The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 6, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1892
Page 4
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THE DAILY OfifiOlTOLE, tWEClEMBEE 6, 18fi2. «• Buckwheat, and all kinds grinding done at C. A. c Cheshefa mill. , for »ftift*iH the stom*ch, eolte tobrbus theeio is *othing 15 bettei' thdfi b«laia'B Colic, got ^al MARSHALL IMPROVED We, the undersigned, do agree to closd ouf markets Sundays frotn* 1 Dec. 1st, 1802 to Marxist, 1891. Also close at eight o'clock during the week, except B. CJ. TALtf ADQK. E. P. JANURLL. J. S. Cox, Jft, JOHN HERfKORN. GEO. COLLINS, Ju. 80th. lg02/ (Unnday patent, oontnins no Sure and safe cure toi_ meat cat to order djf Dr. F. B. Brewer. Dear Sir:~-Please send me aNk&ttle of your Alterant. I am very much^b.etter now than when I beganjiloctoriug you nine months ago. I had doctote wifh other doctors fof some timo without benefit,' r commenced'gaining at . SsitTH. Waupaca, Dfunkeness, Morphinej • , * Opium, Cocaine, .' <•' ,' ."•• . ~ Ijid ITobaeeo Habit ' * ' ~ ' OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE NtXT 30 DAYS. Sell at Coat foVdjish all , Trimmed Sats and Bonnets, *' . Ifntrimmed Goods, Feathers, Fancy Feathers, .. Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, . In fact EVERYTHING Eyr 7 THIRTY DAYS. n Chaie of my IWork Room TJHE Mils HANlilA, .For treatment' and explanation 1 uf the Cure consult Dr. L. E. Gallup at hi^ fee Cook block. -Patients treated pri vatelyKjio desired. Jo Dr. Brewer will be at the Herndon house Wednesday,- December 7th. Jarius Baub has opened a billiard and pool room, m theVogel store, 207 East State street/ Everything is now and first cjasa. , Lunches served at ;all time/. K. Butler keeps the largest stodfc of _orockery and lamps in the oity. d jl In order to make T,aqm f6r new stock will sell wall paper at cost ' PowELt. Selept and standard oysters at Can. cingham'a. >• Use Hazel Cream for chapped hands and lips or any roughness of the skin. M- B; POWELL. . • . - . ; ; • — . . v Fresh eystersjat Gunningham.'s. Capt. W. A. Abbott, 'who hafl long been withMessrs. Peroival and Hat ton, Real Es- ate and Insurance Brokers, Dea Moinea own, and ia one of the best known ant most respected business men in that city. eaya: "I can testify to the good, qqalities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy/ Having used it in my family fur the past eight years I con safely aay it has no jequal for either colds or croup." 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. • S)L\Q is lately from tho wholesale house of I'ollook, Pottibohe & Chapman" a having had rf largo experience can give you satisfaction and on short notree. Now is the time and •.•*""" You can always find tbe best Gig Greene's Drug s Call and Try Th 2 doors west of R O. 'S Is the place. Brewer and Sor YEARS 'MAX£$r#£AfAtf~^ .forte pETROit'BUSINESS UNIVER* BITY »»<! School of Short-band, and it-cure >n Illustrate* ~ [ that will open to you opportunities •-•» **m your waj »nd fortune. UnlyLralty BuilJin^, V ...ok. Mkh. The best Pertumes always in stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store, Ladies are inviteci to call and test them Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Children Cry for Will with ling you "psH our dar- iabiea Pitcher's Castorla. MOTHERS,, nesa, or call QU your druggist for Sharpsteen's Lavender Ominient ,«,«, Asthmatic Balaam, mediein*_that save lives when doctors fail in Membranous Croup, Inflammation rf the Lunes, Lnnk iVver and Typhoi Pneo, monia.N also, quickly lelievea a 4 cures Croup, Scarlet J'ever, W oopin, Cough, Bore Throa&Burns. 8 »alds a: .similar affliction*. 35 and 5U —*"' by mail? PB. H. SHAKPSTBEN etor. Marshall. Michigan. i "Koyftl Baby" Port Wine. •- No good thing should be outla»ela because. •nfcnmrnande fnri, ^upport un»l FI irm. nn d c*imbin»w the best leatiu^ir of Oorsxt andWttirfU U'Jio JACKSON FAVORITE r 0,0.0, WAIST A/I/J Immnch tfpm by-wnmpn ~ and tutasua ' uiiubln t» Tliia long experience and a careful study- of .tho beat methods otmblcB us to cure every •(Jiirnhlu (jutte. We keep a record of efery cnco treated and tho roaalt obtained and oaft re; fcr you to people who have been oared by our tuothod ottrottUnont. Oonwultation tree and Kea.nona.ble t«TiiiM lor 1'rea.tmcni. - . <•• \Vu Imve visited the najne oillccB every eight weeks foa the past twenty-dve years, Wo ar« preparcU to ahcfw successful results in troiiting dltioivfua of th<> liver, heart, lunga, fftoif ach, liidnuyg. brain, norths. rheumatlBHi, ne'uri g!;i, a.»liilti,y catarrh lltH, youthful Jndlncretlo rauctjrs; cild foreo, nimora, dlaheiln, dyapop»t dropsy, clirvuic, diarrhoea, eezema, IqsiwvOlo broucliKla, A»tbii>a, pneumonia, isonnumptloi (sriiptlon.s. pimples, humois, blolchuo aim. all illntmsBH of long staudlnc. AiWrcas tore Un-war & Son, 130 Chicago Av». f bn, llrlnola. Will buSit tJie Ilerndou House on Wednesday, , Tib, CiwrljUo, Thursday, Oec. 8tb, and Iliittlo Crcuk.-Bifc. Uth.. Dr. Blower's S^ro Heart Kcguiator^'glveB Im relii-f. >y^ t)r. Brower'u Sure B^i)uro for DUeaaea of the liver, kidneyinwd blood, $1 per bottlu. Dr. Utuwur'8 bure 8toiuitKh Pllla Tor cento a box. Pllla Tor dyspeptics _ , n t r* Coronfci Corset Co., SNUO -EiTTtmt, beaiitl- fully mmle, Warnintcil. V Equal to any fl-25 waist. COLOBS- White, Drab, Golil.Kn^ Black-. Oen- nlne marked tiCC. lBr* sell It. , I'OPt paid, JACKSON, Wall Paper The largest stoc^k the lowest p HY D E'S DruglStore > A Mt assorimeiit pi '..' • ""•-- 4 • ' The best lands CHEAPER CAS FOR LIGHT. TO Of NStJMilRS The <3ras pompany and. there agracelesai person baa^ly. It a just 'asBeceasary fo ^^ administer m»igorant» tpc the aged aridi f beWLeaa it is to Btneftth^s a dwellipg that ia beginiOng <e and at ^easQ^a,l|le Truses Jitted wilttQUt .the^bllqwingT|(|uo- tion in pnce^'of Gas for LIGHTING wHerever Gas -to. take GOQE3MG or on cliarge ifor ntting at Btore SEIPTBMBBIR 1st 1892. aU (3aa conaiuned wliere a, Q^S' L 'RA:NGE w a dwellipg de«say. Nofoixly may life be i greatly prolonged by. airtiflQiai support, but the decline ing years of those near and dear tpaabo jrendsred tnore oorofortable, an4 age relieved ot many, of its uBual-pains an.d penalties ba a ; ju,dHsi6uftuj>e of "Royal H,«bj" Port Bottle is guaranteed bythe'un- iO be absolutely pure and over flv«L ewB" *W at bottling or 'muney paid for it "will be refuuded. Quart bottles $!,; iWr »Md ,ii*bulfc * that ^,xv.., * «*' * UADOUAI i M iciu?4 For ^8 MCOM> ^^' Wuera & o O KtNGPr WEATING'STQVE3^ used and the monthly 252 West State HrlARSHAH., MICH,.t ^0^,^^ not l(MS tUao im , cubto faqfa .. ; , ^ • , . . ;.' ICfl I6AK teCpie*]MS£8iN»w Cheaper Fuel, • '•'-ci_^.»_ _4__^. ^-f» -••1* TIMETABLE, NOV. 20, 1892. I« the name rfa at ^tbe eleaant luw of B. elsewhere. _ _. - 4 O. E. OftBOJM'. Tlcitet gift soWiers*'wJao pontraxited chronic it by Chanuber,» J. H. SANDEBS j B at» for Gae a^ed for LIQHTiNO ONLY remain unoliangfiid. ana'are M follows: t. in 6ii'iB month, $3 00 per 1000^cubio.-ft.. »Q ft&fe]ia;tft. an.d lessjhan 10,00.0 cubic ft 1 montb $1 90 per lOOO. 1O,0$(>^ eyer^ I. mouth |l b>6 pev 10CW <subit)Tft, - -,' . (cubic ^ All tbe above rates are aul<jeet to a, dtaeouut of 10 eta per 1QQO cubic ft. wiiea the mou $ |)fll is paid inor before the 10th of tbe month nest folio wing./ « **The aboire special rates ^r^iaade to iudupt) couijumerd to uac^gas for cooking and < "" an lighting. " * - • - ' / The, AD¥ AN5AGB of ftas For •&' now n ; - SPECIAL REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A disoourt of 3tO per beiit^will OQ ni&do frQoatre^ciar prices on »JH bflis *Mfi^ Fi*ti(jefl or Elpio,g ordeured Sept ; Jst RESTORED MANHOOD'"'"^ AU4M4"'^** UI " *j**»»«,*Av.ir4f|. ajiia-TriOii^ orfiMU «f muter »w, *W» l,off Mimhiood. IttlKtBacy. -J

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