The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 25, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 25, 1897
Page 1
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f • - - - , - v - * / . *• . A • ,- « ' • > ; t 7 * / ^ j • * * * ' j *• j ' < ~ :X; W ; - - \ -j - - r' - • ~.r~ '* ' " . \ 1 \ , 1 < > , WfOitfEHnA Y< AUGUST 26, OK&TSi 0 ^<• <i , * t <* . -•/!*; - .,-.•"<•:••; POWDER Absolutely Pure, Cetoty-ated 1 - for its great strength and iteftlthfalaesfl. the food against aiurt» and all forms ^of adttlteratura <sow»nioii to tho cheap brands. *. , BAKING POWDER Co., New Yt»k. ill in Lin* Under th* $|«^ftl^toHfo.<.' ffrittl l . * T ffcc* Sunshine jfttatc, -' - Is We title pf n geiu»rOHsijMW«strBted pam "phfetof Sixteen, pages ih reference to-South Dakota, tho rondtng matter in which was written Tfy^Sjjpcfilftusiastic South Dakota - , lady—Mrs. Stella Hosmcv Arnold—who has • been a resident of the Sunghmo State for over 10 years.-; A copy will be mniled_ to . thenddrega of any farmer or fanner's wife, if seat as owe to Tlarrj; Moreer, Af iehjgau Faseefiger Agen<, Chicago. Milwmikoe &.S6. •Paul railway, 7 Fort street, W., Detroit Mich. \ Peter liockVroocMit thit Hurd mill is ^prepared to exchange Hour for wheat. He handles,the Yorkville milling company's flour, pne of tho best brands made. Viiration Days. ln>U»e lake rej-iona_of ^'isconnin, Northern Michigan, MmpcHptn, lown and South Dakota,^ftlon fj the-Iipeaof the Chicago, Mil_^_ waukee<fc|iiK Ptiul Railway, are hundreds of charming ib$:nl:ttbs preeminently iittod • for ^urumer hwiieR, nearly all of which are located on or near lakes which have not • been fished ouf. These resorts ranfi>e in va- rietyfrom tho "full clresa for dinner" to the.tlanriel-:h)tf'rtr coRtiuino-for every meal. AttUJUg the list, are nfiun'H iamihar to many of our renders ns'rfeetion of northern mimer resorts.. ( Nenrly all cifthe, Wisconsin points of inU'ivst nro within a bhort distance; fronaChJcJHjo or Milwaukee, and none' of tiietn are oo fnr away (r6in the Mbusv iDHrtfl of civilization" .that they cannot be reached in n few hour* of frequent ^ truiriB.ovcr the finest rond JU the northwest— ^. the Chicago, Milwaukee <& 8t,P»ul itailw ftttftMct' j>ot*Wl Alt Over ijHHi Jft% felffeftw on titor Visitor* If To*-h BuJt&to, -Attgv,2&.-»«!rixe aninwal Sf tftfi fcrttM ^Atmfr erf the Vet- In lirie, started at th^ today. Th^ struts ar* , wttb people »H along the line of, march tHe boy« in blue t«e4 and l?av« them the vail of ch>er» as they proceed. At thelre^u^st o« the fcit!*en4 61 Buffalo, president Mctelnfey cdn- *OrSed to fide at th&.heX* ot the Une as far as the revte$viftg stand, \vhef.e *« Will 1 take the seat previously assigned ta htm and review the Veterans as they pass by. _ HuStuln, .Aug. 25.— The fllirerent railroads cejit<»rln£ here have given _eBti-, mates of the number of passengers landed In Buffalo cturfnK the" twenty-four houi^ ended at mirlni(rht Monday. The total foots up 145,000. As all the raif- roarls report expected arrivals for. yesterday at least erjuaU2ing those of Monday, nnd*4uite a few more Bpeoial'traihs eafly thts morning, it isfeSUmattd that (here, will bp at'least 150,000 tnote arrivals before the MK, parade to'day, which will bring the grand total of encampment visitors up to that number that has been expected right along— 350,000. Yesterday from ijawn to darkness and from twl* llfeht te> midHtglit, the great gathudflg of the drand 'Army of »he Kopubllo waxed greater and grander, Tht; weather has been all that could be .wished for. Tht Grand Anny ha» turm-tl out * «• the to he*'HttM throagft by s W»ft. Ifi the' rtecepUoft J»om of the t i^ofaitnent eMiiteKo^ieto ftnd then, a little later he entered the Colombia t»o«t to' "At i:45 o'clock Senator ^'who had last »irlv«Hft thfe'.cfty,' Itftd the banquet tiall. '^ia^try •*»* ht[fpil by apptevft* at «i& further *nd *f the hall, aild as the tjrocceiilttgs }>a^9c& • President Mottlntey ros«* from W* Seat ^»d arid fnovefl alon^ the half tto riieet hirrt. There- vrer& shouts of applause a* the two men rtasp«>(l hand* a«d ttt« f)ffffeid?ttt'6> left hand, went ts'ft to na'ss. sftonlder, both took their a^ntd applause, ilanna bad to hold a Closely fo'llovflnK Hfinn*i's ^n* s irwa:*-&nrtojjnced that the pre*l-' flftd decided to make a btlef yl«ll to some of the t'anip Hfcr and thetf w« him. Me left; accompanied "by Cortt- rnnnd«'r-!n-C t h!ef Clarupott, Whllp h* was gOhtt thr? hafictueler? 'llstpneii tj» re- to a nulnlrer tjf patriotic toksW. the.irKTPSlelent returned and made a brief address? • \Vht»n he was intro- duopdi for fully rtve flnlnut<>9 It Beerneda» though the roof wotild have to fair or thp side walls t>«l£<> With the roars of applauae and^prpeting. The prtsidftit'^ Allusion tA the'sojlth And Its ufiity with the north Vas reeved 1 with vociferous 'the audleftre «t!»ndlr.g ufton t<t rhf*f>r-nTKl-»t ths conclusion^ of the toast (luvet'nnr-Bteflt led the applause. tJuiHng h)# absence from the t>anquet the president visited the camp ttrea at two of the local churches, and the -crowds -that greeted htm were tremendous. He F.rwlte briefly at one. >F' LUETQ£RT DRAGS. • ' Send a two cent til amp for n copy a 'description of the principal resorts, aud a )i»i of. Summer hotels And boardjttg h io Oeo. H. Agent. niul rnttn For board, John CuzKiiifl has wrivotHhrough H. lu Day' & Son ii e;ir of t)io brand of Onramu I'ortUmi t« U"t «lmv» tlio s _ aad p; it U lio ' l«>Bt walks with an j other tat the ,° H. A- Sriydor haB.put in a Hue lot of fruit of all kuute . wj^i Htarted a. "wtrich.wiU make-' irifid '<?vor"thc ly. Aft'h,e -wUfnat 'logo uver" every street- daily ii« will go usast aud mt-n than ever befoi-e attended a tiation- al encampment, and this is true also of the Ex- Prisoners of. War association, arid the navftj veterans . : and tbe-'-worimn'a auxiliary bodies. Just ui^the pongs of vk-tory flnatcd up front the triumphant hm» of Sherman, as they nmiched to the soa, so from th<* old soldiers Ift Biirfttt&, wells up a mlRhty of thanHfmlness, of ,hapjMne».-> and of Joy. „!•>!»» ur«-» of the I>(iy ,Siunukurtz«-il. t'rom early morflins until lute at nteh* Main jrtreet hild a continuous ;. j-of. posts. Scores of them' brought bands and few, indeed, had no, music. Tht* features of th'e day were th« arrival, of Prtaldent MeKlnley, accompanied by Secretary Alfrer nnd -Governor Klack (of N«w -Vflrfc): U}<? banquet to the president last evening And the parade of the naval veterans and'ex-prisoners of.-war in the morning. During the day there wer<? more than thirty t:orps., hrlKide, r.ttglmiMital and company reunions. The naval, veterans, ex-prlaoners \,t \var. l^a- dl^g tif the O^ A. U and the .A«a<>cla|h)n of Nurs<>s held, their ctnv,ontlt»n». and were nuny receptions given by and One tHtlc fUiimhtlin* C'n«it«l by tbf hi -!.(»« of tlif iteriliWA M« Chicago-, Aus- 2S.*-IMpdrich brother-in-law of Adolph I/. Luetgert, rirw ori' trial for the murder of his wife, created a scene in.ttre Jjail yesterday by W. Paul, 'the y JPhilad-frlphfa bar, Is dead. ,Wh«»l 8dW>t ^5 to 8S epnts tat tember anfl i>f> f<>r tJecetnfter at dh of. & fiteam*hlp to' saft arteand th# to A^aslMJi. «**t ^rjng. j ; fjkver wctit to &tfk cents an tiuttce atl New Ifftrtt .ytjfltfhlfty/ lieating- the Jowi prftse reX'wrA"' by" *&• oi a pp.nt. - ' tftfe ne^' Fr^bK- -scli^rt bWdMR. W>- cated'on thV boy shore rdia^d.-neslr O'reftn Bay; i^is.. watf «^rwoa my «•&", A.ft unnamed Gtemi&A diplomat ways, tterrnany may iHtrmfder Alsaee'-l/or- to Drawee for a oorrtpensalfon. ,T'he-t4rha {Petti) chamber ,rit com- potvatflerlftg 4hS Itniioaitton .ttfflu the ««a?« x of foreign commerclai denouncing ^uctpert accusing him fh -4he tlon», xA trip on the lafeu participated IB by at/obC 2,000 ladies was one .tf' tf»e th<? many entertainments. ws»»- a number of .for f»r d,»yand north'aiul swath tb«. Kathing but tho bwfr |he markY W.H1 JMJ hAudlcd iirid prK'eF Wliif be in keeping with tho times. You van ", liftY& r J}iui ££ilL£Qi£M!^£l^ hy l^avJjQH urd&fii Ta $7»««* it Mug Ctoveern: iSf^ereaa my. wife, M*ry Hughes, few , Wtfjay fe&d, jbofltfl and re^d^i;^ witb,- "pilli ftliy juet oaii^i »pd provoc4tio,n.-,' Now thereforft all persona ai* • hereby as; I W. dttbtsri^f , ' ' the fcfcJurV of fon4 pa;ra which " of . ornipg. was Army >n«n tofck. itf<t. The Naval Veterans' association aud tha EX-i'r^artu'jf^s of War aastnltt' Ucn, together with the survivor* of Erie c'oucty regiment* owil Mb**" «i - Kai»l*a-, lions,' «'Otrn>oeed the (5 rand Army eorr-. l. v*t-, of murder. Hie'<n«<£\ was walking through the Jail Iwfbw thp court opened,' and on the 'third tloor suddenly con-. fronted, his brothpr-in-la\v, v who Was standing a few fetet „ away - 'peering throuKh the bars, Porntlng at mctgort Klokneno vxfTalrnpd: "There is thti man who murdered my" sister. This is th,* 1 best place for him. Ho ought to be hanged." ' Ltuetgert glared, through the iron screen, but ''.matte' no sign that he recog-, nlzed the brother of his m.isslne wife^ It" was sugfRPSted to Bicknesp that" hT xpeak to LuctBprt, but l»i> drew away. with the remark: "No. he leiUcd my alHtcr and I don't want to gay a. word to him. I have nffver iJfick'en to him since • the d,ay I notlfit'd_lhe police of Mrs. Luetgert'i? -tllsappearance, and I. neve?; wa,nt to speak to him a«ain." i The trial drags-. _ Yesti'i'day, in order to get out uf discussing the t'onstitu- tloimllty of the , jury law thfc state d:JBmbJ^exl the venire 'at 100 men and ordered ''artythwr. The defense' on j the'. other hand will take advantage of ev- «fry technicality "that Is ptisatble. '-Threp meK'Were "b«(^ly'irijured and 4 traiH dentolishrfl hj^ a ^frecft stt Ceti- 'tral.CJty, life.) said to'h&^e b«cn caused, by stfHklnK min.ers. . , »' ' West Virginia d«*Aperadocisjf raided" a* plcnir; party ttear fJHHfpfclts, 0.", ftf)A Ui- thc fliiSit that ensued one rnan .^-a^ x feliled and sew rat fatally wdunded."' The body of the lato Mrs. R^B. Ret- lo^rfi,, of ftreen J3ay, Wls.,/ whose death ii) Pftrfs was announced several w«ek$ ttgo, was cremated Ih iworldon, Farmers of Northampton county, Va., have recfjved mofc'money for the 160.000 Tjarrels of potfttods shipped this year than for the 284,660 shipped t&a^jye^f. Willie CraK", » years old, tutVa tck kill his 3ry<mr-ol<t sister at Sfert'port, f). Tht? hny Is cra«y On the suBJect of de- »tr0ylng' lite and four> years! ago killed a little girl. liord Salisbury has proposed that thfr powers devise means whereby Greece will be able herself to guarantee the interest en a loan to be ralsed_ to pay the indemnity to Turkey. . ~' >? Three- 'men who g-ave their names 'as Barest Sla'den/ P. : M. Smith'and M, Kelly, nnd Chicago as their place of rfal'- .dence, \vtre arrested at Monroe. Wis., 1,-nd fined for peddling without a Hcontie. The Havana police have found a >rlntlng outfit which has been,'used to irlnt tho proelatmatlons Issued *y the ssurgent leaders. The proprietors of he''establishment, Pcralta Bros., hftva .arrested dnd are conflned"'inc.onii* mutilcada.' ^ • There w >»'(>rj catarrh in thin noctirin of ho country than oil other"di-ea ea pur *i ocfihor, nnd until tho la<l few j ! enr«"wB-< nup- iOffH to be. incurable. For. a great many 'ftnrs doctors pronounced it a locnl disease, md pre*crih«d local rcwiedieR, artd by bon- tuutly failing to cure with Io •»! trentinnht, ironouiiced it incurable. Scienro hno >rovon catarrh to be ft constitutional di* ease, nnd therefore required constitutional reatmftpt. Hall's Catarrh cure, manufa<?- ured by P. J. Chenoy & Co., Toledo, Ohio, 8 tbo only constitutional cure on the mar- tet. It ia tnk«n intcruAily in dofoa from 10 drops to ft toftspoonful. It acts directly on .he blood and "mjicoua surfaws of tho system. Th'V offer one hiindrwl dollars for any e««e it fnilH to cure. Send for oil-cut and te*tii«r>nia)ft. Address, » F. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by druKatata, 75o. Famfly pllfet are the best. « t^e State 4* tftE , h* l«f#«si «ftsutetto*»_ Wfty hw / Because it has by far It? Because It Is th<i <" »h» hfe#t, 1-AICB THlE Ten cents a week Two cents a copy, fowN IN MICHIGAN, EVeriiti^ News, Detroit 8c<m-» uii Hie !»»» ,, A up. 25. — League base ball records yesterday were- at J?ro<iklyn — .PfttB-burff 4A Brooklyn 10; at Washington Cincinnati 9 Wsu»hin£ton"6; at Fhlladel- &ns wore thfe \iniform, "of the i«iatp» ttavai '»6Fvi<'A and did the th« *n«ji-«f-> <be»ft W frehj f*»}f and file of the 6. A. «.>{ th'e prtaoq in ' WITCH HMELOJL of . flil otfe** 1 |S|ac«»' of horror wer* read, tike ch<^n» 25,— Rrwpttoiwk Lips 4- r*tii}tte i^ the tft? e retired last. »J^bt' tbfere t»,ot«l, i»o *?"* ond game) »t. Louis 2, a,t Itaiymo^*—Chicago 2, tJaltiinore 3; (sec/jjrtd gflrtm)'Chli'dgo 3, RalMmore 5— eight' Innings, darkness, at jiew Tork and -Hoston*--Weather - -i - W*t«tern LuuKue: At St. Paul—<J!rand Rapids 7, fy. Paul.«; at Drt.rolt—Min- neajiolifi 6, Detroit 7; At Milwaukee-^ Indi^napolii* 3, Milwaukee 1; at Kanaas CSty-—CoiunibMS G. Ka«s%» Cityi 3.*. 'Western Association:. At 'Cedar- ttap- d-dar Haptds 1 ft,; at.JDu-; flfu'jjton ft, l>ui>uu u(; 8; Joseph ?, 'Peoria 2; at Rot i )n low*. with revolvers at hut ' of ptt s frtorfe «l As^wy and U|> flv« farmer*, on th» hlshvvay. togethier the b^oty 1» abpm $200. The flr-amt ' , „ - nawnber* rt 4ha state hoard, of WKftrolfler* ja* at ta<.'t»; Wtillaw'.H. fl^eve*. Peoria; '¥** 9 *00 I Bitter* h»v month*," WBw. ABBJ* n, MUo, the * great trott the Jiear-by worljt to Veep ti»« the peel*, UJatiJ Aocome to the I;4lic61l{y. V had fitir ur- a brief § (/cjock Columbia post, tiia <ff>ftt< IfiKi^l fftll^ jbt^ll your in year d*y» i» BJwe the tai A* 'the pnwi* ; Ij^ tjyt and, \ involution On 8*pt. 1,18H7. tb« Urm of JVnrln * B(»b»e will Ixi dtwolve't by mutual conuunt, All per •uf • hoving wheat receipt* or cUlma of any nature will prt-«ent them for payment Qefarq tb»t il*tfl All hill* duo UH • vol paid before i. 'or, »nl + wt for *®r«°»- p&RW . 3. Hi WSBKE. •-.' * ."i.. _, L What if Jot Miracles? • The great f'otnf-CJRejncdy is doing worlt wherever introduced as nearly.miraculoto • ', as it ever falb to the lot of any human agency to do (I /will es. sem it & Iwttn for any one interested to write the toersons who?^ names appear below or anyone whose name .may appear , " ' among these testimonials.) . My iln Is to conrtnce toe public of ay tlicarHj and of the Me merits of this BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. Office of "KwoWsfntBTniM." » < Kingfisher. Okla., Doc, 12.-98. f my duty to write cial effect of Phelps' i line In regard to th« bftfleficial "Four CKsmedy," so far as 1 tun pewooally tfonl jarned. A week ago last Thursday, I WM taked with » severe atUck of In grippe ana in a Abort Urns became so hoars* 1 4otild not speak above A whisper. The night prevkms. I bad couRhed nearly the entire nlcht; Just before rrtlrlnd 1 took teftspoonrul.and slept the entir»nigbt at sweetly ever I did in my rite, fioioMitfhlng oDOt. I wn intirely relieved befdre uking one bottl*. Phelp»' DouRh, Cold aud Croup Cure ahoiild be in every lousohold iiv the land. I scud you this Wholly iDHolioited by anyone, lor you are benefactor* of the race in giving it tbo antidote for some of the' irotit affliction* to whiob it U heir. V«ty Truly YOUM, ' •C.J.JiM A MIRACLE. '- Kansas City, KAO«M, Deo. 34, '91 , - Udt Friddy, Deo. 10, nQr attendior physician rtated unless I wa» better by moraine he could Io nothing for my teller. That night I eom^ n«»ced taking Phelp's "FourC" remedy , stopped ril other raediclDes. The flr*t dose stopped my wQgbt slept end rested wall; a few more doseg •emoved oil aorenas* from my Umgi; tbe sooond lay I was op; the third day I was out on the torch and to-day was uptown purobasing holiday tood*. Mn» Jcmru BABSBT, Summit Sti CURED. On* dose of Phetps' Cough, Co]4 and Croup Sure, «av« my child ioalant relief When attacked vith. the croup. W. E. WOOBB, of Moore Bros., Orooere. N Arkansas City, Kmnma. UNBROKEN REST At NIGHT. 3. U. JHcuKO. MannRpr, ' k Office Commercial Printing Co., V . 1W South (Start St. f « » «. . « Cfalwigo, Nov.24, 'M B.B.Phelp^Esq., City. DIAHSIR;—I wish to tear testimony toth* great efficacy of your ''four C" tmn.e'djr in throat and lune ailments. As a rule I have been ikep* tloal of the merits 'of proprietary medicines, bul Uave to confess that a- teat of your "Fou* C" Ii oonvtnfclng that at least 6ne ready made retnadl is worthy of use. My children all take it with out the feast objection, from oldest to younpeni Itnd it is particularly noticeable that benefit, 4s almost immediate. A single doae will chcci. roost copghs in their beginning; 11. Klves an unbroken rest at night. In my family "Four C* li simply indispensable and I recommend it UD quallQMly, ,Yours, J. B. Hcliito. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. . ' . Cokiiip;, S«pt. », -85 For years back each winter I have sufferoo with aoute LaryhRitfs. Last wlnier was so bad I oould not leave my room foe two weeks or speak above a whisper. I tried every known oougH preparation frdm oOugh drops up and-down 'with no relief, then in dettneratlon I was Induced to to try Pholp'i "K9«rC." Th»8rstdose relieved my cough, giving mo the first night's rest for •week*. Tfalf the bettle cured me. i have nnvet been without this wonderful remedy t>iooe; It is as different frpm 6th«rUke remedies as mohuse's from vinegar or sugar from sand, MBS. JOHEPH E. GBUBB. 5313 Madison Ate. IT IS A MIRACLE. —eonductor Eckard, .the Railroad Correspon. dent of the' N«oda»ha Kaui-as Bei*i.iter, hag this to say of "Vott C," "Phelps h hsvinK a wonderful sate of hU Cough and Cold Remedy, We personally know It U just what It is rrpresent- «d to be. Too much OBU the eaid in it» praise. It Is a miracle. NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND TUB Ft JC. CONTRACT.—Pruggists are authorized in ALL, CASES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, U the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough. Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Bronchitis Asthma, L^Griffpe .Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing, or deep seated,, in fact I guarantee in all manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-AH.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* I take all chances',' 8. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, PfOD, For sale by W. T. DRAKE, . Too! >.tAAE|X..« THE BELVIDERE, mrpfi^f^t ^W *™^^^ ^SP9^% W^ WIPP LWq, SHORT an4 rtEMUn LENOTH Reduction la Prtces oil All Cooking Boiling Stoves $1. to $5. according to size INCANDESCENT in Price From $2.25 to S2.OO each. cents exkft foi Aawe and profeetabg ^h^. f •:":±- f $ Coata ttum '-' hour. Qivea 60 candle twice tlie ligbt of a • opau gsn teuruMf -^ in r«tiall iw theae Ughte. Welabach LigbW Always Give Saiisf^clion, both w» to light eaid coiiBamptio» oi gwu Ke«ly 800 «0d ia Maw ¥A?gPH.^ UOBT 'i **

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