Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 15, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 2
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4-DEl RIO (Te-xas)' NEWS-HERALD, Thursday, June 15, 1961 TERRIFIC TIGER - - - - By Alan Mover Even the Coach Admits It •- ractical By ED COKSIGAN Associated Prc-i-: &,-:,:••-, \Vriter Univ«Tsil> <•: $ti .:•.'>•., •;•:>. '".,;.:• rni. ; rates a sfihd i_\."i -•• -.•:;•; -?u- NCAA Travk a.-i ';•' : ,<, <'•;:;;•;• pionship Krnl.r- . :: ; '- ; ; ;..; ;.• .j Coach .If 5 ,*. .V.;.: 1 .,--:,- ;, \.--- >".--.. inc wolf "! think." he saiti *CKia\-. ' !ha; ;>--.!;» titU- and I don't sec v.hy «i/ !-an'! iecire thai many points." "i hr- "f'ru.Miij aireadv have \\un t';i- ttili.- -1 tHiJes in the -iO^var *!-!ii:;, <:.! ih»' !;-e«'i. arui ^!il>•^>--ri• •-•::: : :as ;»:i<>uvl the tt>;.:a u> SL\ \.r.;^ n^. ic.-his !»> j'rars on the K>S. P.,- f.D V. ! Associated ft-:-, The Lo.- .'•.--. back or. ; . .Lea pit" ra> •<• .;:.. . edge nv [«•;,- • . • T-0 \Vt*in,v.- :.-;-. -. drop [XT* <'.••:-• Frsr.' i^c^ i: •• • .. and piscv v. :: •; !.• wsuker. In 'he- ,\: three 'A a> ; ion 5-2 r,^ pisce i.i- '•- . Nev. . Y.;.r-i the Indians Yanks sr,- Fourth j-h panics bi-.t ton: Kan-; seta S-? s Sox f*ven from ?he : snd 3-S. Twelve Langhorns In NCAA Tourneys AUSTIN' vcrsiiy of pieyers arx pete .in ihr Atri'elJC A b<?g;r;n;n; Rsiph A Other favorites include Ben Me- I5ai> of .Michigan in the 120-yard hurdles, Ke\ Stacker of Kansas in ihe 410-yard hurdles. Krank Uiulil of Villannva in the H«/ and 22(i-yani dashes, John Mac-y (if Houston in the 3-mile. Karl Johnson? of Arizona in the discus. Chuck Wilkinson of Red- lards in iavctin, Stan Dotcn 'of Harvard in tlic hammer throw and Darnell Horn of Orcuon Siate in iho hrond jump and Norm of Oreson Stale in the :!.u(>0 meter .steeplechase. iVft'iismt; champion Kansas. aloiu' with Oregon. San Jose Siatc, I'i'l.A. 'Viilanova. Msrhi- J:JH arid Oregon Stale a!<o havf j' ,•;..• i,\ i,Msr iii.i-inl,> ; i'T.^.iaU- duir.'i .au--. i r ;'!.-: ; : r--' »;<• u r.n:.;::; ii.u ai;'' -ir;:i K u;;; scve". Tappe Stays On As Head Coach For The Cubs Moves ASon i mafeur President Proclaims Little League Week | WlLLlAAiSPORT. I'a, (Spl) — ; Little Leagues in (he United States |and Canada will play a total of ffive times as many games in a | single day, as will at! major h;.'ig' :t ' ;thihs in a full season. ! This is one of JI i e ,-* 'tislics uf the 22nd year of L.easiie Uasohull, liii;!>Ii.uht>-d Iflih vvock' by ihc-- obsorvaneo <••! N'.i- ilional IJtlk- l.eaj/mv Ua^'ball • Wt-ek as proflaimc'tl b\ I'resif'i 'it John !•". Kennedy. More than one million iiiufni'i'it'd l.iitli: Lei'.tniers v.'ili b»; in ru-ticn •Iliniiigliout iiu- ucel; in morr- !!utt- •4 .(UK) c u m in u nil i e s sca!U'r>-<! throughout 2'.' nations of Ihe five '•world. In uriiini; proplc of the ' United Slates to participate m observing; Li'tte I.eamH' nas-'haij SVeek. Mr. Kennedy Uc-ciarf!; "Little I.eauue not tuily pr«'p'ijo!r-s phy.xieai wetl-beinL; , . . b'it <•!•-'• instills finalities of- U'iimo-s. co- .,, i and diseitpline—qualities which contribute to the development of good citizenship." At Little League Headquarters here.-Peter .i. MeGovern, pres'dc-.nt r.iul chairman of the Doard of -Wn r i-H«rs o( UHIf League Base ball. Inc.. paid -irilHri*—to the flif>»!s:in«i> o( adult volunteers for their dedicated service" without which, he said,. Liltie League could in,! fsjivi: become the foremost vouih. mmrmeitl of its kind in the world. .\[«:(io', i rn said lienefits of i!t- Leii^'-ii- <'.v;xjsure have become !!icr<-;isii»'-iJ.v t-tidenl as early graduates into manhood. He i>i i.iri'd: "there is conclusive nninf HIM Link- Li-ague training has c!(-v,-iic<i ihousancis of young jn(<;: it; :•. i>!atfnrin of leadership ;iic:i n ••j'l'fis'hle eiti/enship and is u;ii r. i«. -'.t'inplishinL' many of the tea I- -t.-i out £'>r our youlli." Honors •>';••' Tap^;-. wh.i p.r-f 'f^'-. n <. :, '••; f->r sn indetijiiie • 'p-.r; " ?' :.' '-vner F'. K. Wrick-;.- ,.;;;l! round <;iii;' T.Mir- ' said the o hHs the Major League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED. PR ESS Arnorican League Fi:."".':Lj: - :);.-s«-'.: on !^5 nr tn<>re •-> ^ : >~- : — P.or>r:ii <.'ie\ ekmd. K;!;^~M:i;niv. \--.v York. 5i ; O.i<>.\ •:.•>. l'--;r=.:-:L 4S. •;;>r:~ K::r?,-:i '.-,—r^=; n \ Deiroi:. '•i >':-r - >•••-'- Y.-rk. 5*i. -.'- -- ?-'! J '•-::P. i "!'.". eianti, SJ ; cojiu- up nsainst Joe Carr. Tiien it v. il! !>•> re ;:l toijx'h." Carr is {lie '^9-year-old Irish- nt.'irs who has won the li::e three iiDH s and is defending the crown this yvar. Morrow, from Oklahoma City, anci Henry Timbrt-ok. 40->i-ar c-=d lin;i7K-u*r from Los An-ieic-s. are the only Ai-u-ncan survivor? in Use last -'2. Twenty-six American? v.-r-rc enSered v. hen the championship opened on Monday. Four of the fight ali-Brnish seeds v.ere k-ft in the last : 5 2. They included Carr; Michaei IV-a- jillaek and Martin Chris'-nas of Knsiand. and Jimmy Walker r.J Scotland. Ht.'IDOSO DOWNS. New Vs-xi.- — A fiehi i>f top sprinters v.-JI! i.i'.' Marttr L. ('!.' Crocket! in Fr day's ft-ritiire race a! lliilfio- Downs 1 , the "Hobb.s Nev. ~->>.in hononns one of tin- Southwcst top ni'U =- t iapt-rs for thfir iHit^'ani ir-.z rncsna p:tue. nixie D.. tin' I !•.•;••; iiliv }.•.-..,: \Bi^ Si)r(!i!i. Texas. -:;;i-i' r -i T. Dtliard i(;oi!i> tiie ;Tr!;:tiii^ !. voriit- in t!ie f-isir-paiivl ''->i ;i thr'.'c-yi'ar iikis ;ind upward. ».;;t,- 1!ir l)i\ XCAA irsvk y:-= : John Kf-ji:: v. ; net J-TH--:; -•:• beymninr .S .::^ citTTipcio. tn '.:• tationa- Tni-rr day, ferry D,i: v Lon^nnrn c- "i; meet bc-cinr, 1 " due Un-T-- lor. Bob t-.a Brattcn v.':s- r- But We Haven't : NV !; Got To Bat Yet -" '''•• "--< AA .>SI).\LIA. Mo :AP; — k: ."" '-:<:::•-•: J.irife^uc Carrie v;;;s COKc-r ••'.'• - : '- : '' : ' ! si-.vrn.snt (.f rierkness v^;^^ JM?.•" '"^ : "'-'i- >. : -V i'.'-adinE S^-daiia icv 4^;r '"• •'-'; -i-.L;r- i.'nc->tdcd" Yf.-i. -t.:;i ihv : : :' ••"•.:•!?"; iiTvr she first inning of p]==-. ^.' -.•-: .NCAA . . I •';: : ;." -: 3'ur- '^iohemaiter. Ncinnvr "-' ":' : C"-n(" r -i- V,"i.«if : , Memoriai. is z son <~\ H '<•'.'•'• '.<'.">::':•• 't'ti? —No Springs. K^ c'-.rt. .'. '. .-• '-;:•;: ••.•••• TS a yeariinc. rp;.'-— is . <i-x:. I.:. ; C".-!.r.'j;.;T(.i y Till '--. ..- r..::i> -'.'^r,- v .'rv. York. ; _:-n r-i.-> ------ !;•!••'. >'•;•. Kansas Na;.r.r,?l League _ ;i."-. .-».• 'i on "U-"> fir L:; — C-.TH".i;j. S:in .;;,;. '-. S^n Frsn- y. :!v. ni:kf^. 11. '"i:i,v:nns'i. 7! : •> ar-i:i C'emente. •:!•; Ttn. Cinf.'inr.att. :.-a;;^ and Mays iVlrtjor League Stars By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS H. : 'ir:U — D:•-•:-; ^^;;;r- P;r;,lc-. ••',rf<: •,• :r- :'•. '-r r .-!:-. -.-.ah ^i;ll:l•.•- ^-' : '•'• .':. ' ' ( - -r .:. ':'.:;:<.- in runih BASEBALL STANDINGS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE V/ L Pet GB Cleveland 3S 21 .(U-i — Detroit ^___ 3S 21 .644 —. \c",v York 3fi 21 .£32 i . Bail i more 30 29 .5OS -S Washington ___ 2'd 30 .432 9 Boston 27 30 .4S3 10 Kansas Cily .'... 25 30 :S55 Ji Chicago '_ 25 S3 .431 !2 : • rv!innesota 22 SS .379 !5'-j Los Angeles ... 2J 40 .544 ia Wednesday's Results Chicago 4-9. Los Angeles 1-3, ;v.j niuht Washington 5, Bail:more i. r-ieht • Xew Vurk 11. Cleveland 5. nisht Kansas Cily 9. Minnesota 2. night Deiroit 4, Boston 2 Today's Games Fiosion f Monbtiuquelte. 5-*5) a; Oe- troil I'Bunning 5-5j Los Anpclcs ?Grba 5-5 1 at Chicago f Pierce 2-51 New York i'Terry 4-0; a; Cli-:f-- land i Grant 7-0?. night \Vashinalon (Hobaugh 3-31 a! nal- timore fBrov.n fi-2i. nighi Kansas City (Nuxhsl! 4-21 at Minnesota f-Kraliek 5-ir. nieht NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet GB L<»s Angeles ... :>5 24 .533 — Cincinnati -?>3 23 .559 -San Francisco . 33 33 .559 : j PiMshurah 2$ 2J • .535 3 : ; Milwaukee 2; 2S ,4-)2 7'u St. Louis 24 IS .152 T-j Cluea.L'o 21 33 .3>:0 i! ; ^ Philadelphia ... _ 18 33 .353 13 Wednesday's Results Pittshurch 5. Cincinnati 4. nr^'n; Los Angeles; 7 T Chicago fj. nisht S.-m Francisco 11. ' Milwaukee 2 .St. Louis at Philadelphia, night. postponed, rain Today's Games Milwaukee fCioninaer o-i'n at San Francisco ('McCorn;ikc 0-5"i -Si. Louis fSadeckr 4-4 j ar F'hila- delphia tMahaffey c-5i. nish: 'Cincinnati (Jay !-"•• at fit;; 'Mi7.eJI 4-!i. r.izhl Chicago (Hobbie 4-7: a; I-.os .\r yelcs fPo«Jres >J-\i. nschi By BEN OLAN Asscci^r-ed Press Sports Writer MON7HKAL - \P , — The K.'?- u:-n F.r;!.n>. ar,'J Xrvv York I\;II>L-- tr<, the tfiii-vori chi!>~ in th*.: Xa- s.i«ri-.*l Hcckc> Ix-ap.'c :«st season, t-cch havi? i .-:-.-•.'.• !•:«"»;-: today a/ior rr'-artipini ;ht-;r -"sters during a !ivo!y playtf-iviapp;!:^ session. The- Irru'iiis ^.ijt.jinr-r; forwards Orian?} K::r:.-r:':!2ch aii«! Eari Ba!- fo'.ir sr.-:; t:-:"f-c :.'•<?man I'at Siapl'e- jor. ,n :r.i- ^nnuri! NHL draft \'-"C'Or.c5Ci> K';rtenhsf;h' was ac- quirt-d fro:-.- Xr^ York aii'.i -the <>;hrr iv-o fn-n: Chi'.'.T>'- : :.'. Kiiri-:-r;?.aca ^Lf-rec -C J;- for Vanc-iu'ivr =^: ihv Wcsicrh I.t-aciie l~.± ! . >-j=i'-:=n. 0 Th*. rJrj:r.» -I--^' nvn f.;' liii- eiehl pia>fr~ 2ra:iix-'( in tire <iraft. T!;cy ~er; •..:•' r;:n ;-«.•.',ter i'.ron^ :> H««rvR»h. :-••.'; '.i'.-i'.T^eman Autry Rrk- L :->T! .V'- T ." v^rr* i>- ihe S'tri- ley Cap t^'jjrjp^.n • i,"l]!t-ai;'i Black Ha'.vkv Rangers Gain OnlouisvilEe By ^THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DaHir-rV'n Vi',riii K.'tii^rrs i'-\- U-n-'k'rf ;hv:r vjjinn:? streak ;.<> tighi carn- v - \Vci!nc-:<iay ni^ht and c'ipp':-,': 3 same from leaaue- !e:;d-r;^ l./-i;:s-. il'v !»y nn\\ nina the Cfilf-rsi---!* '''•'- :n ; n American As- H<>-jftr-^ vjr:.-'<c- ti seven-uame c'r'/ij^h; ".vtt;; a 7 s;e innmg attack in r-r-i',:r;ir ^l*T^a*-i3 *-.7.. Thf !n;:i.£-af--'=; 2a;:ic a I. Den-' •-••r '.',;i- p-!.-'.:X'!v: i: !.y rain. A <iou- bSthca^i-r is r:. m'-i'ik-i'* Tiiiir^fiay niehi. Thv Kj-'Ci-rs' victory a; Fort Worth-cam*:- -'*n an unearned run in iff- is^i •'•: ihv. n;n'h. h 2 • ; c r Pete Gondola Mike Thi? Ffan.-or.- pickerl up !™fl v,'ir,.;-.-r .Jt'an i!u\ «'i*-rniron !'r"in Mrairea! and \'ic Hadfield. another forv. ^fi. fr'.;rvi '''hicn^o. Ot-Mror! .returns' :•> tl'c Kariiitfrs I'or wh«ns '•'>'-' piayrii lor ?hree seasons sUirur.L' in iSSS-.Vi. Toronto's on!y seli-c'.ion *.vn~ Al Ari.'Oiir. a ironi Chi- cn-ii. Tr..:' p'ircijase p. r :ce for each uf the eight pi avers '-'-as SJfi.tXHX Ir. transsciions 'oHAv.ina '.he draf;.. thf Rangers seril ' Lou Fon- tinaio. their rs'.£rfs?iv.? (infenso- nian. t!> '.he Canadians ;iiid jil'.'ifo t'.n rH-al thai, brought Doui' Harvey lo- X-:v. York as player- coa'.'h: . ;;ri'.! C!:ic.:v.;o traded F.cliiie LiJzeiib'.-r^c-r in !ic'r«ist for Jerry Mv!n>k ;ann Brian Sir.iih. Bv THE ASSOCiATED PRESS N.Y. — Slelan t \.J.. oiiiii r . ( am-ruly 'i-adint; rider at i>i..'.r:-. v. it! be up on Di\ir,--U. ••' I). v.!(i'H j r of the l&r>9?7!ui- • l-'.;!;;ri;\. is believed If- be • •; ii:v t'a.-ies! sjiriniers stabled hi- irjr>[i:itai.n ot al.' .. : Ircr M^-rru-k's Kipfe'i *a chesl- if.v..iii;er of Rippy which won r;:: ;:ir--- ai f.'hurchil! Downs. ^;'••!•;.•(! ii; offer keen cotnpe- •'. v ;=!;..• Koulailf. sharing top -h 1 t>: iii pounds with Mr. !'.-.. v ;li i.c in contehlifcn. :• Ir -'i. -•inuin'j. Kxciiing eyes, - <: ;i:.ii irained' by Bi!! Paki^ ;.!!-: j !'0 is not to be con- v..-.i «n (.-Ht-iiti-r. Knundin? oat vv;>;-}; field is ..Itin- Munrcc's i-r-n r.-:'. XapsoeaHon. from Ai^niji-M-tii-. N. M. . stable of .'">:>:•<•>: .>'.?iap., owned by Clyde k-;-v.-ii '•:' Tucsyn. Ariz., Mr. !'.-.. '/•-..".<'•(! hy Loon Hoyl and [.•.••i iiy veteran conditioner ii. Mj.-.vric.f:. nini Amajaek, fi :);;• =;ii:i^r'' Hazelton stable. -.':'" r - :•- '. .;rrrn ; _;> third leading 'r. t'lJ'e !><>:;aers firsi \'2 i:a:nes this season f.;;i*fiei<ier \Vajlv M<K>n pio'l-itui ~\ :i -. euhi .'ii unitti were <•".,. r'..r~ Ruth Beasiey Cards First Low Gross Ruth P.t. N 3>!ey eanied firs' !nv. ^ross HI !rn- rv.Kiil^r V.'ediHj.-d;:; play for v.^in'.'ii at the Sail i'«- iipf Cousiiry Club. 5fi:-r.r,«i !(/v. nt-i v rn! In Si^;i:' Pooio ai:<l 'riii.T(.[i Kiiuh-i " i;:i!i Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 A-,c. 1 — PR 5-2044 * rjl 5or-5-Q Ooify » Cho^'-T ,'.«?at5 « Top Quality G/o. £ ProJu<« * PrcropI Free DcHv^ry makes painting a-pleasure! 2h 11 lean To lf!0 TEXAS LEAGUE W L Pet GB A i us rill« i ::.") 27 ..W} — -San Anionio .,. ",'•> 30 ..Vj-S i ; Austin .Ti 32 .305 .T. Tulsu .. ;u ?,2 .-}&2 : r . Victoria • 3'.< ::2 .;s; ."> ;\r<iniori' 27 3S .513 ii'. Wednesday's Results Austin 2, Victoria 0 .\niarillo 4. Arcniorc ! TiUsa I), San AntoFiio 3 Today's Games Amaritlo at Ardnifire Austin at Victoria Tulsa at San Antonio Th--- ;>:r-.v- *.a::z:i! KanSf-r firs' HITS GAS AD RACE OKE.^iHO^tA CITY '.^ — Colore'.! ' a\r i'.'-r &.;:i-ii"ohi!o lircs is ih-:- iS = ^'.;',v ? v. ertisirii; iidriiti^t- ra-;-:-. ss.-. = '^. «.;i company nffi- J. M. S'rs-iv ,'fr.. \ i«. - e prcsi'ieni H-r in^rkvUn^ i..; Ajrsr-rican Pclr •fins. In!... T<!":d ;r-t Oklahoma Oil Jof/hers As5'r( jji >-iT: snal t-Jaini-'• I e a M-•• :?;•'•• r -':iy!.-jv piiitiic latit;i!- ly hn:i; on ;ii' <••;>.ra^or to !h-:> ''- - V /«• / '•< \. Mm v / ^-f The A •-;;-.:nob;jo Manufacturers .-Vssfv.ialLor. <"->*. ir.iJiU^s ihiit the ci>:r;p'fr;;?>r; r-f jht- National Sys- li-/n M/, Jniersiaic- and Mi'jiiways <>rj F< . hodiile wjll pro' duce net L-"r:v^j:.s lo iriolrivis from ;Wi ••! 'i::^' fif 5SS and • ^ billion. OASIS FAIRWAYS STARTING JUNE 18fh Golf Clinic for Boys & Girls 6 to 18 SOD MORRIS TAYLOR or CaJI PR 5-8284 for ... Details — ALSO Private Lesson Now Being Offered HWY 90 EAST • ft C, DON'T YOU •V/ANT TO LEARN? T;isy to sippK—L sc roller..b:u>h or spr.ry ^un I-lo 1 .'.> fr-:c of brush ra;;rk<. V k ;ij noi vhd'.v lap marks. Dries fast—you c;m repincc p:Jtu^e^ ;;nu u>t: a iiniiii 3'J ininiitcs riitei p;:iiHinp. C)dor-!ice. "i hin "itti «;i(cr—t.'.^c AOL ; A-'I ONM ilircct Inun ihe L.;:I v.ijh-.uit li-innin:;. bus if iliinnina i< dcsirc<!. ii>c v.atcr. brushes, rollers, jjjnds and cinthcs i_kv.r: up casil 1 - vn'-h w;:icr.. Available in 27 riecoruii\c colors, piu^, vviiiiij—Rcilc^tiTii: r.ioiicrn trentis in interior dccor.uinr:. these tich, vs.irni 'colu;s ;ire the ones ;nn-,'. popular in Souttiwestcrn homes. Colors,"are f;ist to rc.-Isi I'.ulini.; ion^er. Spots fiin he touched up v.Uhout Lontrastint: siieens. \\ashaljlc—Gre.i.->e, dirt and oiher iioti^-eiioid sUiins v. ,i I; <;\i re.tiiiiv ^itjj su.:p,and \sater. Mild detergents and cle.mcr.s ha\'c no harmful effect. Call me for new AQUA-TONE, ami for other quality Humble products ... E *y "5* a ^ TUT 401 WEST FIRST PHONE: PR 5-2832 DEL RIO, TEXAS HUMBLE 01L& REFINING COMPA N Y

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