Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 14, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1961
Page 2
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4— DEI RfO (Texui? NEWS-HERAIO, Wednesday, June 14, 1961 Van Ag E y E ed Pr The St.' ^ p <h vru'.- ••;•• • . hold ;Kt.-:r .-.-•;. in ihe n:>.i:x- cn.:tr. ?.;>-•".' - CanVH ague Le Eight Negro Stars Triandos Hasfxplanatidh, Didnt Know What to Do t c-S ihi.- ;=nu DI- he -f-t.-ar HOLSTOX (AP> '— Eight mem- Bob Goehrs. chairman o( the \ i>ers «ii the Texas Southern Uni- Gulf AAU registration committee.! \-T>!!\ iratk tfam have drawn said. "Tiio->c. cieh*. boys entered temporary suspensions from Am- themeet, and we're not only can•at, ; Mr Athletic Union competition cerncd with the fact thai they did J >la >' e ' rs are ha PW w » c: .;,, U?c:;use they withdrew from '.he not appear to fulfill their commit— ~ 1 } Q . matlcr wlial ha Pl~' By GORDON BEARD BALTIMORE (Al 1 ) — Baseball players are happy when they \vin ppons on the field. Gus Triandos proved ih<? point to second as Triandos cooked his 7 T. But Hallimore won in the arm several times but held ttu>. ninth on s single by relief pitcher ,-] ; Hick Hall, a sacrifice, and a Keoush. who had reached sec- pinch sinule by Marv Throne- ond. then turned and ran hack . berry. -- ',.".,.• safely 'to first base—which had TTrKV baseivan Dick \\illiams he n iid Fisher stood around been left unguarded. The big Oriole catcher worries To add -insult to injury, ticr'ie home plate so long waitmfl for the i 10[ irack Meet nf Champions. . . mem." , : . Tho.eish'.. alnns wi?h 12 other • Alexander I)«r)ey. athletic «•- • _ Nc-t'ro Mars, boycoued the meet reel or : at Texas Southern, said "I | Tucsda >' i L*'f ;)' i V i n It! M i riCl3 \" in^CTi USO OI whs t I ht*V f^OTi't th ink t ^i r» Iriric ni i "ht t/\ t-u-x • — -^ — • —- » — .,.._. ........,_- — — - --.,-_.',.„!. j,;;!,; vali..d ..-related soa:in- in the held »iablc'for sometha!-h n•> «'hcn he rioesn'Hiil. And he's sen-'Wcodling then cleared the bases play to end "we could ve. played ••-•'' ""<-v>t T-i'-: -'-"• li - > "* " -unable !o control " '" "" " re selive to boos from fans who ap- with a double to tie the score at a rubber of bridge. ^^ ;iu M U;ha>!s Tho ^'--p'-n-son. made Tuesday 'HO said Dave" Harris. Homer ' Parently^expeet him to hit a. home -,.-. ,.••!,,-., ™.j muhi s( z n-eenrsE of the Gulf Jones. Howard Johnson and Mel- n ' n •UI-K ifi ui'ni ir.c >n 1! A A I' board So when Triandos held onto the coverr.c-rs could vin mmsmn aireanv nave gone , ,, , ... . . the sth^tes out of the: Xa- home for the summer The o-h- ba " as thrco Uasilln Ston Sena- AAU mt-e? June- 2H-'j; in ers—Major Adams. Barnev *"-- U)rs ran lho hases m rovers «r-f A Nickett's Worth I ^ By NAAMAN (HICK) N1CKEU \Va>-iMiv---:.>n V " v V " rk if tho >uspptisior. :< ox- Charles Frazier. Lester ".Milburti dcr wltheml bci "S lagged, sports-; K ; -:I-.^ r !lv wW ;il 3 n-eetiRg nex! « t -..-k. • -are 5ti51 on the campus prepar- v : nlers - p xppcu-d to find a Gloomy ; -x i.Mk i«;,' "ScgreKalior. «a> no; an _i ?5 ue.'; iny for the AAU mm. l '"f :n ' he (ir f S; V»§ ««»"• | "-' - But when a*krd to describe the ; incm • : i* r^*- •n Sar- Ben Jones Trained Six Derby Winners LKMIXCTOX. K>. tAp, _ The :v.ith Cnlumei ' Farm, for whoso l '' lUi _'•'' '«->>• cir-viii3 Ben .H:nt:< <\:>, -:>: : rs he irairicii ir-e cterl.iy M ;n weird play. Triandos !uui a sood- hwmortd. succinct reply: "To tell the trsiih." he said. "1 ! didn't know what I was doir.^." '. Vv'hy so happy' 1 ••\Vhy nor? " r,us said. 'We \vors, • r |u> ^ ;!n difin't "w<??" titv-T ful on Giants Da n the ck •••••-: MI i,^ cre>iiesi iri;!;ers ana Hi, son. HA. :^' io;'..>r:Mi ^i.•^5^«^ai•;:•••;, . i> Ca!u:n^ .i')!iv>. ^h:> trasr.eti s:\ Ke:-- ;wcei; :hei!i ;hi By ED W1UKS . U']|li;uiis iS-iii. :md Mays mnntt- Associated Press Sports Wriier f:a-ttired the see«ntl run virtually ali b\ (iiiii>eli in the fourin. tut. to third on a fly tu .•vhort renter and trot- ii"i t'oisie on a sitsgSe b\ p Jim ha 1 enporl. The ^niiyejvs scored ail . their i MI.S. Miu' a l«'nu-r by Tton Fairly. ii'SSi-o ".Jiatils. :^el- Triandos rapped homers his back in bjsmess :.i!a\a in tiuil -'.""' first two times up to drive in Xationrd Leajiue pfnuant rate, three runs. Tho fans were chver- ; After i'.unbiini; cn>: of the !•'. mi; him fur a chanae. by losini: S of Ivi. the t.;iant> ;i I'ist in the ?e\enth inning, he within a iiamv m liv- t«ip. h-iii;; " pla\'ed the role of EJOPI. • inu back -.Hi' a (••••tuebni k. J trainer. d no derby \vinner*. era! bunch Of the take." been. .I 1 iccorci •A-hc-:-i a pai corr.'-.r to ';: ar.yn- '.-.'••• lO ':'-. I-::' bring c: me Doubt BASEBALL STANDINGS By _THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pcf GB Detroit . .' : ; ~ ' '2i .-S?,S I .h>!ir--; trained horses and s.cofied at book an.-: i>c '•>.'Oi;U:r2 - r know what to .!.-,r-'-i -,•- ^ hrnauht i:p on his fat'-er's ferrn. ij''c;.!ise of iiss b;ick;jr;>'jn-'i. he s;i!>:. he !ia<i tu decide bc;v.eo!i H^i-UMn co-.' s and horses. "i"o':tdn't d-r-cidt- Mhicii 1 liked The Senators had scored two \ it inr> over l.o> runs to cur Eiaitimore's lead to day nieh! .for a third with one out. It \>. a? the (>;a: Pitcher Jack Fisher grabbed in their last i-e 1 .! ' t r,,r,., ^'.vi.'ji "!' trciu l!iv Texas i.eaaue, came • [)i );J ,.,,,-.- in ^ith or.i on and two out in -•-ft 1 '' -'it'^rs- '''•'• Jo: - 1Itl ' inni'ii: and stopped the KH-IS . ;i>Hi !i( »^'-« i'«W vvllh - -•'* frames Marty Keou-h's bouncer and the bull pen has r.ailed ali bm -ne " ! "° !l!t ri ^^ hcforc ?>vini?. way tossed to Triandos ;o trap -Chuck of the ^ iciorio. t " 1 ' a i " | i ! "-b-bi!ter. Hinton off third. Gus chased U;e • Dick Lr-ipa;.. a southpaw nvik- 'l : be Pirates beat the Reds !<>r ruimer back to the 'nag. but inp his firS-t-maior tea^iu- aptv-:ir- the full) <tme m seven tries, failed to throw. ' ance. T^.MH Bolin aiul Stu Miller hveaku^ u^ ? shutout duel- with Danny O'Connell. v\no had tone combined tor r> 2- : .\ ii;)»::ias• ni iv.o iv.o run-- in the sixth innirvg. Don from first lo third, ihen retreated hit, <!r,ito;:t Teiief with Mil!«-r Hcak. v, Iio had a single, a double '•"-•• ' ' ' ' painitrj !'.!- >!.vth \ictor> without ami a triple while extend ins his liituiv- 1 streak. Through 12 games. I e Jones career f>ei:ari in earnest, in !!>:-? ;-,o had his first derby win- T'i---n for raiunic! 'iicrc were V. :'ir!av._ay in \f>ll. I'onsr.'e ir. V"' ; i. Ci'.jtior'i in l:'i}S. Ponder in s;'! n a;u.i Il;j! Uaii in 1K2. r':-e vears laser Jones retired. Elliott Retirinc Tft Awhile Th- iefi the DudiJers first run with a dou- Tuesday's 2 10 Los r'AMBRinC'E. -\I\SS. (AP) — Herb Elliott headed back to Er>ii- 'lan'ial '' ir! '' today determined to keep ,- . --x av. fiv irr.Mi bijiime track until the British Empire Games in Australia" next year. "1 ji'i so!ii'4 i-'Tick to a ahead of the Giants bie off, loser Jim Maloney (2-2). and still a half-^anu- behind the vjm tJi,-ii f<>recd in the clincher first-place Cmonnau :{cd< wht.! h\ v, .likir.-'.: l-.ii! Msjeroski with v.ore =pi!led 1M b\- t'in-'v.ii-Eh : lb-- J'S-es -oaded. Joe Gibbon Phila<lv?iphi:i S;. l.ouis ;i'_' in '.">-' ; v. >n it. blanking the Reds tlir' <iniy nUii-r XL u;-:ini- scheu- tin five hits until iiie ninth, when uiini • • ' . Frnnk Hobmson doubled and In the American I.euime «''!ev e- 'Scored on a sincSe by Gene 'land retained .a ix:e uame lead I'reese. aiui ivusnced ^'-: A York h:ick !s» -lolinny (.':i!l!s!>M broke up a 2-2^cc b\ bcatinc the 'lie. in the eighth iiinin-.; with a kees ~-''. Petr-nt' r-'-vanicri sec.-m! dtn;!'>U- fur tlic Phiis. his firs! hit victory over l>cs- in iv.o v.eeks. Frank Sullivan (3-91 iihjm.siv ••k-ivatcii \\';;ii-i!H*- ntnkm^ ..hi, i'jrst relief appear", Min;;.'Sc':i- cracketl Kan- :sncc. '-\;,s the wmner. Larry Jack;;> s t; asi's tJii- t'hiciiCf ^"i (--'•>> 'ost it. Sox -v-.i-'p? ;= r-M-rii^lii pair ... _. ,.. ton .ovtn Per sonr Of f- he come of Listen is •;.'JL ML In-': heavy well: ;it l:t-t>. r.'.cis cf the case mav n?v .snuc :- lakni: i ?i ! n He nui^t be more boiil; r : e 111 '. s ol be a v/ S. i ;i\ ii-Li'iit 1 ' Wednesday's Games - :.;;;T .-• fJr-siun •-.Muffet 2-S, a; l')e;ro>; d ;.•;. < iub . i Lary 9-31 r'.n -iro-c Los Anodes (James •''-• .\5c.../ pie ::^ ihc k-r 2-4) at CHita^i > Herbv-r; ^:- vii :• in Wa.-hinet<.in ?Don'.iv \'ort:i j;:is- I i more (Barker 2. ii;,s Ha- "^ f "'- 'Yi.>rk i Ffird 9-J . Kii'rr^aA City (' and 1--2 it« • , , » -nn. i.i.4 mi v. IM^. .-diu ir;e wonci ~ moor teaque Leaders miie record-holder, .-i <i 0n; i t -.x. .,• ^• >i ^'-> '-^--r '-y. wnuo p-c: ii. do any r.mninc except in . May " , !I \ " K l s ? 1 " : '.'. 1 . 11 " 1!U »^ National League -m:i!! meets until it's time. U» aei Ar;i PP ( '''_ ; j ;i!> i!ir l! " :( ' i'ianls. \v{\n .'i ! ;I-IL: '. !);;<.-. :;als ' — J<r;^k •on. Los Aniieies. o- r .2 \iin--— Mays S-i- F"r,inci--co. ape f r ir ihe Empire Game's." For V/hai IT'S Worth Uii" j;A';,.V,,''i" o'i'' -n n -J 7 :-i in-.- NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pel G3 ( innat: ..... : ; ;:i 22 .HO" 1 team in . . -•. on b . -,-, ~ v^. •-. \ 'i Alf rohar:t 5. League the Los Bandito = ':00 series tr.- be bovvleci in lea^uv ::«:av 1 he quiinet runsblr-r; to"?. l'.025 ,-. ' d the \viiv \vitlt a 6-3T' :na;v:di:a: ' :;•'•.'•;- '•; ihr.- if'arn ;•-.•. Dr ,•':•• ?-;;:vrit.:- ; : nr! Garland H;i; • >!' tl. • night \vas 2.845 !--. clalrr; to havo o:-;\i^:. Itrr'Jt and not one n; '- . Fourtbcf J\ilv ••..-: our .r>S2 MCAA Ployof "• C ~'" n Franei '! > !l!>!.i:rsh \| II. i -i..'.-,..-. •>'•• •*"•••-••'•:^ L . 0! ", f hu-aa<i Tuesday's Resulls rhtJadeiphia .'?.. S: [,<.i:i*. Games race in lour clays Tuesdav in in biennial Marvard-Yaie vs. Oxford- '- i'.ejlm:;. M>.i-.v ris.-te;-. !2. r.-in-.bridai! Track and Field Meet. ?:-'ri> ha!u-(i in—'..'-..-t>' ria. San 'l-bis time it w.-is Yale Captain'i. ift. Aaron. M ihi :;ukec. Jim Stack wiio jumped him on -t- the backstrctch and won 2oi7i<; Hits — Pir.sor.. Cinciiinati. 71: av^ay by about eitilu yards in A:.r«;; >i ilv.•jnikco. f.!». 1:50.>>. Elliott was c'aiiulit in ••**.: x:ii;.r:;tr. Ciura^i, rstid Mays.. S^n Fr;. nci-r--i. i 1. Tfipjr-—VViii-. L--;s Ar.L'e'ies an. r : ViMoi; ,-.IK' Cii--r.i-r.ti-, Piiisburuh. •'• By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HI--;;-!.- riin*--:\f at!;e'.«. s. Milwau- San .lose. Calif. — Willie Rich-j !•;«•; r:r>.f! (.'(-net:a San Francisco. . ariison. IS&. San Jose. outpoinle<i !~ , Dave Furch. 200. E'hoenix. Id. 5>ii't!c-n baso-i — Pin-T-n. CincinrsB- • ~ — Bre»»ciJu iiosr.eri'fi in lise stiirtl the Giant?' first hit at: kxsc-r S Dr. C. L. Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya PR 5-3762 Fight Results OASIS FAIRWAYS STARTING JUNE 18th Golf Clinic for Boys & Girls 6 to 18 See MORRIS TAYLOR or Col! PR 5-8284 for ... Details — ALSO Private Lesson Now Being Offered HWY 90 EAST .^ " ^^ DON.T. YOU WANT TO LEARN? hsnn .< Juisoil <•.') 3 or more >n> ----- Miller. S;, n Francis- We >4re as Near as Your — THE ASSOCIATED PR'ESS M JJ« <'nik..'e '.Spa fin h Rourid . Franci^oo ( Mar --,'. : . :.. . 'S'. F.miii i Sin; i:;..r;< ; j'.:;i,:..r- ; ( '; c'ti'lphia ; Hu.'ha • - f.'nif.'irina!: f O'T-'i.-ilf- ; : •;•-• .,.",.'. •••.: bur^h • Fr'.cnd t . Cl'ijcasin i Cardwc!! 3 . ....... _ ycies i Drysiiaic- — >:;ui;ic. \ >..-.•. \'<'rk. ••!': , D"ir-,'t, -5S )-,3J!fri in -- C;i>li. !)Hr«;t. -SO: Ku Always | A&M Loses Tv/o On Poor Grades Major Lecgue Stars By THE i.SSOCiATHD PRESS. STATSO.V. T>->. iled If; pa.-s TEXAS LEAGUE W L Pet GB AlJiJiniio . 3! 27 .55.7 .— .San Antonio . ".3 25) _. T .!7 ; : I..-K. N..-V. Yf.r!;. 7-!. f>ii,ihks — r-..\\er_ C!ev n-'sr.-'i.'io. CK'-.fiard. 17. Tri;i)!?<— \Vood_ Detro: 1 >;;!!. (',./-, ci.'tnn - and an Tuesday's Results '.'. San Anti'.'ni" 2 >',->>. \'u:;or;s 2-? Wednesday's Games lfi at Ardninre Auxtin at Victoria Tiiisa at San Antonio .- •; ifi'iri^ rr.ns—Mans. New -York. S'.- 21: Ca.-h. De!ro:t. lit. Stolen hn-;es— flow.-.;'!'. Kansas Cit.v. !7: Apancio. Chicago 1~>. Pii'-iiiii 1 .? (bn'-ed 'in o or in-.T'- decisions >—(irant. Cleveland. 7-0. !. ittr. La'.inan. .Cleveland, tl-n. 1 (!>•<.•. yirrki-uMls.—-Camus, Mmnosola. 7.'!- l'or-1. Nov. S'ork. .70 SAM'S RADIO •&• T.V.-CENTER 315 S, /r'.oirs -. PR 5-3832 . . . in the comfort and convenience of your own home. - Open a Checking Account This Week! Cla.^.sifii-d Ads Rrinj; SPECIALS FOR THURSDAYS! PuSfs ^Si? SEEGER'S BAKERY Next Door to Beoll'i ANMOUNCiNG NEW LOCATfON ros. Printing Co. (FORMERLY LANE'S RUBBER STAMP SHOP) '*' 111 E. OGDEN ST. PR 5-2136 Offset Printing - Job Press Printing Rubber Stamps - Marking Devices CHECK OUR PRICES ON ENyELOPES, LETTERHEADS, ANNOUNCEMENTS SAM LANE . ' ; ' CHAS . 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