The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 30, 1959 · Page 15
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 15

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 30, 1959
Page 15
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• srazosport and Bmoria Oounty. TMCM,.Sunday, Augugt 86.1989 BRAZOS? 6*t f ACT ft BLONP11 SOMETHING WEIRD NTHKWATBftJf LIL' ABNEB ViP- I GOT A BODACIOUS SPEECH ALL L'ARNEO BY HEART, SNUFFY I HEAR WM KlCKIN'OPPVORI CAMPAIGN MR MAYOR TONI8HT, flIDDLIS I'M FIXIN-TOT/ TWO SOLID HOURS ON FOLKLORE, FIDDLIN DULCIMER PICKIN WHAT 00 VB AIM TO SAY ABOUT MOONSHINW? MOPH8HINIM7, WHATONMKTH IS THAT? vnt UNDSUDf TH 1 HOLLER SNUPF7 SMITH BEETL1 • BAILEY TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED I TRIED TO GET ALUTH HBOHBORHOOD BOVS | INTERESTED INTH' CONTEST... fyfr.w ...BUT HECK, NOT A ONE 1 ViOULD TOUCH TH1 STUFF//r GRANDMA GORDO i ANYWAYS, SOON A» We TOOb U W '' UI - <*° SO'* AN' 'IONS V WITH t«|M POGO BOOKS: Fiesta Fills Shelves Too ~m» SWEET OF Give TIMS FOR ME TPCVW/ PUA6UR6, SaOfttT TO Beet- ssevicfi n SUCH A WEBCAM BOV8 COURTLY AMP H.ATTBRlN6f THOSE WITH A BACHELOR roe AM CtJCLi/ f Caiheria* Munion F«iier They'll be doing the rumbu and the tamba In the streets arid the rhythm of castanets will fill the autumn air • at Fiesta time come* to Fretport once morer- Plve day«, Sept. 1-12, will find the area taking on a south of the border flavor as everyone take* part in the annual community project on behalf of La Encuellta. Endless, fascinating, and romantic are the stories and legend* of Mexico. Fa«clnatlnu and romantic also Is her history —to much so that It Is often difficult to distinguish fact from fancy, the god« and «odde»ie» of ancient beliefs from those who have actually ruled this fabulous country, Alwsyt of Interest in our Tea. situated as we are not too far from the border, Influenced we are by her culture, and firmly bound to her by our mutual history, Mexico hai a renewed appeal during the ttme of fiesta. To satisfy this interest the Library has prepared an exhibit of book* on the subject which are now available 1 at the Freecort Library. U Mexico Is your dish we would suggest: AT HOME IK MEXICO by Charlef Allen Smart, The autlv or and his wife have been living In Mexico since 105}. Re knows whereof he speaks and fits picture of Mexico Is as de- lightful a< ft is honest and unassuming. MEXICO REVISITED by irna Fergusson. Touring the country by automobile, the author studied Mexican life on all Its levels of development, from the most primitive to the most advanced sods! planning. -DAYS OF OFELIA by Gef- trude Diamani This Is M charming a book at we have over read about Mexico. It is a delightful account of every- 4 <iy hannentn^s In Mexican We 'hsit traveler* in<J nonfMveJ 'Vill both enjoy, as well as be- 'n« a valuable commentary on 'nter-Amerlcan relations. TQTWtST GUIDfi TO MEX- 'CO *»•• r,, M. Bashford. A "lorn- ejT-.-'rtiri'j and oainstaklng nl«o o' -fork, invaluable to the -*|pv^n*i, fouH^f ^*ho want** to -r* ***** ..r«n«f A.,f of bis tftl "« whft dopsn't' MV WWATTP T.TF.<« SOUTH 'Trg. Wirrilieth t)e Twvlno The <tory of un American exnew.<:- DSpsr-woman's life and marrl- i?e in Mexico. Fascinating In 'ts picture of family life In the noder scale. Mexican social 1lf» nnfomn. TRnOVTWV AND CON- fff KPIXTCO by Dli T)el Castillo. Wlted from th only exact copy of the orielim manuscript, this cover* the oer- lod from 1517-1521. Published in Mexico fay Oenaro Garcia and translated Into English by A. P, Mandtlar- Dear El«: (Klamma alwayi warned me to be the life of die party,) Things are fine in Mount Idy (ihe BOO on)--all except the crops. ... - . . At our com la only an Inch hign, the birds have to kneel down to eat it. Our wheat Is so short your father's going to have to lather it before he can mow it. Also, your father sold our horse and he wants to buy a cow. 1 want him to buy a iractor. I told him he'd look awful silly trying to ride a cow, and he said he'd look a lot sillier tryin' to milk a tractor. On second thought, knowing your father, 1 don't think he would. • •_-. Anyway, we already have a cow. She's very friendly, She'll let anyone milk her—even people with cold hands. Leonard Box hid all the horn* removed from hia cow*. He • said a-was - cheaper- to -do then than join the rnusfcl ins* unton. " Gomar Cool finally gpi engaged. He met this girl in a revolving door, and they started going around together.. Her father recently died and left her everything. They don't know how much it la became they haven't gone through his pantt pockets yet. ... , . '..<;. She'e the prettiest girl in Mount Idy. She reminds you of the Loch Ness monster—if it were taller. Gomar tried to get her a 24-carat diamond but nobody would c*np him a diamond for 24 carrots. He was even willing to throw in an egfflant and a watermelon. The other day what Gomar wit taking a load of hay to town, hi» wagon hit a rut and the whole load overturned on the road, A fanner came out and invited Gomar to dinner. Gomar said, "I better not. Father wouldn't like it." The farmer in- elated, so in he went and ate a wonderful dinner, After dinner they played the Gramophone, looked at the family album, played several games of Parches!. ' Then Gomar thanked the farmer and said, "I guess father wouldn't like my being here." The farmer said, "Where is your fatiisr." and Gomar says, "He's under the hay!" Love, Mamma (From the book, CHARLEY W£AVER-S LETTERS FRC»i MAMMA, published by The John C, Winston Company, copyright, 1959, by Cliff A rquette.) Community Calendar THCBSDAY, AUGUST « 7:00 p. m. — Touunutefl Club, Port Cals 1:SO p.m.-K of t Lodga No 476. K of P HaU, frnpon 7:30 p.m.-Ra> Ranty Mat Aux <io, Clul« 1:30 pjn.—Kni»hts ol Columbus. Council Hall. Freeport 7:80 p.m.<-FrNport Amtrlsan Legion, Leflon Hull 4:00 pjn.—FrMporl R4b*k»n> Lodgs No. »7, lOOf »UJld. tnf FBIDAY, AUGUST II 12:15 p.m.—Bratosport Rotary Club, Port cats MONDAY, AUGUST Si 7:30 p.m. - Jayceos, Lake Jackson Clubhouse • ^n pjn.- Freeport Oddlel- lowi Lodge No. 881, IOOF Building TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER i 7:30 p.m.—Velasco Misonlc Lodge, Vtlaaco 7:30 p.m. - Velasco Lions Chrt, WhltUn'i 7:30 p.m.—Vtlasco B ts PW Club, Veluco Oonmunity HOUH 7:80 pjn.— Brazosport Boat Club, CJhamMr o( Commerce BUI. 1:10 p.m.—American Legion Post 106, Legion Hall, Lake Jacluon WEDNEIDAV, SEPT. I 19:15 p.m.-Freeport Ki*/anU, Dow Hotel liSO pjn.—AnfUton Chapter, De Molay't, Matonlc Tempi* IlM p.m.- FOE, Surfiie Road THl'RSDAV, lErTEMBER 3 7:10 pjn.^-Knlghu of Columbus, Council Hall, Fteeport 1:30 p.m.—K of P Lodge No. 416. K of P HaU, Freeport 1:00 p.m.—Freeport Rebekahs Lodge No. 257, IOOF Building B;QD p.m.—Jones Creek Community . Club, Community House FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 19:15 p.m—Br«»ofport Rot- try, Port Cafe 1:80 p.m.—Wcsseo's AuX. Int. Operating Eng. LAO*! No. M+. Union HaU CaU Freeport BB 3-4411, E^tenalon 3-2506 for Lilting Presented aa a pUOUo service bj • TH£ DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Texas Qlviiion WASHINGTON (UPI, — A cientifie group has .warned hat many nations toon will be ble to build nuclear submar- ne» which could launch "a d«- wtatlng missile attack against ities hundreds and even thoug- ndx of miles from the tea- oast." . -•• ' "The probability will becdme teadily greater in the future," he gcienUsts said, "that «n in- arnational mischief -maker will be able with impunity to o initiate a nuclear holocaust." In all likelihood, they ~n\&, the attacking submarine would storrs sgRA By RU SCOTT B/G SPATULA : KALAMAZOO, Mich. <OP»-- — Vliiters to the Kalatnana County fair will b« iteatt* 1« fret seramblnd eggs. 1,008., of them, cooked In a six-foal frying pen. Fait official At! rirsgerald, who will have the'"* honor of scrambling the eggs, . plans to me a garden hoe. " Scientists WarnOf •;•'• 1*1 * ..SAT. • BIO DOUBLE 8IU. "ATTACK OF THE JtWoit WOMEN" . ; .' ' —Pltj»— "HIST TO | KILL" SOB., Man., TUM., Wed, "IMITATION OF UPC" tAffA TURNER JOHN GAVIN .-ape without even being Identified, and the attacked na- libn would not know who hit STARTS TODAY "THE BIO CIRCUS" •'. RHO.NDA FLEMING < VICTOR MATURE BE S-ZSW THE HOUSE OF HITS - ADCIT ENTERTAINMENT Tod»T Thnt- Thnti., Sept I- .'AMES STi,MftT« LSI HO... . • 'MmWft OXONKcU COMINQ-FRL. lept. 4 "SOUTH PACIFIC" "WE CATCH OUR OWN"..; for the finest in Seafoods... Fried Chicken OPtN 7 AM — 18 PM SEVEN DATS A WEEK ALSO U.S. CHOICE STEAKS ; POPULAR PRICED BUSINESSMAN'S LUNCH EACH NOON . , — ' . Hear Judj. Brack, -. ' • •.• •• .. < •/ . - - .-At The .HajssaionA ORAWTOlI'iii'tl Ea * h EVenlnt; * UnaWfUJtilfS Sunday Noon. Shrimp Net 'Roland Travis CHOP 'N CHATTER Brazoria County restaurant owners went, busy this week treating neaj. faces and renew- Martini tttsto. interior decorator from Houston, seen din - ing at the Chock Wagon this week and exprMWtag interest over the local oil palnungs found tracing the walls. Dining at Caell't CifeihiJ week were Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Cutty Sr. t Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Htskins and Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Tiptoe. Mr. Louis Mims. former Fre- epon Sulphur Co. employee and long time rMlfaet at Freeport, seen at the Port Cafe this week enjoying lunck and talking over old times with tomtt frundi The Port's private dinlBg room wti pack»d Monday when tht Fnepon Buttnut Auoeiuion held their monthly luncheon me- etir . School teachers John 0. Glen, principal at A P. Beutal school in Lake Jackson, and Horance Driscol caught lunching at the Chuck Wagon. Mr. George Elmo, Riverside Country Club manager, Thelma Willis and Dow Chemical Co. 'awyer. A. O. Evans seen en- aying some fine food at the Dow TRY OUR-~SUNDAY DINNERS CHICKEN « STEAKS • SEA FOODS ALSO ' CHItbRE.VS PLATES OPEN 24 HOURS PORT CAFE ill W. PARK H I-ttn . JUMBO HAMBUROERB SHRIMP MILK SHAKES SUNDAEB "BBINO THS FAMILY AND- ENJOY A REAL TREAT" .' HUMD3KGER DRIVE INN 314 HICKORY SNACKBAR BE 3-1361 PREEPORT Freeport Bowling Lanei ONE OF AMERICA'S FINEST DINING ROOMS J he -Daw -Jtotel FREEPORT, TEXAS Bill Colegrove busy as usual at 'Us public relations work enjoying a meal at the Shrimp Net. Eddy Moyer busy as an old set • ring hen keeping everyone happy at the Dow Safety -Council meeting held UuVwMk at the Shrimp Net. Mr, H, W, Uarnm, MM Bill Btytnt, Sam Bass and Francti Swann le«n snackipg UUI week at th» ttt»f«n Bewuni Lanai Snack Bar.- ' «, I. OUOIOI OHAR.BEOUJU> Lunohas |em4 Frcwa II aaa. 1tt'I:«jm Pally, CHUCK WAGON LAKE JACKSON SUNDAY DINNERS, 75c & 85c ? VEGETABLES SALAD BAR-B-Q TO GO Oil LTJNOHEB .... ............ .... $1.00 CECIL'S CAFE ?1 SOUTH A * FREEPOBT ,__.

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