Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 15, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texag TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 15, 193B ONE CHURCH SOCIETY ELECTS OFFICERS; ANOTHER STUDIES SCOUT TROOP OUTLINES AIMS BY THE MONTH I New Meeting; House To Be Furnished First EACH CIRCLE HAS AN ELECTION AND SOCIAL Organization for the year was completed in First Methodist Missionary society yesterday, when circles elected their officers'. Gen- enral officers were installed Sunday night, and the society is now ready to proceed with its work of the year. In each circle a temporal'}' chairman presided for the election and conducted a devotional. Afterward, the hostess served refreshments. Mrs. Joe Shelton was elected . chairman of circle one. Mrs. R. A. Baker as assistant, Mrs. Luther Pierson secretary-treasurer, Mrs. H. M. Cash assistant secretary, Mrs. ••A. A. Kelly superintendent of study, and Mrs. M. E. DeTar Outlook .agent. ' Mrs. Pierson was hostess to 13 members at her home, and Mrs. Shelton was In charge of the organization. Eighteen Are Present. Circle two had 18 members present at the home of Mrs. Horace McBee. Mrs. C. A. Greene was named chairman, Mrs. Bob McCoy assistant chairman, Mrs. C. R. Price secretary-treasurer, Mrs. D. W. Naylor assistant secretary, and Mrs. C. T. Hunkapillar study superintendent. Mrs. Roger McConnell served as temporary chairman. Mrs. Lee Harrah was chosen chairman of circle three, Mrs. W. H. Waters assistant, Mrs. A. B. Whitten secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Paul Jensen study leader. Thirteen members were present at the home of Mrs. H. F. Barnhart, who was the temporary chairman. Mrs. Fred Cullum was hostess to circle four, which named Mrs. J. A. Montgomery chairman, Mrs. G. L. Ott assistant, Mrs. Carlton Nance secretary-treasurer, Mrs. C. R. Nelson study leader, and Mrs. H. H. Boyington her assistant. Mrs. H. L. Wilder presided for the organization. Eighteen were present. Harrah Chapel Circle. Circles five and six met at McCullough and Harrah churches, respectively. Women at Harrah chapel conducted a business meeting in which Mrs. Harry English was elected vice president. Mrs. John Hessey, general chairman of the entire society, and Mrs. ' W. Purviance were guests. They outlined the study courses that are to be used this year. After planning for members and friends to meet in the afternoons at the church to quilt, the group was dismissed with a prayer by Mrs. Lance Webb. Other members present were Mines. Hinds, Campbell, • Deering, Cook, Bowerman, Helbert, Buckner, and English. Royal Neighbors Are to Meet and Install Officers Officers will be installed by the jRoyal Neighbors of America in a 'meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. Virginia Lytell, 838 S. Cuyler, beginning at 2 p. m. All members are urged to be present. Mrs. Lillie M. Showers, elected oracle, will head the Prairie chapter. Mrs. Ruth Pearl Herd will take office as vice oracle, Mrs. Robinson ' as chancellor, Mrs. Zella Webb as recorder, Mrs. McLard as receiver. Mre. Dorothy Voiles becomes past oracle. The new marshal will be Mrs. Mable Coffen, and assistant marshal, Mrs. Ella Smith. Mmes. Mineola Fisher, Hankhouse, and Lytell will be managers. Graces and other officers are to be appointed by the oracle. Canadian News CANADIAN, Jan. 15. — Charles IDorsey of Wellington, Kan., returned home yesterday after a' visit 'With the C. O. Johnson family. J.Wesley Johnson accompanied him .here to spend a few days. . Carl Zybach and family spent '/Sunday in the John Zybach home at Briscoe. Mapping goals for path month, j leaders of Girl Scout troop five yes- I terday announced that their chief aim for 1935 is to make it the biggest and best year for Scouting in Pamptr. Troop leaders met at the homo of Mrs. R A. Selby, captain, at G22 N. Gray. A meeting; room for the troop has brrn provided by Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Buckler, and the January project will bo lo furnish it and arrange it for future inept ings. In February the troop will celebrate the first anniversary of its registration. Members will study the lives of outstanding Girl Scout leaders and the work or the organization in this and other countries. A birthday party will be given in the [club house. j To Tssue Paper. The March project will be hancli- j craft work. In April the troop will i plant flowers, and entertain mothers of members with a picinc. May will mark the beginning of outdoor activities such as hikes and nature study trips. The girls plan to issue a' troop paper monthly, giving news of their activities and other original work. Leaders present for the meeting were Wilma Willis, Jacqueline Hurst, Martha Price, Elizabeth Mullinax, Maltic Velmu Brown. The entire trcop will have a regular meeting tomorrow, the first in the new club house. Members who attend Sam Houston school will go directly to the meeting place, while those in Junior high school will meet in the cafeteria' and go in a body. «K. . . Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Me Adams wer.e in Childress Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Black visited here yesterday en route to Albu" qljerque. Fred Zybach left yesterday for :hls home in Arkansas. The Canadian girls lost to the Miami girls basketball team in the .Mobeetie tournament Saturday night. Canadian boys won from ..the Miami boys but lost later. A tournament is planned here on Jan. 25-28. Cardui for Better Appetite "I was so nervous and depressed, I felt like I wanted to tear my hair," .writes Mrs. R. W. Kilpatrick, of 'Houston, Texas. "I would get ashamed of being so easily upset. I took Oardul at this time and after the third bottle, my strength began ,to mend. The pain was less. I \quit having the depressed feeling." • A better appetite often is one of '$ie first results of taking Cardui, ajtid 8B nourishment is improved, many dieagreeable symptoms of a run-down condition go away. But of course If Cardui does not benefit YQV. consult a physician. (Adv.) Enjoys Party at Jay Evans Home An evening of fun was enjoyed by guests at a party Friday, when Mr. and Mrs. Jay Evans entertained with forty-two at their home northwest of Laketon. Partners were chosen by the men, who guessed shoe sizes of their prospective partners in an amusing contest. More laughter was provoked with a series of contests, closing with a relay clothespin race In which everything except conscience was used to gain the goal, and observers learned which of the men were in practice at hanging clothes. Progressive forty-two was the main game, enjoyed by all the guests. After the games, and a delicious refreshment course of cake, Italian prunes with whipped cream, and coffee had been served, a pint jar of nails, was placed before the guests and each guessed at the number. H. I. Gillespie was .first in this contest, E.' L.. Tackett second, and Hanson Carter third. Respective prizes were an "all-day sucker," a much-wrapped "jaw-breaker," and an English walnut, Guests were Messrs, and Mines. Tackett, Ennis Jones, Floyd McLaughlin, Ray Jones, Carter, A. E. Lemley, Leo Paris, Wheeler Paris Gillespie; Miss Elizabeth Chapman, Garnet Christopher, Jewel Christopher, Mary Frances Jones; Mr. Johnny Paris, and a group of children. MIAMI, Jan.15.—Mr. and Mrs. Lee Newman of McLean spent the weekend with relatives and friends. Eight members of the Junior Culture club went to Canadian Sunday afternoon to see "Anne of Green Gables." Miss Thelma Gill of Wheeler spent the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gill. Miss Ester Morrison, teacher • of ;he Ben Hill school north of the river, was the week-end guest of her isters, Mrs. Jack Montgomery and Mrs. Dale Low. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kivlehen are moving to McLean this week. Miss Dona Locke of Panhandle spent the week-end with friends in Miami. Miss Vida Mae Simpson spent the week-end at Lubbock. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fitzgerald of Magic City were guests in the S. E. Fitzgerald home over the week-end. Mrs. A. Davis has as her house ;uest Mre. Amelia Ivey of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. James Talley of Le- Fors spent' Saturday in the J. R, Talley home. Commissioners' court convened today. New commissioner, L. A. Mad- clox of prc-cinct No. i is in attendance. Judge E. F. Ritchey is attending court in Pampa this week. Mrs. Jim Gill and Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Corse were Pampa visitors Monday. The infant daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Gill is a patient in the Worley hospital. Woods King of Perryton, com- nissioncr of Roberts county precinct ,No. 2, is attending commissioners' court this week. New Star Threatens Garbo O FOUR MEETINGS ARE CONDUCTED IN HOMES Fresh from the north countries that gave the movies Greta Garho comes this beautiful threat to the supremacy of the Scandinavian star. She's Tutta Kolf, pictured above on her arrival in New York en route to Hollywood from Sweden, where she won popularity in the theater, movies and grand opera. To acquaint the public in general and patrons of Sam Houston school in particular with the Pampa school system, Sam Houston Parent- Teacher association will sponsor a "Know your school" program in an open meeting Thursday evening. It will begin at 7:15 and dismiss promptly at 8:30. It will be an informal meeting, conducted as a panel discussion and with no set speeches. Every persons present will be privileged to ask questions concerning the school. Mrs. C. T. Hunkapillar will act as chairman. Patrons who do not know the value of Sam Houston building, the enrolment there, the professional qualifications of school officials here and the Sam Houston faculty, and other pertinent facts about the school are invited to be present. Supt. R. B. Fisher will be the first to be "put on the spot." The chairman and others will question him regarding the school organization and curriculum. Principal A. L. Patrick will answer queries about the Sam Houston building, equipment, and organization. Mrs. L. L. McColm, president of the Parent-Teacher association, will discuss the training and professional outlook of Sam Houston teachers. , C. P. Buckler, secretary of the school board, will answer questions about personnel and qualification of board members, how they are elected, their term of office. Roy McMillen, school business manager will be questioned about school taxes and financial conditions. Miss Llewellyn Shelby, schoo health director, will answer questions about regulations regarding student health. Mrs. J. W. French attendance officer, will discuss stat and local rules regarding attendance. Preceding this evening meeting expected to be one of the most important of the year, an executive board meeting of the Parent-Teacher association has been called foi 2:30 Thursday. -». LePORS, Jan. 15.—Paul Thurmond visited in shamrock over the week-end. The Rev. M. S. Leach attended a Baptist district meeting at Canadian last week. A group of young people was entertained at the George Moore home Saturday night. Several LeFors people accompanied the boys and girls basketball teams to Panhandle for games Friday night. Chubby Stewart of Pampa was a week-end visitor in LeFors. Smart Sports Suit Ellen Worth offers pattern of this easy to make sports suit Style No. 582 is designed for sires 14 to 18 years, 36 to 40 bust Size 16 requires 4 yards of 39-iach material with \Yn yards of 39-inch lining. Our BOOK OF FASHIONS is 10 cents. Price of PATTERN 15 cents in stamps or coin (coin is preferred). Wrap coin carefully. To order, address New York Pattern Bureau, rampa. Daily NEWS, Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street, New York City. Write name and address plainly, tfJviug number and size of tattern wanted. Your order will be filled Uie day it is received by our New York pattern bureau. Regular circle study was resumed in First Baptist Missionary union yesterday afternoon following holidays and a general meeting. The four groups met in homes of members. Mrs. D. B. Jameson was hostess to Anna Sallee circle. After a prayer by Mrs. E. V. Davis and devotional lesson by Mrs. Wilson Hatcher, Mrs. Ernest Fletcher led a discussion from the book, Home Mission Trails. Mrs. L. H. Greei gave the benediction. Others present were Mmes. F. E Bianton, R. E. Land, J. C. Roundtree, Dee Campbell, Floyd Young Floyd Yeager, Albert Taylor, Ollie White, Edward Pearce, Harvey And crson, Calvin Whatley, B. F. Hoover Business Meeting-. Elkin Lockett circle met witl Mrs. Baker Henry, who conducted the devotional. A prayer was givei by Mrs. H. C. Wilkie, and Mrs. R C. Woods presided for a business hour. Mrs. L. A. Baxter dismissec the meeting with prayer. Mrs. J, F. Henderson was hostess to Alice Bagby circle, and Mrs. Torr Duvall directed the study from the book of Ephesians. The opening prayer was by Mrs. Mary Binford. Other members present were Mmes E. L. Anderson, R. E. Lee, Nolan Harris, E. M. Dean. Members of Lily Hundley circle met with Mrs. D. R. Henry. The invocation was by Mrs. G. C. Dur,ham and a business session was in charge of Mrs. K. T. May. Mmes. R. C. O'Keefe, E. F. Brake and May told what they learned at a recent church convention of the life and work of the missionary foi whom this circle is named. Others present were Mines. T. B Robinson, F. G. Cecil, C. P. Fisher H. E. Crocker, Dee Campbell, H. C Payne, C. L. Wicker, and C. L Stephens. _ New Beauty Shop Opened Formally This Afternoon Formal opening of Pampa's newest beauty shop, Milady's Poudre .Box, is in progress this afternoon It will be open until 9 o'clock this evening, then will observe usua' business hours the remainder of the week. The new shop is in spacious quarters at 117 W. Kingsmill. Visitors are received in a large reception room and then ushered to the rows of roomy booths where all types of beauty work Is done. Walls of the reception room are painted with maritime scenes, the ships copied from paintings of famous sailing vessels. A beautiful rug covers the floor, and chairs and show cases are in colorful modernistic design. Booths are decorated in blue, rose, and silver, with curtains of neutral shade. Equipment is all of the most modern type. Special booths for facials, permanent waving, shampooing, and manicuring are furnished with expensive equipment. A new type of gas dryers as well as electric dryers are a part of the machinery. A complete line of cosmetics will be carried. All work will be done by well-trained operators. The shop is under joint management of Mrs. Ethel Pauley, who has managed her own beauty shop here several years, Mrs. Ann De Myer and Mrs. Virginia Via Pollard, who recently returned from Chicago where they received diplomas in beauty culture. Other operators are Mrs. Ann Bishop, also a graduate of a nationally known school, Loraine Hodges and Mamie Stockton, who have had much experience in beauty shops here. Defamation Of Woman Charged To Fergusons DALLAS, Jan. 15. (/P)—Pictured as 'the moral dictator for the people," Mrs. Miriam A. Ferguson, retiring today as governor of Texas, refused comment on allegations in a $175,300 damage suit filed here charging lier and James E. Ferguson, her husband-adviser, with defamation of a slain woman's character. Relatives of Mrs. Pearl Hall, de;eased, alleged language of a proc- arnation pardoning Mrs. Mary Boone of Dallas from a five-year sentence imposed for the slaying of Mrs. Hall, formed the basis of the suit. The mother, brother and sister of he deceased, Mrs. E. Singletary, F. j. Singletary. and Minnie B. Single- ary, all of Rusk county, and O. L. Fewell, and Mrs. O. L. Fewell of "alias, were listed as plaintiffs. Language in the proclamation was slanderous and libelous, the jlaintiffs charged. 40 YEARS—NO FISH HOUSTON, Jan. 15 (#>)—A new ish story is out. J. H. Smith has re- .urned from another unsuccessful ishlng trip to Galveston bay near ja Porte. "I've been fishing in Galveston bay for 40 years and I've lever caught a fish nor seen any- ody near me catch one," Smith confessed. "I guess this bay is a Jonah for me." REPORTERS OF H. D. CLUBS IN COUNTY MEET Council Is Organized And Chairman Is Elected "Club reporting is as definite a part of home demonstration club training as meat or vegetable canning," said Miss Ruby M. Adams, county agent, to the reporters council, meeting for the first time in a new year at tits county agent's office Monday. News stories get the vital information before the public and give suggestions to non-members who are unable to attend demonstrations, the reporters, several of them new to the office, were told. Mrs. Marvin Daugherty was elected chairman of the reporters council, and so becomes a member of the County Home Demonstration council, representing this division of club work. Women attending the meeting Monday were Mrs. Harry Gillespie of Laketon, Mrs. Milt Williams of Biucbonnet club, Mrs. Clyde King of Bell club, Mrs. Robert Brown of Hopkins, Mrs. A. Swafford of Morten, Mrs. E. R. Sunkel of Kingsmill, and Mrs. Daugherty of Priscllla club. Germany Takes Holiday After Ballot Victory BERLIN, Jan. 15. (IP)— Reichs- fuehrer Hitler, congratulating Saqr- landers today on their vote to return to the Reich, said "your decision gives me the possibility of contributing to the solution of Europe's problems." 1 "Once we have attained equality we can cooperate in those tasks of international solidarity which are so necessary for pacification of the world," the leader said. In an impassioned radio address Hitler asserted he regarded the Saar vote as "a decisive step on the road to ending the most terrible and the most unfruitful fight that tore European nations asunder." The plebiscite, he said, "means that the indissoluble unity of the German people once again has been demonstrated. Germany thanks you from millions of hearts." Church bells rang throughout Germany when the result was announced. Schools were closed for the day after a short and solemn ceremony celebrating the victory. Flags appeared as if by magic and torchlight parades and mass meetings were arranged by Nazis to close the "historic day." Party for Child Honors Birthday Patsy Ann Ellis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Ellis, was honored on her second birthday with a party Saturday afternoon. After several games, refrshments were served to Patsy Ann and Bobby Roy Dyson, Oma Claire Morris, Bobby Morris, Mary Jo and Colleen Cockerill, Donald Fletcher, Patsy Abernathy, Mary Joyce Mobley, Arnelle Johnson. Altar Society to Start Membership Drive This Week A membership and attendance drive will start this week in the Altar Society of Holy Souls church. The society meets tomorrow at Mrs. C. H. Robinson's home in Skelly camp on the Borger' highway, with Mrs. Wilbur Cook as co-hostess. AH former members, and women in the church who are not members, are urged to be present at this meeting and to become members. MANHATTAN TROPICS NEW YORK—Yes, Gotham is going to grow bananas, let the wintry winds blow as they may. The New York botanical garden is finishing \ cactus house and part of it is gong to be devoted to banana plants so New Yorkers may see just where ;heir banana splits come from. They're going to try to work in a couple of coconut palms, too. GletweettjmcJte* Freshens the mouth |r ..Soothes the throat VICKS COUGH DROP FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING EDMOiiDSON DRY CLEANERS PHONES 844 •- 606 PLANT OFFICE 2200 Adams Hotel W. Alcock Building 6 and 10 Acre Tracts Close in L. J, Starkey Room 13 Duncan Bldg. CALENDAR WEDNESDAY Central Baptist Missionary society will met for Bible study at the church, 2:30. Mrs. J. C. Crawford will entertain the No-Trump club. Mrs. C. H. Robinson and Mrs. Wilbur Cook will be hostesses to Holy Souls Altar society at the home of the former in Skelly camp. Presbyterian Auxiliary will meet at the church, '2:30. Episcopal Auxiliary will have its meeting at the parish house. Treble Clef club meets at city hnll club room. 4 p. m. First Methodist choir rehearsal at the church, 7:45. Dorcas class of the First Baptist church will meet at the church, 2:30. THURSDAY Mrs. J. W. Smith will entertain Club Mayfair at Schneider hotel with a 1 o'clock luncheon. Mrs. A. M. Martini will be hostess to the Queen of Clubs. Junior High PTA will meet at its usual hour, at the school. Mrs, Bill Balrd will entertain Happy Hour club. Tatapochon Camp Fire Girls will moet at Legion hut, 4:15. Sam Houston PTA will have a night meeting at the school. Roynl Neighbors will meet with Mrs. Virginia Lytell, 833 South Cuyler, at 2 p. m. Mrs. Walter Sill will entertete the Merry Mixers bridge club at Canary sandwich shop. Sam Houston PTA board will meet at the school building, 2:20. FRIDAY Mrs. P. J. Landry will be hostess to New Deal club. Order of Eastern Star will have .1 regular meeting at Masonic hall, 8 p. m. Members and visiting members asked to attend. Mrs. P. P. Hickman will entertain Laff-a-Lot bridge club at her home, 2 p. m. Choir Will Meet With New Leader Selection of Mrs. A. N. Dilley Jr. as choir director for First Presbyterian church was announced this week by a recently appointed music committee. Members are C. H. Walker, Mrs. Harry Lyman, and Olln E. Hinkle. The choir will meet at 7:30 Wednesday for organization, with Mrs. Dilley in charge of rehearsal. Mrs. Walter Stein is church pianist. A new musical program in the church is a part of the activity started with the arrival of a new minister last month. Services Sunday were attended by the largest crowds in the church history, members reported. Five additions to membership were reported. Read the clasinefls today. THE Laxative UNDER the doctor's care, or in the hospital, you would get a liquid laxative. And the liquid form is what you would use at home, if you knew what a doctor knows! A liquid laxative can always be taken in the right amount. You can gradually reduce I he dose. Reduced dosat/e is the secret of real and safe relief from constipation. The right liquid laxative gives the right kind of help, and the right amount of help. When the dose is repealed, instead of more each time, you take less. Once you have experienced this comfort, you will never return to any form of help that cau't be regulated to suit the need. The liquid laxative generally used is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It contains senna and cascara, and these are natural laxatives that form no habit — even with children. Its DOCTORS SETTLED IT, LONG AGO. action is gentle, but sure. It will clear up a condition of biliousness or sluggishness without upset. You'll like its taste, and like its action. It's pleasant to take, and won't sicken you like a violent cathartic. So, try Syrup Pepsin. Take regulated doses until Nature restores regularity. Those who have made the "liquid test" know why most doctors favor a liquid laxative like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Get a bottle today. BE CAREFUL jroiy laxative makes you \ f thirsty, affects your appetite, seems to burn, or requires larger doses than when you first began its use — change to a p| liquid laxative! SYRUP PEPSIN Announcing.. . THE OPENING OF the new Vogue NEW OWNERSHIP Complete New Stock of Spring Merchandise .... The Season's Finest Creations of Ladies' Ready-to-wear OPEN FOR BUSINESS THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 We Invite You to Visit This New Store THE NEW Next Door To Woolworths I. Brodsky, Owner

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