Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 13, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1961
Page 4
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2B-DEI RIO (Texos) NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday, June 13, W61 Tractors for Freedom' Team Reaches Havana to See Castro Political Group Planned to Work Churches HAVANA (AP>—The American mission to exchange tractors for prisoners arrived by air today and was greeted by middle-ranking officials oi Prime Minister Tidi'l Cairo's government. The f'lin members of ihe mis- n»n were received at the airport bv M:i.i<ti Luis Crespo o! the in- Mit UK- ol Agrarian Reform; Kn- ri';V:e I'abie, chief of machinery ;.-f t'te institute, and Fernando Otcrn. ai(Je to President Osva'do Ilc-rticos. The group went from the air- 5'«'irl lo the Havana Riviera Hotel. t.'a.v(ro left for Oriente Province V-cfuri- tin- arrival of the nusr-ion. Before lenvine Miami the .Group fif-ch-.rt-ii it.- "humanil arian pe.r- puic is to free 1.2W) c-aptured in- bv oxcJiangini; .MX'i -iratiors then', as oricinally profyj^ed' r;.-;ro. T!u- four man Team of u»rhmeai i- v ;-i-!is departed at S 20 a.m. on !'i" hour's jlight .t<? Hasans with \b-> .'ivfiwt-d of working o;r ;* -^tisf'-rtory tractors for prisoner- tr«de. in tiv next cotinli' of day*. A one-man proto^' domon>!r.-i-' !iv.-n areeteri she U.S. negotiators ;,^ !>,.\- vt>nt throiurh '"injl -ie- par!nre procedures at Miami In- tt'-r??<iiional Airport. Oo'.ssla? R. Voorhees. a local r-'vil e-lni <v man kno s .vn for iiis vocal advocacv o! causes, i'mdly .'iccused the learn of ^nuis to f'uba to "submit to ransom, to blackmail.'' He charged that the non-aovurn- m'-ntal lea'ii oi experts was v;o- liiunu ihf Losan Act vvbich bar? jH-irotict'ons by pri\ 'ate citizens \\ith foreign covc-rnrnents. \V(*>r?'oes demanded tVisi the, !);!(!'• County f.Miami) police art---- !hc- U.S. team. Th<- p*.'!ice In >it-ii(i \\^a\ 'N'oohees to one si?ie t; I-'K <i>.-parting uroup but l«.-i hi jr. ialk ,-,n. 'ft,,-- Kennedy adiriini$tratu)n. v.'.irh s'.iprxir! <; iJic Traciors-h»r- Kr'} dri\f. hris told liie (;.r«j;sp it is not violating the !*oxan Ac;. Tiie'technicaj team, v-hrie Jiopi'- f-.i Castro '.vould quickly auree -[a z swap bc-rraupe he needs tractor?.. w35 apprehensive that tjr.- '-iivTiMix'tHbhr prime rn i n i s I e r •?H;-hi dem&nd tcrrn^ unaccepta- bl-- to-(he American conunitie*:-. ihe only protestor to show up at the airport through there had been minors there micln be trouble. Tlu- non- government team gr- , rived here irom Washington late • Monday night amid a brief scare. ' Local police were tipped thai • some violent opponents of the prisoners exchange plan would "tape ^n airport protest. The police whisked the experts from their plane to their airport hotel rt>fii)is through side tunnels. But the demonstration;! never came off. . A spokesman said the 1 T .S. learn bad no specific appointment to meet wiin Castro personally in Havana. . in a pre-iU-parture statement. the American group said it was on ."< (ii'ruamlprian mission ID eon- this'i technical negotiations and W(.i:ijd ha'.-? iioth-ns more io say puliicly hcmre its planned return -Jo ;he V'niied SiMi-s Thursday. The technical delegation has li;rik:d poiver? i£> negotiate within terms set by its parent Trac- iors-tor-Freedom Committee of prominent U.S. citizens. Tesm meriibers were" hopeful 'th:-t cpstro would be sufficiently anxious to gel the several million dollars v.orth oT farm-type trac 1 - I'.rs they are offering !ha; he- will cciaie in nuick agreement. They were siso keeniv aware that the ur.predii-iable Cuban has been talkina pi:h3u-iy of terms unac- copiEhle 10 the Americans. Castro has said he wants 500 2iant tractors of ihe type normally used for heavy construction such as building roads and air- iV'di. rather than the smaller farming tractors tlie committee propos-cs. lie also lias been vague abuiH whai prisoners he > would- exchange criu has h'nted he might •••fi-% la !r;-ide them for Cubans itnpriMjntd ejsewiiere, rather than isir tractors. j The four team members, all I experts 'on various aspect. 1 : of 1 farm tractors ami machinery. ^ are: Duane P. Grejithouse. dircc: lor pi the United Auio Workers ] Agriculture Implement Division: : Hoy Bainer, chairman of the AS; riculture Engineering Depart: ment of the University of Calitar- ' nia; John Bruce Liijctiahl. profes- ' sor of asricultiire" engineering at ; Purdue . University: and Clarence : Hansen. as?t. Professor of agriculture engineering at Michi.can State University. ; Accompanying the group is an interpreter. Hugo Pineda. a«st. . professor of lan^'.saaes and linguistics at American University, Two American newsmen ar.;m: e<i visas, or entrv permits. >>y the C:istr:i covernirient are T.'ici Ssu!< of tho New York Times :Jni; !;•>!•- i_-rt lloyi! oi the Knichi nctt*pa- pers. They will ii? t!ie first U.S. reporters to enter Cuba since American newsmen were f<>rc ia d out after the Ajirii 17 Hborlhe in\ asion. READ THK CI.ASKIFfFI) ADS CONTRACT BRIDGE By B . Jay Becker (Top Fecord-Holder in Matfeft' individual Championifiip Play) BUSINESSMEN learn to fly... while you travel it's the modern PIPER way I M^»:c io^f t:rric and mor.ry do ck-tiMe <:-:•. •' l.t^rn :o c; - wn'iilc tri-.t!in^ to 2nJ irorn bi-iinc-^ sppointrarnis. 'ha r.ititc, one oi cei q^afiftcd instractori wjll dscck }'Ciu ou; xt the con:roli of t'ue «sy-<o-fly ..Piper Tn-Piccr. In thfj Ct<n;;c.iub!.e. 4-pJaie if.-piant, v.:ih auri' controJs :hj; mjkc fifing £s «jirip' driving i ca/, you'll be rr^dv 'io solo in !css time than jou'd Pnons (or our ip»ifol "Uom Whll. Tov Travel" hiochur.. •, vltlf th. airport end Iff vt gt.« r ou tcmpl«t» ci»(etlf, DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE DEL RIO AIRPORT— PR 5-3811 South dc-sier. "oriii-So\;th '.iilnershle. XORTH A A 6 7 clarer fir.esses. South t'ii=n ! WEST A K 6 5 4 IT ~i09S * 9 5 2 A 10 9 2 ^ K JT A J S64 ' EAST 42 y A K J T + g 6 j 3 A Q 7 5 sorrH •* Q J 106 3 * Q2 the A A K3 The bidding: Xorth East Pa.^s - 4 A Opening- lead—ten of hearts. Probably the most mystifying- play in brsdg-e la the smolri- er play. It is hard to believe thst such P- pi.iy can exist, but It does. Tn:e, it is BeJdom en- cor.niered in the crfiinr.ry- nin r-f ca-rds, but its rsrity merely •serves to iriake'the play rnore dramailc '.then it occurs. Here :s an c-xamplp of the smother p!"iy. We*;, hoids .what appears to be a sure trump trick, i. cethirr-:- plays correctly it can be ir.adc- to dis- A?.sume that \Vc5t le.Tis the 'cr. of hearts and Kast c:-.-shet the A-K rj-.d roruirvit-3 '.'.'ith the . i the three and finesses the *.-l=rh!, I Ka=t showing" o-.:t. 'West HOM- ha.s th» X-*> t-.i spa'ie?, dcrnniy the !•••"•' r^ce-. srui South .Ihe .1-1'"'. \V.:-i's trump Lriok sc-ems so^-:r--. - r>:it South invokes the smother riay to do him out of it. Declarer cashes three d:>.- rnonfi trick;=, everybody ;>": ing- suit. Declarer se-=s thr is in. dang-£-r of a ? ?Jid a club. but. noie.s ihn can rriake the contract it queen of clubs fails as he rri=he.s the A-K or if it t;;rr.s o-,;t -;hat has three cl\s>js to the nueen. Accordirg-ly, ho leads the A-K of chibs, and when the r.;::----n does not faJl. he p!ays another ciub. Fortv-r.ate!", it turr.f: --^jt that East has ihe qi;ee^ -'r.-J \vir.s the trick. By this time, everyone- is down to tv.-o c-.ri!s. ?!.•.«" h^s a heart ;ind a dJarrsorrJ. S-'j'.jth :-r-.:l \Vest ^ach have I'.v.i tri:rr.T:.s. and riumnjy haa the ace- of spades and a c!ub. Tf ):e ov.i,-r;:'Ts. <iurr..T.y'3 ! -\vi:;.<:. and Sou'h tak-'-s Ir.c lri<-;; ivith th^ fio;- If he ! AMAU1LLO. Tex. (AP)—Plans for a proposed .nationwide politi- e.i! group to operate through the nation's churches were outline^ Monday night by Gerri Von Frel- hi-k, Denver •e Von ar;Mo Red Berry Eyes State Senate Race SAN AXTOX1O (AP> — Sfate Rep. V. E. (Redi Berry said Monday he is thinking of r;>r.n;n- for the state senate. Berry, serving his first ;orm after being elected on a pia'torm cuilinii for return of parimutae! helling on horse racing said no may run for the Sencie if ?l?.'(Sen. Henry Gonzalc-z is e{ec!0«i to Congress. GonzaJes has announced for liu' eongressiuna! spot bemf? \3«j.'if.: : ,-i by Rop. 1'au! Kikiay, v.};,, v s < appointed judge of the C.-.;n -if .Military Appt-aJs. Dear Abby ... SUBTLE, AND ALMOST 'EFFECTIVE! By Abigail Van Buren here. Frellick, who built arr Am- | shupiim.g center, spoke -to j 125 members of ihe Broth- ! of the First Baptist Church He saii! the detail*--.:' the or- i 5?s?ii/3iion. lo be called Ihe ''Un- ' ion of Christian Citizens.'' are be- i in;: v. (irked out in Dallas,- Denver. Hiiiisii'!!). Princeton, .V.J., and other ci'lfs. ; i lt> ;iim«. he said, \\ould be. to Xr<:ir'.> ihat ]>ohtical candidates are firM o< all "avowed professed ; C*.r!-:;:T;s" and "to rally the peo-.; pie <<:> m or <il issues. " Vtifi 1'relhv'k adiird:. "V,\- ;'!:in to put n paid staff in ever 1 , i-'-'ii.nvssiori.i 1 district 'n the ev.-m'ry. \Vt- will ask for vohtii- leer? t«i :n« j i't unce n month in DEAR ABBY: About a year ago my husband started bringing a woman home from bis office to do ejrtru work. Then he asked rue to make-, the den • into a bedroom for her as he thought H was dangerous, for her U> drive borne alone at night. I did tnis,- thinking it woulci inst only - t - little while. Now the womnn is making her home with us. She bosses tbe children <i round, and h:is practically taker over m.v house.- My hus- tiatui said she is smart an.'i I should listen to her ideas. Last night when be suggested I take ihe chikhen and wiib :r>y ' parorstt. (<iCO alizeci 1 had been u big thai woman out of my husband and '-don't w;;nt excuse can I use? UEAK TUUSTIXG: its wing- Gpn you tell me \vhy birtis ore the most abused nt all pets'.' BIRD LOVER J>ISAH LOVER: Not all pet birds are abused — only those who are unfortunate to belong to people who IwloiiB ' n spenn the summer :Se= away), I ru- :"ooi. Abtay,. I want I love my •,« lose him. What TOO TRUSTING You don't neea sms'l siudy group tr-riats ii:sn-ibutfi! lo study ma- •ihr«ii'«h each "exuse" — you have good reasons. Without .pointing- an accusing finger, tell your - husband yon want -Uuit woman OUT of your home immediately. Don't threaten him,, and don't -make a scene. Explain tbat it is your love for him mil your family thai makes ' it impossible ID iultrme a —live-in" sruesl at your hunie. -•••-.'. " t .»«*-* • DEAR ABBY: I hope this . settles your argument fibout: the Southerners who say '•you a'U." They never use it in a rid r ess ONE persojj. For example: In Act Two of Shakespeare's "Julius Cefisiir," Anthony ;=;)!ti, "friends, 1 -\rn with you ali -anri Jove you all." ^Isp in his famous funeral speech, -Anthony said over Caesar's body, "You all riii'l love hini.'' And in the Holy Bibie, Paul, writing to the Philippiaus, said, ' ; 1 !h;t'nk my God upon every of you rill . . . always in every prctyer ol mine for you a!!." Crystal clear, isn't it? Now. if unyonn from Brooklyn, who thinks i! is proper M say ''youse yuys" wiH write to ine. 1 will straighten him out. SOUTH CAROLINA LEGALS DEAR ABP.Y: Won't somethjng aDoui people ••.'.-',• pets a!!u mistrv;.' U:>?mV 5 !people 5iiy to ni'"-, dish'xvater" an:: v.\ NOTICE OF PETITION j FOR HEER LICK.NSE OK i WINE AND BEER I RETAILER'S PERMIT 1 The State of Texas j County of Val Verde \ To All Persons Interested: John A. Kf rrheville. Ralph : J. Sinclair. Sr. .ami • James ; L. Spc-m-cr. have filed a pc- 1 tition _\vith the ^County .Itidtre of Val Verde County. ; 'in the 12th day .of -June IJJ^l. for a WINE AND r; E E R RETAILERS PERMIT: and makes, under oath. Ihi- ='{)Hmving rcpre-i sentation: I. The name under wliich tlie hu.siiu'ss is to be operat- ;-rl iv n«.-*erl Hills Motel Cafe .2 Address o r location. HM2 Avenue F. City: Del Rio, County: Val Verde. '.'> .Mailing address P. O. iiox 11 GO. Del Rio. Val Verde County. Texas. -1. That Ihe business is <:\vned by PARTNERSHIP. 5. That reference is herein- made to the original application of applicant now iii file for further in form a- tioii. Wherefore applicant prays that lawful notice of this application be given and that on 'hearing hereof the Court authorizes the issuance of a license or permit ;i> herein set out. Said application will be heard by the County Judge ; on the 20lh dav of June. ; l.'jfl. at 9:JO o'clock A. M. at thr courthouse of said county in Tie! Rio. Texas. : Any citizen sliall be per- mitied to contest the facts i !»tati-d in ihe said petition and applicant's riifht to set-tire a licence-permit upon giving security for all costs : ivhich will (:C incurred in ; such suit, should the same = be decided in favor of the I applicant. ; Witness my haml-- : aml of- ' ficial ?eal ai Fn'l Rio. Texas. ! thi- r>ih day of June. 1961. ; Alicemae F-'il/patrick Clerk of County Court i Val Verde Coimtv. Texas \ •i: please say buy birds as e ;n.-;ually had ivv j'ell in the •/' Or. : -Our p;)!-;ikaet He\v ir:i>; t;io ^>pei; fn eplace :incl vv.-is burtK'ii 'ip," Or, "The cut uoi it." Or : "Tiie dog «<•• it." ' I once knew- & jyi:>.n' -.vho used to yive his parakeet v<;uk;i just to sec how if. \vou!cl act. sanic nui;: :s big and strong and, just because iht bird pecked him on the ear. he knockcc 3 • the. bh-« Oi>\v:; arid broke CONFIDENTIAL ''Be(.ter late than late." TO "XJCVF.K ON TI»K:' never. Hut belter ni-ver Everybody has ;i prob;-i;:i For a person^] -reply. \.irfi,«> 3365. Beverly Hills, Calif.' Be a stciiiijieri, self-addressed eiiv -\Vh;it'.s youi 1 ?'. 1 to Aiiby. Bux -urt- lu <.nc;i>>o b A. lovely wedding need .101 For Abby's pamphlet on "How Lovely Wedding." send .">Ue t 3365, Beverly Ilills. Csliv. (Distributed by" McN<! S>>idic expensive. To Have A Ahby, Box Missing Security Agency Clerk Found WASHINGTON .(AP) —\VisJiain H. Ciivinuton. ihe -National Security A?en>.-y clerk who was found ui a racf- 'track Monday after he- ing mis'siim four days. Jias cjuit his job. the Pfiitisyon >:usi loday. mtirht have nuinists. defected Jo'.the Com- Cuvinjjton. 2S. tlie stipr-r <fcn-' sonat rcasuns.'. eti from "fur p<-r- IVfitaS'.m s.nokt>«man ^;:;d in ans\ver to a question. " T!K- Dci(?n:=i' Department ein- phasi/ed Monday, alter Covington \vas located at the De!;i\vare Park Race- Track near Wilmington, no charges bad !>uen made him. Covin;jlo5!'s v-'li'v reiKirteti liim missing last WoiJnt-sday. Up !su-r \va? rcpcrte-d ^cen a; the Charle? Town. W.V'a.. race track arul^at Arlington. Va. The Pentagon sircsscd that COY- ineton was not under srrest. "He has donf nothing v.rona that we know "of." one official said. Covington had access to a limited amount of classified material in his SK.60<Va-year joh. reporters were told. Officials had discount- M! any possibility- that Covins'.oh Two X'SA code clerks. Demon F. Mitchell and William II. Martin, fled to the Soviet Union last summer. Both now are working for the Soviets in Moscow. Qi\ ington has worked five years for the N'SA, which carries on around-the-clock -monitoring of aU electronic communications. Hi work is so secret that ordinarily its employes are not permitted to say even that they work there-. The Defense Department, which operates NSA. said Covington had been off for two months after an operation. He returned to work .May 31 but left again June-2 say- ina he needed more medical at- tern ion. Yarborough Looks Into Postal Rates For Weekly Papers S:\.\ ANTONIO (Ai'( — An inve^ligation of ihe pusta! rnie? charged Te^as ueckiy m-wsnapor pubi/iriiers has amiuuncc-il by Sen. Ralph Varborou»h, U-Ti-x. Yarborough rccentiy wroit- J(ii' . L. Schou. publisher arid editor <>! the Mi^iina \'al!cy .\t-\vs-liuilftir] in ('asirovill'c. that JK- pitrticii- ; iarly is interested in UH- rt-ijtda- ti»ns iiilowin^ v.^i-k!> ni-wspajx-rs to be mailed in-,- uiihin the. CGunU" ir; which ifiev :u-c pi:!ih<h- :ed. ; Schott ?aitl nc'.vsp:iperK v.'nich have paid sisbscribt-rs :nay be mailed free, while tiiose which : are mailed \vilhoat charge tti ; readers must be sent a.s ilurc! | class mail. • Yarboroiish's letter =aki he will • announce resniis of his inquiry as fo.on a.s ii is complete. Me did ; no! specify when this rnisiht he. Stickney's L|wyer Says He Has Found Mystery Woman HOUSTON' (AP) —.The Ham* County district attorney, fiani I Bnscoe. says he has* found the I mystery woman in the • Howard B. Stiekney case, • . Briscoe said the -'.worn an, Mrs. Louise Chanmess, 28, Houston, made a. written sratemetu Jim . day in / which'she said she could hot ideV.tify Stiekney as the mai- who had a seizure in front oflier in a GalvesftHi motel the nijdn Air. and Mrs. Clifford Barnes were slain three years ago. Stiekney, 23, Houston, sentenced 10 die for Mrs. Barnes' (ieadi. was saved from the electric chaii Friday nighi by a Corpus Chnsi I judge \vlro was told testimony had ibeen withheld ,fronri Sltckney's 'trial by the district, ailoriiey's office. Bob l.ooney. a lawyer for Slick- ney. . iiiid the woman 1 made a statement three years a«i to T. I.. Parker, former investigator for she district attorney- in which siie said Stickney had a fit and acted . criizy while she was with him and Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. Parser said he was. told by the district attorney's' office to forgei 'the ;.statement. Officials at tlie Htintsville State ' Prison said Stickiiey. would he taken lo Corpus Cliristi today fur a {.'hy.sical "and mental examination before ihe hearing on a writ of- habeas corpus Wednesday. firiscoe said a statement taken .from .Mrs. Chamness 10 day>t afi er she talked with Parker s:ut! she <!sd not mention Slickney by name because she could not remember ih? names of...the people pho was \viih. Another lawyer for Stickney, Jainen IV Anda, Corpi'.s Chrisii. said he plans lo seek subpoenas •to force Briscoe, former Dist. ' Ally. Dan Walton. Parker and Mrs. .Chamness to. bc- ; corpus iu-arint; there at a Wednesday. Seaweed ^oes into fertiliser, iodine, soap, iee cream, toothpaste, caridv and dentu! iinni'e EXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK of all kinds. * Guaranteed work done by \fii Johnny DuHree B E A L L ' S CONVENIENT PARKING LOT US and Canada May Swap Planes WASfilXOTOX .CAP) — The United Stntfs a:i<! Canada arc neac'tiating an i j xchance 01 military places. That v\as confirnic-d S : .!nciny- hy... the- Defense ami State cieparj- : tTieni- nfic-r' Uie Canadi:in pross'. sak! Ihe 1 luo cronntries woiilfi sign . Ian aarremrnt within -4S hours. ; The Canadian Press said the i p!;im:s \vcrc worth S'i^O million. i Accrnrdina to Canadian Press, the at'r'eemt-nt 'included .these pro'•. visions: Canada acquires W ; Ainfriosn-jnade Flfll Voodr.r. jet i fiEluers; the United Siate.> places birders for Canada to produce 2(X) j FKMG Starfichter jets to be | shipped to N'orlii Atlantic Treaty OrKani7.,'ition nilies. -nnci Canada lakes over npi--r;ition of the Pine [Tree radar line, running across i Canada jusr nbove the border he- i:\veen the t'-'-o countries. i The financial arrangements are ] complicated. In all cschanses. the United States wilj pay 75 per cent of the total costs. Thus the U.S, 1 share of the deal is S2-!0 miilion, | .vhite Canada puts up'SSO million, mostly .by manning the radar iine. Star of the savings sot .-( firfh^lljar go, it'* fot .lacingiciiyxon fax' Von maneuver lilcc ihe smaller c-An . . . save on oil, tires, tipfcwp. Onl on the highway you f^o! Tin- Special's J55 h.p. aliiininuin Firr-hal! V-!- gn«--i you double ihu pow pr:r pound of nunj c-oinpatfs — yet rivals die cumpacU for gas s:iv' mort; ^-011 enjdy the same type sjs! What's Conlfc.1 Arm ride as fnil-size Buifks . . . nanny Biu'ck ttirnfort ... ]u\urimj« ttiiicl: intcrii.irs. JVk-c? Uft«ii-r irio>t nnxK-Js i;t the low-price ft»-l<M Take .1 spin trxhiy! BUICK SPECIAL SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED QUALITY BUICK DEALER NOW . . . BRUMLEY BUICK CO. 3 08 Ave. F tig >*/«c/icnl ii'g vo/o»5f S»» y»ur iylcJr Dfo/#r for Doubl» V^^Chtck Used Ccrsl ————— YOUR OUAUTr. 6UICK DEAlfR IN DEL RIO 15: The proportion of American high school students studying Ls- tin has risen in the last decade. It is .second only to Spanish. j MOTOROLA HEADQUARTERS • 1961 Motorola TV • 1961. Motorola Stereo "• Used TV'i • Expert Repairs LOOK! '61 Motorola TV't .' SI 39.95 up '61 Motorola Stereos .. • 529,93-"lip I • U«d .TV's S3S.OO up STAY SATISFIED - SEE Sam's RADIO & TV f. •'"-'^OvToPENir ""1 M0ryland C ' Ub TAG'S NO. 1 Conveniently Located at ; 513 N. MAIN ST. ; Wumme's Med> Size Eggs da z . 39c «3C/ cOPn Cream Style .uncheon Meat Vienna Sausage Cutiahy p inaapple Juice ' 60 i Up, on . .;.. -^ "»-•"-»_•'-.•:-„ _-'- _ _ --V.'^,^- _ /" • "- '.-: • •-"- -^ '- ' '- J6QHS Chuclc V/agon , '•'ecun VoHcy Green Beans Cul . '„„.„; D ure Lara' El Cach;n; , 0 . ,.,,,. pl(S . Comet Rice 3; r u P r I lUMCi Ki'mbell's Dill Red Seal OlUTOeS Shoestring No. 300 con Pinto Beans u _ s _ No . , Mayonnaise Blue P , of « Toilet Tissue. D . lMV Royal Drene Shampoo Gold Medal Flour Dog Food K;m No . 300 ?nn Snowdrift Shortening Biscuits KFrBb . n . f ._'...., Pork & Beans Kimbel , 4 No . . ^ i ' ' i Coffee 1-tb. can i 69c •• 1 19r k Ja 303 con " * * v* , Q0 r 17-or. <an vJ7U 4-o"l. can -^.-^C •46-or. con ^.*^*- Imperial Sugar 5-lb. bag 49c — a a v I @ MEJ Del Monte Spinach 303 can 2f.r 25c 1 v~v j^^-v-v^v r ^ f *^^sr-y^v*v* « fO»fS ,»_• MS ® U.S. .GOOD GRADE : U.S.D.A. INSPECTED MEATS! i | Loin Steak lb . 79c : i Round Staak lb . 79c : wb. 39c [ Ciub Steak No. 300 can ' M C O OSr i- f or Z.^U 2r 29c ..,.:*• for •*- ' ° 12-oi pttg. » -5C u, 85c I Chuck Roast , h .49c ; •Sausage , M «« Style) Ib. VyC_. I : Seven Steak lb . 53c : Fryers Te , os = qt . ; ar 29C OPEN SUNDAY . Y"% r V~v^V 1 ~-^~ r < r V~i/~j~». r %«~ l ^^ Tr 2. lo , 2oC I De! Monte 5-lb. bag T /C . ,, 53c 2 for 25c . . 59c i!re T / C : Peas 3 ', Del .Monle i Peaches ... , 49'c Lettuce 5-tb. bog ^ ' *• P« W . b . 29c r i ! ..;• ;-' ;-, : : ••• . . TO 1:00 P.M. ?:, can 1 9C V* can 23C 1 3 for 19c potatoes r .,; f ,,,,: 10 v. 39c . 3-ib. < on 69c 3 tms 25c Lemons !h lOc 'oo coo . 9C ^ * WITH THIS COUPON "1 4 I! • DELICATESSEN ITEMS • ; ]> FOR THAT .QUICK LUNCH or JUST TO GET ]• >: OUT OF THE KITCHEN-TRY !'.BAR-B-Q' . /. . . . . . . .. ... ; POTATO SALAD <: TACOS . . . ! CHILI WITH BEANS ; HOT TAMALES. Ready to Eat TAG'S SNACKS Ib. 69c •; '!b. 29c ]' ea. 10c pt. 25c ] dor. 55c '• ;: BAKED HAM, Sold by the Slice Ib. 89jO [ COCA-COLA . l i CARTON 1 OF SIX ' _ 15c ! •••MMHMHM '' • I r A n I rAB 1 | REG. . SIZE . I 15c ' I^V | _,_ • WITH THIS COUPON . 609 PECAN" ST. 513 N. MAIN STORES

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