Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 15, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 3
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<»tt K)O He^u-) rvrW^MfcKALD,,, IS 1961 UT Honors Charles Orr As Outstanding . Charlt s usu-t On. snt, m .%!:> ; iron from cullepe he \vns tu\ n< IK- lifts-tppervife,.! construction of U. »•. Un 01 -tOt Kns, GieohS\i.ou suuciui -in ihe St-tun*! o! Mihiaiy .'':'.•*.-(? plain* at Xc\vg\il.f. Long -itiei. At--- iiu: lu.e I'M <•<,, ii>.t ; A0'.0':autics in Aus-iiu aim v.,..- ;. received' the nistinujilslie-i Kn- ! on^ir.t'oring officer in ttie V. S tjineerin^ Graduate Award fioir. : Xr.vy "in : 19JS. T-K- • aut-ii-u-u -;•'iii? Uim-visity i>i • T(-\a.s in \us—veils Institute of TtH-hnnlri^>. tin_ This is the highest .award; Orr'iiegan his career vnh Te>.- ihat tin- CY.I!c-;ie of Kiscineertnti : as Gulf Sulphur Company ;-., may ln-siow up«n iin alsuiinus 'Gulf, Texas; in Ocin!>er. luiff. ••- Oiv, wh<' 's a.-sistam renernl • u mechanical c-nu'ineer. i-' : ••.<;,, iiiana^iM' of Use Texas iU:ir ^ui If-j; to ]y?5 he ?rrvcii ;>r-' i---..Li t'hur Can-.pany. recfuo i 'hi: n oporaiii:-^ engineer, in s^j/i : i.. w.'iril from EnsinoeriMS Pean %V. beestrnc ,x>'A't>r piiini m,inr ; •. r :-.i;i \V. Hat!trly ;it tiu 1 urncrair. at u:.ur vcsrs i:i!er ho' *.•.„•- ir;;;;- tcniiefl fpy .cradiiatu-s st-iiuus. . fc-rred Hi \"e\x yulf. Tt\j<. ;• - s t •.' iheir parent; nsul tin- f::t-ul!y - er plan! manager, a 'Jlii- iio *;i'li! Kecipienti of the av-ard ;ire M- isrui! he became afsislrini nirrin- and apprtneii by !!ie Advisory • Sine-;- !io:> !ie has .seized ^v ;i- : .\t,:'•:•,•;•- S!;--..; 1 . 01 >it'chatijcal <V>ii!ii-il <-l Oic r:nci:-i'.'efin-_ Foun- ~:^ant sc'.Hrrir; rniiiirii^r in ch;i!.-::• i:t • ,ir-.:-..^>.: MP:::M-C an-:: Met;j!!tir- datioTi. " o; 3>!anTs :>fid (. nn>lrn•:•;)'.•!!. Since hotnir.'M'i' lii-i-iv-es i;tnr.>i .;• :\ jii~ L;iTi.-er w~;!;; l 1 ;''- •-•;>; .int. >.!!;>>> yiii.u'f. Spindlelup ;ioti JiiineU. Hi= a!>o sapervise-a ci»n- ( iiution of p!o?i!s t>f Woilnni, ; (<:!::!•;;:' \"o!.;".!:u.;i, Mexico: and; kii;:i,.:.>. Vib.-rUi. Csmida. and i'-ii r<Tvfi!!> tj'r company's r wife. Ah- .1 ii! NlMV- dan^htors. A»>'.in an<i ' f >cc)i! Air. Illinois. • ihf Amori- i. Moiallur- ' DAJUY CROSSWORD ^-AC.-KOSS 3. Part o? 23..C!eo. 2.1\fetal . "to l«" patra'a dross 4. Obtain snake' 5. Boxer 5. Night flyer 24. Typ- aiajc -—- 6.Babylonian ist's 9. Blaze god - rbrrec. IG.Zs'uttify 7. Animate tiorx 12. Girder .8. Attacks 25. To bolt a. Pictura 'IS. Oklahoma border tit/ 31. Dens 26. Indian .,.•:. K~<«vy . 37. Smithy's . shelters _ _ X* : I:1 , . block 27. Terrified .u s>uU';ioi.'l IS. Jumps 2S. Plague :•;:. Detxr.'iiion m Ceiacrcs 3l! Ventures . tor v,.i.vr SO. Positive So.Male i' : l. n«;-:! «,,i rt offspring- non- Hearing on Execution For Stickney in Second Day • ...''•'••"' : at . • ••''•'..•••.•-•• Ansxirr 3(5. COnctiule 37, Daii 38. Arab . ersuy •:<! It" i. oli i-.!: Aiiii-rira : :• - : .>'-!o! Kn'-j ••.-"Ti:''.; and ^ Soviet :>5 Di'.ested 2? Close to ii< .Vil3 S3. E.Kc!ai!ia« tioh 3-J. F:-e!ich river 3V. Turkish coins 3?. Former Argentine lender 40. Pat 41. Dispatch 42. Ago State Utility Rate Control Bill" Asked j CORPUS CHRIST!.'Tex. (AP)-l arc suppressing evi jA licarins on a ?iay of execmion ! iiey tohl Judt;o Hn 1 i for Howard Slickr.ey. cosivicied., Wednesday. : murderer, resumes today \vilhout' A historv of ibe'e-^c v I n transcript ol.tlie trial. : u » die court >>\ 'H:uri-. ;miil Appeals \Ve-ciiu-aday r^fii-Ji'd ^t;v::ni. v y sa' r:iVu'y ; Di?l, .hni«e (.'ullcn Urisjcs' tv- i-rr\\i-!et! co-!i'M\v);!i ;'> i ;tV ' : . "We see u<5 nci.'essilv---hi \v--i-r *.i:Nir\ :•:( t!n> Y-.-< ---, 1 ' ! ; roady in on- ro^H-.-ssiiin." iinlfos ivirva ,h:th:o I '-n -.-.;;.-:. ' reftisf ic !i;ivi> any of mr ror- ^ ll'UVl 1 tills C.Vli'i. !i \di! J, S anv fju'i- .i!s<i .;.'r;-ini- ir.i' -> r;; S^Hik: pnn '.. •.: !.• oi'iji'v :,-..••• . l!(i> vouri in m-t'ru-i!'i .\<- in .^ " Loo- , •in court' "I -expect any objections these proceedings to be expre i\-.< r<-:iil lo " lc cou1 '' anc ' no ' *° the JH ; tne.' : Harris C , . i'.riseiie ,,,,.; 1V . iind said •Judao' ISriggs mad ;' .'r , iu , mistake in ordering medical ,i ! -^rt-uiii psychiatric examinations of j- .•i-iij-T'S "'•'' • !'-••.,•• .Mrs^ i.ouiso C h a m n e s s ., : i.. ; - Houston, elaii in slacks, HS< :"'-!,,. nf in . sn b p.o e n a e (J "Aiir*. '..'';... .;,' -.worn in at the ytart of the> ; . Hi-.: The defense claims shr ,• ,,, .-aid site saw Stickney in ar , . ,,, jcntic soL'inv the night the <.-,,. HKAI1 THC CLASSIFIED A T. ^U•!^;:!;^^( i!\i- iran-vrip PR Quofity Materials and V/orkmanship a! Reasonable Prices' Office Supplies A balanced stock to serve the terirtory at established retail prices. The Herald Printing Company T10 W. Gr&enwocd Diat PR 5-2011 a- I'NKvt/O .>;;,,-jy -r.uv He is (>!<•£ l.cncliv-.-.-ky. v.. :-n search officer t>i' iho v: : .U'r yLip :> '..'> jfij-thiilf in .^iosiovv. i(--;^ir:- --,:!•• he. ti-K-phoJied !iis -.vsu- n^ '••i^i^v, ho diii r;o; \vani u> rtUir'i 'KM :i-^i. of "intolfranci! ansi ;;:si!r.i•l!-..;iors" if: tlK- So-. i<-' l"rsu>n. Classified Ai!s llesults .\.\TC: >.'!<> '..'AIM — <~,V.«v. ir !cu:^!;'t \i*ri.' . lo consider. Uv-vs.T^c'ial sr-s>ion.'a staic- 1 .Take .Inhnissn said :y hi- will make she request. -<<:;;•< •(! Jk-x-r County citi^, i :•.'.•;' proft:=Sfd introduction v Trr«v.->lurtti -i-rvk-C' plan to '.'•--t 'fell Ti.'.h'pli'jR«' Co, The :rK"i:'s .; t'i! ! ~>>iem which 3. Splinter '2. \Vashed DAILY CKYPTOQUOTE — Hero's-liow to work it: A X Y D L B A A X K is T, O X G F K L I. O \V One letter simply siar.tis for ano:}:e;-. In ii».s sair.p'e A ;.=; i;?^d for '.l:o three I.'s, X for the t'.vo O's. etc. &>;,£;!,' :rttf-;s, ap.-js- t!f>phics, the Jcngih aji<I j'orrsiatiori of :h-i \vor-.:s arc all hi.nis, Kacii day the code letters arc differer.i. A Cryptogram Quotation L R. O B L V U X T Q E ' P, X O B T- R Y T, V J O T O P T. R A K O E C P O B P H ?} O' P W C V — H T P ft G Q L, R . ho v, ;t • Alvvcsvs Am nf PR 5-3832 DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST O«ic» Ho. I in ?arfs tounga Suilcfinij Main StraM CIUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO ' Appotarmenf CaM PR 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN Cryiitixnint^: FOR \\TTAT I? VTRTI.~K. TOTTl- AGK. ~\\'.IT, IN ALT. MT:X, Rt.'T A I-VCKV 5UT7—SO.NU;;:- VH.LE. (C. 1SOI, Ki:-.s F«l FC2 WANTED !00<! RADIATORS TO BE CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RfO RADIATOR SERVICE 110 W. Ogdsn Dial PR 5-4413 Dr. C. L Baskeft OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoyd PR 5-3762 Say !, With ADAMS' FLOWERS DR. ANDRES PORTAIES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS Offico Hourt — Mon. thru Pri. . Contact Lens^ Fitted PR 5-4353 — 103 W»st FAST Imn fo %.., it's the modern * DEPENDABLE T.V. SERVICE SAM'S RADIO & T.V. CENTER 315 S. Main - PR 5-383? Mjx'c your lujir ^rtil money civ C.L'O lU;?'. ; i CJiTi in iiy while Jn-icLnt i> x'.M Ji'.-!^ vi;u oi:: a; jJ-.s t!:f CJM-!i:-!is Pin^r Tii-1'j 't.-iV.ii'JTi!>ic. -i-p'.Ke ii.'p!, . Cx ; ^.'.v^^-i ai;i:toh i JIM miltt *i- ss '.j.iiplr is ortvine » cif. ycu'H b rr.:.:v [... -,n!o ID !«s linn ihi ;.'-.lriX p|-|\<!illf. Phone foi^our tpedal "L»am WfctU I* 7'd*-et" brochure, or vliU rK« «tr^4 c.ncf kt vi g!v» you tamp!.I. DEL RIO FLYING SERV1CI DEL RIO AIRPORT-PR . DAGWOOD/ / X LIKETHiS VfRW SVEN BETTER' LETS'? I TAT THIS TABLE, MP-. ' i :.. .••.^.• ; •,'••; ^OV^' ~>^V=: ' i-is ;' ^ 'A- - : f,: FVX;; ! ;.: •' . j '• ^J'~ s-'- f- J / :! /.x , -'-.T rAAN ; T,"3r^ ;'i .^^w itir^TM! " 3 ^ "v "• '^^"Ti'ih FC ' ' ;r^!ffi;-^|ii§| . • .-' r ^iv:-. "• / : 'i..fe rA?: ;•.-, c-~r£ a~. xt i -—- --< A\V, nrs / HO»V DA.RE •iOJ D,5rUTH" I YO-J f A.UTKCSUTY? •' T\\O-Srr { _v . . .. .| " . • •~vr > E5 A-:NS i.'iD K;5 ASS'STANT t^«i'...?.' i I' /'it &£T- ,T, A.'/PATMS f ff'f;,-^:,'^*" '; f;3-^JJO CALL CM SPJNK s:M'-<S K'Si"-') 1 |—-T -OtV// PK/CJE Tf-fAT &--r/TH tS DEAD \ O.f-TT TALr: TO S/MMS AA^ =sI~^-3fe-C50>-^« ! :: /] / 7£K5 A LAST LOOK AT TiHCSii PATOC r .-:P.C v.:.Vj.' 1 I STPANiGEFt//' i-i£P=. CCV:!-. A Lt'L'BREEZE/.'_^ • •-;-• r-ii -' /-- "• v v i\ \ - JCT< \ . \ \ ffl!^ *'«( i -^ : -^

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