The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 31, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1893
Page 2
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\ ' t ' r & .iJL-Ak&id: £^2fci^,.r.ffir4*f CHIKOSICLE tfw taut?, <t«lt voted* lO««>ntft p«t> <v«ett Snbiorlptlnnr receive »$ th« ««**,<* pntf 161 Stai* «tre*i,- ^ 1 J..M. «08E8»Pnbl1«D3r; MiiiiLM) rerms of the French Ultimatum Accepted. THE MINISTERS HOLD A MEETING. Mam Receives AHnrance That,'tlio Kingdom Will Not Be Dismembered Until After Consideration by All Powera Con* e*raed of France'* Doman'd. BANGKOK, July 81.-The Siamese government has accepted the full tertns of the-French ultimatum." The sub- •tance of the,ultimatum was as follows: 1. A recognition of the rights of Annam and Cambodia on the left or eastern bank of the Mekong river as far north as the S8rd parallel of latitude. 2. The evacuatitkt within a mouth of the forts held by the Siamese on the east bank of the .river. x . 8. Pull satisfaction for various Siamese .. aggressions against French shins and French Bailors on the Menant river." x 4. The punishment of the culprits and provision for the pecuniary indemnity of the Victims. '. 6. An indemnity of 2,000.000 firancs for various damages sustained by French subjects. ' .•..••;•• ••'..• • •• -. : -Y~ "• .'. 6. The immediate deposit of 3,000,000 franca to guarantee the payment of the fourth and nfth claims, or the assignment of the taxes in certain districts in lieu of the deposit of 3,000,000 franca. * The cabinet council at which the decision to grant all demands of France's ultimatum made was called at t' royal palace. The king presided. two brothers and all the ministers were present. After -sitting several hours the council approved the views/of the peace party. Instruction were then telegraphed to Prince Vadahajfta, Siamese minister in Paris, that the government accepted the ultimatum regardless of all reservations previously formulated. Captain Jones/British minister .in Bangkok, was Hotified immedi- ' ately of the council's/decision. PRESIDENT CftfJNOT PRESIDED. The French BUnlatem Decide to Accept tlur Conceaalon. PAHIS, Jnh/81.—The meeting of min-' Isters to consider Siam's unreserved acceptanc/of France's ultimatum was held at/the Elysee between 5 and 7 o'clock/ Sunday evening. President ot came from Marly-Le-Roi to lide. These members of the cabinet ere present: Dnpny, premier; Poin- are, minister of education; Bieunier, _lniBter of marine; Viette, minister of public works; Develle, minister of foreign affairs. • * M. Terrier, minister of commerce and colonies, and M. Delcasse, under secretary of state for colonies, telegraphed from the country that they would .support any action which the council might take. As far as can be ascertained M. Peytra), It Guerin, General Loiiollon and M. Vigere, the other absentees offered no speaiul excuses. General Loitollon caused comment by leaving the city for Meziers, that he might attend the unveiling of the Bayard monument, After deciding to accept Siam's concession of the French demands, the ministers left their definite action until measures should have been taken to guarantee Siain's fulfillment of the French demands. They took steps, however, to inform M. Pavie, France's minister, of Siam's acceptance of the ultimatum and the consequent action of Sunday's council. The conference .of the ministers was prolonged by a discussion of steps which might be necessary in settling the boundary question between France and Great Britain. ,A. certain amount of difficulty is expected to embarrass this part of the negotia- . tions. Another cabinet meeting will be held tomorrow, when efforts will be made to have all the ministers present. A, PROMISE MADE. Aaaurea Slam That tha Kingdom tiiM fetfif e r'ettlam ftt the Alernim Bftr m- Bide the blockade limits. The British warship Linneit an^l .the German war- ehip Wolf areVgt anchoi 1 in the river off Bangkok, .The British mail has been ftllowed'to pSis, but mercantile correspondence with Siamese firms has been out J off.^ An effort ia feeing made to render efficient an overland postal service via Tavoy and Rangoon. Bear Admiral, Humanri has arrived at Koh*Si-Chang. . " M, Favie remains at the same port, as all negptiatipns subsequent to thq rupture hav^ been carried on directly with Paris. • ' The-French have seized 'the .Siamese mail steamer Chantaboon and the Hong Kong steamer Phrachula with 400? Chinese aboard lier. The Phfachula eventually wad allowed to -land her passengers and cargo lit Bangkok. She will sau for Hong Kong, immediately^ Of the British steamers rendered' idle by the blocade, 12 are in .the trade with Hong Kong, eight with Singapore ant! one with Bombay. Cruahed to Death. DENVER, July 81.—P. M. Kogers, Denver agent of the Blake Elevator company of Chicago, was killed while repairing the elevator in/The News office. A big box fell on him, crushing him to a pulp. His body will be shipped to Tennessee. He was <J» years old. n 1 Will Not Be Dluuembered Nov. BANGKOK, July ^t-While tfre govern* meat of Siam accepted without reser- •; Tfttions, France's ultimatuin, it receive^ previously the ajssurance && £V kingdom would not be dlpoembered until afterttwconsideratio^liy all powers, con• between tfee 18th .aad 28d par* theJltedaoUon. PITTSBUBG, July 31/--A telegram from Washington, Pa., «ays that the skilled men in the tube/and bending departments at the Tyler tube works went out Saturday to resist a cut in wages. The men state they will leave town before •they wiH work at the reduced price. \,/ Burglar Caught. , ABM/frk, July 81.—For the last three or four nights a number of burglaries have< been committed' here, several :hes and other articles of jewelry ong stolen, Saturday night some ,-jys playing around the church discovered a strange man in the basement; They gave the alarm and he was arrested. Many of»the stolen articles were found on his person. His name is Alexander Scott, an ex-convict. Attempted Suicide. GRAND HAVEN, July 81. —Charles Christmas, Sr.. aged 75 years, of this city, attempted suicide by cutting his throat in three places,.but he did not cut the jugular vein. The wounds were Bowed up by Dr, Bates, but it is thought that Mr. Christmas cannot recover. The act was cansed by despondency. He is a prominent member of the Masons and Knights of the Maccabees. A Sad Drowning. GRAND RAPIDS, July 81.—Charles R. Fisher, eldest son of E. B. Fisher, was drowned in Camp lake, near Sparta, while bathing. He was 12 years old and a bright, promising boy. STATE ITEMS. Commencement at the agricultural college will be Aug. 4 and 9. Itfrs. T. Martin Towne, editor of Cook's publications, is rusticating at Hart. The Coldwater Marine band will soon have some lady cornetista as members. John Roach, a chopper, committed suicide at Mawstee by jumping into the river. Etting Hasbrouck of Convis had 37 loads Of fine new timothy hay destroyed by fire, Peleg Holdsworth, a Traverse City ma-. chini6t r 45 years of age, was drowned while bathing, Rev, James Hamilton of Coldwater had his pockets picked of tickets and money to the' extent of 115 at the world's fair, Hiram Bangham, of Lee came near being chopped into mincemeat by falling upon the knives of his mowing machine. One hundred men are- at work on the contract of grading a. roadbed for extending the Midland branch 10 miles west from Midland. Woman's Christian Temperance union lames at fielding are after tne city council to buy- cus P ldors 'o Place along the sidewalks for Wie use of tobacco chewers. A young Polander at Jackson {a a victim of misplaced cQiilideuce. He gave bis best girl a nng and *ltt) in money and now she refuses to marry him, S A snake 10 feet in length and of prodigious girth is frightening the inhabitants of North Chesaning. It was last seen in Mrs, J. Race's dooryard. William Badgley, the soldier at Fort Mackinac-w-lio is charged with feloniously assaulting Aimie Saulter, who subsequently committed suicide because of her shame is to be tried Aug. 15. , A remarkable family reunion recently occurred at the home of Rev. J. Gpodrich, W Colon. AH his children and children's children were 'jtf&*ut, the total number being 28, inciu4ina himself and wife. There has never been a death u» the" whole family dating-from Mr, and Mr« Gowjlrich's time. *' f*),000 glairs, factory wm" probably" * <- T - 1 -- •™— Reftable jSlis &„ " the «66ye value Pitcher's Castorl* Homes for visitor to the World's Fair is the title of a neat little book, contain IDR the address/of about 0,000 families, who will acconimodftte visitors, also a Hat of bote>4, illnstrated wSth large scale map./sold at M. C. ticket office PHqe 60 2 Cl/*np Kxcrtrnlon to ; Qi/Angust 9th, 18Q&f'th'-J?. j & M. (Go. will iunajftpecia-l low rate ex- fsion, Marshlul to Put-Iu lii>y t ,vin Toledo and steamer. Special train loaves 6:09 a. m., standard tirao Fare, $2.00 for the round trip.. For further information call on nearest C. J. & M. ajjent. T* C. M. SbHiNDLER, GTPTA. When Baby was sick, we pave her CartotM. Whea iKe was » Child, •»•- cried for Castorta. When the became Mtaw, fc_) clung to Cartoriu Wtat she bad Cbfldran, the g»v« them Cutocil mmm$&t:m* mto&**mi kfel&lllt w« "Royal Ruby" Rye Whiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage in wood, it is a "Rye as Is a Rye," and costs no more than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use 'any other. A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it is con r verted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co., Druggist. Some of the Grand Army boys may be in terested in the following from Alex. B, Pope, A. D. C., Commander Dept. Tenn. and Ga. He says: "We have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has done any good.'' There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy is freely given. It coi ipletely controls the disease. 50 cent bottles for sale ai Greene's drug street. Hon. W. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of Iowa, says: "I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and have no hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy. I believe all that ia claimed for it. Persons afflicted by a cough or cold will find it a friend." There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy U freely given. 2 and 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria. Whan she was a Child, she cried f or Castoria, 'When Bhe.bccame Miaa, aha cluag' to Caitoria. Wuo. aha h*d Children, ahe. gave them Caatoria, GIVES FRESH- / CLEAR :-waui*->-'-^'' SKIN, ES CONSTIPATION ! ND ' GESTION, DIZZINESS. UPTIONS ON THE SK/AJ ' . - OMPLEX ION. i?WVg33IU<^JUUIt It is an agreeable laxative tor the Bowels ; oon 0$ irutde into a'Tea for use in one minute. Pric.i ijc, «ta. and *LtiO per package. t*| -Mt Elegant Toitrr POVDIH f'j.-theTeetjiandBreath-a&o. ajnd tb« Uqoor f Habit, Pared bj AdmtoUterlog Dr. Jrt« especially due ttae^f laoW nifi4 *$£* children's nosfety ailbH&SC ? ^M * j **.. ... " ii11 ini -' •' ^jjjti iff, • ,- W "f It Je manulacttiied M » pow<Ur, woieit can fce given to* gUjw of beer, » eop of coffee or to ftxA wlUiouttttjfcaowl absolutely " TIME tA'V6» JUNE 18. 1893. mut. STiTlONB. B,m, Ohtcas?o,LT...;. 9 00 Kalamazoo...... 2 08 HattloCreek.... 948 Marshall, Dp... 813 Aji»lon n 5 38 lackBon/........ 4 30 Detroit .....-.;. f ' •v •'' ' n.m.i •'•'-,... J8S;. Ext p.m. .780 '001188 748 8 17 838 940 1201 1210 1882 5)90 a.m. 600 p.m. 8 10 705 740 8 00 815 847 1045 a. Hi, 8 85 am Mall m. ,05 1*85 IvC 1 45 907 it 10 6UO f£! fitt. 060 807 S 45 810 881 410 71* TBJJNi Win. TATIOMB. Mall uetrott, Lv 8 IS iaok«on...ll 4<i AJbton .i.,12 a. H»r«hall..l8 48 dattle Ur'k 1 a iUU*muoo 8 08 Vhlca?<>,Ar 7 85 .... p.m. m. 1), 00 7 15 928 10 08 1023 10 45 .1 88 410 ,<. ffl Ohlc KJU» a.m. 8 80 B. nu 1 15 810 388 855 4 15 447 u »10 p.m. Kal. Ex.t • *f •» p.m. 600 v7 31 8 16 8 38 t 08 9 En ... P.» Chic Sp'l* *«i« . a.m 8 15 6 10 547 805 62) 700 11 16 4. m. Br.' I.D.. -v. w. KUUUlifiB, Gen. Paw, .A JaUitsoK. Freight Agent, C. ft. OWORX. Ttrkn A p.m "741 1041 1181 II 4« I 10 t M t.m. tBundarji except*! VlO 18 u* 1 4( Bxt .Kent Ifarihall CiDciiati, JacfsoD & Maciinai Tim* table taking •fleet JnneSB 1BV3. Train* pae§ Maraball aa (ollowa : So, 8B, Toledo Bkprei* ............ ......78i»a • \* 8, Cincinnati Kxpreaa ............ ,...8«mi * ai, 11 all and KxprMi.... .... ..,..", 6 08 T m " 87. IXMMU JPrelght. ................. ....6 'Mi ».« m IHAUW OOUI« WMT. So. " 84, JtxpreM. "88, Local jrreitf Lii'.; ','. V*.i",.;" All trains daily except Sunday. Direct oonnootlona are made at Totaita Mnii UlnolnatlwlUi afFroiardlverging * Xraina ill and yn make go od connection at JUoa (eith with the 0 K. A 1., and at Allegan wittt tua U, * W. M lor Grand rtaplda. UqBkogou and ail •poinu north. T. C. U. bCJdlNl>L£R. den. fau Ait i 0. B. JJIZK, Agt., JHawhaU. k : WAFfS, -'FOUMD. E1C. Twebty cents a week tor each notice mot ex Deeding nve lines. No oharg* lets than twenty centa. l/OB HEJST-Abont July loth, a new hooae on Jc Weat Hanover atieeu For particulars •it- quire of chums in. JSokeman. I/IOK8ALB-A good family horae, you'pg and a? gentle, 7 yeara old. Krpauicuiara apply to C. (!. lilehl, steel atote, Bute atieel. Ij>ORSALE— A high gradq, combination blcy- J. cle lor lady v? gent * be flneat wheel luaue uood ua new. inquire ot It. U. i LH»B SALE—A aquare piano, In good ooool- J. tlou. * or pan icuiurs enquire I A. &kiu- rier a »Ho^ on aauiiitou Direct or rtaluente uu Madiauu alreel, ]Vj OTlCK-MrB. W. L. Buck la agent lor the JL1 chrtaty kniTcaaua waiiurnMhallirnc iiiuiu. uuffcer Mansion at*d . ' ' I'O KnhT-A Tsrj HUB and flr»i clubs ball on X btale ur Jlurn autet lor kOcielv i/r louge 'pur^onee, cLetp. tor ttlwtwt p««ue call ut cue totuuueat comer 01 olate auu Jtoa«*uu mu. Cillu L>Ufi SALK- All my real tatait niiuuled on the _*. Otbl t,arl 01 btalc vi AIJUU ttteeU, tu-U kuown w vwy flue atu \aluabi» pivifvm. by Fred Vogei, south Wem curuer fttntu ar.a ou Bt»., tto. 4aU- - - . — .' i - ( — —~ - - ' JtKNT— A two Hiory houae. pjetusanUy di- uated. Filial K Al iUJi AJ. *— Ke» top buggy. MAN wfttits work. W tiuug or any work. batur> nu ubject, OrtT— A white caahmeie, shawl with cro- cneteJ OorUer. Jbiuuer wilt confer a U»or' it at Oils office. - f * ~~ - ~p • JLt cny ^. kuiiauta toward WiU tut? curounue umce. at uun brewery. -A •complete set of Jftidpath'a hla tory oi the yrvtm.> lt<qujie at MOB office. f ObT— 'iuesttuy, Jtt»> ao, between ll»e real- a>4 ltt C i.k t^jui ivr u*- • .-Utt, BAta cHKiP-All blze« oi hogaheada X' goou tut <a«ter4.B ana ' ^W^^^^^*^** . "^ 'X' 1 JH /- -^•v'T'TT* .'7^^'y^j ^^* ) B 4jik te^ 4 t. j .«j «-"IL £" jS 1 *^ h -• t^,Ti™*s. . . * t. l . * «9 *4>l»J* svs -^ TFw p. Fni -. -,; ''' 1 '''""' ' 1 -^---2.- «^£^' £* S^'S^Wjjl , A.V 'LiOSBjacttJ-.*, ^y£. -\ j-i "7^^;^-^^'«•*'"* ,; \^ - •- :'- '. v ; --.^.S^V-'^P^SS 1 ^/^ r.l\--- ;V "' - ^ -- : .^ 'tf.^* S,^ : ..v.~:.**• ••'. '.,-i-^ ;r*V:i^fe^fciS^5<H-;^^^^^ •-CV * i ., -., ..l-rf. -' ™c.« -Sk^iArj,* 1 ',- fc.'igrf.^iri.a...:«. * -^«.v_^s...i_? ^^3*S»^&MM*«ij^»^%3^'uiaf-%!sAjSa-« t

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