The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 8, 1962 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Page 14
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PAGE 8 Editorial—Adv.— BE 3-351 1—ClmsiflH—I»K 3-2M1 T H i 1RAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, WED., AUGUST I, WJ BRAZOSPORT 1 FACTS ^ -.__.._- •• • —" ™ „ __ _ _ _ • _...._-.,,.,—, -H w 11 i it I M^rAtJ) WW Wt| Ughtnmg^ Classifieds Are Tops In Selling Power! WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad CALL 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES " or Two Consecutive Days ..^Tj?oe. per arjare line per day Monday through Friday -.—Three to Five Consecutive Days —19c per agcre line per day . Six or More Consecutive Days —17e per agote line oer day WAN! AD HOURS: 8 AM to 5 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. i- All charqes are based on a 3 ^ l!rt» minimum. r * Cancellation deadline \t ? A.M. - of Publishing day. '.. *>-f.i,i*»i-* ^••^•.MM^ ~ NOTICE of typographical er | Jl. SERVICES OFFERED n ether errors must be qlven before ~ the second insertion or claims for : refund or extension will not be -.. recognited. Therefore, we must be * notified of error before 9 A.M. of _ second publishirq day. , 1 :^ After an ad Is ordered it can-, Hot be cancelled or changed be^' -Jord publication. •^ <- Insertion deadline for reader ads r" Is » A.M. of publishing day. All display and box ads must be In by 11 A.M. of previous publishing day. FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Clot* Censorship it extrcised over all Classified «dv«rtii«menfs accapfed for pgblication Th« Braioiporf Facts n«v«r knowingly publishei Claisifiad advertisements that ara untruthful or fraudulent, that might be injurious to the health or morals of our readers, that are indecent, vulgar, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we know fails to comply with thsse standards is restricted from our advertising column. Readers are urged to check Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Business Bureau In the town where the business is operating before making investments The Brazosport Facts AD LIBS Phens BE 3-2611 or BE 3.3511 by Larry Hurb CHARLIE MINTER Announces His New TV ft RADIO REPAIR SERVICE Day er Niqhr Call BE 3-5132 CITY TV SERVICE S3. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ' The new Seal G | n « for vim! nnrl all hant It's different. Dnritood 102. HOUSES FOR SALE KS >IAri.K-?IBl. riiVttn inrlurtmi rlojlnir i-osl. iwe :t bedroom limisr with kl|. rhen. rtmlne room, ItvuiR room, and Jinclr jnin K r. Only Stood. S71 prr month ln,-liidin|- Uve* nnd Injmnm-c full AMERICAN REALTY, AN 5."5"B fcr appointment. " " t(M WEST 5lh • 2 bMroom. ,< W nM poart-h. electric- iHnjie, vented heat i'n>h J1IO. SST.r.S month. JIOHRISON * 103. LOTS FOR SALB BEAUTIFULLY rcoouRn HOMESITHS- Ijirce well ilralnnit Ion. inej ,ltwn, S yc-»r« tn |>ny. H. J, DAVIS Rr.»t.TY. RR -'' 1122 R01S tVAIU--Rental purrhasf | .•!•.' RKHWOOP ,1 bediooms i«r!5 wm1wr~iv.x'"-'»'' '""•"' hp " [MIS \\IMMM1 WAY-M-nreezewav |l"t 01 K^NhKRl"' 1 Pr'"''""'" 1 """' liti LOTUS -.1 Kr K,;ck. Pl famlly!" i ,.a'rner <l KW LAURKL—|.l', Family.' fenced ,'i* IJvNTAN'A CT-.Tl. Electric kitchen I Rojrer IMake CY 7-4.173 ! M. C. l-.alph CY J-'.'.-,03 j -TOR TALBOT REALTY' j r.Y 7-1411 ,.- f ;.,,;, ™J'E_NTER _\yAY-..Mmosl new, 4 bedrooms. FHA. renlral an jtln l»\UP.EI,-3 j per month. j l:i- ?.\GE—Low equitv, baths berl-l Ha. . 3 BRAKOKIA COUNTY'S only mohm homil subdivision In the beautiful Jones Crfek area, 'i to '; ae,-* homesltes for sale that air restricted lo trailer dwellings only. Massive oalc trees— convenient lo shopping and schools—unit financing— you have all ot this at TRAILER O^KS PARK on Ilivy M. BB .1-146(1 or MR 3 4S'.il nr nlchl.s BE 3-143f. DOWN TOWN ii'REr:poRT--V:\VpiTent""jHi i fnmtape business site In "no block 'of West »i-onii St. II. ,T. PAV1S RBM.TY, nnMEsrrKS smith Anelelon »njo <n tt'lM.. North Anelelon JIKJO laveuwood $12W lo >if>f)0 Invei-nood Water Frontage J;rJ50l layou Homesltes JHnn j o 1.1000! Bayou llomi'sltos— Water Frontasw S:iOM to MM*) southern Onks, Mke .lacks-on S1175 to H'tM AMEnirA.N REALTY AX s.:y;« 104. REAL ESTATE WANTED A 8AFH WAV TO PP,U. YOUR HOHK .«P|| join- home on x Contiarlhe Mle Title not chanaPri until rnll pqnlty p«ilft Spp nowlANIl RKAI.TV for rtPUIU. r\- 7.BM.1 nr AN M.W.'. WE ItAVK BUYERS foi homes In 7-aVe .lacksnn. hotitfaltv. CY 74111. 1 hPftroom Rpp .lop T«l- 125. MOBILE HOMES OR RENT several f trailers ivith one or Monroe To Be Buried With 15 Attending 1IOT,T,YWOOD fAP) _ Marilyn hf waif who won movl« home* for f,«le, Al<o. mobile home In- Mirnnrr, M.-liONAl.n Tn.Ml.fn NA1.KR ANP PARK, West Columbia KM ltd. s?t unit Hivy :;i;, ni sftot. IIAV SOW! ,'• have beautiful our mobile homr rentral air. We al Insurance. KELLY'S JIOP.ll.K HOMK nes.1 In her own life, ROT* ( 0 resting place torlay In jplnin Rreeii drcs*. "no,,,- pi,,,, ,,, ! Alllini'Rh invitation* fn fl. nth or without I riles for the .Ifi-yenr-nld blonde « He mobile hoir- - ' * -• ' 'M } V .'fS 1 ! IA -- FHA "'' c;t - - iK UUREI^-rHA. (tpn. $31 per l-HESTNUT-.1.1'i. dOUbl/ iNOT N'KCKS.'vVnY to p,v- for till, \ stric-trd '.• acre rcowled lol in full fore Mnlrtmir. ADC. BE 3.5134. nlh month, own-r . The Braiosport Facts reserves the right to edit or reject any ad thot It deems objectional and to change the classification order to conform to the policy of the paper. 1. .SPECIAL NOTICES 7-4SC6. CARPENTER-Weicome small job! «bout your home. Will furnish local refer- tnce». Rrmodel. repair, cabinets, built- in!. W. L. ERICKSON. CT 7-7771 tS < /i I ' S "!f m , Trx ' ln - - b ^i«in; house trailer. Will take small boat ,i s . low priced cur or other articles In trade as down pavmenl. see at 1743 w. 7th. "It's practically new with only one small dent." CARE In my home st 123 Coral . Ijike Jackson. CT 7-2310. I. E. G. COF.DER. of ;|3 Norlh IClh. apartment 15. will not he responsible! for any debt, contracted by an>one other than myself after thl< da'-. ust S. in?'.', without my written sp-il. emu CAHE 64 days, any hour. Licensed 106 w. Pecan Lane. Clute Call SIri. Cora Prather ELECTROLUX Cleaneri and Waxen. 5!J"_ " nit '"'vices. Henry c. Schuue Cx ,*446Q. 55. SPORTING GOODS US WISTERIA -SKi leavuic. AIIMPIU to sell. fX OAK nRrVE-3-2. central air, creek TRAnR YOUR EQUITY foi nmncjllr all cleared. MvUfi'. Near Bra.:oria. Shell road, elect! Irlty, telephone, u-hix'l Inn aervioe. nowi.SNP REALTY, AN .V'.W! or CY 7-B54.1. police prepared for the worst—a •;•••• ... _ ... jDiob scene lliat rould Involve MANSION 1TO7 House Irail.l thousand* of fan* and ntrilKlfv »,. -IS' Ion*, in cviTllenl condlt'on. Will seekers . finance. TIE n-WM or UK 3-3. l .1K. , ' ' I I.V.rih.dyliio^V.-i.— Ios i-—-------------.. i fl'i'-' 1 ' e><|llll ton. lot 306 JAS.M1NK— e<lu reduced, fit. e RrNl HOUSES 102 - HOUSES FOR SALE BOATS A.\r rHITE HOUSK—14' Includes scncrato:- kit windshield, ninnlnc llchti. hon,: 13'onl. Ion fuel tar.k, and other Complete r!c YELLOW JACKET CRuisETTE-W 19,-,? model. ,">j hp Johnson electric st^rt with cenerator. Galvanized boat trailer Kic exceptionally clean mi'ci. !U hp John"- TRAILERS canopv (op. 13 , nccessor C1.PTE ... •_' bedroom unfurnished hoi i«)m home with small IFKEEPORT-4 room unfurnished nous*.!™ '_„ Iroiiin- at 1131 West 4th St. FretporL I S* n r ° ntT ~ W ".' KREEPORT-8 ?c'!v!, '" "* - v.smen. >?000. ROWLAND REALTY. AN ,V'5V CY 7-S54.1. CY •-•J46fi. THE LAPIER OF Orare Lutheran Church llflOXINf} done In my home at 1013 West 11. 9 a.m. .it Hie Frccnort National Bank. Special oidci, will he taken this vi-eeK- before Thursiiay -t p.m. by callinu BE ..-.-3077 or BR 3-1157. USED CIXTHINQ NEEDED '.- Good, used clothlrg for uie Community Service ccnter-SalvjMion Arm? Urlt. ^ Anyone having things to donate take - (hem by 303 Avenue 4, Soulh. between - 9 ji.m. and 11 a.m. ind 1 p.m. and ^ 3"~p'.m. on Thursdai-l BE 3-3101. NEW DURA COLOR PLASTIC Clapboard aiding, installed nothlne down. 1st payment in November. Up to 60 month's to pay. Free estimates. Call Dando Construction. CY 7-6041. WINTERS-IB' :r, 5 's plywood! „„.,,,. son motor. DIE wheel trailer. Rip; yi; Com? I j RAFT -»' ta "' «il« trailer" combination ,.,PALMERS SPORTING GOOns 117 West LJ Road AN 5.JI J745;LAKE JACKSON—2 bedroom with screened porch. CY 7-6916 after 1:30. SEVEN per monih7~ BE 3-4SI1 tlon. ABC, BE 8th St. ^ hrdroom. down. Good rondi- XA nights BE 3-5147. JRICHWOOP— 100' X Jiff wooded lol,. $&?. black lop street. Wnter. nas. elerlrfr. 10-1 CAMELLIA-- I/HA ""'' ""' *"' ' " "" ' older home Ideal for growing family,' close to school, churches, pool etc ! FI-OKTER * ASSOC. CY "-'.'177 CY 7-770S CY 7-CW! ry 7-6IM CY Trims SU'.ift 7-K.Mn. AN 3 ROWLAND REALTY.' -'::v2. CY 7-24SS. ] J104. BUSINESS PROPERTY 107 PIN OAK -3 bedrooms. 1', bath, "family room, dulmmher. electric kitchen. - window unit,, lom-ed. Kqultv sr,00 E. I, SAUER. REALTOR, CY 7.31 n. ____ ofl - "OWN-Take up pa>ments Ne, T h<i ' lr ™m bru-k. JM. per month "" ls '"" ™ '"""- ABC BE Nislils -Mrs. Deaton BE MH7 BUSINESS LOT-JO x VJj'-nrive F ,v 1W Inniicnne frnce. in v 10' nff-n building. Tiade or 'rrrm. CY 7-HHI. 13, Goon rvj- cortNKR LOCATION on KlMl for J:!(XK». Call RE 3-tl7S 4 :.•.!) p.m. riulf) after: IOME ir.i iov:,4'. Trad-!..,,,, -. "' OV||P •' ll "«« RiMim* ir fuimtme. TI D-SIIU. Ansie. 1 "™ 0 a -"«iKncd to keep order on|. side the Chapel of the Palms, In nearby Westwood. By midnight « cinwd ol JOO already had rlns- leied around the entrance. The shapely actress, who spe- cialised in Ray movie roles but found sorrow and disappointment '» m- own life, was found dead jln her hed Sunday, victim of fln ;overdose of liarbititrates ( An inveslisation is under way lo determine whether Marilvn'* death was accidental or deli'her- ate. QUALITY-COMFORT APPEARANCE «' * 35' "AIR-FLOAT" (World'! Flnejt) Bcouflful . Llqhf MODERN-AIR CONDITIONED- ANODIZED With or Without CUSTOM AWNINGS Vtry Nl» Inilde ond out SHADr RICHWOOD TRAILER PARK Cluf«, T«o« AN 5-55*5 INKS CRI:KK RUSIHMJ s,te-'2 anes ofhwri HOUSE H«; r* fumtase. n, K. Weber. Roxl l^vlcell,. ^1 7.'il. Thi'to,1aii\. Ij. Ph. HI 7-7SR4 Call m -.-4-, NO HOME IS COMPLETE without chain link fcncine. Free Mil- mates. Call Capitol Fence Co.. DI 5-3342. West Columbia. 1 2. LOST FOUND i SEWING— school clothes, men's sport j shirts, ladies apparel. Call AN 5-2335. 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT - M^^r^^-l^^^^-is.. 1 -" •* i^rc.?"^ S- - '• "-^-m^^,^!^^'' FOR SALE OR TRAPE-onc 1 roam i house, one S room house and a 7 room J10 °- MOVES you into this nice frajer' house. Will consider trailer houses, lots, | ""''<* -' bedroom house at 611 w. Kvlr !,„, . — __. _ ac.-eace or anything ot value for do»n ^ >r >*™S<!' husc llvrng-dinmi: loom, 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE payment. Dial B. n. CARLTON. SW i '™ '"""'J' lm <" Call AMERl.'VN -"«•* S --J'J or nights SW 8-7750. ! REALTY. AN ri-VMfj. for aopolntment TRAILER. Hen«Toe>> BOAT-IB' itLENWOOD BAYOt-'-Your cheapest and ' i0:I SOtrrHEP.iN OAKS nRIVE-SP«, best buy. Buy the house package com- - ""'room home on OvMer Creek. improved Brminits. MRS w. L WAI TER. REAL ESTATE. BB Mill ell I Guy Hockeli, nianntjinir director Ihe U'«t\vnorl Village Mortuary i* r ,.,« 7 , T 7 an.-r^^r^Ti,™.. " 10!i ° rtplailx of lhe flnft ' ° k f """I" noat ril or other aitlclo, . n , n , 'ACREAGE M--, acre or tracts on n,,;' ?,!["£„"•' """" "">••""'• *" «t KM!. !" c "]™' lc Huccn, bejeweled and mnej \\>,i of An«ieton. "«•'- — — — — | nofurrrd 111 her many public nrv trnctv. 1:' miles North of Anitlcton. i • imall 1. Call BOAT-14' will, (onlrolV. 25 f tip Johnson' motor and trailer. .Make offer. CY 7- •i89. WANTED TO RENT YELLOW JACKET BOAT, 35 HP Evinrude Lark, and trailer. J523. Larce screened tent $75. E. Viola t Eons " 1 H ° m "' "'"' Colurabia - D'I ^^^^^•^^•^^••mm \hOUf S TO BE MOVED or Wrecked". would like to rent a mce J or 3 S" i Cu, Tn,'e*r"h S ''n ^ H< "" t0 " Kn ^' room unfurnished bouse. CY 7-7415. ' Plele. No Itw-ball brllrt on your lot deals. We sell house, 101. drive, water sewer—all with one loi, down najmcnt. >,.,„ ... — M> traveling—no extra charccs Check I "L.-.T sth-2 bedroom home, tarire our lower Interest rate (saves vo. nanv ""• A-l "nmtmi,. MF;S. w. L. WAI, hundteds of dollarsi. No city laves TER REAI - ESTATE. BE .VJ.VI1 K 'applies"' MSr^ >~t^^^^^~™\— .-__ Sr, ! rrvie"! rtra s^ vi ssrl T^'"^™"™^,^ R S ^ We will not be undersold. Come out and'! T. J i 1 ™! buildmtr. am sallon Butanr tee. ou.ano, , ank , , 0 , 1( , rp ur|] |)]J[h frouni wellltll ACRES land l«.t»eei Tl"'a H''-I ! ' 7 ''* 0 ' K ' na '"' in lt available, i sweenv for 'n\'O .") and in acre tracts Just off the hichuay nctoss finin El Iwisfo Country Club .( m,lr< iniiin of A'«!»tOTi. liish- .vay froutase aNo available. Terms can i _!"" _ \irjll be Mi-anted. AMERICAN REALTY. AN! 1^9 nonc.E plfKtir —r ' pcai-ances, win , vrar a Hemur'p, IIiRlit Ri-een dress and no jewelry. % I?!SS"'™ ™ S ^ »& I!l."-"'' l ^ on ' inaliona '- *"™™- pxpcotnd to | aS | about ST, minutes.' ho Ijke aft" conducted by (he Rev •In' T;.,? old:in ' '-""'fran pastor of 128. USED CARS FOR SALE: Ulp . vill( " :p a ' ll "l' in Wcstwnod. ade. Call Kreeport. Riazona and. SW 8-740.1 or I Vv! " steering, clean. 31 57. BUILDIN& MATERIALS 57. BUlLDiNG "hrYATERIALS wr po , automatic transmission. Exttal ( ' ham P a Cnp-(.-olorPd Elm Court. L.J. jt|,P :- Jion REWAKD (or the retani of mv m: T .. 'I 5 ™ CARE i -: c,rd Issued In Mobile. Alabama. World Tl i m ; J. op . a " d Kemove. Spraying «ndl - War T and World War ", Galvcston Fr e Estimates. Insured and Bonded. ~"~^ -- Texas, and for the arrest and convic^ SAVINGS STAMPS i 56. MUSICAL - ^'on.^rontac-t Geo. A. Will. P.t. 1. Box.T. L. HANCOCK TI 9-8109 or CY 7-4539 HHBBHBKM^B M FOOT HOUSEBOAT-!; .vj, *ide lib-1 *r_5 la ss_bottom. For details call TI 90. BUSINESS RENTALS or TI 0-6053 Aiujlcton after 7 ERIVE IN ctFE-for lease. 360' front- Large! pa> S3", per month ABC will f.nance eo.uit}- ,n West sth St.. .1 bedroom, 1'j, "-"- "--"'- saragc. BE 3-5304. bath. Double Hwy 2ES North Frceport. .... a.-i)halt parkins area. 2 dlnlnj rooms ; LAKE JACKSON—101 Lilac at Center equipped. AN 5-:45;. i Way. 3 bedroom. 11 balh. family room — 1 central a/r. carpetlnc. drapes. ~By ap- 4. CARD OF THANKS THEE SERFVCE—Top, trim, remove. Insurance. Free estimate.-: HENRI'S TREE SERVICE CY 7-62S9 CLARINET for s, SE.' Old Ocean BRIGHT—Our heartfelt thanks to all v\ho ex'fidrd cnrnfoitini: s>mpathy ar.d help: recent sorrow. For the beautiful i TUIUrc T« EAT TMIN65 TO EAT floral ol.'erinps. and other kind-iOKRA for sale, call SW S-"930 j ... .„ ^ _ ' are deeply srateful. M. P.. Brislit, Family Jack Brit:ii;. Family Mrs. r.utri wilcht, Fanul TalmaiUe Bi-ipht, Family -McGilbery on Brlga.nct Road In Bra- '-. IS. BEAUTY SHOPS 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE P.SM1LY MOVING -Have Ie. Excellent condition ' tranr "-Me., s.wny or Ph.! B ^ d """ " ~" " '' SELECT pointment only. CY 7-2146. PACE lor jeas*. I'nvatc janitor servu-e. utilities, air --------"'" La'' Jackson Professional LAKE JACKSON-Brick. S bedroom t-T "-"1U. j ha'Ji. double 5 ar3Be. central heat. -- — ------ __ . rond'tiori. Comer lot fenced 'LOW "™ C , E .^PACE AVAIL.\ELE ! Bimly. 4!,:. GI loan. CY 7«5fl. Houston !. Texas. SAUER, REALTOR. CY 7.:4l NOELET -Special" ondition. $30. Clarinet, SHOP — SHIRLEY'S BEAUTY -• Jinnn rermsnents .'or *7 r,f] '- S 7.511 Permnnenti for! «Tupsrla:.s. Wednesdays, Thuisdav* Ontvi ;--:n North B BE 3-3-51 .vceilfnt 11150 ,sq. Ft., air conditioned itore ori i office building. All brick. Lake .lack-1 c 'ectn -^^>^ii^i^ii^ii^_^^^^.^_^'PMvn u n ,.. a j "~ _. "•'" Joc Talbol Realty. CY 7-1411 i "-7TJO. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^^••••M ' 1 J-v.^iU — Ho«drd Grand upright New ! "^ 'MS. CONDr noNERS-used-J50. and up.! w " lnul '""s.i. muro-v front rc.«t>l'c.' Ifll RIKIMPCC -1) volt. New automatic washer $65. ™» d » m " chase-. A-l cond,!,on. Com-i ' U '- "USINtSJ- tuarantecd C.W. sw 8- OPPORTUNITIES Call AT." ."i-.iitiD. upright. 'UKE JACKSON—4 bedrooms. 2 baths 1 •-—•••• room, central air and heat. kitcJien. utility loom. Call CY 131 Holly. Lake Jackson. BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS X7M1 Permanent* for f~\m •^ Jli'l.WI Permar.cnts for !T.."fl ^ J1J JO Perraane.-.ts for BROWN BEAUTY BOX. AN 3-:'47S i 22. MALE KELF WANTED AUTO AIR COXDITIO.VI.NG Install »30.0ri-Term! BE 3-155; days. CT 7-1159 ni{h« ple'.e 7118. PIANO-fnnght p.-ac'.u--. Good condifion ', AN 5-55;;:,. i J EVPST.IENCED TREE TOPPER. . T. L. Hancock. TI 9-S109. Call FINANCE TRAINEE One of the old established finance^ Gutf-Coait area and a program for expansion needs an ambitious: . young man to train as a Branch' Manaqsr. Must have at leajt a : nigh school education or better. No exparisnce nnceisary. Periodic sa. : lary increass and promotion. Must- hav» car Liberal allowances paid! for car expenses. Employee bene.i : fits, paid vacation and iurance. This is a I AWMXG SALE j-O to W-, off on all annings. Patioi 1 i HUHHic^V^c'E" i?!^^ 0 ^!, i- A ' s "^ if: [EABV BKD and mattress. Good condi-! j Hoa. Effl.00. Call TI 9-S07B or KO Slly I j St.. Angle tan. ' CHAI.Y SAW—practically ne^^asoT'nc powered for heaw duty cutting «r u 3-1HO. ' * 57- BUILDING MATERIALS PATIO £PECL\L5 Picnic Tables JIB Picnic Tables " «i s Picnic Tables " j-]J Handsome redwood \riih benches WESTERN LL-1IBER COMPANY SOO SO. A BE n-.-,!51 L.\KE JACKSON—512 Circle \V»v. y bedroom. '2 halh. double saragc. TtiiK house is located on one nf the be .si lot,; m take .laticson. right across the >ueet| Irorn .Jr. High school. ^in!uat?i] nit R' beautiful landscappd walor-front lot. n I fiioice location for convenirnt nnrt' ffracious livms. Call AMERir REALTY. AN 5-a:«. ! LAKE JACKSON—5650. equity. 3~t j room, electric kitchen, attached gaia ABC BE S-530-1. p;ece livmg room group, 5 piece dinette f set. compete bedroom ffroup with mat-i „ . t KCDUtCl* riUCE Rubber base paint uutside paint \\ :no!eurn rugs <yp> .'...'.. BRAZOSI'CRT LCStBCR CO. AN 5-5322 ch L,urt—three houses, all on one lot. i Ore .1 bedroom home, urfamijhcd 2 ! houses, furnished. Good income pro- i : perty. J79".0. RO\VL.\ND REALTT CY - _^j^__\y_3^2._CY 7--MM. ; 102. HOUSES FOR SALE ANGLETON—indt%T(liia] has 2 homes al* • ready financed. 1 year old. Both have I LAKE JACKSON-:' bedroom, pine panel- oui.i-in kitchens. 2 car garages. 3 bed- Iei * den. air condition, cr.ipei. I"nce rucras. family roomj. One has 2 baths excellent drainase. CV 7-^"9 toi- $17.000.. pajTnents J127. month. — • Ore—P.i balh. air condition, drapes.! ^EW 2 bedroom houie In Danbury reatiy carpet, J19.000. Paj-ments J106. per l?-^ ove lnto on lar Z e Jot. I3.4S3. only per month, no down payment montn completely furnished rJ2.50( , Green, TI 9-5995 dav or nirhl J55.74 BRAZOSPORT lAJMBER'cb"' AN 5-5022 ciule \N*GLETOK—; a.nfi H bedroom homei.. , Loot doivn payraenu. ! poi-'NO DOWN PAYMENT it \ session it approved. ABC. BE 3-5334. ; oivn lol. Bntk housti In m.NGi.K f'LT.xm;r.K co. 515 \v -nd'.'" Frefiion »nd 2-J1 Parkinz Way. LJ. ";EKI.vre group CLEARANCE c.cod u;ed TV se;i I-iKi; T\' Cf:.S'TER •»S-B CI:L> U'ay LJ CT 7.2911 ;.e given to ri-l<nz and d- ,]b!e party ry ANGLETOX— lol home. 3 , rooms. 1' bath.', den. Ijitr ilown : mer.t ai-,; immediate^ion BE 3-5-.-M. " ' ' ' blanket, b tian>. AN PO.VV •- Sartril". irsl nainess, J-J-VJ " bridle Sell 0 BEN GORDON FIN. CORP 12 W. B,= a d Fr « 0 ' or , 'een at 415 v.'es! 1st or call BK 3 IMN'lNr, r.OOM SCITK—Tab.'' huHei. rn.tap. 7K.' Ave B. or BE 3-1 f L'L.MKr. FOR •ha'i CI.UTE— 601 tau'.n Mar BP.AZor.lA-;,>>• Iv r.e>r : bedroom home "" - Ids. .\, tua! Bank Valjf Sh'.'^V) For Mle 13.^(1. r.O'.VLAVD T.EALTY. : AX :>-:.ji'.'. rv T-KVI?,. <;Y 7-i'Hs AN ; ».... .«.. DULH nuus^» in \our choice ! ot prive ranse* from ?5.000." to t"« 000 bed-' ABC. BE 3-3334. ABC OWN E P. TIlANSFEr.r.ED. ML'iST fKljl: I-ake Jackion-:' bedroom, larse carpeted living loom. fam.l> loom, femed \ard. Pa;.mem 567. montli. KO\VL-\.\"D P.E.M.TV. CV 7-6S4-!. AN W5JJ. CY bains in R'chey £/D, .incleton and: e»r«d Pa-v j/r, jjj;, Barbara, i HRAZOSPOBT LUMBEP. CO. 1 5-o:..'J ciuta ! rOJISIUMTl' -P.anrh ilyle home with curie drive in front wi:h -J full arjes and a deep well. Owner urn take a >mal!ei house in irade. jn.SOO. ABC. BE 3-3111. LOOK FOR OUR ROADSIDE SIGN "Titt o/ HIK/> Qualilf RETAIL DISTRIBUTION CENTER OF BUILDING MATERIALS PLUMBING, HEATING ELECTRICAL AND AIR CONDITIONING UTILITY FRAMING LUMBER— Douglas Fir IOOOBD. FT. 2x4, All Lengths $92.00 DOUGLAS FIR— * 7A ' WW Construction and better 20 r k to 25 r r Standard tin*) Cft 2x4 — All Lengths. $103.50 DOUGLAS FIR PRE-CUTS AND STUDS— Construction and better 20% to 2of c Standard, 10^ to 15^ Utility 2x4 Precision Trimmed to7 '^"' ong $103.50 IT 1EXAS L.\RGK.-T i:orr.e builder "fj'eM "•''"' Cr '' : " i "' I( ' 5miln : '•oui e"' [r>c , r " m "- f ' "i-.d'trll'uj toT"; ?>.-; p "°- " Ba-: ^™- \Vnif BUrKET SEAT foVFr- l»»t >l>les and colors on mm] l.,on , f ,i , OM . r sa , r „, , 19 . Aulo ^tore. 101L' N. Gull. I 35. UNFURNiSHED APARTMENTS FOR REN1 EKAUTIfX'LI.Y NE1\-. EiceptionaMy n re . l'i baths. !'. brdiwm>. kitchen, 'family I Ii^int wiM ha:. %eleians only J,->0. to ' l.lin* in. Oniy S5| monuily. AN 5-JJI6 about nded. VANTED GE PARTS For Genuine GE renewal parti tor nash-' ers. doers, me. !5e your GE Dealer ! i CLIFTON'S APPLIANCE ! ; SOS W. Broad BE 3-12^ LARGK lormii-a ln ;1 dinette lahlp «-,^,' .CHEAPKP. THAN P.KNT-IZ3. do«n. tS5'. i nir,nt;i. 4 iicitroom. -J baths. E- L.' . tAUF.P.. RyALTOP.. CT 7-1M1S. 36. FURNISHED ICLUTE-SS H,r 8 « 4 APARTMENTS FOR RENT PAY C1XISIXG COST and move Into this n:te 3 bedroom, double KtunZf lion^e [ on Hanley P.d. 75 .( 4:* lot Al,,, ,mnll i -' li«m liou. t ,., icar. AMKHU'AN' P.EALT1'. AN S-ur.-'S. P.UIL\L~(l!£js Oaks. 3 l^dioom Jully In.ulated includmj Ihe (loou. lottc'DO lot. JjOy. caih plus cliainir CQSH E L. S.VUER. P.EAI.TOK, CV T-1'113 Coleraan Hardware i Clute AN 5-^23 I ~! Wc-,1 BK 3-517 small houHC," tot. trailer, or pickup on equity or large Freeport house, t bedroom. 2 bath, lartfe den. Hl'O LENNOX GRAVITY .25. MALE FEMALE HELP HEATEP. --Vcnird »itn tr.eimoatate. BK ;;r,i:o. ap<m;r,fnt. Ajiplv furn.'hed ''.I, BK 3- (CL.UTE—"03 Harjetl—3 bedroom brick r.orne. bunt-ins, central heat. L'i bath. : COLEMAN HAP.1HVAP.E AND LU11BFR CO. Clule. AN 5-Ilii. L-MiV ,.- \ovn with Blue U clcanei. nar 1 vor>d rpet shady" Get buv aipct and uphoUter; - P MOHAWK TRACTOR MOWERS for pas: lure woik Men local ajcnc-y invites >(wr Insin'clion. SMI'm WELDING i-HOP on A\c. A. BE 3-:iul. D MOBILE KOOT TI:A_IU:R*PA'I!K' lJ Karate af.«r[.';i HOl'.r. In: lent. i"*l HARK- H.i; ;t CI.1JTE-01B OM Anglewii Road 3 bed- loom equity. SOln-H TEXAS REALTY. KK 3-IH10. larse garaze and wo:K shop down if refinanced. Total n MO. Call *am W iu f vall after 4:30 pjr. «ll MAGNOLIA-.1 large bodlo-i: baths, I*w0 down. Call CY 7. or J1'50 111.- 2x4, All Lengths REDWOOD STUDS— 2x4's 8 1 Lengths PREMIUM YELLOW PINE— (Cprtificd Grade Marked) 2\'1, S4S No. 2, 10' lo 14' Lengths.... 16' to 20' Lengths 2.\G, S4S. No. 2, 10' to 16' Lengths 18' to 20' Lengths YELLOW PINE SHEATHING- IxS No. 2 Shiplap 1x8 No. 3 Shiplap WESTERN WHITE PINE SHEATHING LUMBER— Kiln Dried- Full Standard Thickness 1x12 S-1S $94.50 $102.50 $110.50 $93.50 $105.50 CHKVROLKT-IOT Bel Air'Moo,'. V8 aulomatir lransni!sVioii" l .\ovv hotlny cood lire.,, a,,- cnnditli rnlm Lane. IjtKp Jat-kson CHEVROLKT—J! velvet. Aflrr scivicos, thp i-a.skFt \vill h<? scaled anrl carried a few away (o a crypt, where final P^'P"'" In charw arraiiRpmcnls Tuesday _____ __ _ n| Rh' P-M'lainpcl that IJip riles WCPP ,T-.J»S5 VB hard top. Standard j " 1a '| p P riva <e "SO that she tan CO l " ack ' a ""' °"< ""»"• Afi ! 10 hrl ' ' im ' rpslinc place in the ------------------------- IT" 10 ' slip has always sought" °' :EV ~ ~ 1 ?. 5n BclAlr ' r " llle ' "*«'" - statement was CHEVROLKT-li:,n Good Work Car Call CY 7-fi7!H FORD- ISJf. AN 5-3432. 4 door, good work ear. ond of Marilyn's three husbands- Bcrnice Miracle, her half-sister and Inez Melson. her former husi- ness manager. They said: " We «»«ld not ' in conscience FORD-HSU convc-rtibi,., nuiomat^V^nT- as one ^"onality to attend with- PEARSON oLDs.Mo-i out perhaps offending many ! man - v "U'ere. And for this reason I ''v r s D ~™rdrh'"" : ''' Tow " *"**"' ™ ''i 1 ! 0 w<? have kc! P' tlle number ftlpctrlc wipers and waslicrs backun I nr»i *" «iun]mum. iishts. .olid black, white side wall lires. Please, all of you, remember sss? o'r w ni"'3S'"^., i r"co < ,r, h i i ; lhe cay ' swcc( Mar "y n ™«**y A<k for ncan i^ughiin. sic, niscouNTj P|' a >' er of farewell within the 5900. Call 'cV 7.7334. EARLY NEW Hurry of reports about th» financial Mi..\ltLl NEW RAMBLER—19(;'> \mr-rl -"'"tii-jaj dlltj per«?."i,?S"?," Walion ' • N ' tw car w«rT«n4y!i? onBl a Ha'rs circulated tlirouch J^,;!* 1 PbARa0f ' OLDSHOBILE. BE Hollywood and elsewhere . Thelc wa « a published report in Mexico City that Marilvn Hllnrl i, ,. , nianiyn K1IIM hol ' SC " "CCHUSe of Unrequited love .50 $77.50 , a|i< 2A. FEMALE HELP WANTED JIOTOI;fYCI.E-lUrl, C'j:!dll;n lio\ li.-)-.'. Angl, tnr ri.i. lit Bioad. : CLUTK-MI HAP.VEV ST. 'J bedloora l:vjr/ nxjni. kitchen and dmiiiii , ,.fn- biration d<in. s creened back poith. ! f >X). irtn be fmancej Contlct O. R. \~A'l K> Ie Road—I acre Hall. Aicola. phone L'OOl. ». OIJuANIlER—3 bedroonu. Brick. I'i batli . car gaiage. equitv bari:Miii iV*il). KHA JV:. loan. E. L bAUKP. I1EALTOP., CY ;.''ni. "*'•£'!$?!" '" > ""' 1 HOUSE n 5-5all or write .-,,1 ^ n . COKNEP. IX>T-~3 bedroom, flcn, L'Y •reek. .1 tx-d- WA E. U tiAL'EK. liKALTOK | r-r.t. I'on-p hv j call AN ,V:wi, j r-cw paini. KHA down payment |::3. i'Jl'-' JASMINU-3 bcclfoom. feutcd. 3 air itt. Yaupon. TEXAS BETTER HOMKd. ' condition units, tr««. |7j(i down j.ay- L * "-' US menl. MORRISON AND SAL'EK CT OOTER- I960 Allnale I condition. TV 7--J011 ice lie; p,- ( >J duplex : 29. EMPLOYMENT WANTED .IT. SERVICES OFFERED At'MK f ^ Tiroiues .- . room Call BE o.vruoi. i '^fi.ei ji'.uo per j - SEWING MACHINE A beautiful Smgcr swing needje z:g za" n. modem cabinet (or S7J.1S balance owed or will accept 18.50 per month. ',311 collect Angleton TI 9-6.XH. M\(,I:U M.UIV, NUCIIIM i o UfKli .MACHINE I'LEARANi'E Tir.i'iln tiom il.i.VI ,.;, Poitijhles from il'lofj up ro.'.-olei from H9.50 up 1 K. Park BE ;.| T: ,_, >o'n-;n ^ ri-10 ^-u=h:nan ;n go^ ihf,|;e HNIj *!.,! MA'ITIiKS.-. SK'I' fo, i Hi'.l:- *UO. Call CY 7-4U1. NORTH Kl'.EU'OKT—S24 Avc B. 3 Ji:-a uatJi^ , , ! UK 3-2'j3T or Bi; NORTH FI-.KKPOP.T—3 loorr* -"-" A'.e B t,. call BE i-2 UP! To the most nirrcstinj IC Tlie Ivjoiiiis Homf. ^0 Iwtke l cici, 2 bedroom, (.'replatr E. EK. REAl/fOR, CT 7-^118. balh. .'-'OUNTRY HOMEo-J bedr,»m brick and : K J HV/Y -» 8 - Irjme. J16.000 ABC ': a cre& rear BE 3-53M. &W CKNTKIt WAT 4 b air totid.tionr<). eyuily P.EAI.TOK. CY 7-'.'Ue. - t Houte tuitabl fnl o(lir;c fchellf'c' paikiny area IWjO SAUER REALTOR. CY 7-:ilS. pel,. JIJtoO. rl' IE.Ncy-All lulls |,a:d. W,,c- '.'-'I ^'. Al;,o - bc,litjo:ii [irl'ailv '!_ G.VTHR10HT APART.MENI S ''KEEK—I uam nuns PI. funitshcd. LMi!il:f;i ',.-!a't Mrs. Thou!*;.. COUNTRY ATJIOoPHERK. C'llTT CON-j 7 - 6 WE.-T llth- \'KNIL'.N"('i-; — 5tt: Bt&ckman. Clute.' - beoioofiia. 1 ^c 4.^9 acres, jou can keep E. L. SAL'ER. REALTOR. wiplctely iel>t I-IIA doi ill u pa:.m,:r,l. TEXAS REALTY. BE 3-1)10. No. 3, 1x12 Yellow Pine Treated Barn Poles Ponta Treated with 100'r Sap wood Penotration and a Net Retention of 8 Ihs. pci' cu. ft. fi' Poles with 2" to 3" Top.. 0' Polos with 3" to •!" Top.. 7' Poles with 3" to 4" Top.., K' Poles with 4" to 5" Top.., 10' Poles with 5" to fi" Top. 12' Poles with 5" to 8" fop.., $85.50 $110.00 $ .5(1 .B5 .75 l.'JO L'.fiO 3.L-5 OLDSMOBILE-1557 88 4 door sedan power steerins and brakes, automatic transmlulon. air condllion. One owner i «...^.,u.,iu im,- M3n LE PEARSON OLDSMOBILE, BE 'fw a 35-ycar-old Mexican screen —^ — _ __. writer, Jose Bolanos. This «-as de- WE A "» h ^ rri ^,- U e SqB u!;v CARS: ^ pni P ha ^'«»y by Miss won- see u. mJ q '' rap s personal representatives. CLLTE AUTO SALES AN sjni They said she dated the Mexican -••-••——-.^^„.„__ j casually for a few weeks. Another report said the aclrcsn died with less than JlOO in her savings account and only H,7nn in her personal rhrrkinc accoiinl. Her attorney, Milton Rudin. said LEGALS STATE OF TEXAS 1 COUNTY Of BRA20P.IA ) CITY OP FREEPORT ) TO AU, PERSONS IN CITIZENS. NOTIfK iover the next two years alone jpart of her . "Some It :«y Hall of the c7ly or frreprir't 'Tex'aj! parl °' lie1 ' PPrrenlas? front «T :3 ?, "•'?.•,.''".."" m f d>> ' "' AujuM.jhi-hly succexs/ul movie. .tfiJ, at whuh timp and place lh<Me wul'i ;[.„ »i it^, ,, 0 . . . . „ r under . onnlderatlo,, the quediim nl ! " "°'' - Slir •" llso Il;tf 1 firm hether nr not it «o«ld tie lo the uf,ti°Hr>"S for at least fmir movies ntetefct of the City of Kreej,oit. Texn hat^the Alley in Bluclt ITS of the •I Town of Frecpoit nhould be clo»rd and whether or not Eighteenth fitreet In he Velatco Townsile should be However, despite the fart that Marilyn's movies hart crossed more than $'.'00 million over 1.1 years (and returns are still corn- inc inl, she did nnt make what -- -. cloied rom Avenue T North through Avenu* V, All Interest persons. !.-iiim. Cortwra- lons. Ihelr Agents and Atlornejs will l»i,,,,_ , an opportunity lo pic.ent mdence] '"<" Inrtllstl'y calls 'hl^ money" Jirreof"',"? aiain,*!""!).' I'.Te'"" '" '' U "'' llntil IT< ' rnl years. BY OltliKR of Ihe Cilv Council tne tin ^' 1(> ''''' nnl »»!> for Ulllllnn.V !>• of Au^i.^iaii.'^^^^ j,^,,. niMiisRin or her Ihinl IniK- ciiy'i-ecieia'i."'""' ihaml. pUiywriphi Ai'thur Miller, CMy of Kirepoit. 'le.H, | vv |, n | lils K j mT rf , nlar |.j r ,| ][,,,. ((„( AIIZ. US, KX, •KPTIGKAL BUY.i . K1W day or <:or:PUKAT10.V. A.M 5-';r« rcpatra on com- ic-iirl,.,;:ia' um u A;; 5.;53j or jIlVIsT I.S KUN_But not when f ; nd a comforlable jio i'i- .see us for u chai ONK BKh ll'JOM- t-ni;it,ii:-. aparciiiriit d^^ttd at 3^f) Wr I SOUTH GULK BLVIJ.-:j l be,Ji-(xjm, kiti't.eiiette. BE : ',ci \vK.vr ith IT. WKKT UR . 1-ilJ WE.-.T 1110 WL»T lllh-S-Hi. c . ciccuic kitcnen. '-j, den caiDctlrz ntial te.1 . *' FOR RENT (SHED HOUSES double garage I hurricane fence. jAI.SO Cornnierc-ial ; J'"s''v VV ' '*- WAI/rER HEAL" ESTATE J14 OAK lti:t\ i. - Home for an E\c l^ir. Cieck ti,,.ilai:e. I^r;e 3 brdnir. ; bath honip. l-'nmily iixjni n.tli ma lihny IJdliritiii; hud flic |,li,<»--. Kucli.c Iili-hei.. Ccnuall;. an conditioned. Out nl l^ite Jiifk.'.otifc finest hninca Ul llOoa-Ixit 6: s 130' . Cornei' :', l^d- looms. 2 bath. Early American home. i Excellent condition. numerous nice feature*. '.'all CY 7-ln. rVPEU'BITEKt- ADUlNr; IIACHI'.'E-" 1 1'ALUL'L.MORS" Biauuiurl Ur.denv.x,d' Aid,, v . ItU s. Cult BKU. — BK s'-lSol . om, 1.' bu Urge 1 t«rn,l:- TLUTE-iica! ni-.-c 1 31S McKet. I'lulc bcdl tj Call home. Electric kit<'.'|,.'n, loom, ct'r.tral air cor.dl- iCI.UTE 'I licilrc,oi,i IJUUM; for -W Beir.aid tlicet. Clule. ential neat- fmancii,,: SUPPLY .1. west of Alvin on Highway 6—12 miles from Houston. OPfN All DAY SATURDAY IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE OUR PRICE LISTS REGULARLY, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS COUPON HO* «». AND MAIL T0: BOX 2 " MANVEL, TEXAS NAME STREET or RURAL ROUTE TOWN or cir( ZONE STATE PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS PLAINLY _*_jhtishand, .lames DauRherly. whom she married when she wa« 1fi, and divorced soon after. Is a policeman in North Hollywood ! Although she nearly always 1 played the role of a light-hearted ,,'ind lighl-headed sexy Monde, iMaiilyn was known lo Intimates as a hroddinn, dellcale woman who vlewrd llie world with trm un- eave of a srlf conscious leeii-nRer. 'Hie New York Post reported she tried lo commit Kuirlrle nt I he l.itli annual Carnival of Ihr I least four limes—1« ice before nil*. Bra/orla Volunteer Fire Depart-jwiis 19, once five years ago and Carnival Set By Brazoria Fire Fighters nient ticgins at H p.m. Sutuidny Kleinentry at lhe Bra/ oiia SchiKjl hall park. Al that linir Hit' fi start MTviiij,' harlm-iie at $1 a phtlc, and |n nhle IhroiiKhrjiil thp ,.\ aj-nin f.nif years HRO. Police have entlcil tlieir Invmli- Katidii into her death, coni'liidin.e merely that there was no evidence to be sold fit foul play. It may In- weeks IK-he avail- fore Ihe coniner's oflicp makes an nfliciul (indini,!, the final pa R e in Tickets are on «ule fm m all vnl-lthe story of ,'i nnderelhi who did iinleer lircmen and at Ihe Hni/o-jnot live happily ,. V ei'-afler rla Cily Hull ut $1 apiece as do-! natlwifi toward oilier activilies oflbeiiiK cullcc'leil by llie !jt,ii,. s the carnival event. j Auxiliary lo llie Volunteer The Auxiliary plans | 0 Prizes to be given awuy during Dcparlnifnt. the uveniiiK include a cumplete The Auxilii camping ouUit and « three-brand I away a doll dressed'T-cMiiiiieielv AM-KM transistor radio. 'dollar bills to a lucky winner ; DuriiiK this, (he fire depart- liaines arc al.sri hem jinenl's only (mid-raisiny ,. V enl, do- both fur children ;' nations ol 'J;i cents ea<'h are i cording lo officiaU. Klip RI\H in

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