The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 25, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1897
Page 2
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^ f ''~ '•¥"' " ' * ' '* ' ''*'' '•*•*'*! >( '" "- ' i ( 1 r 1 ' \" ,* J" ' ( ( i - „'.< ' , •' Tiifc MltY CBRQNICU, ' ftt the »t wt«Nt» ^ __ ]_* ll-t<M-< Kl I* »»<>«! v ft.,, *4.1 • «n*hi he ottce « Wising School. A hif^tl JjMHlfi, state tpfttokal edhool; raetScitl work. Bleotfve«jHtom. Sum- mot ctniKsft. GjTOt? degrees ot"Si B. r K. M, and-IPh. t). ' LabwtWtwHes, stops, mill, 6fec., well ociuii>p«d. Fof catalogues ftd dress M, E. Wadwwth, |»h. D., director floaghtoft Michigan. p ifatftifttfatt. 164 KSrt Sfnfe J.M, MOSES, Publisher you feach you*trade that will protep| heir , during life? CftB Al the sefeottf lorfited' itt tfep State street woal. *• Gerard, the Cental com- aoyth *rf e wilt" 1m 103. Madifioq 'Sfe dm tmtf feet »» tfc«* 8ki» hMS "The Boykl" for Her. Mftj^sly, ; tmde ft specialty. n»»4 Slilne* A thro shoe dreeing for: tan Sfld black Bhoos, For sale by Miss &, K.' Sofcs agent, Dolla Burgfesa, • time and gtwd opjportiroity td enquire »b(nii Watls m South Dakota, only on< Uay? i;ldd iiorri Chi'ongo. BfMjotitul oro^ of wheat, uorn, barley and liar toward tfit Mler of the soil. As ft stock ami datrj country South Dakota, lem'n Alt the ^tirid t'lifA olft*m, faiin lands with nearby market* «ivn now tm bought iot from $10, $12, $16, and iipwawlfi, per acre, and this IB the tiou to limit, for partw^Iftrn write t- Oco^e R< HeatTnrd, Oeherat Paesenget Auebt, Chicago, Milwaukee;* St.' Paul Rail- wity, <)i(| Colony Building, Chicago, 111. We invite all to call on tis jxt the Wat BOQ bnildin'g iuid oxaruine our method of DresB Tililoring. We will ciit ftny I-attera .for anj Indj who *>ill take the pniui) to-call and examine our Our school will be' open to the Bnlurday »m} Monday, Aujf. 14 and 16, where orders will b(ireceived.fof patterns ctit free for any lad) who will take thr pains to cat) aud examine our method Tht> Klondlko (iold Field* Are ribw iUtractitig the attention of the whole world, and the results «f placer .and quarts mining are fully equal to ihv iiuds of nugget te in the early California days and" extraordinary inducement*) are being offered to prospectors, practical miners and investors. By next spring the gold fever will have ttken f»ohHOssion of thousslnda of people, Una the weeteru roads^will have all they* can do to transport the fortune hunters. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, and its connecting lines, otfei the bOHt facilities for reaching the Alaska gold regions. For further information, address Harrj Meriw, Michjgan 'Pass. Agt., Detroit, .Mich, • _ n If Hie liuby IM Catting Teeth Bo'suro'und. use that old and well tried remedy, AJre. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for vhtldren twthing. It soothea tht child, w,<ftfi!fl Ine KUiua, allays all paiu. curn'a,wind cjolic and ifi the best remedy /or .diarrhoea. 'Twenty'five cent? ft. bot tie, ' ' 'At anil Flour. joit, can feet thft Albion .tyUytUelOO U)., in'ye own iMifft,, no lightweight! njf 4*6 qr ajsu Albion patent"; tLobest Hour made try it. ' f Jiuy >oi»r «tntbn«ry Chronicle Get ybur joft 'work done at the ehrom" \ff grown ,] eeived daily ut WATSON'S. \ i •» t»MMMMHHBm - 0. I>eupl '* CoSjl Call oa.theat bo ' fur« yeu. iiay a rccker, jtfaay havesll I kiftd*, afl(J pricof to suit thft'tioie af -the Nazareth Academy. f i_«M>, to SISTBKS <XP ST, JOSEPH» ' • t t HUMPHREYS' No, t, Cwr«e , " , ,- Jrifatits' Diseases. jNo, 0 Cures No. iO ," No- i t "- ^ "No, 12 *'^ x LeULChoppea. 14 x x " Sfcin Di fisiw, No. 27* «* *:i v 4«.ey - J»o e SO 4t No., 7? " Colds pt»4 6rf i|»- jg|jgM ^(ttf X^PdtfKJfir-toj 0$ B^ff^ P^J^Mbd ' i««wipi pj^, ?^.. A ox5fcw*^ 8' BOWCOPATWIC I&ANVAI. *>»«( ^m CNT Vnri X»ttr« jtpfe«8fft?wt,' bus t<» rettt for Systm ftf Shorthimrt. Ko Shading. No popitton. You can rn it in 1 dftytC 16 Costs, with book, this office. A. B. ! 'durifig t>tislttv>ss hoprs ant! 1 tor«he£ ^rrafc- amje Pay. will be ai the oflfce of tho hotc-t ' , for tte puriJflfgeof 'rfcetelvfttg which arc no* iJUe. S&ve. the tri eollcctiott Jefe by pfia aow.- M, & ' granted wiy rest* d<»afc %efii in ttiie locality. With 6xpWiftfifi$,i»rtli«|liiifc of atixlnow aldodtby H Jf. |«>Hey hold* will take iwpife? fe voi()fc tfionths. <". ., First e{»e^ jistx work at lowpri^ '""' iikfe . Sf re. JSIargle Bits ntthe ho«46 at h<«r lbridg<>, 61 Haootw stt&eK, ,/ ? N. M«di*Jft will find something to benefit »8 woll as' them. , ° >~ \" Talk about style, talk About* it ! But lave yon seen 1 the etyliph wedding invitations, p&rty card's; iftdividtfal carijs we are putfciug out? , They're pure style Don't you nfced a trifle of printing in the lines just about now. We have the n&woet and latest script type., Gall at th^home of B. g. 22 West Statc^street.nnd ho will repair yonr shoes at 0 oSt*e, All work Ipft at Watson's greet 1 fy store will receive attention daily 1 Ah elfegant line of belts, latest styles and lowest prices, at Hulott .& Son's. Always fresh and new; strictly hi&h grado at lowest prices; prompt delivery. Givo us a ciill and be Convinced at thw Perjinville store.. « A. WORTHY PALMRK, Prop. x Prosperity is'Promised, But if you want tho heat floqr, grahamj entire wheat flour, crack corn, boltod corn mpal a specialty .^or mill f«ed goto C. A. Chesher's-tnill, Xotlt-t. Call at Barnes'tor Diana's Chase. IH your time wprth r^)c a day? Then that disabling" Iieadiu5he_ is expensive, 'Blue StraiH" will euro ifrfor a quarter. Mrs. Delia Bnr/ireB8 is prepared to do manicuring and shampooing kit tho ta- dw*s at-their homes. Price for inanicur- tog 'K> cento, for ahninptioinK TXJ c(«ntH. Orders may he left at Miss- K. E, Billings' or at residence, with Mrs. Mar^ 1 Dickey, opposite ProsbyteriahchurchI ~ Xotlee. I atn prepared to dn ladies' and chil- iron's elmiupooing at their homes, orders at Clark's barlier shop. <>* oast Green straet. i, W, W. CLAUK. Gitford'g Tobafsco cure is a wientiftc for tho tobacco 1 habit." It is t^» C"rf* W *-PQ <?!<}>> ^ft fMfi HO pay. A.-0. HYUK. Katloa. ' Chain and tables to rest for partw? J. W. LB8TBH. v Chaaibwlaip's Colic,,,Chult»ra ajid Di ^«hoe4 remedy always J atfor^fl prttaip R»yejf. For sate #t Oreene'a^dfug store; T. BEST MEATS jQoodf delivered of Cecity b; no peddling done. tSvex*^ thing neat and clean. Yon ^am^atway» get-* ol«ga^uNtt •SHEPHERDS'. HOUSE PAINTING, PAPER HANGING. s Of 6H.DIK6, '»ii WWTIN6 SHOW CARDS PICTURE FRAMING la oil the Lat^t rtyle*. Portraits iii. Cwyou, Water Colors or Oil to OtD FlUMEt BE GILDED, Olid Fiu-uittire We-FiuL ttiiy StYlej at LANGSTAFF'S, nl A lk«ibf»d amount of cobble fttone oe- neftf Electric 1/iRht plant. Price ioents per yard. Knqtiirp of . C5h«ittna« BiPfeet OotnmjJitee, Marshall, Mich. Firp,I,!gUtulns'aint tfj^tow W^ now anfto«ftce to the Jnsurittg pub" icthat our rrretit busineBs trip to Pleasant, Safe, Reliable JOB PRINTING at Chronicle office. wjth" western, managers 6f many of the ie«ding WIT IntitttftticoCb.'* orffiis conn- try; ateo Br Jttfth c»)ttf panlpe, for action of Jlie «ncl wyclonp insarant'e on oa . , ana we>yld sdotier >v sugar in hfs stW $»ati W ^ouM *-, X. ^Jk " ' ^ *"•»- "• iU ,^k- -—^--' •" .4. «i ji^ ^1-1 4 A*iL It is'a sure uiions: ttad paid by r ni)5rtfeMfe% ' I' Snwuttt, 84 State elro^t. . -v _ r ineftl, if •if Cf/Ai. "01168^^8 WSf ft "All feihda oi eustc'm gtiflilitig done, 1 :fcota of Lh uigjir for 60, Bewntd of imitations. See that your cignr is sinrappd T'ro Pdtritt. o. Moebs & Co., manufnct'urorB, Detroit, Sold by W. A,. Bafnes, ---- !>ro<ltirr« 111" rtimvrWnnlt* tit .•',<> <ln,y4. It a< te ifif.frfnlty nud "(iiivlily H'ufow iyli«»ii nUothorBf4H Founetnctt «IU fefiStin tbcnr loxt inaohopd ami okl reicn will rerovci* tlipli 1 TOiithtnl visor'ni- uKlng UI/.VIVO. It tiuii'fely and (uifplv wiltorei*N»ry<n«" less. Ijrmt Vltalttj 1 , Impotency^Nlifhtly Eni^sKioiis, fnwt l'ov\cf,V»ilittB Mimorif, WiitiJle DHW-BSCH and til- ettvr.tK at mctf-obiue or etci'KK snrt indlBc.rctloD, Ahich unHtBonpJor study. bimini'«n<ir uiarrisKf. It nor only currs by htii'tind at tlut teat o.t rtisumc. birt g a itreat tlery.e tnnto arid lilood bulltl«r, bHu« lf,» back ib*. pink (jUnr to ~p»l<" chc»(Kn tnd r* ttoiinsr tli« lire of youth. It wards ofWrmanHJ *aa Cousnrapti»ni, Insist on b»vtn« KKVlyO. no other. It can be carried in vest pocket B>\mail, M 1.00 I>dr pa«'kaat,, or nix lor 96.00, with a pogJ tlve written Ruaruntoe to ourc ot reliioU thotninoy. Circular tree. Address \ ROYAL HEMCIM; co.. 271 watasn AYS., CHICAGO, ILL For 8»lo at Marshall, Mich., by ! A. O. HYDE WANTS FOUND KTC, Twenty cs>n-« a »»•«* to' each notice not ipiltnx five licri-ft. No tillage loxa tii&n centitjt \VTAST15D- A ¥T work tit K'i,)d for twiners! bouna- F UljC KK3ST—T«o«Iorv- li»u'« on w«wt Htkte »tr> ot Ei oulrt^ tot .1. t'AKV. F MJlt Hl-> I'— l'h* lint t'nw ootjnuH'd hy .Tamos • — jyw ^y o»wr ^tu,« linn- miortt will bo for "- ' IKMI n jiiher first;. 1 »l«"> ft 'h'luntf on rtrut KiKjuIn of (Jr'nCt* (iron. ' U *)t*->K «>( ctxtoomH In d(?tlrHblp lu-«tipc, ii> rent .Sept l|<t, Fur f/irllrulars 4iK(n,ln. «f «. W L. 1 uck. cii'brr Mautluii «u(l Mutimriy ' . .4 I \D11JM. I akx bltf wd|,'<»« at houit', and »«ul . rtlt to ) n\v tlic Bftlilo uptlfinunit}'. Tlir woi i»i v<!T> (di-nca-i' airl will nusilv puy $1)) k-ly Thi^i'irfi Uei'flnrion. ( w«u» no rtioucy M t I filttdly a:'>ut pitrt;oal»r!* to M|! A Kitr lormn. enquire or uddri - and . UftH *tO<MU-W Of «»•*>« HtfUtit (Mid «r*l««H*Vea«ie ' MHS. J,. ». ' F ( City Slaw t,»uwitry, H*h.ii UKwk, W IWtsa b* wuwlsr wte» or U«(r tanari^^ wu will tend a f up«r iufenaL-ul tt f it*/ Adiiru*s with ntf- * W. L. Alitijw, <|»u«r«i Agent, boutn- wa»i«rn MtciiiiiAu and 1 Bj»avOr» erf tt* W au S pur F OB Ka^ wad W. l>*«ter, tie .. U«lle« W ttwrri Cowp*u>, ThUd JFliw. SJBJX'PB WAS»IH>-F(ii war to Cub*, 4SQSOI Stomapli, IP- Kola Compound Gates Dyspepsia and all derangements of the- Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Sick Headache, Torpid Liver and Bilioiisnesa. Kola Compound Cures Constipation. Is a Braift and Nerve Tonic , - and Blood Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer of all other medicines. Kola Compound \ Cures Backache and Kidney Troubled. KolaXJompound Is natures remedy—^poteni yet harmless. It tones and vitalizes the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, in brief rejuvenating ant] building tip the entire system, euriching\the blood And imparting fo*ihe wholo body the freshness and vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue building. Herbal ami Vegetable" Extracts, and J! -^eotSftins to the most delicate couati- Kola Compound. I* indorsed by many 6jni- uent Physicians and Scientists., lay Mm KOLA • j If yon lyre, (*ttflfeyittg any derangement of the K layer <w or Herwus Wr^BOfrix ., \jtf DT» I^aQe'fj pound. It will #ot~di,sap- point you. Price 80 " and *I per bottle.... Kp|a Compound May be obtained of Lane at Ms , pffiee lagte afreets, who,will be pleaded to furnish anyone with literature, te»S- ttioniale. etc., regarding this wonderful remedy. Has been engaged in the ]U.ntfeiyA *~ ~ i? ^ ~ -* " -2— for 35 yeare. Tha iaat 25 devoted largely to the study, ic diaeaaas, wwi diseases oi ttienervoua system — in both »ad female. tioa wtd advice at FREE. AlimiW-d of oillii itt town &n<d will receive promt "Tto CHICAGO kECQRD is a model npwspnper in every sense " of the word, "~- tfarrisburg "There is, no paper published in America thnt so nearty approaches the true journal" i&tic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."— From "Newspaperdom" (New York). \ '"/ have come to the firm conclusion, after a long r test and after a wide^cor oarison with the journals of rffany\ities and countries, that The CHICAGO RlB^ORD comes as near being the itfeal daily journal as we -are for t some tim? likely to fino\on these mortal shores, 1 - — Prof. J, T. tiatfield it The Evanston (It!. ) In dex, • Sold by newsdealers' everywhere and subscriptions received b$ all post nnsters. Address' THE CHICAGO XEC03D. 181 Hitdisun-sL, SEE THAT THE FAC-SIMILE SIGNATUBE eparation for As Promotes Digcstion,Cheerrul ness and Rcst.ContainS neither, NARCOTIC T - _ WRAPPER 0wrt»d» v ([ipBt*nlaw»'Hii«|M»W»f onlj, -1^ to aot wta ia baJK' »?»,'* ftHw .«j«w to »U - anfl '*wilj, *nsw«f nuyilwi- «( bottle^ <rf Tobauco cttw wiU bo givtai HydoV diug Wfcfisft io ea wbo houatiUj wish to fid theoa u in toeoil /] I at ttmt date. PH& door w«nt ol Preabj tejriau ufe«i«ih, DR.l-OUiaa.40Y WiH«ive iu addliUon ia general pr*o 4*?. )fiUin£ of gUaues a diploma on *y«, ear, IMW» rom fe* take ^ 4^ the b^tiath* world. Mr- lox thx«« yeajtf. &#%&& , ' _ -%!!.«^o»ai, 't, r'>,"" j,..

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