The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 9, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Thursday, August 9, 1962
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M «Vn f i if in le » V "' ""••'"'"'^hertpep, to cook and eal wn» ih'o Ti' ,""!,,r n ' 00 " f J?". ''""I" 1 !"" nf the other varieties of sh.-lnv was lhe rcnor of a, I exas .Shrimp Association's in small numbers, one fy the iM-ceport water- [board, and familiar with (he usual blue hues and thn other lay morning. j types of seallfe, could not Identify blood red from a nlnnoerlna the crabs. n_ _,_. a deep Stranae fathoms of cable for great stir on „., pronl Wednesday morning. Returning from a pioneering!the crabs. sweep of Iho Gulf's depths, his Another slrange cftleh of 1,550 pounds nf royal rnrlihail these fishermen mystified, value is to he /mind at shrimp w.i» Dm first lo bo landedjWhat was il? It appeared edible, g,"urnls. _ port, ^biil who wntilr) br> tho firs! to rook Cant FVirrrmlf-r IM,| life , t.«... < < '' '" '"""• Ull! "IMI-U fiornpwnai JJKP Irniit nnr! I^. Q II..« „» «i ". " """ !-"•.» «.nuit? miu K Several men from oiher Jooalinnd eat it? Was (hi., some new men llaro | Puck ™l .^ 'T. ""V""' 11 I" 1 '" 1 '"" ''onlin-lwere very las.y," the clplain rp >? n fll(h '' r fhT poor , spaso "' The <wm c ,-ap fish houses wero on hand at West- j sea delicacy with a Iremendm \VeiJ n , , • , i™"' 1 shrlf '" w " lr ' s «f "« I" porled "° '"f"" 1 rp ' "" ral-'hes of Ihe brown and vchite ; 11,800 pounds of the redTin i'i' ; nn nVw" " I""" 1 '" 1 .™ a ™'''Pate ern Seafood Co. as Ihe large 'remcndo-,, Webber, p, t out of freoport on 220 fathoms, or 1,080 to 1,320 fee. He added that Ihe I, i • 2T m " S ' '' r ' mm0 " in lhe « u ".;trips. riving new We to^h I ? ,1 T\'" PUb '" : accp P' anra •on-la ,,,0,,,1,-hKe ,.„,„„ n ., ^ £ ( _ ,';" ™h Jf^ «* M. red _shrimp. "They have a very! The Gulf .Stream, mrr " 1: " '" " ' ' "* '" ,,.,,,,,„,„ ,±,^=^LsiilM-^ fishermen mystified, value is ,„ he found at (he fishings, ' 0 ?T eo,orf ™« ^"^ w.^TZ n ""t' ^ Ml ^-\ <*»• tester "aid hf ^ 1 wtb ^l'^7,'^ T' 1 '" W °"" J ' M ™ '° "" tna ^ Mi^ippi RU'and'Dehl, ZZ^ X^Tn,,?. ^cate^ P "±X pTtat 'f ^ "" '! ^^t g^lf'-™"* -• • • • ! me same captain brought in, Freeport's fishermen anticipate ich door of Ihe shrimp nel.jup, W!ls exciting for the cap- In hox.'n of im pounds each, men flnpercfl Km shrimp and con-la mouih'-like cavity. II appeared on STlh? ^v^wti^ nnimM M " M!r ^ V *» ?" "TV"™ "" "" *«* '"""I'*" nnd crew. Mlure. '""" '""" Mry "(X,-. ,,„,,.„„„ H|S() ,„,,, ,„ ft |i; ^ hnt'om ( OMhe Gulf H^-- "hta* out (here I crewmen brought up from;royal reds might be found Ir "We may have to go bach to the single net rigs of years ago to get them," Gore commented. As for Forrester, his plans ara ,uncertain. Ifc operated the I,rslii i Lorraine for ils corporation own- ;ers. He owns three bents, the Car- ; lene F, named for hi. wife: and .Madalene F ami Sandra F, named | for his daughters, seven and three years old. He and his family, which also includes Michael, 11; Jack eight- and Dorothy, two, live 'at 107 Southern Oaks Drive in Lake Jack- crabs Capt, Forreslor brought;two good flavor, somewhat like lobJreds are found', 'ha's"a ^^^."^ ""V 1 ™!™ 1 »'» "™ r *<» 'in-stTheavieT!! e rh« fii " • • me, us tne lobsters, ring no less than the 'long. that Forre - inc i,. u j t in™i'i"',, Pl ' hlic m ' iy " ]m lie a( "i" M-20ld^plhs_where royal rods are found T IJOM19,SPORJ_FACTS "'ill equip his for royal rrrl fishing, decided Wednesday was tired, ready to -iome rest afler prov- ,mg th« reds are there for ex- ^loilalion hy the, fishing industry'. VOL. 50 NO. 138 School Transfer May Be Delayed THURSDAY^AUGUST"9. 1942 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport Petitions from (h r e e areas.liv« on Highway 332. between where residents want to changei'^ke Jackson and the Riverside from the West Coiumbia-Brazoria i Coun 'ry Club. A total ry ' ( s(ho.)l district lo the Brazosport ' U ^ )tn "' r '" ""* 1<>rritf)r >'- jdislrlct are now awaiting action is'lhe porlion''of'the aen'"' i '' 1 p'^ | by the Bra/oria County School son Kami on whicn%mp"nec.s re-i , B<J ' 11 '' 1 - 'f ir| e. This is another 173 acres.! Unless Ihe areas are moved • Ti "' ot ' rer area is ,'fl acres, am! tr nr ..^,.,m „„ M GENEVA - Big Three delegates ! to Ihe 17-nalic,n disarmament conference mrt-t today for their first formal airing of :ievv U. S. compromise propolis for nuclear test ban control. : f ir| f- This is another IT.i moved - n "' ot ' rer ar(>a is "fl acre, '' ludi lhe resldem ' c •" Or. and "" lhp *™ ;x CAPT. FOURESTER SHOWS I'MJSrAI, DEF.P SEA FINDS RoyalJtcdjihrlnip Were Flr«! Ever Bron-hl Into Frrrport Dow Sales Up, Profit Down For Fiscal Year the areas are from (he one district to (he other residents « (he three area., the difficult cnoice of sending the Trustees have alrcadv deter- j children to the more distant West mj ned (hat if the transfer of ter\ Columbia svslem, or pajir.g stiff r i |f) r>' j tuition fevs in the 'system. : I! appears possible that the de idsion »n moving the territorie might tx- delayed by a over the apportiunment of the West Columbia dislrict. but the children have always attended the [Brazosp-M-. schtsols. Each year ' they have gone through the process of transfer. The slate aid go with them CAl'K CA.VAVERAL, Ha. — An advanced model of (he Minute-limn hiferrnntinenlal range rocket etploded in lllRhl Estes Data ~S'Si:fi£ rr^ssar— ed reporting snsni,.ir>n* „/ „ "'egu antics. ...J...K ".... - delayed, and parents of Bramsport transferred children decide they would rather send Ihe children to the' schools in the West Columbia dislrict than pay tuition, Brazos- fa,,.., conflict P°rt will voluntarily relinquish lo handed c--er West Columbia the state aid for ties today these children. which „.', b , Richardson said there was ; a grain ship, first So ' n '-' Pnx-'Pdure set by law for pay- rnpnt °' tuition. From his past experience, he said, he had deter- for these students '"ined (hat this could be done with when the traas-' an option of the full year's tui- or monthly /er is made, and Brazosport has.'' 0 " paid in advance charged no tuition in tlie past. ! —•'-» •- =---•"Rut earlier this year, trtmtces agreefl that it was undesirable for any territory to <-ontinue to - !pay ta.xe* in one district, while MIDLAND, MIQI. - Tlie Dow:higb of 591.1 million, up from $S9.S: Of the sales dollar 46<> cents' tax|>ay( ' rs of anoln " r lii!;lri< ' t l». v Chemical Company today re-.million a year ago. wrn , (or ... ' ' most of the cost of educating the ported sales of $890638726 for' Tnc company paid J1S.8 million .... . *" C s su nP llrs "children. In Bra/ospurt. the per- Ihe fiscal year ended Mav 11 and i'" U S ' nnri ' ore '-' 11 income :'•' rcnts m w;lcrs - Mlari(%s . a™ 1 i'hil'1 local (ax cost is much • «*, ." m y jlflnn ;taxes in fiscal 1%2 and S".')! 6 mil- livllr «'' benefits, 10.4 ,-ents (or greater than the amount of the net earnings of 5.^,001,061 or $2.16^lion in wages, salaries and em- depreciation, S.I cents f,, r taxes 5tfl!<> ai(i - Lot ' al tilxl>s are ^ P° r per share on the 29,120.120 shares'ployec Ix-nefiLs. Cash dividends and 51 cents for cash dividends ccnl "' lhe UlUl rosl ' |of common stock ouLstanding. .to st.X'kholders during the year leaving 1 S «n "for'i^i^tWm ThLS represented a new high in amounted to $1.55 per share for in the Inisinc," "•'"*"""""' sales but a decline of seven cents;a total of $ million. Dividends The comoanv soenl 1'C' n 11 per share In eamings as com- were increased to 40 cents a share on capital additions during the ^^fr^^toS £T K wnts a sharc lrist ^.Cta'V^S 1 " ilh $]45 ^ si^s^^'r^^f pSa^T p- e fn- piot-s^i;i ^ s? - PR r^ , t , .chemicals, r, per cent from plas- Bonne, t a!-, said that the ,-om' • *?? ' ,"' oasul ' l ' r ' smditics. nine p<.r cent from bio-p,^ panv wi || d ian-e ,1s fiscal veir enrmngs did not keep ,u,ce with clue*, ami seven prr cent from fo the ,-alem!ar\ear a I L end nereased sales during (he l^' Sales outside the United of 1961.. switching from MS trad •^ ZSL.? 1 ™?*,.^™.* ?!".'!? » nl °'» il<la ™'«' "T t-na! fiscal yea wbi , t, ™n Trustees agretx! that tlicse areas must i-ome into the Brazos- port dLstrkl, or Ihe i-hildren must pay tuition. Kor the timing school year, this tuition will be $107 per installment* in advance. f ~^~~^ '' Brazos Gas Purchase Competed As a result, Rounsavilie said, he Jheir OTyeroiieo!.4p» r«Mim«l,wfey tUr.^AgrintltHre'^'^l "t^* '" vain " , The special,son o f Pecos ^j' n,,cl^. t «i lag . Tfci'.AA^.-.^sA^^Vrtti^aw E^TS^^Jften^ 1 " 11 * 11 **,? a " d «V ! *" 1 Entarpri SM; E An, u believed ,«u have »me time in a two-year D ertad ntlI* "I 6 ,™?" J 17 ? «»'"?«,',- of Plainview, of P „ "• A nfMirw-rd ^ . _,»,.. ,......,.!,, j u\ v<iii.iv '>i'^"«ni.-> nint v (lltmut ilt'tTiUiliOl 1' price declines nmounting to near- ! about 11 per cent of the total ly $30 million. "Although some price attrition is still to come, we feel that Ihe major decreases are behind us," Bennett said. Other factors that depressed earnings in fiscal 19(^ he said. were increased taxes anil Hurricane Cnrla. While pretax profits Increased the higher provision (or ifrom June Tto M;,v 31 vice president snd er of Brazos Oil s Company, ha* a n- child, if the child has Iven proper- J 1 ™' 1 "^ » multi-million dollar ly transferred. If it has not, the ca5 P" rr "ase by Brazos to amount of the state aid is added. Dr. L. S. Richardson, superintendent of schools, told trustees this week that there appeared to , r , , be some reluctance on the part ' wwk w " h " ef West Columbia sclvx.1 officials '" <he terrilon- go. insure present and projected requirement* for Ttv Dow Chemical Comoany's Texas Division. Final agreements were reached week with 14 separate com- les for field gas supplies in >n Matagorda and Rrnzoria An,erica (., believed (» have fame'time in a two-vear period nesses inter«f^ resched m.ny Soviet H,ten,«. apparently did not know of the matter othere' probes. i p., WASHINGTON- - Waller W. Ertes. a Pecos. Tex., promoter 'two lawers sho, ri ^non,'^ 5 -" 1 K ™ nc *-' s fhicfte-Vbwn adjudged bankrupt and era! buiidtag before economic amiser, ra> - s present Awaits trial on fraud and theft • impaneled economic trends are "perplexing.^aree* unrelated to his dealings'-^-with lhe government. His cotton a acreage allotment deals have been canceled and the government has fined him $551,000. -- ,..„ Rounsaville, who is from Tem- lemlrr, whose unkxi h an or- P lc - T «-. said that an aide, Mike canliini; target of the r | VB | Pappas. had alerted him as early as June 1960 that cotton acreage deals of the type engineered by Kstes probably were illegal. .Vskcd why he did not report this to higher officials. Rounsaville witnesses ;s, assistant Commodity - . ^-....^t. \\, T. Kergu- spet'ial.son of Pecos. of Ferguson Broths; E'H Henderson „,.,-., "~ " ""' °' ^'fi'i-Tex Con- the Estes•slructjon Co.; and A. W. Suit- cliffe of Commercial Proriif foj-p and :nc»nclusive cross-currents" j but they do not "sum an ( 0 crisis." >af thefed-: The last three "were conce, ie jury was with Estes 1 indebtedness to tl 'firms. • WA8HI\«TOX — An AFI^-CIO Tfamslcrx Tnlon. ..-%ld'»v It I" lime nil AFI,CIO union, rnm- Hned In «n npr-n membership »ar ai;alnst Ihe T.-aiii.ters. FP Man Burned In Home Blaze Curb On Testing New Drugs Seen ;Wc: if the territory is transferred, a pro rata share of the West Co- isicn(x , lumbia district's bonded indebted- :n | )pa( j • reduced profits aft,-,' lax bv , c u M \ ,, ''"'-^•'•"""•y! WHilp the proposals arc a direct more (ban $.", million llurrican'e , '"""' Al ' lllnn - v J - t-elebiv/ze outgrowth of Ihe furore over thai- Carla, which struck How's Texas , i lmpt ',T " ( ' w '''Xi.lalions i.lomide, Celel.iv//e d,d not men- Division at Kiveixjrt last Scptem- ""', , , d K ,' VI ' lh " K"vrnment lion that German-Kiev elope,! drug her, re.lnce.1 pretax profits bv" """''"'"K rilll! '" '"v.' his announcement. •bout $6 million, or alxnit II) cents " ,"' "T ' ll '" irs '""", slm '' '" '"»' s « ll '«^ never was deari-d jX-r sluu-e ''"'f 1 ' " IU| l >ott '' r lo <' M <>« "I" 1 l'.v ''""A fur general use in this Depreciation was al an all-time "''i * s "''' ly ll "" llls arlst< - < i (,untr>- but Ihe American licensee - . "''ling agnmsl the luckgrauxl lor its manufacture disdilmted the i :of public and official concern over pills to l.'i'U American doctors for I the sedative thalid-.mide. Cele- |x.ssihle cx|>erimental use U-fore I l)rc//e t.r,,pose,l today; it was nssorialed with the birth of ' 1. lliat the Ford ainl Drug Ad- deformed babies in Kumpe. ministration be put on noiicc and There have l»>en no reports of i given the full details aUiut Ihe mallormed babies in this coimlry distrll«iiion of dings in doctors for from that investigalioiuil use. but Miiyesligalioiial use on humans. there have been some cases of '.'. Thai clinical Investigations, deformity in which the mothers or use on humans, be based on had obtained the drug otherwise adequate prcclinical lo as- from al.road during pregnancy, sure safely. I'lcsent regulations,, do :i. 'lliat the clinical imeMiga- not re<|uire either an initial noti,e lions themselves IK- pn.|M-rly lo FDA of a clinical trial of n new planned, executed by ,|ualifuil in dn.g or subsequent reports on vcstigators, and that the Fur*I mid Mich use. Drug i at ion !»• kept fully Regulations wixilrl not i,i|iiire infrirnicrl during (he progress of arfvaiui> Koveriimr-nl appmval iV lhe invest,guliom. ||,,. pirclinical Iho I. 'lli.rl \l n Milksliintial doubt qualifications nf Ihe invesiig.iluis, develops a.s In Ihe safely of the or the plan U Ilic i linical i-ivcsti- drug, Ibe Foril and Hnig Ailniiiiis- galon. The nmunissioiii'r Iraiioii and all plivsiciiin-iinr sliga- and drugs, nnvv Ccorgr' I'. Ijn (ors using the drug IK- nulilinl Im-.rick. would U> ailthuii/eil. hnvicv- mcdialcly. If neccvsarj, Ihe use r'r, to terminate any investigation- could be hailed by FDA. "' "w i! (he new requirements ("uiTr-nl regulations have no were not being met. such provisions. The secretary said Inli'rc.vlitl ip.-rsr.ns will havetiUdajsm which' (iciierally fair and hoi through : to comment „„ , , P proposal regu- K r,das. Low lonigh, 7S, h, K h r'r,. lalions and final legulaijons will ,i,,y m,, not l«> isstieii until any comments have lieen considered. _ IT The pni|i,isals followed a prom. SUM UOlO i-w by lVlehre//.e laM week; Sets today 7:08 p m. lighter reguliilions w.Mild comei RJM-S Friday 5-4H a m ! MW "' Sels Friday *7:07 p.m. Mil. a.-Nl MltS. C. R. WAN-. NAIJ., to ninik an anniversary Friday. . . MR. and MRS. T. 1>. TKIOI, of 1.1, making frequent trips In HIH'- AVille to visit his mother who is seriously ill. The TKKI.S hope In lirmg her In U MHUI to May will, them. . . SID RHODKS, due b,, m e frum .Midland, Mich., liul hi-, wife, Aanalielle, Is Mill av.ay nil a 111' <liiy choir I rip with 1.1 KuM Kip Ils! young people. , . HOU.1S 1|(X)1), to nvcae a master of educatlui degree Aug. ^'4 from Texas A*M. He'll lie jim- j^nr high coach of all sports U | "Navasota in the fall, lie's the son f>l the T. I'. 1KM)DS of [j. . . And Around T|, ( . Cum,],. DOROTHY SMITH in line tin- Happy Hull Friday. MR. and MRS. c. H. JKK- week.. . ness should IK- tran-sferred with the territory. They are Ict&Hy entitled to request this bond assumption, he .noted, though this is the first time lo his knowledge that the law legarding kind assumption vvill have IK-CD invoked. It .never rnentioiii^l in the recent of territory with Ihe .Angleton district, he said. Business Manager J. Ray Gayle ..«ul he couldn't see that the ^•immm woulrl IH- ver\' great. Tlie lerriir.ries, 7,">S acres in all. were a minute fraction of the total ;W,.st Columbta-Bra/oria district, he said. Tmstccs agr,"cd ;hcy vvuiid wait to see how much additional debt this Ixind as.sumption vveuld amount to In-fore ,lecidin« win-Ill- jj',',','. SNS ,,. ln er they would mitinue to support n |risr-s" \f th'. the ininsfer. ! ''„' .. Mast uf the Mildews inv,; 1 ' " »»"»n. o. negiitiations was when the conlractx \vere giving Rra/os (he 20 OIK- of its largest field gas [Hire-bases ever made. Kach r-ontracl covers periods up to y) years. The inirchase provides IK-IWC.-II aixt cubic /ret of fuel K .,s daily. win J ' M ° SI "' ""' *-' : ' s "'" ^ 'l''Hver- "•" ed to existing Brazos lines. However, then, will IK- 10.7 miles of Texas Heat Wave Breakina Records BY THK ASSOTIATKn I'RrXS •J'p^.^,.. "•>•"* sjiir" 5ti " ^-^ Hra/os Threats of local water shortages rleveloped in some places as siimnifT blasted nearly every section of (he state with ni,lL r r P ° rt ma " ^ h ° S " ' y ° ccurred Wtcn ^ «™ tom P.talued lor aims rece,ved in an a^gas heater ignited gasoline that I in the closed . as eaer said liiat. for one thing, under the explosion and fire which occurred Mathews was regulations he had no authority to in tiie bathroom of his home at bathroom. changed. He sai rat PH.SCXI a scamial that hrallv to prison an Agriculture sen •;» '\ : " ld dot ' lin S " new pipeline Hra/o.s in its Three miles 7.7 miles of tv constructed bv Bav City are-i ' - . «;'• " Chamber Sets South Texas Meet At FP ifficials asked Temple ..-.-...•••i,i> to cut down en nonessential lawn ,,nd garden watering for a cc.uple c»' days S o Mallrtl to conned UK- West' l.uckv r '' Sl ' I ™ rs wll!d ''i'li-h up will, .....i i.-i \t ..._.., — .. • ni-.ixier than usual consumption. A municipal swimming pool was close,!. The situation was simil., San Antonio's Randolph .Mr ..„, ,, . „ ... Force R 1M ,. where Ja ,,1 water- '' " at 9:3n a ' m ' tng limit,-,! to alternate d.iys. sa;d there was severe shortage l»it pumps keep up with water Dprvirt " •--.-... .....H - •*"'- to a roof, accoiiling to the report of a neighbor, Mrs. Andrew Tournade. M r s. Touniade s a i d that Mathews had conn 1 into the restaurant where she works and told her that lie would go home to clean the tar off himself and then return to eat supper. j A short while after tliat. Mrs. Tournade said, a loud explosion: was heard and her husband, Andrew Toumade rushed -Mrs. Tournade husband also n bums when he went into the flaming room to rescue Mathews. British Press Critical Of Sohlen Decree and Kl M a t o n fields. Tlie Markham field supply vvil! be delivered to ibis new line. also. Cost of the new pipeline vvill |H< approximately S.;<1).(10(). Ray Swank,-, I!a> City district superintendent of the Brains pipe- \,.ih u nuc will oversee all r-'Mstruclion work. ..ouldn't ilvf»i '" " " vl1111 ". ai'i'ii siipt-rintcii.1- .i,,-,,,.,!, " Kwl cut, will be in charge of n M1 . ' ! By TOM OCIIII.TItKK : LONDON' (AP. - Th,, British government came under mot.ntin" - .. „ /.' re ! ™ m ils ''"me press today as Toumade said that flames were },, , a ' IlocK ' 'fntinucd over the series of six district l ' omin S from under tiie bathroonv • f!olH ' l l A. Sohlen, the : door and that he had t,. break i ™ lawa J' spy. . . itriown tobo able topull MathevvsL eral "^"KP'iri'i's <|ui«iionnl chamber offices on out oftne baun^m which by'- me s '' l - rela O' Henry Brooke's !.L _„ _. . _ ..,,. i -., ..insistence that the Js .._ £, ...^.. i^unioin- iu.>in.-vi into the nu- Smith I exas Chamber of Mathews house to investigate. Commerce plans to hold the first (V a meetings in Freeport at tlie *it Brazosixirt !thitl ttm 'Hie meeting, planned a.s a first flames. filled with the A , S nre " lat thp Jsrai>li KI Al Airline fly the psychiatrist tack Plane Exploring Wave In Antilles I strut-lion and operation, and .Ice >Br« will serve as chief inspecior l<or the linr- All are headqimrter- '«! in the Hay Oly office. slnictiiui Si-iviir-s Divixion will do <iv n, IM ,^ , ll! "' ''"K'" 1 ' 1 ' 1 '"": "" the new line. SAN JUAN, IMcrlo Rico (AI'I-!«,»J ,,| S o will prepar,. the hills of A hunieane hunler plane was or- material and sj«'ific«ii 0 i K fo,- - ||( '" M ^"'xplor,- (.May an easterly 'lump sun contract bids of food »'»'<• w.iich gcncratrM squalls «s 'Die fields from Which Ihe lias • ' " sl ""'''t 'l"wn on a weslwanl will ntme are- (•anblvan course Ihrough the An- W.^l Lucky, Kl Milton, Sim,tiles Island group ( . asl .M a ,- kh ., m , south l.uckv Dwellei-s m the Islands-s.xHh-illurjbnor, and Hirasant in Mala- casl rV I'uerto Rico-were warned'cord* Counly, and Ada-Mac in lo prepuiv for heavy rains and' Hrazwia roumy. wind gusts. Hra.'.os Oil and Gas Company is AS IlicM. Mrinns l,we forvvanl a division of Dow. 11 was esiablisii- »l*-i-.l. they often gather slrensth. eil in 1W7. Its primarx mission f they reach suslaineri win,! ve . ls , o „,,,,,!,. | X , W ,,,„„,; ^ , )a . :l'Hil> of .,9 miles an hour they gas and to operate Ihe pipe- :;^::;r l ;:,r^ slid the easleriy wav!'""t KlH ' ' rrS '" ""' '^ ' > " lel ' '" H ""' Also at San AnteriM. Urcklaixi Air Force hast- all ou(. of-drxirs training activity in lhe afternoor.v Tem|x-r.,lures li.ive '^Antonio for Ifi straight ,ia\s and it has ;>S days stn.v an v v rain (ell. ''no'-" 1 '' 1 ' in 1'eliitins'the South Texas Malhews api>earixl lo 1« badlyj!-'} thc , Ulllle<l Slal °s lo serve a regional program with local com- hurnt-d. witnesses said, arid a'" .. sol j' il ' m ' ( ' for spying for the mimities, will 1* attended by civic.neighlwr rashed him to Com-:' "f."" 1 , 1I0 "' and busi n e s s leadei-s from a '"unity Hospital where he was! , „. e o([lt ' B extended the seven-county area. reported to lie in satislactwy con- ',, , f "" " s onlor to Kl .-U to Counties which expect to send d'»<»» Thursday morning. »>' Sonlen, hi, to New York from delegates to the meeting are Aus- Freeport firemen, called to the f r '" lln 'K hl »""l niidnight Fri tin, Rran.ria, Colorado, Kort scene, said that the fire evident-' 1 ' 0 ' ' Rend. Harris. Malagonla and •Wharton. l.r.ufcis fur seven ainforcnccs . to lie heM on various topics are .1. M. Schnim of Sugar kind, agriculture and livestock: A. T. Decic Council To Meet l^r^ttrJ^S iu,e City Oniiiril w.ll nuvnl: Al . S ' Km ' hl< " ::.;(! p.m. ton. B lu to take ' "''' aml ! la " onal M '«™ J ' 1 ''''V ^,.-i.,«^. m %,... HIaiiseit of Houston, Imirist ,ie- \rlnpment, Kennit C,. Dyciii Alvin, water resnun-es: and 'Hie I nui-t al up routine business. Menihei-s arc also tu sul-uiit lutmes of pci'sonx to Ix- appumtnl lo a charter re- Mew 1 coiiuiii.s.sicn. 'i gave the airline Ihe option of designating another line tn act as it.s agent in transporting Solilen. ' 1'an American has said it would be- willing to fly Sohlen lo New York under such an agreement. But Kl Al. acting on orders from I, ,,,,..,,;.„ f,,, .i,, »„.,,,... " 10 ' s i''"'li govornmenl. insisted i mi iii > i MIii- IV -;iMl ill U)J) IO Hli' .-AII14't *l'"l .),., . ;f i> • j o, Ho,,,,,;,. Kuideigarten ,s ^ M,, ,hn,u 8 h ^,|[ ^'^"iot^.^ ^ rndav of tins weeK in the local .. lr . i • s, r Tax ofnc,-, n ,,,e o,,, cou. (m :; i: !ri;;;; e ;-r ,^^ I Sct',,1 offi ,,..,.. ...,...., ..... Dr : *'!'''•» lu 'ho United Slates," Anglefon Signing For Kindergarten , ii, J""n u nj tin.- UII1H41 J icials asked llut par- a Lomi , )n sp( ,i ;osm;ln j,,,. El Tide Schedule No'hijh tide l.,,w 359pm V V. Cain of Houston, wildlife con- >nls registering their youngsie.., uau] senation. | 01 - kindeigarten bring the child's " A fnivirn. n.h,xr,n, i After kmeh the group will hear, cemlicate as well as an in,- Jen, • em s "u Nl e ^ '! '" .m addre.s by T. F. Anderson, muni.ation record show n,g ,h,t he s^ of" ,l" d^ilme taf "' .president of the South Texas has Iwn innocu!al«l to;-smallpox, uxuiune Hart jaiamlx-r. entitled "Seven Keys diphtheria, polio and typhoid, i to Progress. 11 T,, lv oiisihle for e'ntr> in the All sessions aie op,-n lo the pnl>. kir.dcigarte.-i. lhe child Inust he . pro.ximalely IV im the district. He auemimg he attending fivf ai-s old MI or Ivf.iie Sept. 1. British to ,1,, .„. for kindergarten is Sll [x>r send him on on. cities and towns month, payable one month in ad- i vance. sion of the deadline had not changed the Israeli government's, position on Sohlen. "We are ready lo lake .v>hlen k to Israel, if asked hy the but we will not of our planes to the United St.itf-s or anywhere else." the sixikoiman said

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