Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 14, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1961
Page 3
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.V D6l NESVS-HtKAlD We !n«~.iUiy , V4, 1961 Two Odedssa Men Get D oh Art C Mill I Irnoc Ft. worth Bank p os ts ';KODcri'V. «ni urges Blockade Around Cuba FORT WOHTU. (AP)—DiVefturs of the Kirsi National Hank named two Odessa men to new posts of advismT.Ltirc-Mors Tm-s.iuv. Thev WASHINGTON- (AIM-A former idor says iho traii-d nmst throw a Moekado CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Tap JUeanJ-HciUJer in MatNw' IndivUfiMl Cfcamptonthlp UDALL WILL SPEAK arc \V. D. Xt-el arui K. C,. Rod- niari, \\lio have e .\tensi\e interests in liankina. ranchinc and mi. : ~ iV!md Fuk ' ! <-'as!ro's O.!i>;«. or nu-uie Jht.e recoiMuenasiic.n in-'. Ttv_- ex-envoy. Robert ('. Hi!!. ;iay: 'old the Senate Tntorna! >>v i .jrir> _ s'dwmniittee Moii;r;v MIR* ino Classified Ads lirinj Uesults . I'niU-d Slates should ;isk otfier -:h'.T he<nisplvre nations to join the r look ad«.' but should do it alone— \ut!i military force—if it lias to. UiH, a political appointee who •frr-t-il ;is ambassador to Costa ?iu,i. Kl Salvador and Mexico as \\c.\\ a* xcrving a stint as itssist- ;':?(' s-'iTi-'iary of state for wmgres- sicn.ii liaison, said Iron Curtain i<-.:r;;ru-s an 1 shipping arms into O:!m ihat "will be used against .tiin-American areas." c«>nu !u!i-(! that State nest' policy favored Castro ;uU'r our own izovernment's :T:i\- l"Lp*ir!s" shov.fd llic !"i'cinio \\;\s under Coinmu- r!->.'!i'.-<- or doinination. u 1 is no doubt in my -.'.i-S Hill "that indivui- (MI- St.'.te Department wiih i> i-.i ;i'i.- N't \v ^'clrk Times i.-! ''.is;rii in power." P;;r;t"s <:l;d there- would be i:"'K'i:t on Hill's siaiemem. South dealer. Neither sitle vulnerable. XORTH WKST $ 4 3 > K Q J 5 2 4. ic r 5 EAST 47643 A 7 SOtTTfl A A K Q 10 ^ K 72 ^r 109 6 A A S 4 The South 1 A 2 NT West North East Pass Pass 3 XT eny:;neers are working hu:hwavs - thai in i!ie ;idi only carry arc nulo- !if!n drive ® PERSONAL LOANS © COMMERCIAL LOANS ® AUTO LOANS ^ INSTALLMENT LOANS • SAVINGS 3, CHECKING ACCOUNTS 0 NIGHT DEPOSITORY © TRAVELERS CHECKS • TRUST DEPT. © BANK BY MAIL SERVICE • SAFE' DEPOSIT BOXES $ SANK MONEY ORDERS • DRIVE-IN WINDOW @ FREE PARKING LOT .&. T! "EVERY SERVICE A GOOD BANK CAN OFFER' YOUR FAMILY'S HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST CONCERNl \Vh«r. sickness stridei you or your loved onps, you coll in the fineif doctors. They prescribs Ihe fine?) drugs, ontf we fill lho»s pretcnptiom \s-ilh fhe he^> core, promptly ood ac- curcleiy- Coll PR S-2415 for fie» Dati'v*ry DEL RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BIDG. Opening lead—three of clubs. Some players are hard to play against; others are 'easy to play against. Putting: the press\:re on your opponents and forcing: therii to n;al:c :n:s'akes ; .s certainly an ass-el at the bridge- table, and the more you can ii<v this and gel away with it. the better your results \vi!l be. Hen? is a e;\s-? where East put trc-nierv.imss pressure upon the deciater ami defeated a contract that -ithenvise would have been easily made. West led a club and declarer 'Of course, if Smith had played the king. He woxiid have had no trouble malting' five notmmp. But declarer did hot have Jha advantage of seeing 1 the defenders' cards, -and naturally assumed that East had led t!io queen from a holding that included the Q-J. He reiwoned thnt, if this were the case, it \vould be fatal to cover with" Jtn'iB kih'gr «" it turned out thiit. i^st liad Started \v!tU four of ftve hearts to 'the Q-J-0. He iailSO realized lhat if East had both honors, the s»it won'ul l>e Stopped regardless ' of v.-h: t East plaj'ed next, because dun 1 -my held the all-powerful U-n. So South ducked the queen. Continuing: Uie war of nerves, East now led the three of hearts. Again, declarer eouUl JFK To Push Button To Open Texas Plant -The York County (Pa.) ieal Society-museum conic entrance door 'of ih« eeu where the Continental met. The door is all that is| the old building/ WASHINGTON (AP)—President Kennedy will participate by lek 1 phone in the dedication of the j.'J\'- ernmc-ni's iirst saline \vator conversion at Freeporl, 'IVx.. 21, Secretary of Interior l-dai! said Tuesday. i Udall, who will speak at the : i'freinoni'\=, sain Koniu-tiv will press s button which will start ', !l)£- (k')Tu>n:-.!r3tion plan! in fu!! SI"! If IIP-'I 'iliOlS. Tin: Fi'fi'^nri phsnt h;-:* iivi\ "P- orating on im expert nu-nt«ii br.^is L for ?t*', i-ral weeks. have saved the day by going- up Up,. gi"p«4 GmrtflmO ...:.», »»,„ i-i«^ K,,» ~.^,-;*f.^,t IICI WlbUl *JH ViltUliiU Is in The Air Force with the king, but, convinftd that East had the jack, he duck* ed. counting: on dummy's ton to force West's presumed -ace. But West, much to Smith's discomfiture, look the trick with the jack, returned a heart, ;iml that was the end of. th.ut. Dc-'.vri one. East had realized early in the play thai prossie defense would not defeat the contract, and that a low heart return at trick four would be ineffective, since declarer could safely duck with- i Udull will visit Houston. Corpus j 'rhristi Bro'.\'tisvi!le ;iiiit Freepori. \ :'l'be secretary will fly to Hmislmi ; ' next Tuesday. ; ; . L'linll will tluvi innun- to Free- ; ; port win-re he v.'il! be honore<i i\\ ;i reception 'jiiven by fit'iiwt'ralK" party fo;id"rs inu* ;it a buffet din-., ner at which How Ou'!nk-:ii C'o. will be luiiit. IM.-dl wii! ?is\'e hreakiHSl w.itH the Kreeport C!r«mber' o( Cotn- tneri'o SV>dnes'd:'.v Initift- speaK- Ini? :il 'he 1" & m. di'fJie:U;"ii cs-re- \\ r ednesday at about -1 p m. l ; da!l is due- i-> arrive at Corp-is Chrisii \\hete hv veill attend a !b!; fry' on Padre Island, a un-|>osod national .^cash-ire. I'dalt '.\!'l be in r.rr'.uiisviHo won.~t.he queen' \v!th the ace. j three .hearts to the king-. His South, played the ten of dia- j imaginative play grave South a nionds, which, held, and the nine, j chance to go wrong-, arid which East took with the ace. i stopped what would otherwise East thereupon returned the ; have been an easy contract to 'OT!> A IK KOH <..'£•: HASH. M;>ss. (.Vi* •.--- Seven-ir.i.-nth-ulil Marv Hctl: . 'ii//:iio fi! Hit(!':;io. X.V., T.'uH'sn't knov. it yet (nil ili-.' Air K'-n.r >;:>.<; >hi'"-> !:i-iU*vi-(1 u> In- the i-'iiy voi-n^ior in th«- ci^mr, 1 '' wi! : i a • Lirrn:-£;ra!ii1-ni;j!'.i-r in i:n:f<ir;n. ilur:- i»eih :.- liio rjri'.'ii-^r;^;'! l,::hri-.v r::; • Air '-'or «.•(.• Uvliu 1 -''.-!! '•crsoar!! ?•!:-•'! i<v:v.-i! here. T'tD >ori 1 ccini spi i. ;:<!i-- p i-> ;n ,\ir Ferce refniitisii: personnel. WANTED 10OO RADIATORS TO 8E CLEANED. AND REPAIRED DEL RIO RADIATOR SERVICE 110 XV. Ogdsn Dial PR 3-145 i BUflNESSMi learn to fly. •while you froi it's the mbd*n PIPER wa M.ikc your time and money do *- iju:y! Ltain to fiy while ir»vtl snJ ftom business 'ppointmen fiiLif. one of our qualified initr will ihecl: you out at the conli thi 1 easy-to-fly Piper Tri-Pactr. i a-T-.'.N'itiWc, -i-ptace »irpl»n*. ci^iri'.snared conticiU-thsi rn»le i.<> ii.iipie is driving B f»r, fci rtJtJr to solo in less tim« ihm thiiiic po-isible. . - PKone for our tpc(tol *'L»arn Whl Travel"' brochure, *r vlill thi and In ui ;lv* you compUt« DEL RIO FLYING SERVIC DEL RIO AIRPORT-PR 5- queen of hearts. make. iQ 2951. Kine Features Syndicate. Inc.) Heads Oil Company DALLAS (APi — Producing Properties inc., an independent oil' company, ejected Virgil Har- Ixn-n execu'ive vice-presidOnt. He <ui-foed> ihe. late Mnc Oliver. RKAD THE CLASSIFIKD ADS NEW V/ATCHES IIKE EGGS GET STALE! Obtain Fresh Watches from Del Rio's Only Watchmaker or — TEXAS RELIABLE JEWELERS 102 W. IOSOYA The. portland cemiMU -com-rote til at will be used in the Interstate ' System wtmhl buiUI "nioro- than SO monoliths the sire '•-<*• Hoover Dam. DR. OSCAR VAIDES DENTIST Offie* Ho. 1 i« I»«H farh Loufig* Buiiding Mom Slr»»f CiUDAD ACUNA, MEXICO Appointment Cafl Pft 5-3666 ENGLISH SPOKEN Vtl - o o oc- o] - i -,J EV ,->. ,-^, ..,.^>•/ ..^ 000 D O CJ I r ',^ SCOURS AN D y THAT ' ._| L <*S MINUTES' ! I WELLJHBNj T MIGHTA^5 VVELL BE PREPAREDI ~ ' ' 03 <?'."*-o - '^-^ ^P /\^: -; =V;r^f;,-rrr r,;:;^^^ p-z;::^; jjjii?y^?' iU^,^,^ 1 ^.^.. 3".'V..-;^^ x § -^..i i >••>-" ^s £ ;i - .. .^r/J -^'Sr'^k'^ \^,\^ ^^te f te^^te^4 :fcl^.^ : sfe K '=*^. ^Zc^I"-/ JO Ssft' TURM \ I LXJMNv 1 . if TsE^'RE *Vt:jl OUR HAM PS, WHAT ( ^ .1) K?'™*^^^^ ^ -,V/TA roi /.•* £-.v/rA- roi^^ r- J «r=«o":- ; .-.vv- ,.-1 r^->/^- WA Vr 7»t V^O/v >| AT5 7>*'£- ft*.-i.?0*D;S GCJ-'s' | JT^-^Oi/S.^ >-,-- rra-^aBB-^ i O*^S Avxr/y/A'G ,-~/£>'YQlJ } , H LAY Tfff.C.^S SQK£WH£.9-L\ ,"»-i~ gX&^i. .. ^S \ O~ TH£ W&. .r^i xT^s?} rr^F/^^-^^H fr ^^r f ^r s >j r\.——-^ ^ ^ \-V- s \/'/a ^3?^- .^JSS®3iJ^ TRUE'A. \ \ ^ V ^ o o •t o o A.VO7ff£K CROWD ur THESE AM AWSUS.". 7 . V ''i I - v F-^- 'JF .. /-\Jt Loov?,..pAMGEsct!s.y » s - .ru,. v '! i —- ,^i ' -cr^ ^-' I .- r -^/'- ; I '- ' i, .. -V--—-•«*» —«»- B.^i.^^.C '. j i i HE.V-c^'o'C-r^*:y- WOtxfT- EE ^ ' RATCCE.P5OSES THROUGH ^! AROUND LO?-JG/. r HYA 1 eTOWNS^ANDb-VCC^HRC:.! \ COME A STIFF BREEZE. 1 : V. &A.MCUETS — Ar>:D ££.CH TIME f THEV GET THINNER // ' ^<^ \ VmWv^fe« ' )^-^f >^v-j'V^^*!,, ^/i^wv/rx> -i-- jf&Z^' J~;,t* -T/_>Vj^V^^T/??*// V.< ^CMJ^^^^^gC^e-qg^ /f r

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