and First Fridova: li:30-5:00 and 7:45-9:00 p.m. S<r JAMKS MITHKISAN St. -James Lutheran Church member of The American Lutheran Ciitiroli, 9th and Jones, BR 6-5108. Paul W. Schalrer. pastor, 616 N. 9th. sinfflH.v tiuntlnv tJcliool. tt:3U a.m.; Wur^nlp Sen-Ices. 10:45 a.m. Holy Communion cfilsb-ntcfl the first Sunday of every month. Phone BR iBi CHAT fa, Randall, pastor, 1409 A. James T. 6-3892. Sunday: Sunday school, 9:46 a.m.; Worship, 10.45 a.m.: People's meeting 7 p.m.: Evening Service 7:30 p.m. Y)inrsday: Prayei Meeting, 7:30 p.m. t>IICR(3EVII,LR FB11KUATKI) Sunday: Sunday School, 10:00 a.m.; Worship Service. 11:00 a.m.; Youth Clubs, 6:4fi p.m.; livemns Worship, 8:00 p.m. FELLOWSHIP UAl'TIST W. T. Froggate, pastor, phone BR 6-6526 or BR- 6-5:'.04, First anj Spruce Streets. Sunda> Blbif School, J 4.. a.m. j Morning Worship, 10:30 a.m.; junior and senior young people's service 6:00 p.m.: Evening Preaching. 7:110 p.m. Tue s day, 7 p.m. Church at work. Thursday: Mid-week iervice 7 p.m. GAU1JKN CITY MKNNOMTK liltl. I IIHKN Floyd K. Born, pastor. BH 6-7410. 3rd and Campbell. Sundaj i Sunday School 9:45 a.m.: Worship 10:45 a.m.: Evening worship, 7 p.m. tt'edneauay: rrayer aurvice, 8 p.m. TKINITT LDTHKBAN CHI HCII Rev. Herman II. Mayer, 408 Jones Avenue. Telephone 6-4464. First Service 8:30 a-m. Sunday School 9::;i) a.m. Secon.1 Service 10:45 a.m. Communion 1st Sunday. 8:30 a.m. 3rd Sunday, 10:45 a.m. LIGHT Of LIFB Tabern RKTHKL. A. H. E. Sunday: Sunday scnooi: s:.SO a.m.; worship U:00 a.m. Wednesday: Mission circle. '4 p.m.; Prayer and class meeting, /:30 p.m. FAITH TABKHNACMO Assembly of God Chnrrh J J. Krlmmer, pastor, 8th and Kansa P nil"'-!' RR K-IOTT: BH 6-1885 (h"tn^i Sunday: 9:4f> a.m. Sunday Schooltlme 11 a.m. Wnrslilntimf>: 8 p.m. Rpvlvaltlnrw. TiH'Nday: 8 p.m. Men's Prnyflr mooting. Thursday: 9:"0 a.m. Ladles prayer meeting; 8 p.m. Prayer and praise service. FIKST nniURTIAN CRirRUff Arrhur F Fleming, pastor. Phone BT! 6-4104 or BP. 0-5'tn. 7th and Chratnut. «imdnv: Puntlnv School, 9^ i.m.: Worship, 10:45 a.m.. Evening 7:80 p.m.. Chi Rho. < p.m.. CVF « p.m. TlinrKilnr: Cliolr. 7:46 P.m riUST IWETHOnlRT CITURrH Paul Itantla. pastor, phone BP (M.IUS. a 15 North 6th. Vimrinv! Sunday Pchnnl, 9'RO » m : Wnrnhlo, 10:4i a.m.: MYF t>:80 p.m.: Evening Worship, 1::Vt p.m. TIniTsdny: Choir rTartlce; Primary 4:lb. Junior 4:50. Youth 7 and Chaneel 7:4B p.m. nii'Rnn OF ooi> IN rnnisT F! B Handera, pastor, phone BH B-3749. South Star Route. Sunday Snnfaj- jchool. 10'SU a.m.! Wir-hm. 11 :in a.m.- V P W W.. 6 'M p.m.: Evangelistic Scrvlre, 7:SO p.m. Ttifsday; Bible Study, 8:00 p.m. Frlilnv Prnyer Service, 8'00 p.m. rmsT PHKSBTTFKIAN rnmrn 3. Merion Kadylt. pis tor, 7th ind Pine. BB 6-PS2S Manse BR 6-7918. Sunday: Sunday school a~id Worship, fl:!!0 a.m. [Jnltnd Prc.f-:|jytei>lan Vouth, K p.m, Marti,T- fffjud Sunday pa"li innnth, 7'W p.m. WediK-stlny: ^Toil's Rtbl* 1 HHidy 7 a.m. Tliur-'driy: Oianw! Clmir. 8 p.m. \\'oiuen's Afl.sonlntinn. fourth Thursday. -:00 p.m.: Circles, second Thursday: junior Choir. 4:15 p.m. ST. THOMAS KIMSCOPAI Hani ant) Walnut, rierrv K. P. - • BR 6-3173. Rnnday: Holy Communion, 7:30 a.m.. Communion and church school 10 a.m.. first en imcn Wright, rector Holy Sunday each ••hurrh school month: Morning Prayer and 1.0 a.m. other Sunday.* ol month • auci uuuc :l J. Larson pastor, «ecoml building nortb , off Hwy 50. Phone bj{ 6-6844. Samuel Sunday: Service. 8 p.m. Wednesday: Service. 8 p. in Cliurrn oijen day and u.jiht. CALVAHV BIBI.K fi (Independent) Rev. J. Kugene Layne, Pastor. Sunday School: 9:45 a. in.; Worship service, 10:45 a.m.; evening service, 7:£0 p.m. Wo.1ne.sday: Midweek Hour of Puwu,. Service 7:;JO p. 1:1. BKOItGAMZKU CM (BCD O» JESUS ( I1UIST OF LATTER WAV SAINTS Koy A. Chapman. |i;i*tor. Phone BH (j-7085. 9u:: Kvana. No Ser\ici-s dunny August and S«.pl- mmm OF CUBIST. IIKKBFIKI.U Henii:ui Bai p ii.;tt. [»a.-tji. Sunday survicfi - 10 a.m. - \2 noon M.S'I Kveniiifc' 6 p.m. MST. Wi-dneaday — 6 p.m. MST ilid-wetk Bible claao. Hlarencp, Murphy, pastor, 1311 New York. 6-7481 Sunday: r:iii)ilHv school. 9:4!j 'i.m., Worsrip 11 a.m. Kvinu'p.Hytli> "M-vl'-p 7-HO p.m. Tuesday and Friday serviced 7'W) o m 7:30 p.m. "The, Hour of Puv.'er" COMMI'N'ITT HJIKSBY r I.'BI AN 1:111)1 Ilai-kiiis minister. Ph. BR 6 li.'ul I' u nn; r,2 [fnlcomb. Sunday: Sunday School. 10 a.m.; morning worship. 11 a.m.. IJ.P Y 8 D.m. 'I'lipsdayt Prayer rniwtne and Bible Stuay, 1:'M p.m. Wednesday; Choir practice. 4 o.m. Friday: Junior BlbleClub. 4 D.m. F1IWT IIAPTIST CllliliUlI Herman Licsn, Ititorlm Pn.slur. Phone BR B-fi2(i6 lltli ft Joiiw. Residence phone BR M474. Sunday: Sunday Sfhrud. fl:U^ \V(ir-"liln 11:00 a.m. Evening FcllowBlii|j, 7 p.m. Wnr.slil|i ' 7:45 p.m. : Wednesday: 8 p.m. prayer and Hlbi,. .stmly. | Mun's Fc'llowuhip — 8 p.m. and McmilnN. Women's Society — 2 p.m. 1st Tliuiwluy. ; Thuruday: 8 p.m. Adult choir. CHLIKCI' Ol' TIIK IIUKTIIltlON j Doney 111. Uu'.ruck im.i'.ni. Hit U i;;'ji. n mie ohone BR 8-7fi7 Blglith and at. John Svii ' Sunday Church <chooi. 1 J:4^ am.: rnoriilnv worship, 11 a.m.; C.B.Y.F. K p.m.. Junioi High fellowship and evening -orshlp. 7:.'IO p.m. Wfclnesdav: Adult chou. 7 p.n,. ivcry 3rd ThurHday Juiior rhnlr. 4:lfj p.:n. Thnriday: Wnmen'B F>llnw»hlp. 1 : ,< 0 o.m t'BAUUK VIKW CMUKCII I)K Till; HltliTIIHIO 2 mllen west of Friend on Countv I.inn. Mark Rm«wllcr, pantor, 1'h. Hit li-nu'.l? Frli-nd- Sunday: Sunday Schorjl Jl:;{0 a.m.. iiurnhiK u'nr- t<1iip 10:30 a.m. Youth fflluwship. 7:D(I p in. I'riiy- er Fellowship 7 p.m. Evening Wnrnhlii 7: IS p.m. FlltS'l CHI I1CII 01' GOD Delon HalcB ua*toi oiidiKr HI: ij-.;ouh ' BOB Pcrei'lnE Hundaj'i Siinrtnv Srhool, 9:46 a.m.; Kiimmoi Worship, 8:30-9:30 a.m. Prayer Guup. ii: 16 p.m.: Evening service, 7:30 p.m. riiurgdayi lllUvveeu dervice, I :'M p.m. i FIHST Sill I III UN RAITIS'I I III Kill j Jon Wade l<urU, pgator. Phuria UH u-liiiOU. 30'J i Wist Campbell. Sunday: Sumluy School 'J 1; IO:W> ».ni,; Buptlf:t Training Union (i:-l."i p.m Kvenlng Bervicea. 7:, r iO p. m. Monday: Brotherhood Tiie'dayi W..\r.U. j Thursday Prayer Ueutinr. i :ni u in Sunbeams, Junior O.A.'s. InLiiintdiuto (i.A.'t »nd Royal Ambamidora. 8:.'iO p.m. Ifriddy: Visitation. fin unit in mi' N-A/.AI'I:NK Boh Fettei'B, f'astur. lltli unil Kiln, arid bJim, Sunday: tlunuay .School, '.i.^a u MI ; Wur; iMp tO:."iO a.m.; Young People 6'30 u-m.: Kvenlin! I:'M p.m. Thursday! fniyer Meeting, f.JU p.m. CIIMMI/M'I V 1-OMillKUATIIINAI. ( III ItCH Jolin B. Fitzgerald Jr., 1'aslor. Plmiiu Bl( »-3804. 7IU N. Third. Sunday: Morning Wor>,lilu 'J 'M a. in. ZERO.' WHAT ARE YOU DOIrJS? ^Vrte? OUST FOLLOWINS ORPER6 SARGE TOLP TO RUNJ THIS UP THE FLAGPOLE ETTA KETT i."-il ir\\'.\' : . \\\ ,••" ""^--V TI-II-; I5AMCK l'.:> l-li. ML/M.i.c. 1 .-.,.' JL/V/MAriill N Ol-'l'.'.' DEI-MV/ I I II.N nil Kiu'i / / CAI-'T'll 1 '.. \ AMI") £ H AVI" NT HAU I-LLI- , ,' , I-IAI'I'M-.NI .1) )• ANV DAPli "} v i, S\~. MICKEY MOUSE, S A PIGEON IN AAV SOUP I 6-22, POGO JDHOVAH'S Kingdom Hall. Coiner Kanaajt and Pearl. Sunday: Public addreee, 7:00 p.m.; Watca- inv.'t-i ^tudy 8:15 p.m. 'luekduy: Bible study, $ p.m. Frldoy. Service instruction. . 7 30 o.m.; iheo •triii : ;n\.''>-' ft-inr.\ H-f n n fn TIIIO CHIRCH OF JKSC8 OHM18T Of I.ATTEn DAY BA1NT8 Rulon Aulfcis'in, brancli prenldeilt. BK 6-4944 Sunday: Pn-Mhood meeting, 9 a.m.: Sunday dchuol 10 <\ m : Sacrernent. if a. in .SKLO.NU B.tFTIS'l CIUK(B !i"\ V. L. fiobba, 6-4SOJ. 1107 sundav - Sunday Sciiu)) U:46 a.m Service 11 a.m.. Union T-:i!nliii b p.iri \Vednc*day — Prayer Service 7 p.m Thufaday — Illation Circle. 2:30 y :o tltuiuayi lios d'.um truup <J'J, i ')" j.m rbi»diiy: Crn.ra. touth b:<6: Children'* r.U ;d Auull b p.m. .Mam and CHI'B* H OF Phone BR 6-4MJG. 1003 Pdl'a Uriic (1 mile Kuat of Main on Kunaan) Clifton Stark, luinluter. •lunday Sunday acriuol ') 4.1 a.m.: Sin-day voMhlp 10.4o t.m.; Evening service 6 p.m. l*>dnr»din 10 a "i l^adi"/- ttihlt Study rimrtflay Nlfht: Cltase, 7::,0 p.m ••I VI N I M <l\\ \U\ I S I l-l James Owc-ns oaatcr. utione Ul: Q-777:, -,t I A 13th. Saturda^ ; ^.46 a.m Saboatti ^ichuoi. II a.:u. Wurdhi.p. t'rlday : I'-M p.m. v uu na i'..-uiJlB a uicclmj. TAKf; A <2rWV WlfH PUUUV 20/20 10 f MAHA6&K Of V'OU'iZfe SONNA HAPtA , fcH? , 50MJ! f»fc«f V K m* IQ6MQ6 0tAM _....'« A MAN/

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