The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 5, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1892
Page 4
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o I- j y tf - . v THE DAILY Cfl&OKfoLE. DECEMBER 5, 1892. [Continued from First PageJ - •• • •. t -. . and-the entire cre\# the Kreat"'Satf sfacHon __and«ri&0re gratitude felt by* »Jl % fo*'yoar work performed undefr 'fcircumstarioes o 2**"* 0 * 1 %> al > demanding the inmost dis» fcipline, patience; attd courage, While *»ply grateful to.thif Heavenly Father for Hi* mercies, onf hearts turn to the noble captain anil his brave men." Gave tli« <*rew « Uttle Remfrttar. Th<$ pa«kmge$8 raisei-the 'sum of J half of which, was Biven to those who hat lost thdr clothing and baggage and the rec mainder to the crew who had worked day and, night at thepamps. Someof thefcaloon passengers Bailed on th0 Etraria yesterday ana the malls f rota the Spree Went on thai vessel The, remainder will Va^aie- thtf Havel; o£ the North Germa'u Lloyd, which left Bremen for Qneenstown Saturday.. THINKS Hlfa PtiETTY COOL. Nftngle End Of .the tlon 1?BW YoniS, Dec. 5.—Nangle; the Irish' >' into who was let .out of an.finglish prison on condition of leaving .the country for good, his crime having been the attempt to - kill a land agent, and who came here and was detained on the Idea that Le was' of the proscribed kind of Immigrant. IK at Chica* • go. His brother, who is on the "force" at that dty, came here and asked permission to take the «-coavfct out to buy clothes and has not boe.n seen since. .But he has .been heard from. 'His name is "Joseph Nangle. General O'Beirne, who acted in the case, baa receive^ a letter from Joseph. „ Nothing Alean About Nangle. When Joseph took his brother" to buy . clothes they were to report the same day. 'But "they never came. back." Joseph tells the general-that as soon as his brother landed they went to Bridgeport,'Conn., to visit some jelatlves. "Our friends," the letter continual, "kept us longer than wo expected. When we got back to New'York we had only one hour in, which to catch t>o Chicago limited. This would not give us time to go to the Island, so I decided to gp right on to Chicago," The letter then said "hat theiNanglea would be glad to-see General Obelrne in Chicago, and promised him a royal reception if he ever came their way. Therels nothing mean about the Wangles," sald-polone! WJeber.. "After leaving here without our permission they kindly aend' us an invitation to visit them. I guess we will not go to Chicago to get Kangle." /- •• . ; I)eath of a Woman Worker, CHICAGO, Dec. 5.—Mary Allen West, Editor of The Union Signal and for many years prominent In Woman's Christian Temperance Union work, died'on Dec. 1, in Tokio, Japatt, The news reached Chicago Saturday In a cablegram to Miss Frances Willard. The cause of Miss West's death is not yet known, but it was probably a general breaking dowix from over-work^ -the Miss West left Chicago on the Istoflast'^ January for a trip around the world. She was 56 years old and a native of Illinois. Miss West associated herself with The Union Signal in 1885, when Miss Willard, her predecessor, went to Berlin. Before <• coming to Chicago she was for nine years prtocipal of tfre Galesburg, Ills,, high f They <Jall <or Free Trade,. CHICAGO, .Dete. 5.-^Atyestprday's meeting of the Trade and Labor Assembly resolutions werie adopted fa* -the form of - a -communication to President-elect Cleveland, urging him to call an extra session of congress for the repeal of the McKinlej" law, The resolutions declare the assembly to be in favor of free trade, and ask Cleveland to aid in hastening the lime, when custom houses will be known only in history.- Two Children Browued at Kaakakee. - KASKAKEE,' liL, Dec. 5.—Two children, . aged .6 and 9, sons of Jiudolpb llulse, wejce •-.. (irpwneii iu- the Kunkakee river- yesterday while playJDg ou a large cake of jce. Two 'JO^ier.-ibh'ildreu who xverc also on the iee were rescued by bystanders. Kvtirtul X, Dec, o.-ijr^dsi r Uenenil Jince, iu Children Cry for Pitcher's Caatorla. % Th,e Pyramid Hie Cure is a neV discovery f»r the prompt, permanent cwre of Eges.'In '" ^ f Children Cry for Pitcher*? Castorla. : Sufferers from Pile* abould ^uow'.that l6e id PUe r Jduie ^yL prom^tiy #fd e Children Cry for Pltcher'g Castorla. Df, SbArpsteen'8 Layesider -.15^,., and Astbipaatio BaJUiamj medicin* *»*< •aye Jiyea winen doctors <aU ia Mem- bra^ouj CFOUP, Ipflaigimatioo cf the Jumuca> Lunu Fever awl fyvhoi -i Pneu monia, also quickly relieves an* Caroflp, Sqariet Fe>?r, J"A — ;8ifJdaaii ^ jariua Ratib has opened'a billiattf aiid oJ room iq, the Voeel store, 20? East .State , street Everything is Dow and fiflStclass. Lunches served at All\.tinse«. R. Butler keeps the lamest stofcfc" of crockery aiftd Jampa Ifa tfeg^ity, djt In ^rrfet io make roorti foi- new stock will sell'vfafrpapor at cost: POWELL. Select aotl slfcndard oysters at ainghana's.. Abbott, vrho ha» long been nnd Hntton, Real Ea- —„ „.„„„* Creain, for chapped hands and Jjps or any roughness of iHe skin. « "*/, M. B, *»""-—'Fresh Capt. W, A. with Messrs. _ T __ , , „ ,_ ate and Insurance 1 Brokers, Ues Mo ines, owa, and is one of the b6st known nhd most respected business nicn in that city, says:, ."I can testify .to the good qualities of Chamberlain's .Cough Remedy-. .'jplaving used "it in uiy fawHy for the past eight years I can safely any it has no equal fob either colds or croup." 35 and &Q tent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. ..•' MARSHALL IMPROVED (Uunday patent! oontslnB no Atropln) i *' Sure and »afo euro for '" "* , Drunkeness, Morphine, Opium, . Cocaine, .—,-,••.. . .• .•••• •• * • and Tobacco Habit For treatment and explanation of the Gold Cure cpnsult Dir. p. E. Gallup at his office, in the Cook block. Patients treated privately if so desired. Tj"OB, RENT-A part of the house known IB the A Hart property on Jeffersonjmeet. Enquire at farmer's ihede near union school. You can always find >st Cigars at Greene's Drug store, JBalt and Try Them* The best Periumef always in stpckyat G^H. Greene's Drug store/ Ladies are intyited to caU and test Ifcejttr r : Kpcnmmendod for C:im- fart* Supnprti aod. Flvo Form , uu d coiablnia the best fcutwcea of CX ondlA ulat, .The JACKSON FAVORITE 0,0,0. WAIST Is ranch •woni by women and jjalw-eij uuuble to Bwuo KITING, fully made, .,. COLOSB —White, ' Drub, - Hade,, . Cten. edOOCl. 7,000 ll i^Slimjilij scat, post pald,iw $1.00. W largest stock the lowest piices HYDE'S Drugstore CHEAPER GAS FOR TO CONSUMERS OF GA§ The Gas Company anounces thejfellwinff reduo- tion in pricesfof Gas for LIGHTING wherever G-^a is used ALSO for COOKIN^of SEATING to take effect on and after ~~ f&d bt reasonable Pr^HKjftfe^'.. !mt$$ni Jliarge for ftttipg &t 252We»t State MARSHALL, MICH. &ArES,$i:60 $sr l5pO cubic Ft. ' • •'- . Foraltgto ; *On B *medwliereC0dklNGor HEATiNQlStOVea'ate used and the monthly consumption is not less tlian 1000 cubic feet. " • • '• • « ;< "™.' ft at s for Gas used for LIGHTING Q$fL Y rem p h> unchanged andiaro as follows- m .Less than 1000 cubic ft. in one motJtb, '$2 00 per I000*cub(o ft. 5000 cubic ft., and less ithan 10,000 ci7iiic ft T mprith SJ 90 per 1000 . 10,000 or over, I month $1 80 per 1000 cubic ft, .' /cubic ft M theabove rates alas subject to a discount of 10 ctfrper 1000 cubic ft when the months bill W paid to or before the loth ot the month nest following. TBs above ^pecial rates are made to indaoe consumera .to UHO gai'for cooking , and heating as wen as lighting. ,-..-. '.-.'' ^1 . Experience Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For ; ' . • ^11. ^ Cooking Over Every Other Fuel, |ji Cheaper Stove Cheaper Fuel, ^ Safety, Cleanliness, Qniekness, Convenience. W^Over 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL^ SPE^Efc REDUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A disconrt of 10 per cent will §e made fromjegular prices on all bills for Gas Fixtures or Inside piping ordered and completed from . ' - Septlst 1892 to April 1st 1893, The MARSHALL LlCHr Cp. DR. MOTT'S PEMYROYAL PILLS. Theonlyaafe, euro and reliable Female Pill ever offered to Ladies. Especially recommended to married Ladies. Beware TV• Pl w s £, m 5 p intln ^°«?, aa they are dangerous. Ask for Dr. Mott's Pennyroyal PiHa and take no other. Send for Circular^ Price $1.00 per box, 6 boxea for 15.00. Or. Motto. Chemical Co.,' Cleveland, Ohio. This long mtoerloqce and a careful study of iqe best mudiode eoablee ua to cure e?ery Cu rwbl e IJBMrtB. We keep a record of eyery case treated Mud the reealt obtained and can refer you to people khp have been cured by our method of treatmenv ' ' • <'OU»iiUatiou>ree and Iteanonable . . We have visited tlie\saipe pfflcfia every elitht weeks roa the past tweriiy-flve years, ' T? W e are prepared to 8>o% succeeaftjl reaults in • ^reaUnjj diseasBg^pf the H\eri heart, lungs, aton- .*f k f k>°«y«. b^ain, ner 6iu,-ilel,llijy catarrh a cuucersv^old sores, minort, dropsy chwipd1tt|-rt W , eez . bropchitis, ^Bttima, pneumou&, comjumptlon f "A 1 % ^P' 10 "? 1 , P>m Pits. . J^Wars. blotchea and all ' ' * ' 1 ' 13SCWcago •-•Will bu alfcflic H'urtidiin House i on" v7edne»dav u ^ Oec - 8th - *& Br. brawcr'a .Sure D^puro for Diseases -stoinach, hver, kidney* ami !-JSK!W the iHUMPHRfeYfe TIME TA '-VB,; ^OV, 20,"f892. puwi'tiw %*^'k*a. 8« Pttli.* Utiff^lo. -',.... • »-m- LT 8 80, J...11 35 —7^-Ttmt *«*B^#.J& 4«tf8l«ai ..lg 49 Battle Ci'Ji; 1 it* S00805 ,Ar7ie . *•«•' Blc *.J». IS 00 ?lo 935 10 0& V)SS 1048 U80 866 p.m a.m. 801 p.m. ISO 817 e« *04 480 60S »00 p.m. CWc Sjj'J* p.«. 440 TIB .788 880 847 846 p.m, 12 « «CH) Is li •«*• a. to. 8 W 4 10 IS 01 4401 BOO 520 569 1U16 *.». iac a as 7&6 *.» sen 65 n P. IB* 745 JO 47 as -40 1205 107 «W aua ^rfhall Dr. Hamnhrevil< S - pnvate pricnoa apd for over thirty people with entire 'success. E«Sw » «P*«W P¥«-e tor the disease nfcm • They cure witbow dni»ctiig, pu • t>7 the Spiouia - orredtujlog SPECIFICS

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