The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 25, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1897
Page 4
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1 i'Ji jp 1+.~f y , I am prepared tr» «n*««> £tt ottc f>w writ tor threi? years in 'A flrist-otai»s company Atfttg busitieflfr under Uefrfiso from th* fttnt* fnsurnJTOfe 8f>hi- missioni*. This i« betitet than the Mutual companies. ,. ftKXI flWd10 itwxl eirtcfc for, I80B, Hiutt batU-f from th« ctmB,wttt t»tfy ' nwd laiftlly e fcpeawiB, 1^ S ft«tw«pf «f fttaep U <1u«. In . jrtl twwMQfhria ^ „__, gwttWi Dakotju! •Street Obfeafcft, jtli " • - 4, lot wiih Irara *n oirehftttt Terms , "', 6rtcw& ^EtctOM, , * Ifatttall, Mich. , For thp ihost valuable CttfitrlWirtotf tb thftllt* ertuurt -of Ute world Btfiw the Production of SchW-srs. Work ol ttio Great UCT"*, ^nmoflj* Oraiors, Renowned' -srs. Wise Writer* and tWVlM!MtI« Olft» of tho fpth Century. . „ TB all the iwijKP of literature there Is not tvtt%Ui&r twok tike THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY Initiis booh alone c*»-*«-to«na the tnfof. mittion sought by every Bible tender, tvlicthet old or yoUHg,. softolnrly or uri- foMfirtHl It H. Ipdceil, (i gwat work. fescemdiBcoverfiwln nrfhieoloar hMo bronabt tlit* wnrlil at (CHlnj- fA«e to fncd with thamenirno lu-cd, nnrt iirtpd. nn<) wrote during the onrlr nbrioj!" covhral bj- Biblical nistorl«n§. These •itmsworioft IIIWB repotted in ttodtritHnphantviiv •lu'sMmi of the ir<triwj rolnmo {ram tb««h*ram briniiihtiiitiMivit it By os*n fetes and pr«t»rided frunuH. "Errry tiU^lHwcrtt iwmwn will otd«r th« book, at the Huilwr cootamftl in it (« of vital tYnivorlniu'-o nttd cauubt be found in any-other "t OH earth. for <lcwrtptt»o and bpftntlfully pamphlet circular. £ Address THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. u»»~ CHICAGO. .o^Ottf Odftswfs f^fis <rf Prwa* Purchase bf the Rail, yray Line*. — _____ . ftt Chertmltsr, de^ftjaiiiy. haa,seist to ' state 1 depafowfcirt & tGStiti-tim i^jiS- State owtier«Hit*c»f rail* RANKLIN'- HOOSE IO37* Cor. Bates arisl Larncd Sis., \. DETROIT, 8UCH. ~ Only »_in<»rtt from Vf Vory C All Cor iin*>«. n»y. H.H.JAMES, Prop. In PnlJ&ia's finances, B^rhfrtg seh'jMgjin>irirnBfee ar.d jffi ilttiraf of t»6&*e» tad use4 for purposes ift times of tvar? te^ more than justified the argurhents that' urged tf»e g»vfer'nmetri" ! 'to own tfaetn and «*e 1ibefa{ pefliciesl that have "»4^ th^fn down atid pushed them out Into afi parts* of the tarfon*-** *&$ rt.ceipts for tS95-9t htlv« gone beyond 'the ^sttipate tff the budget of; i;026.69g,4(» mftrka. and for 1837^8 Js i t lWJ,310,358 fr'hllf the total iucotlrtt! of the kingdom Is duly SSIghtly rw<iretaaTj-2,90^ «oo,(jo« marks, ' A^tsr ' giving stntimcs in some detail the>-fonsuI,«Unttnu*?a: "No other branch of public property pays so surely and sa Well. • The ceruHnty «f the ree^ipte-, the ease with whlttfi they are ' ctbiaJJQJ&k-'-helr' ' «ssh -eharaciter, pftn^T thwm the most useful of all the monies turned into the public treamiry/ The Meat of the (juetif lo». , "How successfully they ttr^t-un in other respetc-S-^w^eth^p better than. they would have been und?r ^private ownorehlp-^U i» hard to say. The state has had its hands on the roads from the very beginning. Seeing 1 how suCcessflly they would aid armies, and also how necessar.y they would be In the development of the empire, Prussia did not hesitate to take the railroads over to the state. Their quasi*public character has helped the people to Understand that they should be controlled, at Itjast, If not owned by the state. The tendency all over the empire (9 towards state and j?lty ownership of all kinds of transportation facilities aa well as of telegraphs, telephones and other means of communication." ' T _' BANK STATEMENT IS FAVORABLE. \ *f? MACKINA: F^TOSKEV CHICAGO.. row Toledo • ZVERV (tVCNING Detroit &M Ctevelane *-ith Indicate a Cirndiint. Kxpariitlon'nf the Country's UuKlnettti. Washington, Aug. 25.— -The treasury department yesterday- published a comparative statement of the resources and' liabilities of all the national hunks In the country .on July 23, compared with a con-eapobtJlnK date last year and v\th th€.last call mafle this year. The 'show-, Ingf/ls a very gratifying one to the treasury ofllt'ials arid the tlgurfcs Indicate a gradual expansion of ^usi- neBS. f;sppolally in the amount of d< a - pcislta. ^hp stattrtipnt foll<^v»: July .14, 1899— Individual ."depoaUH.- 4l,6fiS.OOO,> 000; lawful miiney reserve. $344,00u,000; Ioansandi]fo^>'unts.$l > S»5ti.OOO.OOtf. May H; 189lf— individual deposits. |1,T28, 0(10, 000- • lawful money rc«i?rv«, J410.0<'0,000; Nftttec* in a flre atftrm are to fttftjc neaf thf fttftfm bij thfr dep|*rte«!mt arrives eo as to Rlvft Sn- fotmrttlofi ffe to thfe «x(»et it«iat}<>n of the " It iff ttlwfrye gratifyiftg to iala lor Ch«mb«rH&!ft%C&He, Ohnlera remedy, and , effective- retrtcoljf ihm Colic, Cholera «ntf - t>ht rhoe* f>t. Iti B. ftt^ey^phy^clan ttfrnaclBt, o^ Olttey, Mo-; n»tf aft A« has etf thfe remedy Jw hift own laflaH? antt in We drug shift?- ft* six yeat$,Hftf fenow. For -eate at , trouble iitlhoje cowpioit OT ftaotfe mi»^ understood than .nervous dyeijicpBiat Feu *lff having iethiak'*tjat their ntarffiware to blame »nd ate sttrnrtsed thai they are not cured bjt nerve mjafofne aad eptins: totne-. ; the real seat of the uiiachief is lone *c»ft the BtoitiAijh ^ *h« 0rtf«n tft be looked after, , ' Nervous dyspeptics often jdo not have any ftiB whatever in the ntom%eh, no* perhaps atiy of ^he usual symptoms of etomach weakness, Kervoua dyspepsia ohows itself adt in tha 6toraach so much aa m nearly evei'y other organ; in SfetneoaseB the heart palpitates and is irregular; in- others the kidneys are affected; in others the bowel* are constipated, with head aobesj still other? are troubled with loan ot tlesh and appetite. v?ith accumulation of gas, BOtir risingft and heartburn. Mr. A. W» Sharper of $0 61 Prospect SK, Indianapolis, Ind., writes a« follow* "A inotivK of pure gratitude promps me to write thow few Unes" regarding the new and valuable medieine, Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. I have been a suffering from nervous dyspepsia f « r the lact four, years; hive used various patetit tnedrctne» and other rtrine- ediea without any favorable result. They aometjnoes gave temporary relief until the effects of the medicine wore off, I attributed this to my sedentary habits, being a boodkoeper with little physical exercise, but I am glad 10 stale that th6 tabteM have overcome* aH these obstacles for I' gained m flesh, sleep better, and am better m every Way. The above is written tfot for notoriety, but is'based on actual fact." Hespectfully yours. A. W. HHABFER, «1 Prospect St., IndianapoU", Ind.' Ifris safe to say that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets'wUl cure any stomach weakneKs or disease except cancer of stomach, They euro sour stomach, gas, loss of flesh and appctttc, sleeplessness, palpitation, heartburn, constipation and headaches. Send for valuablo little book on stpmach diseases by addressing Stuart Co., Maiahall, All druggists sell full sized packages at DO .ects- . : •'••.•-.-' « For Kate or K»'iit Cheap. Moritgomory honte6te&d out Mar- iball avonm-; also some choiw 'i^q on Marnhall av«nu« anil Liberty street, dontgomerj 's a*l<litit>n. Inquire of ; JulySS, I*d7— individual d^puaits, $1.77a,OOQ,OOOj 'lawful money reiorve, $413,OOO.OCD; loans ..and cH»y.»10t8. 11,906,000,000, Tho 4^frn of individual deposits* on July 23. iBsv^h^Ws an ihi'rwisei of $102,over J"uly^}4, 18&8, and an in- >f $42;o<).00t!-t^*»r May 14, 1897; . . , lawful money reserve, r$pT<«M>UnK cash actually on hantr In liank Tfh^JxHy 23. 189™, shuwa an Increase over 1SS8, of 169,000,000, and un Incrfasc oyolr May H, 1S97. of" aluout 13,000.000; loans and discounts On July 23, 18U7, show an incrt'Oust- over July 14. i{K)ig,~of' about J8,> IHHI.nrlft 'ii-^iV np '•IJiprfeai>fe..over May : '14. 189 $43,O t QO,000. INDIANA CAN'T HAVE ENRIGHT. for Kai>t South «uad*r Trip* June, July, August »nd toptamlMr 0«V 1 ' -- -i . H. Uuverniir Tiumer Hay* tltu Aliut .Mpbtly for (VrK«i utioii. , THfe"Saa"MAHQOETTB '—f-Sprln S n«ld. Ills:, Aug. «-Governor DULUTH. Taiuitr,refused H> hoijor the reijulslllof) tr^ the governor of- Indiana,, for thu surrender ,6f Loula _Kjnight, surwyw «f <Jft<rft county, who 10 \\aptfcd at ItielJan- aiiollft -in;, a chefge of & fdjin' tht; boniJht'tdfi'R o^v \i%, Andeison' and' i aj.*rioi EJlei-tric rall- ,r«a'd, fj>r ^vhlch. I^pii^ht was the liuild- fog oojjtractor, The bond^oldevs *.t»im<*<l Enright »tureii this sum fur ih.e adUfged bttrp^ae of paying for nmtfltlal Eurlght cJaiirtfi. he had rails, etc., an$ nitast have ths^pairh to pay ler them ift, wd«r to complete h,^ i 'a<«»«(*»i< Btu>m HAW «• WJitratt. »«4 Kh,aK he -had atmt^t UiByyaBB fliraW I«« ™ ffl'-'t^ wading, built a powtr tofts./ <loi>i.- ocjjer Wark for-Which 138,000 wasi 4ua A Remarkable CXir*- of ( s hroi}if O l)l- arrhoca. Ifi 1802, whcnl/erv«,t?f>untry asn private in Company A, KJ7tU j'ia Voluntoars, I contracted uhrouie d'r- . It 1ms pi von rac » great deal of over since. I hav0 tried ft dcnseft lilT«'rent medicinoa and several pronn- nfent^(»ctrtrfi without »nv prominent re- ief. Ni>t Itiag ago a friend went wo a sample bottto of Cl>nml>orlain's Colic, IjQtora nud l)i(itrhi>ea rftaii'dy, after that I tKJu-fht and took a •"»() con| bottlt-j and now I 'cnp say I Rttv untirely cwred, I cannot be.thankftll enough to you fof th.te greut ^e^itsdy, and reeom^ roend it Jo all suffering veterans. If iw doubt write me. Yours ferat*fnlly, e| Paiseng«r Ste»ti«ffc jJaw j«*t been Built for wr xrpptr Trf¥ ft, f. » orrnttit, MICH .h!m ff.O¥f*.r.T!.or.,.. r ...Tflnpi&E- AHentown, Pa. atGit0en<»!8 drugstore.* "BECOME A REEL WOMAH" "^ J - ^ -'SRriBS- . —•»-"•"• - ,...-> »^~.—- $100,00tf6ward will be paid for the arreat and conviction'of any one detected^efilling our bottles, Ifor snU> by W. T. 1WAKE «««l X- 1>. H1TUJB. .. •>_, . _ • • • • - ..••-.''-. T " - '" '—*, ' -~— - "_~"^^ ~'~ ~ "^ . L. Blankenhor n THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, \ •* 1 sell strictly pure Wright & tawther Oh, raw, 3Oc, boiled, 32c. per gal. Lead at $5.50 per Imnjdrod Ibs. Variiislies, Hard Oil, Oalsom Black BojEttd Slating, * Paint Removing, etc. We abstain from using, inferior qualities oi mixed paints, being able to mix our own colprs from pure lead and other substances. — SHOP JBAST STATE &TRKKT/ SOientlfio American Aflenoy for Fi. THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCED ; BEN-HUr CIGARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke that leaves a grateful rememberance Sold by all dealers lOc straight nnd 3 for 25c. Mauufuetured by CEO. MOEBS & CO., Detroit' MUCH ALIVE. FAIR- T ,>• i Tlie Michigan Stttte ARrienlttji-alBockty b^s bwu uot tra& lb is t»% Blive. to ill? industrial HuW o*w of i> OF<1 Time , September ' ^ your outiug. , Hecy,', tote w.J*w»!«U» Diaii»'» Chase. to <^top!» Creek, ft only tal^** t*tt days by wrawg i, C. WE8T-8 NEOVE AND BRAIN TREATMENT OBiaiHAU AU ai AH atistp, (Jout, ei the Bls4dcr and imjmr«; Wood .can f^ |r«» t>$ wail Iwr She ^Ua. *'/ ol si*«wiw hi>vr to keep tli< blood fe tj»es its weight i» sold. ir Co., U. S. CIGAR WltU ft U. S- FU^' for «, o» T9 b* bad oC ...... M, B. POWEtLT r TRADE MARKS, I DESIGN PAYtNTS, COPYRIGHTS, Ota.' .r.lnf<>rnintlnn aiiil froe Hrtrtrttdmte wrlK> to .VNN S c o.. 'M BH<>Ab»Air, Nrfw Yonit» <iMt Mifonu jor (uiwirliiK imtpntH lu Aworfo, (ry tmlotit takfrt-OUt • Jiy imis lironKht Wfuro by n uwiict- glvutt fruu ol uliargo la tha deutif i^ rtn of nnr doii»ntl(t«' papor tn th» w/.iiil, Mvl.'iiUWiv lUnntrnlfd. , No lutfllljrcnt f inn tiltoulJ IK> wl(liv>»f It WiS'klr. gM-OOO' jr .Sl.V)M*(iii<)tith(p. AtMiWHK, ar.N'N &. CO^ Vu ^ismuia, :t(. I t-niuilwayd^jw VorlcClty, f* FOB EITKIER O Thl«_.i'enu;dj' being in- —Jeeied AUfeetlf to the i»cat of tlionc dlseimeM of the C^enlto-Urinary L roqnireia 110 y ^- Cw?e Jn 1 to 9 _; aay«. Hm«U plain pack* dPITT Vfe 1?i»K«. ».v ninlI,\»l.O« V U Xt, JR« Mujld only by \ A. O. HYDE, J L A Dl E S CO YOU KftOf DR.FEUXLEBRUN-S Steel § Pennyroyal Treatment iathe iiiclnal tnd only FIIENCH safe and rehbbly dnro oil the innr- kH. I'rlcH.Sl.WJ; sent by mail iSsiiniiiw ««UI only b-" A. O. HYDE. Rex Tablets arc sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund the .ni'oney, aad we start4 by our ImpoteJice, Varicoc6k>, Lost Vitality in o!4 or young, NigWiy pmi&sion« nod Waiting Dlseas«3, suv }&&<& <> «M^.genuine nerve ate tevpfoveoM of winded* awes, Get REX TABLETS. **«# $0 «eftte, to Fast Trains To"."' -' Bay View Via-' ' • to ' honor the' reQuleltlob on "thfc ^ro'qrid 'of Ip^ijstii-fe to TEnrjght, a> he feellevigd he wraa vviiteted f^r f^raetu- tion and tfl harttaa" biin (n . .,..' Bnright cfime. ' . 25.— The Iron • as agreed upo^ at 'of er* snd the AJTmlganuUt4 of Iron aBcl.Stetl Workers by tbja ojtteef-a- ot tfee -lljiaola St«t»l torn i» uow ia effect Fttetday train No.'? leaves p. w« top joen at Bay Vlytw of is c*uaf «n steel outj>?tt»; 10 -J?tJr cent. WO Iron quid t% l*r ceijt. on', tfee p« jrougtter*. 1%* B^y V^eW aw ,'toft op«rtttf4 ftnother yew ' .7:05 p. to, . «cu s»d Hariw* fr<«» ' uOier tijw*. fe>jr folder* and ftuther tieu to -* . «(qt^ Jr. 9 *« A-,, Gntud wattraHui St. P«ttrrf>urg, Aug. 25.— to be leaped on Pr<wi<ieDt Faure— *lsp wark. Yeaterday after _pl«.(ilnif » wrcaUi «&d 4 soldeii olive brftjjch OB . t tomb o| the lat^ C*ar Akxa»4er JH ^ " the the Neva and laidmi* cerner-atan*? tb£ house wfcteh Peter vtfee Great b»ift Iri \-?03 os tbc Neva "1o owier to superintend- tfe* ,cg»~ mtructioR cj St. yesterday af fernoon. 4a^u- »s-

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