The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 30, 1959 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1959
Page 16
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACT* rt.:, SQUARES IN THE ROUND, this new shape .xpands ^decorating possibilities for the home. These squares are *:ri new version of Ute familiar translucent, multi-colored JV circles used so effectively to diffuse light through win~;- : dows, doorways or as room dividers. They are available j:~ln 38 colors and may be used in combination -with Ihe ;r_;"reunds," or used in one shape throughout. lusic Schools Will Start Monday 1 Three County Baptist Churches J-HTbree Gulf Coast Baptist As- SOClational Music Schools get HXttlerway In Brazpria County ehTirches Monday. Under direction of Glen Button, minister 'St-music and education at An- fiirton First Baptist Church and jjttspciational Music Director, i&B schools are designed to jtSHher the music program in Inember churches. F-The schools will be held in take Jackson First Baptist GJjSrch with Jesse S'ltton. minister of music and education of Freeport First Bantist Church «~dean; West Columbia First Baptist Church with Pastor J. •fcSlone as dean; and Anglp.: t m tVfl Bantist Church with Glen '•Stltton as dean. ggAll schools will begin at 7:30 ---Too much 'frost on a refriger- Urtor freezing unit may be. caused ••gr an air leak in the door, leav- dwg foods uncovered, incomplete ^frosting, or setting the tem, Jfrature control too low. a pastry cutter eo chop p.m. and end'at 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Sept. 4 They are divided into two sessions nightly. The first Is for the teaching of music subject matter and the second Is actual choir work, rehearsals, and other musical practice. Guest directors will be at each school with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Prpstrtidge of San Antonio at thp T,ake Jackson school- Miss _ Nadeen Brookshlre and McCoy, of the Texas mt"ic. rfonarfmpTit in at the West Columbia and T)r. TCiioTl Porter, iTnlvprsifv Mitstn De- frn«ni Wncn. at *fc« Anole- schnnl. tn nrov'rtp hpln fr.- nroslc 'cfnrs and lead'vs of Braia Cmmty flant»«t churches. ?v are an anminl event for '!<r workers rif all church or- ^anizntions. choir, and riny^church member Interested A nursprv is provided at the schnnls Tnr children under three-years-old. Homenr.|ikers, Designers, All Ag|ie on Elegance, With Wch Color Liked Luxurious dees* In the home; as exemplified by new fall fashions In furniture .and furnishings, wins a stronger than ever endorsement from manufacturers, designers, decorators and —.most Important — the American homemaker. Said one authority, when asked whether elegant home fash- Ions were Continuing as a major trend^ "Elegant? They're opulent!" With the assistance of rloh colors, ornamental details and Imaginative designs, fashions, for the home have indeed tran- . "hnol: "ovlnr scended the merely elegant and entered the realm of the opulent — bringing along good taste and practicality. Continuing In popularity, too. Is the IdeatUat attractive decor frequently stems from the mixing, of furniture styles and periods. Sensibly, manufacturers and retailers realize that the not going to throw out last year's Early American sofa because this year Oriental is "the thing" — or vice versa — and so they offer a varied selection of home fashions, both the long-time favorites- and the Important new Ideas. . From these can be chosen either additions to the present decor of the home or furniture for a complete home furnishing or refurbishing project. Among Style Leaders Oriental and Early American designs, currently high la popularity, have a basic simplicity that blends well with almost any other type of furniture and also allows for the development of opulence through color and ornamentation. Fall's modern furniture will be a beautiful revelation to those who think of "modern" as cold and austere, for it has now definitely embraced opulence, showing grace of line, richness of color and fabric. Detailing used on fine modern furniture ranges from ap- pliques and trapunto quilted designs to delicate carving and brass-finished ornament*. Favorites with a more traditional flavor Include French and Italian Provincial, eighteenth century, and neo-classic early nineteenth century and Louis XVI designs, Impressive looking and elaborately decorated. >••'•' . Color Everywhere Color Is everywhere in home fashion — on-walls and floors, In draperies, upholstery, accessories, even on tables, chairs and chests. The latter, however, are Intended for sparing use as room accents. In such hues as mandarin red, robin's egg blue, green and yellow, the accent, pieces are effective when used along with wood and wood- trimmed furniture which stresses the natural wood grain and color. Gold is Important, not only as a color for home fabrics, but also in such uses as an antique gold laquered finish for wrougnc iron-or gold-brushed piping for furniture bases. It's seen, too, with other colors in wallpaper, 'carpets — plain or patterned — flecked patterns for vinyl or rubber flooring or wall tiles. Then there art luxurious Jewel tones — amethyst, sapphire, turquoise —' as Well as countless' other variations of yellow, blue,- purple, green, orange and red. Leather Makes Fashion Point In Rodnri Decor Leather'Upholstered sofas' armchairs, occasional chairs.- in high fashion colors, are ready to become focAl points • and conversation: pieces . of either. modern .or ' period rooms. , , r, ., Supple, low -sheen smooth leathers add distinction and. a feeling of ease. Today's-ultra-pliable leathers also lend themselves to special effects tuft- Ing, quilting and trapunto.. • . The leather colpr.wheel has at least 500 spokes primary colors iind pastels that blend" with new color combinations or present room decor. A fireplace can be flanked by the latest chairs of ''structural' leather a style imported from the Continent and Interpreted in American designs. Heavier and self-supporting, "structural" leather lends Itself to backs and seats In .tune with modern furniture. In a man's den, a well-pad, ded -leather armchair creates the ah- of a comfortable male sanctum, and a leather-topped desk reinforces the masculine atmosphere. In the bedroom, leather lightness harmonizes well with fern- inlne ensembles or lends grace to stronger lines, bringing dur ability and ;soil resistance to headboards,; footboards and cabinet fronts. • »ax on youngsters' white or colored kid K »Jjbe» before adding more l. Wte ifKt cleans them and t*: Wwdery remains of Bt&iogport and Braseria, County, Tftxaa, Sunday, August 30,1959 Angleton Resident Suggests Salad ; By MARIE BETH JONES >: . . ' FaeU N«wiwrl!er • ' to a;number of us who aren't "born cooks," trying out recipes usually proves a pretty risky business. : . \ . For Mrs. Lawrence E, Chapman of Angleton, though, the results be different. ,Marilyn,'who loves to,cook—especially sortie-, thing unusual—is making quite amputation for herself as an outstanding hostess, in the .bargain.,.;/;. .. . .. ^,,.....,..: .Though six-month old Lawityicisifi."Chap- man III has slowed down the family's entertaining some, Marilyn hasn't .let molher- hood cut down the quality of the meals she serves her husband. -.'•"» . • -• Chap,,who .sUil subsists! on Ms .bottle .and baby food, enjoys watching'his Monras shs prepares, the unusual salads, casseroles and desserts. His play pen-is just outside the kitchen so he can supervise the work. '; .,' '• ' Angleton residents for the past two years, the Chapmans live at 618 Holly Street. Dr. Chapman Is associated with the Angleton Clinic and Hospital. Marilyn, a petite brunette, bewails the small amount of cabinet space In her tiny kitchen, which just isn't adequate for anyone who uses the .multitude of unusual spices and other ingredients she incorporates into' many of her dishes. . .. . One of the'favorite of her "experiments", however, is a salad recipe which calls for PREPARING ANGEL'SALAD, AN UNUSUAL TREAT One Ot Mrs..Chapman's Favorite "Experiments" "Sleeping Beiruty" Is Theme For Parity Honoring Pamela "Sleeping Beauty" was th theme of the party honorin, Pamela Gail Lorette on he 'ifth birthday Friday, given In the Lake Jackson home of. he jarents, Mr. and Mrs. N. B jorette. Each. guest was presented. a gold and sequin crown red an< \\\vv\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\vw \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\v; GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SPECIAL I No More Standing In Line With Your Own General Electric Washer & Dryer DOW*) GENERAL ELECTRIC FILtifiR - FLO AUTOMATIC WASHER :• Larte « 111. Dry Clothes Capacity • Dual Water Control '• Water Saver Control EM? To Operate • * - Year Warranty FROM THE DIAMOND J. CO. PER WEEK WITH TRADE DELIVERS BOTH UNITS Credit Women Set Annual Breakfast Sunday Morning Plant were completed for th annual. breakfast to, be he! this- Sunday by the Brazori County Credit Women's Break fast Club at their recent reg ular program meeting. The breakfast will be held a 8 a.m. at Crawford's Shrimp Net Restaurant in Angleton. A (his time new members will be ! iv.elcomed Into the club. The -'urrent membership drive now '•-\ effect has as Its slogan '"'MGAM."'! every, member ge T member. The meeting was held at the Aneleton Bank of Commerce in /••"•Won. A discussion was le< hy Tommie Jean Rogers on "Preparing for Prog ess Through Job Analysis". Members learned tha' through self analysis of one'; aualificationi they are better able to analyze their own job requirements and qualif ica tioni. : A i-enort was "rivpn by club nresldent. Jean White, on the recently neld Advisory Boar( meeting. One recommendation made by the board was organ '••ariori of a local workshop for merchants in the area to qqualnt them with the benefits '•> bp gained from employees studying with the BCCW. . Throuith «tate, -and nations' p/flliattoh«; *hff local group stay abreast of latest services ami Trfations nerinent' to retail oTpdit business, snd have-»roved successful in helning presen •nembers to hetter perform «tipfr lobs in that field, it was Members present were re- mlnd<" ) of the cli'^s curr»n *»a.ndy sale nrolert. One pounr tins of nati<wa,llv advertised randv are. available from an; member for $1 each. MODEL' WA-40D-& MODEL DA-420-8 GENKRAI* ELECTRIC MATCHING DRYER • Hlffc • SfU* Drjfaf Syitcm. • Adjustable Cont • No SpecUl Wtei Neoeuuy. •>' -1^ The regular Freeport Oddfel lows fifth Monday night sup per will be a covered dish af fair Monday night. It b-gins at 7:30 p.m. at thi Freeport IOQF flail. All Odd fellows, Rebekahs, and their families and friends are invit ed to attend the supper. iomond<^l>> Company DIAL CY 7-4812 102 THAT »VAT iAK,t JACKSON ifxAi BEAZOSPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITY PJWVE SEPTEMBER 2nd, 1969 white crepe paper cape, a bracelet and a fan. Further carrying,, out the them, Sleeping Beauty games were played and the birthday cake was shaped like a canopy .bed with Sleeping Beauty lying on it. The honoree's gift from her parents was a Sleeping Beauty doll. Cake;-- Eskimo' pies,' -salted nuts and chocolate kisses were served,to,'Kathy Williams,-Carol Wllllarns, Betty Jean Ho- ward.f Rhonda Kay Gilbert, Ann Mcllheran, Rhonda Smith, and the honorp»'s little brother, Nicholas Lorette Jr. . ' more common ingredients, though it is an unusual treat, just the same. Marilyn,also offered a tip for easy^ removal of this and other gelatin dishes which often stem to stick,firmly to. the mold, She applies a light cdat of mayonnaise to the mold be• fore. oouring in the gelatin mixture. This means just a quick use of a table knife < around the edges-when the gelatin has bo- come firm, and It slips out raslly without use of water. , Ihe.reclpe.for Ansel,Salad serves 12 persons gpn-vously, and is a lovely light green color. It, is especially good, Marilyn says, whin served with roast beef or chicken as a main course. ANGEL SALAD 2 packages lime gelatin' 2 cups hot water 2, 3-ounce packages cream cheese 1 small can crushed pineapple • 1 cup diced celery . 1, 2-ouncc jar pimlentoes, chopped -. l f cup chopped pecans f pint whipping cream '' Mix gelatin with hot.water and let. cool. Mush checsp ami add plnc.ipple, celery, piml- ento and pecans, . Fold Into cooled gelatin and put into re-' frl.ierator until it becomes thick but riot firmly .ielled. .,.'.'•• Whip cream and fold in. Pour into mold rinsed in cold Water, or prepared as described above, and chill until firm. YOUTH DIRECTOR WILL PREACH AT VELASCO B^TIST CHURCH 'Jon 'Eargle, whose httme Is.iii Sweeny, but who has been with Stanley- Celebrates .$t(r Birthday;With Party, Stanley Morris was honored on his fifth birthday Wednesday morning with a party given by his 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Morris of Lake Jackson. Decorations included paper streamers and balloons and a "Happy Birthday" sign an the" wall. Guests -were given balloons as favors. Winners in the games were Leslie Mathaws and Kay Webster. Individual cakes . enscribed with "Stan" were -Served, along the' Velasco Baptist Church. as Youth Director for the summer, will preach Sunday evening' in his last .service •with this church. •- . • He will be leaving Sept. 3 for Midwestern Theological Seminary In Kansas 'City, Mo. where he will continue his studies as a minister'. Jon graduated from Baylor University in Waco last May. While attending Baylor he served each.summer as Youth.Dir- cre P e lector In .churches in with lee cream . the 14 guests present. punch, to Sweeny and Velasco. Besides his work as Youth Director tn-the Velasco-Baptist • Church, Eargle preached in the youth-led revival in the church. The pastor,! A. Gordon Johnson. Invites all of Jon's friends and all friends of the^ church to hear this talented young man this Sunday at 7;30 • JON EARGLE To Preach Sunday limv't HIGHWAY 288 "8TYLE-WIBE 'FOR THI CLUTE, TEXAS sleek modem tables with durable plastic top* .. in walnut with contrasting inlays YOURCHOIci: 39 95 six smart styles . ' only ft dowis Yew wont often see high-style, high-quality tables like.these at this low price. You can actually have the pair of nested tables, that long, narrow cocktail table—any of them—your < choice at one low price. You'll get more than high style and beauty because these table* have high-pressure melamine laminated plastic tope that simply ignore ordinary wear and stay beautiful for years. They'll go *?st, come early. Also available m blond walnut. * '•

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